The Deli

3 star rating 7 reviews

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09 5292517

417 Remuera Road, Remuera, Auckland

  Cafe, Deli
07:15 AM to 5 PM (Mon-Fri), 07:30 AM to 3 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for The Deli

1 star rating
by Verity Dookia
2 months ago

Worst place I've been to in a long time. It's pricey with no service to speak of. Waited over 45 minutes for some takeaways. There's plenty of great places to have brunch in Auckland, this is not one of them.

4 star rating
by Mariamjafer
8 months ago

I have been an avid customer of the deli since I moved to remuera (about 6 years ago). An ideal spot for a quick, healthy brunch. I've never been dissapointed with this eatery, whether it's hearty minestrone, fresh fruit salad or a delicious eggs benedict, The Deli always executes their dishes superbly. Although it's a bit pricey, the friendly service and fresh food is worth it! Fantastic coffee and an array of sandwiches and pastries will entice anyone to enjoy this rustic atmosphere.

1 star rating
by Robert
8 months ago

On even given this place a second try ( after walking out the first time unseated ) it proved to have the worst customer service we have experienced in years.

we cant comment on the food but it must be good if your prepared to put up with the appalling attitude of the staff.

4 star rating
by Simon Wilson
9 months ago

Awesome little cafe.
We had Just Happy Eggs and Hot smoked salmon and corn fritter stack.
Happy place and very tasty meals at reasonable prices.

5 star rating
by Paul Thompson
Jan 26, 2012

I work above this great little cafe and the owner Annie and her staff are wonderful to deal with. Great little place with a good cabinet of food and deli items also. I love the soup of the day with lightly toasted ciabatta and the fries with mayonnaise and hot chill sauce are heart stoppingly good. Sorry Annie but I love my allpress coffee so I still pop down the road to Browns for that - Forgive me! Has lovely tables to sit down outside in the sun.

5 star rating
by Deborah Blackie
Jan 14, 2012

I live in Melbourne and haven't actually eaten at The Deli but instead have arranged for a substantial amount of pre-prepared meals and desserts to be sent to my very sick brother-in-law as my sister was away. Annie, the owner was more than accommodating and after quickly getting a handle on the food required, offered to drop it off to him on her way to an international flight - that day. He was very grateful and loved the food so when I am visiting in March will drop in for a meal and a personal thank you for service that could only come from New Zealand!

4 star rating
by Food Voyeur
May 07, 2011

Mouth-watering pizza. The Deli didn't scrimp on ingredients - the pizza base was perfection and the topping thick with cheese. At $9 per slice (a big slice) it meant they could cram it full of various vegetables and other delicious ingredients. We enjoyed a nice table in the afternoon sun. A very busy little spot. I liked my "Hummingbird cake".