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De Fontein Belgian Beer Cafe

3 star rating 26 reviews

Telephone 09-578 3327

75-79 Tamaki Drive
Mission Bay
Auckland City

Belgian, New Zealand, Seafood
Mon - Fri 11am - Late
Sat - Sun 9am - Late
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De Fontein is located in the heart of Mission Bay, just an 8 minute drive from Auckland’s CBD. It is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, especially on the sun drenched balcony overlooking the bay. Split across two levels, the downstairs bar provides a warm and inviting area to have a drink or a few snacks with friends. Take your pick from the largest range of range of Belgian beers available in New Zealand or our comprehensive wine list. Upstairs, choose a table in the expansive dining area or on the outdoor balcony and pick from the extensive menu. We proudly serve authentic Belgian cuisine and recommend you try our signature steaming mussel pots or our famous mussel platters.


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Reviews for De Fontein Belgian Beer Cafe

5 star rating
by Katerina T.
22nd June 2014

I really like this place. Two of us came in on Wednesday for lunch, and I had a fantastic Salmon and Kumara Stack (which by the way, the menu on here is out of date, as it’s not listed). Excellent flavours and tons of rocket greens so I felt like I’d got the healthy option but also had a delicious dish.

The woman who welcomed us was excellent (duty manager for the day I think) and was very kind trying to clean the candle wax of the table, which turned into a bit of a joke. Friendly banter and a big smile were great.

Gorgeous view of Mission Bay, seated in sunshine by the window.
They were great offering me a couple of taste samples of beer, as I couldn’t’ work out what I wanted. Went for the Blonde Leffe – perfect choice.

My only recommendation comes from my partner, who felt his chips were over-salted – but loved everything else about it.

1 star rating
by John N.
16th June 2014

This is on our worst list. The bar and waiting staff are rude, arrogant, without any knowledge of their menu. Seriously bad experience. Nothing to do with Belgium.
In Belgium or generally in Europe the staff will be 100% at your service. This experience was below the scope of any other food related business I went to in my entire life.

Comment from Frenzigroup L. of De Fontein Belgian Beer Cafe 18/06/2014   
Hi John, we’re so sorry that you had such a disappointing…    More »
4 star rating
by Ashely F.
9th June 2014

Always go there for dinner with my wife. Nice views and location. If you go there on Monday, 1/2 price on the mussel pot. What a great deal. However, sometimes we have to wait long time for our dishes because they are too busy on the weekend. Overall pretty good experience every time. lol

2 star rating
by Elle
23rd May 2014

My partner and I were a bit let down by our experience here. The waiter was lovely, however got our drink orders wrong. It took over 50 minutes for the food to arrive. We ordered a Mussel tasting pot, however they were overcooked and most of the mussels had beards. The dipping sauces tasted okay. The bread we were served was stale. When it came to paying the bill, there was only one till and a massive line.

Comment from Frenzigroup L. of De Fontein Belgian Beer Cafe 27/05/2014   
Hi Elle, Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback…    More »
2 star rating
by Lisa W.
12th May 2014

Nice location but seriously underwhelming food. We ordered calamari and the pork ribs. The calamari looked great but was a bit chewy and tough. Pork ribs were flat out bad, meat tasted old. Expected a whole lot more for the price and location. Add to that a couple of screaming babies two tables over and I can’t say I enjoyed our visit or would return.

3 star rating
by Michelle T.
17th March 2014

Overall a nice experience, however, our 1 dozen oysters came out and there were only 11 on the plate. One mussel hot pot was very late to come out (half way through the meal) but they took it off the bill which was appreciated.

Paying the bill took a very long time (spent 10+ minutes waiting in the line), the party before us wanted to split the bill based on consumption and it seemed the till operator found this difficult – there were receipts everywhere and she looked pretty frazzled. People were lining up behind us, perhaps a second till is needed during busy times? It made for a sour end to the experience.

Comment from Frenzigroup L. of De Fontein Belgian Beer Cafe 17/03/2014   
Hi Michelle, Thank you for taking the time to provide us with…    More »
4 star rating
by Kirstie S.
5th December 2013

Love this restaurant! The menu offers a wide range of amazing food and offers suitable beer/wine matches and portion sizes are very substantial. Sitting out on the balcony looking over mission bay enjoying the high quality food is a great way to spend time with family. Prices are very reasonable especially considering the restaurants location. Only down side is sometimes the wait time for food can be on the long side due to the large crowds (a sign of a good place) but the wait staff are always friendly and make sure everything is okay. Also they offer a loyalty card which I think is a very nice touch. Great place.

Comment from Frenzigroup L. of De Fontein Belgian Beer Cafe 9/12/2013   
Thanks for taking the time to review us. We’re so glad you love…    More »
3 star rating
by Tim B.
29th September 2013

Great sunny deck, great choice of beer (if a little pricey), good mussels & chips (without being life-changing). The only thing that confuses me is… why only one cash register?! Really strange to have to queue up for 15 minutes at the end of a meal… do you not want our money?! If you do, then why not sort out your payment issues and make it easier for people to pay?

4 star rating
by Tony M.
4th March 2013

Here almost every Monday for half price mussels. would give a 5/5…however the service is just too slow since the place is always packed on Mondays =(

Comment from Frenzigroup L. of De Fontein Belgian Beer Cafe 5/03/2013   
Hi Tony, Thanks for your feedback. It’s always great to hear from…    More »
4 star rating
by Mikhail
20th December 2012

Very nice atmosphere. Often coming here for a drink or just to relax with a friend’s company.
Chocolate mouse from desserts is really nice and wide range of fruit beers.
Nice and cool place to visit and come back!

Although have got an issue with bartender once, because have been charged for $2 extra. But he had excused and made a refund.

3 star rating
by g r.
28th November 2012

I am gutted that they stopped “happy hour” on Sat from 9-10pm. I usually enjoy having 2 or 3 beers during that time. Beer prices as they are at all the belgian establishments… Having happy hour on Sats would be awesome. Yes!!! They have introduced beer’o'clock on weekdays, but isn’t that a promotion of alcoholism. Drinking during the weekdays… $5 5pm.. $6 6pm… $7 7pm… … … …

I ponder…

At least Sat.. You get to relax.. Unwind.. And summer is coming along… As the sun sets.. You can hold on to that 250ml glass of belgian goodness ( my preference being hoegaarden) and watch the beauty of nature whilst enjoying the creation of man in the palm of your hand. Or hands ( if you bought more then 1 .. and are not a sharer… Not indeed )

The food is okkkk..

Been there for dinner twice.. Can can. Nothing to write home about.

Ordered the chicken dish 1 time. And the crepe dish another.

The chips are yum.. And the aioli…

The garlic bread has its good days and bad.. Always order the garlic bread when I’m there… Just a lil chaser with the beers..
Somedays it’s sublime, whilst others…….

So overall nice pub…

ps: Bring back Sat happy hour.. and add a new extension..

From now on.. De Fontein’s Sat Happy hour will go on for 2. That’s right… 2 whole hours.. So pop on down to your water hole by the beach between 8-10pm and have our fair maiden pour you a handle!

A 250ml handle, that is..

4 star rating
by Sonrisa B.
25th October 2012

Nice place, friendly staff, great menu…but a bit pricey. Love their happy hour, but weird that it must be on ground level and one can’t go upstairs and enjoy that deal.

4 star rating
by ST
30th August 2012

This is one of our consistent places to return to on a lazy cruisey afternoon.

This place is family friendly, and the service is also friendly.

The food is reliable, though not necessarily to the best standard.

I wish their kids’ menu contained more real cooked food. The only item the waitress recommended was the fish and chips – as they do their fish fresh. Nowadays toddler shares adult plate.

This location is quite splendid. A sit at the table, a walk on the beach, in the park, and return to the meal.

Verdict: a good place to spend some time.

4 star rating
by walksinauckland.com
26th March 2012

I haven’t been here this year, but my previous visits have been very enjoyable. I usually have a light lunch followed by a coffee. Good to pop in after a walk around Mission Bay environs http://walksinauckland…

2 star rating
by Jonathon B.
27th January 2012

I used to go to De Fontein for the glorious metre long sausage, which was a delicious meaty browny coloured thing. Now, its basically a long version of the hot dog things you get in a packet of 6 at the supermarket. You could argue that its a frankfurter and therefore European, but basically its a $27.50 hot dog.

2 star rating
by M
25th January 2012

Seriously slow service (and more than half of the order was incorrect) but can’t beat the views and the ambience on a sunny day from the top deck of De Fontein. They don’t allow reservations so its a matter of waiting for a table once you arrive. Great Belgian beer (when it’s not sold out!) but the food service is very slow slllloooooww! At least it gives you lots of time to enjoy the views and the beer..3 hours

1 star rating
by Mila
17th November 2011

After a great night here with delicious food and fantastic service, my partner and I decided to bring a few friends along to our next meal.

We arrived and the place was chokka – the floor manager said it would be about a half hour/40min wait so we were invited to spend time downstairs with a drink before a table was free.

One hour later and no one had come to see us and our later-arriving friend was ignored at the bar when she went to order a drink. We asked when our table might be free and were told five minutes. 15 minutes later and we had a table.

20 minutes after that, someone came to take our order (food and drinks). The restaurant by then was half full so we asked what the wait time on food would be. We were told a little longer than the usual wait time of 15mins but no more than half an hour.

Despite requesting it, no water was brought to the table although at least the beers turned up.

50 mins later and our food arrived. WHAT a disappointment. All dishes (meat loaf, steak, two pots of mussels, ribs and fries) were cold (not luke warm, cold).

The medium steak was rare.

The $32 800gm ribs (which we were told were massive and would be very filling) consisted of just 8 ribs – one of which had no meat on it.

It seemed like we had been waiting 50 mins for our food to cool down – not be cooked.

When asked how our meals were, we did mention the disappointment about lack of suitable service and long wait times (nearly 2.5hours from arrival until the food came) that were also much longer than we had been told they would be, and then the subsequent cold, unsatisfactory dishes. We got a rather nonpluss “sorry about that”.

4 star rating
by Kathryn P.
23rd September 2011

Always a tasty meal, a lively atmosphere and packed with people. The food is good and the staff are very friendly. Great for breakfast too!

4 star rating
by Karen R.
16th March 2011

Helpful, friendly staff, even though we weren’t spending much – only in for beers.

I was sitting on the open-air deck with a couple of colleagues for a business meeting, enjoying a beer and the views . . . but was getting sizzled in the sun. Popped in and asked if they had any sunblock – and staff were very friendly and instantly produced some sunscreen for me to use.

I loved the mussel pot I tried at the Ponsonby Belgian beercafe, so am keen to come again on a day when I have more time and enjoy some here too!

1 star rating
by CherylM
5th February 2011

This is on our boycott list. The staff are rude and arrogant – enough to put you off for good. Luckily for us there’s The Ponsonby Belgian Beer Cafe!

1 star rating
by Alexandra B.
20th August 2010

If this is what the “Belgian Experience” is like, then they can keep it.

We came for lunch on Thursday 19 August.

We ordered the Lobster Bisque mussel pot, mixed platter grilled mussels, spicy pork ribs, the steak meal and a child’s fish and chips.

The grilled mussel platter was at best “bland” at worst bloody horrible, small bits of chewy, tasteless rubber.

The “spicy” pork ribs tasted of nothing – even with the addition of salt and pepper it was difficult to determine whether or not they had flavor. And believe me, this was ordered by my grand-daughter who loves ribs but doesn’t like things too spicy, so for her to complain that they tasted of nothing…..hmmmm say no more

The mussel pot was very disappointing – the mussels were once again tasteless and unappetizing with no mussel flavor coming thru at all.

For $140 I certainly expected a hell of a lot more than we got. I have had better food at Valentines (now that must be telling you something)

5 star rating
by cherie manning
23rd September 2009

We have had several visits to your cafe bar and have found the staff exceptional with the service outstanding. The food is amazing so a BIG UPS to your chef and kitchen crew. We highly recommend this to our family and friends also we often recommend this restaurant bar to our local and international guests who visit with us. Well done team ;-)

4 star rating
by tell me
30th June 2009

Went here with some friends on a wintery thursday night, It was really nice. The service was friendly and prompt. We mussels are a must. The live music was really good too. Nice beer, good food and frienly service..what more do you need?

4 star rating
by Nick
2nd September 2008

Very good experience. Four of us had the metre long sausage, which was delicious, try and beat finishing it in 7minutes. Our waiter was extremely helpful and the whole night was a complete success, would definitely go back.

4 star rating
by Dan Wilson
26th April 2008

One of the Better Belgain bars in Auckland. Staff are mostly friendly. Food is generally good. The mussel pot is definately the way to go as it is great value for money, some of the other meals are smallish in size. Service can be slow at times, but can be understood because it is quite a busy place.

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