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2 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn, Auckland

  North Indian, Indian
11 AM to 2:30 PM, 5 PM to 10:30 PM


Reviews for Empress Of India

4 star rating
by Mohit Gupta
17 hours ago

Yesterday i went to this restra with my friends. One of my friend recommended me this restra so we went there. We had ordered veg n non veg both cuisines. Every cuisine was delicious. we had a great time there. Nice1

5 star rating
by Adline Shandil
8 days ago

Was lead in by a lovely gentleman to an isolated area. I thought the restaurant could do with a little more lighting. We placed our order in the first 3 minutes as we knew what we wanted to eat. My friend and i ordered our drinks with the food . 15 minutes after placing the order, the same guy came back to tell us they ran out of orange juice. Then we had to ask them for water as they had "forgotten" to serve us. 20 minutes after placing the order we finally got drinks. Unfortunatley i noticed a couple being served with food before us which i thought was wrong and unfair as they came in and placed the order after we did. Finally after a lot of patience we recieved our food 40 minutes after placing the order. I ordered prawn and it was great. Unfortunatley my friend ordered medium to hot butter chicken curry but she recieved it super hot. She was crying after the first bite. Good thing the staff were really nice and our server offered to change it and also offered us some complements. A few minor set backs but after finishing the food, i think even my friend was delighted. Thanks for the great food and keep up the good work with the food. Minor improvements in the service needed but overall you guys were great.

5 star rating
by Jonathan Janse
18 days ago

If you want a good Indian curry with flavour and authenticity then you much check out Empress of India. The food is absolutely amazing and the staff are so friendly.

3 star rating
by Alex Tjahjana
one month ago

This is my 2nd visit, and 1st time wearing a very casual clothing; unfortunately, the service I got is the complete opposite of when I dressed up. No one greets me when I enter, and after being seated, I have to wait for at least 3 minutes despites there's only one other table there, me trying to make eye contacts to the 3 idle waiters who chooses to ignore me & chit-chat among themselves rather than giving me the menu & pour me a glass of water. Same thing happens when placing my order. No one come to my table despite me showing that I'm ready to place my order. When I came here dressed up, my order was taken in less than 5 mins, compared to 10-15 mins, now. I ordered Lamb Kadai + rice + naan for $15.99, and yes when you ask for hot, it's hot. The curry arrived quite fast, about 5 mins, though it looks like it has been stored for a while, in this case it's actually good because it'll ensure that the flavour & spices goes into the meat; which is quite tender. The basmati rice and the curry is yummy and tastes close to home made, although the naan will need some improvement to lift it up to the par. Despite the lack of service at the beginning, Harmony, the young waiter makes the experience much more enjoyable & pleasant; and just because of her good service, I increase my rating. In conclusion, if you want to eat at Empress of India, make sure you dress up, and if you can't stand hot spicy food, it's better to dial down the heat level.

5 star rating
by Chris Buswell
one month ago

Always go here for my curry. Monday - Wednesday is super cheap too. Awesome service and even more awesome food. A++++++++ definitely recommend!!

4 star rating
by Louise MacNaughton
one month ago

It's hard to give an accurate rating because I only ever eat butter chicken, but the empress of India does a great curry. The $15 special comes with a curry of your choice, rice and a naan bread and it is enough to share between two! They charge a small fee of $3 for delivery which is always super handy and they are always very friendly.

4 star rating
by Tracy F
2 months ago

Another great grey lynn local.
Really enjoyed the mixed entree on the hot sizzling plate. We shared a mixture of curries and different rices which was great . Nice decor and a relaxed atmosphere. very reasonably priced night out.
Will be back

4 star rating
by Taemoata Fong
3 months ago

Pretty decent location for a local restaurant (1 point). Wait times were average, but the food itself was authentic and tasty none the less (1 point)

The surrounding's were very nice with dim lighting and the Bollywood movie playing in the background, was a nice touch. Only gripe I had was that none of the drinks came with ice. Not a game changer though.

4 star rating
by Moodyfoodie
3 months ago

My first time dining in here and I was very happy with the food. We ordered the sampler entree and it was served in a hot sizzling plate which was a nice touch! Everything was well spiced and came with dipping sauces! Ordered the lamb korma for main and the lamb was very tender ! Three different flavoured rices were served which was also a nice touch and very tasty! The only thing was that there was a bit if a wait for the food but other than that the service was good too. Will maybe order 'hot' next time as the medium was not very hot at all 😀 the nan bread was warm, soft and yummo, ordered the cheese and garlic naan!!! Will definitely be back to try something else

4 star rating
by Kenji
3 months ago

I had take away from this restaurant couple of times which has been amazing!

The staff are really friendly and the service is quick. They are generous with the portion sizes and tend have have extra "gifts" with the mean like an extra nan bread. 

I would recommend this place to all, great for a night when you don't want to cook.

4 star rating
by Sarah Richardson
4 months ago

I like Empress because its consistently good. The prices are reasonable and the food is always great. The wait staff are attentive and not pesky. The chefs are happy to change up what you order. For instance I told the waitress I was trying to reduce my dairy intake and she suggested eliminating the cream from the palak paneer I ordered. It still tasted fantastic. Great affordable Indian food.

5 star rating
by Max Doubt
5 months ago

I have literally never been so devoted to a restaurant in my life. It ticks so many boxes. The meals are delicious, diverse, sizeable and very affordable. It's BYO, they do deliveries, the service is awesome and atmo is great. I love watching indian satellite TV while I wait. I went traveling around india and ate pretty much just curry the whole time, when I landed in Auckland the empress was the first place I went. I have been to many of Auckland's pricier indian restaurants and still haven't had a better malai kofta. In fact.. I might go get one now..

3 star rating
by Katherine Simpson
5 months ago

Was disappointed with the curry, lacked flavour and had only a few pieces of tough meat. Lots of onion. Service was adequate. Ordered over the phone and was told it would be 10 minutes. Was not ready when I arrived nearly 15 minutes later.

3 star rating
by M F
5 months ago

I went to the Empress of India for lunch with one of my colleagues. We had the $10 lunch special which came with rice and naan bread. We added a kingfisher beer for $4.50 each. I had the chicken vindaloo- it was okay but fell well short on the balance between spice and heat. There was also a lot of sauce compared to the amount of chicken. The background music was terrible and the restaurant was cold. They don't offer coffee, so we had to go elsewhere for our caffeine hit.

5 star rating
by Kelly
5 months ago

Value 3.5
Food 4.5
Atmosphere 4
Service 4

OMG!!!!! THE BUTTER CHICKEN IS AMAZING!!!BEST BUTTER CHICKEN IN AUCKLAND SO FAR.I checked up on the price in Zomato I thought it will be 15 dollars but because I went on Tuesday and they only charged me 12 for the butter chicken, then I ordered another garlic narn for extra. very delicious. the ambiance is just like typical Indian restaurant you know like the TV playing Indian songs and everyone else just dancing and stuffs, very authentic :) I will definitely go again!!! Love this place.

4 star rating
by Katie Rae
7 months ago

Tasty curry with medium having a fair bit of kick. Was given complementary pappadums and salad. Service prompt and friendly.
Only negative is the bollywood pop/club music blaring from the tv. An assult on your ears and just horrid. Hardly the music for a nice restaurant and totally ruined the atmosphere making it more like a night club. I was considering getting it take away last minute just to get away from the noise.

4 star rating
by Alex James
10 months ago

Nice curry - quite like a English curry as opposed to a posh curry or a traditional curry. Nan breads very good too. Only criticism is the poperdoms are like shop bought ones instead of freshly made?

3 star rating
by Kelly
11 months ago

Usually the best curry ever but this time it was not. I had the usual butter chicken which was yum. My partner had jalfrazie which we requested med but came super hot he could hardly eat it and did struggle. Usually it's to disguise something old. The next day he wasn't well. Won't be back for a while I think as it was really off putting

4 star rating
by Kristy Sorrell
Mar 12, 2014

A few years ago, Indian takeaway places (I'm pointing my finger at the mall ones here in particular) seemed to go through a bit of a decline in quality, and at the same time became more expensive. This is a restaurant that my partner and I now frequent precisely because it bucks the trend. The food is good quality: flavourful, fragrant, and the mild curries still have a bit of heat. I'm ashamed to admit that I usually order mild butter chicken, but it's delicious. I have, on the odd occasion, had the korma (incredibly sweet with bucketloads of cardamom) and the mango chicken (not as sweet as I'd expected and the only time I've ever wished for anything to be different- but I suspect I'd been accidentally given a medium). My partner always gets a hotter curry and a more savoury one: kadhai and jalfraizee are both fantastic here and the latter has converted him from a capsicum hater into a capsicum lover. We've never eaten in the restaurant itself, always opting to take-away, but the restaurant seems to have a lovely sophisticated ambiance. The takeaway orders (which we always phone in) are ready quickly, almost without exception they've been prepared before we arrive to collect them and the service is always polite. We're there every other week, and for good reason!

4 star rating
by Sose Beasley
Mar 05, 2014

We ordered takeaways for the first time back in January and haven't stopped going back since. The butter chicken is a tad sweet, but still enjoyable. Plain naan is to die for.

3 star rating
by Amy Tanabe
Jan 18, 2014

Just average. The butter chicken was nice in flavor, but a tad too sweet for my liking. The naan bread was nice, but the roti just seemed just like a dryer older naan. The saffron rice was too strongly flavored (and not with saffron). Some of the mains seem quite pricey and I probably wont order again.

3 star rating
by Dennis T
Jan 03, 2014

I had some takeaway dishes from this place and my verdict of the dishes I had 'was 'average'. Neither 'curry out of a jar' nor 'tell you friends about it immediately'. The service was very good and easy. Staff on pick up very courteous.

But the quality of the curries was a bit poor as there was very little goat in the 'goat curry, and very little veges in the 'vege korma' , also the bombay aloo tasted a little burnt.

I will give this place another go as it might just have been the night I ordered .... but if a place is to succeed then the place must be up to scratch 'every' time you get a meal there.

We'll see ...

5 star rating
by Gary Bulog
Dec 11, 2013

Some of the best flavours I have experienced, and at a good price. We had a group of 9 persons and had a wonderful night. Service was great, entrees superb and kindly they gave us a wee break between entrees and mains. Nice touch the three different rice's served with the mains, coconut, saffron and plain rice.
Verdict from a group, "a great place to eat."

5 star rating
by Bob Sadler
Nov 17, 2013

First class. We are regular users along with other members of my family and friends. Great food, excellent service, inexpensive in great surroundings with tons of parking. The food and choices are excellent and the portions are more than adequate - even for a big eater. The staff are really professional and ensure that your food is right and that your evening is always most enjoyable. Highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Thripence
Nov 09, 2013

We had been underwhelmed by quite a few Indian restaurants around Auckland so were keen to try Empress because it's relatively new in Grey Lynn. It was great. The dishes are tasty, hot, and good with their portions. The delivery service was prompt. Highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Peter John Ashford
Sep 03, 2013

terrific food, especially the mango kulfi!! The service is impeccable, and what I like about Mon or Tue is that mains are $10 each. The manager is very welcoming. Parking is also very easy, right outside, next to the grog shop. Also, Countdown is 100 metres away, with an excellent selection of wines, to take to the Empress.

5 star rating
by Ayla Thomas
Aug 02, 2013

My partner and I love Indian food, and once we found this place have never been anywhere else ! Food is always fresh and tasty. The staff are really nice too which is rare for most Indian restaurants, (the staff are generally arrogant and not interested) love the authentic options on the menu. Would highly recommend !

4 star rating
by Beth Kline
Jul 22, 2013

I live close by and often get the $10 deal. Food is delicious. Generous servings. Attentive and friendly staff. Recommend it 100%

5 star rating
by Catherine.M
Jul 13, 2013

Beautiful chicken tikka masala from Empress Garden. I always drive by and the big restaurant isn't very full so I didn't have high hopes. But there were lots of people coming to pick up takeaways when I was there. Food was perfect spice, great portion size, only $12 (!) and full of chunks of fresh veges and chicken. Divine I will definitely be back.

4 star rating
by Mikayla Andrews
May 28, 2013

Went here last night wanting to try the place as I had heard great things. There was only one other couple in the restaurant but as soon as we walked in the door, we were greeted and taken to a table. The waiters were absolutely adorable and waited on you hand and foot. Always topping up the water when it was empty, and checking to see if our food was up to standard. We ordered the mixed platter for two which was absolutely delicious. For our mains, we ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Madras. We had heard that their spiciness levels were a lot hotter than normal so we ordered ours mild-medium which was just right. Along with our mains, we ordered the saffron rice which was just beautiful and was really great to have a choice between plain, coconut or the saffron rice. I have never been given that choice before. We also ordered a garlic and cheese naan which was just beautiful. My boyfriend didn't think the flavours were that great in his Chicken Tikka Masala but I thought the Madras was just amazing. The portions were of a very generous size, so it was good to be able to take some home for lunch too.

All in all, I totally recommend this place! The service was top notch, the food was great and the decor was up to standard too.

How can you go wrong with the $10 meals Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights?

Will definitely be coming back to try more of the menu :)

5 star rating
by Myra Breunig
May 23, 2013

My mother and I eat here 2 times per week. We have had only the most positive experiences. They give you far more food than the cost- it is always piping hot and to the table within minutes. And the place is always very clean. The service is a+. We absolutely recommend it. Oh- and they deliver!

2 star rating
by José Derraik
Dec 30, 2012

We purchased a voucher for a meal the Empress of India ("all you can eat curry, naan, roti and rice for two people"). But what we got was far from what we paid for! After over 10 minutes waiting, we were told we would not be able to eat a wide range of foods. We were only allowed one main curry each (no entrees), and that it excluded all seafood dishes (despite them being an option in the online menu associated with the voucher). So it turned out that the claimed "all you can eat" meant that we could only choose one main each, of which we were told we would be allowed to get endless “refills”. Unfortunately, whenever we requested a “refill”, we felt quite uncomfortable as the restaurant staff were clearly not pleased! The worst of all was that after we had four small dishes in total, the manager told us in a somewhat dry and non-apologetic manner that we weren't allowed to eat anymore! I felt extremely uncomfortable to be told that in front of other guests, as if we were a couple of greedy pigs. Very poor service. Only saving grace was one young waiter who was rather friendly and helpful. Needless to say, even though the food wasn’t too bad, we have no intentions of ever going there again, and would not recommend it in view of the poor manners of management staff.

5 star rating
by Mel
Nov 27, 2012

Fantastic food! Best Butter Chicken was creamy, full of chicken perfectly hot not too spicy! And the Garlic Naan was so yum packed with flavor! service was great i felt very taken care of staff were very attentive and happy to help, great atmosphere, nice surroundings and decor i enjoyed my experience here a lot and will be coming back!

5 star rating
by Charlie
Nov 21, 2012

Very good, one of the best Indian foods I've eaten around Auckland! At first glance you wouldn't think so but my god did the service and the even better food blow me away. Would definitely go here again

5 star rating
by LucyJ
Aug 08, 2012

Delicious indian curries! Regularly get the Malai Kofta and Chicken Tikka Masala from here and always pleased with how tasty they both are. Best Malai Kofta I've had in Auckland. I often order this dish at indian restaurants but usually underwhelmed but have finally found this place which never disappoints. Nice, fluffy garlic naans too. Spicy levels slightly higher than most other Indian spots so keep that in mind when choosing your heat/spice level. Very reasonably priced and even do a $10 lunch special 7 days a week. Definitely worth a go.

4 star rating
by Dee
Jul 23, 2012

We had the butter chicken and malai kofta both were very delicious, the samosas were also good and our naan bread full of garlic (which is just how we like it). We had the food delivered, the service was professional and friendly and the food arrived within the time advised. We can't wait to sample the other dishes on the menu.

4 star rating
by Andy
Jul 17, 2012

Just popped in for a curry as we didn't want to cook and can walk to this place. Curry was delicious (ordered a butter chicken and lamb sargwala ) and the naan was good too. Also it was cheap - $10 per main on Mon Tues Wed was good enough for me!

2 star rating
by Ricky
Jul 06, 2012

Pretty average. We thought we would try it being locals and ordered takeouts. The curry's are a lot hotter than I would have expected so be warned a medium is in my view closer to a hot than medium. The garlic naan was okay, but the peshwari naan was very light on fillings.

While we didn't dine in be warned that the dining room is freezing as its got high ceilings and is all glass. They have parking under the building so that is a plus