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The very best view from a cafe in Canterbury. The Cup Cafe provides our customers with exceptional Coffee, passionately made by our fantastic baristers. All day brunch and specials…Scallop Salads, Rissotto’s, Pasta changing weekly as our chefs like to keep it exciting. The chef’s are passionate about preparing delectable food, alacarte food and presentation. The cabinet is bursting with scrumptious cakes and slices (21 varieties) plus equisite flans, frittata, filo, fritters, wraps & salads. The Cup Christchurch is now fully licensed and open for Dinner. There is no better place to sit and watch the sunset whilst enjoying a wine and a delicious dinner.


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Herb Crusted Lamb Loin from the new dinner menu!

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Reviews for Cup Cafe

5 star rating
by Mae
7th March 2014

The service was outstanding all the wait staff were so friendly and helpful choosing our meals. The food was excellent the best mussels I’ve had in Christchurch, presentation was fabulous also. We had a great view of the city and the coffee was some of the best I’ve had too. Will be coming back definitely what a great dinning experience

1 star rating
by Des H.
24th January 2014

I have been to many many restaurants and I have never come across such poor management and wait skills. Long story short.. An old couple were told to move 3 times once in the cold, we were asked to move twice, no drinks offered and no introduction or specials listed. If you were booked it was “there’s ya table” EVERYONE on the tables were all complaining. Nobody got a knife and fork we had to ask for one…no go up and wait then ask. The owner hasn’t trained staff for dinner service a lot, left and it was the talk of all there. Unbelievably horrible but what a shame because the food was great. Never ever will I return.

2 star rating
by Mike K.
23rd January 2014

We took up a deal voucher to try the Cup Cafe again after a bad experience last year when our food arrived with a “long hair strand” in it. Hey everyone deserves a second chance don’t they? Unfortunately not in this case. We got a great window seat with a view but it was all downhill from there. Our lunch orders were taken. 30 mins later I politely asked when the meals would arrive. The waitress replied why, are you in a hurry? We had only ordered a smoked chicken salad and a BLT. The meals turned up 5 mins later and were very small “child like portions”. My partner had no chicken in her salad so that was returned with 4 tiny pieces of chicken and no apology. At no point did anyone ask us how our meals were which I must add were quite bland to be honest. The only saving grace of this cafe was a good takeaway coffee on the way out. We won’t be going back any time soon.

3 star rating
by Ross s.
23rd December 2013

First time reviewer. Couldn’t let it go. Met Chch friend at the Cup this morning. Great buzz, clearly popular. Wanted a table by window which had been booked at 10:15 and was clearly a no-show. Informed by one of the young staff they give patrons 20-30 mins before releasing tables if no-shows. How ridiculous! But the main reason for this review is the appalling coffee. It was weak! Clearly they ‘split the syrup’ so everyone gets half strength. The cups were far too small for a normal flat white and if wasn’t hot enough. Some serious attention needs to be given to the standard of the coffee if I’m to risk another visit. You can’t make a good coffee without using a generous amount of beans. Come on Cup , stop bring stingy. And Chch coffee lovers? – don’t put up with this standard. Great view though.

PS: it’s ‘barista’ not ‘barister’ too by the way. Coffee just ain’t your thing is it!

5 star rating
by Ruben
5th October 2013

I haven’t been to Cup since July, but it was always my favourite place to get brunch on a weekend when I lived in Christchurch! The staff are lovely, food is excellent and the view is to die for! Best view of the city any restaurant/cafe has in Christchurch! Their evening menu is also delightful, little more upmarket but worth the extra few dollars! Fine wine that compliment fantastic meals makes for a very romantic evening, especially with all the lights of the city! Would recommend this place to anyone! Can’t wait to visit Christchurch again and get my favourite French Toast!

1 star rating
by Emilene G.
26th September 2013

Went for an early lunch on a Wednesday with my fiancé. He is currently on crutches. There is no parking nearby, as was very obvious when with someone who’s mobility is impaired.

He ordered spirulina and a lamb salad- which consisted of a bowl of mesclun with peppers, some feta and a slab of meat that had not been seasoned, well cooked or sliced prior to plonking it on top.

I ordered soup. What I got was a very large bowl of soup with a slice of toast. The soup tasted like it was from a tin. The bread was standard sliced pan. Very disappointing and overpriced for what it was!

$ 35.50 – for a very mediocre meal.

Will not be returning anytime soon

3 star rating
by Nat
30th July 2013

Took someone here for breakfast on their birthday on a Sunday morning in the middle of July.
It was great to sit and look over the city, and at least the windows were clean for this – certainly didn’t want to look at the café floor/seating/front counter/kitchen as they were all filthy and there was no bright morning sun to accentuate this grubbiness.
Pancakes and scrambled eggs meals were better than expected – usually I hate my pancakes smothered in the toppings and would much rather apply what toppings I would like at my own accord. Coffee was o.k., but certainly didn’t have me rushing back for a second.

The waitress looked like she had dragged herself to work after a big Saturday night, and had filthy clothes on. There is really no excuse for this, particularly this early in the day.

Upon paying, I was overcharged, and had to correct the person on the front counter. I also had to ask for my eftpos card back as she had forgotten to give it to me.

It was slightly disturbing to see the mop head in the kitchen sink, next to the dishes I had just eaten off – I have been consoling myself with the fact that it didn’t look like any of the staff had bothered to us it going by the state of the floors, but it did leave me questioning the food handling practices/hygiene and would well be enough to put me off returning. The warn seats and grubby counters really let the café down – surely upping their game with the presentation side of things would improve the general impression of the café.

Not terrible, not excellent. Probably not my first choice should I want to take someone for breakfast somewhere again.

2 star rating
by Helen
28th May 2013

Last Saturday my husband & I went to the Cup Restaurant for Dinner. We ordered our mains as we were not hungry enough for an entree we had to wait over an hour for our meals which is too long, no apology for this was made(although we didn’t complain) The meals looked lovely I had Akaroa Salmon served on potato & spinach mash (The mash had hard lumps of potato all through it & the overall flavour of the dish was lacking, it came with a nice citrus sauce but there wasn’t enough of it).
My husband had a Scotch Fillet which came with roast potatoes & kumara, he enjoyed his meal the steak was cooked to his liking.
The dessert was very disappointing, it was Rhubarb Crumble(which was mostly apple from a tin) with a teaspoon of canned cream & 1/4 scoop of ice-cream (very stingy).
The crumble topping was not cooked properly & tasted of raw flour.
The waitress was very friendly & deserves recognition for making the experience more enjoyable than it might have been.
We would not recommend this restaurant, their cafe is great though. So maybe they should stick to doing what they are good at.

1 star rating
by Jessie
19th May 2013

Today myself, husband and extended family went to Cup Cafe in the hopes of having a nice brunch in a nice atmosphere. Sadly our hopes were dashed once we underwent literally the worst dining experience we have ever had. As a party we are not used to complaining at restaurants but the quality of one of the meals (The Big Breakfast) was so utterly sub-par it was astonishing. My husband politely tried to eat the meal, but after finishing about a quarter of this clearly old, wrinkled sausage, over-fried and over cooked hashbrowns and essentially an unfresh untasty dish, I went to one of the staff to comments. Someone came and looked at it, left and no one attended to us for about 10 minutes while the rest of the table finished their food. With my husband’s still uneaten meal getting colder we then spoke to another staff member who finally got the manager. The manager then informed us she would do nothing to correct the meal as it had been partially eaten. We pointed out the quality of the food and asked if this was truly something that Cup stood by. The manager conceeded and took the meal away. After another ten minutes or so she returned offering only a complimentary coffee, which my husband doesn’t drink. We asked if surely there wasn’t something else she could do as this was really quite terrible service/food. She offered to have the chef come and speak to us which we happily encouraged so as to determine why on earth such poor quality was unabashedly served. She left our table and returned after another short wait to inform us the chef was very busy and we would have to wait. We declined, told her we were very disappointed and left. On our way out we passed a recommendation to an ordering table to not get The Big Breakfast. As we were walking towards our vehicles, the chef came out from behind the restaurant to verbally accost us. She demanded to know what we’d told the ordering table as we left; we happily enlightened her and posed our same queries to the chef herself. She was highly rude, highly unprofessional and highly confrontational. Clearly she had no problem arguing with paying patrons on the street, but could not offer us the common courtesy of speaking to us at our table as requested. Overall I have been left baffled at the behavior of this restaurant and wouldn’t ever recommend it to anyone based on this terrible experience.

5 star rating
by karina
2nd May 2013

I went to Cup Cafe today, and was pleasantly surprised to notice that the menu had changed and the service was brilliant. I had been to the cup once before about 6 months ago and wasn’t to happy with my overall experience. But my friend had told me how it has hugely improved. I must say it was best café experience to date. And will be recommending it to all my friends. I would like to give compliments to the chef and all the staff that were on today. Especially the lovely young lady (Gina) who greeted me with the most warm and welcoming smile. Customer service, coffee and meals were excellent. I can’t wait to come back.

5 star rating
by Tina M.
9th April 2013

Went to the Cup this weekend and took a friend from out of town who I had been talking to about the Cup for several years and it was great. Got a seat by the window with amazing views and had coffee and lunch and then another coffee and was just as good as ever. Lovely and warm and friendly staff and looking forward to heading back again soon

2 star rating
by Liam
7th March 2013

Visited Cup Cafe today for a work function and I ordered the confit duck and spinach ravioli. It arrived with a very tasty sauce, and a very small portion.

As in, a “Where are the hidden cameras, surely I’ve been set up for a joke” small portion. 3 pieces of ravioli total for $22. When concerns about the portion size were passed on to the manager, her response was “Yes, but how was the flavour?” Placing this dish on the Lunch menu was a very poor choice, as it was barely an entree.

Some of my coworkers meals looked awesome, but I don’t think I’ll bother going back. If you’re going stick to the burgers.

1 star rating
by Laurina D.
22nd February 2013

The view is excellent but the coffee was substandard, I ordered 2 coffees & 2 snacks, my friend had her coffee delivered first with such heavy handedness the cup & saucer rattled loudly, she had drunk 1/2 by the time mine was a Latte not in proper Latte cup it obviously was not a double shot..The cheese & bacon scone was the worst I have ever tasted..doughy, no flavour & quite flat more like a biscuit(NZ Grandmother’s would cringe at the size of that scone)..when I advised a staff member about the scone..she actually quizzed me on what was wrong with customer service & appalling attitude towards paying customers…I might try them again next month to see if they have actually improved.

1 star rating
by Sue W.
20th February 2013

I had been before for lunch on a Saturday with friends. The food was fantastic, as was the service, it was fully booked and it was obvious why.
It was hugely disappointing to say the least, taking my friend for her birthday for a special lunch.
The service was bad.
The food was very below average. The lamb salad was terrible, a cube of dried up shredded lamb on top of lettuce and a couple of tomatoes and olives, that the waitress told us “the idea is that you break it up yourself”. It was so dry with no dressing.
Same for the chicken salad that my friend chose for her birthday lunch.
What happened to the lovely menu and the service?

4 star rating
by Mary M.
21st November 2012

The best Caesar salad ever! Would not hesitate to go again for brunch – especially if on a voucher deal! Thank you.

5 star rating
by Trevor B.
3rd November 2012

3rd November 2012 evening for dinner.

My wife granddaughter Paris and I were delighted that the cup was now now licensed and open for dinner. not widely known yet,however suspect will be very busy in the evenings soon.
We had the scallops as an entree between the 3 of us – superb!
Mains – we had venison, fish of the day and Risotto all,of which were excellent. Dessert, granddaughter was the only participant ( sadly ) and she had the Creme Brûlée, which we all sneaked a taste of – fantastic ! The lovely 2 young ladies that served us were very professional, with very happy dispositions.
Overall an extremely enjoyable experience which we would encourage others to book early for the same.

2 star rating
by Nathan M.
22nd July 2012

Went again this month for breakfast… after a few months lapse. Has it improved?

Pancakes: tasted chemically, with an old oil tang. Certainly not made in house, I’m guessing pre-cooked and warmed. Had a few mouthfuls and left rest. Not pleasant. Staff couldn’t care less really. Said it wasn’t very good… and nothing; didn’t even enquire if I wanted it replaced or refunded.

Kidneys and bacon: kidneys over cooked and what’s with the miserly 1/2 a ciabatta roll to accompany!? For goodness sake, at least provide a full roll. And what’s with the dry mashed potato? Mashed is good, but this dry, tasteless lump wasn’t appreciated.

Portions becoming smaller, food less than mediocre. Only saving grace was coffee… but even that was a bit over-textured.

View good, food a disappointment. The view of the untended lemon trees in tubs on the deck below reflects the neglect to care that exists within this tumbling establishment.

[older review]

Haven’t been to the cup for a while so decided to go for a weekend breakfast.

- Poached eggs on toast: used to be on two, thick, tasty chunks of Rye bread. This time, two, thin, small 8-grain slithers. $$$ for very little.

- Pancakes with (fake) maple syrup, bacon, banana: (fake) syrup now drizzled on plate whereas before came in own little jug, bacon limp and undercooked – asked for it ‘really crispy’ but they obviously didn’t listen to that, pancakes too flavoured and dry.

- Coffee: latte bowls in need of more shots… not much coffee taste.

So, what’s going on Cup? Poor quality food, small portions (for my toast). Am downgrading your rating again to ‘POOR’.


Coffee seems to have gone down hill a bit this lately. Usually have a latte bowl to complement a Sunday breakfast. But the last couple of bowls have tasted a bit bitter, been a bit weak and lacking any coffee-bean aroma. Wouldn’t have another at this rate.

Food generally good. But lately the bacon is undercooked. Even when explicitly asking for it to be crispy, it isn’t. Eggs benedict muffins have been wafer-thin and over toasted. Slight lack of attention to detail.

Interior also looking a bit tatty now.

5 star rating
by Lana T.
10th April 2012

I love this Cafe!!!
I have been here a few times and every time I go i get Great service, fab meal, and the best ICE CHOCOLATE you can get in town.
The other weekend I meet my 10 Girl friends there and we’ll and a bit to eat and a coffee, the place was busy as, and the staff were just fantastic.
Since the new owner a yr ago or so, she has change this place around and makes it one of the best places to go and enjoy a fab coffee,tea or Ice chocolate and see the great views of the city that has fallen.
If you and your friends want to experience this then head to the Cup Cafe, and you will love it.

1 star rating
by Merodie
3rd November 2011

I have been to Cup Cafe a few times before and loved it but unfortunately not this time.

A friend and I ordered lunch at the same time. Her meal (which also had to be heated) and both our drinks arrived at the same time but my meal – seafood chowder – didn’t arrive for at least another 15 minutes by which time she was nearly finished. When I queried where it was I was told it was waiting on the bread to be toasted. When it did arrive the chowder had a skin on top so had obviously been sitting a while, they must have just forgotten to start the toast. The cafe was not even very busy with maybe 6-8 customers max.

The chowder itself was the worst I have ever had. Packed full of carrots, potato and celery with very little seafood. Great if you wanted vege soup!

2 star rating
by Andrea
22nd August 2011

My husband and I called in for a coffee two Sunday mornings ago. We were disappointed. The coffee was very bland. Perhaps they should use a stronger flavoured coffee?
We are locals, and have been impressed with this place in the past. We are considering venues for breakfast this Sunday…The Cup coffee not good though.

1 star rating
by mathew
10th October 2010

I have always held the cup in high regard and when our family is together we always make a habit of gathering at the cup until todays upset.
My partner and I ordered two coffees and cold drinks and two eggs benedict. We took the cold drinks to the table and were promptly served our coffees which were brilliant as usual. Time ticked by and all tables around us were served meals except us. Unfortunately after an hour and a quarter of waiting for our meals, we made for the service counter and informed the barista we could no longer wait for our meal. She informed the young lady who had served us that we never received our meals and she promptly opened the till and handed over the cash refund. A snippet of sorry was sent our way as we headed out the door hungry and deflated. I understand that human error is a regular occurance in the hospitality sector having worked in the field for many years myself but to have no explanation for inconvenience is far from what I would expect. Needless to say when our family gathers in the coming future it sadly will not be at what we once considered our local.

5 star rating
by Brian
5th June 2009

Took my parents to Cup my mum wanted a Gluten free meal and they took care of it and explained what was in the meal so she was happy ..
The kids had a bacon sandwich which was amazing and they were happy and satisfied with there choice ..
Amazing veiws and service ,well done

1 star rating
by Sam
25th April 2009

My partner and I have been eating at cup on and off for a while the service, coffee and food has always been great….Although the last time we were there my husband being gluten free asked all the questions he always does and was told with a change in bread the workstack would be a meal that he could eat, after my husband was seriously ill we called cup we spoke to a very rude male that told us WE should be more careful. we were offered no apology or reason for the mistake, we will never return and beware if you being told their gluten free menu is great because it would seem to me they are not educated on this at all….

Comment from Alan H. of Cup Cafe 14/10/2009   
Our apologies the chef who made those comments no longer works at…    More »
5 star rating
by Nicci
16th April 2009

I love the Cup. Usually go there at least once a fornight. Excellent views, great food and coffee. Did have a very slow person making coffee but she is not doing the coffee anymore so all is fab!! Highly recommended to all especially visitors from out of town….views amazing!

5 star rating
by Gaylene Mobbs
29th March 2009

Always enjoy the food, friendly service and amazing views. Take all my overseas guests there. Everyone has been very impressed.

5 star rating
by Sonia Te Amo
21st March 2009

Last weekend I visited the cup cafe to celebrate a friends birthday. I had never dined there before so wasn’t sure what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the menu was extensive (from this I chose to have the salmon salad which was a special that day) as well as having a wide selection of cabinet foods to choose from all reasonably priced. Efficient, friendly service, tasty food, GREAT coffee and a view to boot are just a few reasons I gave this lovely wee cafe a big thumbs up!!! Can’t wait to return.

5 star rating
by Jack
20th March 2009

Went to Cup last sunday with my partner and children
I had the works stack and my partner had pancakes w bacon both meals were well cooked and presented ..
The coffees came after the meals as ordered and they have a great kids platter
also there were colouring pads for the children to amuse them during our meal..
we will definitely be going back ..

1 star rating
by Jonathan
14th February 2009

We ordered 2x eggs on toast (1 scrambled, 1 poached) with 2x sides of mushrooms and 2x coffees.

After 25 mins, we were given 1x eggs on toast (1 scrambled, 1 poached) and a side of mushrooms. We couldn’t believe that they messed up such a simple order.

The quality of the food was disappointing, but the coffee was ok. Service was mediocre and price was $35. We won’t be going back in a hurry.

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