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Reviews for Gengy's

4 star rating
by Paul James
Sep 11, 2014

Me and my colleagues had dinner last week on Friday night.It was a new and interesting dining experience for all of us!I mean we got a chance to create our own meal and taste,the chefs were cooking right infront of us,that was something i have never tried before in any other restaurants.and there were sides,salad,dessert so much to choice from,oh i have to say that im a big fan of your pancake!it was truly incredible.We will certainly come back sometime soon.

However i would like to point out a couple of things for you to consider.we were sitting next to 2 big groups,it appears that they were having some sort of celebration,and it was too loud and noisy for us to talk about works.I was thinking maybe a better table arrangement could be organized.Secondly i asked for a well done cooked beef,but it was more close to a medium,still good taste but could be cooked longer.cheers~

5 star rating
by Bourbon
May 10, 2014

Wow what a excellent meal .Very friendly and helpful staff .Would definitely recommend it. It was nice to see children having choice of menu.watching food being cooked is cool. Something for everyone .Food fresh and amazing. Amazingly helpful if you not sure what to do.Its getting hard to find a restaurant with variety on menu at reasonable cost . Well done to all the staff at Genghis.

4 star rating
by Tim
Aug 24, 2013

I can only echo the words of many previous reviewers.

Being an all you can eat buffet, there are so many potential pitfalls for service and quality that this place manages to avoid (mostly). The only spot they fall down is that damn line when it's busy. If they could find a way to control that, I'd up this to 5 stars in a heartbeat. Off to go there tonight with a wonderful friend treating me and the line is the only thing I'm not looking forward to. My advice...take two bowls. ;-) lol One for your meat, and the other for your veggies. But then again, I'm a fairly substantial eater, so this works for me. :-)

5 star rating
by A P
Jul 24, 2013

Excellent food and so much fun! Even the kids love to go and watch their food be cooked. Something for everyone. Friendly service. But if you don't like long lines don't go on Friday or Saturday. Be prepared to wait because the place will be packed. Food is fresh and amazing!!

5 star rating
by Joe C
Apr 01, 2013

We were in town for the long weekend looking for something simple for dinner on the Friday night.

The staff were great - very helpful and friendly. The buffet food was all fresh and of good quality.

One of the cleanest, most well run places I have been to in a while and I have to say being an Aucklander I was sceptical that I would find it in Whangarei.

Well done Gengys (and Whangarei). If I am back in town then this will definitely be on my list of places to return to.

4 star rating
by Penny Hare
Feb 23, 2013

Went to Gengys for the first time last week. I loved it, will take the mokopuna next time. Can eat all you want, loved choosing my own kai...again and again lol., the food is fresh, tasty, loved the experience, very nice staff even when I walked out the door forgetting to pay. Go Gengy's will be back with the whanau.

4 star rating
by Shaun Ash
Oct 14, 2012

I love their micky mouse pancakes and their service when it comes to peoples birthdays :)

4 star rating
by Veronica
Feb 14, 2012

This place is great, the staff are so friendly & they do their best to help you, not to mention the food is beautiful! I personally love their little birthday songs :P thank you Gengys!

4 star rating
by Elisa Thomas
Jan 10, 2012

Good food.
Good value.
Great with groups and children.
Can be a bit busy = Queuing for food.

4 star rating
by Victoria
Jan 04, 2012

My husbands favourite place. Mainly because he can eat as much as he possibly can! I love the fact you can create your own meal and enjoy watching the food being cooked-quite impressive flipping! Friendly staff and a very relaxed atmosphere. The birthday song does drive you slightly nuts after the first 3-4 times however, I do love the fire at the end! We will be back!

4 star rating
by Kathy Randall
Nov 22, 2011

We love Gengy's! It is awesome to be able to create your own taste sensation with a fantastic selection of meats, veges and sauces. It is fun to watch the chefs at work and they do a great job with the cooking. Great salad selection as well and then to finish off with icecream, toppings and yummy pancakes. Wonderful. The waitresses were very friendly and helpful as well, so overall our experience was a positive one. Thanks Gengy's! :)

5 star rating
by Aro
Sep 06, 2011

My partner, who has been to similar style restaurants overseas, was convinced this would be a good night out for us and our two children. I, however, had my reservations as I often find buffet style restaurants bland and claustrophobic. I was glad to find Gengy's was neither. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, and the seating was both comfortable and well spaced.

The food was delicious, which certainly would have ensured another visit, but what I found really wonderful was the ability to share the experience with my young children, who thoroughly enjoyed creating their own bowels and watching them cook. Finishing the meal off with pancakes and ice cream was also fantastic, and again they loved the opportunity to be involved. I thought it was a fantastic little touch that theirs were shaped into little Micky ears. I realize few may understand this point, but I consider it fantastic that the cooks handed my children's meals to them rather than me, and I know my children liked the recognition as well.

The staff were polite and friendly, asking us how we were enjoying our meals and if there was anything else they could get us when they came to clear away plates. The young lady clearing our table even made a point of asking my children if they were enjoying their meals.

Often I find that even in restaurants that claim to be child or family friendly that children are essentially ignored, especially if you have young children, which tends to make me feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.

I think this is an excellent dining experience for those with children, and would highly recommend it to people even with young children.

3 star rating
by John Smith
Jun 19, 2011

As a new restaurant in town, it was very popular and busy...The concept is unique.. The food was A+ But the wait in line to get it cooked for 20-30 mins was C- Takes away from been able to chat with friends at the table, kinda makes you not want to do it again as it is suppose to be a buffet as much as you can eat. They also need to sort out a payment scheme, if we hadn't kept our receipt we might have had to pay again.