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Fook Lam Moon Restaurant

4 star rating 6 reviews

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09 3698889

100 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket, Auckland

  Chinese, Asian
11 AM to 10 PM


Reviews for Fook Lam Moon Restaurant

4 star rating
by Felicia
Feb 20, 2013

Three of us rocked up to this place for yum char without any booking. Service was good and out of all the 9 dishes ordered, only 2 were bland. So overall, it was a pretty good experience and the food came out pretty quick too! We would happily come back again and recommend to friends to eat here.

1 star rating
by Dean
Feb 19, 2013

My experience here was absolutely unacceptable.

We arrived and were pointed to a table from the counter, the table had fried rice all over it and all over the floor, and dirty dishes on the table. The chairs were a mess and we had to ask other diners if we could have their spare chairs. There were loud noises coming from the back of the restaurant, men yelling etc.
At this point I was already wanting to leave but I had a voucher that I needed to use.

About a long waiting we finally got a menu that was thrown on our table with back turned.
After we ordered it took one whole hour before we saw a dish. I was fortunate that I had great company with me.
We ordered three dishes and they came out at different times, the last one came out roughly two hours after we arrived.
Other diners were complaining all over the place, and some just leaving. We had a non-refundable voucher so we couldn't really leave (although it would be worth $40 just to get out of that place).

When we left, we asked to take away what we had left and we were handed plastic containers to fill them ourselves.

We left with a cold farewell from the main counter, like they were very pleased to get rid of the European filth in their store. It makes no sense to me how these companies stay in business.

1 star rating
by Stacey Fitness
Feb 18, 2013

I went to this restaurant today as I love Yum Cha and am a sucker for voucher deals. I should have realized after 4 days of unsuccessful contact, on their business number that this business doesn't want customers!

After popping in to make a booking ahead of time, we finally sat down to enjoy my birthday lunch. When the voucher was presented the look of disgust was well received!

The first food option came and was amazing but this was the best and only experience I wish to remember.

We were ignored and when we requested to look at what was available to other customers, offered animal fat! I'm not ignorant and understand their cuisine but this was not food and I wouldn't even feed it too my dog.

Another couple sat opposite us and also could see that if we weren't of Asian decent, we were not offered food as frequently or at all. They went to pay and were left waiting for 10 minutes, basically ignored an it wasn't even busy.

After an hour and a half and only presented 4 dishes! I walked out leaving the voucher on the table, as our meal and lack of service wasn't worth my time to wait around.

Amusing I was chased out the door immediately and directed to come back to pay. When pointing out the voucher on the table, I was ordered to pay for the extras. The menu clearly indicated at the most 1 dish cost $5, well that = $20 max and the voucher was for $40!!!!

Stay away from this place, need I say more? Not hard just want acknowledgement and food in exchange for money or paid for deal vouchers!

4 star rating
by Sharon
Jan 23, 2013

First time here for Yum Cha lunch. No problem getting a table but I have learnt that getting in earlier rather than later is better. Not just for seating but also for food quality. We found the staff friendly and helpful and had no trouble communicating in English, does make things easier. The quality of the food was good, and everything was hot. Only gripe would be that some items on the menu are no longer avail which is a pity as its things we like. On a whole we find Yum Cha to be similar in most places. What makes the difference is the attitude of the staff towards the customers, the freshness (being hot) of items and knowing what you are paying for before you go up to the counter. It doesnt take much but makes for a much more enjoyable lunch. Thank you for a lovely break in our day.

3 star rating
by Jenny Ong
Jan 13, 2013

Went for yum char lunch. Average quality food & service. Really nothing to rave about and won't be returning as there are other restaurants with better offerings for yum char.

3 star rating
by KitKat
Jan 05, 2013

We came here for Yum Cha as we had a voucher for this restaurant. It was very busy when we arrived so we were lucky that we had booked. It was pretty chaotic with there being only one person on the front desk and only a few other staff on the floor. They would benefit from having a few more staff. The food itself was pretty good, slightly bland, but it was hot, fresh and not overly expensive. I would be happy to return.