Epsom Fish & Chips

4 star rating 16 reviews

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09 6305290

297 Manukau Road

  Fish & Chips, Fast Food
4:30 PM to 9 PM (Mon), 11:30 AM to 2 PM, 4:30 PM to 9 PM (Tue-Sun)


Reviews for Epsom Fish & Chips

3 star rating
by Clover Leaf
2 days ago

Pretty average. Good portion but too greasy. I felt queasy after eating this. We ordered a set meal which is quite cheap. I guess for its price, it was an OK dinner.

4 star rating
by Heather MacDonald
one month ago

Decent, but not great. Having grown up with the best chippies (chip shops) in the world (Scotland) Kiwi chip shops are crap, this is a minor exception and I can stand to eat here on occasion.

5 star rating
by Valma Tapene
2 months ago

Ordered chips for 16 people cost per person $2.50 - great value.  HUGE AMOUNT of chips, way too many but nicely cooked and nicely packed we were able to serve in the platters the chips came in.  Nice! .  Took 10 minutes to get back to work, chips still hot.  Thanks peeps!

5 star rating
by Derrick Santos
6 months ago

Amazing! Consistently, this Fish and Chip shop dishes out every single time the crispiest chips and fresh fish around the area. This would definitely rate a lot higher than the one on Mt Eden. Definitely would recommend trying this place!

5 star rating
by Ian Shackell
6 months ago

Consistently excellent. This place makes great chips, ask for extra crispy, you won't regret it. They are friendly, fast and prices are good.

4 star rating
by Wendy Collins
8 months ago

I have always loved their fish and chips….good value and always lovely fresh fish…I usually get grilled cajun its yummy

5 star rating
by Plibt
9 months ago

Awesome fish and chips, best quality I've had in ages! Delicious fresh fish, although I think we got terakihi instead of gurnard, but the quality was so good this still gets 5 stars. Good right down to the crispy sundry at the bottom of the box.

4 star rating
by Karl
9 months ago

Epsom fish n chips is the best! Fish is fresh! And cooked in good oil and chips are great! And value is the best!

4 star rating
by Matt Folkard
10 months ago

Friendly and fast, great value.

4 star rating
by Simona
Jan 10, 2014

Very clean, very friendly personnel, very good fish and chips, totally recommended.

5 star rating
by Cammy
Jan 10, 2014

I live in Melbourne and I can honestly say that they have the best battered fish. I always go here with my grand mum and dad and I'm never disappointed. The staff are very nice and friendly. The food is very quick. I love this place and always will.

4 star rating
by Jono B
Jul 26, 2013

I went looking for a new fish and chippie after frustration with the ones in Remuera - constant wrong orders, chips tasting like they are cooked in diesel or something (Kiwiana). I was suspicious about a Chinese (I assume) place after the disaster when the old Remuera Fish Pot cafe was sold, ruining it completely.
However, I have now been to Epsom Fresh Fish and Chips about 10 times - and can report that (in my humble opinion) the food is good and not expensive, and they are reliable. The snapper is fresh and very good, the chips are crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside, and they do wicked toasted sandwiches. They are all business and very quick, but manage to be very friendly, and dole out lollypops to the kids (and cheeky adults like me).
Their English is not perfect of course, but I have never had a problem ordering on the phone.
Once they cooked me a cheese toastie when I asked for bacon and cheese; they whipped the right one together for me and gave me the cheese one for free.
I will keep going there while it is good.

1 star rating
by Fran Reese
Mar 10, 2013

Don't ignore the reviews...terrible fish and chips! Tasted like the oil has been there for the last 10 years! we ordered fresh snapper and it was not like any snapper I've had..very flat and tasteless. awful!

Very disappointing!

5 star rating
by Diana Hetherington-James
Nov 19, 2012

Ignore the old reviews, from before the new people bought this place. I have been here regularly since 2011 and I have found the staff to be very nice and friendly, and the food excellent. Delicious fish and the chips are great too.

There is a steady stream of customers each time I go there so they are definitely doing something right :)

1 star rating
by Ella
Sep 05, 2010

I had a very bad experience here tonight. Bad service is an understatement! I was served by a VERY angry and unfriendly girl on the till. Feeling very unnerved, when we went back to pick up our order, my mother went in instead who found out that she had thrown our order in the bin!

She swore at my mother and spent the whole time staring at her while my poor old frazzled mum waited for our order to be cooked. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and a fellow diner waiting also commented on the usual bad service. Don't waste your time.

3 star rating
by Richard
Apr 26, 2010

I chose to eat here as I was told the owner bought and de-boned his fish fresh daily. Generally very good fish with average chips. Fish ( snapper )had a nice thin light batter that was crispy. Chips were a bit soggy, heavy and oil, partially my own fault for taking the long way home. The price for 4 snapper and a big scoop of chips was $21 which I feel is pretty good value.