Daikoku on Quay

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09 3022432

148 Quay Street East, Auckland CBD, Auckland

12 Noon to 2 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM


Reviews for Daikoku on Quay

3 star rating
by Sarah Jack

This place is pretty good. Food comes out quickly and they come to cook your meal quickly too. Issues I had were that the chef we had wasn't as showey as she should have been and half a bucket of yum yum sauce was put on my prawns. I like yum yum sauce but after scrapping the majority of it off, the prawns were still covered and slimy making them a bit unpleasant to eat. Should I come again I might avoid the seafood option. The other seafood elements of scallops and salmon were good though. The ice-cream was also pretty average. I would come back but probably not anytime soon

5 star rating
by Topaz
13 days ago

Must try: Chasumen!! Hands down the best ramen be the bf have had he always orders the seafood and we leave feeling super full but happy. One of Auckland's best kept secrets. Even the ambience adds to this as its small and cave like in a good way. Have tried so many ramen restaurants in search of best pork soy ramen and by far this is the best. The portion size and meat portions are generous and it is very well priced! Keep up the good work team :)

5 star rating
by Midgeywidgey
21 days ago

Last time I was here, very friendly service as always! This place is high on my list of places to eat at with friends, due to the cheap lunch menu and awesome atmosphere! This is a place where young adults can meet for a quick lunch on a weekend. Still yet to try the dinner though!

4 star rating
by Celeste
one month ago

5th time returning to this restaurant. The service and food has remained great and consistent! I had entrée of salmon sashimi, Yum Yum prawns meal set and delicious plum wine. My family also very much enjoyed their drinks and food options too! Plenty of food, come here hungry lol yum yum!

4 star rating
by Ed
one month ago

The portions are perhaps a bit small, but otherwise quite high quality food for the cost.
The lunch specials are great value for money and I highly recommend taking a visit, especially as the chefs will entertain you and cook your food right in front of your eyes, plating the food straight from the teppanyaki plate.

Food: 7.5/10
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 4.5/5
Value: 4/5
Overall: 20/25

4 star rating
by BeeQueUU
3 months ago

These well known Auckland restaurants need little introduction. Their roots were steak house and now it appears a wide range of food including ramen. Tonight is a work dinner so their famous Teppan yaki style of hot plate cooking is on the menu, literally.
Teppan yaki is a close copy to Habashi cooking I fondly recalled in new york. Knives flashing everywhere, food flying and spatulas juggling all great entertainment and fine fresh foods cooked in front of you.
Expertise-wise don't expect the standard of sword-, sorry I mean "Utensil-play" to be as grand as New York. Entertaining all the same!
I had the crayfish and chicken combo set meal. (Not to be confused with the combo of the well known Scottish restaurant chain.)
A couple of cold starters then a prawn with Japanese mayo hot entree. 4/5
Next were various veges courgettes, onions and beans. Mushrooms follow and a modest portion of fried rice with eggy bits called yum-yum all tasty as heck. 4/5
The mains preparation commences the crays, steak and chicken all cooked in front of you also. A work group size of 9. So crays was served as they cook quickly cut into little stirfry pieces. Taste was ok but no real dominant flavour is added. 4/5
The chicken however has a terayaki sauce much like what you find on donburi chicken. Excellent chicken meat is used a thigh piece. This is juicy and cooked perfectly. 5/5
Others had selected steak in their main. Like the crayfish it is not over seasoned and cooked medium. Perhaps slightly difficult to control the heat for people's personal preferences in rare to well done. I suggest scotch fillet is used as there's a reasonable texture and chewiness to the bite. 4/5
Set dinner ice cream was green tea flavour. A squirt of canned cream made this tacky. 2/5
Miso was also served earlier as part of the set.
Kids menus for under 12 yr olds and a option under 5 yr olds. High chairs sorted but dinner time groups can be rowdy.

5 star rating
by Lisa V
3 months ago

I like coming to daikoku for lunch. Dinner I find a little rowdy and there's too much to choose from so I prefer having the limited lunch menu. I also think the lunch menu prices are more reasonably for the portion size and dinner is a bit over priced. I can say however that the show is always fun to watch. Its quite cool that they have fun while cooking your food and the atmosphere is always greats. The staff are also always attentive and friendly.

5 star rating
by Izzy Mendoza
3 months ago

Daikoku on Quay is the first place I think of whenever I want ramen, and was even introduced to the place by a born & bred Japanese friend of mine. Albeit a little small and cramped sometimes, service has always been prompt, and food always comes out quick and tastes good πŸ‘πŸΌ

4 star rating
by Gus
3 months ago

I've been here several times in the past, and after dining this weekend I would agree that the restaurant is looking quite tired and could do with freshening up.  The service was solid as usual and the chef cooking our meal with the usual tricks which amused my kids, although he seemed a little inexperienced and forgot one order of steak which I have never seen before (he did rectify this quickly and was very apologetic).   I had the steak prawn combo, the prawns were nicely cooked but the yum yum sauce didn't seem as rich as I remember it and seemed to have split by the time it was served.  My beef was tender flavourful and slightly underdone which was fine with me, but both meats were well seasoned.  The vegetable accompaniments are always tasty, I don't know how they get their onions so sweet but I like it!  The dining room could do with better ventilation, you will walk out hot and steamy but it's not a deal breaker

5 star rating
by Shelley Bedggood
4 months ago

Delicious! πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ Probably my favourite Japanese restaurant. Nothing like the yum yum sauce. We went here for lunch. I had the gourmet lunch. The prawns were amazing I just wish I could have more, you only get 2. Vegetables - yum ! Rice - yum ! Chicken - yum ! Staff are also lovely.

4 star rating
by Teri
6 months ago

Came here for team lunch. Was happy about the food. Team enjoyed the experience of Japanese teppanyaki. Not bad at all for the portion size with that price tag

3 star rating
by Panda Eyes
6 months ago

Teppanyaki should be the whole deal.  Who doesn't like a BBQ meal?  Though, the service and our Chef was lovely, the food lacked flavour that should be easily created on such a hot plate. Disappointed.

4 star rating
by Juanine
6 months ago

This is one of my favourite places to go to lunch. In fact I am going there again today. The food is consistent and tasty. They have the BEST Yum Yum sauce. The price for a lunch that is very filling, is quite reasonable and the staff are mostly friendly.  I do however think that they do need to update their decor a bit as it is starting to look a little tired and the charis should all be checked, as I find a lot of them a little wobbly. My favourite chef there is Louis.

5 star rating
by Grace Sifa
7 months ago

I love this place.. easy choice when doing a small celebration or treat.. love the chicken and prawn option and get our yum yum sauce for Christmas lunch here every year .. good for lunch also :)

2 star rating
by The Food Scribbler
8 months ago

We used to love this place for the entertainment and the good food, however our last visit left us disappointed.  I agree with the reviews written already - this place is tired, the bathrooms are scummy and dirty, the food portions are stingy and the place is way too hot.  We had a female chef this time and she was pretty good but everything was over seasoned making the food extra salty.  The yum yum sauce was gross and ladled on.  Far too much per prawn.  The eye fillet steak would have been great if it wasn't so salty as it was cooked perfectly.  The chop chop rice (which we have had many times) was weird as it had a mixture of hard, chewy and soft rice.  I told the staff and they said it was supposed to be like that.... hmmmm.
Has this place lost its passion for feeding its patrons?  Are the owners getting greedy?  Time to shut the doors or make some serious changes Daikoku. THE FOOD SCRIBBLER

5 star rating
by Amiria Aperahama
9 months ago

I came here for a dear friends birthday. We all settled down and then were introduced to our wonderful chef for the night. I ordered Tappan Scallops with entree which rang in at around $39. Out chef created the much famous train of onion rings and cooked our meals. She cooked my boyfriendd beef medium rare to perfection and my scallops were tender and perfect. When ever anyone's drink at the table was empty a waiter would ask us if we would like a refill. The customer service was phenomenal. I apologies for the blurry pictures.
Great experience. I would recommend. You are looking at spending $100 for two people though. A great treat for a loved one.

3 star rating
by Samantha Young
9 months ago

Prawns with YumYum sauce! YUUUUM!! Worst part of the night, our chef was sick! When he was doing the choo-choo train, I literally saw his snot come outta his nose and back up again. *barf* Kept an eye on him for the rest of the night, didn't want any extras in my food.

5 star rating
by Julz Sokheng Chhour
Aug 20, 2014

My favorite place for lunch. Where else can you get green tea, miso soup, salad, options of steak, chicken or fish main including rice and vegetsbles plus ice cream for desert all for under $14 dollars. The best thing is the chef cooks the food in front of you and you get to meet new people.

1 star rating
by Lauren Keane
Feb 14, 2014

Dined here with the initial excitement at experiencing a teppanaki restaurant and it was so overwhelming disappointing. Firstly the chef was barely awake, he wasn't interested at all in what he was doing or putting on a "show" as we had been lead to believe would happen! Secondly the "yumyum" wasn't has the name suggested, gluppy congealed custard type sauce made what would have been deliciously cooked prawns very sickly and stomach churning. It was quite disheartening for those who order prawns as a main because the same topping was smothered over those as well. Then came the steak. I ordered the scotch fillet and was so looking forward to it. I ended up with a sirloin and an incredibly fatty cut. My dad was meant to have the same as me and his steak wasn't much better. The parts we could ate we're so chewy and the rest was mainly fat and grizzle. We spoke to the manager afterwards and he argued with me that the meat we we're given was anything but the best. I knew it wasn't worth the $53 they we're charging so I refused to pay. He was incredibly rude and not willing to listen to anything we had to say. I wouldn't recommend this restaurant at all. Over priced and gives a bad name to a dining experience that I know so many have joined at other places!!!

3 star rating
by John Johnson
Dec 01, 2013

Daikoku On Quay Auckland.
We hadn't been to this restaurant for a few years, so looked forward to reliving the experience. By experience, we refer to the show that is put on by the chef while, and during the complete preparation, cooking, and serving of the meal. The chef we had was very friendly, and put on a good show. However, we found that while the majority of the food was good, the prawn entrée was very disappointing. They used to use fresh prawn tails that still had partial shells. They now used prawns that were the same as those that you would buy from a supermarket in a bag, which was a big let-down. The "yumyum" Japanese mayonnaise that was used was also very different. It was thick and gluggy like cold custard which was very unappealing (they used to use a very fluid sauce which blended with the prawns rather than sitting on top). Some of us unfortunately had ordered the prawns as our main meal also, based on the fond memories that we had of how they used to be, which added further to our disappointment.
The service provided by the waiting staff was excellent, and very friendly.
The restaurant was uncomfortably hot causing most of us to perspire. In the past, heat had never been a problem, and really shouldn't have been now as the place appeared to have air conditioning installed.
It was good to try and relive the past, but unfortunately, the experience turned out to be very short of that. This is an expensive restaurant, and we didn't have desert, and our drink consumption was minimal.
The restaurant looks very tired and run down.
Our group, although having a good night out, which was more due to the company, all agreed that there would be no need to revisit the Daikoku again.

4 star rating
by Daniel Swain
Oct 07, 2013

Nice place for a lunch.

Nothing too fancy just easy setting, good food, good service and flavor of Japan.

I go regularly for group lunches for celebrations or catching up with friends.

4 star rating
by Matt Lemmens
Sep 01, 2013

Choo choo goes the onion train! Hahaha an entertaining meal, well worth the money paid - delicious scotch fillet and scallop mains.

4 star rating
by Gayeon Lee
Nov 16, 2012

Now the price can be a little bit expensive for students to go and have their dinner in this restaurant. However I definitely reckon it worth going and trying nice Japanese dishes in Daikoku. I really enjoyed their service, great manner with yummy food!
I personally liked the beef dish the meat was so fresh and chewy..! I'm definitely going back for another dinner :)

3 star rating
by Siobhan Fahy
Sep 01, 2012

This place is soo run down and could really do with a clean (especially the dirty fish tank). Service was ok but a but hard to communicate. Our chef was inexperienced so we didnt see any exciting tricks. Yum yum sauce was delicious! Portions were small (half a chicken thigh portion for the chicken orders) and the place needs better ventilation. Had an entertaining evening but definitely couldve been better.

1 star rating
by Mylie George
Aug 21, 2012

Don't go here!
The food was delicious and the chef's friendly and awesome!
But the female host was horrible! I've never met someone so rude. I called 3 weeks ahead to book a group of 25 for a birthday and was told to call back a week prior to confirm numbers. I confirmed our numbers, how many kids attending plus a few more guests and a time extension by 30mins. The message wasn't passed on (not my problem) and the chic lost the plot, because another group was also around the same time, which was understandable but no need for the attitude. I had a go at her and she said we had to be out in 30mins, I told her were she can put that as most the group travelled from Whangarei to attend. We were all seated and then she came out to argue with me in front of my family and said one table will have to wait because of the other group who hadn't even rocked up yet. I'm the customer and I had to ask her if we could take this out in the foyer away from everyone to settle. Then at the end she tried to charge me for 2 extra people that never existed!!! We go here for my cousins birthday nearly every year as its her favourite, so its not like we are first timers. I absolutely love Japanese food, been to Japan a few times and love the people and culture. This chic is obviously so western its not funny she needs to go home more often and check herself. Unfortunately because of the service I will never go here again.

3 star rating
by Linda
Feb 27, 2011

Went for a friend's birthday recently. Staff were pretty friendly but service was a bit slow. Since there was only four of us, we had to share a table with another group. Started off with miso soup, was too salty for my liking and then with a Japanese Salad. Vegies were fresh, but lacked dressing. The prawns that we had with sauce were the best. Nice and tender, and that sauce was super tasty. We ordered beef and chicken. Both cooked nicely, and had great flavour. Portions are really small, and the four of us were pretty hungry as we didn't eat beforehand. The chef we had was pretty entertaining, did some pretty neat tricks, but after the meal we were all still hungry afterwards. Pretty expensive for what you are getting.

5 star rating
by Janine Baldwin
Sep 06, 2010

I have dined Teppan Yaki style many times and really enjoy it. We were last at this Daikoku many years ago. We usually dine at the Botany version however they couldn't fit us in until later.
We went for Father's Day dinner last night with another family - 4 adults, 5 kids in total and had the best Teppan Yaki experience to date.
We were seated and served promptly. The service throughout the night was attentive and fast.
The food was as delicious as always - I'd even suggest that the yum yum sauce at this restaurant was better than I've had in a long time.
The restaurant was clean and the floor wasn't sticky (something we have found at Botany which is a little off-putting).
What absolutely made our night was the fantastic chef. I'm not sure if we were just lucky or whether we were assigned one who was particularly good with kids but it doesn't matter - he was sensational. He made a onion train for our daughter, complete with tooting. He teased the kids with lollipops hiding in his hat. He made the salt disappear, appeared to be shaking into the eldest drink and even tricked our son into believing he had caught a bowl of fried rice with his eyes shut.
I would absolutely recommend this Daikoku for family dining - our children ranged in age from 2 to 13 and they all enjoyed it.
The prices seem high however when you consider that they include soup, rice, appetizer, salad, veges and ice cream they are very affordable. And we never have issues with feeling underfed - it's sometimes the opposite.

5 star rating
by Amanda1986
Jul 30, 2010

Great and attentive service. Good prices for what you get and the chef was very talented and entertaining. We ordered the combination set each with tempura on the side, we could not finish all that we ordered and left very satisfied. Plum was only five dollars and was reeeeal good! Even though we had to sit with strangers it was a great night. Would definitely go again.

5 star rating
by Kelly267
Jul 17, 2010

I loved this restaurant...It was fun, and energetic, and I left stuffed! They were creative and threw food into our mouths and did some fantastic tricks and I would go back there anytime and spend double what I paid the first time...considering how much fun it is and in a group of people you know and are comfortable with...there will be no worries...try and book with exactly 8 people so you can have the same table with no strangers

4 star rating
by Georgie
May 18, 2010

Nice meal. great chef, very good sense of humour. good value for money.

1 star rating
by LukoiWhim
May 10, 2010

My friend booked 20 of us in for her Birthday a few weeks in advance. She was told she could only get a table at 8.30, which was fine (we went and had drinks first) but when we got there at 8.30 for our booking, we waited around for 15 minutes before having to ask what was going on. The waiter kind of shrugged and said he would go see, and never came back, so my friend sought him out again 15 minutes later (this made it nine o'clock approximately) He still seemed nonplussed and told us a table would be ready shortly. My friend waited a few more minutes and then grabbed the waiter again asking what the heck was going on, we had booked and had 20 starving people. He said, well, we have a table ready in a room around the corner or you could keep waiting and we will eventually seat you in the main restaurant. (the restaurant closes at ten, as well, and it was already nine!) So we chose the room around the corner, which was a total hole. We sat down (with several seats short, too!) and waited... and waited... and waited. We talked to other diners who said they had been waiting to be fed since seven! We waited about half an hour, with no one giving us any answers on when we could order. The staff were rude, uncaring, standing around talking to each other but not taking orders. Eventually we just gave up and rang another restuarant who were wonderful, fit us all in and delivered exceptional service and food. Daikoku not only ruined my friends Birthday, but treated us like crap, wasted our time and were utterly unprofessional. And they just didn't care. I would like to tell anyone who wanted to go - don't! It's not worth it! You will never get any food and the whole experience was one of the worst dining experiences I have ever had! Scratch that, it WAS the worst. Be warned.

2 star rating
by Mick
Jun 22, 2009

It pains me to do this... but im going to set the record straight. I have been to Daikoku about 4 times throughout my youth and everytime it has let me down. I cant remember every occasion clearly but I can remember the last time all too well. It was my sisters birthday not too long ago and we had to decide on a venue at the last minute. We left it to my sister (who is extremely picky) to decide on a restaurant and after a whole day scouring the internet she came to no conclusion. My younger brother and I returned home, asked where we were going to go for dinner and the reply was simply "we couldnt decide on a place, so were just gonna go to Daikoku". My brother and I looked at each other in horror, "Daikoku!?!?! what? and pay $500 just to leave hungry???" = Basically every time we had ever gone to Daikoku we were fed F**K all. We were assured we'd get enough for everyone but we were convinced we would be dissapointed. And we were. We had a party of about 7, and paid a good $300-$400 on food - then went home and had steak to fill the void. The truth is, is the food is absolutely fantastic, with probably the best prawns ive ever been served in my life, but the food is just far too overpriced for what you get. The quality of the food definately deserves a 5star and thats what I would have given the place - if my stomach was the size of a mouses.

3 star rating
by Felicity Williams
Dec 29, 2008

Food is yummy I can't complain there, but the portion is not much at all, kiwi's do eat a lot, and well Japanese do not, they eat light and in small portions, had to wait a while for our booked table though, and service took a while too. 3 stars for the food but that's about it.