4 star rating 8 reviews

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06 7583022

109 Devon Street East, New Plymouth, New Plymouth

5:30 PM to 10 PM (Mon-Thu, Sun), 5 PM to 10 PM (Fri-Sat)


Reviews for Gengy's

5 star rating
by Anne McDonnell
5 days ago

Gengys is very reasonably priced for the delicious food on offer. Staff were exceptionally friendly. A great idea to have pancakes, syrups and ice-creams for dessert! Will be back - soon!

5 star rating
by Belle
5 months ago

Yes! This place was amazing..!! 
The food was fresh and the freshly cooked pancakes and ice cream were a real treat.Best buffet place ive been so far, friendly staff, good environment, great experience, mean dinner.

4 star rating
by N L
7 months ago

We've eaten here once my husband loved it I thought it was good, quick & value for money food. There wasn't much of an atmosphere going on and I wouldnt go here on a date but for a quick dine out meal when needed. A tip given to us towards the end of our dinner was to get the chefs to hold some sauce back and throw it on your food right before they serve it because the sauces/flavour often get cooked away from the grilling process.

5 star rating
by Becca Cunningham
8 months ago

We thought we'd try it...WOW!
The best meal we've had after 11 years in NZ.
A fantastic meal, it couldn't have been fresher and more delicious, cooked to your own taste, you create your own cooking sauce (helpful tips on the back board), and it's cooked immediately right in front of you.
Freshly cooked pancakes to finish, with selection of ice creams and sauces.
Staff were friendly and efficient, without being intrusive.
Great price, very highly recommended.

5 star rating
by Rosa
8 months ago

I completely agree with the previous reviews, Delicious food at a reasonable price and a large selection to choose from.The staff were smiley and helpful and the place has an excellent ambiance. Could go there every night of the week!

5 star rating
by Mandy Butler
8 months ago

Fantastic night out - the food was amazing - so nice to see your fresh food cooked right in front of you.

Great value - especially seen as you can keep going back to get more.

Loved the pancakes for dessert - We will definitely be going back here again!! totally recommend!!!

5 star rating
by Estee Leong
9 months ago

I dined here with my husband and I'd just like to say that the service received was nothing short of stellar. Friendly, welcoming and helpful, the staff ensured that the experience was a great one.
The food was good (of course I'd say that, I picked out all the flavours) and the pancakes and ice-cream were delicious!
Pricewise, it was much cheaper than expected, so all in all, I believe it warrants a return visit :)

5 star rating
by Krystal
10 months ago

Our first time out to a restaurant with the kids (1y & 3y). The staff were awesome and the food was divine. So many options to choose from and at an insanely reasonable price. I look forward to dining there again.