East Noodle Bar

4 star rating 11 reviews

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09 3606085

171D Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

11 AM to 3 PM, 4:30 PM to 10 PM (Mon-Fri), 4:30 PM to 10 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for East Noodle Bar

5 star rating
by Steph Kennard

Great food! fresh and delivery time was on point. Will recommend and eat again! Filling in space because some knob made minimum review 140 characters.

4 star rating
by Passport_Liz
5 months ago

I was actually on my way to Renkon, but upon arrival I found its closed down - so I ores for East as it was near by.

I ordered what I'd been wanting from the get go, Katsu Teryaki Chicken.
The serving was large and I couldn't finish it. It was retry delicious though, with enough sauce and crispy chicken.
I'd go back.

1 star rating
by Dameon Andersen
11 months ago

Tried ordering food using their online form. Ordered and paid. Our food was not delivered whatsoever. Tried calling multiple times on the listed number during business hours with no answer.

5 star rating
by Sarah R
May 22, 2014

Attention lovers of food: If you have ever enjoyed an Asian takeaway dish in your life. Ever. STOP SCROLLING. Good. Now read on:

Some divine deity reached out to me today, and guided my typing fingers to the online menu of East Restaurant in Ponsonby. Now, by there loving and merciful ways, they are reaching out to you as well. You, saintly child of food, are about to be rewarded for your service of eating that which is edible.

Uncertain whether I should give my credit card details to the online order delivery site, Dine In, the gods (and google) reassured me that it was safe and I proceeded to purchase East Restaurant's Chicken Laska; a pure, delightful and sacred dish. I payed only 15 unworthy dollars and a minimal delivery fee, and the steaming plate of unearthly deliciousness arrived right at my feet.

I tell you now food-child; I never want to eat again, lest this holy taste leave my mouth. I want to savour its other-worldly flavour and fragrance for all of eternity.

I was so moved by the divine experience that I decided to write a GOOD review on MenuMania and DineIn. And anyone who knows anything knows this is remarkable because reviews are only written to passive-aggressively get back at a restaurant for serving up cold hotchips. But for this, my review will be different; I have been changed forever and I offer this review to the sacred food deities as an emotional prayer of gratitude for my salvation from the darkness of never having known this restaurant existed. I have vowed to save others from this darkness, yet I have not even explored the true extent of enlightenment that East Restaurant has to offer. As I try more dishes on this biblical menu I expect to find more pathways to the warmth and love of the gods.

If you do but one thing in your life, I urge you, let it be buying this God-blessed Chicken Laska. And for the full heavenly experience, summon the God-chosen staff to deliver it to your door; they will do so to any nearby suburbs in which the light of the heavens shines down. The gods have spoken.

May the food of the heavenly gods light your path. Amen.

(P.S. Apologies if I have now built this up and the dish turns out to be a let down. I was bored and hungry and the relief was real.)

5 star rating
by Carlos Cumberbatch
Aug 21, 2013

I first tasted the amazing cuisine at East 6 years ago. The food is just as good now as it was back then.
I popped in today as I had a little spare time, and ordered my favourite dish Canton with chicken.
It must have been my lucky day, because the owner/chef came out ( between woks) and offered me some special treats from the new menu coming soon.
The new starters were devine!!!
I'm not going to say any more than this- but check out East when your next in Ponsonby...you won't be disappointed.
Thanks for the great food and awesome friendly service.

4 star rating
by Jason Day
May 24, 2013

East has great food and great service. I love being able to order using YQ on my phone cuz it means I don't have to use my lunch break waiting for the food to cook! Good stuff.

4 star rating
by Yusoff Kamal
Oct 17, 2012

This time with a group of 10 people. And I have to say...the team really took care of us.

Well done! I am very impressed and so as all the rest in the group.

The chef have improve the taste tremendously. I tried all the sides and it really delicious. (recommended to all)

After my 3rd visit, the food are still beautifully presented...very consistent. Good.


I would recommend this place to all. Plenty of choice and reasonably price which is a plus point.

The staff is friendly and the place are clean and comfy even though it is small. Keep up the good work :D

1 star rating
by Rosa
Sep 29, 2012

I think this was the worst meal I've ever been served in a restaurant - dried out, completely tasteless fish cakes with a sickly-sweet jam-like sticky dip, rubbery squid served on ancient lettuce, undercooked udon noodles - we left hungry ... the veges in the noodles were the only really edible items (the waitress did have a sweet smile). I was embarrassed to have taken my friend there. I won't be going back.

4 star rating
by Lavinia Isaac King
Jul 22, 2012

Just had the lemon chicken with rice and side salad with the bok choy bomb was so yummy delivered to my house yay! first time i have had food at east will be back for more a+++ service
Thank you East!!

5 star rating
by Sharon
Jun 26, 2012

Update from last review 26 June 2012.
Again, very pleased with our meals. Super hot, 4 different flavoured dishes, all good and again couldnt fault the staff. They seem genuinely happy to see you and make you feel your visit was appreciated.
We have only had takeaways on both occasions, however something to keep in mind if you are planning on dining in. It is a casual, small eatery. Give them a ring and book before hand to make sure a table is avail, and whatever you do, if you cant make it, or even change your mind, please let them know. With only having a small seating area, if you have booked a table and dont turn up, it makes it hard for them to cater for others who do wish to dine. Its just courtesy, really. But DO go, to dine in or takeaway, you wont be disappointed.
Thank you again for our lovely lunch, and a special thankyou to your younger assistant, who I am sure is not only a helping hand in busy times but is learning along the way. Kindest regards for continued success. Sharon.

What a LOVELY wee find this is. Happy friendly staff and very tasty food. Had prawn dumplings and 1 x beef & 1 prawn dish. Both were piping hot, had great flavour and plenty of vege. Thanks heaps. Will return.

4 star rating
by Lara Wills
Jun 03, 2012

Visited last Sunday evening. Was a little hesitant given the previous reviews on here, however was pleasantly surprised.
Ordered spring rolls and dim sum as starters and two main noodle dishes. We dined in.
All were perfectly cooked, tasty, fresh and delicious. No complaints from us. None of the food was dodgy, and they were doing a brisk trade in takeaways so the turnover was high.
I would return again without any hesitation.