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De Post Belgian Beer Cafe

4 star rating 70 reviews

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09 6309330

466 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland

  European, Finger Food
11 AM to 2 AM (Mon-Fri), 9:30 AM to 2 AM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for De Post Belgian Beer Cafe

4 star rating
by Annie Bananie
3 days ago

The food was good with medium-big mussels that were soft and tender. So far the blue cheese 1kg is my favourite. The staff were very nice but slightly undertrained. The entrees were quite small but tasted good. Hoegarden and Leffe Blonde is my favourite beers here.

4 star rating
by Beverly Semu
6 days ago

use to come here a lot when my dad had gigs every Sunday. id say that the quality has gone down a little bit from back then but I still enjoyed the food. didn't wait long. I always order mussels and they're always on point, my fave. and also the calamari is the nicest I've ever had. would still recommend this place, maybe they just need to upgrade their services

4 star rating
by Gia
18 days ago

Their mussels are delicious! My friend and I ordered their venison burger and one of their large mussel platter. Order arrived fast because it wasn't packed yet. Ambience and service was alright. Definitely coming back for their mussels!!!

1 star rating
by Keli Tiu
25 days ago

Worst experience out of the many restaurant I've been to. Had the 2 in 1 burger deal and half way through my burger, I found a live slug on my plate. Yes, ALIVE!! Right in the middle of my chips. It started crawling towards the edge of my plate where I manage to snap a pic. Made a complaint to the manager and she said they will take the burger out of the bill and give me a free dessert. Reluctantly, I said ok. When I went to pay for my bill, I had to pay the exact same amount. Yes, because the burger was free from the first burger which I had to pay. I spoke to the manager again and she insisted that I had to pay for the one burger. So basically, I did not get the free burger which I am entitled and had to pay the exact same amount. All I had was the free dessert, no discount what so ever. The staff also failed to mention that the burger deal was not valid for anyone using a grabone voucher which I specifically told the staff I had one before getting seated and specifically asked the same staff if the burger is get 2 for 1 price. Excuse given by manager, staff was new and he did not know. One thing to note, I ordered 4 main meals amongst 2 person so I am sure the manager could have made an exception on the grabone deal and could have given me a bit of discount on my bill for such an unexceptable incident. AS you can see from the photo, slug was not on the plate at the start, I found it on the plate while I was cutting my burger and the top half moved onto the plate, which means the slug came from inside the burger and the staff admitted it might have come from the lettuce in the burger. VERY UNHYGEINIC!! VERY BAD SERVICE. Not only on the slug incident, throughout our meal we were given very little attention and I had to ask for water 3 times before I got one.

3 star rating
by Diyani Desilva
one month ago

The food is good, I would recommend the ribs,  but nothing particularly special for the price. The different deals on days of the week are what I go for.  The atmosphere is usually buzzing, but can end up feeling too crowded with staff running off their feet. The last time I went, it was especially to get a happy hour drink after work- we got charged full price and on investigation happy hour "only applied to small sized drinks". We overheard confusion bout the same issue at a neighboring table- I hope they state their conditions on their posters or stop this dodgy tactic.

2 star rating
by GideonMarisa MasterchefNz2015
one month ago

Sorry not impressed one bit by this place! great location but real lack of direction, i was extremely disappointed! went in here for a 2 for 1 burger deal and was utterly disappointed! none of their burger patties where served/made fresh and where basically from box, absolutely no love in making of the burger. The service was absolutely shocking, turned up on a Sunday afternoon  and no one seemed to want to be there, we had to wait almost 25mins before being seen to after we got into the bar and indicated we would be sat outside we then had to move back in to be served and by that time there was no seating downstairs, upon moving upstairs we were advised it was closed which made no sense at all so were left in limbo to eat our food at the bar counter- by far the most incompetent staff i have come across

3 star rating
by Chris Fernando
2 months ago

Went here today for lunch, I got the eggs bennie with bacon which is normally my favorite; although when it arrived the eggs were over cooked and not runny, which is a must, so that was a shame. Service was good.

3 star rating
by Aucklandfoodlover
2 months ago

Are there any more Belgium cafes in Auckland? I've been to the one in City and the one in MB. I do know that it's known for mussels but I didn't feel like having something heavy so went for waffle chips. It was happy hours and went for Hoeggarden large.

Staff was friendly and professional. I sat on the outside deck. Fries were bought rather quickly. But wasn't too impressed. Some of them were undercooked and felt like eating raw potato.

Will come again and have mussels and can update my review based on that.

3 star rating
by Bschful
2 months ago

This use to be our regular for after-work drinks and food. Due to the gradual decline of service, we stopped going altogether. A Shame as they serve one of my favourites - Belle-Vue Kriek!

4 star rating
by ML
2 months ago

I've been to De Post a few times and it is a fantastic place to share platters of food with a group of people you know well - unless you know how to gracefully eat mussels + pork ribs with fork and knife. 

Here, you must try the 2 great Belgian delicacies: Kwak (Belgian beer) & mussels and fries (moules-frites).Their steamed mussels are so tender and flavorsome. They taste quite similar to the authentic Belgian moules-frites that I had in Belgium. Highly recommend the Garlic, celery and lemon steamed mussels (with fries), for the aforementioned ingredients subdue the inevitable shellfish odour of the mussels.

Kwak's (easily the best beer ever, hands down) mellow, fruity and malty aroma with minimal tastes of hop goes really with the mussels and fries. Too bad they do not serve Kwak in their unique glasses, like they do in Belgium.  

If you aren't a fan of seafood, opt for the Pork ribs in spicy BBQ sauce instead. The sauce is a bit tangy and the meat is beautifully succulent.  The Venison burger  & the Chicken BLAT = average, why not have them elsewhere?

Busy pub atmosphere: At times difficult to get the waiters/waitress' attention. Tables may not be prepared before you get seated, but they at least they got clean bathroom upstairs.

4 star rating
by Rohit Victor
2 months ago

The food was absolutely amazing on a Friday night! It took time but was definitely worth the wait, staff are super friendly and the pics should really say the rest!
Calamari, cherry-hoegaarden-leffe beers, chips & dip and roasted chicken breast.

4 star rating
by Sukriti
2 months ago

Dinner here was pretty good apart from the lil hiccup at the start. The service here was fast but that's due to us coming before the rush hour. The calamari dish was a bigger portion than I expected as well as the chicken main but delicious.

4 star rating
by WeiTing Ashley Shyu
2 months ago

I've been here a few times with my mum - it is quite nice. I love their grilled mussels! The Po Pei is good, or a selection of the mixed if you want to try a variety of flavours.

My mum prefers the steamed mussels in the celery, lemon and garlic sauce. She loves the light fresh taste and even sips on small spoonfuls of the soup that the mussels sit in. So much flavour. The food arrives fast as well.

1 star rating
by Andy Hill
3 months ago

After really poor (well complete lack of) service experience about a month a go when we stood at the bar for over 8 minutes (when there were no other patrons at the bar) and watched the 3 staff discuss matters that were clearly more important than serving customers, we decided yesterday to give the place another chance for lunch....

Nothing has changed.  Walked in and told to take a seat and a staff member would bring over menus and take a drink order.  Aside from a surly look from the bar tender who clearly by the look on his face had other places he would much rather be, no sight of a waitress/waiter.

5 minutes later, no menu's, no drink order.... Weekend Dad with kids in tow turns up, shown to a table and given menus and drinks order taken immediately - perhaps we should have hired some children....

8 Minutes pass - surly looks from the bar tender continue - clearly the other place he would rather be was anywhere but De Post...  Waitress delivers drinks to nearby tables but develops rapid onset deafness when we attempted to attract her attention.

10 Minutes on - surly bartender continues his contemptuous looks in our direction, but clearly the concept of walking away from the bar and attending to seated customers was beyond comprehension.

12 Minutes on we were over it - clearly they had enough customers for the day and didn't require our contribution.  Down the road to the Horse and Trap we ventured - Great Service, Fantastic Food and attentive Staff....  suggest the "team" from De Post take a break and wander down there sometime to see what they could aspire to....

Needless to say, we won't be back.

5 star rating
by FoodLoco
3 months ago

My fav place!!!!!
The food is amazing! The service is good..
Ah those ribssssssssss mouthwatering
Grilled mussles.. amazing beef burger!!!

I didnt get a chance to try there desserts yet! I m soo full by the end of my dinner i literally have to no space to those waffles inside me..
Will def try them one day

1 star rating
by Chloe Huo
4 months ago

Service very average came here with a group of 8, drinks took longer than food. By the time we finished drinks still didn't come when asking waiter about it gave me a very unsatisfying answer and the staffs just mucked around doing nothin so had to ask the second time for drinks to be followed up. Half an hour for a cup of mocha and it's not even a busy day

4 star rating
by PancakePanda
4 months ago

Probably my preferred Belgian beer cafe restaurant out of the chain- that being said, I have only been to the Mission Bay, Auckland CBD and Hamilton CBD branches. 

De Post has great service and the staff are always attentive to your needs, they are also quite well versed in their drinks menu and are always ready to give you advice to match your meal to your drink or vice versa. The range of beer is good and most drinks are usually available. Rarely are the staff un-attentive, but once they did forget a side dish of mushrooms, they apologized profusely and wanted to give me a discount, but I said just waive it since I was too full from the AMAZING RIBS. 

The mussel pot is of-course a must if you are craving for some seafood but can't be bothered getting your hands dirty in the kitchen with cleaning the mussels. Price wise, they have awesome deals with the mussel pots, but otherwise is a little on the pricey side when you order up on the alcoholic drinks.

5 star rating
by Fransiskus Kiky
4 months ago

I dont know why this place get a lot bad review, however my dining experience was okay. Server was nice and checking on us all time. Mussel half price on monday is a great choice

4 star rating
by Shannon Tumataroa
4 months ago

I'm pretty fond of this place for a casual after work drink and a bowl of frites so went a step further and tried it for lunch. The risotto balls I got were really nice although I was left feeling a bit short changed in terms of size! A side salad would have helped to make it a bit more substantial, especially for the price. What I did get was nice though and the service is friendly so it's still going to remain one of my usual haunts but perhaps not for lunch!

2 star rating
by Luka Bazdan
5 months ago

Overall I was highly dissapointed by the attitudes of the manager and one of the barmen. Waiting to take my groups order took about 30 minutes, and where I had to ask to order when finally a barmen walked passed, and the bar was not even busy to a certain extent. Futhermore, they got the order for the beers wrong which resulted in my taste buds going down hill as well as giving me a higher priced beer than the one I asked for. Despite all the fuss, the little asian waiter was very polite and caring towards the service he provided and as well as the guy who was at the computer where we had to pay.

3 star rating
by Brett Randell
5 months ago

Rather nice place to have a few drinks and a feed with family or friends. Beers are rather pricy, but do taste delicious. I did quite like the live music component. Allows the audience to interact with the musician for a pleasant chat, however, it was a bit loud, so the diners were not able to talk to each other without shouting. Not a bad place to dine

3 star rating
by Gentlepig
5 months ago

The once glorious De Fontein has grown tired - along with all the other Belgian Beer Cafe's in Auckland it seems. It's popular has outlived itself, and the dishes are now safe rather than interesting. You won't be completely wrong in saying that you could perhaps make most of the menu at home at a similar standard. The beer list is still ever impressive and is the sole highlight - the steak I had was satisfactory. I remember trips to Belgian Beer Cafes used to be a treat, now it's more 'lets just get some food in us'.

2 star rating
by Lily Green
6 months ago

Every time I visit De Post, I'm hoping for a miracle. Over last few years the food has been getting worse and the service is another story entirely. The last time I was there (quite recently on a Saturday) the atmosphere was pretty much dead and the food was average. The only selling point was the fact that I love Belgium beers and they're the only place I know that stocks Jupiler. My visits here from now on will be very few and far between, which is upsetting because it used to be one of my favourite places to go.

1 star rating
by Samuel Davis
7 months ago

Came here a few months back. Ordered the blue cheese mac & cheese. The most bland sauce I've ever tasted. I make better myself on a regular basis. It tasted like they had combined the flour and water, then felt that was enough for a sauce. Worse still, they charge restaurant prices. Will recommend people stay away from here if considering somewhere to eat.

3 star rating
by Squiddy
8 months ago

I honestly don't know why this place is so popular, I think it's because it's been here forever, it's the only pub-type place at this end of Mt Eden and it does mussels, which are really hard to stuff up anyway.

I've been here about 4 times since they've opened. I've never chosen to come here myself, it's always been when other people have invited me. Luckily it's always been when other people were paying. I love the Belgian Beer Cafés' menu but the food at the Mt Eden one is lacklustre. They also never seem to have enough menus and always ask you to share. It is in a beautiful building but the upstairs feels a bit down-at-heel and slightly grubby to me.

The last time I came here earlier this month I had the steamed mussels with bacon and cider. The mussels themselves were succulent and the cooking liquor was yum but the bacon was cut into large cubes that had the uniform spongey texture of processed cheap ham steaks. Also because the chunks were so big, they didn't get dispersed throughout the mussels. The chips they came with were stale and flabby and served in stainless steel bowls that were reminiscent of ones that you'd find in a medical facility.

I think it's a good place for a drink but that's about it.

4 star rating
by Queena
8 months ago

Came here on a Friday night for dinner. Had one of those Grab One vouchers. Took a while to get seated or greeted. We were then seated upstairs. Ordered a plate of salt and pepper squid for an entrée to share with my partner. I ordered a 500g rump steak (medium rare) and he ordered 1kg of mussels which came with chips.

The steak was SUPER dry and chewy. My jaw hurt from eating the steak. The sauce was nice. Interesting how they put the steak (and mushroom sauce) on top of the chips = soggy chips. But hey, It actually tasted good with the steak sauce. Mussels were nice though. Didn't think it would be that filling but man! We're we stuffed before we were even finished.

The salt and pepper squid was really nice! Not chewy. Batter was nice and light but still crispy/crunchy.

Customer service was good -very polite. But was very busy. Took a while for our meals to arrive. But the food was great -beside the rump steak. Would definitely go there again.

4 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
8 months ago

We popped in here last night for a bit of dinner after we had walked around Cornwall park. It's been a while since I had been here so I was keen to check it out.
On Thursdays they have a deal on their 500g of rump steak and chips meal, only $17.50, so my brother ordered that. I ordered the pork belly starter as a main. I love pork belly and this was a good one but the crackling wasn't crunchy it was soft. I prefer crunchy. My brother ate his meal super fast so I can only assume he enjoyed it.
For dessert I had the chocolate mousse which was good and rich and if anything a bit too much for me to finish. My brother had the sundae and then finished my mousse!
All in all a good meal!

4 star rating
by Greg Jonas
8 months ago

Great selection of beer. Pay a bit more for it of course. But worth every cent. Nice staff there too.

5 star rating
by Moon
8 months ago

Great service and good food! The mussels are the best! Especially the white wine and blue cheese one.

The lamb pot pie could use a little less seasoning. A little too salty and there wasn't enough bread to go with it. But the lamb was very tender.

Would recommend!

4 star rating
by Christina
8 months ago

We came here on a weekend night a few months ago but felt I had to share my great experience here.

We had a voucher for our dinner, and after being seated and looking through the menu, we settled on the creamy white wine and blue cheese mussels served with fries for entree, and steak mains. 

After the mussels arrived we soon noticed there were a lot of empty shells with no mussels, so pointed this out to the waitress who was very gracious and apologised  and said they'll bring more out. Not only did they bring out another bucket of mussels but also the fries that came with it so we were rather impressed. The mussels themselves were so delicious- tender and juicy with the creamy sauce. 

Our steak mains arrived about 15 mins later which was fine for a busy weekend evening. Decent sized steaks done to perfection with lots of salad on the side. I asked for medium rare which was done correctly. 

I recommend this place to all my friends with particular note to their service- the only slight let down was the amount of noise but I guess that's to be expected from a bar/restaurant setting.

3 star rating
by Lisa
9 months ago

I was really disappointed in this one... I ordered the fish and chips, my friend got the sliders whilst the third ordered the sausages. Fish and Chips were bland and the sauce provided tasted watered down. If you're thinking of going to De Fontein for dinner I say venture out and go to the Mission Bay one instead.

4 star rating
by Tanz
10 months ago

Yes, beer list and wine list is same as the other two shop, but the menu fur main course is largely deducted from original ones. Wanted to taste beef stew but not show in menu. Their chain store in mission bay is a better place with a better view, I think.

4 star rating
by Patrizia De Veyra
11 months ago

I come here quite often since it is just up the road from my place. Tried mussels topped with macadamia, citrus pepper & chives for the first time and it certainly did not disappoint. There is a variety of flavour to choose from but my personal recommendation is Mt Eden mussels - breadcrumbs, garlic & herb butter. It's a great pub and service is excellent as always

5 star rating
by Edward
Nov 03, 2014

You can't go wrong with a pot of mussels and glass of Belgium beer. Yum
It can get busy at times but Monday half price pots are worth turning up early for.

4 star rating
by Jazz Wilson
Sep 18, 2014

Pretty cool pub. I had pumpkin fettuccine was pretty decent

3 star rating
by Tony Ma
Sep 01, 2014

I come here every now and then to eat their monday mussels since it's half price

good food, but never EVER order their steak! It is extremely dry and chewy, you will not even be able to swallow it

4 star rating
by Mira
Aug 28, 2014

sevice 3/5environment 3/5food (quality) 4/5cost performance ( quantity) 4/5drink 3/5My favorites: 1 kiro mussels (spicy tomato and chilli)Not recommend: 1/2 kiro Angus rump steak & frites ( needs more seasoning.  Any of their sause  are oily for me.I used salt &pepper instead of the sause.  The petit salad is good.)

2 star rating
by Mrs. Passionfruit
Aug 13, 2014

I'd say come here for a beer--skip the meal. Had a really disappointing dinner recently--food came after over 40 minutes of ordering. Service was saved by the attentive staff but the food wait on a weekday night was just horrible. I ordered rump steak ($30) that came in rubber texture with flour-thickened (so I tasted) peppercorn sauce--despite the fact that I ordered medium. My partner's eye fillet came rubbery and well done as well (he'd ordered medium rare) and the fish and chips we got was soggy and gross.

Very disappointing meals, I didn't expect such quality food to come from a Belgian Beer Cafe!

4 star rating
by Judge You
Jun 26, 2014

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, how relaxing sitting outside in the sun sipping on a beer. . Very nice food great decor and amazing staff, our waitress was just great happy and friendly and efficient. Looking forward to another relaxing beer Sunday soon.

5 star rating
by Grace Hall
Jun 24, 2014

The mussels really are to die for, regardless of which way you order them. Make sure to come on a Monday when they're half price! De Post is a great local for me whether it's a small catchup with friends or a larger function with work. Although their service starts to slack during the busier periods, their food is always excellent and their beer refreshing. De Post offers seating indoors and out, both downstairs and upstairs, so book a table now and experience the magic that is their mussels.

2 star rating
by Tessa Hall
Jun 15, 2014

Not impressed - went here for brunch for the waffles. There was one other table and our meals took one hour. The portions were very small and coffees all can out 10 minutes apart.

5 star rating
by Benjamin Wipf
Jun 09, 2014

Two of us went for my birthday dinner this evening. We were seated immediately. The service was fantastic and even though the restaurant was busy we only had to wait approximately 30 minutes for our mains to arrive, we didn't have entrees. We had 1 kg of steamed mussels and Lamb pie. We thought both dishes were extremely tasty and filling and good value for money.

5 star rating
by Lucy
Jun 06, 2014

Can't speak of De Post in Mt Eden highly enough.

Service: EXCELLENT, they obviously had good communication with each other, all were on the same page, the staff were all having fun and relaxed, although the place was busy. They made us laugh, and the place had really good vibes! LOVE IT!
Such a change from the past restaurant I went to, the staff members seemed a bit sad/ bitter/ cold. Staff make all the difference, they really do.

Food: EXCELLENT! I was getting every last bit off my plate! All our plates were completely clean. Every bite was just heaven :)

Price: Half price steak Thursdays- too good to be true, but it is! Can't believe how much we paid, about $60 for two people, which included one drink, big steak, mussels, AND desert! Really worth it.

Overall, my husband and I decided we should come back regularly because we had such a good time. Each point; the staff, the food and the price was all 11/10 (if there was such a thing!) Keep up the excellent work and we will be back for sure! It's a rare thing to find such a perfect restaurant :)

4 star rating
by Alex Moka
Apr 28, 2014

Have been a regular for the last 2 years and have to say that this is a pretty good pub. Was a bit surprised when some other reviews as it's almost like they are going to a different pub! the service is very friendly and they go out of their way to help my wife who is a fussy eater and pregnant with the menu. It can be a bit slow to get the food out nsometimes but they let you know when you get there if its going to be and they seem to have a small kitchen (I used to be a chef) so pretty impressed that it seems to be consitently good quality... and man is it generous, the missus never finishes her plate!! I like the meat platter on the new menu and the ribs are good too. My favourite beers are Lachouffe and the new beer on tap, recommend them both.

1 star rating
by Janice
Mar 11, 2014

De Post doesn't have great food, it has a stodgey boring menu that hasn't changed in the 3 years I've lived here. The beer is good.. Cold but so expensive! The service.. Oh my, the service!! Probably the worst staff I have come across in Auckland. They are just awful! Cranky, moody, sour looking students with no sense of professionalism. The last time I ate there I swore I would never go back, and I haven't. There were three tables left downstairs, including ourselves, on a Saturday night at about 10pm. They obviously wanted us to leave so the staff turned up the music ridiculously loud, we thought it was an accident but after a few minutes it was still blaring! We asked them to turn it down, which they did.. For about 3 minutes, then it was blaring again! They got their wish.. We left! And I definitely won't be going back.. Also.. Let's be honest, it's a bit dirty!

3 star rating
by Deborah Ruth Thompson
Mar 10, 2014

We are locals and have been visiting De Post for over a decade.

Sadly, the service has been letting this place down in recent times. During peak times the service is extremely slow and the wait times very long.

If that doesn't bother you, the atmosphere can be great and the beer is cold.

We tried again 22/09/2015 - the service was surly and the place is very noisy when busy. You have to shout to place your order

4 star rating
by Anne-Lise
Feb 18, 2014

I've been going to De Post regularly for a year and a half now. I like it because of it's extensive range of Belgian beers (my favorites), from a simple and refreshing Leffe Blonde after work to a more complex trappist Chimay when I can afford it.
As for the food, they are famous for their mussels, of course (I recommend the blue cheese ones) but I personally worship their ribs, probably the best I ever had.
The service can be a little chaotic when busy, but it's always friendly, which totally makes up for it.
There's always something happening there : quiz nights, Bitchin Bingo (seriously, give it a go, it's hilarious), cool specials, live music... The place is packed on week-ends, because locals love it. Try their restaurant upstairs if you like it a little quieter.

5 star rating
by Maggie G
Jan 09, 2014

The beer is awesome, and so are the frites, the calamari is very good. The ribs are fairly standard tasty and messy, the fish and chips are crisp and fresh.the Flemish stew enjoyed by my Dad is rich and authentic. But the mussels! Oh the mussels! I don't think you would find a place anywhere that does mussels as big tasty delicious juicy and so many different flavours as de Post.kiwi mussels Belgian style, an unbeatable combination
My favourites are the steamed coconut and lemongrass curry, and the grilled spinach blue cheese and bacon, but you can get mixed platters too, so try as many as you can the first time, then you can go back for your favourites. Great place for a beer in the sun too

5 star rating
by Nick Khoey
Dec 06, 2013

The best of the bunch

Having visited all of the Belgian Beer Cafes in Auckland I do believe this is the best. The staff are great and the old Post building really takes me back to those cold winters nights in old cafes in Brussels getting smashed on 11% beers and eating stoemp and sausages. Good times.

5 star rating
by Adeline
Jun 29, 2013

Not a stranger to their steamed mussels, I ordered my usual favourite toppings: coriander and lemon. Y-U-M-M-O. I've always enjoyed Mt Eden's De Fontein branch - the food is consistently tasty and service is great (I can't say the same for Takapuna's De Fontein - you can read my review there). My friend had the Flemish stew - and it was delicious too (clean plates were the evidence of the day!).

3 star rating
by Glenn Town
May 30, 2013

We have been regulars for many years
Love the place
But our last few visits have been marred by poor service
Also the menu has seemed tired
The place is still very good fun but needs attention

2 star rating
by Roger Honeybun
Apr 25, 2013

Ate as a pre-booked party of 17 We were crammed in a corner and the service both drinks and food was very slow. As always the food was good and the beer up to the usual standard. Would not recommend dining as a big group. Staff were charming but overextended.

4 star rating
by Kelly Wu
Dec 01, 2012

Very nice food and beer, enjoy the night there. The service was good and the atmosphere was fantastic.

4 star rating
by David Milla
Aug 23, 2012

Good, but beer a bit pricey.

4 star rating
by Deena Youssef
Jul 23, 2012

I like all the belgian beer cafes in Auckland and this one is no exception. Sometimes we take advantage of the half-priced mussels (on Mondays) which are delish and you can't beat the belgian beer! The only thing to make it a 5* place would be the seating arrangement/atmosphere/decor...not sure what it is but it doesn't have quite the same "feel" as the other belgian beers..I think it might be because the entrance breaks up the bar into two halves and you have to go upstairs to find more seating, which lets be honest who can really be bothered doing.

5 star rating
by Lorraine
Jul 04, 2012

A place i frequent and love, the staff are always nice (some better than others) but always nice and efficient, their beer knowledge is great (as expected from staff in a beer cafe)!! their food is consistently better than the other belgian beer cafes and better value (yes i have tried the others a few times)..
The venue is brill and atmosphere is always pleasant one thing i will say is, beware of mondays, they do their signature mussels for half price and boy do they get a massive crowd in, though they seem to never falter on quality you should expect a wait but patience rewards you with a great feed! iv read the reviews on this place and while some are quite damming i would recommend this place to anyone, its great!

1 star rating
by Lucia Florence
Jun 03, 2012

De Post used to be a highlight of Mt Eden Village, but I believe it has unfortunately severely dropped in standards. The last three times I have dined here for a quick lunch with my mother or grandfather, both Mt Eden locals, I have been disappointed, so much that the last time I decided never to return. The tables were greasy, the service ineffective, and the food overpriced for such average bland fodder.

5 star rating
by Rochelle
Apr 18, 2012

Have been going to Depost for the past month or so. My husband is very keen on the beers and i am a huge fan of mussels so after our visit to Belgium, having Depost within walking distance is a blessing. We find the service is prompt, food delicious, a great variety of belgian beers, friendly staff and the young man managing at night is very pleasant and often has us laughing.
I recommend trying the mussels. My husband loves the dark beer on tap. Thumbs up

1 star rating
by Jodi
Mar 03, 2012

Wish I had have read the recent reviews here before I visited! The food is lovely, as long as you have all night!

* Only ordered 2 entrees for a group of 7, but got 1. After asking twice about where the other one was, the eventual response was "are you sure you ordered it?"

* Another hour passed and still no mains (or the missing entree). Queried 3 times with our waiter who didn't come back to respond until we asked again. Eventually went inside and complained. Still no action.

* After 1.5 hours, asked to speak with manager. After complaining, received food within 10 minutes. Her service was excellent, and she gave us the meal free of charge.

Unfortunately too little too late - would rather have paid for the meal and enjoyed some service!

Thought it was perhaps a one off terrible experience, but based on recent reviews, it seems to be the norm.

A real shame - great food but appalling service. Won't be back as it's an embarrassment to take people there.

2 star rating
by Alice Pan
Feb 10, 2012

Average pub. Belgian beers were all a bit pricey, especially considering the service. The waitress that served us was rude and after spilling beer on my clothes she wasn't even apologetic! With my clothes smelling like alcohol for the rest of the night it was a huge let-down.

4 star rating
by Hannah
Jan 13, 2012

Went to De Post yesterday and they have added a new outdoor area to the side. Was lovely sitting outside having a meal and a few drinks. The meal was really nice and came out quickly + our waiter was very on to it :)

5 star rating
by Tracey Steens
Jul 25, 2011

One of favourite restaurants in Auckland! go there nearly every Monday night for half price mussels. Every time the mussels are delicious and the frites and aioli are amazing!! the staff are so friendly and nice would defiantly recommend it great value for money!!

5 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Jun 14, 2011

I always love the incredibly flavoursome seafood at these Belgian beer cafes. De Post provided another outstanding experience, with a wickedly delicious Seafood Chowder for our lunch - great value at $14.

The decor is really cool. I love all the woodwork around the historic-styled building, and we enjoyed our window seat upstairs overlooking Mt Eden Rd.

My partner was loving his crepe (he got the $20 lunch deal which meant he got a glass of Blonde Beer included).

We had an efficient and friendly waiter, who served our drinks and meals promptly, and provided a bit of fun banter. Also helped me choose the Seafood Chowder which he very rightly described as amazing.

An excellent spot for a scrumptious lunch.

1 star rating
by Kitty
Apr 26, 2011

Had a bad experience with this restaurant. Went there for dinner with my parents. Took about 50 minutes for the food to arrive. The place wasn't even full and they had plenty of staff working that night, so I have no idea why it took so long, had to ask the waitress twice to check on our food.

1 star rating
by John Smith
Feb 23, 2011

This has been my worst ever dining experience.

1) left a msg requesting a reservation. Didn't hear back and when I called back, was advised that they were having problems with their answer service.

2) arrived and placed our orders. Drinks were served promptly, waiter was pleasant and attentive.

3) 45 mins later, the waiter arrived back at our table and advised that our meals were ready but that they did not have calamari which 3 of our table had order. Alternate orders were taken from these 3 diners and 2 of meals were then served.

3) the poor waiter came back and with another meal and advised that the kitchen had just advised that they did not have any Seafood Waterzooi, which had been ordered. I requested to speak to the manager.

4) after about 10-15 mins manager arrived with the other 3 meals and then asked to speak to the last diner, who had no meal. He also advised that he would not be charging for these 3 meals. I spoke to him and advised that it was unacceptable to be told just before serving that meals were unavailable and that whilst he had waived the charge for the 3 meals, that this was the minimum he could do and he should consider waiving the charge for the other meals as the other guests had been embarrassed and inconvenienced. He didn't comment and asked me what meal I would like. I asked what could be provided as soon as possible and made my selection from this. He told me that he would get my meal as soon as possible and offered another drink. Subsequently, the waiter arrived and also offered our table free drinks.

5) My salad Nicoise arrived - it had boiled eggs & bacon, salad leaves, bean sprouts, no dressing. These apparently were the ingredients listed on the menu, however, I thought a salad nicoise had salmon, anchovies and olives. Not this one.

6) when we went to pay for our meal, we were charged for the 3 meals that arrived initially and some drinks and the Waterzooi dish which never eventuated. I told the manager that our experience from start to finish was a disaster and being charged for a meal which didn't arrive, just left a bad taste in my mouth. He apologized for our experience and said he would take care of the bill. We left.

I am so disappointed and angry that what should have been a pleasant evening with friends was marred and spoilt by this incredibly bad level of service. Shame on you De Post, my take away provides better service and food than this. I will definitely not be frequenting this place again.

I am only giving it 1star as its not possible not to give any stars - 1 star is too much for our dining experience tonight.

1 star rating
by Vanessa Boocock
Jan 11, 2011

It was my birthday so I thought I’d go out for dinner with my partner, my Mum and two friends. We arrived at De Post at approx 6.45 on a Monday night (which apparently when they do specials on mussels) and were told that they could fit us in which I was really happy about. We were sat at a good table upstairs, with menus straight away. Our drink order was taken promptly and come reasonably quickly. For entrées I ordered the herb and garlic loaf and my partner ordered the mixed platter of mussels. For mains the orders were Vol-Au-Vent chicken x2, pork belly, aoraki salmon and beef ravioli. And for drinks for ordered a bottle of the Ned Sauvignon Blanc.
About half an hour later the loaf arrived. I was given the loaf on a plate – no extra plates were given for my fellow eaters. The bread was ok but was very crusty which made it very hard to cut. The mussels then followed 40 minutes later after several queries with our waiter, which he promised he was chasing up with his manager. There was only one waiter serving about ten tables and he was trying to do a great job, however his manager kept on giving him stern words which all the patrons could easily see. I was told the mussels were great, however we could not figure out what took the kitchen so long to get them out. At approx 8.40 we finally got our meals (two hours after we arrived!) and the vol-au-vents were luke warm (although tasty), the pork belly had tons of fat on it and salmon was tiny. The ravioli was piping hot and looked more like soup than a pasta dish.
At the end of finishing our bottle of wine, we realised that we had actually been served a Pinot Gris! It tasted great but again a reflection of the poor service.
I told the waitress at the counter when we were paying that we were not happy about how long we had to wait. However, we were still charged for everything without an apology from the managers.
So all in all this was the worst restaurant experience I have ever had. The meals were tasty however the service has definitely put me off from returning, I do not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

4 star rating
by Lors
Oct 08, 2010

Enjoyed our Monday Mussel Mania night =) was expecting a crowd but we arrived @ 7.30pm and were promptly seated. Excellent service (well the waitress we had was!), beer was lovely, mussels just perfect and the fries with mayo divine... Recommend one garlic/herb loaf between two though as it is a big serving... that's coming from someone who loves bread! Only problem we had was that we were so full afterwards we had no room for dessert...

3 star rating
by Joni M
Mar 05, 2010

Good for casual beer and mussels with friends, but the service is always a touch pretentious, and there's an awkward atmosphere around the bar. Would not go expecting a seriously good meal. Limit the food intake to accompany the marvelous beer only.

5 star rating
by Dan Wilson
Apr 26, 2008

Definitely the best of the Belgian bar chains. Food is always good and service is fast and the staff very friendly and helpful. Would recommend

4 star rating
by Judy Sainsbury
Apr 30, 2007

What a fun place to go. Beer, beer and more beer in all styles and all flavours. And with our beer, mussels, grilled with European style toppings. The only problem is that having to drive home afterwards, we need to limit the brew.

Judy and David