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Eight - The Langham Hotel

5 star rating 166 reviews

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09 3002924, 09 3795132

The Langham Hotel, 83 Symonds Street, Grafton, Auckland

6 AM to 11 AM, 12 Noon to 2:30 PM, 6 PM to 10 PM (Mon-Thu, Sun), 6 AM to 11 AM, 12 Noon to 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM to 10 PM (Fri-Sat)


Reviews for Eight - The Langham Hotel

5 star rating
by A Tale Of Two Tummies
8 days ago

Big tummy: Where do I even start with Eight? If you are a foodie living in Auckland, you have either already been to Eight, or you simply haven't lived. I've been here on a number of occasions now and every time has been nothing short of perfection. Like the only fault I can find with them is that after dining there, other restaurants seem to suffer from comparison. The selection is faultless... everything is cooked to your taste, with an abundance of seasoning and sauces at your disposal, so you can't fault the taste... the service is impeccable. We are all human, and if they do happen to make a mistake, they more than make up for any errors (just read other reviews below to see how their staff have gone out of their way to accommodate their patrons).

Highlights for me would have to be seafood and dessert sections. I absolutely love scallops and this was the first time I've ever encountered them at an all-you-can-eat establishment. They were perfectly seasoned and cooked as well... easily the best scallops I've ever had. The dessert section was just pure magic. I can't even make my mind up for what was the star... the bread & butter pudding was to die for, but the creme brulee was easily the best I've ever tasted.

Of course, Eight is known for offering food you just don't seem to find anywhere else, so we made sure we tried a bit of everything. Morton Bay Bugs, Alpaca, Ostrich, Kangaroo, Venison... throw in the roast turkey, pork belly and eye fillet beef steak, we felt like we'd eaten a zoo afterwards.

Eight might take a bite out of your wallet, but it is easily worth every single cent.

Little tummy: This was my first time to dine at Eight, after hearing soooo many rave reviews about the place, and OMG it still blew all my expectations out of the water. The service, the food, the ambience... just amazing. I was greeted for my birthday upon entry and was even gifted with some beautiful chocolates by one of the waiters. You could easily tell that the restaurant is located within a 5 star hotel as well... the layout and Christmas decorations were first class.

The food itself was to die for. Like I have never encountered anything like it in my life. Their range of high-end cuisine allowed me to try all kinds of food that I'd never tried before, which was sooooo cool! I felt kinda guilty eating Bambi, but if it's any consolation, at least she tasted yum. The dessert section was just wow... like seriously wow. I did my best to try at least a bit of everything. The rock melon covered with chocolate sauce, the lemon tarts, the mango pudding, the chocolate mousse, the creme brulee... I can't even pick a favourite. It was all just super duper amazing.

It might be an expensive night, but I can't think of a better dining experience in Auckland. An absolute must-treat for any foodies.

5 star rating
by Wei-Kai Shyu
10 days ago

Great interior. LIVE sushi chef in the flesh. There's an allocated chef in each section that cooks/prepares the food fresh right in front of you (sirloin steak, lamp chops, etc). As a sweet-tooth, I go hunnits on the desserts. I usually get about 10-15 rounds. don't hold back and let your inner-hulk roam free whilst dining here.

5 star rating
by Sera S
15 days ago

Had lunch here today with my partner. It is pretty pricey but the selection & standard of food is excellent so I would say it's with the spend. There is so many awesome options to eat & many of the things like meat, fish & salads are made fresh in front of you. This is defiantly a step up from your traditional buffet.

4 star rating
by Candii Cao
16 days ago

Have been dining here for the last four years. I have seen a lot of things that used to be there but no longer offered or replaced. Nonetheless it is still a place where we come here for celebration. $50 for a weekday lunch with more than though selection to fill anyone's appetite. The hotel/restaurant ambiance is always top notch, service is great. My favourite is always the japanese seafood and the desserts.

5 star rating
by Nancy Lauifata
25 days ago

Came here for the dinner service once as a group and then with my husband.  Blown away with the quality of the food.  So much variety in a luxury buffet style. Both of us loved dining here.  Staff at the stations were friendly and provided wonderful customer service.  Definitely worth the spend! Would highly recommend!

5 star rating
by Food 2 Run
26 days ago

Stayed at the Langham for the marathon and had a meal at eight and was just superb.....Everything was perfect, food, service and staff..Loved it....

5 star rating
by Josh Law
29 days ago

High-end all you can eat buffet! Do I really have to say anymore? This place is fantastic. The place is situated at the Langham on upper Symonds Street. The restaurant features little food station with a variety of food such as sushi, seafood, indian, bakery, desserts and a meat selection to die for. You walk up to a glass counter where you can pick your meat and seafood. They will cook it then and there how you like it. They will make sushi and also naan bread from scratch too. The desserts are varied and very rich. The only 1 negative thing about the place is that the price has been creeping up for a while now. Top tip: don't go for dinner but go for lunch instead, as the menu for dinner isn't spectacularly dissimilar from lunch and it costs 30 bux more.

5 star rating
by Hubert Cheng
29 days ago

Recently went here on the weekend with a large group. Good spacious area.
Good variety. Good food. Not too crowded. Service was good also
Would def go again! Recommended

5 star rating
by Foodlovernumber1
one month ago

One of the best places in Auckland
Where the standards of buffet and a la carte are not very far apart
We celebrated our anniversary lunch
Great bubbles with oysters, sashimi and salad
My favorite was the salmon
We had some great stir fry
The dessert selection was superb

5 star rating
by One2one
one month ago

One of best buffet in Auckland! I really enjoyed prawn, lamb chops and fresh oyster ever! crème brulee was too good to be true I ended up eating two the rest of desserts were good as well. only downsize is indian food taste too bland and their indian food section used to be excellent back in days. overall, I think everyone will enjoy this buffet regardless age and any ethnics also even for vegetarian :) my vegetarian friend loved it!

5 star rating
by Mihai Mocanu
one month ago

I will start by saying that the service was spot on!! Professional and friendly staff. They have a huge buffet with a wide selection of different types of food. Oysters,lobster,prawns,squid,sushi,beef,kangaroo...and the list is long. The meat you choose its cooked the way you want it in front of you...so basically you cannot blame the ChefπŸ˜‰. chocolate lava to finish your dinner and a fair selection of wines.

2 star rating
by CaiterBee
one month ago

Unfortunately, Eight was very disappointing. We came in for an early lunch after our stay at the Langham and were told that we could order from the all-day menu, no problem. We were the only people in the restaurant and quickly ordered a burger and a seared tuna salad. While the service was attentive, the food took 45 minutes to arrive for no real reason. When it did, it was pretty poor quality food. The burger was very overcooked and dry, rubbery and grey. We ate about two bites before mentioning it to staff that it was essentially inedible. They did offer us another, but we were now in a rush due to the long wait and could not spare the extra time for a new one. The tuna on the salad was okay- but overall a bit dry, under seasoned and wasn't really worth eating. We were quite hungry, but didn't even want to eat our food as it was so poorly cooked.

We were pretty frustrated by the wait and overall experience. The floor staff was apologetic and we were given a 15% discount, but even still, it was not worth the money we paid and we certainly won't be returning.

5 star rating
by Nicole Mae Flores
one month ago

Came here for our anniversary (Raymond Cao) and was blown by the reception we got from the staff. As we walked in the maitre d greeted us with a lovely smile and asked for our reservation name. As he found it, he greeted us happy anniversary and that really made us feel special. As we went to our seats, the waiter once again greeted us. It just showed that the team was well organized and they had briefed everyone before the service started.

As we sat down and ordered our drinks, the ambience of the restaurant was classy. With a low lighting giving off a chill yet romantic mood, the light piano music complimented the whole setting. The food are was amazingly set up with the sushi bar and salad bar in the middle and desserts, indian cuisine, asian cuisine and meat bar was surrounding it.

We tried one of everything and it all tasted amazing. The salmon, meat and fish were fresh and the salad bar had wheels of cheese (parmesan) to accompany the salads you order. The asian yumcha dishes was great but wasn't too fond of the siomai dish. The meat varied from beef to lamd and even kangaroo and ostrich. They all were cooked to the way you wanted and all tasted amazing. The desserts was amazing and i highly recommend their creme brulee.

Overall, the night was amazing and i highly recommend this restaurant when celebrating special occassions as they go out of their way to making u feel special.

P.S: as it was our anniversary, we got a trio of chocolates with one having the greeting on it.

4 star rating
by Michelle Arden Anderson
one month ago

This place is a must. Such an experience! Lovely staff, fantastic wine list and the buffet is truly something else. If you're going, make sure you're ready to settle in and that you're super hungry! I wanted to keep going but physically couldn't. To finish off a meal of seafood, steak, ahhhhmazing Chinese dumplings, salads & veges with perfectly cooked french crêpes, chocolate movenpick ice cream, swimming in maple syrup was such heaven. We will be back, in looser clothing next time.

5 star rating
by Marina Harding
one month ago


I don't go out every weekend or so and try different restaraunts on the regular but I love food & I still consider myself a foodie.

This place exceeded my expectations by thousands. I was blowen away! By the amount of different types of meat (kangaroo, alpaca, ostritch OMG) & seafood to their elegant green salad bar. I really REALLY loved the salad bar. Deserts could be a better range and of better quality but the chocolate fountain and fruits definitely made up for that.

Will deffs be 're-visiting this place.

5 star rating
by Frederick Juan De Leon
one month ago

As the name suggest, it has 8 international buffet stations. Sushi are fresh. Salad bar has heaps of condiments, indian cuisine have authentic butter chicken and tandoori chicken, meat station have the asian marinated steaks that are tasty by itself, skewered beef has the mediteranian taste and pork chops were good. For dessert they have movenpick ice cream and an assortment of yummy cakes. With such huge selections you wish you can taste them all.

5 star rating
by Gidz Khalifa
one month ago

Great place to eat ! highly recommended.. the best buffet ever ! the selection of food here something out of this world ! everything you can possibly think of is served up here!

5 star rating
by GideonMarisa MasterchefNz2015
one month ago

Go and spend your last dime you wont regret a second of the dining experience in this place! it is totally out of this world! this is the best buffet you will ever eat at in the world and these are not just my words, I have many friend who work for Emirates and travel every corner of the globe on a daily basis and swear by their "food credibility" that this place is simply the best!

4 star rating
by ChrisY
one month ago

Been here for the buffet lunch recently. Got to say presentation wise, was excellent. But taste was just average for most of the foods there. Loved the seafood section where u queue up for the grill fishes. The meat section was terrible, meat was overcooked and tough. Overall, happy with the variety that enable me to try different things at one time.

5 star rating
by Nikhil Gujar
one month ago

This place is just great! They have over 8 different types of cuisines hence the name "eight". The food is well plated and you certainly will be left thinking where you should start with. They have a great range of fresh meat that can be cooked the way you want including game meat. They also have fresh range of seafood that can be cooked how you like it. Their Indian food is probably the best I have had in Auckland.

Only quarrel I have is the price which is about $100pp. Food is great but 100 is a tad bit too pricey. Price range somewhere between 75-85 would be reasonable. I would say I will keep going back, which I will but maybe not for a while considering the price range especially over the weekends which jumps upto 105 pp

2 star rating
by Nikolas Mexis
2 months ago

In a word... Disappointing!
Oh situation is a little out of the ordinary but it shouldn't make a difference when it comes to the experience.
It is the fist time my wife and I have had the opportunity to have a night away. Our one year old being looked after the grandparents for the night allowed us to go lavish. Grand hotel with a grand dinner. That was the plan.
Booking confirmation- a day or so prior my wife receives an email from hotel reservations asking us to confirm our reservation time. Not even 2 hours passes and we receive another email saying "sorry but we haven't replied quickly enough so our reservation has been booked for 5:30." !?! Not good enough. Ultimately this was fixed to 8:30, but still. Especially since it was part of the hotel and dinner pack.
Greeting- being a Saturday night you expect busy. But standing at the entrance for 5 minutes while 2 staff members speak on the phone without even a glance, let alone an acknowledgement is not acceptable.
Setting and Casualness- one thing we double checked and it was also noted at the entrance was dress code, Smart casual. In my limited experience does that include track suits, trainers and tshirts? We had made an effort and to see other guests permitted to enter dressed as though they were in their homes was disgraceful and made us feel stupid.
The setting looked tired. Not even table cloths on tables. A buffet setting, but no class or character. Oh and our table had chewing gum stuck on the underside!
Food - At $95 a head (excluding drinks or the $8.50 for sparkling water) expectations of the level of food would be reasonable. I do not expect Meredith's or French cafe but good produce and edible food should be a given. Salads completely drowned in dressing, meat portions tiny, sausages pre cooked when everything is about cooked to order and the desserts a complete let down. Panna cotta, real panna cotta should not taste grainy, tasteless and have the texture of rubber (I actually had to spit mine back into the dish. I have never done that before). The only positive was that the seafood was fresh with the tuna melting in your mouth.
Would I go again, no. Would I recommend it to others not in a hurry. Shame!

5 star rating
by Sukriti
2 months ago

Favourite place! I've been coming back to this restaurant for a long time because of the lovely, attentive service and the glorious food!

There are 8 stations as the name suggests and my tip is to start with the desserts. As seen below it is all allocated on one wall and the menu changes regularly. When I went they didn't have macarons and I asked if they weren't going to bring it at all but the lovely staff brought a plate full of lime flavoured macarons to our table! How amazing is that!
One of the many reasons why this restaurant grows in popularity.

5 star rating
by Campbell Ecklein
2 months ago

Lovely setting and great service. I dined here for my birthday and it was an awesome experience, walking in and choosing from a wide range of cuisines prepared fresh right in front of you—it’s all-you-can-eat, so I suggest going on a verrry empty stomach. Sarah Forsyth #g4

4 star rating
by Randy McCarthy
2 months ago

Haha. Always good but just expensive, especially when wine and champagne are added to the bill. Oh they've also put their price up............

4 star rating
by Roxanne
2 months ago

Dined here for lunch recently. Had high expectations given the price tag. I was highly satisfied with the spread on offer however a few improvements would go a long way.
The curries were yummy. Fresh grilled fish is gorgeous. The salad bar is lacking a little needs a few more on offer however what was there was delicious. Loved having my Caesar salad made right in front of me. The grilled meat is yummy.
Dessert bar was a tad dull.
The concept is fabulous freshly made food to your liking however there needs to be a bit more selection. Do give it a try though.

3 star rating
by North Wind
2 months ago

The sitting will have an impact on your overall experiences, like the cozy ambiance but did not get it this time. 2nd visit after a while no dishes really stand out; services are good competent though

3 star rating
by Daniel Power
2 months ago

For dinner, Eight offers a huge all you can eat buffet selection, but just like most buffets, the food isn't world class, in fact it's pretty average. 

Taste: 2/5 in the world of buffets, Eight is pretty good. But if you're comparing with à la carte dining elsewhere, Eight falls short in all the eight cuisines they offer. Everything is just really mediocre. There are no stand outs, even the mouth watering dessert selection puts a halt to saliva ducts once the disappointing taste is founded

Service: 4/5 service is pretty good. We ordered a bunch of drinks that got muddled up but they were pretty good about it and let us keep the wrong drinks free of charge

Decor/Ambience: 4/5 the seating area is nice. The buffet area is impressive (see my photos). Perhaps this adds to the disappointment, because the food looks so amazing, especially the way they cook everything to order in front of you. That said, prepare to wait a while, while queuing to have your food cooked. 

Value: 2/5 at $95 you're better off choosing one type of cuisine and dining at the best restaurant in town that offers it, than to dabble in sub-par quality varieties of each cuisine offered at the buffet selection at Eight. The taste experience is simply no match for the price. Their only saving grace is the huge selection of seafood, which includes a few rarities.

Overall: 3/5 you almost can't blame Eight for their passable food. It's impossible to be a master at everything, an impossible task any buffet vendor faces. With that in mind, for a buffet, they've done pretty well. 

Tips: If you still decide to fork out $95, go hard on the huge selection of seafood. And skip the indian cuisine as a $10 lunch special elsewhere will give you better tasting experience. Also, ignore the bread selection, they are so hard and stale I couldn't tell if they were actually for eating or purely ornamental.

5 star rating
by Sheena
2 months ago

I have been here twice, both for birthday dinners! My only tip about dining here would be to make sure you have an empty stomach, because there are so many food choices for you, it's so difficult to try a bit of everything before getting full!

Dining here is quite pricey, but it is definitely worth the experience. I love the seafood section, the grilled meats, sushi, and the desserts! I couldn't try the other ones enough to be able to judge the kitchen! I love the oysters! You can also try a variety of different meat as well, and I tried kangaroo and ostrich for the first time here! Amazing food.

Dessert was fantastic as well! There was a wide range of dessert both times I have dined here, and on one occasion, they were making these delicious frozen yoghurt lollipops. So so good! We kept going back to get more! The chocolate fountain is cool too, though I got quite sick of the chocolate easily, and I just got heaps of fruit salad to end my meal. 

We also finished off our meals both times with tea! Great service here, though sometimes it's hard to call a waiter over as the restaurant is always so busy!

4 star rating
by Pankaj Kini
2 months ago

Our flattie was kind enough to treat us to a luscious lunch at the Langham after much contemplation!! The Eight buffet can please any palette and when its FOC its even better :)

I had 5 rounds of the buffet. First the pan fried fish from the live counter, cold seafood, oysters, asian dimsums and a little bit of sushi - what a way to start. Never tasted fresher fish in NZ ABSOLUTELY FIVE STAR QUALITY.

Second - steak counter meats galore. The most interesting one was the white chocolate and chicken sausage but I couldn't taste any chocolate. Rest was ok not mind blowing especially the crumbed chicken thumbs down!!

Third - Indian. Langham was up for the challenge to please an Indian with Indian food. The butter chicken was close to what its actually meant to be. If you seek the red orange creamy crap from the food court - don't bother. I liked how each counter had its own set of plates to compliment the food presentation.

Last two rounds of Dessert - Best Creme Brûlée ever and it sits on a buffet for cruing out loud. Some of the other stuff is good to but the chocolate fountain is a must try. Why wouldn't you want to dip everything in chocolate and eat it right. Don't put your fingers in there though ;)

Now comes the big Q - is this worth the $$$ u spend. Its $70pp for Lunch and $130pp for dinner where u get more seafood including Morton Bay Bugs (best thing that I have ever eaten in life). I have been to both and if you are an avid seafood fan then u should probably spend the lil extra and go for dinner.

Overall - I don't think there is anything like Eight in NZ so for that fact its a must try. Would you frequent the place depends on your wallet lol!

- Satisfied 'value for money seeking' patron.

5 star rating
by Moshy
2 months ago

Been here a Few times for lunch and have to say this place is very impressive and never disappoints with its wide range of International cuisines all under 1 roof and very friendly Staff will definitely be returning for many more encounters in the Future.

5 star rating
by Cindy
2 months ago

Reservation is essential. Otherwise you are unable to get a table during weekend.

We had our dinner here on one Friday night to celebrate my daughter's birthday. So surprisingly the set up of the buffet dinner was so close to what we had in Malaysia. (We had buffet in Gold Coast Australia before, they were just serving cold meats, cheese, salad and seafood. In Malaysia all buffet consists of international cuisine like Malaysia roti canai, Nasi lemak, Chinese dim sum, fried noodles, Japanese sushi, miso soup and cawan mushi, western food including cold meats, cheese, fruits and dessert, all are to die for)
They had Japanese, Chinese, Indian and western food, plenty of oysters and seafood. My children enjoyed the fruit chocolate fountain so much. Two flavours Movenpick ice cream were served. With heaps of bite size dessert offered, we really enjoyed our dinner.

Although the price was a bit expansive but worth trying.

5 star rating
by Julia Nguyen
2 months ago

Food: the selection of food are amazing. I have been here couple of times and would love to come back (only on special occasions 😁😁)
I love the grilled seafood, their sushi and desserts haha
Price: expensive - but it located at 5-star hotel so understandable :)
Service: Staff are friendly, great attitudes toward the customers
Overall: Nice buffet restaurant in town. Expected and happy what paid for.

5 star rating
by Adeline
3 months ago

Delicious food!!! Sooo much to choose from and to try! I tried alpaca and ostrich for the first time! It was delicious! Ended up stopping at 5 plates (3 mains and 2 desserts), good effort i think!

4 star rating
by Mary Smith-Underwood
3 months ago

Don't expect to be seated straight away. Although we stayed the night in the hotel and breakfast was included , a couple who arrived after us was seated before us. Layout is odd with the food being further down the restaurant. Having recently had knee surgery navigating the steps was a mission especially with plates. Disappointed that the order fir coffee was taken but not delivered until I had finished my breakfast and only after I had to ask for it! After however the waiter was extremely apologetic and couldn't do enough. Restaurant was crowded at most stations. Selection was ok. Nothing outstanding. By the time I hobbled back yo my t a be my food was actually cold. I doubt I would eat here again unless it is part of the package

5 star rating
by Lisa V
3 months ago

Got treated to lunch at Eight for my birthday this year and WOW. It was amazing. The selection and the food was so incredible. So many choice and everything is fresh and cooked to your liking as you order. As far as buffets go, this one is a definite winner. The desserts are to die for. I honestly can't remember ever eating as much as I did. Totally worth it, a must try. There is a chocolate fountain - what more can I say?

5 star rating
by Jimmy
3 months ago

I have to say the service and food at the eight restaurant is top notch the varieties of food are endless and the whole place has a womderful atmosphere

5 star rating
by Tyrone Malie
3 months ago

This is the best buffet ever!

Food is fresh from cooked to raw. The deserts are yummy and cheese boards are plain delicious.

I have been twice for dinner last year in May and lunch this year April, both times I have been, was very good!

Meats - fresh and delicious, you get a good testing portion.

Sushi - yummy

Butter chicken and nun bread - fresh and delicious. Couldn't stop eating!

Seafood - oyster galore! All you can eat no prawns and other 😍

Yum cha - it was nice dumplings were good

Dinner time you get the cool meats such as ostrich and kangaroo. You also get duck egg too. Wish I had taken more photos.

There's so much good tasty food, I would recommend to go try Eight out. You won't be disappointed! You'll come out full and happy that you spent your money's worth. Honestly you'll probably won't get to try everything because there is a lot of variety to choose from! I can't wait to visit again πŸ‘

5 star rating
by Ashwin Deo
3 months ago

Great Food, amazing service and awesome place for all occasions. The property still lives up to its reputation. I'll be back sooner then later for sure.

4 star rating
by EpicEats
3 months ago

Variety is great...I love the seafood selection...well everything actually. As a PI (which I am one) this place is the place, the shizz...as a foodie looking for quality and overall service and atmosphere when it comes to buffet style...it hits the 4.0 mark for me which is actually good for a buffet style restaurant. The con is probably the price, which is ok for a special occasion but maybe go on an empty stomach if you can to get your monies worth. Otherwise I love it 😊

5 star rating
by Hanan
3 months ago

One of my favourites! great food! Spoilt for choice, lovely staff gorgeouse setting. Well worth it (especially if you love,seafood), highly recommended!! 😁😁

4 star rating
by EatsByZee
3 months ago

Eight at The Langham really is a food-lovers dream.  Much smaller than I anticipated but still a delight to be able to choose from the variety of cuisines on offer.  The freshly made naan bread, perfectly sliced sashimi, cooked-to-order seafood and meat section were all a real treat.  The desserts were also delectable with an amazing chocolate fountain.  Yes, it is a little overpriced because really who can eat that much food?!  This place is probably somewhere that you should save for a special celebration and do at least once so you can experience it for yourself!

5 star rating
by Jess
3 months ago

After dining at eight for the dinner buffet, my opinion of buffet style meals was changed forever. The concept of eight is brilliant, choosing from a wide array of cuisines from all over the world and being able to hand pick your meat cuts, there is bound to be something for everyone's tastes. My favourites would have to be sampling venison, kangaroo and various beef cuts, also the freshly cooked gnocchi and the chocolate fountain. Although eight is more expensive than other buffet style restaurants, the large variety, excellent wait staff and whole concept of the restaurant makes eight well worth the spend. The breakfast buffet is great as well, with unlimited coffee included in the price who wouldn't be happy.

4 star rating
by Ryan
3 months ago

The fish station was the best part, everything else was fairly average. Meat selection was limited to the usual cuts you would find at the supermarket, but nothing on the higher end. Fish station was very good with them cooking it fresh for you. The oysters were good, but the cold prawns didn't taste very fresh and were overcooked. The indian station was a let down, not very good at all.

Dessert was ok, a bit range of little cakes. The best part was probably Movenpick icecream and the chocolate fountain and fondue area. Good value for lunch at $50pp, but I'm not sure if it's worth the splurge for dinner at double the price. However there are differing options at dinner, so depends on the range and your appetite. The one big plus was the service which was impeccable. The servers cleared your table methodically and topped up your water. This kept the experience flawless. Would go back for lunch and the great service.

4 star rating
by Linus
4 months ago

I'm partial to a breakfast buffet and was hoping this was going to be the "buffet of buffets" being a special occasion - sadly I was disappointed by the experience. Over priced, little effort to keep the buffet warm and not a lot extra/special in comparison to the others I've been to. The only exceptions I can pin point worth mentioning was the proper coffee served and there is also a gluten free section which offered breakfast pastries, which weren't worth the effort. I question whether the ice-cream labelled Movenpick, was Movenpick - the caramelita on offer was nothing like their actual ice-cream. An average rating for an average experience.

5 star rating
by Kelly
4 months ago

I love value for money! Hehe

Lunched here today and very satisfied with my meal, I wish my schedule wasn't so busy today or I would have literally stayed and continued eating!

I greatly appreciate that the staff are very attentive! Offering a tour of the eight kitchens and being very good at clearly our empty plates and filling our glasses. Not long after finishing our plates there were cleared and utensils cleared and replaced ☺️
The FOOD 😍 A good range of meats to chose from, veal, lamb, beef, chicken, and fish! Definitely stocked on on the oysters! Lovely and fresh, small but I'd rather have small and an unlimited amount that big oysters and just a handful. The sushi was also good! Small pieces of sushi and sashimi, perfect for buffet and the ginger! 😍 the meats were cooked in front of us and cooked well, can't complain.
I had a taste of the butter chicken and it was good.
The only good dessert was the creme brûlée, I love a good creme brûlée, silky and beautifully flavoured. The fruits were fresh, and mostly sweet.

Photos are just a few of the dishes I had. I must say, from what I hear lunch is better value than dinner. Lunch is currently $50 person whereas dinner is $95 per person.
Asking the staff the dinner service just has a couple more meat selections and desert selections.

I'd definitely be back for more, I can eat quite a bit so for my Eight served me very well. If you don't eat as much . . . Go for the expensive stuff!! Haha

4 star rating
by PancakePanda
4 months ago

Well worth the money if you are out to celebrate a special occasion- went for a "Signed contract for first job" celebration. Lovely service and very attentive waiters who will swoop down on your used dishes like vultures (in a good way). Selection is quite diverse, but after you have been once or twice, it is good to wait a while as they do special dishes sometimes e.g. Chinese New Year. 

Worth the experience if you have never been treated to more high-end buffets!

3 star rating
by Mega Goonasekara
4 months ago

We had dinner and breakfast at eight. Dinner was very average especially for the price you pay per head. I was expecting great things but it ended up being just a typical buffet with a slight twist. Nothing fancy.
Breakfast was at the level expected of a five star hotel buffet.

4 star rating
by Shelley Bedggood
4 months ago

Buffet for lunch was lovely. Very fancy. Quality of food is at a very high standard although I was expecting a bit more considering the price. Best part of my dining experience would have to be the dessert corner. Also the prawns, very large and fresh.

4 star rating
by Victoria
4 months ago

I'm confused! It was a nice experience but was the food extraordinary? I don't think so. Maybe it's a mix of having eaten at other spectacular buffets internationally and having high expectations from all the great reviews and pics but Eight didn't blow me away.

We went for lunch which had slightly less options than dinner (to be expected for half the price), the differences from what I can see appear to be less options with the seafood (no Morton bay bugs, crab or lobster/cray, smaller desert selection, no crepes or waffles, smaller cold meat offerings and more limited meat and cook to order seafood). It's a shame but again expected. It would be nice if they detailed the differences on their website.

The fresh seafood and sashimi is where the money's at, sashimi was delicious and cut to order. Oysters were good with a red wine vinaigrette and a range of other toppings. Good choice of fish with trevally, orange roughy, gunard, tarikihi and more cooked to order. A nice range of sauces - pineapple salsa, gremolata to name a few. Didn't eat much from the grill, tried a bit of my partners steak - was ok. Nothing different in the grill section so I stuck to filling up on seafood.

Salad bar was also a highlight, being able to choose your own mix and have it tossed with a dressing for you. Small selection of bread, could have been a slightly bigger range of fresh veggies/sides to go with all the fresh cooked options.

Indian was a let down, average. Dessert bar was ok, again nothing overly exciting, a range from cheesecake, sago pudding, lemon curd tart, creme brûlée and also hot options of rice pudding and bread and butter pudding. The movenpick ice cream probably stole the show!

Service was impeccable, this made the experience. Your table was cleaned after every plate and water topped up regularly, same for the servers in the kitchens - friendly and accommodating, except for the girl on the salad bar who seemed a bit short.

Decent value for lunch if you eat a fair amount otherwise I'm more a fan of getting 1 or 2 amazing dishes at a restaurant than a just above average dining experience at a buffet.

I would go again for the experience, not so much for the food.

5 star rating
by Rochae Slattery-Holtz
4 months ago

Amazing food definitely worth the money even though I have heard the lunch is just as good for a better price but am planning on going back

5 star rating
by Debi Barrett
4 months ago

Impressive as ever, this wasnt our 1st visit to 8 or will it be our last. We had a party of 17 last saturday night, the service, food and night was superb. I arrived with balloons and a cake for the 50th birthday we were there to celebrate the staff are wonderful. Everyone left full and very happy.

5 star rating
by Table For One
4 months ago

After far too many takeaway options lately I went to Eight in the weekend for breakfast.
I got the full breakfast option, I don't know why you'd go for continental breakfast when there's so much to choose from!
I had about three platefuls of savoury and sweet breakfast options. There is so much to choose from, I'd recommend the crepes and the chocolate fountain, these were available even in the morning.
As we dined here on a Sunday the place was pretty busy but there is plenty of room to move around and the food comes out quickly so there's always lots to choose from. The seating area was very comfortable and away from the buffet section so it had a nice relaxed atmosphere. The staff were very attentive but never got in the way.
Eating here was a great start to my day, I might have to splash out like this more often.

5 star rating
by Brenda Phu
4 months ago

Eight is amazing. I've been so excited for the past few days to come and have lunch here and it did not disappoint.
The staff are so friendly, attentive and helpful. The restaurant has a bustling and fast paced environment.
The food is excellent from the seafood, red meat, poultry, salads, sushi, veges, curries, pastas, yum cha, bread, and desserts! The options were endless with efficient refills. My fault is that not all of the food was seasoned well but they did have salt and pepper grinders on the table. But the CREME BRÛLÉE WAS BLISS!!
I am so happy and so full. I don't have to eat for another few days. The decor is so beautiful and comfortable. I would come here again but next year just for the creme brûlée.

4 star rating
by Michelle
4 months ago

I really love the sushi bar! The meat is really tasty too. The service is good and the place is really nice. A good place for lunch and dinner, worth trying!

5 star rating
by Denise D'Sa
5 months ago

Eight is easily the best buffet in Auckland, as its name suggests, you have a choice of 8 cuisines: a salad bar, seafood, sushi and sashimi, Indian, Asian noodles and dim sum, an American style grill with a range of meats, a patisserie selection of breads and pastries, and of course a dessert station complete with a chocolate fountain!

The best part about Eight is being able to eat your way through whatever catches your eye, so it is definitely best to go on an empty stomach. Most of the stations also prepare your choices fresh for you which is great.

There does seem to be more variety in the dinner service compared to lunch, particularly in the choices of meats and seafood on offer.

5 star rating
by Chris Mcneill
5 months ago

Been to Eight for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have really enjoyed it each time.Always intend to eat my way through everything but of course can never manage it!
Particularly fond of the fish station and the curry bar. How they get such good scrambled eggs out in catering quantities is beyond me.
Skilful unobtrusive service always.

5 star rating
by JXX
5 months ago

Eight at the langham is my favourite place to dine! Im a person who wants to try a bit of everything so Eight with its extensive variety of food always satisfies me whenever I visit there.

I have been there on both lunch and dinner time. The difference between lunch and dinner is dinner time has more variety.

At seafood station, there are more seafood that we dont usually get from super markets. At meat station, there are more exotic kind of meats like more variety on cuts of meats, venison, ostrich, kangaroo and so on. Japanese station, dessert and salad are not much different between lunch and dinner time.

The price is quite expensive and different on weekdays and weekends. If you hesitate to go on dinner time as the price is almost $100/person. I suggest you to go on lunch time which is $55/person on weekdays.

Everything is very delicious. Sushi and sashimi are very delicious and fresh as well. I found that it is even more delicious when Chef at the station is a guy who looks like to be Japanese. He makes sushi rice so nice!

Crew brûlée is my favourite dessert.

Staff are very kind and fast! Sometimes there are some new staff who tend to be unable to listen to your call and that is a bit annoying. Other than that, it is a great service.

5 star rating
by Josephine Waru
6 months ago

I absolutely love going to Eight at the Langham Hotel. I have been several times for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  I have attended special functions there and have also had the most enjoyable experience of staying overnight. High Tea is next on my list. The choices of food, the freshness of the food, the chefs, the maitre d', the wait staff, the valet, the Hotel Front Line Check In staff, the ambience ALL excellent in my opinion.

5 star rating
by Aniva Huang
6 months ago

We came here for my boyfriends birthday at dinner.

I loved the huge selection of food and chocolate fountain.
Usually buffet food is quite bland old and cold but eight has broke the buffet stereotype. The dishes were never empty and the chefs at each station were helpful and friendly.

At the end of our meal my boyfriend was given a box of chocolates and a little card which was really sweet.

3 star rating
by Kezia Lobo
6 months ago

I'm a big believer in good food and if it comes at a price so be it. Having heard so much about the buffet at the eight we headed there for lunch as a late Mother's Day treat for my mum who had come over from Melbourne. We were greeted at the door by Angela who couldn't find my reservation after about 10 mins of looking it was located and we were seated right next to the entry. We were taken to the kitchen to be shown around and explained the different stations. It looked good all of it but looks can be deceiving. Ok the oysters were fresh, the seafood was delicious and freshly made but that's where it stops. At the meat station the sausages looked really good and I got one of each however instead of taking fresh sausages out of the cabinet they took pre cooked sausages from a container in the back. At the seafood counter the lady cleaned and scraped off the cooking grill with a stainless steel flipper and used the same to then cook the next lot of fish. At the desert counter the plates had hardened food stuck to them upon giving this to the waitress there was no apology given. I had the cheesecake and the creme brûlée but the caramel was not hardened enough. The cheesecake was still hard like it wasn't defrosted enough. Saving grace the Opera cake and the panna cotta. The cocktails at $18.50 are quite expensive too. All in all its way too much money to spend on the fact that it's the Langham but past that the food was sub par.

5 star rating
by Donna&Shane
6 months ago

Best value for your money for lunch... Great selection of food for everybody ... Excellent quality and the range of meat seafood and desserts are amazing

5 star rating
by Sheree Buttery
6 months ago

Mothers day lunch was delicious! Wow what a great restaurant and a great selection. The staff were very accommodating also. Will return again.

5 star rating
by Jamie
6 months ago

Went here for lunch today with some colleagues. My first time at Eight. It's an up-market buffet restaurant and the food was incredible. Delicious, fresh and good variety. In terms of service, They forgot our drink orders for a while, but other than that the service was exceptional. I will definitely be returning soon.

5 star rating
by WeiTing Ashley Shyu
6 months ago

i eat here almost every weekend (PERKS OF MY HARP JOB) and i've got to say... COULD NEVER GET SICK OF THIS BUFFET! not only is there a huuuue variety (eight different cuisines) - the staff are friendly and cater to your different needs!

i especially love their ever changing desserts! the baked cheesecake is always so smooth and creamy! the bread and butter pudding is a MUST-HAVE; i pour custard on mine with a scoop of movenpick icecream. it is soooo buttery and silky... it melts in your mouth!

the sushi is always so fresh! the butter chicken is always tender! the steamed vegetables are always beautifully cooked! the pasta of the day is always nice and chewy....

you can't go wrong at the eight!

5 star rating
by A.w
6 months ago

Went here for my graduation dinner with a friend. Was unbelievable - the best service I have ever received and food was outstanding! Will be saving up to visit again soon.

5 star rating
by Dan
6 months ago

Went there for the first time last Sunday (over ANZAC long weekend) with my girlfriend. We were greeted by a lovely waitress who showed us to our table (which was a fair walk to the buffet). She explained to us how things worked and what our $105 pp covered (food, tea & coffee). She was super smiley the whole night and made us leave with a smile on our faces. She brought me a card and Langham Chocolates in a box because we were celebrating a birthday, which was a nice touch. The food is great. The grill station had a huge selection of meats. I tried Kangaroo, Venison (was amazing), Alpacca, Ostrich, Eye fillet. There were so many other meats I didn't try. There was a large selection of curries at the Indian station, with garlic naan which was awesome. Sushi was amazing, as were the desserts. I cannot fault the quality or selection of food. The atmosphere is nice. It is has a very large seating area. Some tables are right next to the buffet while we were seated almost as far away as you could be, however, the walk was great as it allowed us to try and free up some stomach space for more food. Most people dressed nicely, however some do not. We were seated next to a large family (who probably go often) who were dressed very casually and had their kids on ipads. Overall we had a really nice night there.

5 star rating
by Queena
7 months ago

Really like the buffet here. Such a great variety of food. Came here for the second time -this time for a friends birthday. Great service. Very friendly waiters and waitresses.

One thing they could improve on is the variety of sushi..... A bit biased considering I'm such a sushi fan. I can never eat all the food that's available there! Such a bummer. But would definitely go again for another occasion.

My friend was also given complimentary chocolates and a card for his birthday from the Langham hotel team :)


5 star rating
by Food Lover
7 months ago

This place is GOOD, you can't go wrong if you choose this restaurant for any occasion.

Just make sure you go there empty stomach :) the amount of different food that all taste fantastic.
Heaven for seafood lovers.

I really liked it as I could try different cuisines. Everything is freshly made from great ingredients.

I will go back there any day...

5 star rating
by Grace Sifa
7 months ago

all you can eat fancy beautiful buffet with fresh meat and seafood cooked on demand to your liking.. a big price but an awesome place to go for a Christmas function or birthday or any special event.. have been here 5 times now and love the variety of meats and desserts and chocolate fountain which changes from strawberry, white and milk chocolate.. delish.. the waffles I had here were also so soft and fluffy ... mmmmm !! highly recommend !!!

5 star rating
by Missk Khan
7 months ago

Ooooooh this place is good!!! I love coming here for a big deal event. Usually a birthday but we took some rellies from overseas and it always impresses.
The langham lobby is quite grand and the restaurant sparkles too. It's a buffet concept with a twist. There are eight food stations, hence the name.
They have a carvery with trimmings, a meat station which is a glass cabinet where you can choose from a selection of meat which will be cooked to your liking, e.g various steaks, cuts of lamb, alpaca, kangaroo, venison etc, so be adventurous!
Next is the seafood station with various shellfish and fish marinated and otherwise cooked a variety of ways.
There is a japanese station with sushi and sashimi. Indian station with freshly made naan, the best I have ever eaten, and a selection of curries and biryani with sides. Then there is the cold seafood. A salad bar.
A cheese station. And the desserts, hot and cold. Wait, I have lost count of all the stations....
But really all it is, is a great big room full of delicious food. The service is impeccable. Very efficient and friendly. I have no complaints about the good at all. It's a bit pricey but on so worth it. Oh and definite try the bread and butter pudding ?

5 star rating
by Jean Lee
7 months ago

Beautitful layout & atmosphere - Langham never fails to please. The 8 different kitchens are unique and all the food here is amazing (especially the desserts). Dined here for a birthday celebration and was welcomed with complementary chocolates and excellent service. Will definitely dine here again - Thank you.

5 star rating
by Nick Svebakk
7 months ago

Absolutely amazing food here! Eight has all my favorite foods wether it's for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Highly recommend the waffles with chocolate sauce :)

4 star rating
by FoodiePhysician
7 months ago

8 kitchens (separate stations where they serve meat (varies day to day), seafood, japanese (sashimi & sushi), salad, indian, pastries, dessert, all you can eat prawns/oysters/crayfish - what more can you want?

Nicely laid out and service that is of a high standard (it is inside the langham hotel after all), makes dining a pleasant experience.

Only downside is that it is still a buffet and is quite expensive considering.

4 star rating
by Jay
7 months ago

A good restaurant. I personally think it's a bit over hyped and overpriced. As expected service is great and the food is too. The eight cuisines are more like 8 food stations though.

5 star rating
by Sue Wong
7 months ago

I'm a kid at Disneyland everytime I come here. In my opinion, Eight is my favourite go to buffet restaurant in Auckland because i'm always spoilt for choice and I've yet to be disappointed.

5 star rating
by Claudia Serra
8 months ago

Went here for lunch and the food was absolutely incredible.
Tables were great, restaurant ambiance was good, everything was well presented.
Only negative I had at the time was that it took too long to receive one of our party's drink and the staff had to be reminded more than once before it was finally brought over.

5 star rating
by Kerri
8 months ago

Awesome food, will always recommend to friends and family. You will definitely get money for value here, if your stomach can hack it. My recommendation is to take it slow' don't want to full up too fast.

5 star rating
by Dee Kiran Prasad
8 months ago

I love love love this place. The only down side was I couldn't eat every single thing because I was so full from the first two plates. Everything that I did eat was delicious! The hard work the chefs put into cooking and preparing the variety of food is amazing. Everything looked mouth watering. It's like food heavan! I loved that you could pick whatever you wanted and get as much as you want and just eat your heart out! It was an amazing experience and I would definitely eat here again.

4 star rating
by Kwan-Lyn
8 months ago

Been here for both lunch and dinner and both were great experiences.  Good service and the variety, especially for dinner, is great for someone who likes to try abit of everything, or curious about a type of meat but not wanting to commit to an entire meal of it.  My favourite was the seafood counter, with fish that you wouldn't usually get from the supermarket on offer, cooked scrumptiously.  Would suit both small and big groups.

5 star rating
by Snedden Dcosta
8 months ago

The importance of this review is for the service. Hats off to the waiter who works the graveyard shift, what an marvellous job. The food is pretty good, even though i seem to only go here after 1 am. The best part is the restaurant is open 24/7, they have a good selection on the menu, and the food is top notch. Good selection of wine and coffee, the only disappointment for me is the desserts as that is what really impressive me. But they seemed pretty plain and boring, it sounds mouth watering on the menu, but......
I guess ill leave it there. Thank you Zee and the team.

5 star rating
by Lucy Doran
8 months ago

Great atmosphere here and the selection of food is great. Love the chocolate fondue in the dessert section and the salad bar. Sashimi was one of my favorites to. Love being able to have such a selection and seeing some of the food being cooked In front of you e.g the grilling section where you choose meats and veggies you want and they fry it In front of you.

5 star rating
by Leah Isaia
8 months ago

I have dined here many times for Breakfast and every year we dine here for Dinner on our anniversary and each time is amazing. The staff are so welcoming and the food is great. 
I have never had a problem with anything here and this is why we continue to go back.

4 star rating
by Julie Lam
9 months ago

Eight is a really nice, modern restaurant with amazing staff and mostly, on the whole pretty good food. The first few times I had gone before the change of name and buffet type it was alright but a bit average. After their renovation, I absolutely hands down loved it. However every time I go to Eight, the food range they offer slides slightly and the food gets a bit worse. The last time I went the chicken was dry, the oysters were not fresh and the panna cotta was more like tofu than anything else. I did however love their butter chicken and naan bread. I do hope the staff will take my review into consideration and have the quality of their food and range re-evaluated.

4 star rating
by Miss Bon Viveur
9 months ago

Went here for a birthday lunch and it didn't disappoint. Servers were very nice and provided great customer service. Ambience of the place was also a plus and so was the food. Nothing here disappointed me as there were a variety of meals to choose from which I enjoyed. Had to go back quite a few times (it was that GOOD). Would highly recommend this place, go on, give it a try and you won't be disappointed.

5 star rating
by Vishal Kumar
9 months ago

Went here for a lunch with a client who we were meeting for the first time, and I am pleased to say that the food broke a lot of ice. 

The spread was pretty amazing, and I got to fulfill a long time wish of having butter chicken and tuna sushi roll on the same plate. 

I also made sure I got stir fried seafood, and grilled meats as well, all cooked to amazing deliciousness. 

Truly a brilliant spread, and a must visit again.

5 star rating
by Andre Dez Toparea
10 months ago

One of the best buffet Restaurant I've been too with a range of different Foods cooked in front of you
To Fine deserts and Great Service Restaurant Eight is definitely a place you wanna check out staff are really great in terms of customer service very pricey but worth the experience of Fine Dining.

5 star rating
by Tony Frost
10 months ago

Ever felt like a nice dinner out and just really not known what you want to eat? Number 8 really is the answer to that problem.  So much to choose from and gosh its always nice.  My daughter calls the place "I don't know' which somehow seems appropriate. There are 7 different areas each cooking and preparing food to order right in front of you. The food is always fantastic. It does pay to book in advance because the place is often booked up We always get fantastic service from the staff.

5 star rating
by Masoud Mohamed
10 months ago

I must say the breakfast was beautiful!! Lots of selection.. As the name suggests.. Different sections different cuisines.. Halal-seekers be careful.. I would suggest to avoid meat for breakfast.

5 star rating
by Rice & Kai
10 months ago

If you love a good buffet, Eight is probably one of the best places to go in Auckland.  We've been here on several occasions and there is something to please everyone here, with so much food on offer.

My particular favourites are the grilled meat station where they cook whatever meat you choose from the display to be cooked in front of you, and the sashimi station where the chef prepares fresh sashimi from your choice of fish and seafood.

There is always so much to eat and I never seem to pace myself very well, always finding myself too stuffed to properly enjoy dessert.  It's great that they offer a complimentary coffee or tea at the end of your meal as well.

If you have a big appetite and want to enjoy a fancy meal out, definitely check out Eight.  A lovely setting with lots of food on offer - I'm sure we will be making another visit here at some point.

3 star rating
by Glenn Town
11 months ago

We had our firm's Xmas dinner there
It was very busy
The service was inadequate
The food being a smorgasbord was  a bit of a shambles
Good quality but all over the show
Expensive for what it was
Will not go back

5 star rating
by Justin Andrew
11 months ago

How this place only has a 4.4 is crazy! This place is amazing and I can't wait to go back. Variety of food as well as flavour are both off the charts.

4 star rating
by David Mapilivai Tresvaunt
11 months ago

Fantastic Food and Service. BRAVO. Dessert was absolutely chasouΔΊsed and pórmenifiqué. Mellow and Great chairs and comfortable setting. Overall Brillíante.

5 star rating
by Farshid Hakimi
11 months ago

This place is amazing. I had my aniversary there and I tell you what .I impressed my partner by choosing it.great plce ,fresh food,good plce ever.
Most recommend plce for aniversary.

4 star rating
by Jina Amy Lim
11 months ago

Been there on my birthday, the place was decorated in christmas theme. Had a high expectation but to be honest, food was only little over the average. Its a place to try if you've never been there before but not a place i would want to revisit over and over.

5 star rating
by Jemily
11 months ago

Love coming here and have been visiting Eight restaurant for the past 4 years or so.

The staff are always lovely and friendly which make the experience more enjoyable as well as making us want to come back. The food of course is another part to why we keep coming back, with some meats also being halal and able to be cooked in separate station.

Dinner is our meal of choice. Even the price is higher, there is more variety, where you are certainly able to eat your money's worth.
Be sure to try a bit from every station, as well as making your own salad with the house 8 dressing, you won't be disappointed!

Cannot wait to come back!

5 star rating
by LizzieB
Nov 23, 2014

:)) We've eaten here for lunch and dinner. Restaurant should be called 10 - because it's that good. Fresh, fast. Dining in luxury. We walk there and then roll home. One of our friends is gluten free - so she was offered a range of GF goodies for dessert. Staff are accommodating and patient, unlike we diners - who dash to the kitchen for more!  So good it hurts.

5 star rating
by Anup Choudary
Oct 22, 2014

One of the best fine dining restaurant EIGHT from a five star hotel in NZ. I had the chance of experiencing the food in this restaurant once with Reshma, on my good friend's invite. To be honest, I was astounded by the food and hospitality service, this place provided to us. It was exciting to see the transparency in preparing our food (in front of our eyes), from variety of different cuisines/ stalls. Having their delicious food with a bottle of wine, was just like a cherry on the top of the ice cream. Being a self-service buffet, there were 'n' number of choices in what you would like to have , right from entrees, main courses to desserts. The staffs were really friendly. My favorite dish was the Seafood (Oysters) and Sushi. Being a little bit on the costlier side, I would suggest everyone to go to this place on a special occasion. I would definitely recommend to go at least once and try their exotic food.  Cheers :)

5 star rating
by Don's Food Fiesta
Oct 21, 2014

Had a wonderful buffet lunch for $50. Everything is 5 star dining and the food is cooked to your liking. Just request your choice of meat, veges, sauces etc and the chefs will cook it all fresh. Great place to overindulge - Not a place if your feeling peckish.

4 star rating
by Frank
Oct 18, 2014

For those that love buffets this would be heaven, it's probably one of the best (or the best) in Auckland with it's eight different styles of food, although it was hard to differentiate the different styles. There was definitely a lot of choice, but it made it difficult for me to create a coherent meal, with my plate at one stage having dumplings, naan bread and kransky sausages :-)  The beauty is that you choose and eat what you feel like (so my fault really), but the queueing for food, hotel decor and melee of tourists detracted somewhat. Dessert had plenty of selection (lots of little bite size tasters) but nothing stood out, although presentation was top notch! And of course the famous chocolate fountain so you can chocolate coat your favourite meal items!

4 star rating
by Shirley Yu
Oct 08, 2014

I've been highly recommended to this place, but it turns out to be disappointing. There are few seafood and the taste of beef and lamb is just fine. It is expected to be a large number of sweet tooth, however, there're only two flavors of ice cream.
The environment and service are great, but it only values 50 dollars each.

4 star rating
by Kiwi Foodie
Sep 29, 2014

Easily the best buffet we’ve tried in NZ, although also one of the more pricey ones. I fell in love with their ‘kitchen’ at first sight – rows after rows of mouthwatering food arrayed in a most pleasing manner. And a chocolate fountain! Warm, smooth sheets of melted chocolate cascading like a waterfall – a veritable dessert-lover’s haven.

The folks at Eight describe it as a ‘culinary journey’, which sounds about right. There are eight stations serving different types of food – a meat grill, East Asian noodles and dim sum, Indian curries with naan bread, seafood and oysters, sushi and sashimi, a salad bar, a patisserie, and a dessert area.

The meat grill was especially notable, with an array of raw meats (various cuts of beef, chicken, and lamb, as well as sausages) that you could select and have grilled on the spot. I have read of exotic meats such as kangaroo and ostrich being offered, but on the day we were there, there weren’t any. Still, their selection of meats were more than satisfying, cooked and seasoned according to your preference. My only gripe was that the queues for the grill were long, and the pieces of steak were very thin.

Aside from the grill, I spent most of my time heaping my plate with oysters, large prawns, and sashimi. The oysters were constantly refilled and quite fresh, albeit small. Sashimi was equally good and fresh, though I was told that tuna sashimi was only available for dinner whereas we were there for lunch. The dessert station, while appearing glorious at first glance, was rather average in taste – I did not fancy the cakes much, but the creme brulee was perfectly done and the parfaits were good. The chocolate fountain was every bit as amazing as it appears, of course.

All in all, there was a larger variety and higher quality of food than the average buffet. The price is above average as well, though, starting from $50 for weekday lunch and going right up to $95 for weekend dinner. I would go again – but only when we feel like splurging. Oh, and it was very crowded on a weekend, so I would aim to go on a weekday if at all possible.

4 star rating
by Sonam Kumar
Sep 19, 2014

Stayed at the Langham and had dinner and breakfast at the Eight, the dinner was good experience the food was fresh and you could tell the meat and seafood was high quality products. The only downside we found was food was running out quite fast but wasnt replaced as frequently as it should have been. Especially the creme brulee, there is a range of food for everyone so it is worth experiencing. The price was the downside. For 2 people it was $190 I would recommend spending that money elsewhere on a really worthwile 3 course meal instead. The breakfast was complimentary for us as we stayed at the Langham but viewing the price now I would not recommend it. The eggs benedict seemed to be mass made the sauce was bitter and the eggs had cooked in the warmer it was terrible, the bacon was rubbery and tough and the eggs were mass made also.

3 star rating
by Miso Peckish
Sep 18, 2014

Great if you like buffets, offering a selection of 8 different cuisines, hence the name 'Eight'which includes:
 The Grill, Indian, Seafood, Breads/Cheese, Salad, Sushi and Sashimi, Dumplings and Dim Sum, Desserts. 
Food service can be a little slow especially the grill meat station as the meats are grilled on demand to your liking.  So expect a little wait.  The Japanese section which consisted of a small range of sushi was average.  It took them a long time if that to replenish the sushi.  Sometimes I would return and nothing was there for the taking.  the Indian section I had asked for a banana roti they told me they were not making roti's today - a bit disappointed.  Seafood section had a good selection of prawns, oysters, fish and shellfish.    The salad bar looked great and freshing.  There is a mix of premade salads or you can select what you wanted and the chefs will mix it up for you.  Good selection of desserts, they looked good, but some tasted better than others. 

If you wanted to sum it up, it would be an up market Valentines.  I am not a huge fan of buffets as you tend to over eat trying everything out and you're left feeling extremely bloated.

3 star rating
by M Hamadeh
Sep 16, 2014

Mixed bag. Kitchen staff can be rude. Breakfast not worth the effort and money. Nice for a change.

5 star rating
by Celeste
Sep 08, 2014

Have been here 3 times now and loooovved it every time! Never a let down with such a large spread of quality all you can eat buffet food I'm sure it would cater to anyone's needs, nice staff, good vibe restaurant, lovely bathrooms for ladies. Great place for group dining or a romantic 2 depending on where you sit :)

5 star rating
by Rachna
Aug 31, 2014

If you love a good buffet, Eight is the best place to go in Auckland.

The greeters, servers and chefs were attentive, helpful and friendly.

The food was fresh and very good quality.

There's a variety of food to select from, different sections have different cuisines.

4 star rating
by Zelda
Aug 31, 2014

I've been here twice for the all you can eat menu. It's definitely a spenny dine out, but so worth doing. Just being able to try everything you usually wouldn't and create your own meal how you like it. Just remember to save some room in your tummy before you come here because you'll want to try everything.

4 star rating
by Leilani
Aug 29, 2014

I've read mixed reviews about this place but I saw a few comments raving about this restaurant so I was very excited to try it considering I have love & appreciation for all sorts of foods from European to Cultural foods.

Firstly I disliked the layout of the restaurant it was all formatted wrong & it hardly looked like a 5 star hotel dining area. The decor is very old & vintage to some it may be right up their alley but I personally thought it was dull & boring & lacked a sense of comfort & vibrance.

Moving on to the food. Before going to
Eight I understood that there were eight different food stations so when arriving there I was expecting eight separate food areas but was surprised when all the stations were joined together. Not that big of a deal but it was kind of difficult telling which station was which at times & often had to ask. Going in knowing that I wanted to try everything I started at the Sushi bar. The Sushi was so good. It was all so fresh & the chef was making fresh sushi the whole time. The salmon sashimi was delicious as well as the crunchy chicken sushi.

The Grill wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. I wish there were more meat selection or at least different kinds of meat selections instead of the ones they had. They were very catering though which was good. My dad wanted a burger so he picked his cut of meat & they were more than happy to make him an open grilled burger. The Indian food was disappointing. I had butter chicken, rice & naan. The butter chicken lacked seasoning & flavor. The seafood section is probably where you'll get your money's worth. The oysters were yum & fresh. Small to medium in size & the red wine vinegar with shallots was the perfect dressing for the oysters. The dessert selection was impressive & delicious. The chocolate fountain was definatly the highlight to the dessert area & the kids love it. I didn't get a chance to try the cheese, dim sum & salad bar but I was satisfied with what I had.

A few tips if you're considering trying Eight
1) If going for lunch eat a very light breakfast or no breakfast at all
2) Don't order any drinks until nearing the end of your sitting. Not only are the drinks quite expensive but also drinking with your meal will fill you up faster so I advise to not drink at all until nearing the end
3) Start with the light stuff then work your way to the heavy things. For example starting with the salad, sushi, seafood, cheese & crackers or dim sum before moving on to the Indian & the Grill.
4) the best times are during the weekdays. We went Friday 29th August at lunch time
& there were a few people but it wasn't over crowded so definitely the weekdays are the days to go.

Overall my experience was quite fulfilling & satisfying. Would go back again but only for a special occasion considering the price per person. I forgot to take photos of everything so apologies in advance.

4 star rating
by Mira
Aug 28, 2014

service 4/5environment 5/5food(quality) 5/5cost performance (quantity) 4/5presentation 4/5My favorites: oyster, lamb steak, dessert

3 star rating
by Riley Rose Mercy
Aug 23, 2014

When it first started it was fantastic, they actually had a variety of options wonderfully created...with reasonable quality produce...however as the years gone by ... it did not maintain and definitely did not improve...

5 star rating
by Kaushikc_32
Aug 20, 2014

Excellent food, Great variety, duck eggs were awesome so was the desert section. The dimsums were amazing and cooked to perfection. The salad options were great and to top it all a great ambience. A truly wonderful experience.

4 star rating
by Will
Aug 11, 2014

The Eight has great variety and lots of high quality tasty food. Whatever you might feel like there is a good chance they have serve it. I would highly recommend trying The Eight. Make sure you are super hungry because to really experience this restaurant to the full does require making a bit of a glutton out of yourself. One tip though there is virtually no point in trying to eat here on the weekends because the buffet area is completely over run. Come here at 6 o'clock on a weekend and you are likely to experience a feeding frenzy that resembles a mass shark attack, so if you are not in the mood to be involved in a rugby scrum just to get one of the chefs to cook you a steak, you may want to come here on a week night at an hour when all the sharks have already been fed.

4 star rating
by CC
Aug 04, 2014

Great fun, and loads of food choices at their high-end buffet.

Much of the food is cooked while you wait, and the staff are efficient, pleasant and skilled chefs. The seafood is fresh, the oysters are all in shell, and the meat selection was plentiful. The chef making fresh naan to go with the curry selection and the salad chef were a wonderful surprises, and the chocolate fountain was impressive.

The wait staff were also friendly and accomodating, and we didn't feel at all rushed or neglected.

All in all a lovely Sunday lunch that suited the whole family - from 4 year olds through to 74 year olds.

I've removed one star as it was a bit crowded and chaotic at times - the kitchen/buffet space doesn't appear to be big enough for all the people at the restaurant. Also, there was a queue for the restrooms.

Lots of fun overall, and money well spent!

5 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
Aug 01, 2014

I have been to Eight a couple of times now and it has never disappointed. In fact it gets better every time!

As the name suggests they offer 8 different types of cuisines/categories of food. These are:
1. The Grill
2. Indian
3. Seafood
4. Breads/Cheese
5. Salad
6. Sushi and Sashimi
7. Dumplings and Dim Sum
8. Desserts

My favourite stations are the grill and dessert!

The grill is where you can get really creative with your meal. You can pick any type and cut of meat and get it cooked to your preference. Here at the grill I got my first opportunity to try Kangaroo meat, but I decided against it because come on! You just cannot eat Skippy. I went with lamb cooked medium rare and it was done perfectly each time. You can then choose sides to accompany your meal like potatoes etc or you could go to the other stations like bread, salad etc if you prefer that.

The dessert station is my favourite station and is absolute heaven. The creme brûlée is hands down the best creme brûlée I've tried ever!! They have a selection of different pastries and cakes, cheesecakes and soufflés. The desserts change up which I noticed every time I went. They also have this glorious fountain (picture attached) and the times I went it was strawberry. So delicious! You get marshmallow or strawberry skewers to dip into the fountain. But really you can dip anything, even ladle some into your bowl and go to town!

Love the set up of Eight and all the different stations! Everyone will find something that appeals to them here, and since it's all you can eat I find the price very reasonable! The staff are very attentive and helpful for first timers and the ambience is excellent as well. Would recommend 100%!

5 star rating
by Georgie @ Georgieats
Jul 29, 2014

I have been to the buffet at Eight three times now. Each time has been excellent! My most recent visit was three weeks ago when I took my older sister for lunch for her birthday. Once I had explained to her the 'Eight' different themed kitchens and how it works, she was super excited.

You basically take your seat (definitely recommend booking a table and arriving early), then when the kitchen opens, you can eat as much as you wish from any of the following Eight stations:

1. Seafood & Oyster Bar - think prawns, oysters, mussels and fish (orange roughy, snapper, tarakihi, salmon and many more).

2. Sushi & Sashimi Bar - my absolute favourite station with endless amounts of freshly made sashimi, sushi, miso soup and you can have as much ginger and soy sauce as you like!

3. Indian Tandoori & Curry Kitchen - we tried the paneer curry, beef vindaloo, butter chicken and homemade naan bread.

4. Wok & dim sum corner - they serve steamed buns, dumplings and noodles.

5. New York Style Grill - this is the fun part. You choose anything from the meat cabinet (for example eye fillet, lamb steak, chicken skewer or maybe kangaroo as they once had on the menu), you tell the chef how you like it cooked and it's done! Sizzling hot on your plate and you can add sides to accompany it like roasted vegetables, mashed potato or a variety of sauces.

6. Salad bar - is either 'help yourself' or let the chef toss it up for you. There is such a range of salads, I would say at least 20 different ones!

7. Fresh breads and pastries - I have never paid much attention to this station, because bread fills me up! They do however have a good selection of cheeses to go with the bread if you fancy that.

8. Last but not least, the dessert station. I have slowly learnt that if you want to eat at least three of the desserts, you must try a little bit of everything else, and that way you can save room for dessert because you will definitely not want to pass up the chocolate fountain! And all the delectable desserts of course! I dipped melon and marshmallows into the chocolate fountain and then had a crème brulee and panacotta to finish off, while my sister could only fit in a chocolate dipped Movenpick ice cream in a cone!

As for the service, it is great. Water glasses are always been topped up, plates replenished every time you finish a meal and new cutlery for your next course. Below are a few things I recommend before coming to Eight:

- Sign up to their Langham Supper Club card, you'll get 15% off every time you visit the buffet (or any of their other restaurants and cafes)!

- The restaurant fills up really quick, so best to always make a reservation- If you are going for lunch, have a light breakfast and try not to eat anything else until the buffet.

- No point ordering drinks - adds to the bill and also eating all that food plus say, drinking a diet coke, really makes you feel bloated! (Happened the first time I went...)

Overall, always a great experience. I recommend it to everyone, even if you just try it once!

4 star rating
by Fleur Peps
Jul 11, 2014

This was a pretty epic evening of eating far more than I should have. Had the feeling of what I can only describe as a "food hangover" for about 2-3 days afterwards.

Made the point of eating at every station and doing our best to sample everything (even if only a bite)

Most of it was pretty amazing. The steaks certainly were my highlight i'd say, the dim sum and soup was awesome. Deserts were really nice, along with that chocolate fountain. I almost just put the whole plate under that thing.

The only things I can say I disliked were

1: Drink prices. Really expensive.
2: The chicken sausages, quite dry.
3: the Vege selection in the carvery - everything was quite shrivilled looking, unapetising
4: the turkey, tough and bland

Aside from that, can't say much else really. The staff were very polite and the service was simply perfect.

The acid reflux was worth it.

5 star rating
by Jasjeet Singh
Jun 21, 2014

Different cuisines
N number of types
Great ambience
Good to go on week days because it's little cheaper
Unlimited food just in 50$ lunch
Loved it ...!!

5 star rating
by Christian
Jun 21, 2014

Believe me this is probably one of the best restaurants in New Zealand !!! Excellent service, and amazing food ! Very fresh seafood made to order and a huge selection of your choice of meats cooked to order plus the Indian section is to die for .
Worth the price especially for lunch since the selection is almost the same so your not missing out on much.
Be sure to make a reservation!
There is also $3 parking right next to the hotel at Wilson's public car park.
Also if you sign up for their langham hotel club card (free!!!) you get 15% off your next vist.
The manager and staff worked very hard and gave exceptional service !
A must place to go! A++++++ will be back very soon!!!

4 star rating
by Foodie_in_NZ
Jun 06, 2014

Dining experience is what Eight Restaurant is all about. Unlike a normal buffet, where everything is lay out for you, Eight is like this really upmarket gourmet food show, where there are eight different kitchens/stalls for diners to choose from. I love the seafood kitchen, so any different types of seafood to try and cooked the way you like it. Japanese kitchen is also one of my favourites, beautiful, delicate types of sushi and sashimi on offer. The only cuisine I didn't try was the Indian, as it might fill me up too quickly. We stayed there for 3 hours. Though it's a buffet restaurant, you won't find people rushing and fighting over food. The seating area is beautiful and classy. We weren't rushed to finish and leave, which is nice. Most of the waiters are lovely.

The only complaint I have is that in the kitchen area they don't seem to replenish plates, bowls and cutlery. There were times when we would walk around the place looking for one clean plate or knife/fork, or in other case, looking for a dessert bowl but just couldn't find it. That was a bit frustrating.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience, and would go back again.

5 star rating
by Lawrence Powell
Jun 02, 2014

I took my best friends to table for eight restaurant for lunch and we were all very impressed and we found it the best food that we have experienced eating out anywhere. Staff were really pleasant and the children with us were very relaxed and happy. Most enjoyable, we were not rushed and found the overall experience delightful. We would recommend the restaurant to all of our friends, well done Langham

4 star rating
by Auckland Food Tours
May 23, 2014

To fill your over indulgence and gluttony void, go to Eight at The Langham. This upmarket eatery features 8 restaurants all squeezed into one.

With a made to order buffet setting, Eight offers a seafood & oyster bar, Indian tandoori & curry kitchen, fresh breads & pastries, New York style grill, freshly made sushi and sashimi, desserts & sweets, wok & dim sum corner and a number of salad selections. Make sure you go hungry.

While everything is executed excellently, Eight is not focused on being innovative with their offerings, but rather wants to offer you the best of what you know. So if you're wanting to play it safe and have a true feast of a meal, then Eight is a wonderful setting.

4 star rating
by Madicattt
Apr 28, 2014

I have a circle of friends who adore food, so it makes sense that when one of their birthdays came around that eating would be on the menu. Eight was suggested and just as quickly the idea was leapt upon - eight kitchens, all you can eat, made to order, fancccaaaayyy, sounds like us.

It turned out to be a pretty overwhelming experience.

When you walk into the kitchen of Eight you find yourself surrounded by food, there’s cheeses and bread, a salad bar, meat bar, noodles and dim sum, seafood, sushi, Indian, pancakes and mini dessert station complete with chocolate fountain. The impact of all of these options creates a frenzy – how will you finish it all? how will you get the full experience? We intended to try as much as we could but regardless I found myself both giddy and panicking with every trip to the kitchen.

With so much food ahead of us, this was not the time to be pigging out on individual plates. We kept them small, tasting sized, starting off with cheeses and a personalised caesar salad.

We ate a lot - a plate from each table but the stand out for me was the seafood selection. If you're looking to get your money's worth, you'll get it in seafood. (It would be silly to go there for Indian or Sushi though - they do a good job, but you can get much better elsewhere.)

We also decided to try one of each and every dessert option on offer. This decision broke the camel's back. It was delicious, sure, but boy oh boy did my stomach hate me afterwards.

Eight was grand and impressive and all sorts of wonderful but on reflection, not for me. I enjoyed myself immensely but I'd rather spend $85 on a small number of dishes that truly astound me rather than gorge myself. The food was all delicious, but nothing blew my mind. Furthermore, the all you can eat factor made me feel frantic and like I had to do it justice. Then there was the realisation of how much food must be wasted for their kitchen to look so ostentatious, all the time.

Eight is a pretty fun experience, and if you like a buffet it's one of the best. But it's not for me.

For more photos and a look at what I ate in more detail - head over to my blog! madicattt.com

4 star rating
by Mina Ross
Mar 20, 2014

I went to Eight a couple of years ago for lunch when it was something like $50 pp for the buffet. The quality is really examplary, as is the service of the multiples chefs and food preparation staff waiting for your order behind the counters,

As in the name, there are eight different food stations to visit: sushi, salad, bread, fish bar, grilled meats, Indian, dessert, and cheeses.

The bread, salad, and cheese stations aren't exactly something to write home about, but the grilled meat bar is delightful - you chose your cut of meat and tell the chef how you'd like it done! I don't know, I just really felt charmed by it.

The Indian food section was another station I really enjoyed. I am endlessly boring, and just had some butter chicken (very buttery, but a little too sweet for my tastes) and had a cheese and garlic naan made on the spot. The chef offered to make me a chocolate chip naan, but I wasn't keen! My friend took up the challenge instead!

There was a crepe section when I visited, which may have been part of the desserts bar, but I was so overwhelmed with meat and naan and breads that I ended up just going for some NZ natural ice cream. There was also a slightly terrifying chocolate fountain (the germ factor always worries me), and a couple of unsupervised children making a total mess of the ice cream.

Downsides: unsupervised children, meh dessert selection, long walk back to the table.

I wouldn't say that it is worth $65, or even the $50 I paid. I'd probably settle at $40 max. Great food, great location, typical hotel problems.

4 star rating
by Jane K
Mar 18, 2014

Eight is a brilliant dining experience. The range of food is amazing. I find it perfect for lunch or dinner with a group because it's got something to satisfy everyone's taste.

The atmosphere and setting are beautiful and the staff are friendly and attentive.

It's everything you'd expert from a restaurant at the Langham.

5 star rating
by Danny Wong
Feb 12, 2014

8 Restaurant is incredible and I have been on many occasions, the range of food is extensive and delicious. Although not on par with buffets overseas, it is the best in new Zealand.

The seafood was fresh and never ending. I especially enjoyed the grill station, so much kinds of meat to choose from!

4 star rating
by Michelle
Feb 07, 2014

This restaurant was recommended to me so I took my partner there for his birthday. We were lucky because he got in for free because of a special birthday promotion they were doing in January. Overall, we loved it; the service from the waiters was brilliant and the setting itself was great. The dinner mains we tried were delicious and you were welcome to have as much as you liked. The dessert section though, was nice but not 'oh my gosh' as I was hoping for. Despite this, I agree that this is the best smorgasbord restaurant in Auckland at the moment.

5 star rating
by Pauline
Jan 23, 2014

What I can say~The NO1 buffet in Auckland. Fantastic place for important special occasion. Food is in top quality. If you dont care about price, then go there. This buffet won't let you down.

Service: 5/5
Wait time: 4/5
Environment: 5/5
Food Quality: 5/5
Food Quantity: 5/5

4 star rating
by Deena Youssef
Jan 12, 2014

We've been here three or four times, my partner loves it, he is a big eater and can really get his money back. We have tried both the lunch and dinner service - I would recommend the lunch service if you're looking for value for money, there's not much extra added to the dinner service as I had hoped e.g. no crayfish.

If you consider the selection of food they have available it is actually great value. If you just went to eat oysters you could get your money's worth, but of course they have a huge selection of food to try, including movenpick icecream. And unlike a lot of western establishments, this place has really good indian curries and naan!

P.S. The drinks are disproportionately expensive, I think this is how they try to make their money back..but water, tea and coffee is all included.

5 star rating
by Rosa
Jan 09, 2014

I love Eight. I stayed in the Langham with my mum and found it delicious. the great thing is if you don't want buffet food you can order from a 5 star menu. they had a lot to chose from including lots of different cuisine. And a lot of desert choices. all the food was freshly made.

good service!

good food!

good atmosphere!

good setting!

amazing EVERYTHING!!!

3 star rating
by Adeline
Dec 23, 2013

Went there for my birthday as I heard lots of good reviews about it. Unfortunately, I would say it was a slightly above average experience... the winning points being the choice of fresh seafood and meat (kangaroo, venison, ostrich - you name it, they have it).

...and that's about it.

Other stations were so-so... I must agree with some of the reviewers below. The choice of breads looked really hard and stale... some of the cheeses on the cheeseboard was melting (making it hard to slice) ... etc. to be honest, some of the dishes offered would be your typical standard hotel food fare. I'm sorry, I'm a pretty harsh food critic when it comes to hotel buffets - having eaten at various 5 to 6 star hotel buffets throughout Asia.

One of my strongest gripes was the sushi food station, which only offered tiny slivers of sashimi, sushi pieces and bottomless miso soup. Where is my tempura? My freshly-made udon noodle soups? So I wouldn't say Eight offers you a complete culinary journey ... maybe just 30% of each international culinary cuisine.

Having said that, the service was excellent - friendly waiters, waitresses, maitre ds, and even chefs.

4 star rating
by NomNomPanda
Dec 18, 2013

Went to this upmarket buffet for Christmas lunch organised by my company. This is definitely the best buffet I have ever been to, with food freshly cooked (or assembled in the case of sushi) to order. However, the bread seemed stale and there was no butter handy (and I couldn't be bothered asking for any because there was so much other food to eat). Also, it was very pricey at $75 (it was normally $50 but there was a surcharge for the pre-Christmas period, which was not made clear when booking). You would only be able to eat that value in food if you were a big eater and went for the seafood options rather than the starchy/sugary ones. Having said that, the chocolate fountain was fun, and you can scoop your own ice cream too. If you are happy with spending that amount of money, this would make a fun eating experience that would suit a wide range of people, including vegetarians (though they definitely wouldn't get their money's worth!)

Note: there may be naan bread or sushi left out already, but if you are not in a hurry, you should make the chef make you a fresh batch! After all, you have more than paid for it!

5 star rating
by Edz
Nov 19, 2013

This has to be my favourite place to eat in Auckland. Have the best of A la carte in a buffet setting. The price is reasonable for the food on offer, and the service is excellent. It has become more popular over the years, however, the quality has remained the same. I have recommended and hosted lunch and dinner parties here several times and it continues to amaze me.

Food Quality - 9/10
Service - 10/10
Atmosphere - 10/10

4 star rating
by Kate W
Nov 18, 2013

For sheer quantity, this cannot be beaten! And for a buffet in a hotel, the quality is pretty high up there too. We went on a Saturday lunchtime and we one of the first to arrive. It was lovely and quiet and we were given a tour of the kitchen and what was on offer. Sushi, salad bar, bread bar, fish bar, grilled meats bar, indian bar, dessert bar and cheese bar. Amazing choice. But then the hoards arrived and there were kids running around and screaming as well as guys in football shirts, shorts and trainers which wasn't what we were expecting at all from such a high-end place. didn't spoil the food but the ambience wasn't what we were hoping for. Still a great experience and go with an empty belly!

3 star rating
by Peter Lawson
Nov 14, 2013

Having read the reviews we decided this would be an interesting & suitable restaurant to take our daughter for her birthday ( 40th ). What a disappointment. This is a large buffet with a difference, in that your food choices are endless & cooked as wanted, when wanted. Quality excellent - but atmosphere is zero. We expected a reasonably up-market dining experience ( @ $80 a head ) & we got no pleasure from the surroundings - good god, they even had people wearing shorts, t-shirts & jandals - no dress code at all.
Don't go here for a fine dining experience. Just go for a pig- out meal. at least the food is a hell of a lot better than most buffets.

5 star rating
by Jo & Lionel Tapelu
Sep 08, 2013

what can i say it has been a long time coming been wanting to come here and finally did with my partner and his mum and aunt the service was great the waiter we had was really awesome and the food was amazing the best buffet restaurant i have ever been to. and it is fresh. good quality and tasty. The Indian section was my only dislike i did not try the bread though but i was more amazed by the seafood all you can eat. i like that your table is well maintained by the waiters always clear. well worth the price $80pp. + free parking

4 star rating
by Mazhar
Sep 04, 2013

Good food. good quality. nice variety. Bit too expensive. But considering 5 star cuisine. May be worth it.

Desserts are not always the best. Chocolate brownies like a rock, better take your hammer if you plan to have it.

Otherwise I love everything about it.

3 star rating
by Tammy Bunt
Aug 16, 2013

Went here for a family celebration. We were really impressed with the service (especially at the Bar outside the restaurant!), but when it came to the food and atmosphere it was very disappointing. I felt that for $90 pp there was not enough variety, and the Indian curries had obviously been sitting there a while. I was pregnant and so could not eat any of the chicken as it wasn't freshly cooked. Was not expecting that as it said everything was made for you on the website.

The bread was incredibly stale, I couldn't even get one of the bread rolls open, and they don't give you butter easily so it was pretty much not edible. My husband really enjoyed all the meat and seafood so I don't think there are any complaints there. The deserts looked lovely, but was disappointed to find out that some of the dishes use the can ready caramel from the supermarket.

We found the atmosphere was not that of a nice restaurant with babies and children running everywhere. Not something we expected. There was a nice romantic section that was filled with families with kids and all the couples seemed to be seated in a family setting.

Overall, we wouldn't return. They did end up giving us 15% off the total bill, but that's only because she read my feedback form at the till and then wanted to confront me about it. I felt really uncomfortable!

5 star rating
by Anita M.
Jun 14, 2013

This place is amazing and definitely one of my favorite restaurants. Service is excellent and food is amazing!! Very hard to stop eating as everything is soo good. It is a little pricey but totally worth it!!

4 star rating
by Yum O
May 14, 2013

Had breakfast at Eight a few days ago, it was excellent, the cooked breakfast was perfect, the crepes delicious, pastries excellent. The coffee was a bit average.
Attentive wait staff, and comfortable seating, defiantly worth the hype.

5 star rating
by Shima Mozafarian
Apr 09, 2013

The best restaurant we have ever been!

Excellent food with good variety, excellent customer service, a bit expensive but worth every penny.

My husband and I went for our 10th year wedding anniversary and at the end they gave us a heart-shaped biscuit as a gift which was nice personal touch.

Will recommend it to everyone :)

5 star rating
by Reina Alani
Mar 04, 2013

Their lunch is amazing, worth every penny, it's one of those places I love taking anyone who's visiting the country to and I've never met anybody who hasn't loved it. Keep up the good work and the high quality of food. The food is exceptional with so much variety it's hard to stop eating even if you're full. The customer service is top notch, you are never ignored and they will always clear your plate and refill your water while you are the buffet getting more food. Hands down best buffet in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Aiooda12
Jan 16, 2013


I only went for dessert and i died when i saw the chocolate fountain. I made my own fruit kebabs with chocolate coating, and had some sweet waffles and everything else OMG!

And the next day I was so over-deliciously-dessert-eaten-stomach-filled, that i couldn't do a handstand!

3 star rating
by Sara V
Dec 19, 2012

Bit disappointed at their dinner service. I have been to this place for lunch with friends on several occasions, PRIMO. But then my family and I went for dinner and surprisingly it wasn't as good as the lunch although you pay considerably more. The service was so so, butter chicken wasn't so nice, the meat cooked wasn't what I asked for (it was rare...I asked for medium rare) so the food got left on the plate. And at the end of that, I got short-changed when paying hundreds of dollars when I left. Not good. Will go elsewhere for dinner in future.

4 star rating
by Marie
Nov 26, 2012

Absolutely loved this place! I had heard about this place from a friend and decided to go along with my partner to see if it would live up to the hype.

Parking was good, $10 for 2hours on Liverpool Street which leads straight through the hotel to the restaurant. We were taken on a tour of the place since it was our first time. Staff were amazingly attentive, friendly and fast. Food was even better, I started at the roasted section-lamb stew was delicious, I then worked my way around to the grill where my steak, beef, chicken & veges were cooked to perfection! I'm not a real seafood person but I did eat the prawns & my partner had everything else and enjoyed it. I had desserts after, chocolate creme brûlée & heaps of other sweet treats. What i had tried was good but I didn't try as much as I would have liked to make a comparison to other desserts I have had in other places.

My highlight was the Indian section, butter chicken and naan bread I ordered my naan with garlic & cheese-divine
The let down was the lack of communication and phone manner when I made my reservation which ultimately lead to my reservation not being confirmed, so therefore the long queue was held up for 5 or so minutes trying to look for it and then just being seated anyway. Despite that, I would highly recommend and will be going back for 2nds, 3rds etc :)

3 star rating
by Nadine Hay
Nov 18, 2012

My husband and I went there for dinner and breakfast nov 2012. Food is excellent but some areas need improving. The chefs as earlier mentioned by others, still tend to either overcook or undercook your meat/steaks. We were really disappointed. And there still is a long wait to get your food cooked. Breakfast time, they are still having problems with waffle making. You end up taking a waffle with big holes in it. So unappealing..! Service is great at the table but the buffet side is quite the opposite. They just don't smile and sometimes make u feel awkward if you are right in front of them waiting for your food. And also as you exit, they are so busy talking among themselves at the door making you feel uncomfortable when they try really hard to ask how it all went.

5 star rating
by Tony Ma
Oct 19, 2012

Service: 5/5
Wait time: 4/5
Environment: 5/5
Food Quality and taste: 5/5
Price range: $100+ pp (with wine)
[By far still the best buffet in Auckland, something there for everyone's appetite, Would be a dream to live there]

4 star rating
by Annabelle Lys
Oct 16, 2012

Service was amazing! I really liked the little tour they give you if you have never been before because it makes you feel more comfortable with what they have available. The food is amazing! The seafood is always fresh and delicious. I really loved the meat cabinet with the blue cheese sausage but my boyfriend did hate it but he doesn't like blue cheese. The curries are really lovely and the salad bar is surprisingly good. I was a little disappointed with the desserts, it wasn't bad... It just wasn't great which is why only 4 stars. Still amazing though!

4 star rating
by Jo W
May 28, 2012

Great buffet with some cons and pros. The sashimi section is to die for, sometimes having rare items like una, lobster, hamachi etc. Delicious sushi, great dessert display but adequate in taste. Great seafood selection as well! the meat section is average since the chefs lack adequate technique and tend to overcook meat many times since i ve been there, i ve since learnt to avoid that section. The indian section is very fresh and great flavorful curries. The apetizer dish they serve is quite bare sometimes...unoriginal and bland tasting. But other than that the service is phenomenal

5 star rating
by David
Apr 27, 2012

Truly fantastic experience. Went there a couple of times, me and my mates enjoyed it on every single occasion. It's not cheap but definitely worth the money. When I went last week it was quieter than normal (it's usually at least 80% full) meaning that we didn't need to line up for the food. Wonderful service and great food. One thing that we didn't like about was the steak, where the chef often overcook them, even when there are very little customers (when I asked for rare he gave me med-rare, and when my friend asked for med-rare the steak was a little over medium!). I will still go back though.

5 star rating
by Felicity Williams
Apr 22, 2012

Have dined at Eight a few times now and always fully satisfied, food is so fantastic, and waiting staff is very good. Drinks are pricey but too be expected being at the Langham. Only one thing I'd mention is that the grill/BBQ station is usually qued up a lot and takes a while to get your meat cooked, also same deal with the waffles.
We'll be back in future :-)

5 star rating
by Nack D
Mar 22, 2012

Went there on a Thursday night last month (February 2012) and my girlfriend and were completely impressed.
Didn't eat much from the Indian or Dim Sum station as we often go out for Indian and Yum Char - also found the Dim sum a wee bit underwhelming because of that but was amazed and completely happy with the Grill, Seafood, Sushi, Salad and Dessert stations. The seafood was my favourite and I kept on topping up from there but I also couldn't resist the bell peppers stuffed with feta at the salad station.
Would definitely come back!

2 star rating
by Alex
Dec 13, 2011

To start it off, the Indian food was the saviour of the night. The rotti, naan and gravy were well-cooked and delicious. The Japanese station was quite satisfactory as the selection was fresh.

But that would be the extent of my good words for Eight Restaurant.

The barbeque station was chaotic when busy; the crepes tasted plain and the waffles looked disappointing with holes. Food at the dessert station did not taste as good as it looked. We even saw other tables leaving the desserts after one bite.

Having dined at similar hotel buffets overseas, my partner and I were disappointed with our whole dining experience.

5 star rating
by BennyB
Dec 09, 2011

It was just perfect. Nice service and great food. Actually you can eat different style food there. Indian food was so delicious, grilled steak was just my taste. With the lunch special price, it is definitely the place I recommend to all you guys.

5 star rating
by Aben9912
Nov 05, 2011

On reading some of the reviews left on here we were a little hesitant on going but glad we did! Sure shows how different peoples opinions can be.

The best buffet i’ve tried so far in NZ, even the price is quite high.

Basically they have eight different stations with either a chef serving you or self-serviced. The Sushi was great, Indian food was great aswell and deserts was excellent. Everything was perfect as I can say. Recommanded!!!!!

5 star rating
by Maxani
Sep 08, 2011

Its really perfect food and services comparing with the special price on lunch ,I found the quality is great and I like the huge variety and for sure I will give them another visit soon :) thank you and wish you the best

4 star rating
by Troy Norrie
Sep 02, 2011

We went there on 31 July 2011 for a romantic lunch. The food was excellent and the service was superb.

We tried all of the kitchens and were impressed.

The Sushi was great, Indian great and deserts excellent. The American grill was the busiest so get someone to stand there and get food for everyone.

We'll be going back again.

3 star rating
by G Y
Aug 26, 2011

Sunday buffet is interesting but dont expect relaxed, it's like a feeding frenzy.....guess that's what happens but not much fun.

Watch the 2.5% credit card surcharge they try and ping you with no warning, wasn't happy about that.

Not sure I could be bothered doing it again.

4 star rating
by Dine In
Aug 19, 2011

It was pricey but it is worth it! You can have different type of food here, they cook/prepare for you fresh when you order. It is really nice and fancy. Good for the special occasion, could not afford to go back very often though. Service is good and everything is clean and tidy. Would go back for sure for special time.

5 star rating
by Grape Escape Ltd
Aug 14, 2011

I recently stayed at the Langham Hotel Auckland and was pleasantly surprised by their concept restaurant Eight. Basically they have eight different stations with either a chef serving you or self-help i.e. desserts station. First I visited the meat section where you could choose the cut of meat you wanted and the chef would cook it there and then. The same process happened at the seafood section. A friend who I invited for dinner took advantage of the all you can eat menu and consumed in total 40 oysters. That’s all he had by the way. Me on the other hand well I tried a bit of everything from the meat and seafood to the salad bar, curry station equipped with a tandoori oven and the dessert station. By the end of the meal we were both stuffed to the gunnels and had to retire. This style of dining can be dangerous especially if your eyes are bigger than your belly. I was very happy with the food and service and will dine there again. Oh by the way the Langham is a great Hotel in the heart of downtown Auckland.

4 star rating
by Jus_Cruzn
Jul 27, 2011

One of a kind experience, eight different kitchens in one restaurant.

I thought the food was delicious & service was great. My 2 boys were blown away by the selection as we were given a tour, they thought the were in heaven when they saw the chocolate fountain.

The only downside was the coffee favoured creme brulee that was in this metal shallow ashtray looking thing - I didn't know it had coffee in it til I tasted it.

5 star rating
by Richard Wong
Jul 04, 2011

Absolutely the best buffet i've tried so far in NZ!

Food choice is awesome, food quality is awesome, service is very good.

I really enjoy the steak, sushi, prawns, and butter chicken and even though the price is not cheap, and i didn't really eat a lot i think it's very good value for money because of the quality of the food.

We will definitely go back again!

4 star rating
by Gay Thomson
Mar 28, 2011

We stayed at the Langha & decided to try out the restaurant. I only wish I could have eaten more. It was absolutely amazing. Will definately come again.

5 star rating
by David Visser
Feb 25, 2011

Sushi/Sashimi was absolutely amazing, it was certainly very good value for money considering I had loads of seafood and all sorts of different things. Unique dining experience, definitely worth it. We'll be back! Try the Sushi, Indian, Steak and the freshly baked breads! A real new and unique dining experience for Auckland!

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Feb 15, 2011

It is great concept and the food is magic. The range of dishes available is far more extensive than you would imagine with each dish prepared to the highest standard. Standouts for us were the Soft Shell Crab, John Dory, Duck Liver and steak.

The only small issue for me is I hate sitting in a hotel dinning room that is also used for breakfast. Re-fitting this would add more wow.

We will take others for the experience.

5 star rating
Feb 14, 2011

Wow have been to many restaurants in my time and I must say it would have be one of the best if not the best. The array of food is superb, you feel like you are in heaven, at $67 for dinner you have to go very hungry to get your moneys worth, interacting with the various chefs at their stations makes it even more enjoyable...as they so happily cook your sumptuous meal. The quality of food with the best cuts of meat, seafood etc. Highly recommended our group of 16 thoroughly enjoyed it and will be returning.

5 star rating
by Michael
Feb 03, 2011

Amazing food.

For only $37 you get the *finest* cuts of meat and sausage, a varied selection of fish, sushi bar with sushimi, an Indian buffet with freshly made Naan bread (a great plus), a cheese-crackers-and-bread selection, not to mention a massive range of desserts.

Staff were so respectful, pleasant and attentive. I can't give them enough props.

I ate here twice while staying at the Langham and highly recommend it, even to people who aren't actually staying at the hotel. Even for Aucklanders looking to dine out it's relatively cheap for such a high-quality smorgasbord, and is a truly unique dining experience.

One of the best restaurants in the country surely. I can't wait to return.