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Da Vinci's Ristorante Italiano

4 star rating 35 reviews

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09 3732843

5 City Road, Grafton, Auckland

  Italian, Mexican
11:30 AM to 2 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM (Mon-Fri), 6 PM to 10 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Da Vinci's Ristorante Italiano

4 star rating
by Razelle Icaro
one month ago

The entrance was a bit difficult to find but it's located really close to uni so that's pretty convenient (no need to walk up the hill to get back to uni) they also have $10 lunch specials during the weekdays which I think is such a good deal! I recommend the spaghetti bolognese with meatballs- I probably prefer it the most. ZomatoStudents

4 star rating
by Helena Chen
one month ago

A very nice Italian restaurant in a quiet city location. I love the quaint and homey atmosphere inside, and the grand looking bar with an impressive alcohol selection behind. The place was mostly empty when we visited, but didn’t feel too deserted as the tables are quite cozy. They do a $10 lunch special on certain weekdays, which makes the food unbelievably affordable! The serving sizes aren’t huge, but the meals are filling enough and definitely taste better than plenty of other cheaper Italian places I’ve tried.

4 star rating
by CJM
3 months ago

Can't go past the Spaghetti "Double Fresh" at this reliable restaurant. Wonderful Al Dente Spaghetti with loads of fresh snapper pieces and fresh tomato, perfectly seasoned. Staff are friendly and accommodating and food is consistently good.

3 star rating
by PancakePanda
4 months ago

Had high expectations for this place as it was highly recommended by one of my friends, but the my pasta was bland and the serving size was extremely small. Would have needed at least 2 plates to fill me up and I am an petite Asian girl.... I think that says something here. Salmon was also overcooked and way too salty. For a high quality restaurant it advertises itself to be, the chef must have been new or just your average joe cook. 

Presentation was average at best, they definitely need to know how to plate their food better. Would be nice if the staff asked where you would like to sit- considering that the entire place was nearly empty!! There were two other tables dining for the whole duration of our meal. Dessert was okay, nothing too exciting.

2 star rating
by Ollycooking.com
6 months ago

I feel like a meal at an Italian restaurant is linked to the term just like a mamma would have made it.

The food at da vincis definitely reminded me of something a mamma might have made only if your mamma wasn't Italian and was a big fan of generic pasta sauces

The food was ok, however if you were only a passable cook you could make equally as good a meal with a jarls sauce and your own oven

5 star rating
by Emma Magee
6 months ago

Most definitely my favourite Italian restaurant in Auckland :) always telling my friends they need to try this place out, absolutely delicious variety of pastas and entrees

4 star rating
by Bizcochito
10 months ago

Cheap and cheerful with yummy food! Great service, portions aren't massive but express lunch menu is well priced so it all works out in the end.

5 star rating
by Jess
11 months ago

My boyfriend and I go here every Wednesday! Waitresses are always pleasant and attentive. They've memorized our order :) would definitely recommend. Reasonable price and food! We'll always come here even when we're old and wrinkly haha

2 star rating
by Darin C
Aug 17, 2014

Had dinner there with friends last night food ok it's not a byo any more which is sad, gone is the reasonable price that it use to be, the bread for starters had no flavour the cannaloni which i use to order and to die for was just ok the sauce watery and lacked the x factor the da vinci steak was cooked to perfection but still lack the quality that it use to .Cost was a 160 per couple including wine  believe there are better places to eat for that price the waitress was OK friendly but could learn  a lot in the hospitality trade would probably not go again or recommend. bring back the old DA VINCi and BYO

4 star rating
by Ben
Jul 20, 2014

Da vincis is not haute cuisine, but solid and dependable. The service is excellent and attentive but not claustrophobic. The menu is large with plenty of choice and atmosphere is laidback and pleasant.

5 star rating
by Iain Spanhake
Mar 17, 2014

Da Vinci's is in a great central location on Albert Street, Auckland. My wife and I received a warm welcome into the restaurant. Inside has a beautiful, romantic, intimate atmosphere with a classic feel, cool bar and comfortable seating. Service was quick and efficient. Then there was the food - Potato Gnocchi was easily the best I had, while my wife enjoyed her delicious Chicken Fettuccine, and we shared a sensational Tirra Missu as dessert. All of this at a very reasonable price. We'll definitely be back and we highly recommend it to others.

3 star rating
by Riddhi
Mar 11, 2014

Had a birthday dinner celebration here a few days ago. The atmosphere is nice and the decor is lovely!

Staff are extremely friendly. The food was average, I found the portion sizes to be quite small for the price I was paying but it was decent tasting, nothing extraordinary. I ordered the penne scallops for $20.50. The others found their meals to be good.

Be warned the restaurant does a $15 cakeage fee.

2 star rating
by Grant Middleton
Jan 06, 2014

Sadly, after a mostly decent meal our experience was spoiled by one terrible starter and even worse service when we chose to give feedback. The bad service at the end is what encouraged me to write this review.

We had chicken livers and minestrone to start. The livers were nice but the soup was, and I can't stress this enough, terrible. If it had been watered down stock with a few chopped carrots and courgettes it might have had some flavour. It didn't. It was watery, vaguely vegetable flavoured liquid and very unlike any minestrone soup (or even soup) I've ever had.

We were prepared to accept one bad course out of the meal but we decided to give our feedback anyway. At 10 dollars for hot vegetable water we weren't overly happy and if we were going to return in future I'm sure our feedback would be appreciated. It was not. Cue the debate with the Italian owner/manager. We were told the recipe is watered down to suit kiwi tastes and us Europeans should understand this. I agreed in that some dishes in New Zealand may be altered to local taste but the fact remained that the soup wasn't just not minestrone but not very good at all. We didn't, and couldn't finish the soup as it was so bad. This discussion went on for a few minutes up to the conclusion of the bill - which we were invited to settle in full, including the price of the terrible soup.

Da Vincis, you can do better. Change the soup and listen to customer feedback when you get it. It was constructive feedback, given for free, and it would only have taken a small measure to take the soup of the bill. Also, you seemed to assume we were tourists and whether this was an excuse to provide a reduced service I don't know. But the service, and the soup, could have been better...

4 star rating
by Ruth Z
Nov 22, 2013

I have been here quite a few times for the $10 lunches. The place is tucked away, but fairly cute and the food is good. It's also close to uni, so much better to go and get a $10 meal from there than spend $13 on a kebab at the uni quad, and it's cheap enough to get drinks too.

Favourite is definitely the Fettuccine Noci, it's probably one of the nicest creamy chicken fettucine's I have ever tasted. We've tried a few other pastas and pizzas from there but none are as good as the Fettuccine. The quattro pizza is pretty nice too though.

The staff are friendly enough, but sometimes hard to understand as they have Italian accents.

We also got caught out once by going there for the $10 lunch on a Friday, when it isn't on, so be careful about that! We had to pay quite a lot more. It's still fairly reasonable, but the $10 deal definitely makes it well worth a visit.

2 star rating
by VCashera
Jun 04, 2013

Food was reasonable, but service very average. Waiter had to repeatedly return to the table to double-check orders, and got drinks orders wrong on at least two occasions. When asked for a glass of wine, she brought a bottle and opened it, thus costing the table more than expected or desired.

Food was nothing to write home about.

Probably would not dine here again, unfortunately. Have been a few times in the past and enjoyed it; has management changed? Or was this just a bad night? Unclear, but since most recent reviews restaurant has definitely slipped a few notches.

5 star rating
by Sandi Oliver
Nov 25, 2012

Party of 8 we dined here on Thursday night. Service was friendly. Calamari salad was divine. I had steak with saffron potatoe which was sublime and my partner had chicken parmigiana. Out of this world! A few years ago my step son took me here for dinner and it was great then too. Guys you run a great operation and if there was a 6th star I would award you it. Can't wait to come back.

5 star rating
by Rebecca
Aug 12, 2012

That is what we call great and authentic italian food!!! Many places try to do the same, but fail on delivering the consistency of the italian mamma flavours.... A great charming restaurant that I will definetely be back!!!
The Pumpkin & Walnut Ravioli is simply delicious!!

4 star rating
by Mayurika Chugh
Aug 01, 2012

Went here for my friends birthday dinner last week, and it was a really nice cosy atmosphere with really friendly staff. They made us feel relaxed and did their best to equip to our needs.
The food was absolutely delicious, however I will say that we were left disappointed as the portions were very small. We were all left hungry after our meal finished and we were expecting abit more for our money.
Love this place, great taste and staff but unsure whether I would return or not purely due to the portions.

5 star rating
by Max Tuzzolino-Smith
Jul 20, 2012

This place was absolutely amazing. I took my girlfriend there for her birthday and it was absolutely delicious.
We started with the Cannelloni entrée, which was absolutely spectacular.
For her main she got a very nice cabonara/bacon dish and I got the black pepper sauce steak, which was the best steak I have ever tasted in my whole life.
My girlfriend originally wanted a chicken dish, but unfortunately they ran out of everything chicken... But that doesn't stop this restaurant from being anything short of excellent.

5 star rating
by Tania Lee
Jul 11, 2012

Loved this place! i was looking to eat at La Porchetta but couldn't be walking as far so settled for here lol, was definitely a nice surprise! Although a little more expensive than Porchetta definitely worth it. I had the meat lovers pizza and it is by far the BEST meatballs I have ever had. Tender and moist, (unlike most which are always dry). the ambience allows for a casual dress but still good enough for a special occasion :)

3 star rating
by Louise
Jun 24, 2012

Had lunch there with a friend.

Nice ambiance, great decor.

I had the pasta of penne with clams, cooked in white wine. felt that the pasta had a very light, clean, delicate taste with slight tangy hints of the small tomato pieces, good to bring out the fresh taste of clams.

Some people unused to this style of cooking to bring out the natural seafood taste may find this dish a bit bland though. It is all a matter of personal taste.

Pasta was cooked to perfection, properly al dente.

My friend had a beef lasagne. He enjoyed it very much. Texture wise, I am not sure about it, he seemed to have problems eating the base of the lasagne... it was stuck hard to the plate so he was sawing away at it.

Tiramisu for dessert was unfailingly delicious. Very well-done.

Definitely a nice place I would return to for a lunch for 2 again. Came to about 25 dollars splitting bill. He had dessert too. All in for an Italian Restaurant, it has a very solid standing in its food quality, service and prices.

5 star rating
by Ben Langman
May 14, 2012

My partner took me here for my birthday on Saturday and we were thoroughly impressed! Great service, great atmosphere, great wine, great food! A+ cannot put into writing what a fantastic restaurant this is and how special it made my birthday night.

cheers guys :)

3 star rating
by Lucy Chapman
Mar 15, 2012

Went for lunch today. Nicely set out, good service and the gnocchi pesto was really good. However the $10 lunch portions are just too small! We all left hungry.

4 star rating
by Noelia Gonzalez QuiƱones
Dec 22, 2011

I had a lovely lunch here yesterday with my friend. The place is really gorgeous and cosy. The food was absolutely delicious, and super affordable with the $10 lunch specials. We had pizza bread for entree, which was very nice. As a main, I had past with roasted chicken and a creamy white sauce with walnuts - absolutely divine. I was so full by the end of it that I didn't have room for dessert! But I would love to come back next time to try it out.

5 star rating
by Michelle Wells
May 07, 2011

Best choice! Fantastic staff, best authentic Italian food! Never dissaoointed! Highly reconmend dining here.Very well priced and a real treat. The steaks are the best in Auckland. Atmosphere is perfect foe both romance, family or even corporate.

5 star rating
by Emma Mangellino
Mar 12, 2011

After being fed up with those pretentious, arty and pricey fine dining restaurants,we came to DaVinci for a proper meal. This is exactly what we want - a solid and wonderful dining experience with great value. The wine list is an exciting bonus for our meal - extensive selection, resonable price and many by the glass. Friendly & efficient service.
Don't miss the Tiramisu, the best I have ever tried. Highly recommend this restaurant!

5 star rating
by Mojito
Nov 21, 2010

Beautiful setting and beautiful food. Good service, very friendly!

5 star rating
by RM
Oct 16, 2010

Never fails to impress with reasonable prices &meals that make you feel you couldn't have cooked at home ( sauces are so tasty) attentive service and yes BYO! We return time and time again for good celebration dinners!

5 star rating
by Megan Paul
Jul 23, 2010

Fantastic service, well laid out making for a great private dining experience.

The best steak we have ever had!

Highly recommend this restaurant to all lovers of fine Italian food - especially steak.

1 star rating
by Rose
May 24, 2010

On a visit to Auckland recently we chose this restaurant because it was near our hotel and looked a bit special - and it was, for all the wrong reasons. We received the worst service I've ever experienced, almost comical if it wasn't so rude. Waitress let out a long-suffering sigh when we asked for the extra place that we'd booked, told us to "wait there" in the middle of the restaurant while she fixed it, stuff like that. Other staff seemed ok but it was really awkward whenever our waitress came, to argue with us about our orders or whatever. Waited 50 minutes for our meals which were pretty disappointing, left hungry. In the end we were just really embarrassed to have invited friends to eat there. Definately the worst part of our trip.

2 star rating
by Robert Feigel
Mar 28, 2010

Very disappointing!

My wife and I shared an excellent entrée of big, juicy garlic prawns. The sauce was divine. The wine (a bottle of Dog Point Sav-blanc) was lovely and the service was friendly, efficient and prompt.

But we were both VERY disappointed with our mains! My Spaghetti al Vongole was so over-spiced with hot chili that there was no way I could taste the clams. And my wife's Spaghetti Bolognese was a disgrace. I tried a couple of mouthsful and found it mediocre and lacking in any character. But my wife's palate is far more developed than mine and her comment says it all, "If I wanted Dolmio I'd buy it at a supermarket." It was if the chef had dumped some mince in a saucepan full of a pre-prepared, bulk commercial sauce and smothered the pasta with it.

To Da Vinci's credit, however, the deserts were very good - although I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't prepared elsewhere and brought in. At $144.10 I can't say it was overpriced, but I'd much prefer to pay more for better Italian food. There is no way we'd ever eat there again.

3 star rating
by Ian
Mar 10, 2010

I have to say I have only had their pizza and desert on three visits. The pizza's are very bare and you need to order extra toppings personally. Good service though and the deserts are very nice.

5 star rating
by Gailda
Sep 23, 2009

I had a dinner last Sat with my friends. Food was fantastic, drink was exclusive, and the service was really excellent, especially the Italian waiter.Good sized portion and resonalbe price. Will definitely return.

3 star rating
by Silva
Nov 26, 2008

We had a diner in the weekend , the place and the food was good also the prices were reasonable compare others in town, not running by italian but friendly staff except the main guy. i still come bak

4 star rating
by Bridget
Jul 31, 2008

Delicious food, nice atmosphere. Staff a bit weird and not overly polite, but amde for a great night