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Fatboy Thai Restaurant

3_half star rating 26 reviews

Telephone 09-849 6912

617-619 New North Rd
Auckland City

Thai, Asian, Family
Tues - Sun 5 pm - Late
Provided by business


Fat Boy Thai Cuisine


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Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Wheelchair Accessible:
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Reviews for Fatboy Thai Restaurant

5 star rating
by Julia S.
3rd May 2014

We had a great meal here the other night – just popped in before a movie on the off chance of getting a table
The food was fast and tasty. Our waitress was lovely
Would go again in fact I think we will go again tonight:)

2 star rating
by Ross W.
21st April 2014

I tossed up between 2 stars or 3, I’m not convinced it’s a 3 star, but thought about the food again, and decided to leave it at 2.
Duck Larb: Dreadful
Fat Boy’s recommendation – battered chicken with a tamarind sauce: Just passable.
Pork with basil: Lovely flavor, barely any meat.
It just wasn’t good, sorry to say.

1 star rating
by chiv
18th April 2014

Tonight a group of friends went for a celebratory meal at Fatboy Thai in New North Road, Kingsland, it was one of the worst nights of my life!
The food and customer service were appalling.
I am not the type of person to complain about anything, ever, but this is like nothing myself or the other 12 group members have ever experienced.
The lady in charge was so incredibly abrupt, rude and unprofessional, she even raised her voice to the point of people in the group asking her to please calm down.

From start to finish she was rude and impatient.
One of the group members has a severe allergy and she was trying to talk with the lady to see what items on the menu might be an option for her to eat.
The lady was not interested, told her that it was taking too long (the girl offered to come and find her once she had decided or if she had another question- and she went to talk to her).
The lady used the excuse of being too busy for why some food was cold and why she hurried us to the point of actually stressing people at the table out, there were only 4 other people in the restaurant at that time- now we know why.
The manner in how she talked to the girl with the allergy made the girl cry at the restaurant table- this is completely inappropriate!
Several meals came out a tad cold- of particular concern were the chicken dishes- one had to be sent back to be reheated, and 2 people did not eat their entire meal because of this.
They enquired about the heating of the chicken, but felt very uncomfortable to say anything more because of the situation that took place before.

When it came to paying, several group members informed her that they were not happy with their meal or the service, despite this feedback all meals were paid in FULL, (no discount).
I was not able to eat my meal, only had a few scoops of plain white rice and then starving got food from a fast food shop.
We felt so sorry for the daughter- because of the way (we think the lady must have been her mum) spoke to her in front of us, the daughter was kind throughout
most of all it was disappointing, because our celebratory night was ruined, all 13 of us would never go back.

5 star rating
by Amelia L.
11th December 2013

I just had the best chicken pad Thai I’ve ever had. And it only cost me $12.50 and I can’t even finish the whole dish.

I’d honestly been beginning to think I had only imagined pad Thai ever being yummy.

Definitely recommend. (I got takeaway).

5 star rating
by Rosalie M.
16th August 2013

I had lunch here and was really impressed with the range of vegetarian options! Most of the dishes can be ordered with tofu instead of meat.
I had vegetarian spring rolls, which arrived very fresh and crispy. I had a tofu satay dish – it came with a generous amount of fresh tofu and delicious nutty sauce. The carrot and cabbage flowers on the plate were a nice touch.
The decor in the restaurant is a nice modern Thai style with fresh flowers.
The staff were very friendly, cheerful and attentive and for $12.50 a main it’s some of the best value, genuine Thai food places around so I’ll definitely be back!

3 star rating
by Nastassia
29th July 2013

Me and my partner were regulars when this establishment was previously Hong Thai. Was definitely a 5 star back then. We went in June and were eager to try out the restaurant since it’s new development. We ordered our fav dishes, chicken green curry and the chicken and cashew as well as having a mixed entree to start with. Although the meals were cheaper, the food has lowered in quality too. Food was average and the only thing we really liked was the satay chicken from the entree.

5 star rating
by Christo W.
5th June 2013

Great value for money, good quality Thai food and really good service. The mains are the same price as you expect from fast food shops except you get a good restaurant and service with it. Will definitely keep returning!

4 star rating
by Robyn B.
22nd April 2013

Great night, great service. Excellent Thai food. We had 6 mains and 2 starters. Brilliant and inexpensive. Nice atmosphere as well.

4 star rating
by George G.
13th April 2013

Really good food, friendly service, and all at what are very pretty cheap prices.
We will be back again for sure.

4 star rating
by Anna N.
13th February 2013

Have been to this establishment three times now. The first time was last year and I don’t remember the food too well.

Recently went back last week and found out they’ve changed management. The food is very cheap and tastes delicious – on par with expensive thai restaurants if not better! The service was not great that time as the staff seemed nervous.

Went back today and the service was fantastic. The food you just have to taste to believe how great it is! Live a good half hour away from this place but we make the time to come here because it really is worth it!

1 star rating
by Renae H.
10th February 2013

As a frequent customer we thought it relevant to post this.

Hong Thai has since changed to Fatboy Thai and is terrible would not recommend.

Went there tonight and was disappointed with the food first and foremost, then the service. Firstly we were unsure if the food was cooked on site as we saw a car turn up with meals. 1 of the meals was supposed to be mild but came out as “Thai flavour” (which means HOT)
When I explained to the waiter I couldn’t eat it this as it burnt my stomach (left 90% of my meal) his response was “yes the chef has been experimenting with flavour”

The shock came when we had to pay the bill – no discount nothing.
Not the Hong Thai as we used to know it.

PS No water minimal service and dirty toilets.

4 star rating
by Lilly J.
5th December 2012

So there are really mixed reviews about this place…..

I’m pretty certain they have changed ownership recently. You used to be served by a large and overbearing English man, but now there are only lovely Thai ladies (and men) who know their menu well.

I am vegetarian and love variety of vegetables rather than the standard broccoli, carrot and beans. I was well impressed with the use of fresh in-season produce some of which were rare and unusual.

They could definitely let you know when making a booking they don’t have a liquor licence, but otherwise the dining experience is good. I get takeaway food usually once every two weeks and they seem to get busier and busier, which i can only imagine is a good sign.

Try them out, especially the vegetarian options.

5 star rating
by Shane H.
7th October 2012

Wow what an amazing restaurant. Please do not be put off by their shabby decor or non alcohol licence as this place serves some of the best Thai food in Auckland. Firstly I had a group dinner here and the service for the 18 guests was consistent. Next I visited with a small group and once again they delivered a delicious meal. Maybe some dessert on the menu would be nice, but I’d rather keep eating your curries!

5 star rating
by Samantha
21st July 2012

I looove Hong Thai! The service is great and the meals are well worth the price! I ate there and took a doggy bag home which fed me for a day and a half afterward. Love the chicken skewers and curry puffs!!

4 star rating
by Jasmine T.
22nd June 2012

I’m really surprised reading these bad reviews, we went to Hong Thai last week for a birthday dinner there were 13people all up, not 1dish was wrong they were very helpful and the food was delish! We were there also 2months previous and found the food was really good.
It’s not the busiest restaurant which makes this even better to take a big group of friends!

2 star rating
by Nikki
3rd April 2012

I frequent Hong Thai about once week and have been doing so for a while. I always order a takeaway chicken pad thai – hot. That place has really gone down hill lately. I ordered my usual tonight and have found in extremely sweet have eaten about 1/4 and can’t eat anymore. Also asked for it hot and am adding my own chilli flakes to it. It actually tastes disgusting. Was a loyal customer but wont be going back as for 16 bucks a pad thai I expect better, there are a lot better Thai places around Kingsland/Mt Eden that are a lot better as well

1 star rating
by Julie
26th March 2012

If you lose your liquor licence, it is only appropriate to let people know when they are booking so they can make an informed decision about whether they definitely want to eat at your restaurant.

The hens party I was with on Saturday night were extremely disappointed with the lack of communication and not letting us know of the loss of the liquor licence (5 weeks ago, well before we booked).

We ended up getting takeaways so we could take our BYO wine back to the bridesmaid’s house. Food was reasonably priced and tasted ok but will not be recommending this place to anyone.

1 star rating
by Lilly B.
19th March 2012

A very rude and aggressive ‘British accent’ owner phoned me up the next day and insulted me and said he was going to go to the police because the service and food was so bad the waiter charged me less! He even ‘put down’ Asians when he spoke to me – very insulting considering I myself am part Asian – unbelievable!

We have been to this restaurant twice before (last year). The standards of this restaurant have really dropped terribly in all areas. We went on a Thursday night and the place was depressingly quiet. We had brought a bottle of wine as they are BYO, however, the young waitress did not take our wine and place it in a wine bucket, she did not even offer to open it and pour it (like other BYO restaurants we have been to). Instead we did that ourselves and kept it cool in our cooler bag we had brought it in. We ordered a couple of vegetarian and seafood curries. When they arrived one of the dishes was incorrect – so one of us had to wait for their dish. The seafood in the curry was at a very dreadful standard with minimal amounts; the broccoli in the vege curries was yellow and seeding and we did not eat it.

When I went to pay for the bill I expressed my disappointment with the service and food (I again showed them the seeding broccoli left on our plates). The answer to why both the waitress and waiter did not attend to our wine was because they said they were both under-age to serve wine. We happily came to a mutual agreement of a lesser amount to be charged due to our experience. I paid, then left feeling most disappointed from the whole ‘dining’ experience.

The next afternoon I received a phone call from a man saying he was the owner of the restaurant – he had obviously rang the number we had left when we had booked. Initially, I assumed he was phoning to apologise, however, he was very aggressive and rude to me. When I explained about the broccoli he told me broccoli takes on the colour of the curry – the broccoli was yellow and we ordered a green curry (I make this kind of curry at home myself so knew he was talking cr$p). He told me (along the lines of) Asian people are push overs and I had taken advantage of this fact (in regards with my dealings with the waiter and waitress agreeing we did not deserve to pay the full amount on the bill). He accused us of hiding Whiskey under our table – we kept our wine in our cooler bag under the table as the waitress did not address the wine – we certainly did not have any other drinks to hide. He threatened to go to the police about it and I said that was fine. When I asked him about the waitress and waiter saying they could not deal with our BYO because they were underage – he cut the conservation short and kept repeating he was going to the police.

Very, very disappointing and I still have not heard from the police. I will never ever go there again and have told all my friends not to go too!

5 star rating
by Jayshree S.
17th February 2012

I went to Hong Thai last night and the food was Delicious. I have been there a few times and i have to say that their soups and entrees are very good and are packed with ingredients.

The Red Curry, Chicken and Cashew are also amazing.

I also had good service and the food came out in a timely manner. I highly recommend this place!!!!

1 star rating
by Lulu
30th January 2012

Bought a red curry tonight that was all curdled. We rang Hong thai straight away and they said they would comp us an entree. It is not worth our while to travel there to get an entree!! Pretty poor really when you pay $18 for a take away curry…

1 star rating
by Justine D.
28th December 2011

Terrible service!! Have never had such a bad experience at a Thai restaurant. Generally i find Thai restaurants very accommodating and of exceptional service. That is not the case at this place. We went there tonight (Wednesday night) so it wasn’t busy, just our family of 2 adults and 2 kids under 6 and a few other patrons. The food was alittle bland for Thai and the service was appalling. The woman serving us wasn’t very hospitable and when i went to settle the bill, i waited at the counter while she fluffed around behind the counter and completely ignored me. After speaking up that i wished to pay for our meal she offered no form of apology that she had ignored me standing there for 5 minutes. Upon leaving we realized we had been overcharged for our meal and had to return to query it. Her response was that she had tried to chase after us to advise we had settled the wrong bill but we had left. We have 2 children in carseats/booster seats so we hadn’t left in a hurry (having parked right outside the restaurant) so her attempts to ‘chase’ us were pretty poor and again, no apology was offered for the fact that she had overcharged us by $27.50! Will never go back there!

4 star rating
by Bronwyn
18th November 2011

Had a wonderful birthday meal at this place. Fabulous service fabulous food at a very reasonable price!! Can recommend it.

2 star rating
by chloe
11th August 2011

I ordered the vegetarian green curry, asked for thai hot which tasted more like a medium. I was very disappointed with the price $16 ($14 for the curry plus $2 for rice which I was not informed of over the phone). To be fair the curry had a lovely flavour, but after having traveled through Thailand the meal tasted extremely western and was mainly sauce. A nice place to go for dinner if you like a more western take on Asian food.

5 star rating
by Lucy
19th August 2010

Just got dinner from this place tonight, amazing. Red curry with rice, $16, takeaway. The curry was to die for. Really flavoursome with just the right amount of heat. The delicious thing about the red curry here is they have chunks of pumpkin in the curry, which I wasn’t too sure about but worked really well in the curry. Also red capsicum and green beans. Lots of chicken, loads of sauce. Most definitely enough for two meals!

5 star rating
by Pauline N.
25th July 2010

I have now been to Hong Thai on 3 separate occasions, each time with 3 different sets of people. Each and everytime i dined there I was thoroughly impressed. The food is fantastic, the banquet menu is hard to beat charging only 25 pp for a three course meal!! A huge deal less than the rates we usually pay at a similar place in Ponsonby. The staff are the greatest asset. Very attentive without being annoying, pleasant while providing a really relaxing atmosphere. This is now our new fav spot. Have used it for both business and pleasure and will most def. return, very, very shortly!

5 star rating
by Oliver K.
19th February 2009

I went to Hongthai on last month

The food taste is very good and service is very kind.

overall i think this restuarant get you feel like home.

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