Excel Cafe

2 star rating 16 reviews

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09 3076634

University of Auckland, Level 1, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland CBD, Auckland

7 AM to 5 PM (Mon-Fri), Sat & Sun Closed


Reviews for Excel Cafe

4 star rating
by Sophie Ly
one month ago

Spending most my time inthe OGGB building and not wanting to walk up the killer hill, i find myself coming to excel if im in desperate need for food. They're service is great most of the time which is great because they are always so busy!

Their food and drinks are a little over priced so i dont like to come here too often, they can produce some amazing salads like this bean and bacon salad they did last year because it tasted amazing! i really love that they have vegan options some days of the week. I will say that some salads are a bit of a hit or a miss but most of the time its great, but the portion sizes for the price that you pay is very small. I do recommend trying their lemon chicken salad, it was one of my go-to meals when i decided to treat myself at the café (I think this salad has since change and I am not sure what the new one tastes like!)

1 star rating
by Ange Maligi
one month ago

Terrible customer service and over priced considering the average tasting and sometimes altogether tasteless food and small portion sizes. The food isn't always the freshest and the atmosphere is loud, busy and you feel as though you're rushed out of the way to make room for the next customer.

Would not recommend this place and wish this wasn't the only cafe option in the Owen Glen Building.

4 star rating
by Annie Ren
one month ago

As the only cafe in Oggb building, Excel Cafe is always busy! It has positioned itself on the high end, however it does also offer great food. I usually get coffee and pastries (got a sweet tooth :p) from Excel and they are really good to kick off my day for me!

3 star rating
by Ed
2 months ago

Very expensive and the food is VERY average. I feel the portion sizes could be bigger for what you pay.  Absolutely not filling at all and always leave me hungry.

Food: 5/10
Service: 3.5/5
Ambience: 2/5
Value: 2/5
Overall: 12.5/25

3 star rating
by Sheena
2 months ago

Excel's location is super convenient for uni students or staff to grab a coffee in the mornings. The customer service definitely depends on who serves you. Most of the staff who have served me have been friendly. Coffee is average, I definitely enjoy the iced mochas more. They used to make amazing salads last year, which you can get different sizes for. My favourite was a Thai beef salad that they made last year, but haven't seen it made for a long time. Prices are slightly overpriced, but they still get a whole crowd of people!

4 star rating
by Razelle Icaro
2 months ago

One of the most convenient places to grab coffee inside the UoA campus. It's in the business school so it's the perfect place to grab coffee without having to walk too far. The staff are really nice to and you can even get a loyalty card if you want to grab coffee daily. They have really nice almond crossiants ZomatoStudents

3 star rating
by Meg Balmes
3 months ago

The best thing about this place really is the convenient location. Staff aren't very friendly, food isn't worth the price and coffee is pretty average. They have a good variety and the menu changes daily but the food is a bit bland and sometimes service takes ages. Not the best place to eat at UOA - if you can be bothered to walk out of business school to eat you'd be better off for it

1 star rating
by Flying Foodie
3 months ago

This place is inside a university building where a lot of business events take place. The place is noisy and crowded. Food needs to be a lot more fresher. Barista needs to be changed. Entire staff needs a thorough 4 year university course in customer service. The owner really needs to reconsider the purpose of running this business.

4 star rating
by Tian Tian Zhang
4 months ago

A convenient cafe to grab a quick coffee on the way to class as it is located in the university of auckland business building. The food is alright, nothing spectacular. As with most food places at uni, Excel is quite overpriced.

2 star rating
by Brenda Phu
4 months ago

The Excel Cafe is conveniently located inside Owen G Glenn Building but is overpriced.
I've only come here to eat the few times I was hungry and needed something real quick.
The service is nice but the atmosphere is angsty and loud.
The food is small, and not always the freshest. Be very wary of the quality of the food here, also the food doesn't have much flavour.
I wouldn't recommend this place.

1 star rating
by Ana Allid
6 months ago

Absolutely appalling. For a cafe that is situated in a university, you would think they would be more considerate when they price their menu. THE MOST OVER PRICED COFFEE I have ever had and it came in the smallest cup. The taste was really unpleasant- not worth the price at all. I then ordered a slice, it was incredibly dry that I had to order water too. It barely had any taste and it felt like they just hired a bunch of primary school children to bake it. I cannot express how incredibly dry it was, it literally stuck to the back of my throat. This is the most terrible cafe I have ever been to.

1 star rating
by A.w
7 months ago

I am not one to usually review a cafe but after buying a muffin and coffee every morning for months, one morning two weeks ago I experienced some of the worst customer service. The gentleman who served me was so rude that I now visit strata. Will not return. Certain staff need to learn some manners and general respect when dealing with customers.

2 star rating
by Kaala Nguyen
9 months ago

Just got a cup of iced coffee here. The worst $6 I have ever spent. I'm not sure what they used for coffee flavor but it's too bitter and tastes like burnt beans. Can't even drink it. I understand it's a busy day at uni with all the students coming back but the quality control is really bad.

At least service was fast, but I have no plan to come back here.

2 star rating
by Eva K
Jun 20, 2014

I went there for breakfast during exams and ordered a salmon eggs benedict. It looked pretty sad; Slurp and Strata can do a better eggs benedict. For $16.50 I got two small slices of toasted bread with a few bits of salmon and two poached eggs perched on top. With hollandaise covering the eggs. The service was pretty shabby, the server managed to tilt my plate in such a way while he was placing it down that an egg fell off onto the table. I could have had a more satisfying breakfast at McDonalds for only $10.50.

4 star rating
by Miranda
Jun 25, 2012

This place has the best pasta salads ever! They have different pasta salads everyday so you never get tired of them and they taste fantastic heated up. Their coffee prices are decent! I come here almost every day!

3 star rating
by Lynnette Xu
Aug 10, 2010

3 stars, I don't know about you, but poor service really hits the spot for me, if the food and coffee are good I'm willing on some good days to let that pass. But as a student, stressed (and currently procrastinating) it was just disgruntling to have to deal with an unfriendly bossy till person. no eye contact, cold brioche (when i asked clearly for it to be heated - she even asked me!) no cutlery and when i asked for a knife, she said they didn't come with knives - this is a lie because they came with them a few days ago!

I gave this place 3 starts because the brioche was (when it was heated) just amazing. Don't know how they do it, but it beats anywhere else in Uni and its cheapish. The coffee was average, not as good as it use to be, but I'm willing to live with that for now.