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Degree Gastrobar

3_half star rating 41 reviews

Telephone 09-377 1200

204 Quay St
Viaduct Harbour
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Stonegrill, New Zealand, A La Carte, Bar Food
Mon - Sun 11.30am - late
For the Month of May- A great tasting range of NZ Beer

For the Month of May- A great tasting range of NZ Beer, we can recommend individual dishes to match or our Seafood Platter goes...

Announced 2 months ago
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Degree Gastrobar is a popular and vibrant bar over looking the many super yachts moored in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour. Our casual atmosphere enables you to come down and enjoy a few pints of beer or glasses of wine whilst watching the sun set. If you want to stay a bit longer, we provide an a la carte menu that will satisfy everyone’s needs. Our house specialty is stonegrill dining – a unique experience where your food is served to you sizzling on a hot volcanic rock. If this doesn’t tickle your fancy we also serve delicious meals that range from pizzas to mouthwatering seafood dishes. For private Functions, check out Degree Bar’s private mezzanine floor: “90 Degree’s Room”. Complete with its own private bar, this upstairs space is available for corporate functions, family events, birthdays, or cocktail parties. Other areas of the restaurant & bar are also for hire, whether it be an outdoor BBQ style event, or the Front Bar for relaxed birthday drinks.


Photo of Degree Gastrobar
Jerk Chicken Pizza
Moroccan Lamb Cos cups
Traditional Greek Salad
Chargrilled Baby Squid

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Moderate, $15 - $25
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Beer, Wine, Spirits, Cocktails
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Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Vegan, Dairy-free
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Dessert, Late Night, Lunch, Dinner
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EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX
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inside 240, outside 80
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Reviews for Degree Gastrobar

1 star rating
by Nikki P.
27th April 2014

I was at this bar last night for my birthday – Most disgusting, rude service experience of my life. I was buying a round for eight people – pretty expensive and there were a lot of drinks there. The guy next to me was also ordering a round. I got mixed up trying to sort out whose drink was who’s and pass the drinks around to my friends. I grabbed the drink belonging to the guy next to me by accident. I promptly apologized and passed it back and we had a laugh and it was fine – but not according to the excuse of a bar tender behind the bar. I didn’t catch her name sadly but she was a dark haired girl with glasses. She had such an attitude, rolling her eyes the whole time she was serving us.

What makes you think you have any right treating your customers this way? I used to work behind a bar myself and I know it can be a hard job and exhausting dealing with intoxicated people, but I would never dream of speaking to a customer like that – in fact I would never speak to anybody like that.

This was not my first time at Degree Bar but it will be my last. We promptly left and went around the corner to a different bar where we received friendly polite service. Maybe I’ll come back to Degree Bar when you hire staff who care about their job not just their pay. Although with her attitude, she’s lucky to have a job.

Thanks for a terrible experience.

1 star rating
by Shirley W.
22nd March 2014

It was supposed to be a date might with mum, got to Degree Bar, got seated at the worst table ever, so we decided to find our own seat by the window! You think by sitting right in front of the bar and window we would get good service right! No! I had to call 4 waitress/waiter to order my dinner. The Maori girl was the only one who came when called and provided great service, the rest of them just walked by as if we were begged! I know I wasn’t wearing anything fancy or had my good bag with me, does not mean we’re not paying costumer.
They had those little oil burner lamps when we got there, you would think it was the first thing any waitress lit when we sat down. No! That would be too easy. So I asked the dumbest blond waitress known to man kind to light it, she told me she didn’t have anything to light it with, but she would go find a lighter, an hour and a half and dinner later, it was still not lit. However, the table behind us with two young hot guys asked her, she ran to the bar, asked for a lighter and lit it right away.

Anywho, back to the food. We got the stone grill land lover think it’s called, it had lamb, beef, chicken and pork. Saddest pieces of meet I have ever seen, I would say about 5g of meet each. But the taste was okay so I’ll let them off. Think it was around $28.9. So expected a bit more meet than that.
The Meet Lover pizza, beyond average, not the greatest I’ve had. Think that was around $23 or something,
The last was the Green Lip Mussels. I grew up eating mussels, usually like them raw or oven baked, was not apart of the original order but the smell made mum and I want it. I ordered the full pot $21.9 half empty when it got here, the table outside ordered the same thing and was filled to the top. But to be fair, it was very fresh and decent size
Anywho, my water bottle was empty after I had a few waters (didn’t order drinks) I left it on the edge of the table just in case no one saw it. 12 waitress/waiters walked by no one even bothered to get me another bottle water, did I mention I was sitting in front of the bar!
Mum and I are not big eaters, we had plenty of food left over, so naturally we asked for a doggy bag, the dumb blond waitress who was supposed to light my oil burning lamp put them in take away boxes but did not put them in a bag, when I asked for a bag the response was “we don’t have a bag, sorry” and walked off! Here’s a little free advice Go And Find Me One! So we asked another waiter he told me he can find me a rubbish bag! I’m sorry but that really pissed me off! How rude! Told me he can put my food in a rubbish bag! If anything belonged in a rubbish bag it was him!

So wrote a complaint form for the manager, walked out, saw him threw it out like the trash he hired. Rude!

So for anyone who wants a good date night, Degree is not a place you should go.

Comment from Laura B. of Degree Gastrobar 23/03/2014   
Hi Shirley, Thank you for your feedback. At Degree we welcome…    More »
1 star rating
by Ann
10th January 2014

Stopped here for a cocktail- the worst ever! $18 for a mojito and I don’t think any of the staff have ever tasted one before. We sent the drinks back- after 3 staff members tasting it, the ‘manager’ tasted it and said it ‘wasn’t fresh enough’, after a 15 minute wait, the worst drink ever came out- I was too embarrassed to complain again. Just for the record Degree- a mojito does not or never has had lemon in it! Sort it out! Won’t go back!

Comment from Laura B. of Degree Gastrobar 13/01/2014   
Hi Ann, Thank you for taking the time to give us your…    More »
5 star rating
by Jonny C.
10th January 2014

Great restaurant!

Awesome atmosphere, especially if you get a table outside! Highly recommend the burger. The ribs are also bloody tasty.

Service was quick, even when the place was jam packed and you cannot beat the view.

Well worth a try!

1 star rating
by Elise W.
3rd January 2014

Worst experience I have ever had at a bar/restaurant. We had a table booked for 6:30, however, when we arrived we were asked for I.D’s, which there was no note of on the website, and even though we explained to them we were not going to be drinking she insisted we needed them anyway, so we had to leave go back to our hotel and pick up our ID’s. When we arrived back we waited for ages, a good 20 minutes before a waiter asked us if we wanted to order drinks. We had actually been sitting ready to order for ages so when he came we ordered a pizza bread and our mains. The water brought over water and cutlery and one of the glasses smelt like it still had alcohol in it from the person before so it hadnt been washed very well. At the same time the waiter asked us if he could borrow our wine menu for the table next to us that also had our table number on without returning it so of course when our pizza arrived the table next to it got it and started eating it. We told the waiter he had left our table number on their table and took no responsibility for doing so but offered us another free one on the house. after waiting at least an hour for that one and our mains to be brought they took the 2nd pizza bread to the same table who ate it again! the waiter came back to us and was really apologetic and claimed this time was not his fault- obviously was again so he would be getting the manager to come to us as we were quite annoyed that none of our food had come yet after 1 hr 1/2 of waiting in the cold on new years eve! eventually the manager came, she was very apologetic and took the blame unlike her waiter and offered us for the whole thing to be free which is what we would expect after their horrible service. So happier with that result our food finally came, the burger was nice but the seasoned chips were disgusting and the wedges were average for 18.90. overall the manager was the best part about the whole night. average food, terrible service, pretty much ruined our new years eve. Wouldn’t go back ever again.

Comment from Laura B. of Degree Gastrobar 16/01/2014   
Hi Elise, Thanks for your review, a little disappointed that…    More »
2 star rating
by Julie
28th October 2013

Food was good but service was terrible. Waiters even if not doing anything doesn’t even mind to ask or offer drinks at least even simple water while waiting for food which took forever. Later on decided to order a drink but took more that 15 mins still nothing has served, asked the waiter what’s going on, with a blank face he just told us I don’t know.. Really? Seriously? will tell the customer that. We were just surprised with his irresponsible response so decided to cancel it. Definitely not a good first time experience for us.

Comment from Laura B. of Degree Gastrobar 1/11/2013   
Hi Julie, Thank you for taking your time to send us your…    More »
1 star rating
by Lucy D.
23rd October 2013

I took 3 colleagues to Degree Bar today as part of a work lunch and a welcome to New Zealand.

I have dined at Degree many times, love their menu, am a VIP member and my firm (of 700 employee) hosts all of our welcome lunches there.

Today was possibly the worst experience I have ever had at any restaurant and I was completely shocked at the lack of apologies from the manager. Firstly, we arrived at 11.45am for lunch because we all had meetings and wanted to get in early. We were the first people in the restaurant and got taken through the menu options. Half an hour later we asked where the food was gone, 10 minutes later asked again to be told that the kitchen wasn’t open (uh what?). After another 10 minutes we were told that our meals would be plated up in 4 minutes, and on the table in 6 minutes. 12 minutes later we asked again and was told my lamb (salad) hadn’t even gone in the oven yet. We weren’t offered any explanations, we weren’t updated, we were not offered a free drink or bread, or a simple ‘sorry’. The other two meals arrived after 45 minutes but I ended up having mine dumped in front of me at 12.58, 2 mins before my meeting.

The manager was consistently rude, avoided our table, served many other people the same meals that we ordered, and until I demanded not to pay for my meal, no compensation. 10% discount was given to our other guests.

I was so embarrassed to have taken people here and will certainly be making sure this is taken off our work lunch list.

Comment from Laura B. of Degree Gastrobar 23/10/2013   
Hi Lucy, First off thanks for sending us your feedback, we…    More »
4 star rating
by Cruz
13th September 2013

Love stone grill dining here and really enjoy the variety available on their menu. I also like how Degree has something special going on each day especially on mondays when they have Mussel Madness! Yum!

Comment from Laura B. of Degree Gastrobar 20/09/2013   
Hi Cruz, Thanks for your great feedback, it’s really…    More »
2 star rating
by Meg
21st March 2013

Sadly disappointed with our meal here on a trip to Auckland. Was a relatively quiet night when we arrived, were coaxed in by the maitre’d with the promise of a free drink each (though funnily enough he was nowhere to be seen when the time came to settle the bill).

Enjoyed a couple of drinks in the sun while waiting for our meals to arrive. One of the party had pulled pork which was very tasty, another had a stonegrill which they enjoyed, despite it not being the one they had ordered. I had the seafood stonegrill which was incredibly underwhelming sadly. The prawn tails hadn’t been deveined and none of the mussels opened (I realise that this could be hard to realise when serving raw, but the suggestion from the waiter that he could get someone in the kitchen to open them with a knife was, frankly, appauling).

Comment from Laura B. of Degree Gastrobar 14/08/2013   
Hi Meg, Apologies for the delay in response on this…    More »
1 star rating
by Clint C.
27th January 2013

First off the environment and atmosphere is very lively and enjoyable. The service was also very good. This is what the one star is for. However ultimately it has to be about the food and unfortunately we left very disappointed. I ordered the beef scotch on Ciabatta, but got served up a plate about 2/3rds lettuce and red onion. I have never seen so much salad on one plate at any establishment! The actual beef on ciabatta seemed inconsequential to what was basically a plate of lettuce. Now quantity isn’t everything. Quality is far more important than quantity, so I put the lack of food aside and pinned my hopes on the quality instead. I was however quickly disappointed again. The beef was chewy and very fatty and virtually devoid of any taste. For some reason a layer of tomato was placed between the beef and the bread as a result, was very soggy. Ciabatta is my favourite bread but this completely ruined it. We ordered a side of fries. ($6.80 for the smallest bowl possible) The side of fries we received were cold! Some were not even fully cooked. A 500ml glass of Heineken cost $10.90 and a bourbon and coke cost $9.00. Among the most expensive drink prices I have found.
Overall the food would rate as one of the worst I have come across. Perhaps it was just that particular meal on that particular day. But our experience is that everything is overpriced for such small quantity and poor quality food. To leave a restaurant hungry is one thing, but to leave hungry and extremely unhappy with the quality and price is another. Not a good experience.

Comment from Laura B. of Degree Gastrobar 14/08/2013   
Hi Clint, Apologies for the delay in response. We are…    More »
4 star rating
by Lacey W.
15th January 2013

I have been here several times and it has always been a great experience. Degree has something for everyone, from the unique stonegrill dining experience to a club later in the night.
Easily one of the best spots in the waterfront!!!
Thumbs up!

2 star rating
by Ben B.
18th December 2012

My first dealings with Degree had been to get an over-priced and decidedly average takeaway coffee ($4.50 for a long black?!). So I was reluctant to go.

They certainly have a nice outside area overlooking the harbour, however it was full so we dined inside. We took a booth at the back and I wasn’t sure whether this place wanted to be a sports bar or a restaurant. The menu certainly looked interesting and varied, yet we had loud music playing along with various large screens in sight and strange strips of neon lighting.

The garlic bread we ordered for starters was certainly interesting in terms of it was some kind of grain loaf…just not very garlicky. My friend ordered a steak and asked it for it do be medium. The mains took a wee while to arrive and when the steak came, it was well done. I had to get a waitress’ attention to let her know and when we were told it would be another 20 minutes before it could be brought back out (maybe that was the chef’s problem in the first place, thinking that’s how long it takes to cook medium) then we told them not to worry. When we went to pay at the end, there was no apology or offer to amend.

We also had some comic incidents with drinks, with one waitress taking our order then another coming back with something different, then a third coming back to confirm again. I’d also ordered a glass of Waiheke Pinot Gris (normally quality), however when it was brought over got a “so who’s having the wine?” and it was unceremoniously plonked in the middle of the table sloshing around before I could answer. Turned out to be very sweet, too. My main of pork belly was tasty enough and had an interesting tamarind sauce, but I got the impression it had been left to sit in the kitchen for too long as the roast kumara underneath was soggy.

This place needs to figure out it’s identity crisis and smarten up the service, too. Certainly in no hurry to go back until that happens.

4 star rating
by Dee W.
21st October 2012

My husband and I have eaten at Degree a few times and enjoy the seafood platter. We tend to choose different dishes as mains and share so we have a variety of tastes. The atmosphere is lively over weekends and it is part of the fun to watch. Highly recommend all the seafood dishes.

3 star rating
by Aline
3rd October 2012

Very nice.
Affordable restaurant with a great view.
The food is exquisite, the wine divine and the service a bit slow but very good.

5 star rating
by Joanne O.
14th September 2012

We got to Degree a few minutes early (daytime), just before opening, the staff ( who were very friendly) were getting things organized, we were offered to come in and have a coffee while we waited which we turned down as a nice day we went along the viaduct for a few minutes, When we got back to Degree we were shown to table by the waitress, ordered our food, when the food arrived it was really good, ordered pork on ciabatta for hubby and son, I had Texan rib fingers, bourbon bread & butter pudding (yummy). All the food was excellent,waitresses very friendly and service was very good. Would go again and sit outside in the sun. Joanne 08/09/2012

5 star rating
by Angela C.
3rd September 2012

My husband and I took advantage of the Earlybird Special on a Saturday before our movie, and can honestly say it was a most enjoyable experience and we would have liked to linger longer! The young waiters were welcoming and friendly, really good service, and the food was well prepared and tasty. The music was Motown and just the right volume to enjoy without being overpowering. This place has a great vibe and we’ll be back!

4 star rating
by Louisa G.
27th August 2012

Went to Degree last night. The food was pretty good, my partner had the Pork belly entree and said it was delicious. I had the squid which was quite chewy and not what I was hoping for as when squid is cooked properly it isn’t chewy. Apart from that we both got a different stone grill which is such a cool dining experience. I had the ocean fare my only criticism was that as it is seafood and the food comes on the grill already it cooks so quickly that it was hard to not over cook and you had to eat so quickly. Maybe have the seafood on the side so you can cook it at a pace that is more suitable to the diner. Also no where to put shells and stuff so got quite messy. The seafood itself was really great though. Desert was delicious! Everything was very well priced and portions were large so was a great night out.

The only thing that would stop me going back was the music. It was a Sunday night. Everyone in the place was sitting down and eating and the music was so loud and the base was real intense that it wasn’t quite the right atmosphere to have a great meal in. I can understand the music for when Friday and Saturday nights when people are there to party but when people are dining and chatting it was really off putting. Was a shame considering apart from the music it was a great place to eat.

Comment from Laura B. of Degree Gastrobar 28/08/2012   
Hi Louisa, Thank you for your taking the time to give us your…    More »
3 star rating
by Mwkyla
10th August 2012

Degree has become my ‘go to’ for a few drinks on sunny days. The outside area is great for a few drinks and the pizza is amazing! Just be weary of teeny boppers flooding in after 10pm.

4 star rating
by sallybrown
7th May 2012

Good sized portions and good daily specials make this a great place on those sunny summer afternoons!

Comment from Sair M. of Degree Gastrobar 9/05/2012   
Thank you Sally! Short but Sweet. We look forward to seeing you…    More »
3 star rating
by Rebecca J.
4th May 2012

Great food – we came for an early lunch which was good since we ordered before it got really busy. The food was nice, the service was ok. Seemed to be plenty of staff but all congregating and chatting. overall it was pretty good. Would have been nice to actully get a bit more service, water etc.

Comment from Sair M. of Degree Gastrobar 9/05/2012   
Hi Rebecca Thank for taking the time out to review us. I’m glad…    More »
3 star rating
by Allen C.
15th April 2012

Food was superb. Lighting very dim, so dim we couldn’t read the menu. We were shuffled off to make way for the DJ, then music was loud and pumping although very few there to boogie.
I would revisit for the food but not the atmosphere. Allen

Comment from Sair M. of Degree Gastrobar 18/04/2012   
Hi Allen Thank you for your kind words about the food. I can…    More »
2 star rating
by Hongmin K.
19th February 2012

The one thing that totally let Degree down (for me) was the service. Everything else was good, so it was a shame that the service made me disappointed with Degree overall. Our waitress forgot about us multiple times during the evening (including taking our orders), bringing us our plates, forgetting our drinks, and lastly bringing out an incorrect main (we had only ordered 4 mains). Service improved when it got changed to another waiter, but unfortunately the damage had been done. Probably won’t be going there in such a hurry.

Comment from Sair M. of Degree Gastrobar 1/03/2012   
Hi Hongmin. Thank you for taking the time out to let us know about…    More »
5 star rating
by Peter
4th February 2012

A truly vibrant funhouse in an excellent location. From the minute you walk in you are greeted by the friendly staff who will pamper to your every need. The food menu is amazing with plenty of choice although I found it hard to get past the delicious squid and the “to die for” steak served on a hot stone. If you only ever visit one place in Auckland it has to be here just for the steak alone. My only criticism is that I can’t get back there soon enough !!

5 star rating
by Steph K.
15th January 2012

I really enjoyed my visit to Degree. I went during lunch and sat on the deck and enjoyed the fantastic view of the viaduct. The staff were friendly and willing to accommodate one of our gluten free diners (definitely a positive!)

The food was great- I would definitely recommend their stone grill options, very tasty and something different to try. If your wanting good food with a great view for a reasonable price- this is definitely the place

3 star rating
by Marie H.
9th December 2011

Just delicious and i love the promotions of everyday but they were really slow, it took hours to have food at the table!

Comment from Sair M. of Degree Gastrobar 15/12/2011   
Hi Marie Thanks for taking the time out to review us. Without it…    More »
4 star rating
by Elaine m.
26th October 2011

Great atmosphere,attentive staff,broad menu and top quality service…all of which made the entire dining experience most enjoyable!! Will be returning in the near future for sure!

Comment from Sair M. of Degree Gastrobar 27/10/2011   
Thanks for taking the time out to review us Elaine M! I look…    More »
4 star rating
by Danny G.
17th August 2011

Degree is an excellent place to dine. The 500g stone grill steak is amazing and the largest steak around for a good price.

The service is friendly and fast. Usually in and out very quickly and the staff are happy to accommodate that.

Have visited with friends from out of town who also raved about their visit and keep wanting us to take them back.

This place is one of my favourites in Auckland.

Comment from Sair M. of Degree Gastrobar 19/08/2011   
Thanks for your lovely feedback Danny. I’m really glad you have…    More »
5 star rating
by R K.
15th July 2011

My family and I made a reservation on last New year’s eve and eventhough we had to wait a bit for the food to arrive (which is totally undersatndable due to the full capacity)I must say that the overall food and service experience was memorable and will definitely go back there again soon. We can’t afford to visit too often because of the prices but it is definitely worth saving for!

Comment from Sair M. of Degree Gastrobar 11/08/2011   
Thank you very much for your comments R.K. I’m glad to hear you…    More »
5 star rating
by Elaine
6th July 2011

I was in degree last night and had a lovely experience. Although it was freezing we sat outside. The waiter came straight over and moved a heater towards us so we wouldn’t get cold. Our drinks were delivered promptly and our food was delicious. 5 Big stars to Sean our waiter. You really are a credit to degree. We’ll be back soon.

Comment from Sair M. of Degree Gastrobar 11/08/2011   
Thanks for your review Elaine. Who said that chivalry was dead?…    More »
4 star rating
by Cindy
1st June 2011

Absolutely love this place! Staff were so friendly and help full, service was efficient and fast …. definitely bringing my work colleagues here on Friday!

Comment from Sair M. of Degree Gastrobar 11/08/2011   
Thanks for taking the time to review us Cindy. I look forward to…    More »
4 star rating
by Heather W.
18th May 2011

I ate at Degree tonight and really enjoyed the atmosphere, the food and the staff really made my night. Shame I was too late to take advantage of their martini special though. They sounded great!!

Comment from Sair M. of Degree Gastrobar 11/08/2011   
Thanks for taking the time to review us Heather. (The martini…    More »
2 star rating
by Gina
22nd November 2010

Degree customer service is ok I have been there 3 times and the first 2 times were ok food average customer service ok. (I go back to degree coz I hope that it would get better and I like the location) last time I went everything was bad. Had seafood chowder just tasted like white sauce with a couple of mussels thrown in. Chowder should be cooked with seafood to get that taste! Will never go back to degree again thought 3rd time lucky but clearly not

Comment from Amanda B. of Degree Gastrobar 20/12/2010   
Hi Gina-thank you for taking the time to come and visit us as well…    More »
5 star rating
by Karen
21st October 2010

This is my favourite place in New Zealand-my husband and I have been travelling around New Zealand for a couple of months now and this is definately the best place we’ve been. Really good location, the menu has so many options and the staff were very helpful with all our traveller questions! We’ll definately return when we go back to Auckland.

Comment from Amanda B. of Degree Gastrobar 29/10/2010   
Thanks for taking the time to review us Karen-hopefully we’ll see…    More »
5 star rating
by Henry
11th October 2010

Love this place-the stonegrills are fantastic and what a great place to sit and have a beer in the sun! The atmosphere was relaxed and the staff were chatty and happy-we’ll definately be going back.

Comment from Amanda B. of Degree Gastrobar 29/10/2010   
Glad you enjoyed your visit to Degree-we look forward to seeing…    More »
5 star rating
by Kelly267
17th July 2010

Fantastic…100% from staff to set up tables, to food varieties and flavor and everything…just great :)

Comment from Amanda B. of Degree Gastrobar 11/10/2010   
Thanks for taking the time to review us-we’re glad you enjoyed…    More »
5 star rating
by sarah X.
18th June 2010

happy with the stone gill, first time to try in auckland, price was ok, we 2 ppl spend about 80 d for wine, stone gill, and entres.

Comment from Amanda B. of Degree Gastrobar 11/10/2010   
Glad you enjoyed your visit to Degree Sarah-hopefully we’ll see…    More »
5 star rating
by Linton
12th November 2009

Highly recommend the stone-grill! The steak is so good! Good value too.

We also had the buffalo wings which were really yummy.

Really good service and nice booths.

5 star rating
by Jason
22nd September 2009

The Stonegrill here is the best experience imaginable. Gret to see the Chef at Degree never compromises on the meat quality like they seem to at Hot Rock back home in Australia and the stone seems to stay hotter for longer with no splatter. I love coming to Auckland on busines and always bring my customers here for lunch. They told me today that the Degree group have 3 other Stonegrill restuarants in Auckland and I hope to visit them all over the next few weeks while I am tripping back and forth across the Tasman.

5 star rating
by jim
20th July 2009

I went to Degree on Thursday for Dinner and I had a delicious meal. I had a steak on the Stone grill – which meant I cooked my steak at the table on a hot volcanic rock. I had never done this before, but it was the best steak I have ever eaten and apparently this is a very healthy way to eat, which made me even happier. The staff were also very nice and the ambiance of the place was nice and relaxing. Highly recommended!

5 star rating
by Rhondda
7th April 2009

What a fabulous experience at Degree!
Magnificent food, service & venue.
As part of a group of 20 to 30 people, I found the service to be very friendly, professional and organised. The excellent waitress was very accomodating when we had about 8 extra people suddenly turn up.
We were seated in a separate area upstairs on a mezzanine floor where a balcony overlooks the rest of the restaurant.
I thoroughly enjoyed the smoked salmon quesadilla that I ate, beautifully flavoured with dill and sour cream. The menu was full of variety that managed to cater for everyone from vegans to meatlovers to gluten free family members. Also, when my sister’s wine took quite a long time to come, the waitress said there would be no charge (without any prompting) – now THAT’S great customer service! I highly recommend this place.

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