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09 2636999

726 Great South Road, Manukau, Auckland

  Mongolian, International
5:30 PM to 10 PM (Mon-Thu, Sun), 5 PM to 10 PM (Fri-Sat)


Reviews for Gengy's

4 star rating
by Zilly
2 months ago

A must visit .. Went there on Mother's Day and enjoyed their varieties ..would be so much fun if go with families ..we just loved it..the only problem was the long wait cuz of the long queue..

4 star rating
by Shari Shye Folasade
4 months ago

Love the food, a chance to be creative only downfall is the long qeue when it gets busy! A weekday might be quiet good value for mony, family friendly, enjoy dinning here

5 star rating
by Karen Silk
5 months ago

Great atmosphere, huge amount of choices and you can go back for seconds if you want.  Great to watch the guys cooking the food that you have created.

4 star rating
by Lazania K. Wihongi
5 months ago

My kids love eating here, as do i. Staff are friendly and the atmosphere is always happening. Love the food and the desert though my kids love eating all the ice cream.

3 star rating
by Steve Shipway
7 months ago

The food was good and quickly cooked; however we had issue with obtaining drinks, and the voucher we had brought was not accepted as they claimed it was only valid mid-week, even though there was no mention of this on the voucher itself.

The array of oils and sauces for the food would have benefited from having more - and clearer - suggested mixes and labeling for people not familiar with what mixtures work well together.

It was value for money, but in the end I would prefer to pay a little more and go to one of the other Mongolian restaurants in the area.

4 star rating
by Rachna
8 months ago

A buffet style dinning which caters for a wide variety of diners.

The have huge assortment of starters, mains and desserts.

You can add your own choice of spices, flavourings and herbs to your meal.

The food is cooked right in front of your eyes within few minutes.

Overall I had a fantastic experience at this restaurant and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

4 star rating
by YaMarnis
10 months ago

Came here with family and we just eat and indulge. Great place to try your culinary skills:) we will always come here. The price is good for what you eat...

5 star rating
by Charlotte Mason
11 months ago

First time here and I loved it. The food tasted amazing! It has a cosy atmosphere and is alive with chatter. I will highly recommend anyone to go there

3 star rating
by Jade Thorne
Jan 03, 2014

Visited this restaurant twice last year and both times was not overly pleased with the experience. The restaurant was cold and the food in the heating trays seemed like it had been reheated for days. Visited Gengy's in central Auckland, and had a wonderful experience.

5 star rating
by Memz Will
Mar 22, 2012

My favourite restaurant by faaar! I love love coming here! I'm never disappointed love the staff and the cooks are very friendly. I mean you get to pick your whole dish so if you are not familiar with stir fry type of food then that's your fault if it comes out yuk lol

They always have a variety of delicious sides and salads recommend curry eggs YUMMO!!!

Must make reservations! And pancakes cooked to order with ice cream awwwsome! lol

Dress code can do with some work(cough)lol besides that Best buffet restaurant by faaar! Recommend to all!

4 star rating
by Tarina Hodgson
Mar 02, 2012

Yummy food and a good overall dining experience. Good to go in a group. The food has been fresh and full whenever I've gone. The place could do with a spruce up especially the toilets. I would keep an eye on kids around the dessert table using hands instead of utensils.

5 star rating
by Pam Willis
Feb 14, 2011

I went tonight and even though they were busy they managed to fit us in, nice fresh food and when supplies got low they stocked up straight away. This has not been my first visit but I will return again and again, honestly lovely experience eating out!

5 star rating
by Mcalista
Sep 24, 2010

i went to Genghis with my partner for our anniversary and it was awesome and the food was delicious like OhhheMmGeee!yeah well great service yummy pancakes and ice cream yuummyuumm lol i am willing to head back there pretty soon lol

5 star rating
by Josh
Jun 29, 2010

i went to gengy's on the 26th of June ,me and my partner had a great time. it seem to be a full house that night and the service from the waitress were very good and it was a nice clean place to eat.selecting the food was a bit confusing cause you didn't know what mixed well with each other,like meat and sauces you selected etc it would be nice if the place had some kind of menu to advise people types of dishes,they would like to create overall awesome place to dine

1 star rating
by Rebecca The Christmas
Jun 07, 2009

I went here for tea on Saturday 6th June 09. Found that they only had filled the containers just to cover the bottom!

Drinks took along time to come to the table at least 20 - 25 minutes. Hostess were not very friendly, took almost an hour before the dishes were taken away.

This place was not very clean at all, toilets were very smelly like something had died in there even though it had been cleaned that day.

Very disappointed compare to the restaurant in Rotorua I would class high!

Very low standard would not recommend to others to dine!

5 star rating
by Joanna O\'Connor
Apr 06, 2009

Great Value (promotion of $19.95 all you can eat), great food, loved the novelty of getting them to cook it in front of you and then to top it off great service. Was really happy with Gengy's in Manukau! Mongolian food at it's best.

5 star rating
by Desmond
Aug 12, 2008

By far my favourite restaurant. There is not much info about the procedure in place with these kinds of restaurants so here's a quick guide for those interested.

This is a buffet restaurant but with a twist. None of the food is cooked but getting it cooked is really quite simple.

First off grab a plate/bowl, fill it with all the ingredients your heart desires, then give it to the chef(s) at the end of the buffet table to cook for you. That's it. Easy aye? :)


4 star rating
by Nina Skipper
Jan 29, 2008

As a family we are always looking for new and exciting places to eat and this has got to be the best we've found in a long time. I particularly liked the variety of food to chose from which covered every kind of taste. The service was efficient and friendly and in all it was a fun filling experience.. highly recommended.

4 star rating
by Narnz
Nov 09, 2007

Its tempting to keep returning. Fresh food, interesting experience and fun for the kids ... pancakes are divine ... service is very good, staff are professional and friendly ... worth every cent.