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Metro Award Winner, The Fridge Cafe, is located in Kingsland in Auckland. We have: ~ great deli gourmet pies, ~ a large range of salads as well as ~ several delicious wraps, panini and sandwiches. Great for take away or eat in. We have: ~ the best eggs benedict in Auckland served on homemade hashcakes, ~ as well as our very popular homemade carrot cake. Come in and sample our large range of homemade sweets from the past: rocky road, chocolate caramel slice, the best homemade lamingtons and lots more!!! :-) _______________________________ All eggs on the menu are FREE RANGE.


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Reviews for The Fridge

1 star rating
by clare
30th July 2014

The Fridge used to be great. Great food, great coffee and great service, so good I actually used to tip. But it has gone from great to okay to bad over the last couple of years.
The two guys that I always encounter on front of house are always engaged in a loud, over-caffeinated, vacuous conversation we each other that takes precedence over serving people. Their retorts to customers border on patronising.
When I went there yesterday the coffee I got was actually bad, like what you expect when you get a coffee from a mall muffin shop, bitter and bad tasting. I don’t think much of the hygeine of that kitchen that you walk through. The bathroom either.
I am a lover of pies, but honestly if you want an excellent pie for half of their over inflated prices go to Mamata in West Lynn shops, organic too.
Fridge has had it’s day, I’m not surprised it won a Metro award once, but now it’s no better than an airport sandwich shop but with ruder staff and dirtier bathrooms.

Comment from Suzanne R. of The Fridge 30/07/2014   
I’m sorry to hear you find Josh and Mike over-caffeinated and…    More »
5 star rating
by brando
7th July 2014

Had brunch here on Saturday with my partner. We were seated promptly and were served without delay despite the cafe being pretty much full.

I ordered the eggs bene with bacon served on hash cakes which were excellent. My partner had the haloumi salad sandwich which was well presented and tasted equally as good. Didn’t scrimp on the haloumi either which was good to see.

All in all, great service, very good meals and good value for money

Comment from Suzanne R. of The Fridge 30/07/2014   
Thanks brando, great to hear you enjoyed your time at the cafe. …    More »
2 star rating
by Riz G.
10th June 2014

My partner and I were excited to try this place out for brunch as we had only heard great things about it, but our experience was meh.

When we walked inside we were greeted by a guy with a beard who told us to wait there and we’d be seated my someone else – ?? you can’t seat us, strange.

So after what felt like forever we were finally seated on a shared table which we didn’t mind because we could see it was busy. But after giving us a menu we waited 15 minutes and still no one came to take our order. So my partner went to the counter and ordered it himself.

After yet another long wait and other people coming in later than us receiving their food before us we got our drinks and meals. They mucked up our hot drinks order and our breakfasts were just average. Poached eggs, bread and sausages were nice. Burnt bacon (although I was impressed with the amount they gave us- a lot!) and the homemade beans was awful.

I felt the staff were pretty rude and in the car we actually looked at each other and said well at least we know where we are not going again.

Comment from Suzanne R. of The Fridge 30/07/2014   
So sorry Riz, looks like we let you down big time. I’ve let one…    More »
5 star rating
by Keith
9th June 2014

Like many reviewers my girlfriend and I braved The Fridge on a gorgeous weekend morning for a late breakfast with a deal voucher. As we expected it was packed to the rafters. Thankfully however the counter staff are some of the loveliest hospo workers I’ve ever come across considering the flood of impatient and hungry customers raging past the rather narrow entrance/counter space. They certainly didn’t seem to mind that we came to pay with a voucher.
Oh yeah food! Gorgeous food, homemade baked beans for me and Eggs Bene for the GF. Both meals so, so good and satisfyingly tasty. Great coffee to compliment breakfast so as we were leaving I took another to go plus an enormous lamington for lunch.
Keep up the great work.

5 star rating
by Nick K.
14th April 2014

I’ve been there every day for two months for my coffee, as I live across the road, and there’s always other customers being served, its beyond popular. Mostly I have latte and only one was lukewarm this is out of over a hundred of them so awesome work from all three baristi.
I’m fussy as I am both on a limited budget and am a well trained chef; the pies are perhaps a touch overpriced but are very addictive. Large servings of cakes. Friendly staff who are always cleaning when not serving, you could quite safely eat off of the polished wooden floors. I can’t recommend anything especially because its all been so tasty.

Comment from Suzanne R. of The Fridge 15/04/2014   
Thanks so much for the lovely feedback…I’ve shared your message…    More »
1 star rating
by Tina A.
11th April 2014

We bought a coupon for 2 breakfast meals. The cafe wasn’t very busy when we arrived, our waitress sat us down and asked what we’d like to drink, we said we’ll look at the menu first and then we waited and waited for ages for her to come back, finally I went to the front counter to let her know we were ready to order. We were told someone would come to take the order soon, so we waited again, the cafe was not busy, 4-5 tables occupied only, finally someone showed up to take the order. We ordered the eggs Benedict on hash cakes and the corn fritters. My hash cakes were cold in the centre and tasted old, the same sort of taste as yesterday’s potatoes reheated, a funny iron type of taste, my neighbour got a roasted tomato with her meal of the same meal, I did not. The eggs and salmon were fine, but the hash cakes detracted from a warm meal with cold potato.
My partner said his corn fritters were the worst he had ever had, stodgy, doughy and dry, they were bland and rubbery. He was starved so ate about a third of the fritters but said he didn’t want tofinish them and we didn’t want to wait for another meal as we had to get back to wk. he did eat the bacon. In summary a thoroughly disappointing meal with staff that were not welcoming or service orientated.
Sorry ,we will not be dining here again. Used to very good here, but must have new owners. During our meal no one came to ask if our meals were ok.

I have read other reviews and the corn fritters seem to have the same verdict from others. How long does it take to change a recipe for them. I would have thought one day would be sufficient, not two months. You are losing customers with yr corn fritter recipe and lack of care with meals

Owner has made contact , has advised her staff has been spoken to, and she s improving quality. She also has refunded my voucher cost. Thanks ,it was appreciated.

Comment from Suzanne R. of The Fridge 11/04/2014   
I’d like to let all our customers know that the corn fritters have…    More »
1 star rating
by Chloe
30th March 2014

The food at this place used to be so amazing..
We bought a voucher for two all day breakfasts at The Fridge, I ordered the big breakfast and my mum ordered the corn fritters with salmon. Nothing was salted – including the mash and creamed mushrooms – utterly flavourless. The corn fritters were huge and gludgy with a tiny amount of salmon on the top and the salad was just a few handfuls of greens without any dressing. The only highlight was the coffee which was up to their usual high standard. I used to eat at The Fridge on a regular basis when I lived in Kingsland but I don’t think I’ll be going back any time soon.

Comment from Suzanne R. of The Fridge 31/03/2014   
Thanks for your feedback – it definitely sounds like it’s time for…    More »
3 star rating
by Kat G.
13th February 2014

Went here for Sunday brunch. Coffee was good. I had the corn fritters and they left quite a lot to be desired. They were stodgy, slightly doughy and bland. They tasted like they were pre-made and then heated in the microwave – I have had much better elsewhere. One of our group had the mushrooms which were tasty. Portion sizes are generous. Overall a bit hit and miss.

4 star rating
by Mandy
12th February 2014

My friends and I decided to dine here the other day as we heard from other people that it was a nice place. I decided to order the big brekkie and it was HUGE. I couldn’t even finish it! Unfortunately I had to wait for a while for it to come out but was not disappointed when it arrived. We will definitely be back!

1 star rating
by Chrissie N.
4th January 2014

We have been coming to The Fridge for years and I have always recommended this place for its fab pies and great food. So this morning we were both starving and after not being in for a while decided to drive in from Titirangi for breakfast we needn’t have bothered. The food and the service were terrible. I ordered a pie and salad and my husband ordered the sweet corn fritters. Alarm bells should have started to ring when they stuffed up our order giving me a different order and being offended when I said it was wrong then having it bought out by different people 3 times before it was right. Eventually when it arrived it was an over dry pie with a couple of green leaves with vinegrette on it, is that a salad or a garnish? Worse was my husbands sweet corn fritters which we’re dry,tasteless and almost inedible he ate a third of it and refused to finish it when he complained the waiter replied sarcastically with that’s good ??? and said he would tell the manager. We overheard him say out the front that it cant have been that bad because he had eaten at least half of it, how does that justify that we shouldn’t complain or that the food was of poor standard he was hungry. We were never approached by the manager to see what our complaint was which I find a lack of concern for both the customer and their reputation. I mentioned it to another staff member when paying the bill who seemed irritated and snapped saying that he had told the chef, no apology just a go away attitude which I found extremely rude. I will never be back and will be telling others of our bad experience, its a shame that you don’t take the customer experience seriously. Also it may be in your best interest to train your staff in customer relations a smart attitude when laying a complaint about a meal not being right when said customer is paying for it is highly offensive.

Comment from Suzanne R. of The Fridge 5/01/2014   
Hi Chrissie. I’m Suzanne, the owner, and am very sorry to hear…    More »
4 star rating
by Rod K.
28th October 2013

Very Retro tasty food, the flavor is as funky as those whom be serving it. Best pie I have had in my life!

Go try it now!… make haste!

5 star rating
by George
27th July 2013

Wow the best breakfast ever. Smoothies are the best hangover cure and their hash eggs bene are the best in town.
Admittedly the service is pretty slack but the superb food makes up for it.
Best plan of attack is buy a pie on the way out. I appreciate they’re not cheap but are most definitely worth it

5 star rating
by Adam H.
23rd July 2013

The Fridge is a great cafe if you’re a person who needs plenty of eating options. Their cabinet is a work of art. I especially appreciate the array of food as one of my best friends has a number of allergies and she can always find something to eat with not much hassle when she’s in town.

4 star rating
by Katherine
18th May 2013

First and foremost, the service is amazing! We were waiting outside in the pouring rain for the rest of the group, and one of the staff invited us in, offered us coffee as we looked wet and cold..made me a great coffee, and took our orders (even though I didn’t even have any money to pay at this stage!)
Food was good (daughter loved the pie!) and swiftly served, but it was the accompanying service that really wowed us–it was outstanding.
We will be back for more next time we are in Auckland :-)

5 star rating
by Michael H.
22nd February 2013

only 4 words for it “bacon and egg pies” – the best on the planet (and my Mum agrees with me). Makes this place a destination – but you might need to order in advance cos they sell out – for obvious reasons. Yes the coffee is OK too blah blah.

5 star rating
by Bill S.
16th February 2013

This mornings breakfast was beyond my expectation.
On arrival we’re were cheerfully greeted by three smiling faces Throughout our stay four different members… all friendly individuals…. of the team looked after us so 10/10 for service. Espresso was prompt with great creme and rich flavour.I had the Big breakfast .Free range poached eggs perfectly cooked with flowing yolk ,mushrooms presented in an interesting sauce, a tasty grilled potato mash,lean bacon, breakfast sausages and toasted ciabatta. Was superbly flavoured and hot.. Their kitchen has it sorted
My wife had a muesli /fresh fruit and finished all of it.
A few copies of the NZ Herald were there to relax into.
Thoroughly reconmended

1 star rating
by Jennifer D.
16th January 2013

The food may well be tasty…. but I wouldn’t know since I never got to enjoy mine. I collected a round of lunches for my workplace and only on unpacking the bag half an hour later discovered mine wasn’t there. Rang to chase it up. I expected, at worst, just an apology, or at best, an offer of another replacement item when I next came in another day. However I received neither. The frosty call taker told me since my item had already been heated I could come back and get it, or nothing at all. I wasn’t sure what to say. Seemed like it was being implied this situation was totally my fault. I asked the call taker if she was in the habit of visiting cafes, paying for food and then deliberately leaving without it. I said from my point of view the fact is I did not know all of my order was not filled, so when, after waiting and being handed a large bag and told “thanks”, I left. I asked if it was expected I unpack the bag and count out my items before leaving. Bottom line is, I won’t ever find out if food at The Fridge is any good cause last time I paid for some I never got to try it.

Comment from Emily B. of The Fridge 16/01/2013   
It’s very unfortunate your tasty Vege Stack got left behind. It…    More »
4 star rating
by Gatekepa
6th October 2012

We ate here for breakfast this morning in search of the best eggs benedict, and while we didn’t find it, it was a very delicious breakfast!

So, eggs benedict… I loved the flavours, but it didn’t feel like I was eating eggs benedict. The texture and flavour of the potato hash cake screwed with my schema of what eggs benedict should be. Again, the flavours were awesome, crispy bacon, perfectly poached eggs, delicious hollandaise, a lovely smear of pesto.

I had a chance to taste my wife’s french toast, and that was amazing. Brioche, bacon, caramelised banana, maple syrup… just an epic combo of goodness.

The seating was a little out of left-field. 4 different levels, one of which is reached walking through the kitchen, which was kind of cool. Unfortunately there was some confusion with our food.

The service was okay. It was quite busy this morning, though. But where we were seated was wear kitchen staff had to go to reach their freezer which was a bit annoying after a while.

5 star rating
by Kristie E.
30th September 2012

This is the easiest review I’ve ever written. Coffee – perfect, Big breaky and eggs bene, spot on. steak and cheese pies for starving kids- devoured. Service – fast and friendly. Do they go the extra mile? Absolutely, when we mentioned to the waitress we were melting in the sun, she found the owner who very carefully installed a heavy sun umbrella. Next time will try something from the cabinet as it all looks amazing.

5 star rating
by Joshua
16th September 2012

Went here for breakfast on a busy sunday morning, around 11. The amount of customers speaks volumes for the quality of this place. We found a table after about 5 minutes, and were told there was about a 30 minute wait on the food. We didnt mind after seeing how good even the counter food was. I ordered the french toast, and my wife had the field mushrooms. We also got ourselves a slice of their enormous carrot cake too, which we just couldnt resist.

After about only 15 minutes our food came out, and my wife said it was the best mushrooms she had ever had. My french toast was pretty good too.

The carrot cake was pretty awesome. Massive piece, good icing and toppings, which we asked for served with yogurt.

We had two mochas to go on the way out, which were awesome too.

Overall couldnt ask for anything more out of a great breakfast, and really wanted to take away one of thir amazing pies, but was just so packed from brekkie. Will definitely be back.

4 star rating
by Kathryn A.
12th September 2012

Awesome cafe! Loved the pies! Best carrot cake EVER. It is so good, cannot leave without a piece! Smoothies very average. I think this will become a regular spot for me!

3 star rating
by Melodie
2nd September 2012

Venturing over the horizon from the West I remembered having read somewhere about The Fridge.
Eye caught by the blackboard menu – always wanted to try Sardines on toast, ever since swimming among them in Garda See when I fitted a bikini.

… now I can save my money and DIY !!

I can peel back the lid of a 4-pack tin of sardines
I can cut 2 slices of tomato
I can put down a handful of naked , single variety salad greens
(I can do without huge tablespoonful of savage horseradish gratings)

OK OK, myabe I don’t always have good thick Turkish bread to pop in the toaster.

But nor do I have waitstaff to reach over the table between myself and hubby to “Excuse me” top up the sugar bowl.

Maybe I should get out more – but I’ll need to re-set the Navman. Native Trader was always intriguing and worth a visit.

5 star rating
by Becky
31st August 2012

Went to The Fridge for brunch on a weekend. The staff were extremely friendly and the service was excellent. Despite being super busy they had sufficient staff on to deal with the amount of customers. The vegetarian panini was absolutely fantastic and stuffed with lovely flavoursome veges (even those that are currently considered out-of-season). The carrot cake while being a little pricey was moist and delicious.

4 star rating
by Hannah D.
2nd May 2012

Went here for a brunch with my mum, totally worth it!!!

My mum loves this place and so do I now :-)

I had the bangers and hashcakes. So good!

Will be back!

4 star rating
by Juku
3rd March 2012

I was there twice to have a coffee and something sweet, which was all really good. I really loved the atmosphere at the Fridge. It was super comfortable, chilling on a couch with my friend, but it’s good that they also have other sitting options. The savouries also look very yummy but I haven’t tried any of that yet.

I would have gone there more often, but unfortunately they already close at 4:10pm – would be great if they were open longer (like all cafes in Auckland…)

3 star rating
by Sam D.
23rd October 2011

Been here a few times.
Find the coffee to be a bit hit and miss.
The cabinet food is awesome, really fresh and a good selection.
The meals from the kitchen definitely sacrifice quality for quantity so I’d recommend a pie or something from the cabinet.

In my opinion,

Cabinet food 5/5
Cooked Meals 3/5

3 star rating
by Cherry
22nd August 2011

Enjoy the wraps and coffee is usually pretty good.

Comment from Ann Maree R. of The Fridge 22/08/2011   
I am sorry that your experience at The Fridge wasn’t enjoyable. We…    More »
4 star rating
by Kali W.
11th June 2011

Yummy pies,best pies ive tasted esp the bacon and egg pies mmmmmmmm.
But i must add,you must get there first thing when it opens to get a better selection.

5 star rating
by Tyler H.
21st February 2010

It seems the Fridge is ALWAYS pumping with business. Never more than ever than a saturday or sunday, as you can imagine.

I hear they have THE best pies, however Im yet to find out myself. But considering I’ve heard it from 3 people already, and theres plenty of reviews on them, it seems certain they are the best at pies for a LONG distance.

The only issue I have with the cafe is the turn around of time on a coffee, exceeding what you would expect certainly, and the fact there is always 5 people behind the counter, definitely intimidating to walk into, and it makes you seem slightly insignificant when you aren’t handed the coffee by the same person you we’re served by. However, the cafe does seem large, and it must be great for the local economy to have 7 people working at the same time.

Overall; The fridge is a guaranteed hit for Karajoz coffee, amazing Pies, and service with a smile.

5 star rating
by David
5th December 2009

My favourite local cafe. Indulge yourself with a freshly baked chocolate banana muffin and experience heaven. The coffee is always good and a good variety to choose from. Best Eggs Benedict in town, wonderful choice of salads. Staff are attentive and a good place to hang out on the weekends and during the week for lunch or breakfast with friends.

4 star rating
by Justin G.
27th September 2009

I like the Fridge. When we had a newborn baby I used to pop up the road all the time to get us tasty supplies!

The coffee is Karajoz and is pretty good. There is an Asian guy there (or was) who is an excellent barista.

The homemade pies are very good too (favourites are the Moroccan lamb and beef and Guinness).

They also have a good selection of salads, wraps and sandwiches if you’re looking for picnic supplies.

In terms of sitting down for a meal, the breakfasts are pretty good. I like the eggs benedict they do on potato hashcakes – very tasty indeed.

They’re a bit short on space so you can feel a bit cramped, but in summer it’s great if you can sit outside (down the stairs and through the kitchen) and have breakfast in the sun.

Best if you get up early to go here though as it fills up very quickly as it’s so popular – and deservedly so!

5 star rating
by alan
22nd May 2009

i needed a pie, one of these shop pies would not surfice, big ben, yuck, irvines, nah, not even the dependable but average mrs macs would satisfy, i wanted a REAL PIE.

so like the modern consumer in a foreign land i am, i turned to the internet, googled best pie in auckland, and hay presto the fridge.

big thanks to the folks who’s recommendation helped me get my satisfaction, and even biger thanks to the proprietors of this excellent establishment, the pie did not disappoint.

Went for the beef and Guinness, good pastry, great flavour, decent amount of good meat, fair price, if you want a REAL PIE go there!

5 star rating
by Emma
18th April 2009

Great food, fast service. Try the eggs bene bacon with hashcakes.

5 star rating
by Amy
27th May 2008

We all love the Fridge here. The food is spectacular. (yes, it is). Salads, wraps, pies, sweet – everything is fresh and delicious. My fav lunch at the mo is a selection of their daily salads… always get the combo of veges & flavours right.

5 star rating
by KT
2nd May 2008

THE BEST PIES IN AUCKLAND… fresh ingredients, fantastic flavours. One pie is big enough for a whole meal and its only $5.00, fantastic value for money. I also like their chicken wraps but their muffins taste very ‘flour’ey, like too much flour has been used..they need more blueberry flavour or whatever else flavour they’re using.

4 star rating
by Karen G.
26th April 2008

Exceptional pies.
The mushroom and chicken pie is my absolute favourite.

Soooooooo yummy.
Also has an outdoor area for summertime, and a cosy indoor space for winter.

Apart from all the normal little tables dotted around the cafe, they also have a large table which is big enough for lone-lunchers to share without invading each others’ space. And there are always multiple copies of the Herald to read.

The only potential problem here is the limited street parking . . . but it’s so good, it’s worth parking 5 mins away and walking down. Just be psychologically prepared not to get a park outside the door (although I have had that happen once or twice).

4 star rating
by Andrea
30th December 2007

I LOVE The Fridge!!! They have the BEST pies, great tasty salads and the chocolate cake is good too (even better than mum’s and hers is famous among all our family & friends!)

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