Fitzys Fast Food

3 star rating 10 reviews

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09 2359510

22A Bowen Street

  Fast Food, Fish and Chips
07:30 AM to 9 PM


Reviews for Fitzys Fast Food

4 star rating
by Kimberley Thomas
7 months ago

Fitzy's definitely do the best fish'n'chips in Waiuku. Their prices are great and their servings are generous. They can take a while on busy nights, but that's to be expected. We always get more than we pay for, and it's delicious.

4 star rating
by Daniel Mapletoft
Aug 24, 2014

One of the cheapest, great fish, generous chip scoop size. They do get very busy though so you often have a 20 min wait.

5 star rating
by Chrystal Parker
Mar 26, 2013

I'm sorry but all of your bad reviews are wrong. Fitzy's is better than any other take away shop but honestly if you were to go to another shop constantly you can't say that they never go wrong. Give them a break. Chill out and relax. If you don't like them go somewhere else, see if they care. No need to make a massive fuss about it. I personally think that it has amazing food and the best service I've ever seen. Especially the young girls at the counter, they are so lovely to talk to. Leah I hope you realise that if you lie it's not a good look for yourself.

1 star rating
by Leah
Oct 16, 2012

Last night we purchased our takeaways from Fitzy's, and the food was disgustingly below standard. The fish was blackened in colour (the flesh on the inside) it was slimy and discoloured, and there was a 1/2 inch thick spinal cord throughout all the pieces. This rendered the fish completely inedible, and was frankly so off-putting we couldn't even touch it. The fish also smelled strongly of ammonia, suggesting it was beyond was the worst food experience my family have ever had. One of the pieces wasn't as bad and we tasted was clearly old and totally foul. I felt sick instantly, and still do.

We took our food back and the management didn't even speak to us. Not interested .
Instead they directed the young girl at the counter to talk to us. We received our money back for the fish only. I think this is a real concern, as the fish could really make someone incredibly ill, I haven't been able to eat anything since last night myself. As for the other food in our order, it was over cooked and borderline. Really disappointed.

2 star rating
by Jesse James .
Jan 26, 2012

When they tell you that your order will be 10 minutes, be warned that they actually mean 30 minutes. This has happened every single time that we have been there.

Over the new year, we got takeaways from them 3 times. 2 of those times, they charged us for but did not give us various items. The fact that this happened two weeks in a row is astounding. It is really embarassing having to go back and demand your crab stick and fritters etc.

The food itself is fine, but the service completely lets it down.

5 star rating
by Danni
Nov 16, 2011

You can't go wrong with fitzy's! Get the chips, and ask for cheese with tomato sauce and mayo. YUMMY! The milkshakes are also delicious. Family and friends all love this place, i'd definately recommend.

5 star rating
by Tarina Hodgson
Apr 18, 2011

BEST fish and chip shop in Franklin! They always have added extras to their menu which is nice to have options other than just your standard fish and chips.

Pizzas and the chicken cheese n mayo toasted sami are recomended!

3 star rating
by Casey Sherriff
Mar 06, 2011

fitzys fast food is a great way to have your Saturday meal! but it does need a good cleaning on the floors and the walls!! i bought some chips there and they were to greasy and some were a little bit brown but they did taste nice and yummy! fitzys has a big range of food from cold to hot they also make their very own pizzas which i want to try!! so if you come to waiuku town and want to buy some takeaways go to fitzys fast food for the best takeaways in town!!

5 star rating
by Gemma
Jan 14, 2011

MMMMMMMM best chips ever!

5 star rating
by Rochelle
Apr 30, 2010

This is the best FISH and CHIP shop in FRANKLIN! :)