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181 Ponsonby Road

7 AM to 3 PM (Mon-Fri), 8 AM to 4 PM (Sat-Sun)


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5 star rating
by Gerard Copas
2 months ago

It was suggested I try Fred’s Café the next time I was in Ponsonby. Easier said than done. Not easily found, but I persisted. You enter via a delightful courtyard off Franklin Road. However being an autumnal Sunday morning it was inside for me.
Warmly greeted by staff and immediately made to feel welcome. Much smaller than I had imagined (the space not the staff) but cosy and pleasantly intimate. Fresh water on hand served from retro milk bottles. Nothing wrong with nostalgia! Music at a level allowing me time to think. Understated décor, rustic and retro. A good sight from the picture window table I occupied providing a sunny view to Ponsonby Road.
I tried the Bruschetta, tasty with heaps of avocado and delivered promptly to my table. Coffee served hot and strong just as I like it. The menu unpretentious and surprisingly fair in price given the café’s location. With wholesome food and such a friendly team I’m not surprised to see the place full mid morning. This is a popular and busy little place, pumping. Definitely heading back there.

4 star rating
by Peifen Chua
8 months ago

Such a cute little place hidden away, literally in the corner of franklin and Ponsonby road. They operate out of a room of a building and you have to enter from the side alley way. The front only has one glass panel that looks out onto franklin road. It's a nice, cozy, homely place for a quick breakkie and coffee before work/ to start your day. They serve coffee supreme coffee. Can never go wrong with that one.

4 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
8 months ago

Cute place for a morning coffee, with an adorable ambiance shot!

This is located in a stereotypically Ponsonby alley that my friend and I adored. We drove past it by chance and added it to our Wishlist.

The staff are super friendly and tend to know the locals!

It's a cost kind of place, I think they also had a meals menu but I couldn't comment on it, as this was one of our coffee drop bys.

I LOVE the window lookin on to ponsonby, it was super peaceful. Unfortunately I couldn't take a picture. It was awkward as the patrons were picking up on me taking sneaky photos in a small enclosed what seemed to be like a bedroom, according to my friend.

???? 3.5 based purely on coffee + service! Could very well be a 5, I just didn't experience enough (food) to make a super valid call about its rating but will try to update this!

5 star rating
by A Food Awakening
8 months ago

Fred's is a wee cafe found on the corner of Ponsonby and Franklin roads. The menu isn't extensive but offers mostly breakfast with a few lunch options thrown in there. 

We came early on a saturday morning and I recommend you do the same because as we left it was packed inside, and Fred's isn't the largest space. They also offer a small outside area with bohemian tables and blankets for the cold weather. Although when the sun is out, its a great area to just eat and relax.

I chose the breakfast bruschetta instead of the avocado on toast, as the avocado was combined with ricotta and finished with basil. Just a great breakfast twist, to your ordinary avo on toast. Again another menu item originally served with eggs, which I swapped out for tomatoes. We both agreed the portion size of both of our breakfasts were great value for money. 

The banana smoothie gets a thumbs up and next time, maybe not so early in the morning Ill come back for a milkshake - which seam to be the popular choice at Fred's. Lovely service and food is efficient. 

Food: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Value for Money: Very Good

181 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 7am-3pm

3 star rating
by Sunny
Jun 20, 2014

Nice and easy weekend stop on the corner of Ponsonby and Franklin Rds. I was mesmerised on my first visit at Fred's, simply looking around and taking all the little details in. From cute kitchenware, stacked books/centrepiece and adorable window to the refurbished fireplace, it's a treat for a lover of the littlest things. Average food was accompanied by coffee nice and strong. The homemade mint chocolate chip cookie was not too sweet but slightly overdone with the baking soda. Would revisit maybe for a coffee on the run.

4 star rating
by Melissa Ruby Tuesday
Apr 24, 2014

"Fred's" is located at the top of Franklin Road, amongst the leafy landscape and vibrant inner-city suburbia.

Having acquainted this cute cafe for a while now, previously it was called "Agnes Curran", however nothing has changed much apart from the coffee beans!

I had the cheese toasted sandwich with a tomato salsa that was flavoursome and hit the spot. The coffee is good, being 'Supreme'.

Personally, I love the rustic, vintage, old-fashioned style of furniture and the eye-catching surroundings.

Contemporary music plays, while fashion and interior-design magazine are freely available to read at your leisure.

Lolly bags are $1 if you want a sugar-fix!

5 star rating
by Black Menu Lover
Apr 20, 2014

Wow! This place is beautiful.
The quaint setting complements the great the coffee and awesome staff behind the counter.
The milkshakes are to die for.
A must when you're next in Ponsonby

5 star rating
by Vaughan Borcovsky
Jan 22, 2014

I stumbled across Fred's just before Christmas and stopped for a coffee. I was so impressed with the friendly relaxed but professional service and the great coffee that I was back the next day for another coffee stop.

The second day I was greeted again with great service and a question, didn't I come in the day before a coffee? What a fantastic memory as Fred's was very busy that day.

Then last Saturday we went for brunch. It was busy but we were lucky enough to get the window seat and ordered from a very interesting and tasty menu. I had the breakfast bruschetta with bacon and my partner had the salt beef bagel. Both were very good and would certainly be on the reorder list in the future.

5 star rating
by Caitie Elisabeth
Jan 21, 2014

My all time favourite cafe in Auckland! Love the bircher muesli, unfortunately so much that I have never gotten anything else off the menu. Great coffee, staff is attentive and very welcoming! Plus wi-fi is very handy!

5 star rating
by Liz Winstone
Jul 08, 2013

Fantastic menu for delicious wholesome food. My friend and I both had the 'half avocado', and tomatoes on whole-5-grain toast. There was a moment of indecision when we had spotted the haloumi salad, which looked delish too. But we made the right choice, as the avocado option was a very natural and super delicious - a fabulous start to the day. It's hard to find such a healthy unadulterated breakfast, so we really loved it. There was a drizzle of oil in the pocket of the avocado - nice touch :)

Seating is in slightly bohemian style, with a stool for a seat rather than chairs... and a very cosy, quite tight space indoors - plus a big communal centre table for single diners. And 2 or 3 of the tables by the big lighted-filled window were catching all the lovely morning sun.

We we were in for some detailed conversation - so we opted for outdoors, where it was a bit more private today, and the wire stools were surprisingly comfy.

One point for improvement, would have to be that the decaf coffee was a little bitter. I know, I know, decaf - it's not the real thing - but sometimes you just have to. And it is possible to get amazing decaf coffee which can make you wonder if it's actually caffeinated... but I just think they need to hone their decaf skill here.

However the staff were chipper and helpful, and the overall atmosphere of Fred's is really groovy and warm, and the menu is a stand-out, worth 5 stars.

4 star rating
by Juku
Feb 27, 2012

The atmosphere and interior design is really what makes all the difference and what distinguishes Agnes Curran from any other cafe. I was only there once and had a slice of banana bread and a coffee - both very good. I was so glad that someone recommended it to me - otherwise I might not have stumbled across it.

Would be cool if it was open longer! I know I'm not the only one to go for a coffee after 4pm. That's the ideal time for it on the weekend! And how about some organic items on the menu? With those two changes, it would deserve 5 stars!

5 star rating
by Janine Dodd
Nov 23, 2010

These people are great - coffee is amazing, food amazing - everything amazing. They have a good place to park up the dog too...brilliant...please cafe in ponsonby, very funny staff...

4 star rating
by Ross Thorby
Jan 15, 2010

great reliable coffee...usually full of lots of regulars....belguim biscuits....yum