Freeman & Grey

4 star rating 43 reviews

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09 3786496

43 Ponsonby Road

  Pizza, Italian
12 Noon to 11 PM (Mon-Thu, Sun), 12 Noon to 3 AM (Fri-Sat)


Reviews for Freeman & Grey

4 star rating
by Alex Neilson
14 days ago

Have been here quite a bit with my boyfriend. We really like the $4 pizza deals and the beer batter chips are really good. Have returned here many times because of the nice atmosphere, live music and friendly staff. They also have a really good selection of beer and wine!
Pizzas are not amazing, but good. Wouldn't pay full price but would happily pay $4 for the atmosphere and everything else.
They also have really good live music on sometimes and have heard it's a great bar on Friday and Saturday nights.

1 star rating
by Nikki
23 days ago

Haven't actually been in here to dine but have a rude experience over the phone. Had a booking for my birthday but they won't allow people under the age of 18 unless they have a parent or legal guardian. I thought it would of been fine as there were a lot of people over the age of 18 there who are parents but not of friend who is coming. Not happy won't ever come here due to lack of help and good customer service over the phone.

5 star rating
by Annie Ren
one month ago

Located in the heart of Ponsonby, not only does this place have a lovely dining area (both inside AND outside), pretty decoration and a relaxing vibe, it most importantly offers amazing pizzas at just $4! Now that's the real deal. Strongly recommend it for dinner or just casual tapas with a beer while enjoying a game of rugby! Their spicy fried chicken is also fire! :)

3 star rating
by Maddie
one month ago

Came to freeman & grey this afternoon with my partner for a late lunch. We managed to catch happy hour so all the pizzas were $4 down from $8.90. My partner ordered the Hawaiian, margarita and the lamb pizza and I ordered the margarita and pepperoni. All the pizzas were quite tasty, but also really dry. They could use a bit more base sauce but for $4 who can really complain. They tasted fresh and overall quite enjoyable. My partner also ordered the steak sandwich with beer battered lemon pepper fries. He didn't get asked how he wanted his steak cooked so it came out quite rare instead on medium rare but he ate it anyway and he really enjoyed it, especially seeing as it was only $10 as it was a part of the express lunch menu. We were a little dissapointed when we were told that they don't serve the calamari, prawn twisters, polenta sticks and rib entree/snacks for lunch because we really wanted to try them! We didn't get given any water, or asked if we wanted any until we were pretty much done with our meals but other than that we would happily go back

4 star rating
by Monique Porteous
one month ago

Wow! Was pleasantly surprised by this place. I usually only come here for 'after dark' festivities but I thought I should check out the day time affair of food. The menu was full of great options which would suit a range of people's tastes and requirements. It was extremely well priced with $4 pizza specials (12-2pm) and $10 lunch items. The staff were lovely and the service was fast. The best part was the food, which is the way it should be! Try the red pepper pasta, mm!

4 star rating
by GideonMarisa MasterchefNz2015
one month ago

Good value for money with the cheap $4 pizzas during happy hour, this is about the only thing I have eaten at freeman and grey. Yet to try the full menu here #g1

4 star rating
by Max Sobels
2 months ago

The star here is definitely the $4 pizza deal. I've been a few times and only ever had the pizza so my review is somewhat limited to that, however, the selection is good (a few veg options) and the pizzas are decent (for $4). The drinks are reasonably priced and it has a nice "pub like" feel to it. Haven't been while it's been too busy so it's always been quiet and relaxed while dining. Overall, the vibe is nice and the food is decent, although, I'm not sure I'd say the same if I did have to pay full price for the pizzas (i.e. They are good for $4, maybe not for $12). If you are looking for a cheap lunch option on Ponsonby road I'd recommend!

4 star rating
by Lewis Hartley
2 months ago

Nice place to go for a couple of drinks and some good value snacks, gets very busy on a night time at weekends.
Relaxing place during the day, especially when the sun is out!

5 star rating
by Yana Tumanova
2 months ago

One of my absolute favourite dinner places!! I've been here with friends, family and partner and every time have had a 5 out 5 experience. The $4 pizza's are almost too good to be true - but it is true. You get a choice of (I think) around 14 different pizza's that are all $4 between 12-2 and 5-7:30. The staff are great, the drinks are great and super cheap. LOVE IT! Two Dark Coffees

5 star rating
by Helena Chen
2 months ago

We made the most of Freeman & Grey’s free pizza deal (text in your email to sign up to their newsletter and get a free pizza out of it), and four of us went at once to get four free pizza’s to share. The staff were really good about it and didn’t push us to buy any drinks or extras, which is awesome considering we pretty much got a free meal. The pizza’s were tasty and there are heaps of interesting flavours to pick from. The base tasted homemade (in a good way) with a good amount of toppings and stringy pizza cheese. Would go great with after work drinks or just as a quick and easy lunch.

5 star rating
by Michael James Campbell
3 months ago

This is a great Restaurant  and a most go to for anyone who loves pizza and Gluten free food  as they do a lot of Gluten free Pizzas to and I Myself always bring my friends and Family there a lot Because Freeman and Grey is so Great to eat at and don't cost a arm and a leg if you go at the right times see there menu for the times i mean where the pizzas  are 4 and the gluten frees are 7 but still a cheap play to eat at but also good food for the price you pay you will get way better than any other Pizza takeway place out eg Pizza hut or Hells pizza i believe so Please do go try it

4 star rating
by Di
3 months ago

I went to Freeman&Grey at lunch time and ordered a pancetta pizza which was very nice, crispy based with rich cheese and smoked bacon. I ordered a flat white coffee as well, which was just all right compared with their pizzas.

5 star rating
by Brooke Macdonald
3 months ago

One of my favourite places to catch up with friends and enjoy dinner. The food was so yum and the staff were super friendly and fun. Pizzas were amazing and only cost $4!!!!! And wine was $7!!! Such a good deal and will definitely go again.

4 star rating
by Frank
3 months ago

On a Friday night this place buzzes. Impressively we were there with a large bunch of kids and no problem fitting us in, plenty of room upstairs and who can say no to $4 pizzas, bring em all through. Our unqualified palates chowing back on their simple construction. With some dimmed lighting and loud music, this is more of a place to chill and it attracts a young happening sort of crowd. Great location along the main strip with easy access to plenty more bars and food joints. Service and ambience fabulous.

5 star rating
by Chay P Rosales
3 months ago

Me and my friend went there to have dinner, we enjoyed the pizza and the spicy chicken... The service is good also they are very attentive and they serve the food with a smile.

4 star rating
by Emily White
4 months ago

I was worried about going to Freeman & Grey's because I was poor, and the $4 pizzas deal sounded far too good to be true.

I assumed one of three options. The deal wouldn't be on. The pizzas would be average. The pizzas would be tiny.

Fortunately, my fears were unwarranted. 

Upon walking into Freeman & Grey's on a Sunday night it seemed like a cozy, cute and friendly environment. I know it's more of a bar on a Friday/Saturday night. But it was definitely more of a quiet restaurant on a Sunday evening. 

The staff were friendly, and didn't judge us when we ordered 7 pizzas between 4 of us. The pizzas are $4 from 5-7:30 every day and during lunch time too (although I've since forgotten the lunch times). I think that is an amazing deal as that is when you'd want to go and have dinner!

The pizzas were not huge, which was obviously to be expected, however they weren't too small either. $4 was definitely a steal for one of these. They used gourmet, fresh ingredients. Out of the seven pizzas were ordered, ALL of them were delicious. My personal favourite being the Lamb one.

They didn't take too long to come out, and the service from the table was great. Our table was fairly cluttered with 7 pizzas on it, and she came back regularly to take away the dishes we were finished with.

The pizzas were made up of 6 average to small sized slices, and we ate around 8 or 9 slices each. Which was quite a decent amount of food really.

The other items on the menu did seem to be rather overpriced - I'm guessing to make up for the $4 pizza deal. A bowl of fries was $9 and although they looked delicious, you could definitely get the same thing for about $6 anywhere else.

Overall, I cannot believe this place is able to make a profit by selling their pizzas for $4. However, I'm totally not complaining. The service is great, the food is delicious and they have a good menu. The drinks are of a good decent size (I got a coke and raspberry - as it was a school night - and it was pretty huge and cost $4!). I would definitely 100% come back, and I'd recommend it.

The only downside was that where we chose to sit was beside a window which seemed to open out onto the outdoor area and it was a little bit breezy. So don't sit right beside the window and you will be fine!

4 star rating
by Luke Hogan
4 months ago

Busy little pub with great service and great food!  $4 wood fired pizzas were great value ... we had a great time here and will probably be back again soon (we don't return to restaurants/bars often) which is a great positive for this place.

Our dishes were a little bit dirty which was a shame but the waiter replaced them ... very relaxed atmosphere ... classic kiwi pub feel.

4 star rating
by Jaya
4 months ago

There's something about Freeman & Grey that makes is seem both cosy and lively. And it could get really packed and lively here. Their pizzas are great and cheap too. Great selection of drinks for a loud night out.

5 star rating
by Stacey Jane Rainbow
4 months ago

Not much to dislike about this place really! Came one day with friends and was back the next with my partner! The $4 pizzas are spot on! Really yummy and such a great price! Loads of variety to pick from too! The lamb pizza was lovely and the mexican too! I had a steak sandwich aswell and the chips were really yum but the steak was pretty chewy and made it hard to eat in a sandwich! Good spot for a cheap lunch really! Be back again!

4 star rating
by Leon Jin
4 months ago

Low price but high quality. If the pizza getting bigger that will be better. And the side plate we have is prawn twister, nice and crispy, I like it.

4 star rating
by Jack Trav.
4 months ago

Service: 8/10
Food: 7/10
Cleanliness: 6/10
Value for money: 9/10 (lunch)
Overall: 7.5/10

The lunch specials are quite good for the price.

5 star rating
by Steff Bedford
5 months ago

We come here regularly for pizza and a glass of wine during the week. Such a good cheap dinner option when you're too late/can't be messed cooking. The pizza is so good,heaps of options including VG and super cheap. It's usually enough for dinner but we'll often get chips too. The staff are always so friendly and helpful,the atmosphere is buzzing and vibrant,especially when there's live music. And they have VIP memberships which gives you wicked perks too. Definitely one of my favourite spots

5 star rating
by Renee Arihia Mihaere
5 months ago

The atmosphere was amazing, the food was so quick and delicious ! Would definitely go back no hesitation!
The staff were amazing and polite as well.
I would say the music was abit loud and I felt like I had to yell across the table but it's so minor compared to all the great things I could say 🙌🏽
Loved it !

5 star rating
by Emma Magee
5 months ago

I had been meaning to try this place for awhile & finally got the chance to on Tuesday. My friend and I were pleasantly surprised to have gone in at the time for $4 pizzas and they were delicious! The fries were also probably the best I've had in awhile. In regards to the service it was very friendly and welcoming :)

5 star rating
by Annette Wong
6 months ago

My flatmate and I had been eagerly wanting to giv the $4 pizzas a go. We both ordered the Panacetta which was great. We were really impressed with the quality for the small price. The pizzas are thin based, very cheesy and presented on a nifty wooden tray

A definite "must go"

4 star rating
by Johann*
6 months ago

Dropped in for a quick bite to eat during a week day to F&G, a relaxed but sophisticated pub on the Ponsonby road food scene.

Our orders were good and took little time to arrive and the service was great.

F&G make great pizzas and offer a substantial selection of pub food and a few healthy options.

I noted that there was a kids menu so bonus points here.

Rating out of 5 (5 being the highest):
Food – 4
Ambience – 3
Presentation – 3
Service – 4
Environment – 3

4 star rating
7 months ago

Outstanding customer service, very friendly staff - had a lovely French waitress who indulged in telling us about how she loved New Zealand and the culture compared to her life in France. Sadly I think she clocked off before we could tip her; but would highly recommend having her wait your table as she's very informative about the menu too.

The venue is fairly big expanding to an upstairs level - not too sure if there's seating as I didn't go up myself but was advised that's where their toilets are. Each table is adorably decorated with different cities on a little sign.

We started with two sets of sliders for the boyfriend, his mum and myself. We also got the meatballs, chicken tacos, croquets and a cocktail and a pint of beer (water for me the sober driver)

These dishes were more like tapas style food and is actually quite filling. My top favourite was surprisingly the chicken taco!

4 star rating
by Lucy Martin
7 months ago

I was invited to a friends birthday dinner here and was definitely impressed! We had a booth out of the way and the pizzas were delicious! Small enough that you could eat one by yourself, I had a Margherita pizza and it was lovely. My friend and I also shared some fries which were also very nice. The waiter was very helpful, and they were happy to provide a cake knife for us when the time came. I will have to make another journey back!

5 star rating
by Erica May Dean
9 months ago

Really loved this place! I have been here a couple of times, only ever trying there $4 pizzas. And boy, they were tasty! They may not be the most fulling pizza but at $4 a pop I could afford two :p I had my boyfriends birthday celebration here and we kept ordering pizzas and alcohol (mostly beer) everyone left on a good buzz and it was a great success. The staff were very helpful and friendly, service was quick and food was superb.

Thumbs up!

4 star rating
by Leanne Schou
10 months ago

This is crazy value for money. Went to try it out for a drink but got peckish and the waitress, who was happy to show us through the menu pointed out the $4 pizza offer. We had seen another table receive pizzas but figured they looked too good to be the $4 ones. Nope.. They were. Tried one and it was excellent.. So good we got another. Seriously $8 and we were full. Love this place, will definitely return with a group for a weekend lunch.

4 star rating
by Chloé Manihera
11 months ago

One of my favourite Friday night spots. They have a great pizza selection and often have a $4 pizza promotion during the afternoon which is great on a tight budget, good selection of drinks and I particularly enjoyed the feijoa crumble cocktail which I will definitely try to recreate at home

4 star rating
by Two Dark Coffees
Oct 28, 2014

As a student it becomes second nature to keep your eyes peeled for the deals.

I'm not one to sacrifice quality for quantity believe me, but here at Freeman and Grey you get both!

Normally lying around the $12 mark, Freeman and Grey's pizza range is wide enough to suit most peoples likings. They have your classic meatlover and vegetarian equivalents covered and even options that may push your comfort zone. And if $12 wasn't good enough, if you rock up around lunch time or before 7:30pm, you only pay $4 for your pizza! Dominoes can't even compete with that pricing. So if you thought you couldn't hang out and eat out in Ponsonby on a budget, think again!

The service has always been pretty good - the staff are all really friendly!

Freeman and Grey loses a point just on the fact that occasionally the waiting time is a bit long. That being said, it's not that big of deal with good company and drinks are always delivered quickly.

For a good dessert option I would recommend the sticky date pudding!

Overall, I really like Freeman and Grey. The restaurant itself has a cool industrial and bar vibe. With live music playing some nights and a rugby game on a couple of the flat screens, Freeman and Grey offers a pretty neat place to bring the lads for a drink or two at the end of the week.

5 star rating
by Maria D
Sep 20, 2014

This is one of the best spots in Ponsonby and really making an effort to pull in the locals with specials. The $4 pizzas are probably one of the best I've eaten and great value! If you join their loyalty scheme you get a free pizza, $10 voucher and $7 wines/beers 24/7. I'm loving the $7 wines because of I'm sick of paying $10 for a glass when you know a bottle is $10 at New World! To top it off, very friendly staff- all round a great night out!

5 star rating
by Kellie
May 03, 2014

I have only ever had the $4 pizzas and jugs of beer from here - and both are awesome :D the $4 pizzas are a sweet deal, they always seem to have a pretty good amount of toppings despite the tiny price, and are a decent size (can't always finish a whole one myself). Huge selection too. The atmosphere is always good here, usually pretty busy with after work people, nice sitting outside when the sun's out

5 star rating
by Tony Stark
Apr 23, 2014

Freeman and Grey is right now the best place to eat lunch in ponsonby.... They are having so many cheap lunch deals that can get one to think a lot on what you eat.... They have more than 10 options to select from their $4 lunch pizzas.. Who provides such deals now a days... I ordered gamberetto pizza which is full of garlic prawns chilli mozzarella and Parmesan and I will truly say this that I wasn't dissapointed a bit... It was really filling... With great service this place adds to my everytime go to list... Strongly recommended....

4 star rating
by James
Dec 07, 2013

Tried this place with deal voucher. The customer service was excellent. The food portion is big and very reasonably priced. The food taste just a bit above average. But overall had good experience here.

4 star rating
by Loni's Girl
Oct 04, 2013

Great place to kick back and let the world pass you by for a while - and you can watch it go. Freeman & Grey seating options are many and varied but supremo on a good afternoon/evening must be on the verandah on the first floor. Salute the setting sun. There are big screens inside and plenty of space, plenty of sharing plates and although the ambiance can be more than the food quality, it all balances out. And, if you join their 'club' they regularly text and invite you for a free beer or wine after work. Can't be bad.

5 star rating
by Dorothy Riley
Aug 19, 2013

Awesome Restaurant/Bar. Friendly welcoming staff. Awesome fun and happening atmosphere. Rugby/sport screen which is cool. Great food. Pizza awesome and very well priced. Beer batter fries YUM. Highly recommend.

2 star rating
by Carol Hiku
Apr 04, 2013

I have dined in at Freeman and Grey and have mixed reviews for it.

For food, my partner and I ordered a platter and 2 tapas. Drinks were vodka/soda/lime and a Bloody Mary. The platter was mega. Initially the $50 outlay was a bit of a shock, but not when the food arrived. It was of decent quality and quanity. No complaints there at all. The tapas were average, nothing to write home about and not a reason to go back for.

When I ordered a Bloody Mary, I was told that they could not make it because they had run out of Tomato Juice. This is in spite of a supermarket being less than a km away and a dairy being open directly across the road. I would have been prepared to have waited for the juice, or at least given the option to wait, so this was disappointing.

On the toilet front, the floor was sticky and dirty. The cubicles were clean.

The service of the staff was friendly from the waitress but very casual and a bit 'too cool for school' from the bar staff.

The loyalty programme that Freeman run is also great, short term, but I have become very over receiving regular texts from them.

All in all, a sub-optimal experience.

3 star rating
by G R
Jan 22, 2013

Dined in at this establishment two weeks ago. The front of house staff were diligent and quick to attend to us.

We ordered a couple of the small plates. Some were very tasty. Others ( calamari ) may not have been at its freshest.

Beers on tap were reasonably priced.

Ordered the chicken pizza, which stated ingredients such as " sweet chilli- chicken- cream cheese- pinenuts- with a tomato base". But there was no cream cheese on our pizza. HeH.....

Overall a good night out for a dinner.

Would recommend

4 star rating
by Stu Hector
Jan 18, 2013

Went last night for first time, the place was busy but not packed with your typical Ponsonby crowd which was nice for a change. Pretty relaxed atmosphere for a beer. Didn't sample the mains menu but snacks where great. Stuffed mushrooms yum! Some of the tables next to us where dining and it looked pretty good. Little annoying that the toilet is upstairs but that's about the only negative! Definitely heading back soon.

4 star rating
by Regan Doyle
Dec 22, 2012

We went here for our staff Christmas party. I felt the food was very reasonable and well prepared and came to us in a timely fashion. The staff were helpful and friendly for the most part and the location is top notch. Nice layout and decor and awesome balcony up top for hanging out and shooting the breeze. Great one for summer.

3 star rating
by Ellie Miller
Dec 21, 2012

Cool venue that was really let down by the service. There were quite a few staff on but we had to stand at the bar for a good ten minutes before anyone acknowledged us; I totally get that you might be busy, but a smile and an “I’ll be with you in a minute” wouldn't go astray so we knew you weren't just blatantly ignoring us. We went on a Wednesday night, was pretty quiet and managed to get a seat down the front by the footpath, ideal for a yarn and some people watching. Didn't have any food but they had a reasonable range of Mac’s; not too much on the cider front though but tried the new Ginger Brew, pretty good.
I guess it was only one visit, might have caught them on a bad night so will go back for sure.