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d'Vine Restaurant at Saratoga Estate Winery

3 star rating 4 reviews

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09 3726372

72 Onetangi Rd Onetangi, Waiheke Island, Auckland

  Pacific, Tapas
Mon - Sun from 11am

Reviews for d'Vine Restaurant at Saratoga Estate Winery

5 star rating
by Garath Reid
Mar 21, 2012

I dont know what Brucie is on about...- My wife and I visited Saratoga on Saturday last weekend, and then again on Sunday just because we loved it so much!! There was a little wee waitress who was great, the 'Cats' were tiny little kittens that my wife wanted to take back to Wellington with us, and i really enjoyed the selection of Tapas we had. we will be back next time we hit the Bach.

1 star rating
by Brucie
Mar 20, 2012

Upon seeing an article in the herald that was published I was quite excited of going to d vine at Saratoga when me and my partner decided to visit Waiheke for the day.
Upon arrival we were greeted and seated. We then waited for menus for around 20 minutes before a lady approached us to offer us some. We were then offered wine as a compliment for the slow service. The wine was terrible, sour and fizzy. Gross!!! anyway... we then placed our order with the waitress which we again had to wait around another 20 minutes to do so and when I mentioned this to her she said something quietly and started laughing????!!!. We then received our meals which were at best warm. We had the mushrooms to start with the calamari and a few other tappas. The mushrooms how ever had a very odd taste and while dining I had a kitten jump on my table!!! Near my plate!!! I thought this was disgusting and completely against all health and safety regulation I then decided I wanted no more and left. I would recommend you do not visit this restaurant !!!

3 star rating
by Richard Brunton
Mar 08, 2012

My wife and myself visited d'Vine last week along with 2 English guests. On arrival we were greeted and escorted to an outside table in the sunshine with a great view over the vineyard and golf course. However after sitting at the table for nearly 10 minutes I went to the bar to get some service. The lady was doing a wine tasting and I was told she would be with us in a minute. When she arrived we ordered some Tapas style food and a bottle of Rose. The Rose arrived but when poured into the glass it was cloudy and tasted very bitter. The Tapas food was great, each item was unique in flavor and well presented. Overall we found d'Vine a bit tired with service a bit on the slow side. Not sure about the wines, we also tried a Pinot Gris, which was better than the Rose, which we didn't finish. The general appearance of the place needs to be tidied up somewhat. Old broken chairs and tables litter the area with unkempt gardens to boot. This place has the potential to be great but really needs a bit of work to bring up to a suitable level.

5 star rating
by Vish T
Mar 04, 2012

I went to a Saratoga Saturday- casual candlelit dining on a long table with a range of guests. For $40 a head we were served a delectable cocktail along with a wonderful assortment of tapas.

First, the breads and dips were delicious. We were served fresh made guacamole with a beautifully seasoned flat bread, fresh bread with olive tapenade dip and locally grown olives, herb spread, local olive oil, and a delicious salmon and caper topped bread.

On to the main event! Tapas are tasters and I expected to enjoy the range but each dish had a signature flair that was better than good- I was delighted. We had crisp golden gooey croquettes, prawns with a bang of chili, soft shelled mud crab delicately battered, perfectly tender calamari with a hint of curry in a delicious bed of rocket and aioli, crispy ginger chicken, chili chicken...

I have yet to go back to sample the mains, but I will certainly be there. Presentation was immaculate, service was swift, friendly and unobtrusive. Food was superb. Genius!

EDIT: This restaurant has changed managers and I no longer vouch for the service or food.