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Eight Restaurant at The Langham Auckland

4_half star rating 46 reviews

Telephone 09 300 2924

83 Symonds St
Ground floor, The Langham
Auckland Central
Auckland City

International, Asian, Brunch, Desserts / Bakeries
Breakfast: 6am-11am
Lunch: 12-2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm-10pm
Provided by business


At the heart of The Langham Auckland hotel, Eight bar and resaturant offers diners a unique culinary experience. Enjoy as many gourmet courses as you like from eight interactive kitchens, each featuring a different style of delicious international cuisine. Your personal degustation is prepared to order from the freshest, quality ingredients by our team of talented chefs. Choose from an amazing selection of decadent dishes including the freshest sushi and sashimi and a bountiful array of seafood from the city’s most impressive oyster bar or visit the noodle and dim sum comer. Select a cut of the finest meat and have it cooked to your taste at the grille, enjoy the best Indian tandoori and curry or try a freshly created salad to accompany your main. Complete your personal degustation by indulging in the tempting array of exquisite desserts, sweets, pastries and cheeses. Eight Restaurant at The Langham – Eight Kitchens, infinite possibilities! •American-style grille serving different cuts of the finest meat cooked to your taste •Asian-inspired noodle and dim sum kitchen •Authentic Indian curries, perfect naan bread made to order, home-made chutneys and accompaniments •Fresh seafood and oyster bar •An assortment of the finest sushi and sashimi •A selection of fresh seasonal ingredients to design your own salad •Patisserie selection of freshly prepared breads, pastries, waffles and pancakes •Exquisite dessert tasters and an indulgent chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallow dippers


Photo of Eight Restaurant at The Langham Auckland
Mini tasters
Salad kitchen
Seafood kitchen
Asian kitchen
Eight restaurant

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Splurge, Above $35
Smart casual
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Beer, Wine, Spirits, Cocktails
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Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Late Night, Dessert, Dinner
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Reviews for Eight Restaurant at The Langham Auckland

4 star rating
by Fleur P.
11th July 2014

This was a pretty epic evening of eating far more than I should have. Had the feeling of what I can only describe as a “food hangover” for about 2-3 days afterwards.

Made the point of eating at every station and doing our best to sample everything (even if only a bite)

Most of it was pretty amazing. The steaks certainly were my highlight i’d say, the dim sum and soup was awesome. Deserts were really nice, along with that chocolate fountain. I almost just put the whole plate under that thing.

The only things I can say I disliked were

1: Drink prices. Really expensive.
2: The chicken sausages, quite dry.
3: the Vege selection in the carvery – everything was quite shrivilled looking, unapetising
4: the turkey, tough and bland

Aside from that, can’t say much else really. The staff were very polite and the service was simply perfect.

The acid reflux was worth it.

5 star rating
by Christian
21st June 2014

Believe me this is probably one of the best restaurants in New Zealand !!! Excellent service, and amazing food ! Very fresh seafood made to order and a huge selection of your choice of meats cooked to order plus the Indian section is to die for .
Worth the price especially for lunch since the selection is almost the same so your not missing out on much.
Be sure to make a reservation!
There is also $3 parking right next to the hotel at Wilson’s public car park.
Also if you sign up for their langham hotel club card (free!!!) you get 15% off your next vist.
The manager and staff worked very hard and gave exceptional service !
A must place to go! A++++++ will be back very soon!!!

4 star rating
by Jessica
6th June 2014

Dining experience is what Eight Restaurant is all about. Unlike a normal buffet, where everything is lay out for you, Eight is like this really upmarket gourmet food show, where there are eight different kitchens/stalls for diners to choose from. I love the seafood kitchen, so any different types of seafood to try and cooked the way you like it. Japanese kitchen is also one of my favourites, beautiful, delicate types of sushi and sashimi on offer. The only cuisine I didn’t try was the Indian, as it might fill me up too quickly. We stayed there for 3 hours. Though it’s a buffet restaurant, you won’t find people rushing and fighting over food. The seating area is beautiful and classy. We weren’t rushed to finish and leave, which is nice. Most of the waiters are lovely.

The only complaint I have is that in the kitchen area they don’t seem to replenish plates, bowls and cutlery. There were times when we would walk around the place looking for one clean plate or knife/fork, or in other case, looking for a dessert bowl but just couldn’t find it. That was a bit frustrating.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience, and would go back again.

5 star rating
by Lawrence P.
2nd June 2014

I took my best friends to table for eight restaurant for lunch and we were all very impressed and we found it the best food that we have experienced eating out anywhere. Staff were really pleasant and the children with us were very relaxed and happy. Most enjoyable, we were not rushed and found the overall experience delightful. We would recommend the restaurant to all of our friends, well done Langham

4 star rating
by Jane K.
18th March 2014

Eight is a brilliant dining experience. The range of food is amazing. I find it perfect for lunch or dinner with a group because it’s got something to satisfy everyone’s taste.

The atmosphere and setting are beautiful and the staff are friendly and attentive.

It’s everything you’d expert from a restaurant at the Langham.

5 star rating
by Kylie
12th February 2014

8 Restaurant is incredible and I have been on many occasions, the range of food is extensive and delicious. Although not on par with buffets overseas, it is the best in new Zealand.

The seafood was fresh and never ending. I especially enjoyed the grill station, so much kinds of meat to choose from!

4 star rating
by Michelle
7th February 2014

This restaurant was recommended to me so I took my partner there for his birthday. We were lucky because he got in for free because of a special birthday promotion they were doing in January. Overall, we loved it; the service from the waiters was brilliant and the setting itself was great. The dinner mains we tried were delicious and you were welcome to have as much as you liked. The dessert section though, was nice but not ‘oh my gosh’ as I was hoping for. Despite this, I agree that this is the best smorgasbord restaurant in Auckland at the moment.

5 star rating
by Pauline
24th January 2014

What I can say~The NO1 buffet in Auckland. Fantastic place for important special occasion. Food is in top quality. If you dont care about price, then go there. This buffet won’t let you down.

Service: 5/5
Wait time: 4/5
Environment: 5/5
Food Quality: 5/5
Food Quantity: 5/5

4 star rating
by Deena Y.
12th January 2014

We’ve been here three or four times, my partner loves it, he is a big eater and can really get his money back. We have tried both the lunch and dinner service – I would recommend the lunch service if you’re looking for value for money, there’s not much extra added to the dinner service as I had hoped e.g. no crayfish.

If you consider the selection of food they have available it is actually great value. If you just went to eat oysters you could get your money’s worth, but of course they have a huge selection of food to try, including movenpick icecream. And unlike a lot of western establishments, this place has really good indian curries and naan!

P.S. The drinks are disproportionately expensive, I think this is how they try to make their money back..but water, tea and coffee is all included.

3 star rating
by Adeline
23rd December 2013

Went there for my birthday as I heard lots of good reviews about it. Unfortunately, I would say it was a slightly above average experience… the winning points being the choice of fresh seafood and meat (kangaroo, venison, ostrich – you name it, they have it).

…and that’s about it.

Other stations were so-so… I must agree with some of the reviewers below. The choice of breads looked really hard and stale… some of the cheeses on the cheeseboard was melting (making it hard to slice) … etc. to be honest, some of the dishes offered would be your typical standard hotel food fare. I’m sorry, I’m a pretty harsh food critic when it comes to hotel buffets – having eaten at various 5 to 6 star hotel buffets throughout Asia.

One of my strongest gripes was the sushi food station, which only offered tiny slivers of sashimi, sushi pieces and bottomless miso soup. Where is my tempura? My freshly-made udon noodle soups? So I wouldn’t say Eight offers you a complete culinary journey … maybe just 30% of each international culinary cuisine.

Having said that, the service was excellent – friendly waiters, waitresses, maitre ds, and even chefs.

4 star rating
by NomNomPanda
18th December 2013

Went to this upmarket buffet for Christmas lunch organised by my company. This is definitely the best buffet I have ever been to, with food freshly cooked (or assembled in the case of sushi) to order. However, the bread seemed stale and there was no butter handy (and I couldn’t be bothered asking for any because there was so much other food to eat). Also, it was very pricey at $75 (it was normally $50 but there was a surcharge for the pre-Christmas period, which was not made clear when booking). You would only be able to eat that value in food if you were a big eater and went for the seafood options rather than the starchy/sugary ones. Having said that, the chocolate fountain was fun, and you can scoop your own ice cream too. If you are happy with spending that amount of money, this would make a fun eating experience that would suit a wide range of people, including vegetarians (though they definitely wouldn’t get their money’s worth!)

Note: there may be naan bread or sushi left out already, but if you are not in a hurry, you should make the chef make you a fresh batch! After all, you have more than paid for it!

3 star rating
by peter l.
14th November 2013

Having read the reviews we decided this would be an interesting & suitable restaurant to take our daughter for her birthday ( 40th ). What a disappointment. This is a large buffet with a difference, in that your food choices are endless & cooked as wanted, when wanted. Quality excellent – but atmosphere is zero. We expected a reasonably up-market dining experience ( @ $80 a head ) & we got no pleasure from the surroundings – good god, they even had people wearing shorts, t-shirts & jandals – no dress code at all.
Don’t go here for a fine dining experience. Just go for a pig- out meal. at least the food is a hell of a lot better than most buffets.

5 star rating
by Joanne
8th September 2013

what can i say it has been a long time coming been wanting to come here and finally did with my partner and his mum and aunt the service was great the waiter we had was really awesome and the food was amazing the best buffet restaurant i have ever been to. and it is fresh. good quality and tasty. The Indian section was my only dislike i did not try the bread though but i was more amazed by the seafood all you can eat. i like that your table is well maintained by the waiters always clear. well worth the price $80pp. + free parking

4 star rating
by Mazhar
4th September 2013

Good food. good quality. nice variety. Bit too expensive. But considering 5 star cuisine. May be worth it.

Desserts are not always the best. Chocolate brownies like a rock, better take your hammer if you plan to have it.

Otherwise I love everything about it.

3 star rating
by Tammy B.
16th August 2013

Went here for a family celebration. We were really impressed with the service (especially at the Bar outside the restaurant!), but when it came to the food and atmosphere it was very disappointing. I felt that for $90 pp there was not enough variety, and the Indian curries had obviously been sitting there a while. I was pregnant and so could not eat any of the chicken as it wasn’t freshly cooked. Was not expecting that as it said everything was made for you on the website.

The bread was incredibly stale, I couldn’t even get one of the bread rolls open, and they don’t give you butter easily so it was pretty much not edible. My husband really enjoyed all the meat and seafood so I don’t think there are any complaints there. The deserts looked lovely, but was disappointed to find out that some of the dishes use the can ready caramel from the supermarket.

We found the atmosphere was not that of a nice restaurant with babies and children running everywhere. Not something we expected. There was a nice romantic section that was filled with families with kids and all the couples seemed to be seated in a family setting.

Overall, we wouldn’t return. They did end up giving us 15% off the total bill, but that’s only because she read my feedback form at the till and then wanted to confront me about it. I felt really uncomfortable!

5 star rating
by Anita M.
14th June 2013

This place is amazing and definitely one of my favorite restaurants. Service is excellent and food is amazing!! Very hard to stop eating as everything is soo good. It is a lil pricey but totally worth it!!

4 star rating
by Yum O.
14th May 2013

Had breakfast at Eight a few days ago, it was excellent, the cooked breakfast was perfect, the crepes delicious, pastries excellent. The coffee was a bit average.
Attentive wait staff, and comfortable seating, defiantly worth the hype.

5 star rating
by Shima M.
9th April 2013

The best restaurant we have ever been!

Excellent food with good variety, excellent customer service, a bit expensive but worth every penny.

My husband and I went for our 10th year wedding anniversary and at the end they gave us a heart-shaped biscuit as a gift which was nice personal touch.

Will recommend it to everyone :)

5 star rating
by Reina A.
4th March 2013

Their lunch is amazing, worth every penny, it’s one of those places I love taking anyone who’s visiting the country to and I’ve never met anybody who hasn’t loved it. Keep up the good work and the high quality of food. The food is exceptional with so much variety it’s hard to stop eating even if you’re full. The customer service is top notch, you are never ignored and they will always clear your plate and refill your water while you are the buffet getting more food. Hands down best buffet in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Samantha T.
16th February 2013

Having been there for both lunch and dinner I must give this place a 5/5.

I love the variety of foods and the high quality of everything. All eight sections was unique and of a high standard. My favorite section was the Indian cuisine which was terrific! I esp liked their naan bread. So so so tasty!! Their desert section is pretty impressive too.


5 star rating
by Aiooda12
16th January 2013


I only went for dessert and i died when i saw the chocolate fountain. I made my own fruit kebabs with chocolate coating, and had some sweet waffles and everything else OMG!

And the next day I was so over-deliciously-dessert-eaten-stomach-filled, that i couldn’t do a handstand!

3 star rating
by Sara V.
19th December 2012

Bit disappointed at their dinner service. I have been to this place for lunch with friends on several occasions, PRIMO. But then my family and I went for dinner and surprisingly it wasn’t as good as the lunch although you pay considerably more. The service was so so, butter chicken wasn’t so nice, the meat cooked wasn’t what I asked for (it was rare…I asked for medium rare) so the food got left on the plate. And at the end of that, I got short-changed when paying hundreds of dollars when I left. Not good. Will go elsewhere for dinner in future.

4 star rating
by Marie
26th November 2012

Absolutely loved this place! I had heard about this place from a friend and decided to go along with my partner to see if it would live up to the hype.

Parking was good, $10 for 2hours on Liverpool Street which leads straight through the hotel to the restaurant. We were taken on a tour of the place since it was our first time. Staff were amazingly attentive, friendly and fast. Food was even better, I started at the roasted section-lamb stew was delicious, I then worked my way around to the grill where my steak, beef, chicken & veges were cooked to perfection! I’m not a real seafood person but I did eat the prawns & my partner had everything else and enjoyed it. I had desserts after, chocolate creme brûlée & heaps of other sweet treats. What i had tried was good but I didn’t try as much as I would have liked to make a comparison to other desserts I have had in other places.

My highlight was the Indian section, butter chicken and naan bread I ordered my naan with garlic & cheese-divine
The let down was the lack of communication and phone manner when I made my reservation which ultimately lead to my reservation not being confirmed, so therefore the long queue was held up for 5 or so minutes trying to look for it and then just being seated anyway. Despite that, I would highly recommend and will be going back for 2nds, 3rds etc :)

3 star rating
by Nadine H.
18th November 2012

My husband and I went there for dinner and breakfast nov 2012. Food is excellent but some areas need improving. The chefs as earlier mentioned by others, still tend to either overcook or undercook your meat/steaks. We were really disappointed. And there still is a long wait to get your food cooked. Breakfast time, they are still having problems with waffle making. You end up taking a waffle with big holes in it. So unappealing..! Service is great at the table but the buffet side is quite the opposite. They just don’t smile and sometimes make u feel awkward if you are right in front of them waiting for your food. And also as you exit, they are so busy talking among themselves at the door making you feel uncomfortable when they try really hard to ask how it all went.

5 star rating
by Tony M.
19th October 2012

Service: 5/5
Wait time: 4/5
Environment: 5/5
Food Quality and taste: 5/5
Price range: $100+ pp (with wine)
[By far still the best buffet in Auckland, something there for everyone's appetite, Would be a dream to live there]

4 star rating
by Annie L.
16th October 2012

Service was amazing! I really liked the little tour they give you if you have never been before because it makes you feel more comfortable with what they have available. The food is amazing! The seafood is always fresh and delicious. I really loved the meat cabinet with the blue cheese sausage but my boyfriend did hate it but he doesn’t like blue cheese. The curries are really lovely and the salad bar is surprisingly good. I was a little disappointed with the desserts, it wasn’t bad… It just wasn’t great which is why only 4 stars. Still amazing though!

4 star rating
by Jo W.
28th May 2012

Great buffet with some cons and pros. The sashimi section is to die for, sometimes having rare items like una, lobster, hamachi etc. Delicious sushi, great dessert display but adequate in taste. Great seafood selection as well! the meat section is average since the chefs lack adequate technique and tend to overcook meat many times since i ve been there, i ve since learnt to avoid that section. The indian section is very fresh and great flavorful curries. The apetizer dish they serve is quite bare sometimes…unoriginal and bland tasting. But other than that the service is phenomenal

5 star rating
by David
28th April 2012

Truly fantastic experience. Went there a couple of times, me and my mates enjoyed it on every single occasion. It’s not cheap but definitely worth the money. When I went last week it was quieter than normal (it’s usually at least 80% full) meaning that we didn’t need to line up for the food. Wonderful service and great food. One thing that we didn’t like about was the steak, where the chef often overcook them, even when there are very little customers (when I asked for rare he gave me med-rare, and when my friend asked for med-rare the steak was a little over medium!). I will still go back though.

5 star rating
by Felicity
22nd April 2012

Have dined at Eight a few times now and always fully satisfied, food is so fantastic, and waiting staff is very good. Drinks are pricey but too be expected being at the Langham. Only one thing I’d mention is that the grill/BBQ station is usually qued up a lot and takes a while to get your meat cooked, also same deal with the waffles.
We’ll be back in future :-)

5 star rating
by Nack D.
22nd March 2012

Went there on a Thursday night last month (February 2012) and my girlfriend and were completely impressed.
Didn’t eat much from the Indian or Dim Sum station as we often go out for Indian and Yum Char – also found the Dim sum a wee bit underwhelming because of that but was amazed and completely happy with the Grill, Seafood, Sushi, Salad and Dessert stations. The seafood was my favourite and I kept on topping up from there but I also couldn’t resist the bell peppers stuffed with feta at the salad station.
Would definitely come back!

2 star rating
by Alex
13th December 2011

To start it off, the Indian food was the saviour of the night. The rotti, naan and gravy were well-cooked and delicious. The Japanese station was quite satisfactory as the selection was fresh.

But that would be the extent of my good words for Eight Restaurant.

The barbeque station was chaotic when busy; the crepes tasted plain and the waffles looked disappointing with holes. Food at the dessert station did not taste as good as it looked. We even saw other tables leaving the desserts after one bite.

Having dined at similar hotel buffets overseas, my partner and I were disappointed with our whole dining experience.

5 star rating
by BennyB
9th December 2011

It was just perfect. Nice service and great food. Actually you can eat different style food there. Indian food was so delicious, grilled steak was just my taste. With the lunch special price, it is definitely the place I recommend to all you guys.

5 star rating
by aben9912
6th November 2011

On reading some of the reviews left on here we were a little hesitant on going but glad we did! Sure shows how different peoples opinions can be.

The best buffet i’ve tried so far in NZ, even the price is quite high.

Basically they have eight different stations with either a chef serving you or self-serviced. The Sushi was great, Indian food was great aswell and deserts was excellent. Everything was perfect as I can say. Recommanded!!!!!

5 star rating
by maxani
8th September 2011

Its really perfect food and services comparing with the special price on lunch ,I found the quality is great and I like the huge variety and for sure I will give them another visit soon :) thank you and wish you the best

4 star rating
by Troy N.
2nd September 2011

We went there on 31 July 2011 for a romantic lunch. The food was excellent and the service was superb.

We tried all of the kitchens and were impressed.

The Sushi was great, Indian great and deserts excellent. The American grill was the busiest so get someone to stand there and get food for everyone.

We’ll be going back again.

3 star rating
by Greg
26th August 2011

Sunday buffet is interesting but dont expect relaxed, it’s like a feeding frenzy…..guess that’s what happens but not much fun.

Watch the 2.5% credit card surcharge they try and ping you with no warning, wasn’t happy about that.

Not sure I could be bothered doing it again.

4 star rating
by Dine i.
19th August 2011

It was pricey but it is worth it! You can have different type of food here, they cook/prepare for you fresh when you order. It is really nice and fancy. Good for the special occasion, could not afford to go back very often though. Service is good and everything is clean and tidy. Would go back for sure for special time.

5 star rating
by Grape E.
14th August 2011

I recently stayed at the Langham Hotel Auckland and was pleasantly surprised by their concept restaurant Eight. Basically they have eight different stations with either a chef serving you or self-help i.e. desserts station. First I visited the meat section where you could choose the cut of meat you wanted and the chef would cook it there and then. The same process happened at the seafood section. A friend who I invited for dinner took advantage of the all you can eat menu and consumed in total 40 oysters. That’s all he had by the way. Me on the other hand well I tried a bit of everything from the meat and seafood to the salad bar, curry station equipped with a tandoori oven and the dessert station. By the end of the meal we were both stuffed to the gunnels and had to retire. This style of dining can be dangerous especially if your eyes are bigger than your belly. I was very happy with the food and service and will dine there again. Oh by the way the Langham is a great Hotel in the heart of downtown Auckland.

4 star rating
by Jus_Cruzn
27th July 2011

One of a kind experience, eight different kitchens in one restaurant.

I thought the food was delicious & service was great. My 2 boys were blown away by the selection as we were given a tour, they thought the were in heaven when they saw the chocolate fountain.

The only downside was the coffee favoured creme brulee that was in this metal shallow ashtray looking thing – I didn’t know it had coffee in it til I tasted it.

5 star rating
by Richard W.
4th July 2011

Absolutely the best buffet i’ve tried so far in NZ!

Food choice is awesome, food quality is awesome, service is very good.

I really enjoy the steak, sushi, prawns, and butter chicken and even though the price is not cheap, and i didn’t really eat a lot i think it’s very good value for money because of the quality of the food.

We will definitely go back again!

4 star rating
by Gay T.
28th March 2011

We stayed at the Langha & decided to try out the restaurant. I only wish I could have eaten more. It was absolutely amazing. Will definately come again.

5 star rating
by David V.
26th February 2011

Sushi/Sashimi was absolutely amazing, it was certainly very good value for money considering I had loads of seafood and all sorts of different things. Unique dining experience, definitely worth it. We’ll be back! Try the Sushi, Indian, Steak and the freshly baked breads! A real new and unique dining experience for Auckland!

4 star rating
by David B.
15th February 2011

It is great concept and the food is magic. The range of dishes available is far more extensive than you would imagine with each dish prepared to the highest standard. Standouts for us were the Soft Shell Crab, John Dory, Duck Liver and steak.

The only small issue for me is I hate sitting in a hotel dinning room that is also used for breakfast. Re-fitting this would add more wow.

We will take others for the experience.

5 star rating
by SIA T.
14th February 2011

Wow have been to many restaurants in my time and I must say it would have be one of the best if not the best. The array of food is superb, you feel like you are in heaven, at $67 for dinner you have to go very hungry to get your moneys worth, interacting with the various chefs at their stations makes it even more enjoyable…as they so happily cook your sumptuous meal. The quality of food with the best cuts of meat, seafood etc. Highly recommended our group of 16 thoroughly enjoyed it and will be returning.

5 star rating
by Michael
3rd February 2011

Amazing food.

For only $37 you get the *finest* cuts of meat and sausage, a varied selection of fish, sushi bar with sushimi, an Indian buffet with freshly made Naan bread (a great plus), a cheese-crackers-and-bread selection, not to mention a massive range of desserts.

Staff were so respectful, pleasant and attentive. I can’t give them enough props.

I ate here twice while staying at the Langham and highly recommend it, even to people who aren’t actually staying at the hotel. Even for Aucklanders looking to dine out it’s relatively cheap for such a high-quality smorgasbord, and is a truly unique dining experience.

One of the best restaurants in the country surely. I can’t wait to return.

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