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Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar

4_half star rating 79 reviews

Telephone 09 363 7048

86 Federal St
Auckland Central
Auckland City

New Zealand, Tapas/Small Plates
Mon - Sun 7am - late
Winner of Best Casual Bistro at the 2013 Metro Restaurant of the Year Awards!

Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar was crowned Supreme Winner of 2012 Metro Restaurant of the Year Awards last year, and now, they...

Announced 1 year ago
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Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar was Supreme Winner of 2012 Metro Restaurant of the Year Awards, and also now winner of Best Casual Bistro at the 2013 Metro Awards! Launched in 2011 by famous New Zealand chef, Al Brown – known for his award-winning Logan Brown Restaurant & Bar in Wellington, and his passionate TV presence. Depot by Al Brown is a fast-paced, fresh venue, where you can drop in and share small plates, oysters that are shucked to order, and other perfectly cooked dishes. The focus is on the simple qualities of food, and most of which are prepared over charcoal or hard wood, with an emphasis on seasonal produce. Our small shared plates are straightforward, tasty and fresh, served with energy and ease. Al Brown follows his belief that the kitchen should spend its efforts on delighting the palate, rather than creating garnishes to please the eye. Depot Eatery and Oyster Bar is part of SKYCITY’s new entertainment precinct, located on Federal St.


Photo of Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar
Blue cheese mascarpone & as always Salash Delicatessen prosciutto !
Linguine n Clams / Fresh handcut Squid ink Linguine,
'Curious Cropper' Panzanella Salad w/ Baby cucumber, Kalamata, E.V.O Croutons and Basil

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Reviews for Depot Eatery & Oyster Bar

5 star rating
by Karl D.
20th June 2014

I can not say a bad word about this place. Love it, never been disappointed. Staff are friendly and professional, food is top notch.
Price reflects quality food, location and high end hospo staff.
Best place to sit is in the far corner looking into the kitchen.

4 star rating
by Vang L.
2nd June 2014

Very good food and service. Only reason it didn’t get a 5 star is the price. If you don’t mind paying then this is the place to eat. Great atmosphere.

5 star rating
by Nate D.
26th May 2014

Went there last night for dinner, and sat at the bar looking right into the kitchen. Was fascinating to watch their efficient kitchen team at full stream.

Food was brilliant, service could’ve been alittle more attentive. We thoroughly enjoyed chatting with their head chef during dinner.

Will definitely be back.

3 star rating
by Silvi J.
2nd May 2014

This has to have BEEN one of my favourite dining establishments in Auckland. I was in today on my own for a quick bite. After not having been to Depot for over a year I had been missing the place badly. The menu seemed to be a little stale and I had thought that there should be something new and exciting on it.
What a bit of a let down today was , I ordered the fish sliders and a side of potato skins which were an old favourite of mine.
After asking the waitress for some water after 10 mins and then asking her if I could order, the food arrived promptly and the sliders were tasty as always. The potato skins were not too bad I do however remembering them being better. Is it just me thou or have the portion sizes shrunk? The couple next to me had fig toasties and fish tortillas and they were tiny!! 2 pieces of each.
Depot may have just been having a bit of a bad day but if I have an experience like that again I would not return.

5 star rating
by Gabriel G.
21st February 2014

Hands down….best place to eat in Auckland!

Not a single complaint about the food! Good portions and reasonably priced sharing platters!

Only complain would be that it’s hard for them to accommodate larger groups and no bookings allowed.

4 star rating
by EarnesTaster
9th February 2014

If this restaurant actually deserves the Metro Supreme Restaurant of the Year 2012, then I’m John Key. But even John Key won’t be able to deny that this restaurant’s got it made – throngs of patrons and ruddy good food minus the frills. We kicked off with the fresh taste of Mahurangi Oysters and the Tuatua which was better, offering a clean bass note of savoury ocean. Turbot in natty sliders were soft, moist and lightly roasted ,cut with lemon mayo and watercress.Deliciously fried Lamb Ribs carried a hint of musky note that was quickly overtaken by succulent meat and liberal currents of fat . Fergus’ Bone marrow is a a fatty blast of fabulously full flavour and intense umami, its heart-attack-inducing richness smartly cut with toast, parsley and shallot rings. Don’t expect vigilance from the otherwise keen, very busy service. Hapuka Belly is a succulent expanse of white fish, but it does not merit its $32 price tag- it’s paired with the admirably named eggplant kasundi which unfortunately trades savoury finesse for sweetness. Depot needs to attempt bolder seasoning instead of tame marketplace caution.The newly introduced “Greg’s Southern Fried Skate Wings’ is meltingly soft with crunchy coating , but sassy seasoning would have made it rival any of the superior Chicken Karaage in the city. Pork hock here has crunchy crackling atop fatty cuts of pork- the meat’s savoury heft blends comfortingly with unctuous horseradish mash and the crisp brightness of green apple matchsticks. Sit next to the kitchen to get a feel of one of the country’s busiest bistros. Chef Al Brown who’s the nation’s most high-profile chef and a TV personality gave me a big surprise when I spotted him, one Friday evening, clearing plates from the tables and taking it inside the kitchen – his corporate drive notwithstanding, he clearly takes the Kiwi DIY ideal to humble heights.

For photos you may see http://www.upnworld.co…

5 star rating
by Mark V.
7th February 2014

Al has really nailed it with Depot. His staff training must clearly be brilliant as they are attentive and look as though they really do have a passion for their food and customer service. We like to eat up by the kitchen and marvel at the logistics involved in running an efficient and effective kitchen. The head Chef even takes a little time out to explain some of the dishes on request. We witnessed them even trying to work out the best adaptation of some of their dishes to accommodate a customer who was dairy free. This is a consistently excellent eatery that we will keep coming back to.

5 star rating
by Lloyd G.
31st January 2014

Every time I am in Auckland a must go!

Depot in amazing.

Food extremely fresh, standouts include pork hock, oysters, tacos and breakfast spot on!
Service is always friendly and right there when you need it without being over the top.

Comfortable cool environment/decor with great wines to match.

Highly recommended.

4 star rating
by Tony M.
7th January 2014


THEIR SHELLFISH IS TO DIE FOR! Everything else is average…But if you love seafood come try this place out!

Tuatuas are delicious raw! Also the fish tacos were nice, but a bit pricey for the size and quality.

Overall a good place to eat before a night out in town!
Beware of long wait times, and it could also be full.

Service: 3/5
Wait time: 4/5
Environment: 3/5
Food Quality: 5/5
Food Quantity: 4/5
Price range: $30+ pp

4 star rating
by Kyle G.
28th December 2013

we really like the food here and the atmosphere however the metal tumblers are not good to drink out of and we had a metalic taste in our mouths for the rest of the evening. Also, the glass tumblers for the wine is not a good idea either but luckily we asked for proper wine glasses and they accommodated us. Will definitely be going back for the brisket sliders.

4 star rating
by Ana V.
6th December 2013

Amazing service, I like the food. But this place gets its stars for the amazing service.

5 star rating
by Cathy L.
26th November 2013

Love love love Depot Eatery – have been there many times for breakfast, lunch and dinner and food is always amazing! Service is good too.

Must haves are turbot sliders, skirt steak (comes rare), pork hock, lamb ribs, kingfish sashimi – pretty much everything is amazing!

Ooh and don’t forget the mini sins!

5 star rating
by Gus
2nd November 2013

This was my first visit to Depot; I’d heard so many good things about it I wondered if they could deliver. I needn’t have worried, the food was outstanding. We had to wait outside for 45 minutes but were well looked after by our waiter, who kept the drinks flowing along with plates of yummy white bean puree and pita bread. Once inside we were seated at the rear of the dining room on the counter at the pass. It was such a pleasure watching the cooking team work and seeing the food coming out. I had Tio Point oysters to start, which had that lovely metallic finish. Great on their own but the shallot and red wine vinegar dip was very nice too. Next came the turbot sliders; lovely soft sweet fish, sweet but tangy lemon mayo with peppery watercress to contrast, all wrapped up in one of the most delectable buns you will ever eat. The seared scallops with cauliflower puree and proscuitto are a tried and tested combo but these were as tasty an example as I’ve eaten. We finished off with the roast pork hock, a thing of beauty with lovely soft succulent meat and melt in the mouth crackling. My only regret was that we were too full to order anything else. Next visit I will have to eat the slow cooked lamb in Yorkshire puddings, the warehou tortillas and the butterflied snapper. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Service at the table started off very well but tailed off near the end as the restaurant wound up. It could have ended better but the food was why we went, and why we will go again

5 star rating
by Rebecca
2nd November 2013

Excellent food, atmosphere and services.

The potatoes skin, chicken couscous, and all other dishes were amazing. I want to try everything on the menu!

Definitely one of my favorite eateries in Auckland!
Validating the parking ticket at SkyCity is a bonus!

3 star rating
by Susan B.
1st November 2013

I usually love love love the depot. I work and live in town so it’s always been a favourite.
The last two times I have come in I have felt really let down by the service.
The food was fantastic as always. The first time we received bad service I thought it might have just been a bad day, different staff who knows?? But I came in again about a week later and it was no better.
It just felt like the staff didn’t really care and they weren’t interested in us. It was just lacking that special something. I had brought clients in and had raved about the place and left feeling really underwhelmed.
I would probably come back because in the past it has been spot on in every level. Please guys…Feel the love again!!

5 star rating
by Tracey D.
24th October 2013

Group of 4 girls, close to Xmas had a bit of a wait but managed to get a table after about 1/2 hour.
Great food – asked the waiter for recommendations, everything we had was delicious.
Excellent wine list and wines by the glass – we got to try Pelorus Rose for the first time which was a hit for all. Fantastic service – can’t wait to go back….

3 star rating
by Sharon
23rd October 2013

The food was nice however the price was not!! I will not go to this restaurant again. I was so shocked at the price of $39.00 for a starter white bait fritter. Add to that the parking at SkyCity of $31.00. Very disappointed.

5 star rating
by Sophie
15th October 2013

Perfection. Please open a sister Depot in Christchurch Al. We are desperate for good eateries down here! The quake took them all and I can honestly say not one new kid on the block is anywhere close to Depot!

4 star rating
by Alex S.
8th October 2013

Didn’t think this restaurant would live up to the hype, but WOW! Amazing food! The pork and skirt steak were amazing, LOVED the kumara and have been trying to emulate this at home ever since! Would be five stars but deducting a point for the silly tumbler glasses – how to ruin good wine! I’m guessing the real reason for using tumblers is the tables are so small you’d knock glasses over every five seconds…still, some things shouldn’t be messed with! Go prepared for a decent wait for a table too…but it’s worth it.

5 star rating
by Mitch E.
29th September 2013

Four of us went here for a birthday and were incredibly impressed, the waiter answered all questions we had on wine and beer and made helpful suggestions on various dishes as someone else has said here, the meats were so tender they melted in the mouth.
We had three courses and each of us ordered different choices so as to all share and taste a wide selection, my friends are food technologists so they know food inside out and there was nothing but accolades from them, and even though it was Friday night we arrived at 6:00 and were shown straight to a table, took our time eating and chatting and there was no pressure to move on at the end of our meals. I can say I had the best dining experience and really enjoyed the rustic atmosphere. It was good to see Al there circulating also, I am looking forward to go back soon.

5 star rating
by Mandy V.
27th September 2013

This place was amazing and we will have to go back! Loved the service and the food ! The drinks were quickly served and the food followed straight after. Those oysters were to die for! Keep up the good work I will be back for sure.

5 star rating
by Rozanne D.
24th September 2013

The food here is unbelievable. Breakfast is superb and everything else tastes amazing. My Friend ordered potato skins and I kind of thought they would be just like other ones I have had but somehow they tasted incredible. Even though the menu sounds simple everything I have tasted blows me away with flavour. You have to be early to get a table but it’s worth the wait.

5 star rating
by Carol
11th September 2013

Amazing food, incredible service. Never fails!
I have recommended Depot to many of my friends and family. Each and every time, Depot has surpassed my expectations. The fish or pork sliders are to melt-in-your-mouth, potato skins are always crispy and delicious, ribs are always cooked perfectly and oysters are so fresh and tasty that even someone who dislikes oysters loved it. One of the BEST places to dine in Auckland (if you don’t mind the wait- it is worth it!)

4 star rating
by Lee D.
2nd September 2013

The food is absolutely delicious and the staff are super friendly! Only took one star off because of the long wait times. They need to expand asap and I have a feeling that they will still get full business. Seriously, the fig toasties are amazing and the brown sugar pie is to die for. I love the nice buzz that the restaurant always has as well.

5 star rating
by Gary B.
23rd July 2013

My wife and I went to Auckland for 5 nights and ate here three nights in a row Sat, Sun and Mon 13-15 Jul
The staff are fantastic as we got to know everyone from Haley to Nick and even the chef.
The food was sublime. We are well traveled and love New York and this place just lives even on a cold night
Wine in tumblers and water in beakers is very casual and refreshing
we had the turbot sliders,Pork Hock,free range chicken,braised beef cheek,lamb ribs and hapuka tortillas, plus potatoes skins(not all on the same night but a combination over 3)
The Pork Hock was our favourite a standard must with every meal as were the turbot sliders and everything else is just as good to mix and match.
Our shortest wait time was one hour but with the system of taking a cell number we went for a walk and improved our appetite.
Well done the depot team
Gary Christchurch

5 star rating
by Aaron N.
20th July 2013

This restaurant is absolutely fantastic.

The food is fresh and new, affordable for the standard of food given and the atmosphere. The sole downside is the possibility of a long wait which is only because it’s so popular.

The fish tacos are amazing and the sliders, delicious. I will definitely be back here several times!

5 star rating
by Miso
12th July 2013

We had an absolutely brilliant meal at Depot last night. Having only been once previously, a year ago, we’d been fantasising about returning many times since then.
Last night provided an incredibly satisfying second visit. The food was extremely good. Stand out items for me were the freshly shucked oysters, the bone marrow (incredibly rich and delicious) and the sugar pie. The service is fast and friendly and welcoming and we were delighted to see a smiling Al Brown cruising through the restaurant talking to tables. The place has a delightful bustle and is not the least bit pretentious.
Absolutely love this place.

4 star rating
by Lucy B.
23rd June 2013

Had the Waiheke oysters and hapuku sliders – simply awesome as usual. However, the brisket “tortillas” were a disappointment, not well seasoned and lacking those luscious pickled onions. BTW I can’t figure out why they call them “tortillas” instead of tacos. It’s like serving someone a burger and calling it “bread.” Oh well, they’ve been excellent in the past and I’m looking forward to a return to greatness.

5 star rating
by Tim H.
15th June 2013

Have heard about depot for a long time. And we were not dissappointed. The schnapper in the schnapper sliders was so juicy it melted into my toungue. My toungue is now part scnapper. Exactly like schnapper caught on the water in thmorning and eaten in the evening. My wife also thought the walnuts were candied to perfection. Excellant service as well although unsure about wine in tumblers. But overall very enjoyable.

5 star rating
by Michael J.
5th June 2013

Visited with my wife and had an outstanding experience. The place was buzzing, the service was really quick, super friendly but still professional. Most importantly the food is excellent. I had high expectations and it exceeded them. Don’t come here if you can’t handle a bit of noise and life. Fantastic fun.

3 star rating
by Jason M.
21st May 2013

Very long waiting times and very crammed place. Food was good but didn’t make up for the fact that we waited far to long. A very busy and loud place made it hard to have any kind of conversation.

5 star rating
by Casey H.
19th May 2013

Love this place.

The food is well prepared with good portion sizes. A good selection of food to choose from.

For how popular and busy it is, the staff are well attentive to their guests and aware of exactly what is going on.

A great place to chill out at in night of the week.

5 star rating
by Maria D.
13th May 2013

Insane. I’ve been dying to go here for awhile but is always jam packed, but today we got to go and was amazing! Snapper sliders, Brussels sprout with walnuts and chicken with Israeli couscous. Attentive and friendly staff, who know what they’re doing. Absolutely 5/5

2 star rating
by Zoe M.
28th April 2013

We’d been wanting to eat at Depot for sometime and we finally got round it it. The atmosphere and decor is relaxed and friendly, but initially we were offered a cramped space at the bar when tables were available. That said the waitress was really accommodating when we asked to move. The food was very tasty, we had a selection of clams which were perfect, the fish sliders which we could have eaten a tray full off, and the pork hock which was lovely and tender with wonderful crackling, but came with a weird brown sludge with sweetcorn in it. I loved the potato skins but the flavours didnt work for my husband. Desert menu was pretty uninspiring tho – lots and lots of choices for digestifs but only 3 sweet desert options and 1 cheese. So 8.5 out of 10 for food. The service really was good, friendly waitress who wasn’t too much in our face. The only thing that we really didn’t enjoy was the seating arangements – if we’d known it was all bar stools we wouldn’t have gone yesterday as my husband had a bad knee and found perching on the bar stools very uncomfortable. We found that sitting on bar stools with no back support really detracted from the enjoyment of the meal as we couldn’t really relax. If it hadn’t been for the seating arrangements it would have been a 5 star review as we really enjoyed our dinner apart from a few minor points, but it seems that being trendy has overtaken comfort in the list of priorities here.

UPDATE to the above review:

Been back a few times with work colleagues and enjoyed myself a lot more. Then went back with a friend last night, had a great evening… in the cold light of day I checked the docket this morning. Despite ordering the house sav that’s on tap 3 times last night, only once was I correctly charged on the bill. The other times I was charged for a Dog Point sav at $14 instead of $8 for the ‘on tap’ variety, the second time $16 for a carafe of Chardonnay instead of $12 for one of sav. Seriously, I expect far better than this from a higher end establishment. Check your dockets carefully, because it seems overcharging is pretty commonplace here. I wish I’d spotted it last night, obviously my fault that I didn’t, so just a warning to others the check what you’ve been charged for before you leave.

3 star rating
by Susan S.
8th March 2013

I was very excited to visit this restaurant, as I had heard rave reviews from my friend’s daughter, who lives in Auckland and considers herself a real foodie. I am a passionate cook, and host hands-on cooking classes from my home in the Wairarapa.
I have eaten a few times at Logan-Brown in Wellington and have usually been satisfied, but not craving anything worth re-visiting.
The atmosphere at The Depot is trendy and playful. My friend though found the repetitive Johnny Cash playing in the background a bit tedious and too loud for conversation. Our server was most cheerful and helpful with menu choices, and serving our drinks.
I enjoyed the raw seafood the most: the oyster and 2 clam shells to be honest. The grouper sliders were my next favorite item on the menu. The potato skins were most disappointing as they were very salty and tasteless, as was the Tuscan type salad. They had so much potential as well! The skirt steak was tender, but way over priced for the portion size. All in all, after spending a total of $187.00, $84 of which was for beverages, my very petite friend from North Ireland was still hungry. I paid the check by the front desk, and left a tip for the server. It was only when I arrived home that I discovered I was charged x2 for my one glass of Bubbles. All in all, I don’t regret experiencing this new darling of the Auckland culinary scene, but won’t be returning for anything special any time soon.

5 star rating
by Joe H.
18th February 2013

been a couple of times now and really like the vibe ‘ The seafood Is as fresh as you Could ever hope for and the service is great.
ate 2 Doz of the Tio point oysters.


Cant wait to go back.

4 star rating
by Logan S.
11th February 2013

Upon entering the establishment it is easily apparent that Depot is still one of the most popular restaurants in the Auckland area. It is a cool summer Sunday evening at 9:00pm and the place is packed. Not to the point where I have to wait for a seat, but to the point where I am seated at a barstool in front of a ‘window’ which is nothing more than a shelf for cutlery.

Seemingly ignored for the first few minutes I am then attended to by three different servers in a matter of minutes, almost overwhelmingly assaulted about my food choice even though I haven’t even received my drink yet.

I start the evening off with three oysters, the minimum you have to order; and as always New Zealand oysters shucked to order cannot be beaten. They are succulent, and refreshing with the tinny end that shocks the senses with an explosion of flavour. If they were not so pricy I would probably just get my fill on oysters.

I stare at the menu for a few more minutes after slurping down the last oyster and wish that something new would magically appear, but alas, the menu has stagnated for over a year now. Stagnating in grandeur, but nonetheless stagnating. A towering model of perfection for New Zealand restaurateurs, food that has elevated other local eateries to a whole new class, but a menu in desperate need of tweaking. They have brought new ideas to Auckland that have been copied, and reused throughout the city. Do you know why every decent restaurant serves sliders and mini-tacos now? Depot 2011.

After much internal debate I decide on the squid ink and cockle linguine, something I have eaten in the past and been exceedingly impressed by. The sauce was a decadent and delicious buttery citrus reduction with pinch of herbs. However as any clam lover knows, the first bite of sand is forgivable, the second is not. I spent the rest of my meal preparing my mouth for the eventuality of more sand.

It is very rare in a pasta dish where you find yourself wishing there was more pasta and less clams, with over twenty clams, and only three bites of pasta I ended up wishing so badly for more of the great black noodles. I even ended up leaving a few clams on the plate because it was easy to tell they were overcooked with a visible rubbery texture. Beyond some of the glaring problems I had with the dish, on the whole it was still great, and by Auckland standards extraordinary.

Overall I gave my experience an 8/10, down from 10/10 this time last year. Still a great place to dine and have some food you cannot find anywhere else in Auckland, but do not prepare to be wowed if you have been here before, it is the same. Still a high mark, but the distinct lack of growth for one of Auckland’s most progressive restaurants is worrying. I for one, can’t wait to see what they do with some menu changes, and hope they make some significant ones

4 star rating
by Anna S.
1st February 2013

This place it getting lots of hype at the moment, so we were happy to wait for a table. Out of the 4 share plates we had 2 were great – the Kingfish Belly was large and yummy and well cooked and fun to share, the NZ Meat Board was nice – especially the rabbit, however the Courgette flowers were really disappointing (food costs would have been about $2) and the Warehou tortillas were odd, small and unremarkable.
The service was kind of cool and hip but a bit vague – they also were quite pushy with asking if we wanted more to drink (got the idea it was a sell sell sell exercise) — especially remarkable was was when the waitress asked if we wanted another carafe of wine – as we said yes she started to take away our half full one! :-L WTF! ACTING attentive is one thing – but BEING attentive is what they need to aim for. All in all we had a fun night, would definitely go there again

4 star rating
by Charles C.
7th November 2012

Depot was my ‘destination’ restaurant for a three-day visit to Auckland, after hearing so much about it. Place sure is popular, an hour wait for a table even on a Monday evening! The service from the staff was good, prompt, and we were kept well looked after as we waited outside with some drinks to pass the time. The food was excellent, Al Brown certainly provided us with many temptations and everything was done to perfection, bags of flavor and wee bites to share. And yet I was not blown away in the manner I was expecting, perhaps I’d listened too much to the hype. Very very good, yes. Exceptional? Perhaps not. But a decent feed for social types. And dessert? Let’s just say, some average pies and a chocolate bar does not a dessert-menu make, which I suppose is the idea when you want to turn over tables that quickly. An interesting place.

5 star rating
by Annalise B.
11th October 2012

Great place to go with some friends to share lots of different dishes. Definitely recommend the oysters, they were fab! For those who have spent time in San Sebastian, it didn’t quite live up to all my high standards set from there, but for Auckland it is still sensational.

5 star rating
by Lucy S.
17th September 2012

Amazing! Went here for my birthday August 2012. Fantastic service, delicious food, great ambiance. Not pretentious. Relaxed feel. We had oysters – the best ive had in auckland; the meat platter – such a selection; tamarillo dessert – yum! Would definitely go again. The only problem was we had to wait a while for the table so we went next door for drinks. The waitress rang when a table was available – fantastic! I now know why its so popular!

5 star rating
by Liz
14th September 2012

We had dinner at Depot last night and loved the food. It is relaxed and the service is really friendly and efficient. The on tap Pinot is pretty good and every dish was lovely. We just wanted the beef cheek to be available as a big plate too – much too yummy to share and the carnivore at the table was still not satisfied after eating a whole one on his own! We’ve been back a few times for the sugar pie. It is just perfect!

5 star rating
by Dave
10th September 2012

OK – there is seriously a rave about this place and I wasn’t amused about the fact that you can’t make a reservation.

So we finally got in and you understand what the fuzz is about. This food is outstanding! I am a foodie and I have seen a lot of places. Guess what, this is my new favourite place in town.

We had lamb ribs and beef cheek, chicken and skirt steak. Absolutely mind-blowing! Everything was cooked to perfection. Great service, our waitress Kura was the Icing on the cake. Be back soon, a bit earlier to avoid waiting time.

5 star rating
by Cmich
4th September 2012

Depot is, without fault and gets the kiwi dining experience down pat.

Incredible ambiance, always heaving busy (Bellotta must be thanking the gods for the waiting patrons), great helpful but chilled out service (your water is always full but you will be left alone when you want to be), and the food and wine – in.cred.ible.

I have been to depot a handful of times now, and tried almost everything on the menu. Apart from the bone marrow (not my thing) and the kingfish sashimi (the only thing i think not worth the price for it’s size), the menu is spot on.

Must have’s: Sauv Blanc on tap. Cheap, and yummy. You won’t find this sort of deal anywhere else. Pork hock. yes. A million times yes. If someone can teach me how to make that creamy mash i will pay them zillions. The brussel sprout side. I know. Brussel sprouts. Ignore your gut. Order them. They are so amazing I googles the recipe, found it online and recreated it (about 80% as good as the original). The squid ink linguine sounds odd and probably is but it is the most tasty thing by far on offer, you will want to order two (do yourself a favour and order the large). Hapuka Belly is fresh and very large, the lamp ribs are fatty and tasty, and the best dish of them all – freshly shucked Tuatuas with the balsamic onion sauce. My favorite thing to eat in the world at the moment.

5 star rating
by Melissa
2nd September 2012

We went to depot with a group of six. Ordered various small and large plates and every dish was superb. Favourites were the snapper tortillas and the pork hock. The service was excellent and we had a great night – at a very reasonable price. Will go back for sure. I would suggest getting in early, as it gets very busy!!!

5 star rating
by Suztho71
16th August 2012

really couldnt fault the experience. Think we were lucky as only 2 of us so managed to have a seat straight away. By the time we left there was a 90 minute wait. Each dish sensationally cooked – loved the Beef Cheeks, and the Turbot – cute little hamburger buns with it, and then the groper. Everything was cooked with finesse and excellence.

5 star rating
by Liv W.
7th August 2012

Oh my. Where do I begin? Depot is so fantastic.
Firstly, The Turbot Sliders.
Melt in your mouth. Tiny, flavoursome morsels of perfectly prepared fish in heavenly slider buns.

My colleagues and I procured so many small plates, we had to take leftovers home with us!

Our eyes were popping out, over the amazing menu options.
Aubergine – yum. The chicken – was devine.

And the service was just SO spot-on. Understated, non-intrusive, but helpful. And she has no notepad… she’s listening intently to what we want.

Love the hooks under the end of the table for our handbags… and ‘doggy’ bags at the end.

Just superb.

5 star rating
by Rebecca
4th August 2012

There is no better place to hang out with your friends and have a yummy meal, good service and great value for money!! The place has this incredible decor and atmosphere, I highly recommend!! Oh, and the oysters…OMG!! To die for!

5 star rating
by Michelle C.
30th July 2012

WOW what a great place to immerse yourself in a vibrant fast pasted eatery that offers amazing food choices & backed up by highly trained & efficient wait staff. Well worth the wait & looking forward to returning very very soon.

4 star rating
by Gastronaut
30th July 2012

My three foodster companions and I, enticed by stories of oysters and bacon hock, had been meaning to check this place out for quite sometime. We were not disappointed.

After a couple of dry martinis, to fortify us against the cold, we made our way into town on a windy Saturday night. Having been warned in advance of the ‘no reservations’ policy, we got in on the stroke of six o’clock only to find the place absolutely chocka. We took this as a good omen and so gave the wait staff our details before disappearing across the road for several more stiff drinks.

We waited for maybe 45min before getting the green light just before 7pm. We patted ourselves on the back for having the foresight to come in early and slinked out of neighbouring Bellota ($100 poorer due to some overzealous wine ordering).

To start, we dined on an array of oysters and tuatuas served raw. These were deliciously fresh and boasted a lip-smacking minerality. Next came the bacon hock, in all its salty/tangy salsa verde glory, along with the famous turbot sliders. The sliders were so good, we have recreated them at home with the Al Brown endorsed bread range. We were also impressed with the juicy free range chicken dish, roasted aubergines and fried potato skins (a pleasant throw back to my childhood).

The excellent food was helped down the hatch with some fairly drinkable ‘tap’ wine (which was a new experience for us).

The service throughout the night was outstanding: professional, courteous and easy-going without being too familiar.

The restaurant (come bar) is loud, bustling and vibrant – a sign of people enjoying themselves. Go to Depot for a rowdy night out with friends and for some reasonably priced, tasty fare.

5 star rating
by NomNomPanda
1st July 2012

Quite possibly our favourite place to eat in Auckland—where else can you get freshly shucked oysters? Great casual ambience, great food, and last time we were there, Al Brown was making the rounds talking to just about every table. He even gave us free lettuce and bread so we would have a more balanced meal! Only possible drawback is that they don’t take bookings, so unless you go at an off-peak time, there could be a bit of a wait for a table.

4 star rating
by Maloo22
14th May 2012

Day – Monday

Time – 1pm

I love this place – have spent $1000′s there if not 10′s of thousands on client entertainment since it opened and will keep going back, clients love it

The good;

Freshly shucked seafood – the best – period – just go and drink the bulk wine and eat those delights and you’ll be very very happy, along with any and everything on the starters menu

Mains – Beef is excellent

Chicken Main – BEWARE – as it is young and free range it can and does come with some pink evident and blood on the bone – we questioned it and were given a fair explanation, but old habits die hard so we had a little of it but the majority went back – as I say, tasted fine but always being taught not to eat anything but well cooked we couldn’t stomach it

Hapuka Belly – if you are used to eating belly cuts or cuts that have a fairly high fat content, you won’t be too put off as has very strong, almost pungent fish flavor – people next to us raved about it, I didn’t mind it but clients smiled and had one mouthful ( Note – I’ll eat steak that is blue, lambs brain fritters, most offal so different stuff doesn’t bother me )

Deserts were good – Tamarind was great, Brie cheese rocked

So, go with confidence, but if you’re conservative on what you eat, stick to the staples

Definitely recommended though

3 star rating
by Duncan W.
9th May 2012

Had high hopes after the Metro award and various good reviews. The place was packed when we arrived (8pm on a Tuesday) but we were lucky enough to get seated virtually straight away. Our seats were at the bar so not what you normally expect from a top restaurant but we went with the casual vibe. Service was nice and friendly, and seemed to cope well with a full house. The first dish I thought was great – prosciutto with figs and a blue cheese on toasted ciabatta, my wife wasn’t so impressed, largely as her bit of ciabatta was 50% charcoal. Things kind of went downhill from there though. We decided to be adventurous and ordered the Bone Marrow. It tasted nice and the combination with the parsley and shallot salad was very good…except it was insanely fatty, and so by the time we had mostly finished it we were feeling a bit gross. Next up was the lamb ribs, and unfortunately after the extreme fattiness of the Bone Marrow, it was just more fattiness and only increased the feeling of grossness. The skordalia & cumin paprika oil accompaniment was pretty innocuous and didn’t really add much. We decided to try and balance it by out by ordering a beetroot and goats cheese salad. It came with yellow beetroot, which were, to be honest, bland and tasteless, and the goats cheese and walnuts were powerless to lift the dish.

We decided on the Quince Tarte Tatin for dessert. It was an interesting variation but not as nice as a good apple one, with the quinces lacking the gooey caramely-ness that you get with apples. Different, but not as good – so what’s the point?

To cap off the disappointment we ordered a coffee which was very average.

All in all I liked the concept of casual eating with unfussy food, and judging by its popularity so do plenty of other people, but our experience was a long way from ‘best restaurant in town’ territory. Maybe we just made some bad menu choices (although that shouldn’t really be possible in a top restaurant), but we are not in a hurry to go back for another shot.

3 star rating
by Ian
8th May 2012

Turned up on a Thursday evening. Packed to the rafters, but the staff were onto it and took my mobile number and said I’d get a text in about an hour. Can’t blame the restaurant for being busy a good sign if anything (they don’t take reservations).

Popped across the road to Bellota for a couple of drinks, the Mojito is my current fav and the girl behind the bar did a great job of knocking up a couple of these while we waited for the text. Probably should have stayed there in hindsight.

Text arrived around an hour later and we wandered over. Service was great especially given the place was humming. But the tapa’s left a lot be be desired considering the place had just been awarded the golden gong by Metro magazine. Just goes to show it’s not what you know but who you know. Tried a multitude of dishes, Oysters OK but not Bluff, they are what they are I suppose. The little fish burgers were pretty hopeless, kind of thing you whip up for the kids. Nothing wrong with them but just not in keeping with a restaurant of this class. Can’t remember the majority of the rest, which speaks volumes I guess, OK but not memorable.

There are two dishes however I won’t forget. The first was the bone marrow. I’ve had this in the past in the form of a bread crumbed deep fat fried version and it was awful. But I figured I’d give it another go given the establishment I was in. A definite improvement this time around but after the first couple of spoon fills of well seasoned liquefied fat I can’t understand why any restaurateur would bother serving it.

The highlight was the mussels with chorizo, garlic and tarragon absolutely sublime what a great combination of favours!

All in all, this seems to be the ‘in’ place at the moment, filled with the usual CBD crowd. Fit out is nothing special, but the atmosphere is good if not a little loud with those who can’t handle their beer/wine. We spent $180 on wine and food and were left wondering if it was money well spend.

Auckland’s best restaurant? Not by a long shot. But the owner must be laughing each time he checks his bank statement!

4 star rating
by Emma
27th April 2012

I love this place! For a casual pop in, delicious light eats and wine from a cup…you can’t go wrong. Has a fantastic vibe, and the interiors are warm and inviting.

The food suffers a few slips here and there – but maybe that’s understandable with how busy they always are.

The oysters are the coldest I’ve ever had, love a really cold oyster and the chardonnay dressing is fantastic!

4 star rating
by David B.
22nd April 2012

It is worth overcoming the challenges of getting into this place to experience the food. It can look a bit chaotic from the outside but the service is fantastic and organised.

Standouts from the menu for us were the Turbot sliders, Epicurean Courgette Flowers, Snapper Wings and for something different the Fergus’ Bone Marrow.

Noisy, busy and really worth a try.

4 star rating
by fiona m.
2nd April 2012

Love this place, simple but trendy. good for a quick bite to eat with friends or after office drinks. The sliders are lovely but some improvements to the fajitas are needed. will come back!

5 star rating
by Jennifer M.
21st March 2012

Exceptional…fantastic (slightly quirky but not at all pretentious) menu, amazing service, über cool decor…loved it! Will definitely be back, in fact it’s our wedding anniversary next week and this will be a great place to celebrate. Interesting location ( feels like you are somewhere other than Auckland)

5 star rating
by Merv
10th March 2012

5 of us there for lunch this Saturday — ordered the lamb ribs, beef fajitas, pork hock, clams, hapuka fish belly, and a couple of other dishes. The quality of the food is as good as the laid-back vibe. The flavours of all the dishes deserve a mention — very good. A place to eat-and-enjoy the buzz; not so much for lingering about and engaging in heavy or romantic talk.

Apparently, I’m told, lots of suits there for lunch, mid-week

5 star rating
by rebecca w.
1st March 2012

This was such a great dining experience! The food was absolutely beautiful, and the staff were so amazingly friendly and down to earth. Will most definetly be back soon!! Thank you to everyone at Depot!

5 star rating
by Jan
20th February 2012

Stunning food, great service. Highlight of my foodie weekend in Auckland.

The decor is fun and relaxed, casual style menu that was easy to read with little embellishment. What you read was what you got. Ooodles of flavour on cool plates. Nice touch with the koha flatbread and babaganoush.

Ate the food, bought the book now home to read and cook.

5 star rating
by Loulou N.
8th February 2012

I love this new eatery and Oyster Bar! A great Kiwi theme done with style rather than tacky. Al Brown is one of our best chefs who specialises in local and wild fare, the food was divine and a great laid back yet still stylish atmosphere. We loved the menus made using old 60′s photographs & cutlery in mackerel tins. The complimentary hummus was out of this world…God knows what made it taste so good?! The share platter type menu. Although I didn’t want to share my pork dish – melt in the mouth, falling off the bone crisp pork hock with apple & horseradish Salsa Verde and the most delicious light & creamy mash, with a side of delicious asparagus tossed on the grill with black olive butter. Beautiful glistening fresh seafood from the raw bar including an array of oysters and Tuatua clams, mmm. A must for locals and visitors alike. (Sampling fresh seafood is a must in NZ – don’t let past experiences of yukky fish dishes taint the experience – we have some of the best!) No reservations allowed so we rocked up for a late lunch on a Saturday at 2pm and got a seat no problem. Service with a smile too. A new favorite!

4 star rating
by Marie
26th January 2012

After read about the new places around Skycity we decide to have a look and try for ourselfs this new and popular eatery & oyster bar. The place is medium size but generally is full so for sure you will be shoulder to shoulder with your neighbours around. Is a cool and casual place to go perfect for after office of course we try a fresh orongo bay oysters and after I get a beautiful Crisp pork hock w/ apple & horseradish salsa verde, a real good choice with a tap red wine glass. Is not a cheap place but it worth it. Really enjoyable.

4 star rating
by Rose L.
24th January 2012

Just got home from a fantastic evening at Depot with my boyfriend and his visiting French parents.

Very impressed!

Bonus that there was a very charming French waiter there, but apart from that, the food was fantastic, we didn’t have to wait long for a table, and the wait staff were attentive and friendly, making us feel immediately at home.

Tua tuas to start: ooh la la! Vinagrette was awesome. Highly recommended: turbot sliders, veal with capers and falling-apart pork hock.

Can’t wait to come back with friends, thanks for a great night.

3 star rating
by Theresa C.
3rd January 2012

This place was extremely busy on New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t sure what to expect because my friend planned the evening.

The menu certainly looked exciting and each dish was a pleasant surprise to me in terms of taste. However, I felt that the food was overpriced for its setting. A $22 share plate gets you 3 small pieces of whitebait fritter. For that I’d expect myself to be sitting somewhere in Viaduct, not around a tiny table where our elbows were touching each other.

4 star rating
by Dean C.
12th December 2011

Went with four friends and shared ‘one of everything’. It’s a great menu and a quality experience.

Oysters, sliders and pork-hock a real highlight.

The fit-out is pretty stunning as well.

4 star rating
by Maria &.
12th December 2011

Had great fun at Depot the other night! Gorgeous food. Lovely, friendly and helpful young Irish waitress. All the food we ordered was fresh and tasty and…. perfect! Great to see this pocket of the city coming alive with some exciting eateries.

4 star rating
by Michele T.
11th December 2011

God What a Great Place!

I must say the first time I want too impressed waiting outside for a table. It was a windy night and we weren’t even in the restaurant! But the service is great and the drinks kept coming so we were happy.

It only got better once seated, the food was just wonderful and quite different – the flavours.

Great wait staff and you even get to meet your neighbouring dinners at the shared tables.

So since going in Mid November I’ve been back 3 times…..would even consider giving up cooking so I could go every night.

2 star rating
by thripence
29th October 2011

I must say we went here with fairly high expectations and found ourselves underwhelmed. Perhaps a case of anticapointment but I have definitely had a much better experience at a lower overall price.

I found the Kiwianaesque decor at odd with the restaurant price level. Its all very well sitting at rough tables drinking wine from picnic tumblers, but you can have a similar experience at the Loaded Hog.

There were definitely some very good dishes. Recommend the lamb ribs, sashimi and baked fish. There were also some pretty ordinary ones. Whitebait fritters that consisted more of flour and egg than whitebait. Snapper with coleslaw in rolls – snapper had saggy batter al-la cheapo F+C shop.

Have had better value for money elsewhere and even though it wasn’t bad, I wont be in a hurry to back.

4 star rating
by trina s.
25th October 2011

Walked in off the street prior to RWC final for an early dinner en route to the game. Staff were very welcoming and managed to squeeze us in right at the kitchen bench where we had a fantastic meal. Service was excellent, Al Brown was around chatting to diners – seems like a nice man.

Good food, great ambiance and will definitely be back

4 star rating
by Michelle w.
2nd October 2011

Loved the setting! Loved the food! Staff very friendly.
Chair/ stools gave me backache and was a Little pricey but that would be the only negative comments. Had the fishcakes, tortilla, pork and brisket. All fab! The sugar pie was yummy but the RHUBARB and ginger pie was the best! Will be back.

1 star rating
by karen o.
1st October 2011

I was really disappointed especially after the rave reviews. The food was bland and expensive. $6 for two small pieces of iceberg lettuce with some dressing drizzled over the top. The mayonnaise with the whitebait fritter tasted like the stuff out of a large plastic bottle. Very protein heavy meals and I wanted veges as well (other than coldish potato skins. The felafel’s were very nice but the accompanying harissa sauce was bland. I ordered the gingerbread for dessert and they brought me the sugar pie. I told the waitperson I had the wrong dessert she had to get someone to check for me. He rolled his eyes and came back and got the dessert, took it to the checkout where the staff looked at it before coming back to me and apologising. When I did get the gingerbread – it was burnt. I won’t be back.

5 star rating
by Emma
28th September 2011

superb food and fantastic service, will defiantly be back again. such attention to detail, very attentive and helpful staff, love how you can watch them cook and prepare seafood.

5 stars all the way!!!!

5 star rating
by Janine
14th September 2011

Have been 3 times in a week. Absolutely love the place. The food in amazing, simple but very delicious. The service is great and I love the wine in the water glasses. Old school without being tacky. Best food and service I’ve come across in Auckland in a really long time

2 star rating
by Craig H.
8th September 2011

The service was good for a busy Wednesday night and the pacific oysters were the best I’ve tasted. Things were looking up. Unfortunately the rest of the food was disappointing: The falafels and kahawai cakes were ok but crumbly, the mini burgers and snapper tortillas were largely tasteless. The brisket was nice but there were hardly any red beans and only a teaspoon of rice. The skirt steak was small and tough, the pork hock was mostly bone and crackling, and the carrot and beetroot salad was tiny and over-cooked. Overall the food was largely tasteless, overpriced and over-complicated.

They serve wine in water glasses but we insisted on wine glasses instead.

If you like oysters I would recommend an oyster plate and a glass of wine (in a wine glass), then move on.

3 star rating
by Troy N.
2nd September 2011

We went there on a Friday. We arrived and were told there would be a 25 min wait, for a table for the 2 of us, and we could wait outside. It was cold and wet outside so we ended up waiting in the Grand Hotel. Not taking bookings is a pain.

The food was o.k but I wouldn’t rave about it. We had a platter of different meats that was good. My wife’s small fish burgers were a bit bland. The pork hock is a fatty cut of meat but didn’t have anything on the plate to to cut through the fat taste. The oysters were great as they were freshly shucked.

It’s a noisy place and the bar stools aren’t that comfortable. Not a great place for a romantic lunch.

5 star rating
by Leanne L.
18th August 2011

Wow,what a great place.Popped in for breakfast and wished we’d stayed for lunch.Best coffee ive had in a long time and the bacon butty has me hooked.Super friendly staff,fantastic service,fresh tasty food.Cant wait to go back

4 star rating
by Susan J.
16th August 2011

Just popped in to have a quick cup of coffee with a friend this morning. We walked in and were a little unsure of whether we needed to order at the bar or sit down and order with a waitress and as there was nobody at the front desk, we decided to ask the barista who was busy behind the bar. We stood for a couple of minutes unnoticed before I interrupted the barista and asked him how to order for a “drink in” coffee.
After seating ourselves and waiting a further couple of minutes, I called the waitress as she walked past our table. So a little slow on the uptake with the service part of things.
BUT, Once our coffee arrived, all was plain sailing. The very friendly manager came over and poured some water for us. I must say, this is the BEST cup of coffee I’ve found in Auckland to date. I look forward to trying their food soon…

5 star rating
by Jerry C.
14th August 2011

3 varieties of oysters shucked to order – what a start! Loved the vinegrette

Enjoyed several small plates, kahawai fish cakes, kingfish shashimi and snapper tacos all delicious and great to share.

On waitresses recommendation we tried the pork hock next – a huge plate of meat served with the bone, tender, tasty and certainly slowed us up a bit!

Great to watch the chefs cook meals in the wood fired oven – and although we didn’t order it the Hapuka belly looks amazing – next time.

We managed to find space for the sugar pie to finish – mmmmm to die for!

Service was great, food came quickly and all washed down with a tap savingnon.

An amazing experience. Well be back.

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