Dos Amigos Cantina

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Reviews for Dos Amigos Cantina

5 star rating
by Queena
14 days ago

I really love this place! The staff are super friendly, chirpy and always smiling.

We ordered the buffalo wings for entree, and they were quite spicy even for mild but they were sooooo tasty it was hard not to stop. One bad thing was the side of celery and carrot sticks -they looked quite dry and had been sitting out there for a while and I'm sure when I first dined here (like a few years ago 🙈), there were a lot more of them served. The blue cheese dressing is so good there's not enough celery and carrot sticks to dip it in!

They also serve a complimentary serving of nachos with salsa, and even that was nice! That salsa! 👌🏼

Our mains were super filling and very tasty. The special for that day was, it was buy one margarita and get one free! So that was too hard to pass up!

I reckon this is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Auckland. Good service and great food (and drinks) with an awesome view!

5 star rating
by Daniel Nordstrand
one month ago

Been here many many times it is my favourite spot in mission bay for food or a social drink. Staff are all very friendly and the food and drinks are of the highest quality for a great price. Will definately be back.

3 star rating
by Ryan Lal
one month ago

Its hard to come by decent Mexican food in Auckland and unfortunately this place doesn't really meet the standard. 

The food here is usually very overpriced and not very tasty to be honest. Its a shame because the location is prime. The entertainment here is awesome however, with the live Mexican band they have playing sometimes. Wouldn't really return here unless it was with a group of friends.

4 star rating
by Jordan Jennings
one month ago

Generous rating because of the friendly staff. We were served by a lovely blonde lady. The drinks took -what seemed like - forever to arrive, with the food arriving shortly after, which was odd. But the food was amazing and the margaritas were perfect.

4 star rating
by Michael Hallows
2 months ago

Welcoming staff, even though it was a little bit too kitsch how much Mexican they spoke (when they clearly weren't!). The live band was great and added to an authentic atmosphere. The meal sizes were generous, if a little bland. Overall a nice restaurant.

5 star rating
by Stacey Jane Rainbow
2 months ago

Came on the off chance for rib night and couldnt fault it! The staff were really accomodating in finding us a seat as the place was full! The ribs were amazing and they were huge! Cannot fault for the price either! Will 100% be back again!

5 star rating
by Shelly
2 months ago

Had dinner here and ordered the Chicken Fajita which was delicious! I loved the build your own part of it. Their portions are HUGE and I'm not even exaggerating. Entree portions were also gigantic, we were all about full half way through our mains but that did not stop us because we're troopers! The service was also great and staff try to be as authentic as possible, greeting in spanish and wearing ponchos etc. i love their dragons - wish i could have had a meet and greet but it was obviously too cold for them to come out. Gracias! Will be back :)

4 star rating
by Sitha Loch
2 months ago

This place has awsome service. Friend had a birthday here and all the staff sang a happy birthday song with us. In English and Spanish 😆. I'm not the biggest fan of Mexican food but it was good and not too over priced. Portion sizes were generous

5 star rating
by Kerry Kirwan
2 months ago

Went here mid-week with a friend. We started with free corn chips and salsa -- nice -- and then ordered the spicy bites de queso which were crumbed and deep fried balls stuffed with cream cheese and jalapenos, served with very spicy roja sauce. Cost $13 and big enough to share. They were delicious but not for anyone who doesn't like things spicy. We followed with fatijas - me beef ($28) and my friend vegetarian ($26) These were substantial dishes and if are going to have an entree as well, probably only recommended for the very hungry. Tasty though.

The wait staff were very good and happy fitted in with a couple of changes we asked to be made to the menu to cater for my vegetarian friend.

It's a lively, noisy placed, especially as the table next to us were there for a Birthday dinner where the cake was served with Happy Birthday sung in Spanish complete with somberos and maraca.

A fun night.

5 star rating
by Mr. Grey
3 months ago

Ok so if these pictures don't speak for themselves OPEN YOUR EYES . Having a blast here reminiscing on past summer memory's as I'm making new ones (it actually feels like it's summer here today!!) Amazing service from all the staff and the owners are super friendly and inviting hosts what a team here!!!! Food is great! Margaritas AWESOME! All is priced well and is fun to eat with friends and family, great people to meet and enjoy the vibes with, seriously though WOW!

4 star rating
by HJ
3 months ago

Great location right on the main strip of Mission Bay, however parking never seems to be easy! Dos amigos menu features all of the traditional Mexican specialties for a reasonable price - considering the size of there portions. The food is good and we all enjoyed our dishes during our visit for dinner. My fav dish of the night was the Buffalo chicken salad.

Lots of nice mexican touches throughout the decor of the restaurant. The staff are friendly and fun! It's hard to not notice the pet dragons displayed by the counter, which add a lot of character to this place and are often brought out to interact with customers.

5 star rating
by Adeline
3 months ago

I just love the spicy buffalo wings (tuesday is 1/2 price) and the grande nachos is delicious!!! The $10 lunch deals are tasty too! My fav tex-mex in Auckland!!!!

2 star rating
by Romina Kolesnik
4 months ago

The food is really average but the portion sizes are massive and its relatively cheap to eat here. I've been here a few times and service sometimes is really good and other times we've been ignored for ages.

3 star rating
by Richard
4 months ago

Mexican always promises a lot
More than it actually delivers. Bought a few items from the menu because it was my first time here. The nachos flavor seemed to be the same as any other Mexican outlet in town the toppings were quite generous though. The blue cheese sauce for the buffalo wings was quite excellent as there wasn't a lot of blue cheese taste to it. Probably a great place to go if you're with friends and you're half drunk and don't really care about what you're eating.

4 star rating
by Sasha
4 months ago

Had a late lunch on Wednesday. There was a menu outside the restaurant which is handy. Service was lovely. The wait staff were friendly and prompt. We order the nachos to start and the burger and wrap and everything was yummy.
Reallly good experience.

4 star rating
by Flying Foodie
4 months ago

Update Oct 2015 - Rating lowered from 4.5 to 3.5. Staff is now out of sync with expected service standards.

Fantastic place in a spectacular location. Open till late. One of the best nachos in the region. Welcoming staff. Will go again in the future.

4 star rating
by Jess Pendergrast
4 months ago

Dos Amigos serve yummy Mexican food in the heart of Mission Bay. We decided to dine there for lunch on a Saturday afternoon after going for a lovely walk around the bays. It’s really easy to find but it can be hard to find a park sometimes.

The menu makes your mouth water and is packed with all of the traditional Mexican goodies. I ordered the chicken Enchiladas which were two corn tortillas rolled with chicken and topped with verde cheese and then baked and served with rice, beans and sour cream ($22). My friend ordered the nachos which were corn chips covered with beef, jalapenos, shaved onion, black olive and shreeded cheese and then grilled and topped with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo ($16). The meal sizes were good, the ingredients were fresh but the meal wasn’t anything to rave about.

The staff were really warm and friendly and many of them spoke Spanish which made the experience more authentic. It’s not the best Mexican that I have eaten but it is a fantastic, casual Mexican restaurant to try in Mission Bay!

4 star rating
by Alan Christie
4 months ago

I meant to write a review a while back about your food truck at at the waterfront market downtown - my kids loved your tacos, and you were just really nice guys. Not sure I loved the tacos as much as the kids but that's not important - when we see you again we will be sure walk up and buy again as my little girl thought it was the yummiest thing around. Good job guys.

4 star rating
by Kshitij Garg
5 months ago

One of the best mexican food in town.. By the Mission Bay beach, this place is a cozy cafe that is busy at all times. The staff is very friendly and they are always happy to recommend the star dishes of theirs. Nachos are good, Lemon Chicken is just amazing. I tried their Mexican beer, as one of their staff recommended it to us; quite liked it and thought it was a better option to other mexican beers like Sol and Corona. A definite try for an average priced, authentic mexican food.

4 star rating
by Jessierayray
5 months ago

This place is very busy on a Saturday night! My partner and I took the last table for two, as we had not booked.

We ordered a beef quesadilla with beans, the taco salad with grilled chicken, and kumara wedges. The portions are incredibly generous - the kumara wedges were massive - one wedge was easily the size of a small kumara! The taco salad was great - full of flavour. I was slightly disappointed with the quesadilla (we are seasoned quesadilla eaters as we order that everywhere we go!) - the tortilla was slightly soggy, and the beans on the side tasted very dry and slightly card-board-y. That was the only thing we didn't finish!
I also ordered a sangria - it was fruity and delicious, but personally I don't think it was strong enough; and slightly pricy.

It's a cosy place to have dinner; the staff (who all speak Spanish) are incredibly friendly, and the live musician even played happy birthday for one party who were there.

Overall - would definitely go back. Great vibe, and our stomachs were happily stuffed by the end.

4 star rating
by Donna&Shane
5 months ago

Popped in here for a catchup over dinner... Don't usually do Mexican but the food was very enjoyable... Blackened prawns were cooked very well... Salad fresh... Service was very good... Great place to come with family.

4 star rating
by Stifany Anwar
5 months ago

This Mexican food was amazing! I ordered the spicy chicken rice *i forgot the name* , buffalo chicken wings and as always nachos yummm! The service was great and the place so cozy! Recommended😊😊

4 star rating
by House Of Eats
5 months ago

This place is understatedly GOOD! We came here on a hens and we all ordered a make it your own burrito. It was awesome! I highly reccommend doing this as you get to pick exactly what you want and how much you like in it. The margaritas - Oh my word they are delicious!!!! We had the peach, watermelon and the classic - I cant tell you how much I loved them!!!! Music is loud and pumping the decor relaxed Mexican themed, thou slightly old and outdated. Mind you the foods so darn good, who cares about the decor. Must try with a group!

4 star rating
by Super(・_・;Phoebe
6 months ago

I like the cosy atmosphere here. The interior decor brings exotic flavour to customers. I had chipotle prowns and friends had burritos alike. The prowns taste quite jucy which is just to my liking,but I don't like the sprinkled cheese topped up on the black bean.

I also had a jug of fruit margarita,wow,lovely flavour with mango,a little bit pricy though.

5 star rating
by Sanjesh Lal
6 months ago

Our fav casual dining restaurant. Their margaritas are the bomb! Beats any other Mexican dining by far. We always go for the shared platter. My review is a bit biased because we are regulars :)

5 star rating
by Livetoeat
7 months ago

The food was awesome. The staff were very friendly, great customer service. Great atmosphere. Will definitely recommend if you want great mexican food.

4 star rating
by Miah Dixon
7 months ago

My partner and I are regulars at Dos Amigos, always very friendly staff and consistently good meals. Meal sizes are more than enough for one person and I'm always excited to try the next new thing on the menu! I'm a huge fan of the classic quesadillas, as well as the margaritas, although for the price of a cocktail jug it would be nice if they were a little bigger. Seeing bearded dragons Dora, Diego and Tijuana is always a highlight, although we're yet to get ourselves a photo op! Big props to the staff for their confidence in speaking Spanish to customers. It adds a whole new level of authenticity having both the native and non native speakers of Spanish engaging with us at this restaurant. Gracias amigos!

3 star rating
by Chloe Mae Repia
7 months ago

Typical Mexican food- reminds me of those Mexican meals u can make your own from
Super market- cool spot love sitting outside with a margarita watching the people walk past :-) (expect a pricy margarita and def not going to get you tipsy) have been a few times and will be back no doubt

4 star rating
by Blythe Biel
8 months ago

This was a spur of the moment Saturday night outing for us. Couldn't book in advance as phone kept going to voicemail. We were pleasantly surprised to get a seat, albeit side-by-side at a bench table.
Inattentive service but delicious food and drinks.

3 star rating
by Anna J
8 months ago

I had heard great things about this place and love mexican so was excited to try Dos Amigos. We were seated quite promptly considering it was around 7 on a Thursday but once seated we didnt get any attention from wait staff. We had to beckon a waitress over to take our drinks order after we'd been seated nearly 20 minutes, and the service didnt get much better. We had to ask for water which still took about 10 minutes to come and our plates werent cleared til well after we had finished. 
However I really enjoyed our food :) Passionfruit margarita was so yum, and loved how extensive the drinks menu was. 
Started with gauc and corn chips which were both very generous servings. I had the chipotle prawns - SO YUM! Great little kick to them but a bit messy as the tails were still attached. My beans were cold but still tasty, and had a nice portions of salad and rice. 
Due to the lacking service, might not return as mexican places seem to be popping up everywhere in Auckland and would have preferred a bit more authenticity of flavours.

1 star rating
by Donna
9 months ago

Very disappointed in the quality of the food, it was dry and inedible. When we arrived, looking at the next tables food, we should have realised and left the restaurant. Sadly, they weren't open to constructive criticism. Will never return.

4 star rating
by Foodiefeels
9 months ago

Love there taco salads. Full of flavour and fresh. 
Have a great variety of drinks & great starters. 

You get the best service on your birthday big hats and I got a couple free drinks on my birthday which was nice. 

Great atmosphere and great customer service. Not overpriced like some other places. Good place to go for a casual night out with friends.

4 star rating
by LucyGoosey
9 months ago

Fantastic Mexican food, great atmosphere and... Bearded Dragons! Very cool. I went here for lunch with a friend on Tuesday and I was really impressed by this place. I ordered the chicken burrito which came with a generous salad and guacamole. YUM!!! The burrito was huge and was filled with chicken, rice and beans. The burrito was delicious. The salad and guacamole were really fresh and tasty. My friend ordered the chicken enchiladas and she said she enjoyed her meal as well.  Our only issue with the food was the mass of shredded chicken. Last time I had Mexican, the chicken was cut into smallish pieces rather than being shredded which I though was nicer. Shredded chicken looks like canned tuna and after a while, it starts to taste like it as well. However, the chicken was tasty and the tomato salsa helped give moisture to the dish. We were given complimentary corn chips and salsa before our meals arrived which I thought was a really nice touch. The service here is not overly smiley but our waitress was friendly enough and our meals were brought out fast. The décor is great and there are lots of Mexican touches here and there. I would definitely go back here, there is a lot more on the menu that I would like to try. This restaurant also has two reptile residents who keep an eye on things. I didn't get the chance to talk to them much this time but I hear they do interact with customers quite a lot; they give a certain edginess to the place :)

5 star rating
by Akshay Joshi
9 months ago

Me and my wife have been here for a couple of times. The atmosphere,ambiance and the view from the table are good. Not to mention the food,its wonderful...

5 star rating
by Sergey Nikolaevich Kiz
10 months ago

My partner and me are loyal friends of Dos Amigos(pun intended) .its a great place with unique vibe ,very friendly atmosphere and good service.I have been pretty much in a every Mexican restaurant around Auckland as i am a hardcore fan of Mexican cuisine .so far dos amigos is unbeatable in terms of price /quality ratio and has big variety of tex-me and authentic Mexican personal favourite is sizzling chicken fajitas with flour tortillas .my partner usually goes with burrito .portions are big and filling.and I don't remember chef ever being stingy on meat (thumbs up!).overall it's a great place with friendly staff ,perfect location and of course yummy food.very well done mr.Lizard I wish you and your team all the best!

4 star rating
by Love My Coffee!
10 months ago

Loved the virgin Margarita - very refreshing!  If more than one of you having this, it pays to order a jug. The prawn entree was flavoursome especially if you enjoy spicy food .  The entree Taco Salads are more than enough if you are not looking for big portions.  The staff come across as friendly and very helpful.  We also went for a walk to the next bay around from Mission Bay, and there are some nice looking restaurants/cafes which look very popular with the heading there next time, as a really nice quiet relaxing spot with the beach across the road without all the chaos and cars of Mission Bay...

4 star rating
by Rice & Kai
10 months ago

We decided to come here for lunch in the weekend as I had a craving for buffalo wings and had heard that the ones here were good.

I ordered them as my meal (even though they are meant to be entree, but the size was fine for me as a lunch).  The sauce covering the chicken was delicious - spicy ('hero' level of spice just means hot I think) and tangy.  Definitely finger-licking good.  However, I would've loved it if the wings were a bit crispier than they were.  I also had the conga - a virgin margarita blended with mango.  This was lovely and refreshing on a hot summer's day.

My husband ordered the chicken wrap and curly fries which was off there lunch menu.  He enjoyed the wrap and the fries were lovely and crispy.

Overall, decent food, not too pricey and a nice atmosphere.  Although if you're looking for authentic Mexican food, this is probably not the right place for you as the cuisine is a bit more American style.

5 star rating
by Vaishnavi Prasad
10 months ago

Since I am just travelling in New Zealand, I can't afford to wait for more than one visit to a restaurant before I review it, so here I am, breaking my own principles. I had dinner with mi familia at Dos Amigos last night and I was so blown away, that I just HAD to write a review. So here are my notes, as always

The +'s:- 
>THE FOOD: Literally, that is ALL you need to focus on here. Incredibly tasty Mexican Food. We had the 'Spicy bites de Queso' and 'Curly fries' as entrees, and both the Chicken and Vegetarian Chimichangas AND the Vegetarian Fajita as mains, the guava Jarrito, a cerveza, ginger beer and a couple mocktails - Conga and a Virgin Margarita - to drink, and Churros for dessert. Flawless. The Spicy Bites de Queso are a must have. Best. Entree. EVER. The Chipotle garlic aioli that comes with the Curly fries is quite refreshing. The portions of the mains are pretty huge, and everything was cooked with so much flavour and to perfection. That Chimichanga! Mmmm. Try a Mexican cerveza  -which is basically beer- (I had the Tecata and loved it!) , or if you'd like something non-alcoholic, I'd recommend the Jarrito for people who can handle sweetened sodas, the Conga if you like coconut, and if all else fails, hit the Virgin Margarita!. Don't leave without eating Churros. 
>The DECOR: Had it been a little hotter, I would have totally tricked myself into believing that I was sitting in a Cantina in Mexico. Really nicely done decor; lots of Mexican elements thrown in, crowded, tight and warm colors to complement.> THE STAFF: Warm, friendly, attentive, and polite. Our order was taken and served to perfection, all with that bright smile on the face. The waitress who served us was nice enough to get us the large, colourful Mexican sombreros so we could take pictures!> THE PETS: Dos Amigos has three very adorable and very cool Bearded Dragons in a glass cage,  whom if you're lucky, you can meet and greet, and take pictures with. I got to meet the handsome 7-year old Diego, who not only posed with me, but also gave me his best big croaky smile.
The -'s:
I am stumped. I have zero negatives to share based on this visit

The ?'s:
> THE LOCATION: Bang in the heart of Auckland on Mission Bay, it's really easy to find this place (tucked in right next to Masala), but parking is such a pain, and so is getting a table. I recommend you make reservations in advance, park far away and walk to build your appetite.> THE AMBIENCE: You'll either love it, or hate it. I, fortunately loved it. It's loud, it's crowded, and it could fool me into believing I'm in a Cantina, for real. Tables are all real close to each other, so don't expect to get any privacy. Great to hang with friends and loud family!> THE WAIT TIME: The menu warns you that the food takes a while to come, and they aren't kidding about that. We spent close to 2.5 hours at the restaurant from start to finish. In a way this is a good thing; relax, digest and have a long lovely evening. Not the best place to eat if you have to be somewhere at a particular time.
And there you have it! My unbiased opinion of one of the best Mexican restaurants I have eaten at, also my first Zomato review in Auckland. I highly recommend Dos Amigos for a great evening out. P.S. : Order extra Sour Cream. It's just so so so delish!

1 star rating
by Tash
10 months ago

Mexican food is idiot proof to make and there are many mexican restaurants in Auckland, but not all are good in value or provide quality service, unfortunately this place was one of them.

My friend recommended me to try Dos Amigos Cantina, so I aggreed.

We booked a table for five earlier in the day being aware it is in Mission Bay a very busy place at night time. 

When we arrived we were seated at a table reserved right in the corner by the kitchen , a very uncomfortable and isolating area. We asked if we could wait and be seated elsewhere, the waiter very rudely said "you booked this table" and walked away not even saying sorry we are fully booked or be seated here and if anything opens up we will give you that space. We were seated for 10 mins until I spotted some empty seats which I asked to be moved from that uncomfortable spot.

We ordered our meal after reading the captivating menu that made your mouth water. We received our drinks and entree, they are very efficient with timing in a busy period. 

After I received my main course (vegetable burrito) I could not believe what was presented in front of me I paid $22 for salad which didn't look fresh and a burrito that had burnt vegetables in it. You could see that there was oil seeping out from the side from the burnt vegetables. It had barley anything in it and the black beans where very overpowering, the burrito wasn't even baked.

Hands down I say that the mexican was not good at all for what you paid and the service was not the best, if you want quality mexican food for a better price with fresh ingredients I would definitely recommend Mexican Cafe in the city opposite the Sky Tower, the people are very friendly even in busy periods and food is very filling with decent amount of filling in the burritos. 

When it came to pay for the meal one of the staff asked me how was my meal and I honestly told her her how I felt, she just bluntly said "you should come another time it might be different", that will hands down never happen and I will tell people this place does not deserve the hype is has. 

The only reason I am giving it a one it is because the atmosphere was nice.

5 star rating
by Vikram M Vyas
11 months ago

Good food, good service, filling my tummy with yummy food, food lover new place always. Right next to mission bay beach AWSOME view with a beer in your hand

2 star rating
by Paula Carpio
Dec 01, 2014

Mixed reviews about the food and the people serving.  

The Buffalo wings, were yummi. The Nachos ABSOLUTELY disgusting! dried beans with hardly any sauce on top. Horrible!

The girls serving were nice and attentive, but the guy was awful!  he screamed at a group of people who asked about their meal as it was taking too long. and he just went off at them rudely. The place felt silent and most uncomfortable.

Never going there again!

5 star rating
by Lennaine
Nov 25, 2014

Dinner was great , really love the complimentary little bowl of corn chips with some Salsa, nice gesture . Nachos is amazing the big one will feed 2 which was great we shared it and Still had a doggy bag . Was great!

5 star rating
by Nikita Kumar
Nov 18, 2014

I have visited this place numerous times and always walked out pleased with the experience. The food and drink prices are very decent and potion sizes are large and filling. The service is also great and the environment of the place adds to the enjoyment.

5 star rating
by Nepal S Prerana
Nov 14, 2014

amazing food, exotic atmosphere and the staff are truly the BEST! Celebrated my birthday there and was surprised by churros and chocolate sauce by the staff over there! Truly made it extra special!! buffalo wings and nachos are the best!!!

5 star rating
by Riddhi
Nov 03, 2014

Faultless at my last visit. We were seated quickly as soon as we arrived, with clean tables, cutlery and menus. They have a $15 lunch menu and from that I ordered the Chicken Quesadilla.  My friends ordered El Wrapo, and a vege burrito.  My quesadilla was very filling and delicious, and my friends too enjoyed their meals. 

The reason i gave Dos Amigos a perfect 5 is their impeccable service. All the staff were friendly and accomodating, making sure we had everything we needed and were satisfied. They even offered us sombreros and took pictures for us which was lovely. My friend has been here a few times and has raved about their service and food. Will definitely be back. Good on ya Dos Amigos.

5 star rating
by Stacy Carson
Sep 10, 2014

A firm lover of Mexican food, I wasn't even going for lunch when I walked past Dos Amigo's, on a glorious Sunday afternoon,  just glancing at the menu as I passed made me want to try everything though!
The kitchen wasn't open for another 15 minutes but the attentive waitress brought us some chips with an awesome fresh and simple salsa to tide us over while we waited for our coffee's.
I chose the Quesadilla Grande, I asked for this extra extra hot, as I know how mild the Kiwi's register on the Scoville scale, and my friend, a vegetarian ordered the Vege Burrito's, both well priced.
Out they came not much more than 10 minutes later accompanied by their homemade habanero sauce which was out of this world and definitely delivered on the "extra extra hot" request! This sauce is to die for, they should bottle it up and sell it ( if they don't already!) . There was something special about this sauce and I managed to convince the Manager to tell me it's secret ( well 2 of them) - honey and fresh mango! Forever more I will add both to my chilli sauces!
I will be back, I will try everything on the menu and I will find out all the secret ingredients of that amazing sauce !

4 star rating
by Mariamjafer
Aug 23, 2014

Let's just put it this way- Dos Amigos Cantina is good quality Mexican food at a reasonable price. Not as authentic as I would have hoped for but I have been here many times, whether it's with friends, family or even large birthday groups. The waitresses are very friendly and patient, and the food arrives quickly. The atmosphere is original and warm.

I usually have the grande nachos which is a VERY big portion so I would only recommend it as a main or sharing entree. The chili con carne is just delicious, the flavours are strong and it's just great to wash down with a mocktail or cocktail.

4 star rating
by Megan Stericker
Jun 09, 2014

Slightly pricey but really yum. Very authentic. Dining experience is great: authentic sombreros available, Mexican band, and little dragons wearing little sombreros!!

5 star rating
by Vishal Arora
Jun 06, 2014

love this place. good quality of food and awesome services :)

3 star rating
by Penny Burk
Apr 21, 2014

Wish I could do a 3 1/2 star as it deserves more than an average but not quite a 4* in my opinion.
That said, I would recommended Dos Amigos as good food at a reasonable price. Not the best Mexican food I've had but certainly quite acceptable, authentic and tasty. The coffee however was burnt. We went on a busy night and the service was a bit slow but the staff were friendly and helpful.
The Churros are definitely worth squeezing in on a full stomach.

4 star rating
by Amanda Hughes
Apr 16, 2014

Went there a few Sundays ago to meet up with a friend. Seating was easy - I'm a smoker so enjoyed sitting outside in the sun people watching. Bought a bucket of beer and relaxed into a yummy (and HUGE) plate of chicken nachos. Very tasty and reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend it - especially on a lovely cruisy Sunday to wind down the weekend and brace for the new week.

4 star rating
by David Parussini
Apr 06, 2014

Enjoyable experience,a friend and I had an early dinner on Sat 5th, shared a bucket of Sol (5) beers and ordered the grande Nachos (chicken) and full-rack of Ribs.
Tasty, filling and good service - great people watching spot on the bench seat looking out. The place quickly filled up and everyone seemed to be enjoying what they ordered - we would definitely drop in here again.

4 star rating
by Jo Taylor
Jan 21, 2014

We came here on 6th Jan for my friend's 40th dinner surprise, we were a table of 8. I had read mixed reviews for this restaurant and being in the industry was a little hesitant, but I have to say that we had great service and lovely food. Our waiter Kieren was charming and most obliging, making sure everyone was happy with their orders and was forthcoming with recommendations. He also let the birthday girl hold one of the lizards (at her request), the staff on presentation of her dessert sang her a happy birthday in Mexican and it made her night. Drinks was buy on get one free, an added bonus. Our other waitress I think her name was Karen, was also very good. Highly recommend the spicy wings, generous portion and spicyness just right. Great food, awesome staff (Kieren) and a great atmosphere on a busy night, look forward to coming back.

1 star rating
by Renee Vano
Jan 08, 2014

This has always been my go to fave place to eat until recently. Took my partner there for the first time (also his first time dining out for Mexican food) the cocktails were 'buy one get one free' so that was awesome but the compliments stop there. We waited an hour for our entree (blackened prawns) and had to ask on numerous occasions how long our food would be after seeing people seated after us eating, drinking, paying and leaving while we were still waiting on our entree..?? The prawns were excellent and just about worth the wait as we were getting happily tipsy in the process, but then having to wait another 30 mins for mains my partner was greatly disappointed at what was presented to him. He ordered the enchiladas and the way it was presented was pretty off putting to say the least the beans (which he specifically asked to be left off the plate) looked like they had been sitting on the bench for a half hour. Everything looked dry and the chicken and veg was sparce. Was sent back straight away he didn't even want to try it. When paying received a $1 discount even though we waited for an hour and a half and the meal wasn't touched?? $110 later went home hungry:( Bad service and bad food sad to say will not be eating here again!! Adios Dos Amigos

4 star rating
by Nom Nom Panda
Jan 04, 2014

This place is definitely one of the better options at Mission Bay, though I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here. Extensive menu, and vibrant presentation, but service can be patchy, especially if you are seated outside or tucked out of sight.

The BBQ ribs were juicy and tasty; the taco salad though was not that exciting. The taco shell was baked hard rather than crispy fried, and the filling had large amounts of bland guacamole and sour cream. I would have preferred some beans and/or rice in place of some of that.

Having said that, the atmosphere is happy and relaxed, and this would make a great place for a group, especially if you have some unadventurous eaters. The bearded dragons are cute too!

4 star rating
by Daniel Wang
Dec 07, 2013

Last week we had a birthday party there, it is a favourite of ours for tasty affordable authentic Mexican food with friends. Expect to wait for your table in the weekends, but there is a bar to keep you occupied, helpful staff combined with a delicious selection of tasty food makes for a fun night out. They have show in the weekend,you can check the website of them, the service stuff are very helpful. they would like to guide you in your menu ,answer your question and it's very busy store, they could maintain such good quality service, it's awesome !!

We almost tried all the dishes of it, all the dishes served with salad ,the plate is very big, so I think 2 girls can share one plate, the food looks like very healthy and colourful, ,the combination of sauce ,meat beans sour cream,cheese rice just make your mouth very balanced and fresh. We specially like B.B.Q Pork Ribs $28, it serve in big plate very juicy very good tasty. We also recommend ,Burrito $22, Chimichanga $22, the tasty food just is very balanced and healthy. We also order the sangria, it serve with ginger ale, just not tasty like we try in Mexico downtown, so I do not recommend the sangria. Also one thing, book early if a big group !

4 star rating
by Alistair Ross
Nov 30, 2013

Here was me thinking - not another Mexican. There seem to be a lot of these popping up all over Auckland right now. However, Dos Amigos has been around a wee while now, and is definitely one of the best Mexican restaurants in Auckland. It’s owned and operated by Mexican folks, which is always a good starter. It’s overlooking Mission Bay and is just down the road from the Berkley Cinema, so makes it great as a place to go with friends after a night at the flicks or a sunny day at the beach.

Every time I go there, the staff are always really friendly and welcoming and they seem pretty genuine, which is a nice surprise because some of the new Mexican restaurants have a 'stack-em-in' approach toward customers and customer service.

The beer selection is spot on, the cocktails are authentic, the Quesidillas and Nachos were close to the best I’ve ever eaten, and if you are still not full after all of that, the Churros or the Chimichanga will get ya!

Friendly, lively and reasonably priced. Look out for the bearded dragons up at the back!

2 star rating
by Sandra Martinez
Nov 05, 2013

My partner and I were regulars at this restaurant and although we've been a bit disappointed with the service we've received, we kept going because we like the atmosphere and the food is pretty good (although let me clarify that this is tex-mex not real mexican). In any case, we went there again last night and this time for sure will be the last! We were served by 3 waitresses (at least) yet the level of service was terrible. I am latin american but have lived in the US all my life and I realise that customer service here in New Zealand is just not up to par with the way things are done at home but sometimes, it is just ridiculous! I don't know when they are going to learn and instill in workers that a happy customer is a returning customer. In this instance, we ordered a sangria, which tasted horrible so we asked if we could exchange it for a beer, only to be told (very rudely) by a heavy-set blonde woman that that's the way Sangria is made in Mexico! Seriously? Like I don't know any better...and in any case, sangria is not a mexican drink it is a spanish drink. Anyway, we ended up paying for a drink we didn't even touch and instead of absorbing a $12 loss and making the customer happy, they have instead lost a regular customer who spent almost $100 there on a biweekly basis. Very short-sighted business decisions if you ask me!

1 star rating
by Ebony
Aug 25, 2013

My partner and I came here for dinner after reading all of the good reviews but left very disappointed. The evening started off well and the entree and margaritas were delicious. After we had been there for about an hour, however, it was clear that they were just wanting to push us out the door. Following our mains (which were average), we were pretty much just ignored. We had to call someone over and ask them if we could order dessert at which point we were asked what we wanted without even being shown a menu. There was no offer for more drinks even though we wanted to order another round and we were sitting there with empty glasses.

As the rugby was about to start, after an hour and a half we asked if it was possible to move to the Cantina to watch the game (as the website says you can move here following your meal). We were told that they were too busy and that we would have to be on our way. We then overheard two of the staff talking about seating some of the walk-ins at our table once we had gone. It was clear that they just wanted to rid of us. I have never seen anything like it. I have never written a review on here before but felt compelled to as our night was so terrible.

As it was our anniversary, this definitely put a damper on our special occasion. We ended up going to De Fontein Beer Cafe in order to redeem the evening. We will not be back!!

4 star rating
by Christine Tidball
Aug 21, 2013

The food was great...BUT, the service was way too OTT and over-attentive. We had 3 waiters try to serve us, it got really confusing.

Also there are things on your menu that are supposed to be gluten-free that are not. I'm gluten-free and found your menu really confusing, maybe mark the GF items, not the items with gluten in them?

There is also a salad on your menu (blue cheese and chicken) that is supposed to be GF, but when asked, the chef said the chicken was coated with flour.

Our plates kept on trying to be removed all the time as well, when I hadn't even finished. I got the impression that they want a high turn-over and like to move patrons quickly?

5 star rating
by Lance
Aug 19, 2013

MY wife and I went to Dos Amigos after saying we were going to go there for ages. We heard so many great things. We weren't disappointed. The food was tasty and very reasonably priced. The service was awesome with all the staff being really on to it and smiling all night long. We will definitely be back. Cheers

5 star rating
by Jess A
May 19, 2013

My whole family absolutely loves Dos Amigos! It's a great lively restaurant with a pumping atmosphere and people enjoying themselves. The drinks and food are fantastic and great service always! Meal portions are huge, so you're always getting your money's worth and meals are all well priced.

5 star rating
by Jason Kennedy
Feb 10, 2013

My wife and I are frequent patrons of Dos Amigos. We have introduced many friends to Lizard and his staff over the years, and they have all very much enjoyed the food, service, and excellent atmosphere. The food is excellent. If you are a fan of Mexican food, keep in mind that this is more Tex-Mex style than super authentic Mexican. That being said, it is one of the best Mexican-style restaurants in Auckland, and definitely worth trying out. If you are a fan of spicy food, make sure to request the Hero sauce with your order. I have a lot of experience with Mexican food (I'm American by birth) and my wife is Indian, so we both know what is expected of good spicy food. The Hero sauce has both heat and heaps of flavour, and is excellent on their wings. I am a loyal customer who will always be back for more. Gracias, El Lizardo, y toto el equipo de Dos Amigos!

5 star rating
by Rebecca Connor
Jan 15, 2013

Dos Amigos is a favorite restaurant of ours, we love the relaxed atmosphere and great service! We especially LOVE LOVE LOVE the Buffalo wings - (as authentic as you can get outside of USA) and frequently take advantage of the 2 for 1 wing special on a Tuesday. They also have amazing fajita's and the burritos are also delish! Having said that I never been disappointed by anything ive tried on the menu! If you are looking for some great food, amazing service, or just a quiet drink over looking mission bay check these guys out you wont be disappointed!

4 star rating
by Michelle NA
Jan 11, 2013

We come in frequently for their BBQ wings (entree) and Ribs (main) served on kumara fries. So yummy, filling and consistently good.

The staff are super helpful and friendly; we’re always greeted with a cheerful Hola!

It’s easy to make reservations and they accommodate as much as possible (especially when you bring along stragglers).

It's a lively, fun atmosphere. Definitely a place I’d take a group of people for a birthday etc. What makes Dos special is they truly make an effort to give you an enjoyable experience and be involved in your dining event. There are sombrero's around the place that you can wear and of course the lizards (maria maria?) to have a look at.

Plus you've got the best views around.

We'll be back again next week.

PS make sure you try one of their margarita's!

5 star rating
by Liv Winstone
Dec 15, 2012

We had a terrific time here last night! We were particularly impressed with the friendly, excellent service.
My personal favourite flavour of the night was the guacamole. There was amazing flavour in there - the lemon, with the salt, and of course the creamy avocado, a hint of tomato. Very yum. We shared that with the entree of corn-chips. Also the bean entree was extremely tasty, with quite a creamy texture, delicious flavours, plenty of tasty onions and I think sour-cream.

For my main, I had the Quesadilla - which is the one that has a flat, folded tortilla filled with delicious sauteed vegetables, and of course melted cheese. On the side were red rice, beans, sour cream & guacamole. I have to say, it was really tremendous!

Here's the one thing I didn't like about the evening... underneath the tables there was something sticky! Too scared to look and see what was making my legs sticky... but my friend next to me had the same problem! (We were sat on the bench seats at the very back tables by the Christmas tree.)

ANYway... Excellent margaritas of course, we shared 'La Playa' - the watermelon one.

The atmosphere was buzzing. There were a couple of authentically Mexican guys singing with guitar in sombreros. Nice touch.

And a final shout-out to the staff - a very welcoming, bubbly blond woman who greeted us and directed us to our tables; a brilliant waiter full of smiles who took our orders, and even remembered our names (we all wrote our names on a sheet at the start for separate bills) but then he remembered after that, each time he served us. Nice touch.
Thanks for a tremendous night! :)

1 star rating
by Angela Bennett
Dec 10, 2012

I booked my work dinner here after having a meal here months ago.
I got sent a txt two hours before dinner to tell me to make sure everybody had to be on time! And that we only had a two hour window to eat drink and be merry! Some of us actually like to enjoy our meals when we eat out! Once we all got there finally got served. We all got our meals and they mucked up our meals even after I had written down everyone's name the waitress was a grumpy person who needs a lesson in customer service!!
We hadn't even finished our dinner and she told us to have desert and throws down some children's ice-cream even though there were no kids with us and told us to move outside and then ignored us for the rest of the night. Needless to say I will not be returning! Lucky for us the great thing about Mission Bay is that there are restaurants everywhere.

4 star rating
by Sonrisa Bella
Oct 25, 2012

Great place - the food is delicious (hard to get decent Mexican in Auckland!) and the service is friendly. On weekends it's packed but has a great atmosphere, particularly with the mariachi band that comes around! Definitely will go back...again and again...!

4 star rating
by Barbara Sheldon
Oct 24, 2012

We enjoy going here for lunch, my partner likes the BBQ & ranch chicken wrap with curly fries because he's not much into Mexican food, but it's my chance to get taco salad or nachos or quesadilla's so I'm happy! I also want to try their ribs sometime if we go at dinner, I've heard they are delicious! Being from Texas, I really miss Mexican or Tex-mex food, so this is a treat for me, but it's still pretty tame if you're looking for hardcore Mexican food. Oh and the chips they serve before your meal with salsa always taste stale to me, maybe that's just the way they prepare them? But overall, we keep going back :) We don't drink, so I can't comment on their alcoholic beverages.

5 star rating
by Mark Goldie
Oct 23, 2012

Love this place, it's our 5th time here and have yet to try the ribs, expect this review to be modified once the famous ribs are sampled.
The staff are friendly and the food is well cooked, if you have kids they are treated to view the little sand lizards in the tank.

5 star rating
by NishLish
Sep 29, 2012

Our fav place to go for Mexican food! Have been here for a quick but good dinner, and also on group occasions. They handle these situations fine. Service is always good, they are very facilitative in moving tables (for example if wanting to sit outside etc.).
The food is always great, have tried many things on the menu. Always exceptionally presented and huge portion sizes!! Good range of margaritas and other drinks also.

4 star rating
by Siobhan Fahy
Aug 31, 2012

Stumbled upon this place and was enticed by the $15 meal and drink deal. I got the chicken wrap and my friend ordered the nachos, both tasty! Service was quick and friendly :)

4 star rating
by Courtney
Jul 27, 2012

The food was amazing! I will definately be back :)

4 star rating
by Lyndsay
Jul 17, 2012

This place is the best Mexican I have had, so fresh, and the portions are huge, and the price is very reasonable. I would 100% recommend this restaurant to anyone!!! :-)

2 star rating
by Leah
Jul 13, 2012

After reading all the rave reviews about this place, we were pretty excited about coming here.

The place was packed so, good sign. All the wait staff were really helpful and friendly so getting orders done was easy.

The food was a little sad though. The chips and salsa were presented in a tiny, worn down $2 shop bowl. The tortilla chips were not fresh and obviously from a bag. The salsa was good, but there was hardly any of it.

The buffalo wings were good, but a little lacklustre on the spice. The blue cheese dressing wasn't fresh or good.

My friend had the enchilada and the taco salad and I had the quesadilla. Both pretty small tiny portion sizes for mains. The carne asada was pretty rubbery and the black beans were a little under cooked. The taco salad bowl was not fresh and a little on the stale side and the salad was swimming in dressing, no beans. Nothing to distinguish it from a regular old salad, except for the guacamole which was really yum.

We asked for hot, but it was pretty bland.

We were going to get dessert, but we were so "meh" about our dinner, that we skipped it.

On its own, it's a good place as it has a nice vibe and really good service. But if you're into really awesome Mexican food, this is not the place for you. Little Mexico is heaps better.

Not sure if I'll be returning, sadly.

4 star rating
by Tim Warren
May 13, 2012

Reasonable Mexican, but best ribs in NZ. Really impressed.
Service could be a little swifter, but is friendly.

4 star rating
by Wanderlust
Apr 25, 2012

I love this place.

I went here for a friends birthday, we ordered all the Margarita jugs, starters and main meals.

We had such a blast, the staff were great! We were all a little 'happy' from the Margarita and they had fun with us. They gave my friend a tequila shot, they sang happy birthday, gave us their hats, and sang next to our table. It was a awesome atmosphere. The manger was not there, which was good. Ive gone before and he was there. He's just a huge drag and an atmosphere in himself !

The drinks were tasty, still slightly pricey per jug, but they always are, get over it.

The food was great, who cares if its authentic or not. It was good food. The only downside with the food is that two of us ordered hot, and they were at the very least medium. More heat would be great.

I cant wait to go again :)

5 star rating
by Nicole
Apr 22, 2012

Fantastic night out!
Really large group (30 people) of us for my birthday. They were so accommodating to fit us all in...and get all our food out within 15 minutes!
Great service, really friendly and helpful.
Great food, I think between the 30 of us we sampled nearly everything on the menu and everyone enjoyed it. The ribs were a favourite! and the churros and mocha flan for dessert...yum yum yum! Pinarita margarita was really good too.
Great atmosphere with the live band.
Will definitely be back!

5 star rating
by Ronald G. Lake
Mar 08, 2012

We love to go out to eat and the service we receive is hard to beat. Very helpful, very friendly and the food, oh the food is hard to beat. I recommend the place to everyone we meet who love Mexican food.

Ron Lake and family

1 star rating
by Jennifer Nale
Jan 30, 2012

I am originally from Colorado, which has a huge Hispanic population so I have grown up on some amazing Mexican food. I have tried all of the Mexican restaurants in NZ, this by far is the worst one. My partner and I tried to give it another chance tonight (after a really high bill and some very unimpressive food the first time) and had an even worse experience.

We arrived at 7:30 and wanted to go to a movie at 8:30. I knew it was a fast turnover, but I worked in the restaurant business for 5 years and I know that you should have about a 20 min turnover time from order to delivery.... ours took 45 minutes. We waited and waited and finally after 40min we asked them if they could just make it to go so we could put it in the car before the movie. This then took another 5-10 minutes after some gruff from the server. So we went and saw the movie, came home and opened our to go containers... Well the beef on my bfs fajitas wasn't even sliced up and after 3 minutes of microwaving was still pretty raw. The tortillas on the enchiladas were disgusting and the food had zero flavor. Not a fan, never going back.

If you want good mexican food go somewhere else. Don't waste your money here.

5 star rating
by Amyparker129
Jan 11, 2012

Food was fantastic, I can recommend the quesadillas and the tortillas but I'm sure everything else is great too! They have an extensive selection of different margaritas too, the one I tried, the Pinarita was delicious. The service could not have been better. Fantastic atmosphere. What else could you want!

5 star rating
by Teresa
Dec 10, 2011

Thanks Lizard for a great night for me and the girls.. food OTT should have ordered a half portion of the ribs.. staff fabulous..wish I could remember the name of who looked after us .. do remember she had a long plait .. glad I escaped before the tequila shot .. you have a great restaurant .. the girls and I will be back .. I love your babies the two M's were really interesting to watch ..hope Paulie had a good night
will know in the morning .. T

1 star rating
by Robin Murray-Leslie
Nov 23, 2011

Brilliant if you want a few beers before you head into town, or to laze away a hot summer afternoon. Recommend a bucket of Sol or the spicy cave creek chili beer. Bright and cheerful waiting staff bring personality and energy to service.

Truly awful if you are hungry though. We picked through a mixed starter that was 70% chips, 20% emaciated chicken wings and 10% unspecified slop. The main course didn't fare much better as it was just a grander version of the starter. Maybe we didn't order well, but the burritos and quesadillas were identical bar the heating method. Greasy slop with little flavour, zero heat and baby food texture.

In summary. Use Dos Amigos Cantina as a bar and you 'll have a great time.

5 star rating
by Mary Underwood
Oct 23, 2011

I was passing by this afternoon looking for somewhere to meet friends. Luckily I past by Dos Amigos and grabbed a table outside with my daughter.
The wait staff were so friendly. Table was quickly cleaned and menus brought out.
I ordered the taco salad. I wanted something light and fast. My daughter ordered from the children's menu. She chose the Nachos loco with the chicken and loved it. It wasn't too spicy for her.
I was happy with the salad. just enough for me. We had just started to eat when the restaurant was evacuated due to the fire alarm going off. We waited around 15 mins before the all clear.
I didn't need to ask for the food to be reheated or replaced, Instead the owner told me he was going to replace everything for us straight away. Now that's service.
Over all, I was very impressed with everything. Food, service and menu oh, and the churros were amazing with the pot of chocolate. Can't wait to go back again.

1 star rating
by Adam
Oct 09, 2011

I've been searching New Zealand for good Mexican. Unfortunately, I haven't found it yet.

We ordered the buffalo wings to start (which have nothing to do with Mexican food but...) and they were small but really good.

We also ordered enchiladas and the tamales. The food took quite a while to come out even though there weren't that many people in the place.

Both of the dishes were ok. Nothing to write home about. Both meals were extremely salty too. The chicken was pretty dry and there wasn't barely any sauce. For 20-25 bucks a pop, we were expecting a lot more.

And then the margaritas...$25 for a tiny "jug" that was barely enough for 2 people.

I wouldn't go back here nor recommend it to anyone. The food was way way overpriced for what you get. I'd take a small Mexican joint in Chicago for a fraction of the price any day.

5 star rating
by Aucklander01
Oct 02, 2011

Went here for lunch - very friendly and helpful staff. Menu had a lot of variety and waitress was helpful in giving info on the menu. Didnt have to wait long for food and it was absolutely delicious - best mexican I have ever had. Will definately be coming back here again.

5 star rating
by Dana Close
Apr 20, 2011

This is my favorite restaurant!! If i can afford it i try to go once a week and i live over 60 km away. I cant get enough of it! The service is great the food is awesome! I must warn, don't go unless you can go back because after the first time you'll be hooked!! =)

4 star rating
by Maheen Mudannayake
Mar 10, 2011

Arrived on a wed night, had heard great things about this place. Not a huge venue, but was full when we arrived, glad I booked in advanced.

I had the ribs, my wife had the chicken chili mole, very authentic. Food was great, so was the cocktails. Would definitely go again. Prices were very reasonable.

Would have give 5 out of 5, but had to wait quite a while to get served between courses. May have been a busy night. Staff were very friendly. Great family and function venue.

5 star rating
by Sarah
Feb 24, 2011

Went there last night with a group of friends, really amazing place!! So impressed.

Great value for money (especially if you have the entertainment book voucher), exceptional service (complete with Mexican phrases and accents!), and amazing food.

I had the spare ribs, one of their non alcoholic cocktails Chit... I... (I can't remember the name exactly), and the flan for dessert. They came out fairly promptly, and all were wonderfully made.

Can't rave about this place enough, keep up the good work Dos Amigos Cantina! :)

5 star rating
by Goodtimes2011
Feb 14, 2011

Went to Dos Amigos for lunch today YUMMM!!! I am a huge fan of Mexican food and couldn't have been happier with my wrap and half of hubby's nachos! The waiter that served us was great and happily put up with my winging baby and a few spills!!! will absolutely be back to try some more of the appealing menu options

3 star rating
by Lillian
Feb 06, 2011

Enjoyed my buffalo wings quite a bit, friends fajitas looked great (4 tortillas + sizzling plate of meat to assemble your own). Disappointed with the small margaritas jug - $27 only enough for 2 people or one thirsty person. Shame we missed out on dessert with such fulfilling main - would have to come back another time. Love the vibe here & lizards on display!

4 star rating
by Rob Clarke
Jan 28, 2011

Popped in for a quick lunch. Very broad selection of food, and the biggest range of Tequila I have ever seen. Food was very good, arrived nice and quickly, service was fine. Black beans with main were best ever. Definitely will return.

2 star rating
by Crystal Connolly
Jan 16, 2011

Went to Dos Amigos last night. We had a table of 9. Got to say the service from the waiter and the food was great. The manager however needs to go on a communication course. We had booked for 7.30pm and I rang just after 6pm to ask if we could change our booking to 8pm. The manager (I believe they call him Lizard) said he would but then proceeded to tell me that they like to rollover tables and they were really busy that night and could have booked out the table to someone else earlier if we had booked for 8pm originally. I apologised and said we had a big table so we would be spending plenty of money anyway. I understand that changing a booking is a pain but I don't need to get a lecture about it. Anyway, the meal was great, the drinks were great. Lizard seemed to be in a better mood. Until it was time to settle the bill. He came up to the table and said 'the bill has been split 9 ways'. Two of us at the table had Entertainment Book vouchers and we said we would like to use them. He said no, the bill has already been split. I didn't realise that two people had actually paid for their dinner already, so I said I would just pay it all so we could use the vouchers. He told me he didn't have to honour the vouchers anyway because they were for El Centro which was taken over by Dos Amigos. I pointed out that the Entertainment Book website promotes the restaurant as Dos Amigos and says it honours the vouchers in the name of El Centro. He said no, you cant use them, its too late and you will have to use them next time. Anyway, it was not the fact that we couldn't use them, it was the communication technique involved. He was really really rude and we were all very shocked. So here is a tip Lizard that I learned while working in customer service: one unhappy customer tells 9 other people who in turn tell another 3. None of us will go back, despite the great food and wonderful waiter.

5 star rating
by Emma Atkinson
Nov 12, 2010

I absolutely love Dos Amigos, been there twice now and just cant get enough of the great food, atmosphere and service. Thanks for my great birthday experience.

5 star rating
by Stu
Nov 06, 2010

My wife and I went to Dos Amigos a few weeks ago and unfortunately we had our order lost and we ended up leaving without our food. But a few days after this event the owner/head chef Rob contacted me and asked if we'd like to come back as his guest.
So we went back to the restaurant tonight and met Rob, who was a great guy and very hospitable. We ordered the Quesidilla and the toquitos and they were both fantastic. We also had the churros for dessert and they were the best churros that ive ever had.
I really appreciated the extra mile that they went for us and I would definately recommend going to try the food, im sure you'll love it. Just make sure to book as its such a popular place.

5 star rating
by Mary Darlow
Sep 01, 2010

Another Fantastic Meal at Dos Amigos! Food is superb (including the Churros at the end!), ambience is awesome (loved the real sombrerros) and service is some of the most friendliest in town. Have been three times already, and have the fourth booked in. Best restaurant in town by far!

5 star rating
by Sarah Stone
Aug 28, 2010

I absolutely loved this place. Great wait staff, friendly atmosphere and excellent food. The fried ice cream ball in a tortilla shell was simply the best dessert I have ever eaten. I would not hesitate to visit again and recommend to others.

5 star rating
by April
Aug 23, 2010

We go to Mexican Cafe in city all the time and its the only Mexican resturant we have been too... thought it was time to try somewhere - glad we did.

Food was much tastier - and service so much better!
This may just be our new Mexican - only thing I would miss is the atmosphere of Mexican cafe.

5 star rating
by Carol-Ann, (Turbo-turtle!)
May 24, 2010

Wow! where do i start?... I have been a regular since Dos Amigos opened! I'm addicted to the yummy sizzling-big juicy Prawn Fajitas, quesadilla's & Churros & Fried Icecream...mmmmmm (makes me wanna go there now!)
Apart from fantastic, genuinely friendly 'mexicano style' service- go Jessica! who wears a sombrero hat bigger than her!, the menu has so many delicious & authentic meals to chose from. The serves are generous & prices very reasonable.
I have also never had ANY restaurant EVER try so hard to cater for my 'severe anaphylactic food allergies' before, AND SUCCEED! (which i might say is scary for everyone concerned!)
Thank you Rob, Aaron and the rest of the awesome team. As 'Arnie would say- "I'll be back!"

5 star rating
by Ashleigh Whittaker
May 09, 2010

I just went there for a mothers day dinner. The mexican food was such a step up from the limited amount available in Auckland and it was hard to choose because there was so many good options. More than just the typical fare. The ribs were extremely tender and the sauce was delicious but the most outstanding part of the meal was the Churros. Best dessert eva!!

5 star rating
by Kristin
Apr 28, 2010

We booked a table for 6 at Dos Amigos last Friday night having had it recommended to us by friends. We were totally impressed by the food, the drinks and the service.

Dinner was delicious - we all ordered something different but favs at our table were the quesadilla's and chimichanga.

The margarita's were equally spesh - perhaps the experts on the liquor king pre-mix should stick to what they know! There was nothing mass-produced about our drinks, the selection and quality was excellent.

We are so happy to have a little piece of Mexico on the Mission Bay strip. We'll certainly be back!

4 star rating
by Amber Stoehr
Apr 27, 2010

We have been to Dos Amigos twice now and it is the closest to authentic mexican we have in this corner of the world. The Chilli Rejeno are to die for and the Tequila Chicken are a favourite amongst my friends and family. I am looking forward to the continual expansion of the restaurant. Keep it up guys!

4 star rating
by Paul
Apr 26, 2010

This is a step above other Mexican in Auckland. The quality of ingredients was great and the food was very tasty. Service was great from 2 out of the three staff on the floor but being new I'm sure they'll sort that out. I can't comment on the margaritas cos I didn't have one but if you don't like expensive drinks go to the off license and drink at home.

4 star rating
by Ashley Brown
Apr 26, 2010

Took a party of 4 for a meal - food was very good, freshly made in Mexican Heaven - will definitely go back. Thanks Dos Amigos for a great meal, we were really impressed.

5 star rating
by Texan
Apr 25, 2010

I'm from the States, and I've missed the Mexican food from home big time.
I went to Dos Amigos this weekend with some friends and I have only good things to say about these guys. The beef nachos was classic with the tastiest beef and guacamole and with lots of cheese. The Chili con Carne was-to my surprise- made from real beef with lots of spices ( not mince and paste) Far from bland!
We are definetely going back.I recommend it to everyone who is craving tasty mexican cooking!

5 star rating
by Sophie
Apr 25, 2010

We've had a number of great meals at Dos Amigos since it has opened and we were very happy with the service and the food! The staff are incredibly friendly, accommodating and full of knowledge (and songs too if you're lucky). The food was delicious and perfect sized portions too! Very happy a decent Mexican restaurant is finally close to us!