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Empress Garden Restaurant

4 star rating 12 reviews

Telephone 09-376 5550

227 Jervois Rd
Herne Bay
Auckland City

Chinese, Asian
Mon - Sun
12 noon - 2:30pm, 6pm - 10pm
Provided by business


Empress Garden Restaurant in Herne Bay has won multiple accolades and awards over the years. Peking Duck is the signature dish that has thousands of loyal diners dreaming of the crispy skin and succulent flesh of this dish. This fantastic Chinese restaurant has a great range of other Chinese food too of course, and be sure to check out the special pork dishes as well. Empress Garden Restaurant really makes you feel like you’re in Chinatown – complete with hanging red lanterns, the villa’s interior is minimalist and clean, while bright bursts of oriental rich red and dark green lead up to the entrance. For new-comers, it can be a surprise to find that the restaurant is divided into a variety of sections and rooms. However, treat the experience as if you were eating at a beloved relative’s home, and you’ll just fit right in! Food Hygiene Grade: A BYO Wine Only. Fully Licensed.


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Free On-Street
Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Good For Groups:
Good For Children:
Beer, Wine, Spirits
BYO, Corkage Charge
Wheelchair Accessible:
Takes Reservations:
Meals Served:
Lunch, Dinner, Dessert
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners
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Reviews for Empress Garden Restaurant

5 star rating
by Tony M.
7th January 2014


If you order anything else and not order a PEKING DUCK then I will personally give you 1 star out of 5!

Pre-book your seats, order your duck, make them cook it the way you like it and eat up!


Great to take a Cantonese girl out on a date!

Service: 5/5
Wait time: 4/5
Environment: 3/5
Food Quality: 5/5
Food Quantity: 5/5
Price range: $30+ pp

4 star rating
by Bernie B.
23rd May 2013

We went here for a family dinner on a Saturday night and the place was very busy so be sure to book and order your Peking duck in advance. The Peking duck was absolutely delightful although I am told that the skin should really be wafer thin to qualify as the best Peking duck.

We had the 3 courses – the duck in pancakes, the duck with noodles and the duck carcass deep fried spicy. The pancakes were very appetising and we got quite a few wraps each amongst the 5 of us. The noodles were a bit oily but not bad. The deep fried carcass was tasty but I would suggest ordering the soup instead.

We ordered spicy chicken but it turned out to be like sweet and sour which none of us are fond of. Well sized portions and we spent about $110 for the 5 of us for dinner (no drinks ordered).

Service was pretty good for a Chinese restaurant. The place is really neat as it was an old house so has a nice homely atmosphere. Looks like it would have been stunning 10 years ago but the decor is fairly tired by now. Dining is split into 2 rooms so probably not suitable for large functions but perfect for family gatherings, birthdays etc.

As a side note, we were charged $3 for fresh chillis which is quite a hefty charge compared to other Chinese restaurants that don’t charge or charge $1. There was nothing special about the chillis and although we requested it and we weren’t told about the charge before ordering it.

5 star rating
by Gus
16th March 2013

The service is sketchy, the rest of the dishes on the menu are decent without hitting a high note. But go for the duck, it is glorious. Empress Garden have the best Peking Duck first course in Auckland, and the sang choi bao are also excellent

4 star rating
by Whitecat X.
23rd February 2013

Actually a little better than very good. I’ve ever tried Peking Duck in Beijing, Shang Hai and Hong Kong. Comparing with them Empress Garden serves not enough for those authentic Peking Duck but I still support them with their good $ performance, attentive service, and their generous BYO acceptance. You should go with a group of more than four people to enjoy their food. Don’t forget your own wine bottle (a little corkage fee) and order the two course dinner(Peking duck, stir-fried duck w/veges) and fried rice to finish up.
You’ll get 100% satisfied and surprised to see the reasonable charge.

4 star rating
by Jerry H.
16th October 2012

Had a wonderful evening – shared a number of dishes. Tasty and fresh. Restaurant was busy but did not mind waiting a bit.
Enjoyed the vegetarian options. Will return.

5 star rating
by orca1
28th June 2012

This is my family restaurant where we have celebrated many, many G8 occasions be it with family or overseas whanua. Where everybody has raved bout the Peking Duck & other superb dishes, not to mention the awesum service by the Staff. So somewhat blown away by by David’s & another reader Claire’s comments – the Peking duck is literally to die for! So tender, melts in your mouth, the fresh cucumber slices & finely shredded spring onions alongside pancakes complements the whole dish superbly :)

If the Empress Garden Peking Duck wasn’t to rave for – the North & South magz wouldnt have it as TOP 10 restaurant conservative yrs running, David.

Yes, the restaurant runs a roaring trade & can get extremely busy at times, where waitress do get harried & orders may be slightly delayed, chinese tea may be slopped onto table without intent. BUT we have never experienced a routine of- come, gobble your food, go” kind of service…. Perhaps Claire, instead of rubbishing a restaurant on website… take it up with Management first? Because I don’t think Empress Garden would be in business if their offered the kind of experience u mentioned on a daily basis. AND this restaurant has survived the nz market incl. Recession & their have been around for a very long time.

3 star rating
by David
28th April 2012

This restaurant is known for its peking duck but I find their duck pretty average and too expensive. There are a number of chinese restaurant that serve better peking duck and charge nearly half that price. The environment and service was good though. The other dishes were above average though.

3 star rating
by Lillian K.
22nd August 2011

came here especially for the peking duck and it did not disappoint. We chose the peking duck 2 ways – first course is the compulsory with pancake and 2nd course we chose fried with Shanghai Noodle. SUPER YUMMY. We also ordered some fried dumplings but they were disappointing being soggy on top… Good atmosphere Chinese restaurant – go for the duck for sure!

5 star rating
by Wayne B.
9th August 2011

Had many recommendations to go to this restaurant to try their Peking Duck. My partner and I went there for lunch yesterday and found the Peking Duck and the service to be outstanding. We had the two course Peking Duck menu and it was absolutely delicious. Absolutely fantastic value at $70.00 and Christine who waited on us was very pleasant and friendly. We will definitely be back to try more of the menu.

4 star rating
by MistressOfSpices
10th September 2010

The Pecking Duck is A DEF MUST TRY :-)

3 star rating
by Claire B.
20th March 2010

This has been one of our favorite restaurants for years however having to pre order things like duck is now not really necessary so it is irritating that you have to do this to get the great duck!
But the one thing that has really put us off this restaurant is the sittings you must be there at a set time and leave by a set time, this make money for the owners but doesn’t give a good dining out experience so do take aways best option, no hurrying or feeling like you are inconveniencing the staff by eating to slowly, get the food and enjoy at your pace at your place.

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