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Cube Restaurant & Bar

4_half star rating 6 reviews

Telephone 09-303 4141

12-26 Swanson St
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Asian, Chinese
Mon - Wed 10:30 am - Midnight
Thu - Sat 10:30 am - 2:00 am
Sun 10:30 am - Midnight


The Cube Restaurant & Bar


Photo of Cube Restaurant & Bar
Authentic Indonesian Seafood Laksa
Seafood Udon

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Reviews for Cube Restaurant & Bar

5 star rating
by Sonia W.
20th April 2014

Have been coming here for years, but stopped when they changed hands and menu….came back recently and love the ‘all you can eat yum cha’ for $18. It’s on par with the likes of China and Grand Harbour with flavours and is a lot cheaper. The owners are fantastically friendly and staff are polite and quick to respond to any requests!!! They also have a small buffet with 13 dishes that change weekly and they are yummy also!!!!!!

5 star rating
by Audric K.
27th March 2014

At $18, their all-you-can-eat yum cha was not only so much cheaper than most yum cha restaurants, but had as much of a range and tasted better than most too. The layout and customer service was also on par.

Would dine at this restaurant again.

5 star rating
by Mac
16th February 2014

all you can eat for $18, what a bargain!! possibly the best value yum char joint around, we been there 3 times since the change from Imperial ( some of the crew are still the same from what i seen!!)…. the guys serving the food were also friendly and helpful……i read the comments regarding the machines well they are dart machines not pokies lolll….

anyway we dont even mind paying $ 20 per head…i dont know how the place can survive on $18 yum char buffet… hats of to them and the team!!! make sure you give them tips as we always do

5 star rating
by Kitty
14th February 2014

I went to the cube for lunch, there are yum char lunch for $18 eat all u can was real good, they have so much varieties to choose from. And the staff are very very friendly too, however, I do not like the machines at the back of the restaurant. And my friend are so desperate to complained to the staff, they should have remove it. Moreover, the staff told us that those machine wasn’t a gamble machine at all, it is an electronic dart machine. He also showed us how to played with it, while he explained to us, I saw a group of people start playing it, they are so pro. I have to take my other Japanese friend to go there to play, because they have been telling me about it all the time, that they used to played when they were in Japan.

5 star rating
by Anita T.
9th February 2014

Yum cha all day. At first we were quite unsure as we were used to the food here by imperial garden. The food by Cube is so much better quality than their predecessor, imperial garden. We are pleased even though their price for the all-you-can-eat yum cha is $18 pp which is quite steep. They also have several kinds of nice tea freshly brewed for you.
The people working here also very friendly and nice. I saw a girl helping their guests taking pictures.
The only thing I don’t quite understand is the venue with the pokies machines openly displayed not very good for a family restaurant.
Edit: 2nd time I went there, they are NOT POKIES! They are DARTS machines. So like sports. I did try the games with my family and it was cheap and super fun and it’s an online games so if you have friends all over the world you guys can play together and see their faces too. Quite cool.

1 star rating
by Kim
7th February 2014

Dined there with 20 tables x 12=240 people(maybe) on Chinese New Year 2nd day 1st Feb 2014 under Auckland Malaysia Society. 10 course ??? for $38 per person-tasteless yee sang,watery seafood soup, cold peking duck, soft fried chicken, steamed fish was nice, beef fried spring onion, seafood in fried noodles shaped in bowl, fish shaped pudding for dessert. Service was good but food was NOT NICE. Good evening as there were lots of activities planned by the committee, hopefully Simon Gault plans a visit to Malaysia for authentic Malaysian sit-down Chinese new year dinners!

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