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Fresco Kitchen and Bar

4 star rating 24 reviews

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09 3681818

30 Beach Road, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Pizza, Italian, European
11 AM to 10 PM (Mon-Fri), 11 AM to 12 Midnight (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Fresco Kitchen and Bar

5 star rating
by Jan
4 months ago

The food and service were excellent. Would definitely go there again. We also had cocktails and the dessert fondant was delicious. Highly recommended. The staff are very attentive

3 star rating
by Alley Salaya Williams
4 months ago

Me and my partner booked in for valentines, the starter was nice with bubbly champagne, though our mains was mixed up and waited for 26 mins but they did apologize for the wait. It would of been nice if we received our mains 10 mins after our starters and it was cold which me and our partner debated whether we should ask for a hot meal but didn't want to stay long as we had other plans that night. The dessert was really nice and we quite enjoyed it. Over all was alright besides our cold mains.

5 star rating
by Stuart
6 months ago

Went here on 30 Nov with a deal voucher and ordered burger, steak, pizza and ribs.  All food was GREAT  We dined in and had a great experience. The fries were very crispy.  To find it remember it is opposite the SE cnr of Countdown Spmkt carpark.  Good value prices. All the mains we ordered were less than $20 Staff were friendly and overall had a very good experience :)

5 star rating
by Alen
7 months ago

Really surprised fresco change the all ! Nice new menu and really good experience .
Reasonable price , good service.
nice pizza over there .
More choice for the drink , really love their cocktail .
Highly recommend!!!

4 star rating
by Mira
10 months ago

service 2/5environment 3/5food 4/5cost performance 3/5drink 3/5My order ( Pacific L size from seafood sensations )

4 star rating
by Helen
Jun 26, 2014

Good pizzas!!!

4 star rating
by Leo Hanks
Mar 17, 2014

Good pizza over there. I really love LA TACO, Spicy flavor, lots of topping on the pizza, the spicy beef and potato make the pizza fully spicy and taco flavor. Will be back try other pizzas!!!:)

5 star rating
by Helen Zhu
Dec 21, 2013

I ordered a NZ pure beef lasagna yesterday and it was really delicious! After i have tried the beef lasagna in lots of restaurants, i believe that was the best one i have ever had in Auckland. There was good amount of topping and i really like the taste. It was neither too sour nor too salty which i felt about beef lasagna in other restaurants. The staff was very friendly and the delivery was very fast. Strongly recommended!!A+++++++++

2 star rating
by Gordon Shumway
Oct 29, 2013

An associate and I popped in for a bite this weekend after having purchased what was advertised somewhat fraudulently as "all you can eat pizza for two".
We were greeted by a rude, grumpy member of staff who after ascertaining we didn't have a reservation, spent the next five minutes explaining a rather niggardly set of terms and conditions that, had I been presented with prior to purchase, could've saved me time, money, and a miserable dining experience.
It turns out that according to Fresco, "all you can eat" actually meant you get to order one pizza each (they generously suggest you order the medium size), and then If you finish this, you could order a second pizza. No takeaway/doggie bag allowed and if you don't finish the pizza, they charge you extra for it.
The pizzas themselves were acceptable. Decent ingredients, good base. Worth $13 a piece? Well considering the service, and lacklustre atmosphere, not really. I've had similar quality pizzas for less money at other establishments that at least made an effort to appear happy to have my custom and my cash.

We left after one pizza each and a shared L&P and I'd have to say on the strength of the service alone, I'd never go back.
I think the service was poor and the wording of the deal was misleading. My expectations were that we would get to sample two medium sized pizzas each, and if we didn't get to finish them, no harm, no foul. Take it home and eat it the next day.

I would advise any readers to steer clear of any such "deals" from this establishment in future.
Their services is rubbish and their "deals" aren't much better.
The pizza was OK but not good enough to make up for the service.
Personally I wouldn't go here again under the same staff and management.

PS: I should note that I have had good experience here previously, and I bought the voucher based on this, however this last experience was very discouraging.

4 star rating
by Suzannah Grange
Oct 11, 2013

Very tasty pizza, oozing with cheese & bacon & perfectly cooked runny-yolk eggs - YUM! I came in after 2pm for the $8 deal I saw here.

The pizza was a 'medium' size, which was too big for me to finish for lunch, so I took the remaining two pieces home. What an awesome idea to have 3 deliciously cooked eggs on a pizza, that burst with flavour as you bite into them.

The staff were bubbly, and the venue nice and clean, and I got to sit in the last of the sun before it disappeared from the window tables.

Parking was easy (I snuck into the Countdown carpark right opposite as I came here before doing some shopping).

I thought it was very good value, and I like the unique size of the 'medium', which makes you spend a bit less for a gourmet pizza than elsewhere... and a girl doesn't have to stuff herself silly just to get that American-style gourmet pizza hit ;)

3 star rating
by Kim
Oct 09, 2013

Yesterday was the last day to redeem take-away deal voucher $15 for $30 worth. Had two vouchers of different names, but the server knew that we are the same. He mentioned about the conditions of 1 voucher for two persons. After a while, he kindly obliged to allow us to use our two vouchers! Thanks for that. In the future, I need to record down my discounted vouchers expiry date and read the terms & conditions. Pizzas were good, $18.50 for a large pizza.

4 star rating
by Rachel Schuurman
Sep 21, 2013

Went here with a deal voucher and we ordered a large pizza and fries. Half Tokyo, half Sienna. GREAT toppings and so impressed with the variety of great toppings. I had a hard choice deciding. We dined in and had a great experience. The fries were yum and crispy and pizzas very yummy. Could stand to be a tiny bit more substantial for what you pay but for the gourmet side of it it's okay I guess. Overall had a good experience :)

1 star rating
by Sam
Aug 21, 2013

I went there to order takeaway today.
Terrible service. The waitress saw me and not even say Hi but keep making her coffee. There was no customer at all but while she's waiting for me to decide the pizza topping, she was taping on the counter to made a noise like tik tik tik and rolling her eyes around. Seemed like she wanted to ask me "how long would you like me to be waiting for". I wouldn't mind if the restaurant was busy and she got heaps of things to do but there was empty and I didn't take time to decide more than 3 mins. She said 10 mins for cooking so I went to do the shopping in Countdown but when I went back to pick up my pizza. I asked her "is my order ready?", she looked at me then shacking her head like no and continue counting money in the counter. oh my goodness she kind of pissed me off... she failed everything about being a service provider.
The pizza tasted ok but medium size is so small and cost like $13 something. I wouldn't mind about the price at all if the service is better than this... maybe you need to teach her to be respect to other people. I'm paying money not asking for free food!

1 star rating
by Lizzie
Apr 01, 2013

I would not recommend this place to anyone.
The pizza tasted cheap and was not good at all, soggy and pretty bland. Some frozen pizzas are better to be honest.
By the way, I ordered a pepperoni pizza, but it didn't have a single pepperoni piece on it - it was all salami. Come on, there is a difference between those two, and quite a big one!

1 star rating
by Zarnya Bordoloi
Feb 09, 2013

I came in today and had the worst pizza if my life.
One of the worst food experiences. The pizza was horrible totally inedible. I went to use the toilet and it was filthy, the restaurant itself was a mess. Such a waste of money, we will not be going back.

4 star rating
by Adkin Chicharito De'Souza
Dec 20, 2012

Had ordered a sienna pizza....at first the pizza was delivered the base was soggy and not worth of being called a pizza..... so I called them and they instantly delivered a new pizza within seconds...a good experience if they continue to meet Italian pizza standards... would recommend it to others.....!!!

5 star rating
by Tom Ward
Oct 07, 2012

Regardless of previous reviews the place is now excellent, with amazing pizzas, good service, free wifi and helpful staff!
Also their deal on sundays where if you buy a large pizza you get a selected medium pizza free is excellent!!

5 star rating
by Cary
Feb 08, 2012

I had the best chicken/cranberry pizza EVER late last year using one of those daily deal vouchers. The toppings were plentiful, with slices of chicken and not diced up stuff from elsewhere. Went back the day after to try a different pizza!
Keep up with the great pizzas!

1 star rating
by Claire
Oct 08, 2011

Have been to this pizzeria twice, and was very disappointed. Whilst the food is ok, the service is terrible. My partner and I sat there for a takeaway pizza, it took an hour to receive our order. We saw other people receive theirs, even though they arrived after us. We were not the only customers in the pizzeria who complained. Surely a pizza doesn't take an hour???? The hygiene is also not so great.

5 star rating
by Omnom
Sep 04, 2011

Was very satisfied! Got both the Paris Chicken Cranberry and Brie and the Bangkok and they were delicious!

I was a bit hesitant to try them out after reading some of the reviews below but I am so glad I did! Will be going back sometime very soon :D

5 star rating
by Shaari Tille
Sep 03, 2011

I came here recently with my father and the Kashmir chicken pizza was out of this world and was one of the best gourmet pizzas I have ever eaten. I am not a huge pizza fan, but this pizza was amazing and so flavoursome. Although the place was pretty crowded, the pizza arrived quickly and the staff person was very nice and friendly. All in all, it was a great experience and I will definitely be back for another Kashmir chicken pizza.

1 star rating
by Jonathon Bowie
Dec 22, 2009

I didn't visit this place back when Kiwis owned it, but after I ordered some takeaway food there recently I saw something that made me wish I hadn't. Right beside the counter in full view of the dining area was a filthy rubbish bin with coffee splatters dried all the way across the wall (apparently from rubbish being thrown from a distance). Lying on the floor near this bin was a filthy tea towel - couldnt tell its colour because it was almost black and looked like it had been there for decades. Flies were buzzing around it... If that is what the counter is like, what is the kitchen like?

3 star rating
by Isabel
Dec 18, 2009

Not sure if the other reviewers are visting at night, but we work across the road and often get pizzas for lunch, both eating in and ordering for work lunches. Have always found the food really yummy, and when eating there during the day it has been fine. They can be a it slow sometimes, but apart from that OK

1 star rating
by Donna Bregmen
Jan 09, 2009

I was a regular customer when Pizza Fresco first opened, when it appeared to be run by a couple of kiwi boys. Back then the place was spotless and the customer service was excellent, I use to recommend it to my friends. But I now concur with the other review, the place is now filthy and I no longer dine there. I have seen staff outside smoking then go straight to the kitchen and start cooking without washing their hands...the last time I was there I ended up walking out without ordering. I am amazed at how quickly the standards and presentation have dropped, if I could I, wouldn't even rate them one star, that is being way to generous.