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Fortuna Buffet Restaurant, SKYCITY

3_half star rating 42 reviews

Telephone 09-363 6000

Cnr Victoria & Federal Sts
SKYCITY, Level 3
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Breakfast, Buffet, Asian, International
Mon - Sun 6.30am-10am

Mon-Fri 12pm-2.30pm
Sat-Sun 11.30am-2.30pm

Sun - Thur 5:30pm - 9:30pm
Fri - Sat 5:30pm-late
Provided by business


Enjoy live carvery, freshly baked breads, Asian specialities plus unlimited coffee and tea. If that doesn’t get you going then the rotisserie chicken, glazed champagne ham and fantastic range of fresh salads and vegetarian dishes will. Still not convinced? Did we mention the extensive selection of desserts and ice cream… Fortuna is perfect for a number of occasions, especially for large groups that want to indulge in a wide range of delicious cuisine that is exceptional value for money. Breakfast Daily 6.30am-10am Adults $22.90 Children (up to 3 years old) Free when dining with a full paying adult Children (4- 9 years old) $9.90 Children (10-14 years old) $12.90 Lunch Monday -Friday 12pm-2.30pm Adults $22.90 Children (up to 3 years old) Free when dining with a full paying adult Children (4- 9 years old) $9.90 Children (10-14 years old) $12.90 Saturday-Sunday 11.30am-2.30pm Adults $24.90 Children (up to 3 years old) Free when dining with a full paying adult Children (4- 9 years old) $12.90 Children (10-14 years old) $15.90 Dinner Sunday – Thursday 5:30pm – 9:30pm Adults $29.90 Children (up to 3 years old) Free when dining with a full paying adult Children (4-9 years old) $12.90 Children (10-14 years old) $15.90 Friday – Saturday 5:30pm-late Adults $34.90 Children (up to 3 years old) Free when dining with a full paying adult Children (4-9 years old) $14.90 Children (10-14 years old) $19.90


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Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Smart casual
Good For Groups:
Good For Children:
Wine, Beer, Spirits, Cocktails
Wheelchair Accessible:
Takes Reservations:
Dietary Restrictions:
Meals Served:
Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast, Dessert
Payment Types:
EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners

Reviews for Fortuna Buffet Restaurant, SKYCITY

2 star rating
by Ramon
9th July 2014

Went for lunch with my partner, as far as buffets go it was pretty average. We were seated under the air con and it was freezing! We asked if it could be turned down or if we could move and although there were plenty of free tables; non with reserved signs we got told there was nothing they could do about it. It being winter I would have thought there would be more hot food, the only hot vegetables were roast potato, peas and kumara all the tomatoes, beans extra were on the cold salad bar and everything was covered in mayonnaise. ‘mains’ were extremely limited 3 or four things; no seafood and the pork was tough and dry (I actually initially thought it was brown bread when I saw it on my partners plate). The dessert bar was ok, cheese cake was good, my favorite thing about the whole buffet was actually the bread selection, it had little white soup roles with herbs and seeds, crusty ciabatta and a delicious seeded brown grain bread, you then have a selection of lovely oils, balsamic vinegar, dukkah and kumara soup to have with it. The staff were nice but if the bread is the best part of the meal I don’t think I will be back.

3 star rating
by Raffi R.
3rd July 2014

Came here with a friend and value for money so not as great as what was on offer. Options where decent, but was expecting more based on what I’ve heard and read however the staff were very nice and attentive.
In terms of food it was tasty, but the pork was very chewy and tough and ham had lots of fat on it. Chicken was a bit on the dry side but nice and had to wait at times for more to come out.
Dessert was excellent. There was plenty of options on offer and was very delicious. It was a Wednesday night so not very busy which allowed easier movement around and food didn’t run out. I would visit again if price was lowered of food improved in terms of quality and variety

2 star rating
by S B.
23rd June 2014

We didn’t even get to eat here, so I can’t comment on the food. Issue was with service.

We arrived with 12 people after booking for 20 (several people pulled out the morning of, so we had little warning.)

My friend was not aware that we had to reconfirm numbers before arrival, so we showed up only to be told we would have to pay for all 20 people if we wanted to eat here.

I understand that you should let the restaurant know if numbers change, but we were rather bluntly told to pay for 20 and weren’t allowed to pay for just the 12 that showed up. The girl at the counter was not friendly at all, and we felt really unwelcome.

We decided to leave.

It seems silly to prefer to have no business rather than 12 people.

At almost $25 pp, they effectively lost $300.

3 star rating
by Isaac V.
15th June 2014

i had been meaning to try this place for some time now, so after deciding to try it which we did, i now wish i hadn’t. I guess my expectations on this place were high seeing as though it is part of the Casino, which i should have guessed it is after all just a buffet, we found a very very limited buffet offering for lunch with more salads and things than meats the dessert buffet was also very limited as well. i guess this place is really a pompous version of Valentines!

2 star rating
by Lucy B.
4th June 2014

2.5/5 – Not quite poor

Now I have to admit, I am not a fan of Buffets so I am trying to be as fair as I can. Personally, I find buffets a concern, all that food mixed together, it can’t be good. Anyway, as far as buffet places go, this was pretty average. Firstly, the seafood. All you can eat oysters, whole, cold prawns still with their beady eyes staring at you, tiny shrimp swamped in thousand island sauce. That is pretty much my seafood nightmare! I dislike oysters but understand that some people like to swallow large lumps of slime whilst holding their nose and trying not to gag. Prawns need attention, show them a little bit more respect. Perhaps, you know, cook them or something! And the poor little shrimp! Dislike thousand island dressing, shrimps can be done in other ways, I know it’s a buffet but honestly. It’s all very generic. I don’t understand why all the seafood was cold. Salads were pretty good as was some of the hot food. Actually quite liked the roast veges and lamb. Not impressed with desserts, some were average, others were disappointing. Chocolate mouse was too rich, pastry on lemon meringue was soggy, and for heavens sake, there is no place for coconut in cheesecake! Overall at $29.99 you could call it value for money, I guess?

1 star rating
by Kerensa R.
17th May 2014

The worst meal ever. Worth negative stars only, Can’t believe how bad it was. Nothing was nice, there was hardly any food and it was all terrible.
The salads had few condiments and ingredients, the sushi looked old and stale.
I don’t eat ham so there was no carvery and no meat for me. At all.
The roast potatoes were undercooked. The fish was all batter. The sauces tasted stale. The only edible item was soup.
There were very few deserts and no cheeses as they don’t top the buffet up. I got a square of cut supermarket style lamination and that was it.
I went with a vegetarian and she paid $40 for a salad and crackers as there was nothing appropriate and nobody seemed to know what the stock used in the soups were.
In addition, the restaurant was overheated and very noisy.
We booked in advance a large party and they didn’t even seat us together or push tables together. Then they charged the full price, not just the deposit as two people cancelled. They were told of this in advance but ‘didn’t have a record.’ So we paid $80 for two people who cancelled in advance.
They clearly don’t ever expect repeat business so are happy to rip customers off and provide no service.
Appalling – the worst place I have ever been to in Auckland.

4 star rating
by Daffy
23rd January 2014

Very good. We went for a buffet lunch, friendly staff, soup was yummy. Main, dessert, tea were all great. Worth the money.

2 star rating
by Bob J.
12th January 2014

Service was very nice, unfortunately that’s where it ends.

The food was absolutely disappointing, at $39.90 a head I did not expect to find the poor quality and supermarket bought stuff served up still their plastic tubs.

The meat was all overcooked, the sliced ham looked like it was cut with a chain saw, the pork belly was ok except you could not chew the skin it was like rough leather.

All of the seafood was so disappointing also, mussels and prawns dry, shrimps drowned in sauce no oysters what so ever.

Vegetables, cubed and deep fried I will never return, I was hopping the food had improved from my last visit but it has gotten worse.

I would put this as one of the worst food experiences I have had. I would love to see what Gordon Ramsey would say.

4 star rating
by Claire M.
12th January 2014

Went for the buffet lunch. Had a reasonably good experience! The soup was yummy, and there was a wide range of options for the mains. It would have been nice to have a couple more vegetarian options, however that’s just me! Dessert was amazing and the free teas and coffees were great. Everything was kept well stocked. Definitely worth it if you feel like a massive feed!

5 star rating
by Tiffany M.
10th January 2014

Always lots of Variety, great service, great for all ages & diet types. The go to place for a family of difficult eaters. I have eaten here many times including my graduation lunch, Birthday dinners, celebrations & just a night out. Each time the food slightly changes but the quality does not. Well done Sky city.

5 star rating
by Eli W.
30th September 2013

I don’t understand how someone can have a bad experience of this place as I have had the following:

* 3-4 breakfasts
* 2 lunches (21st birthday and small family gathering)
* Special Birthday Lunch

Just recently had breakfast with 4 other friends and were greeted from entry through to exit. The selection on the buffet breakfast/lunch menu was great value for money – we were definitely satisfied. It was a great way to end a weekend with the girls in Auckland CBD! xx

2 star rating
by Christian
4th September 2013

Very friendly staff
The food was cold and like a cafiteria !
Never ever go back! Unless your desperate and have no other choices …! Not a local place at all just for the tour groups …

3 star rating
by Tina
2nd September 2013

Went there last week for my friend’s birthday, when we arrived the staff seemed nice except for the one that took us to our table. She seemed like she just doesn’t enjoy working there. At first she was confused when we said we have one more person coming later on, then she took us to the wrong table and said we need to move to the other side. As we told her again about the other person coming later, she said o it’s fully booked tonight so you probably won’t be able to move to a bigger table. Well, that’s ok for us, just bring us an extra seat, we don’t mind being all squished up.

An hour into the dinner, one of the staff came to have a look at the ticket that were given to us at the beginning to check something, then he spoke to my friend (who planned this dinner) and said that there’s another group of people waiting for this table. My friend was shocked and said “um, you didn’t tell us at the beginning about time limit” the guy looked lost and said “ok, wait I will go check” then 10 mins later, another guy came (I believe it’s the manager) and said pretty much what the first guy said, but this time my friend was pissed off and repeated what she said about time limit, so in the end the guy was just like “ok, how much longer do you think you need, and we all looked at each other and said like 10-15 mins, at least let us finish our desserts. Talk about bad communication there, if they informed us in the beginning then we would be more than happy to stick to the time.

Food was average, selection of bread, two different types of soap (pumpkin and tomato), salads, roast chicken, ham, pasta, deep fried fish bites, corn chips with salsa to go with. Dessert was average as well, chocolate cake, ice cream, lemon meringue, custard. Price wise – yeah, bit pricey for me as I’m a student. Would go back on a “not so busy” day perhaps.

1 star rating
by Patrick Y.
1st August 2013

Where do I begin on this terrible place?

I don’t normally write reviews to any places, this is my first time because I really want to find a place to release all my anger about visiting this restaurant.

Start off with a couple of good things, the staff were helpful and attitude was good. I arrived 15 minutes earlier, and they still manage to give me a table.

Now, me and partner went there for dinner, it was $32.90 per person. A buffet inside the casino, I went there with the expectation of a nice environment and some good food, also I have seen some photos with seafood like oyster from their website. But it was a complete disappointment!

The salad section was quite nice with an OK sort of variety. They have two types of mussels, garlic and BBQ or something which were alright as well. But where were the oysters??? To the hot food, the meat section, there were roast chicken, ham and pineapple, lamb shank, pork belly, the Asian section, they had sushi and that was it. Where were all the basic things like, sweet and sour pork, spring rolls and deep fried stuff???? The vege section was quite limited as well, some cauliflower, roast potatoes, and that was pretty much it as well. And there was a section which was completely empty with no food! Maybe they ran out of ideas of what other food to make?

Dessert was nothing like what you see on the photos as well, there were jelly, pav, cheesecake, ice cream, and a couple of other stuff, and that was it. Fine, so I thought maybe I will get a drink from the coke machine where I saw people getting their coke and juice from. But I found there was no glasses, then there was a sign there saying that it costs $5 for unlimited drinks! o.m.g….($32.9 + $5) x 2 = $75.8 I can have quite a decent meal in another place, or maybe even a better buffet as well!

Now to the taste, which there wasn’t none for some food, and some food tasted really awful. The best food was the prawns from the cold section! I mean there’s nothing wrong with their food (apart from the taste), but it just isn’t worth $32.9 per person, and it’s just not something that you would get from a casino as well! So all in all, stay away from this place, spend your money in another “cheaper” restaurant or even at the casino downstairs! lol!

I would have given this place negative star rating if there was the option.

5 star rating
by Liv W.
16th July 2013

My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed our buffet lunch today at Fortuna.

There was a huge variety, and dishes were very tasty.

Standouts for me included the beautifully flavoured curried Kumara soup; and a plate of Mexican that I put together, with lush tomato salsa, a thin avocado enhanced lime-cream, chilli con carne, grated cheese, etc. I also really enjoyed the salad selection – including the fresh feta, tomato, cucumber, and black olive greek salad; and a Vietnamese lemongrass infused chilled noodle dish.

My partner really enjoyed a selection of meats, like ham from the carvery, and we both loved the roasted veges (the big thick chunks of sweet roasted carrot were great!) The beef stroganoff had a delicious flavor, with sumptuous mini-button mushrooms and loads of nicely seasoned sauce.

My theory with buffets, is that the great value is in the sheer variety and quantity, and it pays to take time to make multiple trips and use the sauces and condiments creatively to make sure you end up with great flavor combinations on your plate… and not a jumble of cuisines flooding one on top of the other!

I also liked assembling a Japanese combo, where I used some of the ‘sushi rice’, and poured soy sauce over some smoked fish on top, and sprinkled with lots of yummy dried seaweed strands and some pickled ginger.

Desserts were excellent – with the best part for me, being the sweet and tangy cooled sauce of beautiful giant cherries & plums. The perfect sourness of it cut through the richness of all the other delicious desserts (like the chocolate iced mudcake, the shaved-choc-sprinkled chocolate mousse, the pavlova, and all the other yummy things).

One point for improvement, is the time it took to refill the icecream machine (it was probably only 10 minutes… but it felt like a long time, and I was full of other yummy stuff by the time it came out…) – but mainly, perhaps they could put a sign on the machine while it’s being refilled? As there was general confusion amongst us patrons as we tried to fiddle with knobs and things on the machine to get it to work (ha ha!) when another kind patron mentioned that the usual handle was not there because it had been taken away to be refilled.)

Anyway, Staff were very pleasant, and the young lady who seated us was particularly accommodating in letting us shift seats so we could sit in a quieter and sunnier spot (she went to the trouble of re-issuing our till docket so we could do that – Thanks!).

Altogether, we were delighted with our choice to come here :)

1 star rating
by Jim C.
12th July 2013

I have been many times to the buffet and it just keeps getting worse and worse. The service at Fortuna is a joke and the price is terrible. They used to have a great buffet when it was downstairs with oysters and much more and better selection. They have become very greedy and sloppy with their service and quality of food. There is no way anyone can eat the amount of food they charge for. We stay at the Grand Hotel really often and we have decided not to go to the buffet any more since they closed the Observatory buffet upstairs. Even it was grossly overpriced but the food was very good. Don’t waste your time and money going to Fortuna as you will be very dissappointed. Thank you, Jim and Rosie

1 star rating
by Jake B.
4th July 2013

Hands down the most disgusting experience I have ever had in my life, they literally ruined my birthday. This is a warning to anybody that is considering going to this restaurant.

Starting about 3 weeks ago I decided that I wanted to go to dinner for my 18th birthday as I am not the typical ‘party animal’ and more of an academic. I was extremely excited to go out for the first time, get a drink for the first time and have a nice dinner with my friends.

Walking through the Sky-City hotel got us really excited as well as everything was quite flash and we thought we would be in for quite a flash restaurant… We were so mistaken.

When we got there we got a receipt and opposed to a nice greeting the lady at the front wrote a big ’9PM’ on the receipt and said that this was the time we had to be out by.

13 of us went and sat down and me and another 18 year old friend got a drink (quite expensive too I might add- but hey, it was my first so I wasn’t worrying about price too much. Also, can I add that we weren’t even asked for ID) Then we sat down, I got a cold Kumara soup and some stale bread to dip into it- I was optimistic that it would get better, then the staff came along.

As soon as we walked in the manager started spying on us (which, she later admits) and some of the other staff (exception of a really nice lady who was a waitress there) were just plain rude. I asked for some cutlery to go with my next serving of lamb shank and cold roasted potatoes. The waiter said “over there near the buffet”. When you pay nearly $40 a head you would expect them to be kind enough to get you cutlery… I mean, come on!

Then the real stuff went down, one of my friends (who did not have an ID on them) took a sip of my drink because, well, she just wanted to try it. We then got the spying manager scoot over and ask for ID, on failure to show her ID the manager asked all 13 of us to leave. She then toned it down and said that only my friend needed to leave. The tables surrounding came up to me and told me that they felt really bad and that the whole thing was a joke but this lady had ruined my eighteenth birthday at this stage and none of my friends really wanted to move because of fear of the staff.

The food was awful, dried out and minimal. The drinks were overpriced and the staff were, generally horrible. I don’t usually write reviews and have never written a bad one in my life but it takes a lot to get me down and this place did just that.

Please, never go there! You will thank me for this very long, long review!

3 star rating
by Wayne S.
26th April 2013

Went here with friends before Christmas and staff were friendly and overall experience was much better than expected. Only downside for us was the place was packed, very hard to get through the tables carrying plates of food and lots of dishes were empty on the buffet as there were so many people there. Food itself was good and was perfect for catching up with friends in a nice but not too formal atmosphere.

4 star rating
by Haden H.
24th March 2013

Surprisingly good!

The pasta dishes were exceptional. The guiness pie was delicious with a nice crust and there was a great variety of salads and other cold dishes.

Service was efficient and place was clean.

Would definitely go again.

3 star rating
by Tony M.
12th March 2013

This place has improved from 3-4 years ago. However it still feels like a slightly upgraded version of Valentines…which I am personally not a great big fan of…

Standard NZ buffet food, eg. chowders fisha and chips roast food mussels etc…Not special spices or sauces…

Good place to try meet some rugby players scoffing down food :)

Recommend The Observatory Restaurant if you are thinking of something more special.

Service: 3/5
Wait time: 5/5
Environment: 3/5
Food Quality and taste: 1/5
Price range: $30+ pp

3 star rating
by Jo W.
25th February 2013

Boring array of food with average flavors, though none of them tasted bad. The roast was dry and flavorless. Don’t expect much seafood. If you re bulking for the season and looking for value for your money, by all means come here. Otherwise i would not commend.
One of the things i can highly commend though is their Panna Cotta, definitely one of the best i have had, silky delicious smooth with real vanilla bean and liquor aftertaste, I had six of these baby. Other deserts were not too shabby as well, much better than other “premium” buffets or high class restaurants in my humble opinion. They did serve seasonal fresh (uncut) fruits too, which was a lovely change.

5 star rating
by Felicity
8th February 2013

my gosh the make over at fortuna was so worth it
I’m glad they reviewed their menu too because the night we dined was really good.
#1-Food is excellent for $$. oysters were lovely and fresh but a tiny bit gritty still, everything i tried was lovely except dessert, maybe we didn’t get all the options that night cause it was very basic, fruit pudding,Pavlova,choc mousse, something strange & unnamed in a shot glass, wasn’t good.
the decor is lovely.

4 star rating
by Kelvin H.
8th December 2012

Wow have things improved here.
Not been back for years and now next weekend will see us dine for the third time in two months. One lunch that was really good . Love the included soft drinks.
Great variety and quality of food at all times.
Variety of soups could improve two out of two vegetable types is boring.
Cookies with coffee are great if still warm.

4 star rating
by Kirsten N.
1st October 2012

Fortuna is a great place for a buffet.

The food was great, it is good that the non alcoholic drinks including coffee and tea were free and the dessert was sweet.

The 1 thing I would like to say is that after having a couple plates of food and them building up on the table they never got picked up and I had to actually ask one of the waitresses to take them from our table. It wasn’t very busy either last night (Sunday 30th Sept) so would of expected them to come round a lot more often and check if any dirty plates need to be taken away. Other wise the place looks great after the re-vamp but maybe the service needs to be looked at.


5 star rating
by Charlie
11th September 2012

I don’t really have anything bad to say about this restaurant. we dined here with a group of our friends and my workmates and it didn’t disappoint. food was never short as they kept topping it up. a true kiwi menu as it draws inspirations from everywhere which is what represents new zealand these days. everything was up to the standard and the setting was great. I have been here before and will definitely be coming back more often now

4 star rating
by Jasemine W.
1st September 2012

Pretty good value for money, great ambiance since renovation, excellent service and a good place for family and friend hangouts.

4 star rating
by Rodney M.
13th April 2012

Amazing lunch buffet menu, value for money.
Enjoyed the new atmosphere cant wait too go back for another meal.
Friendly staff and very tide environment A+.

Highly Recommended too everyone

4 star rating
by wrecker4
22nd February 2012

I got sick of the old Fortuna food and set up but since the new Fortuna has opened, I am really happy with the changes, the food was excellent and I loved the home made pizza. It was made on crusty bread, so tasty, I love these two for one deals, it makes it a cheap lunch.
The only bad point was having to wait outside for the doors to open, they were late opening up and when you got old people having to stand with bad knees it’s a hassle.

4 star rating
by Curtis C.
7th January 2012

Fortuna is a restaurant our family goes to a lot when we’re in Auckland. Its a really nice and it’s always got something you want.

I like the service, the environment and the amount of seating it has.

The food is great fun.

4 star rating
by Paula H.
4th January 2012

Went there last year. Food was yum. The chef made my sister her own fresh cooked fish because she has allergies to lots of foods. Going again soon. :)

4 star rating
by lynelle
20th October 2011

I have been here quite a few times with family and friends. Some days it would be packed bt I found that if you go after 8pm you won’t end up standing in a line queue. However the price is ridiculously expensive I guess the view and surrounding must count for it. With their breads their was a dead insect in their so we stayed well away from it. They have oysters which is what I like their food are delicious but I like their desert especially the choc mousse in the lil cup. They always have two soups on but Im not a soup person I love the pasta.

4 star rating
by Chris
23rd March 2011

OK, unlike your usual run at Valentines (needless to say they are so overated now!!!), Fortuna does have a nice, and I mean NICE (not perfect) selection of food… I wont say I dined there as this would be killing it for those fancy people who eat at flash restaurants but I did eat there with my partner, sister and her partner. The seafood was…. well yes they did have it. The OTHER selection of food was nice aswell… I loved the Ice Cream machine which brought back nightmares of working in my sisters cafe truck shop (that’s a good thing), ohh or the runny soup like stuff i got from another ice cream machine at another family buffet restaurant – you don’t need to be a genuis to figure that one out… Overall a nice place if you want to eat and chat loudly over a meal with friends or family…

5 star rating
by Paul K.
1st August 2010

Really loved Fortuna. The food was nice and hot. If people go I recommend you go on a Sunday because the seafood special is really worth the price. Something I like about this buffet. The atmosphere is nice and modern unlike other buffets , Ive been to VIP Valentines. The food was the best. SO much desserts to choose from the salad bar and even the Hot Chocolate machine although it was a bit to rich and I had to add some milk onto it. The 2 soups, Potato soup I think and the Broccoli. Really good soups I ended up hogging the soups haha

1 star rating
by sara
23rd May 2010

Went here last night for my daughters 21st. Would NEVER go here again. Waited in line for 25mins to find only 7 main meals and it was mostly fried food. No one went back for seconds because we didnt want to wait that long in line again. Not a variety of desserts and all the kids could eat was ice cream. Overall a massive waste of money.Then they tried to charge me $7.50 each for two peaople that didnt turn up.
You can pay less and get more basic variety of food from Valentines…

5 star rating
by Kathy L.
13th April 2010

first time there friendly service.
delicious food!
going again!!!!!

4 star rating
by food n.
1st April 2010

I dined in fortuna over the weekend and have not been able to stop thinking about my experience there.
The staff were so friendly and helpful, it is nice to see people who are generally happy to be providing you with service. The food was ok, a lot better than I was expecting, and very reasonably priced.

5 star rating
by Ashling
26th March 2010

We have been to Fortuna many times and are always very impressed.
The food is amazing, always fresh and it changes every now and then with the seasonal menu.
I’m pretty sure you could not find a quality buffet meal with 3 courses (always 2 delicious freshly made soups) and a fantastic cheese plate with the range of selection that fortuna has for the price it offers. Plus the unique DIY salad station is such a great idea.
We have been to valentines in the past and have been utterly disgusted by the food they have on offer and would never dine with them again. So if you are looking for a very reasonably priced buffet in auckland Fortuna should definitely be your pick. Food is great, staff are friendly and helpful and you will have an awesome time.

4 star rating
by han
9th March 2010

Quality is always fine the the price is good, been here a heap of times before and always come away happy.

2 star rating
by David
2nd April 2009

The food at Fortuna is pretty basic – most of it originally seeming to come from a packet. I was here just a week ago, and saw the chef making the mashed potato from a packet of potato flakes… that’s a typical example.

Valentines is definitely a better option for similar money. In fact, almost any buffet anywhere in Auckland is probably better value in terms of food quality.

I can speak highly of the Seafood Buffet (which has plenty of non-seafood items too) in the Observatory restaurant in the SkyTower – that’s about $50 a head for dinner, but the view and overall food quality make it good value for money.

Fortuna pales in comparison. Saying that they have a very cheap lunch deal for $9.98, and a cheap 5pm-6.30pm buffet dinner for $14.98 until the end of June – phone 0800 skycity to book (essential). This price promotion makes the buffet actually very good value… but only on this temporary basis.

Why have they reduced / almost halved the prices? Probably because the reputation is so poor -because we’re all sick of the packet type buffet fare… maybe this latest promotion is a chance to make things better.

Watch this space!

3 star rating
by RB
22nd December 2008

Food is ok nothing special at all, as I would expect better from this place, food at Valentines Lincoln Rd has far greater variety same quality for the same price….Come on Fortuna

5 star rating
by Vicki
12th July 2008

Top service. Food is always lovely. My nephew is allergic to dairy and the chef even made him his own special dairy free meal!

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