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Restaurant MORITA

4_half star rating 20 reviews

Telephone 09 337 0506

12-26 Swanson St
cnr Swanson St & Mills Lane
Auckland Central
Auckland City

French, Japanese, A La Carte, Tapas/Small Plates
Mon - Sat 11:30 am - 2 pm, 6 pm - Late
Sun 11:30 am - 2 pm
Open 7days & new menu

We are open everyday (Sunday dinner time close)
And we have changed the lunch and
dinner menu.
Try our new meals...

Announced 3 months ago
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Feel free to come in for a casual but classy lunch, or a luxurious and leisurely dinner of fine dining. Or alternatively, choose from our new top quality ‘Bistro’ menu. A “Metro Top 50″ restaurant finalist, year after year. Restaurant Morita is located on the corner of Swanson Street & Mills Lane, behind the Stamford Plaza, (but we’re across on the other side of Swanson Street from the hotel building, tucked just around the corner on the Lane). Please check the map image included in our photos on this listing! Formerly known as ‘French Japanese Morita’


Photo of Restaurant MORITA
Seafood Vongole
Chicken confit

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Moderate, $15 - $25
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Beer, Wine, Spirits
BYO, Corkage Charge
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Vegetarian, Dairy-free, Gluten-free
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Dessert, Lunch, Dinner
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EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners
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Reviews for Restaurant MORITA

5 star rating
by Debs
14th May 2014

Rating it for what it is – really affordable top quality food. Our meals were delicious and our waitress was very polite. Only a couple of tiny gripes, no napkin was provided for myself and my glass looked a bit dirty, but these are very small things when considering the price and the high quality of the food. The basement location reminded me of something that could be a club, but they worked well with what they had.

5 star rating
by Tina W.
6th May 2014

I’ve been craving for some omurice these days so decided to search up places in town that does sell them. Even though this is a French/Japanese fusion cuisine I thought I should go give it a try.

I ordered the plain omurice and my friend had the beef steak don. The food arrived quite fast and my omurice looked very appetising and big portion (the photo that was stuck on the glass window outside looked like it was a small portion) the egg omelette was cooked very nice and soft with some grated parmigiano reggiano for extra texture and flavouring, I must say that the tomato sauce they used tasted very sour which I really enjoyed! Unlike those cheap tomato sauce that’s full of sugar. The rice inside the omelette was plain but lightly buttered which goes well with everything. I had a piece of the beef steak from my friend and it was nicely seasoned.

Overall, it was a nice first time experience and I would definitely recommend it to my friends and will go back for more!

4 star rating
by Mandy
4th May 2014

My friends and I came for dinner the other night, it was just fabulous! We got the monthly degustation which was really cheap for what you get! We loved all the courses and were really satisfied after the meal. The only negative thing I have to say is that they aren’t very good at English so it can be a little difficult to communicate with them but all in all, a lovely restaurant with great food!

5 star rating
by Owen W.
9th September 2013

Morita. Morita. MORITA! This restaurant is excellence defined. A simple visit has made this place my new favourite.

Marvelous. Simply Marvelous. I ordered a scotch fillet omurice and a Japanese creme caramel for lunch. The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare, and its unique combination with the omurice made the dish absolutely fantastic. Indeed, the steak was of a superior quality than what I would expect from other metro casual dining restaurants at $30. Everything, especially the desserts, were beautifully presented. My friends who ordered donburi and hayashi rice also voiced their high approval at the table.

The staff were very courteous and fluent in Japanese, which added to the authentic feel of the place. The wait time was on average around 10 minutes, which is amazing considering the complexity of the meals and how packed the place was.

Amazing. Remember that steak I talked about? It cost me only $16! Why oh why would I go to some other place for their inferior $30 steaks when there is Morita? The restaurant offers crayfish and wagyu at only $20 per serving at dinner time, but also provides Donburi and Omurice as cheap as $10. I noticed that the serving size tend to be slightly bigger than what I would usually expect from a Japanese restaurant. Indeed it was the cheapest but also one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

Throughout my experience, I felt that this restaurant was one born out of passion. It’s pretty popular, so you’ll want to make bookings on Fridays, and arrive early on other days at their opening times. Unique menu, excellent food, superb service and mind-blowingly low price – there is little more one can ask for in terms of casual dining. I very much look forward to my next meal at Morita!

5 star rating
by Alex L.
27th June 2013

Perfect. Just like the best modern Tokyo restaurants. I’ve already booked in for my next eating experience. Fantastic cooking, fantastic service and a great price. We have lived 6 years in Japan and recognise the great skill of Morita san in his sashimi cutting and a delicate hand in his French style Duck breast. Absolutely delicious. We made a special request for a side salad and it came out looking like work of art….and totally delicious with a noticeably Japanese flavour. We LOVE this place and plan on many more visits.

5 star rating
by Dene W.
17th June 2013

Courteous, efficient service. Delicious, fresh sashimi. Rice treated with respect.

My colleague had Omurice Scotch fillet which he rated very highly.

A real ‘go to’ for me when I want something a little different from miso ramen or middle of the road bento box.

$30 dollars for both meals (sashimi donburi was the daily special) but markedly better quality than the often good $12-$15 per meal fare one gets around the inner city.

A little gem.

5 star rating
by Jade L.
12th June 2013

My partner went to Morita with his Japanese friend for lunch today. Came back and told all of us all about his Omurice Beef Steak. His friend said that this is a Japanese favourite.

My partner has labeled this dish as ‘God-like’ and told us no words can describe his lunch today, but ironically he talked about it for more than an hour (non-stop).

And yes, he has promised to bring us there…possibly this weekend.
Seriously looking forward to this meal!
(will drop another review once we’ve witness this ourselves)

5 star rating
by Alex A.
30th April 2013

This place is a gem and totally underrated in Auckland. The food is streets ahead of many more expensive places – generous and creative. The staff are warm and discrete at the same time but the big star is the food. The sauces are fantastic and have had work put in, the duck is straight out of the 20th in Paris- and this is a Japanese restaurant. Clever and friendly!

5 star rating
by Andrew C.
8th February 2013

The Setting: elegant, restrained and intimate. It has a formal air but not in the overpowering way that some classier restaurants do – there was nothing intimidating about the setting or the service.

The Service: Excellent. The staff were watchful and attentive, filling glasses and answering questions cheerfully. Very professional, relaxed and friendly.

The Food: Amazing, really amazing. While booking for dinner we were asked what we might like. We requested a seafood based menu (there were four of us – one Japanese and three Kiwis) and asked the chef to prepare it however he liked. The chef went out specially earlier in the day to select the fish. He came to our table and decided on the menu after meeting us. There were five courses and they were each fantastic. The blend of French and Japanese was one I’ve never encountered before and I wouldn’t call it ‘fusion’ because all the elements were both traditional yet innovative, rather than the more usual hotchpotch of fusion. The French elements were mainly in the sauces while the Japanese aspects were more in the food and presentation. The food was exquisite. Subtle flavours and delicious flavours. Two courses were degustation sized: a fermented roe dish and the best mussel dish I’ve ever tasted; and two courses were generous, a sushi-sashimi combo that was really innovative and a whole snapper baked in a bread/pastry case (which was like an oven for the fish, we didn’t eat that part). The sauce with this was magnificent. The creme brulée was the best I’ve tasted.

I’ve eaten at many top restaurants that would charge hundreds of dollars a head for this sort of meal and it was only a fraction of that. This chef was trained at the very top restaurants in both Japan and France (hence the blend of flavours).

The staff lined up to see us off with huge smiles as we left. This was not a meal it was an experience. This restaurant is a gem—can’t recommend it highly enough!

5 star rating
by mab
14th November 2012

Some of the best food we’ve had in Auckland in a long time, both the Japanese food and the French food.

Service was fantastic.

Our new favourite.

5 star rating
by Sara
30th October 2012

My boyfriend and I took advantage of their $50 6 course dinner for two to try out this restaurant. We both enjoyed a full dinner complete with a fantastic dessert plate. We had great service and enjoyed the elegant atmosphere of this fine French-Japanese fusion restaurant. My boyfriend is a fussy eater especially with steak and he was very pleased with what he got. Definitely recommend it for a nice romantic night, especially for a special occasion


5 star rating
by Kristy L.
11th October 2012

This is such a gem of a restaurant. The decor is classy and cozy, and the food is absolutely incredible. Their lunch menu is great value and generous, and their dinner degustation menu is so creative. Everything is always well presented and the service is so friendly and fast. I’ve been to Morita many times, and never get tired of it. Highly recommended!

1 star rating
by Jay S.
4th September 2012

I went in for lunch for the first time. The staff wasn’t so attentive, waited for food over 25min which is understandable but my friend got served his meal while I still wait for mine. After I saw two other tables who ordered after me got served, I walked out of there after telling the staff. It is meant to be French Japanese? There is nothing French Japanse about the menu or the place. Never going back prob.

5 star rating
by Mar H.
26th June 2012

The meal here was absolutely delicious.
I have never been here for dinner as it is a bit too expensive for me, but the price at lunch is more than reasonable and very generous.
I would like to come here more often.

5 star rating
by NomNomPanda
25th May 2012

Have not yet had the pleasure of eating here for dinner, but lunch at Morita is not just delicious, but great value, with many options around $10. In addition to being well presented and tasty, I like the fact that these meals are always balanced with a portion of salad. Highly recommended!

5 star rating
by M
1st March 2012

It is a strange location for a restaurant – but when the food is this good, does it really matter?
We went on Valentine’s day (repeat visit) because the food experience is so fantastic that it makes it special, and we wanted a long romantic dinner. We got that and again, the food was exquisite. For me, it’s the best I’ve had in NZ…and when I think back to when I ate at Tetsuya in Sydney – I actually prefer the degustation menu at Morita. Every mouthful was heavenly and I have wonderful memories of both nights (so far) we’ve been there.

4 star rating
by Ryan A.
24th April 2011

We went for a birthday dinner and initially I thought it was a rather sophisticated stuffy affair by the decor, however the service was hilarious and fun and very engaging. The wait team had us laughing every time they visited and the good thing was they didn’t visit ever 2 seconds, just enough to ensure we were served and looked after.

French and Japanese fusion… WTF??? Yeah well that was what I thought til I tried the dishes… A+ for amazing.

While it was possibly a little slow towards the end, we were talking and enjoying a celebration so we didn’t care as the discussion flowed and the experience was a culinary delight and full of surprises.

I was certainly a good experience and I highly reccommend the service, the flavours and overall experience.

4 star rating
by Sakiko W.
13th March 2011

We enjoyed the well presented delicious food and also the informative chat very much with the floor staff, young chef as well as the chef-owner.
The eight course dinner was similar to that of a love letter (as the chef-owner told us himself), which comes from the heart of the chefs when they make our meals for us. Each course is really an art form.
We recommend this restaurant for people who are in the mood for enjoying fine dining for the night.
They are still on the way to change the decor to their best style so looking forward to see the finish.

2 star rating
by Emma M.
13th March 2011

Unfortunately, we were very disappointed.
First of all, the decor is far too depressed – everything black. Low ceiling with no window, black wall has no a single painting just a mirror hanging on the end of the black wall. I felt this place is for someone to have his last meal before execution. Very sad atmosphere.
8-course came with very small portion and extremely long timing, but taste good.
Service is good however we don’t like the way the waiter push us to do 8-course set menu. After all we just want to have diner which supposed to finish in an hour, we don’t want to waste 3 hour there particularly when environment is bad.
So pricey unless you go with the time consuming set menu.
Excellent chef but cannot make this restaurant successful.

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