The Dominion

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234 Dominion Road

  European, Pizza
11 AM to 3 AM


Reviews for The Dominion

4 star rating
by Callum Tasker
5 days ago

I went on a quiet Wednesday night with my family. I ordered the spare ribs - I love spare ribs and they're not easy to get perfect. The spare ribs themselves were quite good and the barbecue sauce was rather nice as well. The coleslaw wasn't the greatest but my biggest gripe was the crisscut fries, which I usually love. The fries came out lukewarm to cold. Overall my dining experience wasn't bad by a long shot but it's not a restaurant I would enthuse about.

5 star rating
by Claudia Serra
one month ago

Had my 21st birthday at The Dominion last weekend. Could not be happier with how everything turned out!The catering food menu was extensive and delicious. The staff were fantastic, very helpful and friendly. On the whole everything ran smoothly and I didn't have to worry about anything all night. The indoor and outdoor space is great and there is plenty of opportunity to decorate the place how you like.I would recommend this venue in a heartbeat. :)

5 star rating
by Emma Luxie
one month ago

Great place!! I was here for a 30th Birthday and didn't know there was a private function room upstairs before the event. Awesome nibbles and great outdoor space.

4 star rating
by Javier Yebenes
9 months ago

This place is cool to go for one of their daily specials and the atmosphere is not bad either. The food quality is not the greatest but you can have a good time on their Trivia Night.

1 star rating
by Lisa
Apr 10, 2014

1.5 star. I came here with 3 other friends this Monday, it was my partners last night in NZ before he went overseas so we were looking forward to some good steak/kiwi grub. We were seated and adv by a friendly redhead staff that they were really short staffed tonight so apologised if we needed to get their attention for anything. All 3 of my friends had been here before apart from me. We ordered our mains, drinks and a starter of garlic pizza at 6:14 or 6.24pm. Basically what happened was the drinks and starter came, but the mains never did. I went up twice to ask staff how far the mains were to coming and both times were adv soon, 2nd time she said 8 min away and that was at 7.05pm. 8 min went and we decided to leave as it was almost an hour since we had ordered and we were starving. The redhead staff and (possibly the) GM at the counter both said that they do not start cooking the main until the starter plate has literally come back to the kitchen and that this is what all places in Auckland do. This made no sense to me as shouldn’t they make some kind of start to the main while we are having the starter so there is not such a long wait time in between starter and main? I have no experience in hospo but my partner and I eat out frequently, commonly with a starter too and there is not usually such a big wait time in between. My friend who was with us has worked in hospo for 7 years and she said that is absolutely not true, that that is not the way it works. Plus there were other customers around us who had come or ordered later than us who were already eating their main. Anyway we refused to pay the mains and just paid for drinks and starter, we didn't get ugly about it and I believe we were within reasonable grounds to not pay. I thought the way they handled it could've been more professional, the waitress serving us just avoided us and the GM looked annoyed. I feel bad we didn't pay but it was for good reason and we obviously had to go out of our way to look for another place to have dinner which isn't exactly convenient. They could have at least said sorry about it and acknowledged the feedback we gave. Will not be going back there or recommending it.

5 star rating
by Kali Windmill
May 27, 2013

My partner and I arrived just before the kitchen closed the staff were very helpful the food was excellent, excellent all round love the decor such a relaxing place to dine will be back with friends next time.

1 star rating
by Grace Mackinnon
Nov 17, 2012

A horrible experience at this bar/restaurant. The staff were horrendous. I have never met a staff so unwilling to practice polite and helpful customer service. I felt uncomfortable and unwanted, perhaps because we came in late and they were wishing to close. One barmaid with a short bob, in particular was quite rude. I will definitely not be returning and will urge anyone else to stay away.

4 star rating
by Paul Ballard
Aug 20, 2012

As part of our ongoing search for the best Sunday Roast in Auckland we headed out as a party of 5 to The Dominion. Very friendly staff and good service.

The roast on that particular Sunday was beef - and it was top knotch. Perfect cuts of meat and a handsome portion too. Quite pricey, but for what we were getting - we were more than happy.

A true highlight was the horseradish sauce (hoorah someone who actually HAS some!) which was divine and a worthy adversary to the half-cow we had on the plate.

The only disappointment for us was the serving of cajun wedges (?) with the roast instead of menu'd new potatoes. Was a bit of a letdown and they did not belong on the plate at all - no matter how many times the waiter tried to convince us that they WERE actually new potatoes cut into wedges?! Shame really, could have been a 5 instead of a 4 - but well recommended anyway.

2 star rating
by Steve
Nov 21, 2011

Tried the chicken korma and got 3 pieces of chicken in a small bowl filled with mostly sauce/flavoring along with the nann bread and rice. Very disappointed at $25 for the dish - if I got this at a food court (for $8) I'd be taking it back. Other dishes served the rest of the table looked OK so maybe I just chose wrong. Why don't you have prices for the beers on the drinks menu BTW? Drinks seemed inordinately expensive when the bill was viewed.

Good, friendly service and atmosphere.

4 star rating
by Jessica
Mar 25, 2011

We have been here four of five times now - twice for the valentines day special. The food has always been delicious and the service has always been great. I highly recommend the steak!!

4 star rating
by Lauren Simpson
Aug 17, 2010

I really enjoy going to the Dominion for a light meal (pizza) to something more substantial. The chicken pizza (with cashew nuts) is truly delicious as is the steak with creamed potatoes - my piece was juicy and massive! Have also tried the scallop entree (perfectly cooked) and the Akaroa salmon entree as well which had really good flavours and was a nice light starter. I'm yet to try a dessert but I'll be back for sure. Good work guys!

3 star rating
by Foodie
Feb 14, 2010

Order the pizza's if your in for a quick drink and a bite to eat. Sadly the $30 Combination Platter wasn't up to par, was more like 3 small bowls of cat food served with very dry overcooked bread. Otherwise Great local bar, eatery. nice setting, bit noisy if you sitting outside undercover, but otherwise a good atmosphere, service was friendly and prompt.

5 star rating
by Ainslie
Jun 30, 2008

I have been to the Dominion a number of times now and each time has been pleasant.
The service is excellent and the food is delicious. We ordered a few pizzas, Dominion works (meatlovers) Tandoori Chicken and BBQ chicken. I give all 3 10/10, all bursting with mouth watering flavour.
Half way through our meal our waitress came back to see if everything was o.k, which it was, she then asked us for another round of drinks as we were low.

The bar staff are very friendly and always make an effort in conversation.

Very prompt and friendly service.
Delicious food.
Great environment.

I recommend the Dominion.
5 stars for me.