Foxtrot Parlour Cafe

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09 3787268

Ponsonby Central, 7 Richmond Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

7 AM to 5 PM (Mon-Fri), 8 AM to 5 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Foxtrot Parlour Cafe

4 star rating
by Donna&Shane
3 days ago

We popped in here for breakfast .... Not too busy so gave it a try... Got the pancakes... Empire eggs with side of bacon and avacado .... Pancake was light and nice but the roasted peanuts inside it didn't work for us... Rather have berries... Empire eggs were tasty but 1 slice of toast isn't enough, plus it was dry as no butter?!?! The bacon was very crispy and yum and plenty of avacado.

3 star rating
by Joanna Wu
10 days ago

Shouldve tried the famous stuff like doughnuts but we had the kedgeree and rumbledthumps instead.. sorry to say but they are just average. Coffees pretty good tho and so as the atmosphere. Will return for the signature goods.

4 star rating
by Ruth Gong
21 days ago

The setting of the shop was simple and clean settled in the busiest place in Ponsonby. Alot of great eateries all very close by. The experience of injecting donuts was very new for me and also an awesome one. The donut itself was quite hard and the tastes were average. The banana smoothie was very delicious. I will go back to try out the different flavoured smoothies!

4 star rating
by Tiffany
25 days ago

The caramel doughnuts were delicious. The chocolate doughnuts were nice too but could have been better. The mango shake was delicious and fresh!

4 star rating
by Paige Eriwata
one month ago

Great spot for breakfast nestled in Ponsonby Central. Service was fast considering it was a busy Sunday and we had no complaints about our meals (which were generously sized).

4 star rating
by Foodie101
one month ago

This place has such nice food on offer but is reasonably overlooked compared to the rest of ponsonby Central. Their baking looks to die for!

4 star rating
by Sukriti
2 months ago

Love this café! The vibe, the service, the setup of the café. It's all on point. The fill your own doughnuts are very popular and as seen below it does not disappoint! Very rich and decent portion.
If I had to pick anything it would be to offer more seating, but that's just a tiny suggestion.

5 star rating
by Eden Wood
2 months ago

Love everything about this place; the friendly staff, relaxed vibes and beautifully displayed cabinet food. You'll find it hard to choose what to order! I ordered the creamy mushrooms which were thick and creamy and the absolute perfect size so I wasn't too full but perfectly satisfied. My friend and I then shared the salted caramel doughnut and loved how you got to inject the filling yourself! Can't wait to go back!

4 star rating
by Matt Miller
2 months ago

nice spot, especially in the court yard area on a sunny day. Good menu with a few different offerings from your standard cafe. Will be back to try out the rest of the menu. Also a big plus for the amount of avocado I got ✔️

1 star rating
by Samantha Galvez
2 months ago

WHY IS THIS PLACE OVERHYPED?! The donut I had was stale and the staff were so miserable. We came in wearing smiles and then left feeling the bad vibes. Such a shame as I was so excited to check this place out.

2 star rating
by Rose Kwon
2 months ago

went here because people recommended it but it wasn't nice and the customer service wasn't good either. The doughnut was very tough and dry and didn't have any texture to it.

4 star rating
by Jiwon Janice Shin
2 months ago

Nice little cafe in the Ponsonby central, has a wide range of delicious looking food! Hard to decide which one to try. Really enjoyed their Henhouse Raid & the donut with chocolate sauce! Thought the donut would be too sweet but there was just right enough sweetness to enjoy after a meal:)

4 star rating
by Sian Wichman
2 months ago

Delicious however slightly small portion sizes. Have recommended the donut experience to a few people. SO FUN!

4 star rating
by Table For One
2 months ago

Delicious food! I've had a lemon slice and a chocolate milkshake from here. The icing on the slice was nice and thick, the right amount of zest and sweetness. While the chocolate milkshake had a slight honeycombe flavour... whatever it was it was great.
We arrived here in the last hour that they were open and the staff seemed a bit frazzled. But the setting was great, seating for large and small groups plus Foxtrot is a part of Ponsonby Central.
I'll definitely be back earlier in the day next time to score some of the foiyo doughnuts!

5 star rating
by Jesse James .
2 months ago

I went to ponsnobby Central for the first time the Friday before last. I actually was not aware of it until then.
I ordered a quiche from the cabinet to take away - there were no prices listed so to be honest I was a little shocked when they told me $10.50 but went ahead as it was a treat.
I went and sat down with my friends at a table to wait for my order. I waited. And waited. And waited. About twenty minutes later I went to the counter to ask after my order, it had been left on the counter (after being heated) rather than being given to me.
I took the quiche back to work to eat. It was delicious and came with a little side salad of mesculan (sp?) which in my opinion made it completely worth the price and I would happily buy it again.
Edited to add that I did not type ponsnobby, I typed the proper spelling but my phone autocorrected to that 😂

4 star rating
by Jing Min Liu
3 months ago

Stopped here after eating for something sweet and was bot disappointed! I had the inject your own donut with salted caramel and my friend had the inject your own donut with chocolate and they were both amazing! They give you a generous quantity to fill your donut with your hearts desire. However, if you're like me and don't eat a lot of sweet things it is best to opt for the chocolate filling as the salted caramel can get a bit sickly towards the end. Overall great experience and will be back!

4 star rating
by Lisa Pearson
3 months ago

Came to this cute wee cafe on a Tuesday at lunch time for my friends birthday. It was packed so had to sit outside on the picnic tables. There was a overhead heater so was still warm. Lovely lunch. I ordered the Akaroa and a flat white. Both were really yummy.

4 star rating
by Russel Dias
3 months ago

This little cafe was rather busy when we arrived for a mid day dessert treat! I had the salted caramel doughnut and a mocha - both were mouth wateringly delicious. I would come back to try some of the cabinet food one day. The pies looked pretty appetising.
Service was good too. Would definitely recommend

5 star rating
by Monique Porteous
3 months ago

Absolutely love this place! The staff are lovely for a start and the location is perfectly situated within ponsonby central. I picked up the inject your own donut with the berry collis option, YUM! So much fun as well, and very filling. The dough was cloud like and well powered. I also got a slice of peanut butter and jelly cake to take away, $7 for the biggest piece of cake I've ever seen in my life! It had about 6 layers and was longer than my face, now that's a good deal to me. Definitely try this place out next time you feel like a sweet treat.

5 star rating
by Doug
3 months ago

We decided to try ponsonby cafes for breakfast today and really glad we did!! The cafe is very well done with old bits and pieces around the shelves. The coffee was excellent and the food was amazing!! Food came out in record time and so did coffee. We will gladly go back again. The mince I rate highly!!

4 star rating
by Sally
3 months ago

Doughnuts w injectable sauces are seriously some fun stuff! Both the chocolate and salted caramel are absolutely yum! Sometimes the actual doughnut can be better than other days but definitely a yummy and fun dessert.

I had the meringue the other day served w berry coulis and fresh creme and it was average at best.

Coffee was 10/10. Both of us agreed on that.
Highly recommended! ☺️

4 star rating
by Xtina Cassidy
3 months ago

Ordered some coffee and a salted caramel syringe donut! 
Deadly! but so amazingly yum! 
If your looking for a special treat this is the place to go.  Would also love to come here for lunch one day!

4 star rating
by Gemma Mansell
3 months ago

I've only ever had cabinet food from here and it's been pretty good, but today had lunch for first time off the menu. We ordered the creamy mushrooms on toast which were really good and fresh, and the steak and mushroom pie (massive). Good warming food for the stormy day it was. I find this place is always so crowded though and feels a bit thoroughfare being in the middle of ponsonby central. Good flat white but service often slow. Also the cutlery is like a help yourself from a jar situation and my knife and fork did not match :/

4 star rating
by Queena
3 months ago

Love going into Ponsonby Central for a feed. This little cafe was quite busy when we got there for lunch.

Ordered "the akaroa" and realised there was a hair on my meal so called the waiter over and they took care of it and made me a fresh new one. This sandwich/bread roll was nice but the bread and the "plate" that they used was quite incompatible. The bread was quite hard and not easy to cut with that little piece of wooden board that it was played on. Such a mission to cut. Everything fell out of the sandwich. Just no. Ended up just using my hands to finish it off.

Pricing is quite expensive for such a little servings. Especially where some of it you could make at home for cheaper.. But I guess it's Ponsonby... So... :/
But I would definitely come back to try their "foiyo donuts" cos they looked pretty fun to eat!

Oh and love how they hand make their marshmallows!

4 star rating
by Tyrone Malie
3 months ago

I really like this little Cafe! I got the self-serving doughnuts and they were delicious, with a beautifully made hot chocolate to wash it down. I really want to come back here to try other stuff out too. I also follow foxtrot on Instagram and everything they post up, shines or mouth watering! Worth the visit too.

5 star rating
by Sarah
3 months ago

I've been to Foxtrot Parlour several times, mainly for the famous cinnamon donuts that you inject with chocolate, salted caramel or berry coulis (very fun). But this time we went for brunch. I had the creamy mushrooms which was lovely. As usual the donut was a highlight, as well as the delicious berry and chocolate brioche. Coffee was nice too. Lovely meal

4 star rating
by Vanessa
3 months ago

I had heard about this little cafe inside Ponsonby Central that had these donuts you could inject the fillings into and I had to give them a try! The donut ($6.50) definitely didn't disappoint, they only have a few flavours (I tried the Salted Caramel - wasn't too sweet!) but what I love is they are very generous on the amount of fillings you get. Make sure you don't arrive too late because they do sell out fast. The staff were very friendly and the ambience was so chill.

4 star rating
by Sheena
4 months ago

We had brunch at Foxtrot Parlour, a cute little cafe known for their donuts you can inject fillings into! It was a busy morning, and we waited a little bit for a table for two people. It was only about a five minute wait, and that was fine because we walked around the little supermarket place in Ponsonby Central! Even though we had to wait, the service here was good and the wait staff were nice and friendly.

When we got seats, we ordered a mocha each, and I got the henhouse raid: famous creamy scrambled eggs with toast and house chutney + free range bacon for $17.50, and my friend got the morroccan lamb pie which came with a side of salad for $8. For dessert we got the foiyo donuts!!! One with the valrhona chocolate filling and the other with the bay leaf infused vanilla custard, at $6 each.

My meal came with one slice of toast, a stick of butter and what looked to be about four eggs worth of scrambled eggs. the toast was thick, but i felt like there just wasn't enough in comparison to the amount of eggs i had! The morroccan lamb pie was good, but we weren't blown away. 

The donuts though!!!!!! Mine exploded. I didn't know how to inject the donut, and there wasn't any pre-made hole that gave me any clues on how to proceed. I ended up completely pushing all the custard out of the syringe and it all just exploded. Nevertheless, it was good! The donuts were a bit dry and definitely needed the fillings. The valrhona chocolate would be perfect for any chocolate lover because it is quite rich! 

Overall, the donuts are worth the experience! I would be back for donuts again :)
Sarah Reynolds  #challenge

4 star rating
by Miso Peckish
4 months ago

If you are after some decent doughnuts where you can inject the filling yourself, then I would recommend this place to you.  Some places, the filling of your doughnuts can be very minimal or only squirted on one side.  The good thing about the doughnuts at Foxtrot Parlour is the fact that you can inject your selected filling any way you like, and most of all there is more than enough filling to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Please check out my website for an indepth review.

4 star rating
by Judie Zoe Ang
4 months ago

It's a really busy cafe, I had passed by a couple of times but each time on weekends and they seem packed. At last yesterday I decided to give it a try, I like the quirky decor, I managed to get a table as people come and go, it's easy to actually get a seat.

This is what I ordered:
Creamy Field Mushroom with Bacon - the bacon was serve on a side plate which I was hoping to be on the same bowl as the creamy mushroom, I was struggling to cut the bacon on the small plate as it was crispy. I love the way they presented my creamy mushroom on a board. The meal was great, I enjoy it!

Coffee - Flat White - my little cup has a good kick to wake me up! :)

Service was great!

4 star rating
by Duncan Galletly
4 months ago

Saturday afternoon, 3pm and foxtrot is still packed. A cold damp day and in need of sweetness after a savoury and liquid lunch at galbraiths. We ordered two trim caps and a slice of "a triple citrus cake with lemon orange and lime ", and enough mega joules to power a small motor vehicle for a week. Not content with that my partner also orders a coconut ice.

The coffee is nicely textured, good depth of flavour, without bitterness.
The cake - what can one say - a real visual treat, fresh citrus flavours , as sweet as it is humanly possible to make a triple decked iced confection - delicious and rather filling.

In fact so filling the coconut ice was saved for later.

Cabinet food looks ok but the pastry had a dry mummified look - presumably the effect of low temperature on a fatty pastry - it probably transformed with heat.

Also an undercounter glass drawer like a display in a jewellery shop, to be pulled out and from which some delicious looking cakes could be selected.

Go back? Yes
Ambience - at 3pm the place is decorated with people.
Service lovely


4 star rating
by Wedgy
4 months ago

My friend and I were walking around Ponsonby and were looking for a place to eat dessert. After seeing other people having the well known 'inject-it-yourself' donuts, we decided to try it out for ourselves. We ordered the donuts in the Berry Coulis and Chocolate flavours, accompanied by a mango smoothie. I had the Berry Coulis donut. Apart from sugar falling off the donut all over the table when we were trying to inject it, it was definitely a fun experience to do with your friends. The berry jam tasted really good with the cream on the side. However, because of the sweetness from both the sugared donuts and jam, it was a little too sweet for me, but an overall enjoyment. I did not try the chocolate flavour but there were good compliments about it from my friend. The mango smoothie tasted great and was better than expected. It was not too sweet and was definitely a good accompany to the donuts.

4 star rating
by Jaya
4 months ago

Lovely bustling brunch place in Ponsonby Central. The donuts are so yummy, also their French Toast. Really like the quirky, worn-out decor. Will definitely come back for more!

4 star rating
by Madiee141
4 months ago

Oh my god if you are looking for a good donut experience, THIS IS THE PLACE!! I got the injectable donut with salted caramel filling. The donut was sugar coated and so dense the whole thing was so yum! As soon as I finished I wanted to order another one. Easy to find in ponsonby but not a very warm/big place. Would have been nice if it were a bit more cosy.

5 star rating
by Misako Matsumoto
4 months ago

This is my favorite place. Funny place! "Creamy Field Mushroom" ... Very tasty! creamy, being addicted to garlic flavor♡
"Peanut parlor ps jakes"...pretty good! It's just right sweetness.

4 star rating
by Priyanka Victor
4 months ago

This is a great spot for a catch up with a friend. Must try the vanilla doughnuts, they're amazing omg! The service and ambience was also pleasant but their brunch menu wasn't extensive. Nevertheless, still enjoyed the overall experience :)

5 star rating
by Frank
5 months ago

Fantastic little cafe in the P Central complex, serving a variety of unique and delicious dishes. Definitely one of the highlights here, and goes to show what a great cafe can be like. Food is awesome, my salmon gravlax was very tasty although a bit bready. One dining companion wasn't sure about his mince dish, but the other dishes I saw all looked superb. The marshmallow slice also a contrasting mix of textures... check it out!

5 star rating
by Olivia's Table
5 months ago

A friend from Sweden came to visit me. We went there as is one of my favorite places in Ponsoby. Hot coffee and some donuts with berries sauce. He loved it just as I do.

4 star rating
by Vitale Eti
5 months ago

We sat down @ FP thinking we were @ The Bread & Butter Cafe, such is the set up @ Ponsonby Central. There's a bit of an open dining space right inside PC and that's ok. It just adds to the fun vibe of having lunch there.

So, FP it was, Their coffee was nice and strong and I ordered the Pulled Beef, Soft Tortilla and wasn't disappointed. It came out on a cute wooden board accompanied by sour cream and relish and it was delicious. Definitely try this guys.

My brother in law had the Kedgeree and it was nice and tasty, however my dish was the winner of the day. We also bumped into a good friend, one who swears by the Rumbledthumps, she orders this everytime, so guess what I'm trying next time.

4 star rating
by Andrew @anjeats
5 months ago

My sister and I were in the bustling Ponsonby Central precinct and came here by accident! (We thought we were in the neighbouring Bread and Butter Cafe). Nevermind as we were quickly taken by the funky interior and loved the look of the gorgeous donuts on the counter. It was pretty busy at 11am but luckily we found a table inside.

The kedgeree was tasty with yummy chunks of smoked fish. To be honest I would've preferred it if the rice was a bit softer but the flavours and poached egg were right on the mark. I loved the cool wooden board it was served on too.

Strong, reliable and quickly served.

The lady at the counter was friendly and the wait staff were efficient in getting our meals out.

A solid, reliable cafe with a tasty (but not overly adventurous) menu.

4 star rating
by Eden Howard
5 months ago

They make such amazing coffee and their cabinet looks amazing everyday! I can always rely on foxtrot to provide me with the perfect coffee! I am never disappointed when I go to foxtrot

5 star rating
by Chloe Mae Repia
5 months ago

Just came here for brunch and ended up with a salmon sandwich bigger then Mount Everest. Very yummy will be back again great selection :-) my daughter had the mash mellow choc cupcake that ended up in the hair and every where but she enjoyed

4 star rating
by Michelle Tan
Dec 01, 2014

i have to agree with everyone else - the injection donuts ($6) are super cute and fun (and make a cool instagram) but the donuts themselves are rather ordinary and theres nothing amazing about them that would make me want to come back for more. the salted caramel sauce i chose was absolutely delicious but it wasnt enough for my donut in my opinion - a shame considering it wouldve made an otherwise plain donut really good.

salted caramel injection donut 8/10

4 star rating
by Lex Antony Huang
Nov 22, 2014

What a nice little cheeky place that my friends found. The donuts were ok but the self injecting concept was a lot of fun. A great place to chill with friends.

4 star rating
by Jillyb
Nov 16, 2014

This was our 2nd visit and hubby got the marocan lamb pie again he liked it so much frist time round, last time the lamb just melted in your mouth. L I got bacon n eggs with gluten free toast which was yummy. Love the atmosphere here is great the staff were very helpful and friendly. The selection of sweets is very tempting with some nice unique options with plenty of savory cabinet food as well if your needing something quicker. We will be back for sure if only I lived closer.

4 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
Nov 02, 2014

Went here for breakfast today after hearing all the hype about the doughnut injections.!

My best friend and I got here at around 10:30 on Sunday and were lucky enough to be able to find a seat inside straight away. The cafe was busy and there was also a huge line waiting to order (it's order at the counter).

We both ordered the eggs benedict. It came with cooked potatoe, poached eggs with hollandaise and surprisingly pulled pork! I loved this! It was different from a traditional eggs ben with an English muffin, bacon etc. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the sauce was spread out over the potatoes as well. The pulled pork was cooked really well too and it added so much more to the dish. Definitely a must try if you love eggs Ben!

Now the doughnut was a let down!! We tried the vanilla custard one. So basically all the doughnuts are actually the same and the flavours are just what you choose to inject. Sadly there isn't much custard in the injection so it doesn't fill the doughnut up well. The doughnut itself is too dry for my liking. I don't understand the hype personally!

Will definitely be going back to foxtrot parlour but not for the doughnuts!

4 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
Nov 02, 2014

The bestie and I went here for breakfast today and we love the idea of Ponsonby. One of the sheep I guess!

The weather was beaut so after half a chat we moved outside to make the most of the sun! Loving the shared outdoor area in amongst all of the venues!

We seated ourselves and got menu. Quickly decided what to get before we kept talking! We hadn't realised you had to walk up and order and only clicked like 30mins into it.

We both got the eggs bene- it came on cabbage, potatoes and bacon with hollandaise. It was my first time and it looked amazing when it came out. I also got a passion fruit smoothie and we shared a doughnut!

Let me begin with the eggs bene. The potatoes + cabbage and most of the bacon was great! I hated the crispier bits on the bacon cause I've accidentally eaten crackle (hated it) and dislike anything remotely like the texture or taste, thus I couldn't actually finish my meal cause it was relatively consistent. In saying all this, my friend finished hers so she obviously really liked it. It's just not for me.

The smoothie - not a smoothie at all. Not going to lie, best part of my experience cause the weather was perfect for fresh juice, but $6.50 for not a smoothie was a little steep.

Next, the doughnuts that you inject - we got the vanilla one! My friend injected it, and it seems like a smooth process. This was quite nice, tasted fresh. But not the best doughnut I have.

I'm giving this venue an average rating because we had to request for our table to be cleaned three times before all the spilt choc and dirty dishes were cleared. The wait for our food after ordering was like 30mins. Although it was packed, it was crazy!

This is an okay place to go and eat, the location is probably better than the actual experience.

Would've loved to given it a stellar rating, but the 5/5 "smoothie" (juice) doesn't justify a 5/5 review.

4 star rating
by Mady Johnson
Sep 30, 2014

My friend and I went here today to try the donuts. I chose the chocolate flavor and my friend chose the salted caramel. I didn't really like my chocolate sauce, as i thought it would have a more richer flavor to it. But my friends sauce was so good! If i go back I'd defiantly get the caramel sauce.

4 star rating
by Simone Cooper
Sep 21, 2014

Stuffed kumara gets me every time. Great cabinet food if you can't be bothered waiting.

4 star rating
by Vai
Sep 06, 2014

Atmosphere is good, came in rush hour lunch and took a while to get our order out but it was worth the wait

0 star rating
by Jzizzle
Aug 13, 2014

Had a fantastic meat pie here, $10 with dressed greens on side I thought was good value. Amazing sweet treats a here. Best two were rhubarb brioche which was an all time highlight, and the choc tart, also great. Seems the best things here involve pastry, must have a great pastry chef. Coffee lovely too. Low key but trendy atmosphere. Gets super busy on weekends, try to go off-peak.

4 star rating
by Georgie @ Georgieats
Jul 29, 2014

Foxtrot Parlour is always buzzing with people when I visit Ponsonby Central on the weekends and I can see why.

Once you see their food cabinets and the sweet treats displayed on the counter, you will want to order one of everything!

My favourite home baked goods include the marshmallow filled chocolate spiral shaped cones (pictures attached) and their large meringues. Top these off with a Tahitian Vanilla Milkshake and you've got the perfect morning or afternoon treat!

However, I recommend getting there as early as possible because of the crowds and don't bother ordering coffee. Ours came out lukewarm and didn't have a very strong coffee flavour. So opt for one of their delicious milkshakes instead!

5 star rating
by Wolfie W
Jun 30, 2014

We had breakfast here on Saturday, arriving just after they opened. The welcome was warm, and throughout our very long and leisurely meal we chatted with several wait staff, all were very friendly and engaging. The ambience was pleasantly quirky with plenty of nice little touches like small bunches of flowers in old silver teapots, jugs etc, and rustic old bone handled cutlery. I for one love this ecclectic mix, and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Food: The coffee was perfect. Absolutely the right temperature and nicely rounded with no bitterness. I ordered the Coddled Eggs, and they were delicious, tasty and beautifully cooked, with a good serve of bacon. The combination of wilted spinach with a good grind of nutmeg is a winner, always. I loved them and would order them again in a moment. The robust toast "soldiers" which accompanied the eggs came with a twist of real butter in greaseproof paper - another nice touch.

Husband had the Moorish Omlette, which featured chorizo, semi dried tomatoes, basil and feta. He loved it and wouldn't share.

We came back after doing the rounds of the fresh market, and just timed it right to grab a table as some folk were leaving (it was a busy time of day!) and had another flat white with their famous donuts. These were huge, and very nice - we tried the Berry and the Salted Caramel, my favourite was the caramel, and this time it was me who wasn't sharing. Again we experienced great service, and staggered off pleasantly full, very happy and appreciative of the walk home in the sunshine after an extremely fulfilling morning. Nice job!

1 star rating
by Alessandra Felix
Jun 21, 2014

The service was really good but the food is terrible, I had the worst scrambled eggs ever and the coffee is also not good. My partner had the famous creamy egg and the egg whites was completely raw it was just poached egg with milk a bit of cheese and bacon on top. I will never come back.

3 star rating
by Jessica Chen
Jun 17, 2014

A bit slow on the uptake on the hype of self-injectable donuts, but got there we did, one windy Saturday arvo.
Along with the rest of the Ponsonby Central, there's an unmistakable feeling of cosyness and excited exploration here.

The donuts were good, a bit messy but that's all part of the experience. I had the cream filling while my friend played mad scientist with her salted caramel syrup. While enjoyable, I wouldn't say I'd have it again. Mind you, with their gorgeous service and array of other delectable baked goods, I have to admit I'm tempted to come back and see what else Foxtrot has to offer. Nothing but good things, I'm sure.

4 star rating
by Two Dark Coffees
Jun 09, 2014

Have a sweet tooth that needs satisfying? This is the place for you. In the midst of buzzing Ponsonby Central, Foxtrot Parlour Cafe is a must-visit in my opinion.

A friend of mine had heard of this place 'through the grapevine' and on a friday afternoon we decided to make our way across town to check it out.

On the look out for a quick afternoon treat, our eyes were instantly attracted to the cinnamon sugar dusted doughnuts ($5). Displayed on the front counter, they were too hard to resist. But these aren't just any actually inject your own doughnut with a filling of your choice.

I decided to go with chocolate sauce and my friend, well he went with custard. Is it just me who isn't a big fan of custard? That aside, he said really enjoyed it. Not only is it novel that you are allowed to play with your food, but it is actually a really sweet idea (excuse the pun) because you can choose the amount of filling you prefer.

To wash down our doughnuts, we both had a chocolate milk shake, which came in an old school tall glass. Service was good despite it being relatively busy and the atmosphere lived up to Ponsonby Central's vibe.

2 star rating
by Tina Wu
Jun 01, 2014

Been wanting to come here to try out their donuts that I've seen everywhere on Instagram, to be honest $6 for a donut isn't cheap and the taste wasn't nice either. It was very dense and dry. Also not to mention that some of the cakes and muffins on the counter wasn't covered and I witness a fly flying around the landing on some of the food (yuck!) They should also consider changing their cutlery, it was old and looked like it wasn't washed properly. For a cafe situated in Ponsonby, I would think that it is up to a standard but frankly it wasn't. Pretty disappointed really.

3 star rating
by Amy @ My Dining Journey
Apr 23, 2014

In my humble opinion, the best way to spend any weekend involves good food. So while the weather is still shining in Auckland we made the most of our work free day with brunch at Foxtrot Parlour in Ponsonby Central. Despite starting early on a Saturday morning, Ponsonby Central was already busy with patrons visiting the fresh produce market and various eateries. We managed to get a seat inside Foxtrot Parlour and ordered items from their breakfast menu to start our day.

Being a huge fan of smoked fish, I opted for the Kedgeree which is a dish made up of flaked smoked fish, Indian spiced rice and topped with a poached egg. I can’t say that I was impressed with this dish. There were hardly any smoked fish in the rice and the spices had completely overpowered the little smokiness that was there. The poached egg which was listed on the menu as ‘soft’ was cooked all the way through, making the overall meal, very dry. I tried my best to finish it, but it could not be done.

After the meal, we left and I came back about two hours later for a doughnut. The doughnut was a huge improvement to my disappointing brunch. A cinnamon sugar dusted doughnut was served with a small side of whipped cream and a metal syringe with the filling of your choice. I couldn’t resist and ordered salted caramel while I could have gone with a healthier berry coulis. I happily injected the syringe into my chubby doughnut and filled the inside with a runny and rich caramel syrup. The combination was amazing. I like the idea of the syringe because it’s not only fun, but you get to control the amount of syrup to add. They are rather generous with the amount of filling and I had plenty leftover despite covering my doughnut with salted caramel.

Although the kedgeree was disappointing, the doughnut made up for it. The cafe was busy during my two separate visits but the staff were very friendly and food and coffee came quickly. Although I may not come back to have brunch again, I would gladly visit again and again for their spectacular doughnuts.

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4 star rating
by Melissa Ruby Tuesday
Apr 19, 2014

'Foxtrot Parlour Cafe' has a rustic, vintage feel with old-school tables and chairs, grannie-style plates and wholesome, hand-baked fare.

Sometimes there is too much to choose from (frankly) with date scones competing with Russian fudge.

I have acquainted this cafe from the beginning, nearly 2.5 years ago I think? Normally, I have the gourmet quiche with a green salad or so something sweet. Food is consistently good. The coffee is average, not sure of the beans they use.

Seating is generous inside, that expands outside into the 'Ceres Market'. Lots to look at! Great for meetings and they are usually open late, until 5pm in my experience!

5 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
Mar 13, 2014

I love donuts (who doesn't). But I also love food presented in a novel way, so the donuts from Foxtrot Palour in Ponsonby Central were something I had to try.

Basically you get to choose which filling you want from salted caramel, chocolate or jam and they serve it to you in a syringe so you get to 'fill your own donut'. Not only is it fun (yes as a kid I did play with my food!) but it means you get to control how much or little filling is in the donut, I squeezed every last drop into mine!

I had the salted caramel filling and it, plus the donut was delicious, so if you are a fellow donut lover, I recommend you head down there and give these a try!

FYI, Foxtrot Parlour do more than donuts.

2 star rating
by David Boshier
Mar 09, 2014

I really like this place because of the atmosphere and location.

So I have been back a number of times. Each time I am disappointed with the food. I have tried two pies as they look great in the cabinet and inviting. The first time, one was cold-ish in the middle and lack taste. On another visit I again ordered a pie and this time it was burn't and the filling bland.

The service is also rather slow.

I might give it another in time.

4 star rating
by UltimateOmNoms
Nov 29, 2013

Enjoy a busy brunch? This is the place to be. We were a big fan of their poached eggs, but if you're not looking for anything too flash - simple and chilled, then you'll like this place. Especially when it's located within Ponsonby Central as well. It's not the cheapest place, but it is in Ponsonby - we thought the value was pretty good too.

Check out the full review here:

2 star rating
by James Simpson
Sep 02, 2013

I agree with previous review. This place is sub standard. Cabinet food looks nice but we ordered off the menu.
The haloumi was sliced wafer thin and overlooked. Very very small portion for the price!
The kedgeree was a joke . About 100ml for $17 dollars.
They can't seriously expect people to come back for the food!
I don't believe there was a chef in this kitchen.
Nice atmosphere though.

1 star rating
by Rob Weston
Jun 09, 2013

Wow, very very disappointed with this place. Miserable Sunday morning, in dire need of good coffee and great food - alas, none was found. Guys, if you cant even cook bacon that its burnt to a cinder, then leave it off the basic Eggs/ Bacon/ tomato were probably the worst I have come across for the money paid. Stay away from the very small plates and give me value for money, at $33.00 for two coffees and a very small portion of food, I am bitter. I asked for the bacon to be cooked again - whats worst is that it came out on a plate, sooo frig-gen small I could not eat it and then again the bacon was burnt. Get it together guys, its just not that difficult to get the basics right and stay clear of trying to be too fancy.

5 star rating
by Chris Beale
May 19, 2013

A visitor to Auckland, and I went looking for this cafe - cant remember how I heard of it. But I am very glad I found it!

It is set within a larger development of very funky shops - sort of open plan. Very well decked out and a pleasure to sit in.

Food ticked all the boxes, and was refreshingly different, whilst catering for ones usual wants!! Lovely menu and cabinet food.

Staff really engaged with us and were helpful and friendly. Great work.

Can't recommend this place enough. We'll be back when next in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Jane Groufsky
Jan 12, 2013

Went today and it was deservedly packed, banh mi and halloumi toast were both delicious plus there was a whole range of sweet treats in jars on the counter I can't wait to try on later visits! I hope this place does well!