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  Indian, European
Tues - Sun 6pm - 9:30pm


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3 star rating
by Kemeuwiffen
Apr 21, 2013

Actually, it cannot be called buffet restaurant. Very few selections.

However, it was OK for me for the visit, because I used a $10 voucher with my friend. The taste of dishes was OK, the waiter was friendly.

5 star rating
by Persis George
Dec 08, 2012

Amazing food,serene ambiance . Absolutely loved it...fresh quality food..highly recommended.
We had a private function catered for our babies birthday bash for over 70 people. Everyone loved it.... No doubt it will now will be our first stop destination for a dine out.

1 star rating
by Renato.West
Aug 12, 2012

Do not want give any star!! This is not buffet. Went there with my friend, We only had 20 mins to finish all of food.
one tomato soup
two salads
three main dishes: chicken, beef and vege
Plus rice and nam
Only 8 things can eat... where are the desserts?

the feast??? even food court got more options.

4 star rating
by Peter
Jul 16, 2012

hey The Feast is a cool place. very personal touch. food was nice. mix of Indian and continental. I loved the chicken curry.the Indian bread was very yummy. they said it was masala dosa. loved it.

5 star rating
by Tony
Jul 14, 2012

It is true, people like to see lot of food when they think about Buffet, but question to be asked, do we really enjoy food in terms of Quantity or Quality. The food here is excellent in terms of Quality. These people always bring freshly cooked food. The curry here has real Indian taste and flavour, not like other places where you get fusion taste curry. We enjoyed the BBQ night also. We took deal voucher on both occasion and we consider the price is really cheap. The Feast stands for Quality and I consider this will help them in long term.

2 star rating
by Sharon
Jun 28, 2012

23/7/2012 Have been back recently for both the Indian & the South Indian nights. Both had better offerings than our BBQ night with good flavours in each of the curries supplied. The bread was also good for supping up the tasty sauces. I have increased my stars to 2 for this reason and also as the owners are really lovely people who I do believe want this place to work which I would love to see. Not coming from the area, I am not sure what the people there want or can afford which in turn reflects what the Feast will offer. However from our experience I honestly feel there is still room for improvement which I believe could be achieved with some thought and direction. If they stick to what they know with flavours, offer more variety of curries at the same time, supply some Indian condiments/sides, I would love to go again and be happy to pay a bit extra for the better selection. Thank you both and I wish you well.

27/6/2012. Well where to start. After reading the previous reviews we came here less than enthusiastic but with the hope that a few things had changed in trying to better the offerings. Alas it had not. Infact, I think it was probably worse than some of the others experienced as at least they got ribs, described as good, which I was looking forward to. We did not.
Steak, the first batch was actually nice. Tender, and the sauce was flavourful. But when they replenished the dish it was a totally different cut of meat, very overcooked and had been cut the wrong way so was very tough.
Chicken wings, nice flavour but some were a bit pink in the middle so have to be careful there.
Ribs, none, asked if they were coming out, was told no we have steak??? tonight. I thought it was supposed to be both.
No chicken curry was offered to us at our table as some other reviewers have had.
Roast pumpkin/potatoes, a warm pasta dish that actually tasted nice the first time but when they replenished it they didnt add any more sauce so the pasta just made what was left watery.
Cold selection: Sliced beetroot (out of a can), potato salad and coleslaw (the type that comes in bulk plastic bags from the supermarket).
And a soup, was told it was OK.
Dessert: A small square of a egg custard/cream caramel thing, tasted OK but caramel was burnt and bottom had a look like it had been made in an old tin.
So overall a big disappointment. The owners were nice but that doesnt make a restaurant.
The ambiance of the place is exactly as described in past reviews.I laughed when my daughter said one of the reviews said it was like a soup kitchen for the homeless, because in a way it did look like that. It wouldnt take much to make it look better. A few plants/partitions maybe. And when the music tape stopped, the place went silent.
We will be returning, only because we have another voucher. This time we will try the Indian night. Will get back to you on that.
Why did I buy the voucher? Because at the time it was offered all the reviews were great and although it was a camel trek to get there, I was prepared to go to try the 'FEAST' experience. Sadly it was not as expected or described. And infact it could be looked at as false advertising/fraud. The place could not have deteriorated so much in such a short space of time. So something was not right about those first reviews.
I came away thinking how can someone be proud of what they are offering. Do they really believe it is good enough or can they just not cook. If so, they need to get out of that line of business. Maybe they just dont care adn are just biding time before the lease is up.
I am sorry, I was hoping that all would be well so I could give a good review, but I cant, I have to tell it like it was for us. I just hope I can give a better report next time.

1 star rating
by Zeena Sattar
Jun 25, 2012

We had a deal voucher and went here on a Sunday night their south indian night. There were only two other tables there.

Was expecting a bit more food choice for a buffet, there was a
veg curry, fried fish, chicken curry, roti, rice, coleslaw, potato salad, lentil soup and ice cream.

I overheard other table given dessert choice but we were just served ice cream with some caramel sauce but it was burnt and tasted bitter. There was pulao rice but didnt taste good at all even the kids didnt eat it.
The food tasted ok, but for a buffet a few more choices would be good.

The chicken curry was particularly yummy and so was the soup would have been nice to have some bread with the soup.

Certainly can not be called a buffet or the feast, was very excited when I got the voucher specially after reading all the great reviews it had, dont know if they trying to cut corners after selling the vouchers.

I dont think we will be going back again.

1 star rating
by Matt Cooper
May 31, 2012

OMG! what can we say.
No one in this place and very very very little food.
We left full but this is what the buffet had:
soup vegetable- no bread
pasta salad
potato salad
HOT RIBS - very good
Steak - very good
white rice
crab pasta

Served a chicken curry to you at the table.

Dessert was Indian balls - yummy
Bread and butter pudding yummy
I really feel sorry for these people
The stuff that they had tasted good but OMG it was very very sad!
They were trying very hard!

It just needed more food, none of the pics of the food are anything like what they serve, just the table settings.

1 star rating
by Lexibelle Bibbo
May 30, 2012

I am surprised to see that this place was ever rated highly, especially as recently as April this year. Either this restaurant (and I use the term loosely) rapidly dropped in standards within a matter of weeks or these earlier reviews are not genuine.

'The Feast' describes itself as a fine-dining buffet restaurant with Euro-Indian cuisine. That's what it says on the sign outside anyway. Which by the way was clearly not designed with any relevance to "fine-dining", "Euro-Indian" or even "restaurant". You may mistake it for some shoddy financial institution.

I wasn't about to dismiss The Feast's potential to provide me a decent buffet due to it's poorly designed sign however. We walked through the doors to a well-lit and rather bare room. The buffet stand appeared very empty as well but I presumed that it would be replenished with a variety of fresh, hot food just in time for our arrival.

I sat down at our table and took a moment to actually assess the place properly. It was a little too well-lit and bare. There was no ambiance at all. It didn't feel like a restaurant, more like a conference room. It felt very peculiar... But there were more than a few other diners so I hoped that would be indicative of the food itself being good.

I looked to see if the buffet stand had been restocked, which it hadn't. I was hungry so I decided to investigate my options anyway. A whopping five or so varieties of food to select from - Potatoes, rice, more potatoes, spare ribs, chicken drumsticks and some other miscellaneous sides. A staff member came out from the kitchen with but a bowl of coleslaw. I realized then that this was the complete buffet. Awkward...

I served myself some rice and potato. My plate looked somewhat third-world at this stage and that's about as Indian as it got. I added some spare ribs and chicken drumsticks even though I didn't want them, but seeing as I had no other choice... At this point I decided that this place was too absurd to be real and that someone was playing a trick on me! I half expected Ashton Kutcher to come out of the kitchen and tell me I'd been Punk'd. Alas, he didn't.

So I took my below-average home cooked dinner to the table and sampled it. I hoped that perhaps the reason this place was so minimal was so they could afford to hire a chef that had the ability cook the most magical tasting chicken drumsticks in the world. Once again I was disappointed.

This was not fine-dining, nor buffet, nor Euro, nor Indian, nor a restaurant, nor a feast. How is this place still open? Why are the owners even bothering? They clearly don't know how to operate a restaurant or the meaning of any of the words on their sign. It was more like a soup kitchen at a homeless shelter. I'm still not sure if it was a real place or an elaborate prank!

1 star rating
by Joanna Brown
May 27, 2012

I dined in for a Buffet meal with my family. After 20 mins I was telling them we were leaving, I was so disgusted. I had sent my plate back telling them the chicken in the curry was uncooked. Now at this stage you would think they would check the dish and get back to me... nope not at "The Feast". After waiting for 10 mins I went up to them and he did check with the Chef and they agreed it was uncooked and said "sorry" and walked away. As we were walking out we found out that another customer complained about uncooked chicken. I would not reccommend The Feast to anyone!

1 star rating
by Deanne
May 26, 2012

I just went there for dinner and it was the worst place. It was a-buffet and there was 3 options. out of the six tables of people it continuously ran out. The menu for Saturday was not any of the food served and my 3 year old refused to eat the rice, which she usually loves. We left and went to the kfc next door for dinner because we were still hungry. There was not even a sign for the toilet, so you had to ask where it was.

5 star rating
by Deepak David
Apr 17, 2012

I happened to visit the restaurant a few days ago for Lunch. The food was Indian themed and I must say was the tastiest and most authentic Indian food I have had in New Zealand. It was reasonably priced as well for the wide variety of dishes that were being served. I will definitely visit again to try out the other themed food they have on offer during the week. The ambiance was pleasant and relaxed, suitable if your out with a group or even for a quiet dinner for two. Definitely pay them a visit if your in the area looking for a good meal.

5 star rating
by Paeterasp Vevaina
Feb 13, 2012

We've tried both of their theme menu's, BBQ and Indian and both were finger licking. We definitely recommend it to anyone. Their service was excellent and for their BBQ the pork ribs are amazing and so is their fried fish in the indian menu. Just want to try out their south indian cousine now. A must go for any food enthusiast.

5 star rating
by Gabriel
Jan 17, 2012

We visited this restaurant on a Tuesday night after we read online about their BBQ buffet theme night on both Tues and Weds. night.
The location of the restaurant is right on the main road at Pt. Chev; there is a bus station right outside of the restaurant. Apparently this site used to be the old WINZ building.
The inside of the restaurant is renovated as suitable for buffet environment. Dinning tables are well presented with table runner on.
There are some salads and soup to start the meal. And as much as I can tell you, the salads tasted absolutely great and fresh.
The buffet BBQ dish are served to the table. Chef brought the first plate out by himself. Again, it is well represted and taste very frest. The steak and the chicken drum steak just tender and frest as you can imagine. The second plate is shike kabab, fresh lamb and beef minced patties like Indian style. It was very nice too, the specis are just the right amount. I often found it is over salty in Indian restaurant when I ordered this kabab. Marinated prok ribs followed as the third plates, wonderful again.
In the end, we told the chef that we had enough and it was nice; then he brought us the dissert for the day. It was sticky date pudding with custard sauce and plum sauce. It served on a nice dish with a professional design. It doesn't feel like dining in a buffet restaurant, but a stylish a-la-carte restaurant.
All in all, it was very nice. We then re-visited there on a Sunday night for the South Indian theme night, again, suprisingly nice.
Now we have became regular and still keen to go there on Thursday and Friday to try the Indian theme night.

5 star rating
by MistryMan
Nov 22, 2011

The family went to The Feast on a weekend about a month back and had their South Indian buffet it was great. The food was tasty had chicken biryani, Goan beef, some fish dish and couple of vegetable dishes, condiments, made to order South Indian pancakes and couple of desert dishes . The big draw card for my kids was the fact they could have Dosa (thin semi-crispy crepe) which were made to order. We all had a good time.
We went again last week on a Tuesday night to try their BBQ buffet. Again the food was great we had ribs, steak, chicken, salads, condiments and desert. I really enjoyed the food.
The restaurant is a family business and the chef is the proprietor of the business. If it gets busy you may have a slight wait between the made to order dishes, but not an irritating long wait.
What The Feast provides is good food at a good price, one leaves feeling happy. The BBQ had an Indian bent which made it different and unusual to many of the other BBQ restaurants on offer in Auckland.
I have recommended this restaurant to many of my friends and they all have had a good dining experience. If you want good food, good value for money and slightly different Indian food you must give The Feast a try.

4 star rating
by Jenz
Nov 02, 2011

visited The Feast on sunday just gone- 30/10/11(the theme was south indian).very cheap lunch $15 pperson buffet. We arrived early and got to go in while the sole waitress set up.the decor is ok considering this building use to be the old WINZ office.nice tables and chairs.table runners and table settings are more of an ala carte style but nice and stylish as opposed to the office looking room.selection of 5 curries(one chicken/one fish/3 vegetarian)Ghee rice/crunchy chip thingies and one raita and one coconut chutney plus one dessert dish.curries delicious and fresh.chef made us special pancakes to accompany our meals as they didnt have roti or naan as part of the meal.very worth visiting for a good curry(beats the mall stuff).would go again to checkout their bbq nites(tues and weds) and also their indian day(thurs- all the usual indian curries you knw ie korma/butter chicken etc)overall it was a very quiet experience,only one other couple walked in while we were there.the facility can hold up to 80.def worth a try!id recommend it