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09 9292702

Imperial Building, 7 Fort Lane, 44 Queen Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

4 PM to 11 PM (Tue-Thu), 12 Noon to 2:30 PM, 4:30 PM to 11 PM (Fri), 4:30 PM to 11 PM (Sat), Mon & Sun Closed


Reviews for Everybody's

5 star rating
by Karen James
18 hours ago

Had a lovely dinner at everybody's...the buttermilk fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy is to die for! Excellent service and ambience

4 star rating
by Auckland On My Plate
3 days ago

Everybody's has many things going for it. It is casual enough to be a bar, yet formal enough to come across as a trendy restaurant. The food is good too.

As you would expect from the location and interiors, Everybody's is trendier than the average bar. Clearly, this is no FSU! But the food is good - it's classic, simple and safe. Think burgers with fries, fried prawns, etc.

Most recently, I ordered the wagyu beef burger with fries. The beef burger was simple and tasty. The fries were done really well - thin cuts to give a nice crunch on the outside. All of this went down quite well with a glass of wine and some genuinely friendly service.

4 star rating
by FoodLoco
9 days ago

New menu @ Every body's
This used to be our friday eve hang out place but we never used to dine hete because nothing on their dinner menu interested us..
But their new menu it's a different story..
We have been here twice because there were lot of items we wanted to try and this is how they score

Waffles - 8/10
Tokyo fried chicken - 7.5/10
Onion dip with home made chips - 5/10
Wagu beef burger - 6/10 pattie was a bit dry
Angus beef sirloin - 5/10
Buttermilk fried chicken - 7/10

Leaving the best for the last..
Wagu beef bolognese - 10/10 *MUST TRY**

The bolognese was soo yummy.. you can taste the truffle which is very strong and works soo well with the beef def must try!!

5 star rating
by Parikshit Andhare
12 days ago

I went to this place on a Friday and it was bustling with activity. It’s definitely a pretty cool place to hang out on a weekend. I was in a hurry so I chose to eat first. I ordered the “Aged Wagyu Beef Burger” and man was it amazing. There was a lot of attention to small details like the patty was not too oily, the pickles were right and the vinegar onion was the best addition to it. The service was pretty good and prompt.

Pros –
Food is good
Service is great

Cons –
Not much really. Give it a shot.

3 star rating
by Food 24/7
22 days ago

Wouldn't normally come here on a Tuesday night or have dinner here . But we had a GrabOne voucher (included two Waygu Beef burgers and two house wine/beer) and it was about to expire lol.

The staff were friendly but seemed confused at what they were doing .

Food didn't take long to come which was good as we were both hungry . The burgers were on the small side with nothing else on the plate . Just a burger . We had to order an extra side .

Overall, tasty burger but can get similar taste, bigger and more affordable at Burger Fuel

4 star rating
by Anish Mestry
one month ago

Pretty nice place for a work catch up or social... good music and starters.. happy hour deals are good too. I had a few macs gold last night.. went down smoothly.

4 star rating
by Javier Yebenes
one month ago

I had dinner with my partner here last night and we enjoyed the experience. However, it seems to me like there's so much more someone could do with this place, there's lots of potential.
The venue is very cool but it seems like only one area of the restaurant is used due to the low attendance and this makes the atmosphere not feel as great as it could. Service was nice and correct from the beginning, but during dinner there were a few little things that made my partner and I a little uncomfortable. Twice during the dinner, a staff member who wasn't our waitress took my water glass and I had to ask for some more and, we had to chase somebody to get our drinks, rather than getting someone helping us out with the order.
Food was very nice, kind of smart-casual cuisine for those who finish work during the week more than a fin dining, but this menu makes the job. We had some fried chicken and chips to start the dinner hoping to see some food passing around us during our appetiser to decide what to order as a main. The chicken was original and well cooked and the fries were perfect.
Then we had steak as a main, with a poached then fried egg and chips and the overall result of the plate was good. The sirloin wasn't the best I've had in Auckland but it was tender and juicy and the chips were very fatty but flavourful.

Everybody's is definitely recommended if you wan't to have a snack after work or if you want a fancy after-work dinner and drinks on a Thursday-Friday night.

4 star rating
by Zoe Huang
one month ago

There environment is very good spacious and nice decoration. I like their oysters. Pecking duck salad is nice too. Although their signature share board is average, their brownie dessert is a mist try. However, when we were there, there is only one waiter.. Therefore the service could be improved.

3 star rating
by Amit Tripuraneni
one month ago

Was here on a weekday night a few months back. The food was good but the service was super slow. Took close to an hour before the first dish was served and there was no explanation given or anything complimentary given to make up for the bad service. Cool location but after the last experience don't know if I'm ever inclined to go back.

2 star rating
by Samybhandari
2 months ago

Went to Everybody's after work on a Friday. I had the market fish and the girlfriend had the Angus fillet.
My fish was very average and the Angus fillet was the smallest fillet I have seen in my life with ten chips and salad.
Have to say the atmosphere there was great but the food very disappointing for the price.
Lastly went to pay and the guy at the counter over charged me twice!! Not sure if he was doing this on purpose or made an honest mistake.

5 star rating
by Sukriti
2 months ago

One word, sublime! The atmosphere is amazing and the restaurant is set up beautifully. I love how it's hidden away but once inside it's huge yet feels cozy, especially upstairs.

We ordered a myriad of drinks and dishes ranging from beer, cocktails to steak and vegetarian dishes.

A bit pricey for my student pocket but once in a while a great fancy treat!

4 star rating
by Fylde
2 months ago

Really tasty oysters in very convivial surroundings. The do good snacks and also have quite an interesting wine and cocktail list. Worth trying a mojito at everybody,s. Can get business on Thurs and Fri nights.

4 star rating
by Denise D'Sa
2 months ago

The decor and atmosphere at Everybody's is great. It's the perfect place to head to on a cold winter night to grab some drinks or a meal. The staff were friendly and made room for us even without a booking.

For dinner, we tried the Wagyu beef burger, shoestring fries, and the buttermilk fried chicken which were all pretty good. Dessert however was largely disappointing. I ordered the vanilla spiked Belgian waffles with sour cherry and salted fudge, and instead received waffles with a mustard seed sauce, quite a curious combination and not one I was a fan of. Not a hint of sour cherry or salted fudge in sight!

4 star rating
by Cazza Holland
2 months ago

The atmosphere is a winner, and despite how busy this place is, the service was attentive and prompt. Pretty good value for money for akl town, and great as a 'night starter' as the portions are tapas style light and shareable.

5 star rating
by Glenn Pacey
3 months ago

We had purchased a voucher for $40 giving $80 worth of food and beverages. Unlike some eateries when using a voucher, we were treated equally and welcomed. The seating is marvelous for small groups with intimate boothsm but we were just a couple and had a choice of a peculiar arm chair table that was rather 'exposed' but comfortable. After sitting there for a moment, we decided it wasn't for us and we chose amore usual table for two on a bench near the kitchen. We were allowed to move without a fuss and our drinks came quickly.

The menu has very many unique and interesting dishes and they entice you to return to try those you don't eat first time.

The beverage menu is a little limited, but sufficient to cater to most tastes.

My partner had fresh raw oysters which she loved, and I had the potato waffles. They were less crispy than I expected and the mustard and maple dip a little bland. Moderately filling too. Perhaps they are better shared as 4 of them was perhaps one too many.

My partner had the entree sized bolognese which she again praised highly, and I had the Wagyu burger which was delicious. Chunks of tender beef with fresh lettuce and tomato and red onion on a toasted bun.

The setting is unusual but very interesting and unique, nice atmosphere, and the service was outstanding; a happy smiling waitress who brought drinks at the time requested and was very efficient and not pushy.

Regardless of the voucher, the food is reasonable value for money and overall an excellent experience to be repeated.

4 star rating
by Gia
3 months ago

Lovely food and the ambience is just amazing, especially when good live music is playing. They have friendly attentive staff so despite being busy, customer service is good. Perfect place to unwind with friends after a long week!

4 star rating
by Pol's Pot
3 months ago

We got a  lukewarm greeting from the the gentleman host but a really great server (young fellow with glasses) - friendly and knowledgeable - made up for the inauspicious start.

Some real hits on the menu - the Tokyo chicken was fantastic - moist and juicy with a lovely kick from the mayo. The kettle chips and smoked salt onion dip was really nice - a great take on an old favourite. The buttermilk pancakes were a nice surprise - not nothing I'd normally order but was suggested by the server.

Also some misses on the menu unfortunately - the saltimbucca sausage was rendered inedible by the sheer quantity of salt in the sausage with even more salt sprinkled liberally on top. Add this to collared greens combined with anchovies (and possibly capers - hard to tell what was what - my tongue was numbed by the salt at this stage) and you can see why most of it remained on the plate. The Peking duck salad was also heavily salted, so much so that even the fresh coriander and chili couldn't lift it beyond a bland and salty heart disease-inducing mess - very disappointing for the price.

Our great server got caught up with other tables so we were left  at the end with a trainee who while pleasant, didn't ask the million-dollar question 'Did you enjoy your meal?' or notice the sausage and salad left on the plates.
Overall very good service (especially from the young server with glasses), nice food for the most part but someone in the kitchen needs to taste the sausage dish and duck salad and tell me that they are happy serving them.

Will I be back? Yes but probably only for a beer and some Tokyo chicken.

2 star rating
by Louise
4 months ago

Tried to book on the day for 8 of us but couldn't get through on the phone after 3 attempts. Also sent email as advised but no response. We had been here before and food was amazing. This time we waited to order drinks, trying to figure out how to order from booths above. Waited too long for food as well although they did apologise & the food was good. Great setting but I wouldn't come again. Maybe better if you are more organised than me & don't try booking on the day!

4 star rating
by Foodie
4 months ago

Love the out door setting at this place, open air and great for a large gathering. Tried a couple of whiskeys that were recommended and the bartender was great. On another note it is a little tricky to locate, better signage would be great.

5 star rating
by Victoria
4 months ago

So good. Seriously have been to both imperial lane and dined at everybody's, coffee very good - near top of my list for inner city. Food here is great, duck fat chips a delight I would visit just for these. Interior is classy without being pretentious and the exposed brick walls of imperial are so on trend. I love visiting everybody's.

3 star rating
by Lauren
5 months ago

Dinner here on a Friday night can be best described as a mission. It came as no surprise that the place was super busy, but the music was so loud you couldn't have a conversation or even make an order without shouting. The entrees were absolutely amazing - big portion and full of flavour, but unfortunately this wasn't consistent with the mains. Due to the loud music, our orders had been taken down incorrectly but we eventually got the right dishes. The mains were about the same size (maybe smaller) than the entrees … and were not as enjoyable. I can see Everybody's being more suitable for a after work drink and snack.

4 star rating
by House Of Eats
6 months ago

Keen for a quick lunch and a cocktail to add? Well for $15 you can get this delish salmon don buri - extra for the cocktail people. Be careful not to have too many before returning to work - lets just say - people knew I had a great lunch. Also this place is the Beez Kneez when it comes to style! Loft like males domain fitout. I love this place!

4 star rating
by James
6 months ago

Had lunch at this place. I thought my food was great, except I had to wait 30 minutes to an hour for it and the place didnt seemed to be busy at the time I dine in. Maybe good food take long time to cook 

Customer Service: 7/10
Food: 9/10 
Atmosphere: 7/10 

Date: November 2014

4 star rating
by Kelly
6 months ago

Here for dinner, using an online voucher that had a set menu to chose from.
Choosing two out of three options, entrée, main, and/or dessert. I thought that was slightly weird but the dessert menu wasn't too appealing for me personally so happy to both go from entrées and mains. Overall I would come back for the full menu just to give it another go based upon the good review my friends have told me, but from my experience I wasn't displeased or wowed. But open to having another meal 😊

4 star rating
by Pankaj Kini
7 months ago

Ventured out to this place last night again on a voucher cz my friend lives by it! I've started to feel that you don't get the 'real deal' when you redeem a voucher at a restaurant - food for thought!

The place was quite for a Saturday night. Waiters were drifting around and not overly attentive. No-one to seat me at the entrance and other things but once you got hold of them they are sharp!

Half out party was late so we a couple of cocktails which were good and some bread which was ok. I had the cured tuna and tried some cured beef for entree. I liked it it was fresh and very well presented. The laksa lacked a punch of flavour. Main was the beef steak - wonderfully presented again and with decent flavour. Heaps of butter on top if thats how you like it with nice bit of mushrooms and chips on the side.

Overall the meal was good and the place is decent too. $49 for 2 - it was steal!!

Thumbs up for the presentation but is this place dying into being a club after hours??! If yes then thats a shame.

5 star rating
by Stuart Harper
7 months ago

Great service. Great food. Lively atmosphere. Cannot recommend the place highly enough. We have dined here the last 2 Friday evenings and both times had a fantastic experience. Special mention to Sarah and Ruby who served and waited on us impeccably and made us feel very welcome and looked after. Would have scored 5 had the restaurant been easier to find, if there was a 4.9 that's how highly I'd have rated this place. Excellent.

5 star rating
by Mallory Mason
7 months ago

We visited Everybody's tonight and it was fantastic! We sat in one of the booths upstairs and both of the girls were really lovely. The food was incredible (I had steak, my friend had snapper) and there was live music which was unexpected but brilliant! Also, $5 happy hour, why don't they advertise this?! Amazing, will be back soon!

1 star rating
by MochA
7 months ago

Bad food and bad service. We asked for 3 medium and one well done steak. They served us three blue/raw steak and one medium. And the steaks were cold. The chilli I asked three times never ever came either. Overall, the dishes were overly rich and salty. By the way they charge for water, $9. Both my husband and I felt sick after eating there.

Plus the atmosphere was so loud. We practically had to shout over the music and the noise. Not a great place to spend my husband's birthday at. Won't be eating here ever again.

3 star rating
by Tami T
8 months ago

I really enjoyed the atmosphere here. Such a comfortable and relaxing environment with very amiable staff! However, the food isn't all that great. Definitely not bland or distasteful, but not something to 'rave' about. I would to probably go here for a good drink with good vibes - but for the food? Not so much :-)

4 star rating
by Axjw
9 months ago

So.... I am not sure if it was because I had a set menu, but I wouldn't say I was a fan of half the things I was served.

For our set menu, we had the baked olives - I'm not a fan of olives so when I saw so many in a bowl in front of me, it was kind of scary. For oluve fans though, it would be a dream! I think we also had the house baked bread - the bread was very nice and soft (yum) bt the stuff we had to spread was not (beirre noisette butter).

Next came the cured wakanui beef - that was very tasty! The little bits of anchovy and chilli complimented it very well as well. For our mains, we had the roasted snapper with sweetcorn, fennel and semi dried tomatoes - this was my favourite of the night! Snapper cooked perfectly and each mouthful was a burst of different but extremely tasty flavours!

To end, we had the cheese selection board and the earl grey creme brulee - second favourite of the night (and probably worth visiting again just to order this).

Overall, the set menu had its ups and downs, but judging from the selection on the rest of the menu, there are quite a few dishes I would not mind returning to try.

The environment was lovely and the restaurant was really well decorated, bar downstairs and dinner upstairs - perfect separation. The service, excellent.

3 star rating
by Kelly Wu
10 months ago

We do not have a satisfactory experience here. We had the voucher for 4 course dining experience, then the waiter told us that there is not a menu for this, just eat what chef prepared, 'do you have anything you are not able to eat?' Not to the top of my head. Then what comes is olives for a shared first course!  Second course for both is good, then third course is soufflé? Really, for the main course, as you can see from the picture, is it a decent main? No meat, a few vegetables and a dessert like soufflé yes it is savory but I don't think I will ever see it in a menu. Then bread and cheese? We had too many gluten and flour this night than any of the night! But no meat? Really? The only meat we can see from the dining experience is the raw beef? This is a weird mixture of the courses and overall it makes us not feel satisfied, although full stomach of flour. Not having too much choice is ok, but not even let customers see the menu and not having any choice for customers with varied needs and wants is not acceptable, may be offensive too.

1 star rating
by Iwi Concept
10 months ago

I booked a table there few days ago, friends came from overseas so we want to find a nice place for dinner. But when we arrived tonight, the staffs told us that they have a private function suddenly and couldn't manage to tell everyone who had made reservation, WTF! Its Friday night and we were so looking forward to have dinner there before we came, took us an hour to find another restaurant in CBD! Thank you so much for the surprise!!!

3 star rating
by Chris Boyce
10 months ago

I ate at Everybody’s last night and would like to say that the décor was outstanding and the food generally very good. Letting the side down was a few little things that could easily be sorted out by an attentive manager and a more diligent attitude from the waitresses. There were crumbs on the seat in our booth, I have to chase the staff to get more water/wine and the toilets were messy. One dish was served with slightly burnt toast which spoilt the delicious and delicate flavours of the dish. We asked for it to be replaced and the new toast was delivered with the comment ‘here is you extra toast’. A bit of a shame as this could easily be one of the best restaurants in town.

3 star rating
by FlyingMonkey
Sep 22, 2014

I am changing my review. My previous review from last year can be seen if you scroll down. I went to everybodies tonight with family (4 people) because i bought a voucher. Will not make this mistake again. My previous experiences at this restaurant was superb until now, mainly because the menu changed. It is now very pricey, small portion and average food. 16.09.15

We had:
* potato waffles (good...but small). I thought it was the chunky potatoes that they use to have, but was not. 
*macaroni cheese (good, bit too creamy)
*beef sirloin (over cooked with exactly 4 sad looking chips at the bottom of the plate and a very strange deep fried egg)
* goat cheese salad. super duper small portion salad completely over priced. Probably the most regretful dish ordered in my opinion. 
* We were still hungry so ordered a extra Aged Wagyu beef burger. I was going to use a voucher for this too. but apparently only 1 voucher per table. The voucher is only $1 cheaper than the full price, but you will get house wine or beer..... So it came as a burger... no fries no greens... first time seen it serve like this at a restaurant.

Their online booking system is also faulty. Booking for 3+ people can only be select after 9:15 pm. When called usually no one picks up and tells you to book online. Luckily they called me back so that I could reserve a table before making the booking at 915pm online. I also tried Email, no one replied. And no more cocktails!!!! so we tried their house wine which was not great.... The plus side was the good atmosphere and that's about it. Wouldn't recommended it or return.

So the comments below don't apply anymore. They were from last year better times: 

Reason to go there: Good atmosphere and good food! Bought a voucher for a 4 course dinner at Everybody's. The restaurant is located inside a building on Queen Street, without the voucher or recommendation, I don't think I would ever walk inside. 
Decoration: To my surprise, the whole journey leading to the restaurant was very nicely designed, and we were really impressed by the decorations in the restaurant and the vibe. 
Service: The service was brilliant. 
Food(1): house-baked rye bread, aged malt butter- very good (complementary??) 
Food(2): appetizer Wagyu skirt steak, smoked onion, nettle, horseradish- very good
Food(3): calamari- extremely delicious 
Food (4): pork and apple source, roasted potato -  the poke was a bit fatty, but the potatos were the best potato I have ever had. i dont think this dish is on the menu... 
Food(5): Vanilla cream and shaved ice??? I'm not sure, its not on the menu, refer to picture...still its very delicious. 
Drink: Margerito cocktail, a cross over of margarita and mojito. 
Overall Experience: Very satisfied, especially the decoration and the double height space, but it would be very expansive without a voucher. Will definitely recommend and return.

5 star rating
by Peifen Chua
Sep 20, 2014

Had something something raw, one of them was a beef wagyu, another was a beetroot dish, steak and potato. Couldn't remember and couldn't see cause it was too dark. But I love how spacious this place is, so much room to cater for big groups or if you're on a date. The atmosphere and ambience was very relaxing and destressing, especially after a long hard day of work. Haha. There was also live music it was really good. We ended up staying for 5 hours when we only anticipated to drop by for a dinner. Service was top notch. Will definitely come back again.

2 star rating
by Sarah
Sep 16, 2014

Came here for lunch during a weekday and had the chicken and fish.  Definitely recommend it. The sauce was delicious! Mixture of almonds, yoghurt and sultanas works really well. 
The big guy at the counter was awesome, very friendly. The guy who took our orders was friendly. The only reason i have given a poor rating is because of customer service by one of the ladies who work here, she served the food out to us. I don't know if she is a waitress or the store manager but she should not be working there.  She has a way of offending people and 'Everybody's' will lose customers if she continues working there! She definitely needs some customer service training.

5 star rating
by Fee D
Sep 09, 2014

This is the first review I have ever taken the time to write, even though I eat out ALOT. I went there for dinner last night and I have to say it was one of the best dining experiences I have had in ages. We sat in a booth in the upper mezzanine level. The ambience was fantastic, the lighting just right (muted but not in darkness), and the service was exceptional (attentive but not cloying). The most important thing though was the incredible food. We ended up having 4 courses each (gluttonous I know) and we rolled out of the place. Every course was outstanding and I am salivating thing about the pork dish I had. I can't recommend this place more highly. Put Everybody's on your must visit list. A big thank you to the service staff and especially the chefs. Yum!

1 star rating
by Liv
Sep 04, 2014

Unfortunately the delicious Japanese food is gone! It was not a good night at all!
Firstly we made a booking for 7pm for 7 people a week in advance. When we arrived we were told we couldn't go upstairs to eat as they were too busy and had to stay and have a drink. Not acceptable. The man who was telling us this was extremely rude. After the manager came over at 720 we went upstairs to find it was empty. Load of crap they just wanted us to spend even more money.
Once we were seated we were told we had to have a set menu and that we couldn't choose it and that all 7 of us have to eat the same thing. Well in our group was a gluten free eater and an eater who cannot eat certain proteins due to religion. How can you expect 7 people to have all the same tastes?!
We decided to leave straight away and went to ebisu for the best Japanese in auckland and some friendly service!! Highly disappointed as I used to be a regular here. Will not be back.

4 star rating
by Cynthia Vanisha Paul
Aug 28, 2014

I was very skeptical as I walked along this dark entrance. Didn't know what I was getting to till I walked up a flight of stairs to this hidden jewel!
The lighting and ambiance is jaw-dropping!
I recommend the bbq ribs and their finest selection of wines.
For a good fine dining experience or just a drink or 2 to catch up with mates, Everybody's caters to food and drink enthusiasts with the highest quality one could ask for!

4 star rating
by Georgie @ Georgieats
Aug 26, 2014

My friend and I dined at Everybody's one Friday night earlier this year. We have only ever ordered drinks here, but because I had won a dinner voucher, we thought it would be a good opportunity to try as many dishes as possible on their menu!

Upon walking in, the first thing we noticed (and loved) was the decor. Think hanging plants, pretty chandeliers and various seating areas (with very comfortable chairs) to cater to all. There is also an open-air courtyard outside, which would be great for dining/having a drink in the summertime!

We first started with cocktails. I cannot recall what they were but mine came served with a pretty red flower on top (see picture). They were delicious!

We then shared many of the dishes. The menu was all small plates, either raw or cooked. Our favourites were the Venison Carpaccio and the Tuna Sashimi, which I am certain came topped with cubes of watermelon!

For dessert, we shared the Soy-Milk Custard with plum-wine jelly and Yuzu sorbet. We had never heard of 'Yuzu' but were told it is a citrus fruit originating from East Asia - something crossed between a lemon, mandarin and grapefruit. The Yuzu sorbet was divine and overall, it was definitely the highlight of the night! Lastly, we had coffees. My mochacino was strong and extra hot, just how I like it!

Our waiter for the night was knowledgeable and friendly. I cannot say much about the general service because the whole time we were there, we were the only ones dining - everyone else was having drinks only. I thought this was very unusual, considering it was a Friday night! 

Overall, the food was nice, but I would probably not go back to pay their prices for the dishes. We ate a lot of food because of the voucher, but otherwise it would have been very expensive!

0 star rating
by Dougm
Jul 05, 2014

Modern Japanese tapas done beautifully. Yum yum & yum! Been a few times, best if you have 4 or more people to get a good mix of dishes. Get an upstairs booth table if you have a group of 4 or 5. Have also had a friends birthday party there with 30 people, great atmosphere and not what you expect from a Japanese restaurant.
The deserts are also a must have, reasonable price too.

3 star rating
by Rach Croft
Jun 13, 2014

Loved the decor and the service was really good. Friendly wait staff. I had the Tokyo Chicken as an entree, which looked amazing but was very very salty. Even my dad, who puts salt on everything usually, commented on this.

For a main I had the Wagyu skirt steak, which to my surprise was almost completely raw. The menu said nothing about the steak being seared or anything like that. It was also chewy. So be warned if you are not a fan of raw steak like me, don't order this main! I wish the menu had been more descriptive about this as some people like raw steak but many people don't.

The duck fat chips and the Agria roasted potatoes were delicious, and the Pork Cheek main that a couple of people on my table had was amazing. The roasted monkfish was also very tasty.

0 star rating
by Rabidslee
May 05, 2014

Hit and miss dishes. The atmosphere, staff service and meat dishes were all fantastic. Desserts were amazing
Some of the other flavours were weak and tasted terrible. The mochi component was too soft, as were my noodles. The huge globs of mayo accompanying quite a few dishes was strange. You know your flavours aren't great if you smother them in mayo

5 star rating
by Keshni Rasanayagam
Dec 30, 2013

Everybody's Izakaya was a fantastic dining experience! Would highly recommend it to anyone who loves Japanese food and is looking for a place a little less loud and crowded than other Japanese restaurants along the lines of Sake Bar in Epsom!
The decor was amazing, the service was faultless, and the menu was interesting! And of course, the food lived up to and exceeded all expectations!
It's a great way for people to try out new things together without running the risk of wastage; a great concept!
Will definitely return with numerous family and friends in tow!

4 star rating
by Mary Young
Dec 13, 2013

The food and drinks were great, especially the sake cocktail with blueberries. However I had a concern about the water provided.

When we sat down the waiter said "Can I offer you some water" which we accepted. It was sparkling, which was a nice touch. It wasn't until we went up to pay at the end of the meal that we found out we had been charged $11 for four glasses of water. When he offered us water we automatically assumed that it was complimentary.

It was very disappointing to find out that it wasn't and we left feeling slightly deceived. However, the sake really was the best I've had so I would like to go back.

3 star rating
by Ben McDowall
Nov 20, 2013

Went their for dinner with partner and aunty. Food was tasty but portion sizes were very small and left still feeling hungry. It was quite expensive too. Decor is amazing but I think the price and quantity of food let it down. Its not Izakaya at all to be honest, dishes have a slight japanese twist.

Izakay: An izakaya is a type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks. They are casual places for after-work drinking. - Not really this place at all..

3 star rating
by Cathy Lam
Nov 17, 2013

We went to Everybody's as a small group on Saturday night.
Was excited to be there as I had been meaning to try it out for awhile now and love Japanese food.
Loved the decor and style of the building, however, food was definitely below expectations and service was okay.
I have read all the other reviews and food seemed to be good so we might have lucked out on a bad chief for the night.
We had numerous dishes to share. A few were good but the rest were definitely disappointing. Tuna sashimi was really fresh and chicken wings were nice. But the oysters that came were overpowered by seaweed and didn't have the Yuzu or soy sauce dressing as promised.
Beef ribs looked amazing but was dry.
Sashimi with noodles was bland and over dosed in seaweed. The hotpot was pretty forgettable. Seafood was cooked well but lacked depth of flavour that you would expect from a place of this calibre.

A good place to grab a drink but definitely will be having dinner elsewhere next time

3 star rating
by Rachael Mooney
Oct 07, 2013

We went as a group of people on Saturday night after reading some good reviews. The food was amazing. We ordered lots of small dishes for us all to share which is such a fun way to eat in a group. Beautiful flavours, fresh ingredients, lots of variety, including some good vegetarian options.

The restaurant setting upstairs is also nice with good lighting, comfy seating and decent sized tables. It is quite loud but perfect for a group dinner.

However in our experience the service did in no way match the food. I don't think we got a smile out of either of the waitresses the entire evening. They gave the distinct impression they were doing us a favour by being there at all.

And there were errors - we never received the ordered miso, the drinks took forever to arrive, we had a number of drink mis-orders including cider rather than sake, cheap gin rather than the brand ordered (I forgot to check what we got charged for!) and we were told they "weren't doing" cocktails - on a Saturday night!

And then the final disappointment was we were moved out of the restaurant to make way for "VIP" guests. Apparently the $1000 we spent there that evening didn't make us worthy of staying in our seats till we had finished. When we booked we were not told there was any event that would mean we had to move. Certainly marred the evening for us.

So in summary a place to be seen and food that was amazing. But a little bit too much attitude from the staff for it to be taken seriously.

5 star rating
by Kay
Jul 12, 2013

My partner and I went to Everybody's for the first time last week and it was simply divine. Received excellent service from our waitress Pip, very friendly and helpful. We will be definitely be back again for the lamb ribs and spiced duck!

4 star rating
by Lucia Florence
Jun 18, 2013

Had a beautiful night here dining with my boyfriend, our service was prompt and professional. My duck main was delicious, but even better was dessert! We really enjoyed our experience, it was probably a bit too loud for a romantic setting but we didn't mind. Cocktails were lovely as well. Would come again!