Gala Cafe

4 star rating 4 reviews

Telephone 09-623 1572

23 Edwin St
Unit G08, Zone 23
Mt Eden
Auckland City

Mon - Fri 7am - 3pm
Sat 8am - 3pm
Sun 9am - 3pm
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Gala is famous for it’s award winning menu. Gala Cafe is situated at the bottom of Mangawhau (Mt Eden) amongst architectural designed business/residential complex. We offer an extensive breakfast and lunch menu from around the world. Pop in and have a Harry’s Bar sandwich from Venice, or a classic Reuben sandwich from New York. Food critic reviews include these comments: “A festival of fine tastes in both food and decor”; “It’s one of the best cafe menus we’ve seen in a while – innovative and eclectic”; “A must visit”; “it’s all in the attention to detail”; “We could probably eat here everyday for a month and not get bored”; “…just make sure you go”.


Photo of Gala Cafe
Counter salads $6 - Carrot & Beetroot
Gala Spa salad
Tokyo Lunch Box (Salmon)

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Cafes, Caterers
Free On-Street, Free Off-Street
Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25
Smart casual
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Wheelchair Accessible:
Takes Reservations:
Dietary Restrictions:
Vegetarian, Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Soy-free
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Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch
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EFTPOS, Visa, MasterCard, AMEX
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Reviews for Gala Cafe

1 star rating
by Lilly B.
7th September 2013

My friend and I went there as we had purchased a deal voucher – what a regret! The cafe location seems odd as it is randomly located off the road and in a business complex – no nice views just the view of the work places around. We ordered our breakfast and whilst we waited we order a coffee each (this was extra on top off the voucher deal). When we were brought the coffees and tasted them they were very weak and extremely milky. These ‘coffees’ were not up to any decent standard, so we ask if we could have the coffees remade. The waiter said sure and took the coffees away. The lady who was making the coffees kept giving us dirty looks. This made me feel very uncomfortable and at one stage when I looked at her she gave me a ‘steer down’ (by this I mean I looked at her and she looked at me and kept looking at me with a dirty look on her face for quite some time until I looked away). Both myself and my friend felt extremely uncomfortable feeling as if we had done something wrong by asking for new coffees (as the ones we had received tasted like warm milk). Whilst we waited we received our breakfast. It was average – (eggs benedict) lacking any greenery/garnish. After we had finished eating our breakfast we had still not received our coffees. We continued waiting and after a while we decided we needed to leave as we could not wait around all day. When we approached the counter to give the deal coupon, the lady had still not made the coffees. I told her do not worry about the coffees now as we had finished our breakfast and were about to leave. She said fine. We gave the coupon and were about to leave when she said we owed $8.40 for the coffees. Obviously were we not happy to pay this and explained why. After a long discussion that was going nowhere, we proceeded to leave the cafe. The lady followed us and said “no one leave my shop without pay”. We further continued to explain that we did not agree to pay because we returned the coffee we were originally given and did not receive a replacement. As we left she followed us outside onto the road saying she will phone the police. I thought that was a wonderful idea so went back to the shop for her to do so. Once back at the shop I asked her to call the police but she refused and said “don’t you have phone? you phone police” and she continued to demand money from us, very rudely in a strong broken English accent at times I found hard to understand. By then we had had enough and left for the second time. She followed us again; down two streets until we ‘lost her’. This was an extremely disappointing and time consuming experience. I highly recommend not going there. The voucher deal advert for the cafe boasted great reviews from 2010 – It makes me wonder if the business has changed ownership since then, as there was nothing to boast about at his cafe.

5 star rating
by Mikhail
18th September 2012

It’s a really nice place..

We didn’t hear about this cafe before, even we live in Downtown, so it’s pretty close to our place.

Until now – 2 things I’ve tried here were – Steak Sandwich(medium rare) and Tokio Lunchbox, also I had a chance to taste ‘North Indian Eggs’ how they called and I was really surprised.

Steak was one of the best I’ve had in Auckland, it was really delicious and juicy.
Special recipe for Masala Eggs was excellent as well, i didn’t know it could be so delicious!

Good atmosphere, very friendly staff!
Me and my girlfriend enjoyed our food and coffee here as well.
Hope to come here soon again and more often.

5 star rating
by Mark T.
16th September 2012

Clean fresh decor and a busy vibe greeted us as we were shown to our table by an attentive waiter.
All press coffee masterfully prepared was brought to the table quickly and we settled in to the difficult task of trying to decide what to order from the breakfast menu.
My partner chose the poached eggs and I the north Indian eggs (mother inlaws recipe) with a side of gravlax and one of portabello mushrooms.
The poached eggs were faultless and the Indian twist to mine was devine, the gravlax just right and the mushrooms perfectly cooked.
We don’t often indulge in two coffees but they were so good we did and with an afghan biscuit.
The most expensive item on the breakfast menue was eggs bennie at $18 making a meal here exceptional value for money.
We can’t wait to come back.

4 star rating
by Liv W.
10th October 2011

Great menu, filled with options that scream ‘flavour’! I chose the “Gala Spa Salad” which included generous amounts of tender Steamed Chicken, with Green Tea Noodles, and Cress with loads of Dressing, and they’d run out of one ingredient, so thoughtfully replaced it with beetroot and ginger.
The food left me feeling healthy and invigorated.

The staff were extremely friendly and accommodating to our requests. My 3 year old enjoyed her side of salmon, and a banana! It’s not really the place to bring children though, I have to say.

Easy parking in the weekends was a bonus.

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