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DeBretts Kitchen - Hotel DeBrett

4 star rating 56 reviews

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09 9691545

Hotel DeBrett, 2 High Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Kiwi, European
6:30 AM to 10 PM (Mon-Sat), 7:30 AM to 10 PM (Sun)


Reviews for DeBretts Kitchen - Hotel DeBrett

5 star rating
by Pamela Clark
10 days ago

We were stuck for a place to go on Saturday night of the Labour Day long weekend and liked the new look of de Bretts - and we were mostly pleased. The food was excellent - interesting mix of ingredients, everything fresh and well-presented. My venison Carpaccio entrée was this and more. My partner rated his pork belly the same. Likewise with the roast duck breast and lamb rump mains - flavoursome, well-presented and just the right size too. The atmosphere is lovely - the makeover of the courtyard with mini-balconies on the rooms made it almost (almost) like something Venetian but with a modern flair. Very 'boutiquey'. I would have given DeBretts 5/5 except: the service was friendly but a bit amateur and that seemed to be due to the way the restaurant is managed. We didn't have one waiter dedicated to our table so when meals were brought out we had to tell the new (to the industry) waiter who was eating what and had to ask for used cutlery to be topped up. We also had to ask for obvious things like sugar for the coffees and teaspoons to stir it  - and the coffee was delivered by the restaurant manager! And one last little thing: there's a patch of exceedingly stained and grotty carpet on the walkway into the restaurant that gives a bad first impression.

5 star rating
by Marina
12 days ago

Nicely presented food with delicious sides. A bit on the small portion side. Pre Show meal deals are good. Nice area. The lamb with eggplant and pomegrante was very nice, just needed to be bigger-got two tiny bits. The fish looked nice too but also needs to be bigger.

4 star rating
by Eden Wood
16 days ago

I was drawn to this place because of the amazing Caitlin Smith trio who play at de Brett's on a Sunday evening. Hard to review without basing my rating on the live jazz which completely made the ambience but just based on the food and service I wasn't overly impressed. It is a beautiful set up, particularly at night with the glass ceiling, candles and mood lighting. The service was fair. I had to wave down the waitress a number of times to refill my drink and take our food order. We had a bunch of things off the sharing menu; the cheese platter, monkfish sliders, oysters, chips with aoli, land and sea platter and the smoked fish. All the food was well cooked but lacked the wow factor. Perhaps the mains would be better. Will be back for the Jazz and look forward to trying the main menu.

5 star rating
by Foodlovernumber1
25 days ago

Really lovely ambience and one of the finest places I've ever been to in auckland !
Roberta the manager of de Brett was very polite and friendly !
Perry was our server, inspite of us making a remark which we realized was not appropriate but we did not have any intentions to make any dis respect- we apologized. Perry was very professional and handles and served us with high professionalism and was very attentive and friendly !
Overall experience thumbs up !
The scallops for starter was outstanding
I loved the lamb rump ! The monkfish was cooked perfect !
Overall great dining experience ! Thank you chefs and all front staff

4 star rating
by FoodieA+
2 months ago

Went here for the restaurant of the month. The deal was really good. Was very busy on a Sunday night but we still managed to get a table for two.

Starter-- crispy pork belly
It was a good starter, it's a mixture of Asian fusion with European cuisine. Everything on the plate matches and the pork belly was well cooked with the crispy skin.
Main-- scotch fillet
This was a little bit disappointing as the meat was a bit hard to chew even though we got medium-well done. We couldn't finish the dish as it was just a bit hard to finish..
Main-- market fish
The fish was very fresh and well cooked, I felt the fish melt in my mouth when I ate it. But just felt the dish was a bit small.
Dessert-- sticky date pudding
It's nice and sweet but I felt there's no difference from the usual sticky date pudding.

I'm not sure if it's busy or what, I felt we weren't recognizable to the waiters. When we got into the restaurant we literally waited for ten minutes and no one came to us to lead us to a table. We have to walk to the counter and waited for ten minutes before someone allocated us a table. When we need assistant, we put our hands up and try to have eye contact with the waiters, the funny thing is My arms got tired but there's still no one coming to our table. To be honest, Not very satisfied with the service.

The atmosphere is perfect. The deco is very classy and there's live music band too. Amazing place for a date or anniversary celebration.

The price is a little bit over priced if you didn't come with the special deals. And the service wasn't really satisfying. The food was just above average, I would want to try more dishes next time.

2 star rating
by Justin
3 months ago

We had read and heard great things about this place so we decided to try it ourselves. We went tonight, 16/8/15, arriving 7.00pm. Our table was booked for 7.10pm. The waitress showed, (well it was more pointed) to our table. So we sat and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, 15 minutes later a waiter turned up and seemed to be in a complete daze. He explained the menu and drink options then left us to decide. We looked about and the place was not overly crowded, there was a jazz band in the corner which was a nice idea but probably a bit loud for that time of the night. (Would probably work better later in the evening). The waiter returned and took our meal choices. The entrees did take a bit longer than normally we would have expected. The food was just okay. Wifey had the tofu, and I had the braised pork. Then we were waiting for our mains. I noticed the wait staff appeared to be totally confused, and very bored. Not much smiling, which isn't a good look. We waited for our mains. And we waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. 40 minutes later, still nothing. Guests who arrived after us appeared to be served their mains before us, so it didn't seem right. So we waited, and waited. It seems De Brets makes you wait, and are oblivious to it. We have eaten at many different places thoughout NZ and across the world, some we haven't posted feedback on social media. But we had to for DeBretts as it was a complete disappointment and would advise other people to think twice before going there.
After an hour of waiting for our mains we decided it just wasn't good enough so we explained to the maitre'd we couldn't wait any longer. What made it even more disappointing was she made no attempt to check on our meals or check to see how far away they were - if they had even being prepared yet. So we refused to pay and left.
Some things to mention. If you want to go to restaurant to just sit and wait and stare at cutlery for over an hour then Debretts is the place for you.
Service is inattentive, soooooo slow, I am sure if you go there for dinner you might as well sit and wait and have breakfast too.
But the best thing about our night at Debretts was (amazingly) finding a park in High St right outside the front door.

4 star rating
by MommyYummy
3 months ago

Beautiful Restaurant in the 💜 of the City.
Hotel the Brett is a boutique hotel with an outstanding interior design.
Restaurant is posh, modern and elegant.
Perfect to go with important clients, dates and special occasions.
Food was fine, nothing particular memorable to be honest. Last time I ate a pork belly at Lunch with a nice glass of Pinot Grigio, dessert and coffee.
Service not the warmest but at least they were present.

4 star rating
by Donna&Shane
3 months ago

We came here for the "Heart of the City" Restaurant month and ordered from the specials menu for a 3 course meal.... We both started with the crispy pork option which was very yum.... The other meals were ok the fish was cooked perfectly but compared to what others think of the decor we felt that for fine dining the room just seemed like a hotel place (and yes I know it is in a hotel but...) I wasn't happy with where we sat as it felt like a bench area and it felt cramped and not cosy then when another couple sat next to us I couldn't hear/talk when the waiter was there talking to them - So overall the food was mostly nice and the service very good...

5 star rating
by Joanne Chiang
4 months ago

Came here for the $45 set dinner. There was only a couple of selection for you to choose but they are worth it. I got the pork and my partner went for the salmon for starter. I got the lamb for mains and my partner got the fish. Everything tasted so perfect and the service was great.

5 star rating
by PancakePanda
4 months ago

Top quality food with extremely good service. Wide range of menu to suit the season, went during Auckland Restaurant week and the waiter was able to list off all the components and how they were cooked. Excellent service! Very fine atmosphere and easy to relax and wind down here with family, friends or co-workers. Definitely a nice place to go out and celebrate a special occasion. Definitely will return!

5 star rating
by Kirsten Chan
4 months ago

Came here since I won a voucher to have High Tea at Debretts Kitchen. The service was amazing, up to a high standard. There were a range of teas, which I chose the Chamomile and Cinnamon and my friend chose the Honey and Lemon Tea. We worked our way from the bottom, starting with the savoury, to the top which was sweet. We also had a glass of Champagne, and that was very good too. A bit bitter since it was my first time! Overall, I highly recommend this place to everyone because they have one of the best high teas to offer.

5 star rating
by Arietta @ KJAS Blog
4 months ago

I had so much fun dining a few nights back in the cozy DeBrett's Kitchen for a Zomato foodie meetup. I say cozy because it's this surprisingly roomy space tucked away behind some stairs from High St with a flowing fireplace and decor in warm colours, almost like a home away from home, which was lovely on the cold winter evening.

To start, I chose the Akaroa poached salmon, because I'd recently had Akaroa salmon elsewhere as well and wanted a mental comparison. This was a very smooth tender melt-in-your-mouth salmon, topped with salad and on a bed of cucumber, radish, yuzu ponzu and pine nuts. I didn't expect to like the nuts, but they had been cooked to be softer than raw ones and so a lot of the focus was on the taste and how it melded with the salmon. The salmon was definitely a stand out in terms of cooking, almost raw and sashimi-like to preserve a creamy texture, which I really liked. The sauce was quite tart and the slight sourness a bit strong for me so I didn't soak the salmon too much in it. The pop of salmon roe and fluffy beans were a really inventive way of presenting the salmon, so I was really in love with this despite the sourness.

I sampled some of the other starters too. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the other entrees, like crispy pork belly, and they also do probably the freshest bluff oysters I've tasted in CBD. I also really like how they use fennel in many of their dishes, as I think it's a really great herb to accent almost everything.

The seafood risotto was my main, and it was presented beautifully with generous helpings of scampi, scallops, prawns, a few pieces of tarakihi fish, cockles, and lashings of fennel in the white wine jus. I am a big fan of risotto, and think they nailed the seafood combination. The cockles, while rather bland, had clearly lended their flavour to the risotto well, as with the scampi. However, the risotto was a lot mashier than I expected. Risottos are usually a bit grainy as well as creamy, so you can feel the texture of the individual grains, but this was sort of so far gone it was like a particularly starchy mashed potato. It's not necessarily a bad thing, and was definitely very flavourful and soft, but it would be even better if the grains of rice was experienced. I liked the side of beans too, they went very well with the risotto and kept it from being too creamy.

There were sides of fries and sweet corn fritters, which were also delicious. The fritters were very cheesy, with the corn not quite coming through, and a kick of spice that went away as you ate for me because the cheese was mellowing it out. The crispy outside was great, although there were only occasional corn dotted in the fritters so I felt like crisp and cheesy would be a more accurate description.

Finally, to finish it all off, was a decadent deconstructed dessert of a bitter chocolate mousse dusted with chocolate chips, served in a mess of flourless cake, chocolate meringue, red wine tamarillo and vanilla creme fraiche. The flourless cake was gorgeous, like extremely rich cubes of brownie, and the bitter chocolate mousse was true to its name. As a fan of very dark chocolate, it suited me very well. I was told the dish is usually served with plum rather than tamarillo and I could see the plum being a better combination because the tamarillo was very sour, but it also kind of worked because it has a similar flavour and texture to a plum. I wasn't a fan of the tamarillo sauce though, as it seemed far too savoury (more suited to red meat than chocolate). 

The dessert on special was the eggnog pannacotta. I'm not a fan of eggnog, but I know a good pannacotta when I taste one, and this had all the elements of an excellent one: creamy, smooth, with a slight wobbly texture.

All in all, I think DeBrett's is a very nice place for a quiet well cooked meal. It's not too noisy, and the warmly lit ambiance makes it ideal for a cosy chat. I really recommend the mains above all at this place.

5 star rating
by Masitda
4 months ago

Hotel DeBretts is usually known as High Street's "hidden gem", and I can't agree more. I walk past this hotel far too many times and I'm surprised I only found out their great dining space hidden amongst Auckland City.

I had the privilege of being invited to Zomato's Foodie Meetups on a Tuesday night to try out DeBretts' dinner menu. Upon entrance, you're welcome into a very warm and cozy atmosphere, following flight of stairs to DeBretts Kitchen. I especially loved the high ceilings, unique decorations, the fireplace which was surrounded by comfy looking couches. If you're out in Auckland City, looking for a warm and comfortable area to dine/chill, this could potentially be the perfect place- especially during this brutally cold winter.

We ordered entrée, main and dessert - ordering the Crispy Pork Belly, Hanger Steak and the Chocolate Mousse respectively. The pork belly was just as it described. It was crispy to the amount you can hear the crunch, but not hurt your teeth and the other layers tender and soft. It would have felt a little too oily if it wasn't for the ginger, apple, orange, fennel, which kicks the flavour by adding sweetness and a bit of a citrus. My Hanger Steak was cooked to medium rare. It was soft and tender, working well with smoked brisket. I also found spinach part to be quite fascinating. I think it was my first time trying spinach purée on my steak, you couldn't taste out of the spinach, but it definitely had an interesting look to the dish. On to my dessert, I think topped up the whole experience. I'm still thinking about the dessert over any of the dishes I had. The chocolate mousse was made out of dark chocolate (my favourite kind of chocolate) with pieces of chewy cakey brownies, chocolate meringues shaped in squiggles and with plum. It was rich, chocolatey and *drool* so good.

I hope to revisit soon, and this time to dine closer to the fireplace and experience more of their delicious dishes.

5 star rating
by Kwan-Lyn
5 months ago

I've heard good things about this place and seen pretty pictures of it, so was really looking forward to attending my first Zomato foodie meet up at DeBretts Kitchen.

Sneakily tucked along the hustle and bustle of High Street, DeBretts Kitchen boasts an expanse of space that is a pleasant surprise. It is eccentric yet welcoming and equipped with a fire place, a cosy dining area.

Upon reading the menu, I was expecting fancy but small portions that you'd normally get at a hotel restaurant but was instead greeted with non-pretentious, generous servings (in particular the mains), highlighting local seasonal produce. My choice of starters and mains were abit out of my comfort zone - I opted for the Octopus Salad and Hawkes Bay Lamb Rump. The salad was fresh and appetising, a good start to the meal. I'm usually very picky with my lamb and tend to avoid ordering it, but I was feeling adventurous so when it arrived I was a little nervous. However a few bites into the dish later I had no regrets, would definitely recommend this dish. The lamb was tender, the accompaniments (especially the macadamia nut farro) worked really well together. The generous portion also made for a highly satisfying winter dish. By then, I was feeling like I was in a safe place at De Brett's in terms of venturing out from the norm, and so I went ahead with one of the most unusual sounding desserts I've read in a while, the tonka bean rice pudding - persimmon, preserved buddha citrus hand, finger lime, orange crumb. I know, I actually had to google two of the ingredients. It turned out to be lovely, the portion size was good and the persimmon added a layer of freshness to the creamy dessert.

All in all, I have to say DeBretts Kitchen exceeded my expectations, both with the food and ambience. Would love to go again with a small group of family/friends. And I am still thinking of that divine lamb....

5 star rating
by Irish Eyes
6 months ago

What a great dining concept for a special lunch when there are often time constraints.
3 courses all served together on a tray with a glass of wine - $35.
The ciabatta roll and olive oil was an unexpected bonus.
The set entree and dessert were served cold and there was a choice of mains which were served warm.
I chose the Monk Fish which was succulent and moist accompanied by a plump scallop. Delicious!
This was all the more enjoyable as the waitresses were pleasant and efficient.
Based on this experience I thoroughly recommend this restaurant for a great value city lunch.

5 star rating
by Aniva Huang
6 months ago

We came here for brunch and it was amazing.
The interior was beautiful!
My boyfriend is not a fan of eggs and be ate all of his shakshuka!
I loved the fresh salad I had ontop of my Spanish omelette !

5 star rating
by Jean Lee
7 months ago

The interior at DeBretts Kitchen is one of the best. So quirky and cute. Loved the waterfall statue and the excellent service. Recieved complementary truffles on arrival. The food was good - however the potato rostis on the big breakfast were a little undercooked and tasted like freezer food but the spanish tortilla and the rest of the meal was amazing! Thank you for an amazing time! Will definitely be back.

5 star rating
by FoodiePhysician
9 months ago

First time here, liked the cool layout and friendly staff. Had the akaroa poached salmon and white tomato soup entrea. Both were flavourful; the salmon had a japanese influence yet felt original and the white soup with crayfish was a cold foamy soup which was a first for me and will definitely not be the last. We also had the seafood risotto and steak- both great in taste and presentation, and although I'm a steak guy the risotto took the win today.

Cost ~$150 for 2 started 2 mains 2 drinks and 1 side.

Highly recommended. I give it 4.5 Yums. Would come back again soon.

4 star rating
by Nikki
9 months ago

Lovely environment, nice food and very good service. I would recommend. A little expensive but not over priced, and overall and pleasant experience

4 star rating
by Ninjunkie
11 months ago

Have heard of Kitchen Debrett from different local magazines and was so curious to go and see for myself. Booked for lunch on day before Christmas. As soon as we entered we got amazed by the place. So bright and just felt cozy but in style! Staff were really friendly and cheerful. We ordered the square meal that contained salmon on pancakes as entrée, and my main of choice was crispy pork and dessert was soft meringue with strawberries. I guess I would say that the food didn't quite satisfied the high expectations I had with Kitchen Debrett. The food was alright but not great. The crispy pork tasted too salty and the dessert was not impressive. My partner had the same entrée and dessert as mine and main was monk fish in tausi sauce. It also tasted too salty and couldn't finish it all. We might try and visit Debrett again and see how the other menu is. Overall it was a pleasant experience.

5 star rating
by Glenn Town
11 months ago

Had a business lunch there before Xmas 
Unique location
Good service
Food was excellent 
The Kahawai salad was magnificent 
The wines and ports also
Put this on your must try list for 2015

4 star rating
by Rod K
Sep 18, 2014

Really surprised that such a heavenly place exists in the middle of the city.

Good service, good food and a fantastic atmosphere.

Ordered the fillet steak dishes which were good - but not amazing, fine cuts of beef that could possibly have been done with a little more "pizazz". Great selection of cocktails and overall a good dining experience.

Will go back.

5 star rating
by Genie @ BunnyEatsDesign
Sep 15, 2014

Hotel Debretts is one of those tucked away places that impresses as you enter. An expansive atrium that is brightly lit and surprisingly warm. A bit posh with bright coloured furniture and arty decor. What you might expect for an upmarket, inner city hotel restaurant. Tables are placed quite far apart so we felt that we had plenty of space to talk privately.

I invited a vegetarian friend to DeBretts Kitchen for an early Friday night dinner during Auckland Restaurant Month. DeBretts Kitchen have a short, elegant a la carte menu and there should be something for most appetites. Their set menus are very limited and for diners who are flexible on what they can and want to eat.

I was impressed that they asked about our dietary requirements when I made the booking. Unfortunately this was not backed up with their offerings on the night. Their online menu I had checked earlier did not match the menu we were presented and the new menu lacked vegetarian options. Neither the Auckland Restaurant Month menu or their pre-show set menu had any vegetarian mains. There was only 1 vegetarian option.

Luckily, my friend enjoyed her risotto which was filling and well seasoned. My duck was impressive with both pink breast and tender confit on a single plate. The artistic, thoughtful desserts were exquisite. We loved tasting each component of the dishes.

The service was wonderful. Friendly and approachable, not pretentious at all. We spent a good 2 hours dining and never felt rushed. Water was topped up regularly and the pacing of the meal was excellent. I would recommend DeBretts Kitchen for date night, special occasions, fine food and drink.

The set menus are great value: a 2 course set menu with glass of selected wine at $45, but unfortunately not an option if you have any dietary requirements. We just happened to order 2 courses each with a glass of wine but paid significantly more. Our bill came to about $150 for 2 mains, 2 desserts, a side and 2 glasses of wine. The food was good but their a la carte menu is a bit overpriced. Our meal was paid in part with a Zomato voucher.

4 star rating
by Amy @ My Dining Journey
Sep 12, 2014

This is my second time dining at DeBretts Kitchen, the in-house restaurant of the boutique Hotel De Brett on High Street. The first time was two years ago, so I’m glad that Zomato was kind enough to send me a $50 dining voucher and I decided to share the love and eat out with a friend. We went during Auckland Restaurant Month where the restaurant was offering a special promotional menu, but we opted to order from the a la carte instead

For entrée, my friend and I both wanted to start with fish. She enjoyed her kahawai salad with lettuce, bacon, green beans, caper berries and croutons while I happily polished off my seared kingfish served over a bed of vegetable barigoule. The fish was moist and had a great flaky texture.

For mains, my dining companion went with the market fish while I opted for a juicy steak. The Mahy farm beef fillet was over cooked to medium while I ordered rare, but because the beef was of such high quality, it still had a soft texture that melts in your mouth. This was paired with smoked brisket, leeks, spinach puree and potato foam. I’m not a fan of foam. I would have preferred a small side of potato puree rather than a thick tasteless foam. It was the only thing left on my plate when I finished.

Although there were certain aspects about my meal that I would have changed, the overall dining experience was very enjoyable. Big applause to our waiter for the night. He was courteous, helpful and just delightful, and the same can be said about the other servers who smiled their way through a busy night.

5 star rating
by Tony Ma
Aug 26, 2014

Very nice little secret hideout kinda vibe
Awesome to bring your first date, however remember to wear a flash slick fitting suit to make yourself look rich.

Their monkfish was WOW! As it melts ever so slowly in your mouth, however I think it is seasonal.
Must try if you have never been, highly recommended for a Friday night before party to increase your self esteem and mood!

Chips are meh, since they weren't crunchy

Service: 4/5

Wait time: 3/5

Environment: 5/5

Food Quality: 4/5

Food Quantity: 4/5

Price range: $60+ pp

5 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
Aug 24, 2014

Went to Debrett's Kitchen with my bestie today for Sunday brunch. It is located conveniently on high street and the restaurant is just up the staircase to the left when entering the boutique hotel.

I loved the decor of the restaurant. The waterfall and the glass roof was gorgeous and it was such a good day today which added to the overall ambiance.

We ordered coffees to start with, my friend ordered the mocha and I had the chai latte. My chai was creamy and hot, with a lot of spicy cinnamon flavour which I love.

For brunch we wanted something more filling than the usual eggs on toast, so we went with the confit duck and pork belly and decided to share it. We also ordered a side of hand cut chips.

The pork belly was cooked very well and pretty much melted in my mouth with a really tasty crispy skin! It came with a herb infused jus which added awesome flavour to the pork belly.

The confit duck was again cooked really well. It was falling of the bone and the skin was kept on giving it more texture and flavour. It came with soft cooked carrots and a lemon purée. When eaten all together, all the elements on the plate worked really well and it was a delicious meal.

The agria potato chips were thickly cut and fried golden and crisp. They lacked a bit of salt but there was a lot of sea salt at the table already so we were able to adjust it according to taste. The garlic aioli it came with also lacked salt but that too was easily taken care of!

Overall had a very enjoyable meal at Debrett Kitchen. Staff were also very friendly and welcoming. It definitely is a hidden gem in CBD. Would highly recommend it especially for it's gorgeous glass roof and delicious food!

4 star rating
by Shanzay Thakurdas
Aug 24, 2014

Weekend Brunch Main- I ordered the pork belly. There was an amazing herb infused sauce that complimented the pork very well. The ambiance of the restaurant and location was memorable, a luxurious secret in Auckland CBD.

4 star rating
by A Food Awakening
Aug 20, 2014

I have always wondered about DeBrett's Kitchen @ Hotel DeBrett. The idea of eating at a boutique hotel seamed strange, but after a very kind gesture of a dining voucher from Zomato, I thought this would be a good opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. 

DeBretts is currently apart of Akl Restaurant Month, offering an entree and main for $55 - great deal. After looking at the options for restaurant month - only being 2, we decided we would opt for one of the deals and then choose another main meal from the normal menu. We were going to have dessert but I was actually quite full by the end. Complimentary bread was served with a fruity olive oil. Bread was nice but could have been better if served warm.

For the entree we chose the quail, which is something different. I tend to try items you wouldn't normally cook at home and may make you feel uncomfortable in order to be surprised. The quail was served with yogurt panna cotta. You would think it's weird, but it really works. Everything worked pleasantly although the sour cherries were a bit too spiked for my liking. I ordered the market fish which had an Asian influence. This was a really great dish. Beautiful flavours and textures - my only issue was that the fish was just far too salty, which was a shame because everything was cooked perfectly. The lamb rump was a bit disappointing as it just lacked flavour and was a tad chewy. However the braised lamb and olive tapenade was delicious and moorish and we could have just eaten a whole plate of that. It also lacked enough jus for the amount of meat on the plate, for which we actually asked for extra. 

Overall the service was friendly and the atmosphere is amazing. The beautiful live jazz music and its warm decor just entrances you - as cheesy as that sounds without any sort of pretentious attitude. I would def recommend Debretts! Great food and service with just a few minor mishaps. 

Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Value for Money: Good

2 High Street, Auckland
Opening Hours 
Breakfast lunch and dinner Mon-Sun
Weekend High Tea 3-5pm

3 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
Aug 16, 2014

I love the lounge and bar area here, it is really cosy to meet up with friends for a drink in front of the fire, but this weekend was the first time I had eaten there. We went for breakfast and although the food was fine I don't think I would go back there to eat as although the service was good the food wasn't anything special.

5 star rating
by RH
Jul 30, 2014

We were shopping on High St so decided to eat here. We were quickly seated and once we ordered were given free bread and oil (nice touch!).

We ordered mains and one side, and that was plenty. The flavours were amazing! Both of us loved our dishes (hapuka and beef eye fillet) and would recommend you try them!!

The service was prompt and courteous.

We both commented on the lovely setting as well - surprising since it is part of a hotel, but it has a nice romantic intimate feeling. The decor of the general hotel is also something to see if you are into Art Deco/retro.

1 star rating
by Alex
Mar 13, 2014

The decor was cool but this place was so let down by our arrogant waitress, she successfully ruined our night with her rudeness. I felt regret that I picked this place to treat my best friend after our wedding. We would have spent our lovely night in another restaurant.

We made a reservation for 3 people at 7pm on a Wednesday night. We arrived on time the matre’d gave us a table facing the stairway, I asked can we change a table, even though there was clearly lots of table available, she said no. Later while I was having dinner, I noticed that some of guests were just walked in. We were made to feel very unwelcome!!!

About the food, my duck entree was yummy, my husband said his pork belly starter was alright. Unfortunately my main were barely lukewarm, I touched the bottom of my plate, and don't know why my plate was warmer than the steak. My friend and I both ordered eye fillet, we both agreed the eye fillet was very dry. However, my husband loved his lamb main.

To finish our meal we ordered panna cotta and cappuccino creme brulee as desserts. The creme brulee was more like a coffee flavoured chocolate mousse. My friend said her panna cotta was okay.

One thing that really pissed me off was my mouth felt really dry while I was having my creme brulee, I saw the waitress was filling up water glasses table by table so I was waiting for my turn to get my water glass filled, and she saw that I ran out of water; unexpectedly she ignored us and quickly walked past our table started filling glasses of the table next to us. At last I had to ask water from another waiter.

One thing I am pretty sure is I will never go there again. Their service was far below satisfactory. I suggest dine here if you don't mind the best day of your life is being ruined. They should treat their customers with a little more respect.

4 star rating
by Davao Mariner
Jan 09, 2014

The chefs now how to make lamb that pulls apart with only a fork. Had a great time with the live jazz music in the background.

4 star rating
by Vanessa Hunt
Oct 17, 2013

We enjoyed our meal at kitchen debrett. It would have got a higher rating but we thought both our meals could have done with a little more seasoning especially my lamb and chicken skewers. My husband loved the muscle fritters and were definitely his highlight. My lamb main was great and so filling disappointed I didn't have room for dessert. Our waitress was fantastic and friendly. Would love to do set menu with friends for a party in the future.

2 star rating
by Robin Dowe
Jun 21, 2013

I note many comments on this site and other sites about the maitre d' - one below

However, the maitre d’ shocked us with his very snobby attitude.

The decor was awesome the food OK but slow, the maitre d' ruined the night with his attitude, I'm not sure who he thinks he is, unless of course he really is of royal descent because he certainly trys to act like he is from aristocracy, perhaps the carrot is too firmly wedged but he should try and treat people with a little more decorum and respect.

5 star rating
by Rachel Schuurman
Sep 25, 2012

We had a really great night at Hotel de Brett and the restaurant was fantastic. We felt royally treated - fantastic customer service - and the food was really great. The mains are a little odd but beautiful and interesting and overall was a really great foodie experience. The ambience is just incredible. A real funky artistic setting and very charming. A total top notch experience. Food is pricy but very unique and the overall experience was worth it.

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Jun 30, 2012

A fantastic place for a meal, snack or just a couple of drinks with Friends. There is no standouts on the menu as it is all great.

Once you get to the top of the stairs and through the bar, the open space is a surprise. Even during winter it feels like summer.

Well worth hunting this place out.

5 star rating
by Charlie
Mar 13, 2012

Walked up the stairs from the advertised address off O'Connell St and managed to walk past the entry doors. There is no sign so better to enter via High St, as it’s easier to find and decorated in beautiful art deco with a modern elegance.

Arrived and was seated near the high water feature toward the back. The restaurant has a high ceiling with windows in the walls high up. Reminds me of an alley way. As a result the acoustics were fantastic for the exceptional live music on the night. Toward the end of the night the audience of 20+ were mesmerised by the talented performing artist, moving and taking seats closer to the stage.

Ordered half dozen Bluff Oysters (natural) and char grilled hawkes bay lamb (medium) and a side of roasted gourmet potatoes.
Bluff oysters were not on the menu, just in season, but on the board as I walked in.

Bread was offered before I ordered and a selection was displayed by the waitress. I chose the wholemeal bread from a choice of three. There was a bottle of olive oil on the table which the waitress poured onto the bread plate. Bread was nice with the olive oil and warm but too salty.

Bluff oysters were shucked perfectly and arrived at an optimum temperature. They were firm, almost to the point of being crunchy, absolutely delicious.

The lamb was cooked perfectly, and the portions were exactly equal and proportional on the plate. The caramelised onions on top one of the lamb pieces was too sweet for my taste and unnecessary. The vegetables were beautifully presented, drenched in the flavoursome sauce, but still remaining crunchy.

The side of baked potatoes didn’t need seasoning being well cooked, firm but fluffy and at the right temperature.

Service was very professional, personal and efficient through the whole experience. Recommend this venue as a superior quality dining experience, in food, surroundings, service and entertainment. Ideal venue for a relaxed, romantic night out for two.

5 star rating
by Al Kumar
Feb 15, 2012

We had a lovely experience for Valentines at the Kitchen Restaurant. My wife and I arrived at 9pm. The place was stunning with dim lighting in the main area and lots of candles everywhere. We were quickly greeted by a kind waitress and taken to our reserved table. Our table was right in front of kitchen not a very comfortable seating for a romantic dining experience as this particular part the restaurant is REALLY bright. There are about 5 tables in a straight line right in front of the Kitchen. We thought, we didn't have much of a choice since it was reserved for us. Anyway after we were seated, our waiter for night kindly gave us a run down on the menu and fresh bread was then served to our table in no time. My wife asked me to asked our waiter if there was any chance to move to another table, I was a little hesitant at 1st, but then I did asked kindly when our waiter returned back with our wine we had ordered. In no more then 2 minutes he came back to us with a smile and asked us to follow him. We were relocated and seated right in front of the lovely 2 storey fountain with blue lights. Definitely WOW! The best seating location in the restaurant. They moved our wine for us and the table was ready for an awesome Valentine dining experience. For starters we ordered the "marinated pacific ocean kingfish" & my wife order "Cannelloni of waikanae crab" a must try dish, both pouring with lovely NZ flavours. For the mains we ordered "crisp skinned john dory" and "Pan seared Hapuka", we were advised the Hapuka had run out so it was replaced by Snapper, all the dishes arrived perfectly in a timely manner considering it was Valentines and the restaurant was quite full...Both dishes were absolutely mouth watering and we really enjoyed THE GREAT hospitality from the wait staff. The manager also approached our table and asked if everything was going well. To finish this beautiful night with a desert we ordered white chocolate and pistachio bombe alaska. WOW....loved it, the taste of the roasted white chocolate still remains...All in all a great dining experience with fantastic staff....Pricing! definitely yes did come with a price tag. $194...but there was no compromise for service and quality. Just a suggestion to the restaurant is to control and lower the ambiance of the lighting in front area of the Kitchen.

5 star rating
by Chris Ng
Oct 25, 2011

Had late dinner Friday night before RWC semis. No booking but they managed to find table after 15 mins despite being very busy.

Having a number of starters rather than mains was no problem to the staff.

Great food and awesome service equals great night!

5 star rating
by Monika
Jul 17, 2011

We had booked a table and ordered the Pre-Theatre menu (a main course, plus a glass of wine and coffee) and the 2-course Star Grazing menu (including a matching glass of wine with each course). We finished off with desserts to share. The food was wonderful, the desserts divine. Understandibly they are finialist of Cuisine. Great location, beautiful ambience and very friendly and helpful staff, neither pushy nor arrogant. We will certainly come again to enjoy this food experience :)

5 star rating
by Robin
Jul 04, 2011

To say that I was blown away by my meal at Kitchen would be an understatement. The service was friendly and efficient, the setting in the Hotel Debrett was wonderful.

And the food... wow. My pork belly starter was excellent, and my duck main was incredible. On the recommendation of head chef Mark (who personally visited our table after our mains), I had the white chocolate parfait to finish. I would go back again just for that dessert; it was one of the most unique and interesting desserts I've ever had.

All in all, an incredible experience. Highly recommended.

2 star rating
by Claire Parish
Jun 27, 2011

I made a reservation for 4 people at 8.30pm on a Saturday night, my friends and I arrived and had a drink in the bar before hand. At 8.45pm we decided we should get to our table but when we got to the matre'd he informed us that our table wasnt ready, even though there was clearly a table available. When I pressed him about this he told us that the kitchen would be under too much pressure and we wouldnt enjoy the experience!!! So off to the bar we went until our table 'was ready'. We heard another group complaining that they had been waiting since 8pm and that they would now be 'going elsewhere'. We were finally called to our table 30 minutes after we had booked it. To be fair the manager was very apologetic and gave us a bottle of wine to compensate but it did leave a sour taste in our mouths and wouldnt dine there again as it is a high end and pricey place you would expect more. Good food all the same!!!!!

4 star rating
by Anon
Jun 22, 2011

The food and service were very good.
Both mains were excellent, I had the hapuka which was delicious; my partner had the lamb which was cooked to perfection and melted in the mouth.

The food was very well presented, extremely tasty, and the staff attentive without being in your face. Only comment was that maybe it is a little too hidden away as we were the only people in the restaurant that night.

A great venue with delicious food.

5 star rating
by Sarah Martin
Jun 02, 2011

After a recent birthday dinner at kitchen I am already planning my next visit. From beginning to end our experience was superb. The staff were attentive; our lovely waitress Scarlett was helpful with her food and wine suggestions and always one step ahead with topping up our wines and water. The food was brilliant, a great menu with locally sourced produce. The pork belly entree was a real standout, perfectly cooked and served with black pudding and creamy butternut squash. The desserts were truly inventive and included a basil sorbet, peanut butter ice-cream with salted caramels and a melt in the mouth white chocolate parfait. Kitchen offers something unique for central city dining, the fireplace surrounded by sofas, beautiful table settings and unique furniture makes you feel like you could be at a friend’s home, for a long evening with great food and wine I can’t think of a better place!

4 star rating
by Food Voyeur
May 09, 2011

Beautiful menu that we enjoyed last Friday. A nice environment for a business lunch. Helpful, efficient service.
I chose the rustichella linguini, as I was sold on the "candied jerusalem artichokes, preserved lemon, shitake, percorino" for $22.
It was very yummy. Though if the lemon was mixed throughout the dish to provide a more piquant flavour against the creamy linguini with every mouthful, I believe I would have called it 'exquisite'. As it was however, I didn't discover the lemon flavour until three concentrated bursts in my last three mouthfuls!! Still a flavoursome, interesting dish that I really enjoyed.

5 star rating
by Lynette Durrant
Jan 13, 2011

My husband and I stayed in the Hotel DeBrett in late December and enjoyed a "pre Show" dinner in the Kitchen Restaurant. This is excellent value for money at $35 and included a main from the menu along with a glass of wine and coffee. Both mains we had were excellent with the beef cooked to perfection and the slow cooked lamb melted in the mouth. We enjoyed it so much we returned to the bar area to listen to the live jazz on the Sunday evening and had two of the snack meals (lamb meatballs and haloumi with lemon and capers). Both were the same excellent standard. We will be back.

5 star rating
by Kerry Potter
Dec 20, 2010

We had our annual office Xmas dinner for 17 people at the Kitchen last week. The food was very well presented , extremely tasty, and the staff attentive without being in your face. The ambience in the Kitchen gives the place a nice atmosphere and the glass roof where where you start in daylight and finish in the nightime is something a bit different. Consensus in our office next day was that it was a good choice. Kerry P

5 star rating
by Graeme C
Dec 01, 2010

a wonderful lunch - I wanted to arrange lunch for ten so contacted the hotel. Michelle was extremely helpful, the table was in a separate part of the atrium so it felt like we had a private room.

The food and service were very good. The snapper was a highlight for many of us - perfectly cooked.

Ten happy people and ten converts to the kitchen, its people, food and wine

5 star rating
by Mychelle Hellmann
Oct 14, 2010

Last week I had lunch at the Kitchen and both the food and service were excellent.

I had the Salmon Salad and then the Poached Rhubarb for dessert and they were amazing. The lamb tagine looked great too! Portion sizes were perfect, not overly large but I was completely satisfied.

I was with a group of 10 people and all our meals were delivered promptly with friendly, helpful service.

The venue itself had sunlight pouring in and the tables were well spaced apart so we weren't on top of anyone which was a nice change for inner city lunching.

I would fully recommend the Kitchen and cannot wait to try out the dinner menu myself!

5 star rating
by Sarah Selwood
Oct 05, 2010

Table for four, our first time dining at Kitchen. Loved the $15 glass of Moet. The atmosphere and decor are great in the bar, lounge and restaurant.

The duck and beef were both excellent, beautifully cooked and with great flavours.

Good service, attentive without being intrusive, great food and to top it off such a beautiful room if you want to treat yourself to a night in a fabulous boutique hotel.


5 star rating
by Mandy
Aug 12, 2010

This was the second time my husband and I have had dinner at Kitchen. It was great when we went about a year ago and we wanted to go back.

Once again we very much enjoyed our experience. The dinner was delicious. My husband opted for an entree of seafood risotto. Very tasty. I had the roast hapuka which was melt in your mouth and my husband the duck which was very tender and aromatic. I was glad I'd left room for a dessert and found the rhubarb crumble to be great. We had a charming waiter and couldn't fault the service.

I love the decor, and the spacious, yet intimate area the restaurant is set in. It has a laid back ambiance. It is so cozy and feels like such a haven, especially as it was a cold and rainy winters night out.

A minor gripe for me was my flat white was a little too milky for my liking.

We ended up staying the night at Hotel DeBrett as we were having such a good time over dinner and wanted to sample some cocktails in the bar.

5 star rating
by Love Food
Jul 04, 2010

A friend and I enjoyed the $25 lunch incl a glass of wine so much this week, we went back again within a few days>

Pumpkin and chorizo risotto was deliciously moist, perfectly cooked and rather enjayable with a glass of pinot gris.

Service was friendly, relaxed and professional and you get to sit in one of the coolest places in the city.

Go with friends because price is important and luxury at these price is incredibly good value.

3 star rating
by Jo
May 16, 2010

Saturday night and a table for five - we were dubious as had heard mixed reviews but had heard the decor impressive and it was. The service was great while they took our drinks orders and until our two bottles of wine were empty - then, it was hard to attract any attention at all. The food was fine although three of us ordered lamb so checked and were reassured it was not rare but medium rare. When it arrived, it was rare so one decide to make do and two to return it. When it finally arrived back, it was good but our friends had finished their mains and the sides we had ordered were cold and nothing warm offered. $80 pp for a main course and drink is top end so disappointing. We won't be back

1 star rating
by X
May 07, 2010

I popped into Kitchen de Brett for a quick coffee and catch up with a couple of friends during lunchtime on a Wednesday because I was so wowed by the decor.

However, the maitre d’ shocked us with his very snobby attitude.

“Reservations?” he sniffed, looking down his nose at us. The place was less than half full.

When we told him we just wanted a coffee – “Oh. JUST a coffee.” he said, with another disdainful look at us.

WOW! What a rude, arrogant man! I will never go back (which is a shame, considering the beautiful design) and I hope this review will give everyone else fair warning.

2 star rating
by Emma
Jul 15, 2009

Service was impeccable but the food is terribly disappointing. I could make better myself.

Vegetarians will suffer horribly - I suspect the vege food is kept under lights to fry itself to bits while the meat dishes are cooked.

No taste to speak of, the potato puree is just basic tasteless mashed potato. The green beans as a side dish were about the best thing we had.

Terribly overpriced, too.

5 star rating
by Paul Askew
Apr 13, 2009

The funky new interior and high atrium make this a gorgeous place to eat out. The food was excellent and service very friendly. Their current lunch special is great value as an introduction to this new restaurant.