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Ed's Cake and Coffee House

4 star rating 47 reviews

Restaurant location map

09 5891183, 021 2288168

Shop 6-7, 2 Commissariat Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland

  Bakery, Cafe, Desserts
6:30 AM to 6 PM (Mon-Fri), 7:30 AM to 5 PM (Sat), Sun Closed


Reviews for Ed's Cake and Coffee House

5 star rating
by Nia T
3 months ago

I went and checked this place out after reading all the positive reviews. One of the reviews said that it was a bit on the upscale in terms of prices and man they weren't kidding. I purchased 3 items today.
Almond & orange cake $4.00
Carrot cake $4.50
Doughnut with raspberry topping $2.00
Total spent $10.50

If you ask me, it is definitely pricey. The portion themselves are half the size of what you get from any standard bakery in South Auckland BUT the flavors and the quality makes up for it. The almond & orange cake was super moist with lots of flavor all through out. The doughnut was nice and crisp with fresh cream and raspberry drizzled on top. The carrot cake is in fact one of the best I came across. Fresh, full of flavor and moist.
This café/bakery is definitely a must try. Very neat and tidy & the staff are very friendly. I will be back to try some of the their pies. Just be prepared to pay roughly $5 for them lol

P.s. I do not recommend eating all these sweets at once. Gives u that sickening feeling so do yourself a favor and have them between intervals ­čśŐ

5 star rating
by Christopher Wong
3 months ago

Ed's Cafe is very amazing :) The food is absolutely delicious! The service is great and the prices are very reasonable. It truly is very highly recommended ! Ed's cakes are spectacular!

5 star rating
by Super(´Żą_´Żą;Phoebe
3 months ago

This is certainly a hidden gem in Mt Wellington suburb. Cabinet food looks tempting. After read heaps of positive feedback´╝îI've tried the carrort cake and beef curry pie and bf had pork belly pie. Excellent creation with all the ingredients and flavours´╝üPlus the price is very reasonable.I had had a little bit doubt before I made up my mind to try Ed's carrort cake. What's on top is some icing cream which I usually would find too sweet and creamy. Yet Ed's carrot cake really blown me away. The icing on top is so fresh and smooth that I just can't resist to eat more and more. Will definitely be back as it's just 2 minutes drive from workplace and the rest of the cabinet food all look yummy.

5 star rating
by Peachypanda
9 months ago

Have been going here regularly for a while now and I'm in love with their steak mushroom & tomato pies. Ed and his team make amazing food as well as good coffee & smoothies (which by the way are perfect during a hot day). I've never been disappointed and I love trying anything new on the menu.

4 star rating
by Woollen03
9 months ago

Very clean coffee house unlike all others. Eds almond and orange cake is one of its kind. Love the amazing taste. There is a good range of savoury, veg and non veg.

4 star rating
by BeeQueUU
11 months ago

I first went here years ago after reading a menumania review. Was not disappoibted back then and visited for pies and cakes many times. I stopped going about 18 months ago simply as its a little off the high streets so to speak tucked into a suburban area. Came back as it didnt take many weeks to blow my "no more pies" summer diet. :(
GOURMET Pies were as good as I remembered and selection also above average. Interesting sounding pies but you'll be disappointed if you are only after the traditional flavors. Eg a good steak n K is hard to find now. Steak,tomato and mushroom 8/10 and sample a friends Pork belly 5 spices pie 7/10. The latter had potato cubes in it but that wasnt in the description.

Tried a couple of their cakes and can recommend the n.y .cheesecake squares 8/10 and their long cream donuts. 9/10
( yeah that diet is a distant Memory obviously!! )
Coffee was a little average. 5/10 Mochacino was not frothy and was more like a strong milo. The place has a few indoor and outdoor tables and service from Ed and his staff is outstanding.

5 star rating
by Auckland Food Tours
Jul 03, 2014

A really great little local cafe. Ed's specializes in cakes and sweet treats but also have a great range of savoury options too. From their black forest plum tarts to their vegetable curry puffs, everything is freshly made and well priced. The staff are absolutely lovely and friendly and I'm dying to go back to try Ed's signature chocolate fudge cake!

5 star rating
by Nan Barker
May 06, 2014

Everything everyone says was true for us, too. Called in yesterday and was quite delighted! Ed literally "dines out" on his personal service, but the food is also first-rate. Have never heard my husband speaking so highly of a mere sausage roll! Coffee was great, too.

4 star rating
by David Parussini
Feb 18, 2014

First time here and tried the chicken and potato curry pie - yum! Will definitely be back, cabinet food looked tasty with good variety.

5 star rating
by Audric Kam
Feb 16, 2014

Customer service was great; Ed was very friendly and very helpful.

The food was also very satisfactory as well. The black pepper steak pie and crispy donut that we purchased were, in particular, outstanding.

5 star rating
by Jan
Dec 27, 2013

Ed's The Best....Ed and his team are what food, service and hospitality are all about...this is my absolute favourite "pop in" spot..the pies are what a pie should be....home made pastry, filling to the lid and all made fresh each day...Ed's cakes and pastries are beautifully made and taste wonderful..for top quality and reasonable pricing Ed's cannot be beaten..Our family had so much fun with the Gingerbread House...
Hey, and the coffee's good too... thanks Ed and your team for your smiling welcome and great food

5 star rating
by Lance-a-lot Rance
Nov 11, 2013

As a local I'm in here all the time the coffee is great the staff is friendly and they do the best Sausage rolls and pies in Auckland, Ed's also designed and made our wedding cake and was fantastic, also very reasonably priced i couldn't recommend this place enough

5 star rating
by Rewa Vowles
Jul 16, 2013

This place piqued my interest as soon as I saw the deserts! The tiny marzipan carrots on the carrot cake, beautifully dressed gingerbread men and the wide variety of sweets .

The mince and cheese pies had a flaky pastry and the filling was substantial "without a goopey gravy filling" as my son put it.

Will be finding excuses to visit again!

4 star rating
by Tui Mahare
Mar 16, 2013

Place has wide range of sweet delights.

Fantastic, Highly recomended.

5 star rating
by Kate Scoble
Feb 25, 2013

Ed made us a special order cake with 24 hours notice. An amazing three layered dairy-free chocolate cake which did not taste like it was missing anything! Even went to extra effort to decorate it for us and was careful to say the writing had dairy and would that be ok etc. Reasonable price and very happy with what we got!! Our friend who is dairy free thought it was the best birthday cake she has ever had.

5 star rating
by Tia
Feb 20, 2013

We love having businesses like Ed's in the local community, the team's customer service is second to none and the sweet treats are soo good! Ed recently make my husband’s birthday cake, an absolutely delish carrot cake that met rave reviews from our guests. Reasonably priced and top quality. Thanks Ed!

5 star rating
by Michelle
Feb 19, 2013

Ed has made and designed an amazing birthday cake. He is very talented with his creativity and dedicated to his craft. Many thanks for my cake, it surpassed my expectations.

I often visit for the coffee and the yummy cakes and slices he makes. The service is always great and the staff are friendly and has a community base feel, and is not like other chain cafes. Keep up the awesome work.

5 star rating
by Adeline
Feb 01, 2013

OMG - this bakery is Auckland's best hidden secret.... EVER! Ed (the owner) is really friendly, humble and helpful in recommending cakes (his chocolate and carrot cakes are to die for). Psstt... he also does gluten-free cakes! Woot woot for you gluten-intolerant folks out there.

The doughnut is, as previous reviewers have mentioned - a tasty treat. Slightly crunchy on the outside but creamy and meltingly-sweet on the inside. The pies are of a good variety too - make sure you try the Chicken potato curry - very reminiscent of how Malaysian chinese curries taste like. (Yes the owner is a Malaysian)

Coffee is magnificent (you can't go wrong with Matakana) and they have wee tables and chairs and even a couch area for you to chill-lax. So thumbs up!

5 star rating
by Yvonne
Jan 17, 2013

This is just the most amazing bakery in Auckland, I live in Leigh but whenever I am in Auckland this is the place for amazing food, fantastic coffee and wonderful company. Almost makes me want to move back to Auckland. The food is so fresh and a great range, careful of the pies as they are addictive!!!

3 star rating
by Oli Jay
Dec 19, 2012

I found the reviews very surprising so I revisited this place more recently, nothing has changed and alot of these reviews seem far too good to be true. The coffee is very average, often too hot and not well made at all.

The baking is ok but limited, and contrary to every other review here the pies are FAR from Auckland's best. Typical and almost big ben like pie, passable but nothing special.

Richoux in Ellerslie do FAR better pies, on par with Muzza's and Greenwoods ( if you know your pies you get this review ).

This is a decent cafe in Mt. Wellington, but the decor is alot nicer than the food.

Typical asian bakery/cafe. Ok food, bad coffee.
Worth mentioning, the service is always very good here.

5 star rating
by Lyn Garrard
Dec 10, 2012

Ed made me two cakes for a two functions for my 60th birthday. Both cakes were delicious and beautifully decorated and I was lucky enough to have my small granddaughters help me blow out the candles. Many thanks Ed.

5 star rating
by Peter Ding
Nov 27, 2012

Went in there on a Sat for the first time. Hadn't ordered a cake but was wanting one because of guests coming to the house in the evening. Although there wasn't a cake in the display case, as their cakes are made to order which makes them fresh, they said they had a chocolate mud cake in the oven and said that I could have that if I waited. Their chocolate mud cake is apparently to die for. Well, I can tell you that it was to die for! All my guests gave it the thumbs up. Would certainly go back there again, hopefully soon. Keep up the good work, team!

2 star rating
by Leah
Nov 19, 2012

I trekked all the way out to Ed's to grab a coffee and some cake. For all the positive reviews, I was expecting to be absolutely blown away, but I honestly wasn't.

The staff are effortlessly friendly, so definitely 10/10 on that, however the coffee and the baking aren't too much to brag about.

My latte was absolutely scorching, almost to the point of burnt. I ordered a melting moment and a friend had a banoffee pie while my other friend had a steak pie. The melting moment was quite bland and the ganache inside was almost 3 teaspoons of straight butter. The banoffee pie was quite dry and while the filling in the steak pie was yum and meaty, the pastry was more oily than it probably needed to be.

The prices are really good, however, but not quite good enough to warrant the average goods we ate. I would pop in there again as everyone has bad days and the service was good.

5 star rating
by Beth James
Nov 19, 2012

This place is not in an especially convenient spot but the service and the products more than make up for it.

We ordered a carrot cake and a chocolate fudge cake for my husband's surprise birthday party. They were nicely decorated and tasted great. The best part was that they were both reasonably priced unlike most of the other cake houses we've tried.

This past weekend, we went back for meat pies, coffee and dessert. The pastry was flaky and delicious but my husband thought that the pie should have come on a plate with a fork because it was quite messy to eat. The gluten free almond orange cake was a nice surprise. You definitely couldn't tell it was gluten free. Flavours were really nice.

The only drawback besides location is that the eat-in part of the cafe is cramped and lacking in any atmosphere.

4 star rating
by G Xc
Nov 04, 2012

We have tried a lot of Eds pies. They have great fillings - proper tasty fillings that are not padded out with tons of liquid. Their pies are in demand all day long; often you can miss out, and a new batch is underway. If you get addicted to their pies, time it right or you will miss out!!
Also the cheesecake squares are very very good. Enjoy!

5 star rating
by Jamie Lin
Oct 17, 2012

Super friendly service I must say!awesome place to spend a lazy Saturday morning with friends and family! Love the beautiful cup cakes,the way that its decorated just makes you smile. The curry puff is amazing,just right,not too spicy for my taste buds. Overall,its highly recommend and a must to visit eds!you won't regret it!:)

5 star rating
by Mike Corrigan
Oct 16, 2012

Ed did the catering for our sons 1st birthday. They were excellent and made a brilliant cake! We go to Eds at least once a week for cake and coffee. They have very friendly service and are always giving you some extra on your coffee or testers. Would recommend Eds to anyone - its our favourite cafe!

4 star rating
by Charlie M.
Oct 04, 2012

Ordered some carrot cake from Ed's Cake & Coffee House recently and it is the best carrot cake I have tasted in my entire life. The chocolate cake is a delight! Staff are friendly and polite. I would definitely recommend Ed's Cake and Coffee House to anyone keen on ordering cakes for special occasions. However the only things I do not like about this place is that it is built in a wrong location and should have been built inside a Mt Wellington shopping centre which would attract more customers. Secondly, the ambience of the coffee house appears to lack hospitality which would not be appealing to potential customers. Overall, Ed's Cake and Coffee House is a great place to buy treats to satisfy the sweet tooth.

5 star rating
by Staphany Cheng
Sep 18, 2012

Ordered my beautiful 21st cake from here. It was absolutely gorgeous! Initially I had no idea how I wanted it to look and just emailed Ed a couple of pictures I like and he created the perfect cake. The chocolate fudge baileys cake was amazing, leftovers were gone in a few days. Thanks so much Ed & Team!! It was perfect

5 star rating
by Auck Guy
Sep 06, 2012

No they don't serve you the dolla fifty pies ! great pies, cakes, etc etc.. service, always with the genuine smile! I am so glad I have my house around this area! Loved their chicken and mushroom pie..yumm..

Keep up the good work Ed and team :)

5 star rating
by Sharon Yeo
Sep 03, 2012

Had a box of sweets delivered for a friends birthday. Being the sweet tooth of the group i ended up taking what i could salvage for the night!

Their orange cake was amazing, warm it up a little and add a dash of ice cream!= HEAVEN!

Wish they had more stores arounddd!

5 star rating
by David Clements
Aug 27, 2012

The food here is top quality at very reasonable prices. We even got a birthday cake made here and it turned out great.. all the family loved the decorations (which we had gone over with Ed a few weeks before) and of course eating it too. Thanks Ed and the team.

5 star rating
by Sooty
Aug 23, 2012

I think Eds Pies are the best in Auckland. I love the Mince & Cheese Pie. I think it is the best Mince & Cheese Pie.
The cakes are perfect, and I love the tarts. The Mince & Curry Pie is the best I have tasted in Auckland.

I think Eds Corporate Catering is the best in Auckland as well,we had some very yummy sandwiches and savouries at our office party.

5 star rating
by Jennifer
Aug 20, 2012

It was an amazing experience. For dietary requirements, I had to have my birthday cupcakes gluten and dairy free! Ed's not only made sure they were, but they tasted even better than normal cupcakes. Ed's was thorough with the specifications I wanted for my birthday cupcakes - ballet themed - and they were beautiful.

Everyone raved about how yummy they tasted! Way better than many other bakery's cupcakes - especially for gluten and dairy free! <3 Amazing and would definitely go again!

5 star rating
by Leigh Beattie
Aug 13, 2012

WOW this place is great a lovely welcome matched with great coffee, lovely pies, the pastry is so good, and then the donuts, how devine, lovely fresh cream a crunchy outside and a lovely soft inside. All the cakes on display looked really good it was hard to make a choice. We will be going back on a regular basis.

5 star rating
by Theresa Lee
Jul 16, 2012

Love this place drove all the way from hamilton to have it and was awesome. Doughnuts are perfect consistency, " not too sweet, and had the banana tart which was delish! Mince and curry and mince and cheese were great and really filling. Staff are super friendly with superb service and everything on display is super fresh, the chocolate cake they recommended was perfectly rich and flavourful! I definitely recommend dropping by

4 star rating
by Vicky McCall
Mar 25, 2012

Eds Pies are the best pies in Auckland. The best pie of all is the Mince and Curry one. My Dad says the best pie in Auckland is Eds Mince & Cheese Pie.

I also love the smaller potato topped savouries.

And Ed is doing the best Hot Cross Buns in Auckland at present for Easter.

I love going to Eds to eat. Dad has a flat white which he says is very good... Matakana Coffee, dad loves his coffee and he says this is very good at Eds Pies.

I thin Ed does the best pasteries in Auckland, they are superlative pasteries and cake.

5 star rating
by Shashi
Mar 23, 2012

Hmm.. How to explain what I think of Ed's..


Travelled to Sylvia Park on the back of a rumor of delicious treats and what a fortune I found! Had a pie that exploded with flavour and soft yet crispy deliciousness, since when did the humble pie become so stunning! Had to try more things! Cakes, Slices, Donuts, Iced Chocolates.. Truly magic.

Dragged my family along so my Mum and Dad could taste the delights and we still can not stop talking about it. Worth the time, excellent service and gorgeous food. If you have not been yet and are still eating normal pies then you truly are missing something amazing..

Ooh and the cakes, I swear every birthday must have a cake from Ed's!


5 star rating
by Michael Tan
Mar 06, 2012

this quiet coffee house off the beaten track is easily one of the best around. award winning pastry chef serves his customers personally. pies with real meaty fillings and light pastry... cakes with real ingredients...the cream cheese icing on the carrot cake tastes amazing! highly recommended

5 star rating
by William Tasmania
Feb 23, 2012

Ever since the first time I went there I've been getting really great service. Ed is always super friendly and in a really good mood which makes my purchase that much better. I'm sick of going places (e.g. fast food restaurants like mcdonald's) and getting really bad customer service, but when i go Ed's bakery he makes me feel so welcome as soon as I walk through the door. And the food is awesome! I try something different everyday (yes I go everyday) and end up falling in love with something new. By far one of the best bakery's in Auckland, if not The Country! Tried the bannofe today for the first time and will definitely be going back for that and something new tomorrow!

5 star rating
by Carina Nielsen-Tetlow
Dec 28, 2011

This place is so not good for my waistline...

I usually have half a pie and then give the rest to my dog, but not at Ed's. There I have both pie, cake and a hot chocolate and still manage to convince myself that I should have an extra piece of cake with me home.

Their pies are just delicious. It's the only place ever where I will eat the pastry and enjoy it. It's light and tasty and just like pastry should be. You have to try their mince curry pies, they are simply the best.

I have not had a cake there yet that was not delicious but I'm particular partial to Ed's ginger slices.

This is a MUST go to place if you are in the area.

5 star rating
by Bradford Tetlow
Dec 27, 2011

Ed's would never claim to make the best pies in NZ, they are way to humble to make such a claim....but they do. A big claim I know for a land that has the pie as one of it's national dishes.

Pastry made daily, an amazing range of interesting fillings, sweet pastries to tempt you and awesome coffee. The staff are really friendly and incredibly genuine.

Since they opened a few months back they have turned an alomst abandoned row of corner shops into a bustling business area, their neigbours must love the amount of business they have brought.

The biggest problem with Ed's is that it's only a 10 minute walk from our house on a Saturday monring, but that's a small price to pay for the best pies.

5 star rating
by Han
Dec 13, 2011

Amazing grub!

If fresh pie with crunchy pastry and real ingredients is what you're looking for, look no further. the pies and tarts are all well balanced in flavour, not too sweet, not too savoury. just right.

Its just around the corner from Sylvia Park shopping mall, so if you're headed down on SH1 towards Coromandel or South for a weekend trip, make sure you pull in and get some breakfast on the go!

we visited them early saturday morning to pickup some breakfast on the go, on our way to a surftrip and had the chicken mustard pie, curry chicken pie, coconut tart, orange tart/slice , caramel slice as well as a chocolate cake. all tasted amazing!! will definitely go back.

5 star rating
by Thomas
Dec 06, 2011

Warning! If like me you're lucky enough to find this place then you'll be heading back. The pies, the cakes, the fruit tartlets - it's all wickedly yummy. And... all in a corner of town where it's sometimes hard to find this kind of quality. A really nice coffee house has come to Mt. Wellington!

5 star rating
by Kevt
Dec 04, 2011

Hi Edmund.

Yep, mate surely the best pies I have ever had. Beats them all. I had a Steak with Crack Pepper and I'll be back again. O yes, and Birthday cakes are just truly the best and cheapest in Town. Can't Wait till my next birthday, and another delicious cake. Cheers Ed, keep it up. 5 stars. Kevt.

5 star rating
by Dave Mac
Nov 28, 2011

Best Pies! I keep running into people coming back like myself.

My daughter loves the Mince and Cheese Pie, I like the Mince Curry Pie best, if this place was in Upland Road, Remuera, it would be packed out by the Coffee Mummies.

It is the best pie and cake shop in East/Central Auckland. Lots of parking at present (as it gets better known you may have to park across the road.

2 Commissariat Rd Mt Wellington ... Go Ed!

5 star rating
by Noodle
Nov 07, 2011

Firstly we would like to mention is that the food served here are just superb! They are fresh and you can tell they use ‘real’ ingredients in their baking.

Three things we brought were beef mince curry pie, caramel slice and a slice of chocolate fudge cake. And WOW! This was one of those very few times where you buy food and finish everything! Very yummy!

I have eaten quite a lot of pies in my time and Ed’s pie was just one of the best in my opinion! It had great filling and the pastry was just perfect!

My Partner, she just fell in love with the caramel slice and the chocolate fudge cake – just delicious!

Ed’s cake and coffee house sure did surprise us in so many ways for just a small place that is hidden away in a residential area.

Their staff was very pleasant and friendly, again the food is just to die for. The coffee was pretty smooth.

We strongly recommend others to go and try their food for themselves. Their prices are great for their freshness and quality.

We are already hooked and a big fan so will definitely be back to try out their other treats! Cheers.