Doolan Brothers

3 star rating 16 reviews

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09 5795592

3 Robert Street, Ellerslie, Auckland

11 AM to 11 PM (Mon-Thu, Sun), 11 AM to 11 PM, 12 Midnight to 1 AM (Fri-Sat)


Reviews for Doolan Brothers

4 star rating
by Lawzz7
7 days ago

Great atmosphere and service, the menu I found was quite restricted and a bizarre mix of dishes. I had the calamari/ Caesar salad which was nice but a weird mix. Something about it tasted a little funny, but hey the squid was cooked perfect which rare for any place!

5 star rating
by Danielle Anne
2 months ago

We went there for an advance father's day dinner and had the 3-course meal and everything was amazing. My dad enjoyed all the food and so did all of us actually. Service was fantastic and atmosphere is great. Will definitely recommend to everyone and we'll surely be back! 👌🏼

4 star rating
by BeeQueUU
4 months ago

Established and now dominant player in the pub scene. English styled frontage and furnishings give plenty of character. Great selection on tap including my favs Guinness stout and ales Speights for us non-lager louts.
While a classic pub lunch is a standout inexpensive option for group work functions, a pub dinner isn't such an institution. ( really the liquid food is the primary goal and the food can be the stop gap to ease the alcohol levels).
The dishes sounded inviting and menu selection very pleasing so most will easily find something for all pallates.
I ordered a chicken and mushroom pie for $19 . The pie was great although the potatoes were mashed and a little too salty. Came with modest and basic veges with the peas.
The angus beef Guinness pie might be next. Also chunky chips are used for those who hate oil filled french fries.

4 star rating
by Bg White
4 months ago

Not entirely sure what some of the other reviewers expected, it is after all a pub. Recent visit was Sunday for dinner, good old fashioned pub grub, reasonably priced with excellent service, didn't even have to go the bar. Food was above average.

4 star rating
by Jesse Kristalie
6 months ago

Great vibe and great music. Drinks are moderately priced and the staff are very friendly. Food is average but prepared no faster or no slower than expected.

3 star rating
by Dumplingninja
7 months ago

Had a nice chilled out Friday night a couple of weeks ago and arrived in time for the live music. We had already had dinner but decided to have a squizzy at the menu for next time. The wings piqued our interest! Next time we will have to try the food n drinks and maybe even a quiz night! Staff were friendly so will definitely be back.

1 star rating
by Madzy OH Yeah Wadzy
8 months ago

With such a high reputation i was so dissatisfied with the service here we ordered drinks and they had run out of flavour syrup for their soda gun so all it was letting out was soda water the guy didnt even offer to remake the drinks and was so ruda wont go there again

1 star rating
by Glenda Hurst
Nov 24, 2014

Went to listen to the music after having a few drinks at a far better place down the road, we were drinking water when we were told to leave we were told we were "wasted" by the surly security person at the door, we are in our 60's, we were enjoying the music and were encouraged to dance by others at the bar, securty guard didnt believe we were drinking water others in our group who werent asked to leave were drinking alcohol, so maybe it was our age or because we werent drinking we were asked to leave, then we were told we were banned. On Saturday night after the Rolling Stones concert I walked past the door I was going down the road to another bar when 2 of my friends who werent with me previous went to walk in and the same person at the door told them they were banned, one lady said I havent been here for about 6 months, he then said oh i think I have the wrong person. So we will never go back there this used to be a great place to go, not now or not if you are over 60 it seems, maybe they dont like older people who like to enjoy themselves.

4 star rating
by Carmel Graham-Williams
Jul 28, 2014

Staff were very friendly and more than welcome to accommodative the group of 25 I had booked for a Sunday lunch event.

I ordered the roast dinner and brownie which was amazing.

4 star rating
by Alexa
Jun 20, 2014

amazing food and services!

4 star rating
by Monique Ohlson
May 09, 2014

Had the calamari and ceaser salad. Really yummy mayo and perfectly cooked calamari.

1 star rating
by Chris Witterick
Feb 23, 2014

Loud 80's "musak" which was done to death back then and now being done to death at Doolan Brothers pub in Ellerslie. Groups of people trying to have conversations over the noise and adding to the cacophony.
Unable to enjoy the food or beer because of the racket and went outside to escape but they have outdoor speakers so no escape.
Much better experience when this place was the Cock and Bull.
Would not recommend or return.

3 star rating
by Christine Frayling
Oct 04, 2013

A group of 7 visited tonight - a Friday night 4/10 - we were meeting to have dinner together. The music was ridiculous. We couldn't have a conversation unless it was with the person sitting next door. They also have a bar area where a number of young people were drinking. The noise from them was very loud, then the music as well. The windows were all open and the smoke from smokers outside was drifting in. This is the very first time my husband and I have eating here since Doolan Brothers have taken over this pub (previously was the Cock and Bull) - we will not be back and we would not recommend this place to others. The majority of people eating in the restaurant were around our age - 55 plus. Either you are a pub and a restaurant or you are just a pub. You can't be both with what you are currently offering. The food was really good, but the music really let it down. We did ask for the music to be turned down - it wasn't. You're lucky a brick wasn't thrown through your equipment. A few more drinks and this respectable older woman would have done the job herself!!!

4 star rating
by Louise Mason
Jul 09, 2013

Went to Doolan Brothers on Saturday night to watch the rugby, was quite crowded but the staff managed to find us a table in view of the big screen.

We ordered the Nachos and the Buffalo Burger. Burger was one of the best I have tried in NZ. Amazing meat, delish sauce and the bun was shiny and doughy with just the right amount of toastedness. Perfect. Chips were great too.

Nachos were also good, very yummy salsa. Much better food, service and ambiance than the old Cock and Bull pubs, a definite improvement. Would return without a doubt.

4 star rating
by Adam Smith
Jul 08, 2013

Had lunch on Sunday here. Good, hearty pub grub as good if not better than most in and around Auckland with the friendly service a big plus. Food price was reasonable (drinks quite expensive, as you'd expect in Auckland) and even better with an entertainment book voucher.

3 star rating
by Gina
Dec 24, 2012

Went for lunch here on Friday ordered a jug of beer they took over 15minutes to deliver drinks (to be fair it was extremely packed) without any glasses had to wait another 5-7mins for glasses! We had a group of 12 my food came out first 15mins before anyone else's! Not good didnt end up eating my food wanted to wait for everyone elses to arrive! new joint teething problems however most likely to visit again! Atmosphere was good