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2 star rating
by Radmilo Jovanović
one month ago

Food is nothing special. Place is packed with families who's children misbehave and you can't eat in peace. We waited for our order for ages. The guy at the table next to ours blew off while we were eating. And that pretty much paints the picture of the atmosphere. On the good side our waitress was really polite and provided good service.

4 star rating
by Shariful Hasan
one month ago

Been there after movie night from manukau events. It was quite busy. Had to wait 10 minutes to get a table. Food was good. Fast service. Loved their curly fries first time.

2 star rating
by Razelle Icaro
one month ago

Went here for dinner last Friday night because most of the other restaurants were fully booked. I called them half an hour before going there to make a reservations and they said they don't do that. When I got there they made us sit on the waiting area and we had to wait for about 20 minutes till we got seated. Again, I asked if we could order since we already knew what we were going to get and once again, they said no. So after being seated, waited for ages until someone finally went to our table to take our order. Then had to wait again for our food. You could imagine how hungry we must have. Food was pretty average. I went with a family friend who just came from overseas and he said he wanted to give the waitress a tip just because it's something he does and the waitress didn't even seem grateful at all. Another thing is that they had iced tea on their menu but when I asked for it they said they don't serve it anymore? I'm sorry but I probably won't be going back

4 star rating
by BeeQueUU
3 months ago

Stomping ground of those found drinking late into friday night and in need of food before driving back north. While those days are a distance memory Dennys formula has to be a winning one as they still do a fabulous trade.people queuing waiting for seats when the meals are not super cheap and reasonably polished.
I rate Dennys compared to others in its peer class and not against a fine dining establishment or against say a cafe. Dennys is similar to roast bars; Valentines and steak and chip joints. General audience meals not R16 so to speak. No booze open 24 hours and appeals to kids, students families then morphs into a late night diner after movie lookup and yes for those on the juice!!
Buffalo wings starter $20 is not cheap but you get almost a main dish of wings in a good marinade. 4/5
Mains shank and mash - good sized portion roast bar like veges ie overcooked. Mash potato and gravy leaves Kfc variety for dead. Smallish lamb shank. 4.5/5
Chicken curry w rice- very average curry probably used powder lacks authenticity and looked le a leftover reheated from home. 2.5/5
Super yummy desserts. Recommend the bread n butter pudding for something not too sweet. Comes with lovely sauce and scoop od vanilla and spoon of cream. 5/5
Hot choc pudding was really sweet. Pudding was not soft but ok. Lots of ice cream and generous serving 3/5. Anniversary of 25 years well done Dennys!!

3 star rating
by Shari Shye Folasade
4 months ago

Average food for the average joe... I went here 9 years ago and then i went last week nothings changed its still the same felt like a blast from the past! Compared to all your new restaurants these days i guess dennys would be your last resort when your wasted af 3oclock in da am on the munchies and happen to be in maniks!

2 star rating
by Kelsie Wiki
4 months ago

Very outdated decor, things are in need of a good clean and a few repairs.The staff never look enthused and they're often unprofessional/loud in our direct ear/sighting while preparing meals. It's also often busy and loud from customers during dinner hours. I have received dirty cutlery twice, and there has been large amounts of dropped food left on the floor from previous diners where we were seated. I even saw the staff member seating us look at it then ignore it, before we asked to be seated elsewhere.In saying that, I have been multiple times and most dishes I have, I do enjoy. The Honey Mustard Chicken is actually to die for. Along with their Aioli. Unfortunately the atmosphere/service there overshadows the food. But when we're in Auckland and wanting a casual lunch, not expecting anything too nice, we're happy to come here.

1 star rating
by Jasbir Kaur
5 months ago

Very bad food. Zero rating . Came to Manukau for dinner Ordered sampler , waited for over 20 minutes and food came very cold and dry. Wasn't happy with food at all.

3 star rating
by Lina
5 months ago

Busy, Family Rated, yummy fulling food. bit of a downer how the price has gone up as this is a casual busy family place on Saturday nights and have to wait for a table. would I come here again? mm maybe. they need toothpicks or mint just to compliment their customers.

4 star rating
by Chris Williams
5 months ago

Come here all the time just for dessert love the chocolate fudge cake comes with ice-cream, whipped cream, hot choc sauce & a cherry on top , the portion is pretty good for only $7.50 haven't really tried anything else on the menu!

3 star rating
by Jah Heremaia
6 months ago

Was a good dinner. Took a bit long for it to come but the service was great and friendly. Wouldn't be in a rush to go back any time soon though.

2 star rating
by Alecia Browne
7 months ago

What a disappointment. Food was cheap and nasty. Restaurant needs a makeover.  Staff nice and friendly.  Hadn't been to Denny for years so I thought I would give it a go but wont be going back again!.

1 star rating
by Lia Pulu-Tagaloasa
7 months ago

We went here ANZAC day, it was pretty busy understandable.. but the service was pretty sucky we were seated before other people but we're served after them, our drinks n food took longer to come. When our food did arrive 45mins later, it was cold. So disappointed we left immediately. Didn't pay a cent.

1 star rating
by Ashleigh Neame
7 months ago

When we arrived we were sat directly under the main a/c vent. It was FREEZING! Food went cold real fast too.

The waitress took forever to take our order.

Photo attached is of my meal that at first came without veges. I ordered apricot chicken and it came with hollandaise sauce (which came from a bottle).

My cousin had soggy garlic bread.

My order came with an option of fries or mashed potato, and veges or a salad. I was never asked what I wanted. I had to call the waitress over to complete my order. I was given a salad on a hot plate. I asked for veges.

There was a scale in a child's fish.

My vegetables came out with a "cheese sauce" which wasn't cheese at all and was extremely watery. The veges were cold and soggy.

For dessert: my cousin and I ordered a snowball (deep fried ice cream) each. Hers wasn't cooked and so we sent it back. The manager said they don't cook the snowballs, they only reheat them. He took it away and said he'd bring another one out but never did. When we went to pay the manager didn't make us pay for it though, which is a good thing.

My Aunty ordered a macaron that should have come with warm caramel sauce. It was cold.

The duty manager had sweat pouring down his face. Not a good look when you're handling food.


3 star rating
by Lannahlee Taueu
7 months ago

We had always come here. But after going to other restaurants and cafes, dennys food is really bland. But i still love the chocloate fudge cake lol

3 star rating
by Marina Harding
8 months ago

I use to love dennys I ended up getting sick of it cos I had tried everything that caught my eye on the menu. There food is always yum though. All though there food is yum I think they need to re-vamp there menu like new side salads, new dishes that are presented a little bit better, new deserts just a change even in decor maybe? Idn. But they must be doing something right if they are always packed with customerd. All in all Dennys is a good place for a casual get together with friends or family. Another + is that they are open 24/7 and we dont have many dine in 24/7 places.

1 star rating
by Madzy OH Yeah Wadzy
9 months ago

Hair on my plate and over cooked food what a major let down will not be eating here again this is unacceptable health and saftey practise and after complaining about the food i saw no point telling them about the hair as they dont take kindly to critisizium.

4 star rating
by Maria
9 months ago

This was my first time eating at Denny's Manukau. I knew that Denny's always had big portions so I knew that my food won't be insufficient. We waited for about 20 minutes which was a really long time. The food totally made up for it! You know that feeling you get when you're in a restaurant and you see your food coming and you just feel so happy? That was exactly my feeling. I wanted to order something I've never ordered before (sort of) so I knew that I wanted to order something really upgraded and something new. (Which also included chicken - my favorite!) I chose to order the sizzling chicken w/sizzling sauce(?) fries, capsicum and onions (it was so hot that the oil kept spatting on my face!) For $21 I expected it to be amazing. It was the bomb! I loved hearing it sizzle so loud when I finally saw it being held by the waitress! I also loved seeing the aromatic smoke coming out of the sizzling plate that headed towards me. (To the point that everyone turned their heads around to see who it was for.) I give it a 4.5/5 or 5/5 because every part of it was amazing, although the only down side was that it was so hot that it almost burnt my tongue. The lesson is that when ordering sizzling food always wait at least 5 minutes before eating because it's still insanely hot once served! It kinda strained me for a while so I waited a few minutes for it to cool down. I thought that the overall meal was a reasonable size, just make sure you don't put it close to your face! It smelt really nice and had this sizzling sauce to go with it - this I really loved! The onions and capsicum were perfectly caramelized ( still also sizzling hot!) plus the fries were tasty and not blant at all (it had some unknown savoury flavour to it), it all went quite nice with the chicken. The chicken was perfectly cooked that I could easily slice through it. I was so excited to try it! I'm glad it exceeded my expectations. The presentation, quality, and taste would be 5/5 the only small criticism I have is when it's way too hot so the waitresses/waiters should let the customers know beforehand so they can wait for it to simmer down. The setup was nice, the place was clean, not a noisy place and had fairly good staff. I advise the staff to smile a lot more, they serve really well but some don't look fairly happy working there! Anyway I also ordered a banana and berry smoothie which was so delicious! Most people I know are aware that I hate banana, but this smoothie really didn't make the banana taste like it was overpowering or disgusting/mushy. The banana tasted amazing with the berries, sugar and milk! I'd love to try this smoothie again - 5/5 ($6). It wasn't too sweet either. I also tried the tropical smoothie - 3.5/5 ($6) because I didn't really taste the tropical in there.

We also ordered a premium burger which had 3 patties and an egg in the burger - although a bit greasy with curly fries. (3/5 - $16.50) A club sandwhich which was really loved! (3.5/5 for me - but 4/5 for sandwhich lovers -$15) Pork roast with roast veggies and sauce. - served with cold hot chocolate. (3/5 - pork roast was not that great - didn't have much flavours. Apparently the hot chocolate was cold? -$21 + $6?) And beef lasagne which I give a 4/5 ($19 - price is too high) mainly because it had lots of flavours in there and the textures were great. The prices I listed were rough estimates/from memory but as far as I remember we paid $100 + for the bill. The food for me overall was great, I strongly recommend to lower the prices because they are too expensive. Add more flavours to some dishes, add more healthier dishes to your menu, use better and healthier alternatives to some of your dishes and always serve it like you're proud of your work. I also recommend asking the customers for feedback/survey of their experience to see what can be improved. Some customers might prefer no tv playing but instead they might prefer to listen to relaxing music playing in the background so they don't feel disturbed during their eating experience. Other than that definitely would come back for the food! Well done.

5 star rating
by Mele Futi
Oct 18, 2014

food is amazing there!! I always order the chicken salad and its always seasoned well. service is great and everyone is so friendly, its great for a family lunch or even for couples who enjoy desserts.

3 star rating
by Gaming Page
Sep 22, 2014

The food here is okay but not all that though. It's average but still good. Service I can is excellent and had no problems.

5 star rating
by Maria Samasoni
Sep 09, 2014

Decor of place is dated but food has always been great, sometimes wait is too long but food definitely makes up for it favourite and must try buffalo wings

5 star rating
by Bex Matson
Aug 16, 2014

Went to Denny's tonight (16th August 2014) for the 2nd time ever and again, were impressed.  2 adults, 2 kids. Took about 5 mins to get seated which was fine as others waiting in front of us. Waiter arrived after 5mins to take our order, we weren't ready so she came back again in 5 mins.  Ordered the kids food then said we weren't ready for ours. Wasn't a problem and they came back 5 mins after that.  A fork got dropped, they gave us a new one without even asking. The kids food (ham and toastie sandwich on wholegrain bread w/ curly fries for 5yr old, Junior Grand Slam for 4yr old) came out in less than 10mins and was at perfect eating temperature for them....both thoroughly enjoyed it. Our food took about another 10mins after that and again was delicious. Hubby had SurfnTurf w/ chips and veges plus a side serve of wedges. I had the Club Sandwich meal. Drinks came within 5 mins of ordering them. As did the kids sundae's. Love that tom. sauce is automatically brought to the table and you get a large jug of water instead of those skinny bottles which barely do 2 large glasses. All staff were polite and smiling. Bill came to $78. My only complaints are that giving kids activity sheets at the start would be good and with the $4 add a sundae and drink to the kids meals, non-soft drink options should be allowed [small juice or milk]

1 star rating
by Lisa Đỗ
Sep 17, 2013

Staff need to learn a thing or two about customer service.

Having been to Denny's Manukau multiple times, and the majority of the time myself and friends have found the staff to be rude, arrogant and they appear as if they hate their jobs.

The cooks do not understand how to cook a well cook steak when asked for 'well cooked', instead we've been given a 'medium-rare' or 'rare' when asked for 'medium'! When we ask the staff to please fry it a little more, they appear as if it's such a 'chore'. When they do bring it back, it's evident that they've just put it in the microwave as the whole plate is warm.

The only good thing about this place is the dessert, however this place is not worth the money considering the prices and the service you pay for.

A disgrace to the Denny's brand.

1 star rating
by Cyprus Mashego
Jun 03, 2013

I ordered lasagna, chicken curry and a kiddie burgers. Lasagna and burgers were not bad but the curry was just chicken pieces in curry water. Not going there again. The curry came in very dry and had to be returned and when it came back it was just chicken pieces in curry water. The place was full an i wondered why and that's why i tried them. One of the Indian staff was good enough to suggest returning the curry because it was not good enough.

1 star rating
by Judy Selvaraj
Feb 06, 2013

Hello - do not waste your time going to Denny's. It is Waitangi Day and when (two of us) we were seated the person with me had already eaten and so I was dining there for a quick breakfast and coffee. There was to be a $2 surcharge which I understood but the person with me (even though they were not eating or drinking coffee) was going to be charged a $2 surcharge. The mind 'boggled' at first as to why should a person pay a $2 surcharge when they were not being charged in the first place. Although I do not agree with surcharges I knew I would be expected to pay. We left without ordering.

Not a good idea to eat at Dennys in Wairau Road at all!!!!!

5 star rating
by Gina
Jan 14, 2013

Had dinner here last night with a deal voucher. We were seated immediately upon arrival. Our order of 4 appetisers arrived within 10-15 min, and our mains came shortly after. The food was pretty good! Our table was completely covered in dishes which earned quite a few looks as we were right next to the entrance, ha! We were SO stuffed afterwards. No complaints here, we'd definitely come back again.

1 star rating
by Sanil Siwan
Nov 10, 2012

0 (zero) stars!!!!
My friends recommended Denny's for their Buffalo wings and I stopped by for it one night. Well here it is, all starts the waitress passed me the menu and took me to the table on which even I couldn't fit. But I still managed to squeeze in for some time I placed my order for apple juice, wings and a side of curly fries. Now the waitress brought my juice to the table and I asked her if I can switch my table since I was uncomfortable and she agreed but rather then placing the drinks on the table I was moving to she left it on the table from where I was getting off and guess what ??? The drink spilt on the table and she had no courtesy to change my drink or refill or even to apologise. Second terrible part friends said the wings were very juicy and famous, well now my meal was brought to the table and trust me the wings were so hard like rubber and I could taste the oil from the deep fryer it was only fool of shit!!! I tried few and I did not want to it any more and then I was waiting for someone to come and ask how my meal was or I need to order for anything else but no one came around I set there for half and hour and then a waitress who was collecting empty plates had to be asked for a takeaway box ... not recommending or going back there ever again ..Pathetic this place rather should close down...honestly it was a rip off for me didn't get what I way no more Denny's it would have been much better if i would have grabbed a bk meal. Shame on Dennys.
Visited on 2nd Nov 2012

1 star rating
by Bruno
Aug 21, 2012

Absolutely awful. We went there with 5 children, and waited over an hour for basic burgers and chips...while other adults were served who had arrived after we did. We kept asking our waitress but had to go in search of a manager before anything was done. The food was cold and hard, and it was so late by the time we left the children were falling asleep at the table. We couldn't wait any longer for the sundaes that were included in the meals, and were still charged for them! The manager was clearly not interested at all, and even added another dessert that we hadn't ordered nor received, onto our bill - it took quite some insisting to get this taken off. Don't bother complaining either - we emailed the Head Office and haven't had anything done...I know it's only basic food but surely they could get something right. Ruined our night out, won't be going back again ever!

3 star rating
by Fluffycatsdad Fluffycatsdad
Jul 30, 2012

My visit to Manukau was the second time my partner and I had visited Denny's together, and the food was most delicious. However, I would describe our waitress as distracted and indifferent. There were four tables, maximum, and at least two floor staff, so it shouldn't have been difficult for her to pay us a little more attention. However, I've definitely encountered worse (see my review on Denny's North Shore), and so would visit Denny's Manukau again.

1 star rating
by Melany
Jun 18, 2012

Terrible place! Terrible terrible terrible! Rude staff! They must be doing exceptionally great to turn down a booking for 20 one month in advance! It is fine though as we can found a venue willing to take that amount of cash in from one sitting with much better food and much better staff attitudes!

2 star rating
by Shaundey Katana
Jun 06, 2012

It's o.k not all that... Went there for dinner one time waited for 45Min's went up to ask were our dinner was, the waitress who took our order forgot to pop the docket up and took of home instead, wanted to leave but nothing else would have been open at that time... It is pretty expensive for a place like that...

1 star rating
by Irek Avagat
May 23, 2012

Food totally different from the pictures on the menu. Some of our food came out cold. Don't know why we were isolated away from the rest of the restaurant that day. The staff that looked after us, got fed up with us, being a big group with heaps of different wants. Not seeing me/us there again =(

4 star rating
by Ace
May 22, 2012

Pretty yum food although service is soooo slow. I rang the bell about 5 times before someone came. They also took away the satay roll which was my favourite. Its not really a resturant but more of a diner so you cant expect much but for the most part, its reasonably priced. The curly fries are a winner

3 star rating
by Yvonne Naoupu
May 19, 2012

I really liked Dennys 10years ago.. finally dined there after so many years with my now ex-friends who wouldnt shut up about their Buffalo wings and Surf n turf.. I swear I was disappointed but kept a smile for these fans. Ordered a medium-rare sirloin, came to me cold, dry as heck, and tasteless.. had to drown it in tomato sauce. Buffalo wings were nice and hot, and the nachos too. Couldnt see why my steak was cold? Decent portion of fries, warm-cold! If it wasnt for the friendly waitress who made us laugh and apologised for the wait etc, I wouldve given 1 star. The place needs a make over.

1 star rating
by Lisa Dougal
Apr 29, 2012

Omg I have not been to Dennys Manukau for nearly 3 years and I wont ever be going back. The food was dry cold and just over all horrible. We go to the local bar down the road from our house and pay the same prices for much better quality meals and service. The standards have dropped some since I last visited and the poor staff there that have to wear uniforms to small for them just looks disgraceful its no wonder they don't smile while taking orders. Mcds staff are better dressed than Dennys! People look around before wasting good money there!

3 star rating
by Grant Lamb
Feb 25, 2012

A friend and I went to Denny's on Thursday 23 February 2012 for lunch. [12.01pm]

This was our first time at a Denny's restaurant.

It was a good experience, staff were pleasant, meals were great, service was excellent and the prices were excellent.

Our order was as follows for two people:
1x Chilli Fries (4 STARS)
2x Chocolate Milkshake (5 STARS)

2x Double Burger (4 STARS)
2x Curly Fries (4 STARS)
2x Glass of Water (5 STARS)

1x Orange Juice (5 STARS)
2x Glass of Water (5 STARS)

none - we thought we would wait till we had eaten before deciding

From the start to the finish the Denny's experience was very good. There was a slight delay as we entered the door and waited to be seated but once we were shown to our table the service was excellent.

The waitress was a very friendly young lady and the manager was also very helpful when the waitress was obviously busy.

Wait times at the table were well balanced.
The milkshakes came first then shortly after the chilli fries.
Once these were finished we asked for some water and a glass of orange juice which arrived within minutes.
A few minutes grace was given before our burgers and curly fries arrived.
More water was delivered once we had finished the first.
We decided not to get any dessert as we were sooo full which was a shame cause we did want to try some.

Overall the meals were very good and a fairly good size, I was unable to finish my burger after having eaten the chilli fries.

Great place to visit.

1 star rating
by Colin
Dec 27, 2011

We went there on xmas eve,have been there a few times but never again....My turkey dinner with mash potato & salad. one slice of turkey,potato was mashed with too much water!!the glass bowl of salad was half full of water,at least they could have drained the water so my salad would not be soggy. the lamb dinner didnt fair much better with raw veges,chewy meat that was after the first plate was wrong due to an order mix up( waitress just took the plate away with no explaination )!!!!, and it was all COLD.dessert was some sort of chocolate,i didnt eat ,I could smell the cocoa in it .....Way too much cocoa. not nice at all, I am taking the matter further !!!!!!!!.....Go To Gengys down the road.far better deal

3 star rating
by Nardia Niao
Dec 17, 2011

Came here for the 1st time 1 week ago.

I like that the prices vary & most dishes are affordable, my meal wasn't outstanding but it was ok.
Everyone else enjoyed their Meals more, decent size.
I had the Potato & egg thing, a Banana split & a Chocolate milkshake.
The Potato thing was just ok. Nice to try but wouldn't order it again.
The Banana Split was bland, the Milkshake was yummy!
The others enjoyed their Meals.
They said the Buffalo Wings, Eggs Bene, & the Hot Fudge Cake (Which was huge by the way!!) tasted great. That's all I know that tasted good as the others didn't say much about their Meals.
Will come back & try the dishes that were raved about.

The Waitress was slack though could be more chirpy

1 star rating
by Naomi Sellar
Aug 07, 2011

Terrible terrbile terrible!

Have been to this dennys a couple of times now and am unsure why I even kept going after the first time! Everytime I've been the food is average, the waiting time is long and the service is disgustingly bad!

A few of my mates and I went the other night with my 8 month old son. We asked for a high chair as soon as we got to the counter but were seated without one. Had to ask for a high chair 4 times!! I asked our waitress 3 times for a high chair and ended up asking another waitress who wasn't happy to serve us whatsoever but in the end she got me one. The second waitress was verbally rude as well and sarcastic making it super clear that she didn't want to be there.

Ordered our food, took such a long time to arrive. Ordered a jug of water and got 3 glasses full instead ?? Ordered the bangers and mash for my son so he could eat the veges and mash and the peas were rock hard! His food came without cutlery to feed him with and my friend had to ask another 3 times to get extra cutlery so she could pick off our plates (she didn't order her own meal). They ran out of the flavoured pie my friend ordered but still billed us for it.

What upset me the most was the terrible service. Our one waiter didn't apologise for anything she did wrong, she wouldn't let us pay extra for a side of bread and only started to listen to us after we got angry with her. Was a terrible night, am writing a complaint to the manager and would NEVER EVER go there again! Will be advising my friends never to go Manukau dennys either.

1 star rating
by Nisha
Jul 08, 2011

Worst night out EVER!!!I'd give this 0 stars but it appears that I can't. We called ahead and asked if we needed to make a reservation for 8 people but they said no we don't have to. So we arrive and they tell us to wait, we waited an hour to be seated. The waitress got our drinks order mixed up (one of the diners with us didn't even get her drink until she reminded them!!)Then the food took over 40 minutes to arrive!! They just passed the plates out without asking who ordered what!!! Many times we had to pass the plate to the right person. They also got two orders wrong, gave the correct food and not a word of apology for the long wait or for the bad service. We ate the food and it was disgusting!! The garlic and herb butter on my chicken had turned the chickens skin a yucky green colour!! VERY DISGUSTING to look at or to eat! The meat was also tough and rubbery like it was made three days ago!!!! So we went to pay and the guy at the counter was soo rude to us! Never going back to this place or ever recommend to anyone. In fact I told two people not to go in because of the bad food and even worse service!

1 star rating
by Relic03
Jun 29, 2010

THE WORST POSSIBLE RESTAURANT, the quality of food is less to be desired and the condition of the food at times is inedible, either too dry, or uncooked and at times overcooked (buffalo wingers). The Manager by the name of John, is rude and obnoxious, not providing any amends for their mistakes, and then not obliging my payment with my VIP Card. The service is shocking, not clearing tables, delays in delivery of food, and worst of all the waiter/tress cannot speak or understand English. What are restaurants coming to ... with Denny's its definitely an end. Not worth even one star.

1 star rating
by Papatoetoe
Jun 28, 2010

We went to Denny's on Saturday @ 1am'ish.
The chips were cold and like cardboard. The orange juice glass was not filled up to the top.
The French toast, well you couldn't even see the egg. The toast wasn't warm at all! and to top it off 'thinned down maple syrup'. Service sucked! The coffee was good though.

1 star rating
by Evangeline
May 18, 2010

My husband and I had dinner at dennys last wednesday and were using a coupon from their company for a 2for1 dinner deal. Upon paying our bill i handed the waitress my coupon and she said that i couldnt use the coupon as i shouldve told her that I was using the coupon when I was ordering, and that I had to order an appetiser with the coupon in order for me to use the coupon!

I read and reread the coupon and there was no mention anywhere on the coupon that I had to order an appetizer and the coupon specifically stated, just 2for1 for anything from the "dinner" menu. I proceeded to explain this to the lady and she wouldnt accept the coupon and made me pay for the full amount of the meal, stating that I can use it again the next time I come back but to also buy an appetizer on top of the meal to validate the coupon. She downright refused to take the coupon even upon my insisting that there was no mention of a purchase of an appetizer together with this coupon. Alas she insisted that she was right, that although there was no mention of an appetizer on the actual coupon, I still needed to purchase an appetizer WITH the meal stated on the coupon to be able to use it, huhhhh!

After sitting in my car for a while thinking over the events of that morning I was so upset that I went back in to see the manager, and explained to her what had happened, the manager said i couldnt have my money back because Id already paid the cash to the waitress and the deal was closed, and that i shouldve handed the coupon over to the lady before paying the money. I asked the manager to read the coupon for me and to explain to me where on the coupon it stated that I had to purchase an appetizer together with the meal stated on the coupon. The manager said that it was incorrect, that i didnt have to order an appetizer, just the 2for1 meal stated on the coupon with nothing extra. I proceeded to explain what the waitress had told me and by that time the waitress was at our side now, still claiming, that yes, I did have to purchase an appetizer with the meal, right in the face of the manager, some nerve!!!! and the manager said, no, that that was incorrect!! I told her that I should get my money back because I had presented the coupon to the waitress before handing her the money, but she refused to take the coupon claiming that i had to purchase an appetizer with the meal before i could use the coupon.

The poor manager in the end ended up giving me my money back because I wasnt going to go anywhere without it, or else I would be causing a scene right there and then, and they did have quite a moderately full house that morning! I appreciate the kindness and patience of the manager, however the rude waitress who is nothing but money greedy, TYPICAL, could use some lessons on truthfulness!!!!!!

Werent you ever taught there that the ..... CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!

Despite this little event, I will continue to dine there because the meals are always wonderful, however I wouldnt like to be served by that waitress ever again!!!

5 star rating
by Scott
May 15, 2010

Good food, consistent quality, good friendly service... what else could you ask for? We usually go here for breakfast and have never been disappointed. Good job Denny's.

3 star rating
by Ryan Judd
Mar 24, 2010

looks like the building and decor hasnt been updated or replaced since 1980, mostly everything is worn and in need of replacement. but without fail they always deliver the same high standard dennys food and are always very fast. Bathrooms are in urgent need of cleaning and refurbishment.

4 star rating
by Tmarz
Feb 05, 2010

My 7yr old daughter and I went again to Dennys Manukau last night - I had the Fettucine Carbonara and Mushroom soup - couldn't fault any of it at all. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the carbonara sauce was probably the best I've ever tasted, and not being a huge fan of mushroom soup - it was perfect! My daughter had the hot dog combo meal and the only thing she didn't like was the mustard! Will definitely go back again.

----- 22 Oct, 2009 -----
My partner and I took our children - 7 and 3 for our daughter's 7th birthday dinner on Tuesday night. We arrive around 8pm and it was packed, we probably had to wait about 10 minutes for a table. We found the staff really friendly and the food was actually fine (despite previous posts). We ordered 2 junior burger meals; surf & turf and t-bone meals. We both asked for well done, but mine was a bit pink (but that was fine, I wasn't fussed). It's not a poncy restaurant and that was just spot on for us. Really couldn't complain, just a bit on the expensive side (only because we don't eat out much!!). Staff were friendly and to be honest had no issues with cleanliness at all.

3 star rating
by Mel Kelly
Nov 11, 2009

I go to Denny's on a regular basis for a quick catch up with friends or for kids birthdays! I've been at all hours of the day and night and their service has never disappointed me. For what you pay the food, service and cleanliness is just perfect. It's good to get away from all the poncy people and places that are out there. Just right for the average Jo :)

2 star rating
by Erena
Sep 05, 2009

Other than their Oreo Sundaes, food is average to below average (e.g. pre frozen cheesecake), service is unprofessional and cleanliness leaves a lot to be desired. In our experience, management doesn't put things right either!
If you manage to make it in the front door without being sucked into their airconditioning system, (this has to be experienced to be believed), do yourselves a favour and head straight out the door again.

4 star rating
by Ashwini
Sep 23, 2008

Once I came to the restaurant the food was good buti think i ordered the wrong food.

1 star rating
by Tania
Aug 31, 2008

I had an experience at Denny’s in Manukau.
My family and I went there to celebrate my daughters 7th birthday 06/08/2008
Everything started out okay until the waitress brought over the Oreo Shakes. The drinks spilt on her tray, all over the floor and all over my daughter. She just stood there and instead of taking the tray away, she turned it a little more so that the rest could pour down on my daughters clothes and hair.

The waitress didn’t apologise. Just walked away.
I took my daughter to the bathroom to clean up. Her new clothes were ruined and when we returned we were not removed from the area that had the shakes remains still there (they hadn’t cleaned it up).
The person on duty came over, apologised and thought he could leave it at that!
No offer of dry cleaning or anything until we stressed that it was not acceptable. I informed him how it was her birthday, she was wet, her clothes were ruined and what was he going to do about it? He replied that there wasn’t much he could do.

Is this the kind of service we are supposed to accept?

He offered the drinks that were spilt to be made free of charge.
We are still furious with what happened.

1 star rating
by Juanita
Aug 14, 2008

Sunday morning breakfast. Lousy service, lousy food and lousy management when one trys to complain. I resented having to argue about not paying for an extremely sub standard meal, overdone steak IS NOT medium rare no matter how you want to try and make it!!

2 star rating
by Vicki
Jul 12, 2008

Food was okay! Unfortunately the cleanliness of the place let it down. our table was dirty. The furniture in the place also needs to be updated. A very small dennys. I think they need to look more at the way the Auckland city Dennys is run. case thats a much better place to dine. i would never dine at the Manukau one again.. Service was slack and we had to wait for ages before someone took our order.

5 star rating
by Mike & Elsie
Jun 11, 2008

4.30pm had dinner at this awesome place, was our first time there, thanx to our daughter for putting us on to it.
Awesome place to go for a meal, the service was excellent, the waitress was lovely, meal was quick, pudding was Yummmmeee
I would certainly recommend Denny's to anyone & everyone i know
Thanx Denny's.. way to go