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Reviews for Genji

2 star rating
by Anna Chan
5 months ago

Incredibly average. We got a Grab One voucher for this thinking we got a real great bargain because it was advertised as a 7 course meal. The portions were tiny (way smaller than those shown in their menu) and for 30% per person (after the coupon) it was just a big waste of money. I don't think we got any sort of deal whatsoever. I feel like we paid way more than what the food was worth. So if you're here to check if buying a Grab One coupon from this place is a good deal, NO IT ISN'T. There wasn't any rice to go with t he mains and the mains took up 1/4 of the plate. The "salad" they gave us (if you can even call it that) was the smallest portion of salad I have seen and looked to me more like garnish. Also the dessert (banana split) was 1/4 of the size of what it was in the picture located in the menu (the picture had 2 bananas but we only got half a banana each.. which is absolutely ridiculous).

1 star rating
by Tommy Lee
5 months ago

bought this voucher from grabone for a 7 course meal...turn out to be the worst "Korean/asian food" we have ever tried...this is NOT JAPANESE FOOD!!!  service is sooo bad, asked for a small plate for teh soy sauce for sashimi but was told to use the big plate......this is sooo taste HORRIBLE, not fresh, not presentable and NOT AUTHENTIC!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND CHOOSE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!

"Vouchers are supposed to be an opportunity for businesses to get customers to try them out and hopefully become regulars. Needless to say, we won't be going back to this one..."

4 star rating
by SR
6 months ago

Prompt friendly service. I had a 7 course meal and each dish was simply delightful. The fish was fresh and flavours were subtle yet balanced. I even enjoyed their salad of cabbage! Shall return.

2 star rating
by FJ
6 months ago

Went with a large group. The food was ok sadly the service wasn't. I will never be back there again.

1 star rating
by Grace
7 months ago

The food, restaurant...everything was terrible.

Firstly when we tried to book they gave us the option of 5.30pm or 8pm. When we arrived at 5.30 there was no one in sight and the food was already waiting on the table for us getting cold - talk about rushing you!

We purchased the 12 course degustation voucher deal, however what was in front of us was not a 'degustation'. It was more an assortments of fried finger food which were all very unappetizing. Something I didn't need to pay $95 for. There was not one thing on the menu I can compliment unfortunately, I was left very unsatisfied and disappointed.

The atmosphere was very rushed, it felt like they wanted us in-and-out within 30 mins at the rate they were bringing out food. Every single dish they brought out was extremely below average.

To finish off the meal, the degustation included dessert. I asked the waitress if there was green tea flavoured ice cream option instead of vanilla. She assured me there was no other flavor. However when I turn to the menu there is an assortment of flavours - she blatantly lied to me! This is the kind of place where if you dine on voucher you are treated very poorly.

I got a deal voucher but I left feeling like I overpaid for the meal. I would not recommend this place and you should look elsewhere for better Japanese food with better service!

1 star rating
by Maria Hayward
7 months ago

One star apparently means 'terrible' - and this place pretty much was! We had a voucher deal - and could have paid the same price at our favourite Japanese café for a meal of twice the value and quality. For the mains - which were all the same - we had three different plates between the four of us and not the nice pottery one expects from a Japanese restaurant. In fact at least a couple of the dishes to our table were chipped. I notice Genji has a 'D' rating - and indeed, it was not clean. Toilets unpleasant, ripped blinds, dirty tables and chairs - not good. Meals were definitely not like the ones depicted in the photos - presentation was poor to average, sizes tiny and I couldn't count 7 courses - even if we did count miso and salad as two. There weren't two mains as stated in the discussion on grabone. The value was not good - even at the so-called discounted price. We will never go back. Wish I'd read the reviews before purchasing the voucher.

4 star rating
by Roimata Kurariki
7 months ago

Myself and my family had a voucher for the 12 course meal for 4 people...we absolutely loved it! Every course was oishii! Great service and great food will be returning for sure.
I guess thanks to the previous reviews the owner/s have taken such criticism into account and have given me and my family a great dinning experience.
Based on the changes Genji's has made to suit customer complaints this is a great restaurant!

2 star rating
by Tony Bond
7 months ago

Really disappointing.

Went on a voucher, there was no way the food was worth the amount stated on the voucher.

Then for the non drinkers the soft drinks were $4.50 for half a can of soft drink, really.

Staff are also not very friendly, just throw the food on the table.

Won't be going back, although the food was okay.

2 star rating
by Fleur Peps
8 months ago

Dissapointing. I LOVE Japanese food and was sad to see that this place isn't doing it justice.

Dined here on a voucher the other night. 7 course Japanese meal. $59 or so for two people, which is normally worth over $100 somehow?!

We certainly did not recieve over $100 worth of food. Portions were very small which wasn't that bad but the quality and presentation was just completely lacking. The sashimi didn't seem 100% fresh and again it was a very small amount for what is quoted as being worth over $100.

First course was a very small salad which looked like it had just been poured out of a salad bag from countdown. This had a very small slice of tomato with it.

The service was friendly enough but the dishes kind of just got placed on the table to no explanation as to what we were eating. The miso soup wasn't very nice. It's kind of hard to mess miso up.

The mains were very tiny and nothing special at all. Could have made it at home with some store bought teriyaki sauce.

Won't be coming back here I don't think, there are far better Japanese places around.

3 star rating
by Jenna Bean
8 months ago

Main and dessert were good

2 star rating
by Eleanor Goldsmith
8 months ago

We went for dinner at Genji this evening, on a deal voucher for a seven-course meal. The miso soup, sushi & sashimi, prawns in spicy mayonnaise, and tempura were good, but the main course (teriyaki salmon for me, and prawns and scallops for my husband, both with stir-fried veg) was terrible - pretty much airline food standard. It was as though the chef had lost interest by that stage.

The service was friendly, but a bit chaotic - we weren't asked if we wanted drinks and I ended up ordering from the waitress who brought the first couple of dishes. Then another waitress came along and asked if we wanted to order a drink, even though our sake had already arrived. The delivery of the dishes was a bit rushed, too.

Vouchers are supposed to be an opportunity for businesses to get customers to try them out and hopefully become regulars. Needless to say, we won't be going back to this one....

1 star rating
by Brent Cooper
8 months ago

Went here with a large group for a function. Although we had booked they were totally unprepared for us but put us in the Karaoke room. Insisted that we have the "set menu" that basically meant we all had to have a dinner box. This consisted of two measly bits of chicken, rice, a tiny bit of salad two bits of sushi and some beans. No sashimi, no tempura. The price - a whopping $30 !! On top of that the staff were unpleasant.
I love Japanese food but certainly won't ever go back to Genji - you would get twice as good a meal for less than half the price at a food court.

1 star rating
by Marc
10 months ago

Wow... what can I say. Worst Japanese restaurant I have ever been to. To be fair none of the staff were Japanese so maybe it is their own interpretation of Japanese food. Thought it would be nice since it is in Ponsonby... it's actually on the far end of Ponsonby and there were not much customers... now I know why.

Food was not worth the money. If you want to just eat rice and minimal ingredients this is the place to go. If you want grumpy staff that look like they don't want to be there who ignore the customers for most of the night, this is the place to go.

There are plenty of great Japanese restaurants in Auckland, Genji is not one of them.

1 star rating
by VYX
Jan 07, 2014

Unfortunately MenuMania doesn't have 1/2 a star, so I'm settling for one star. Thank goodness I went here on a deal voucher and didn't pay full price like the other sucker diners around me. I will now only use keywords to sum up the food *ahem*: bland, dry. If you have a family or friend who has never tried Japanese food, please steer clear of this place. I mean, really? Even a pack of sushi from your local petrol station has more flavour, aroma and colour than they do at Genji. I cannot stress enough how tasteless and super bland the food at Genji is. If you scroll down the list of reviews, you'll notice there's not a hell of a lot of 5 stars going on here...there's a reason for that.

3 star rating
by Lancy Chua
Jan 04, 2014

I would give three and a half stars for a bit better than average, but certainly not the one star ratings of previous reviews. We had the all you can eat sushi meal. There is a choice of about twelve different sushi rolls to choose from mostly of the more expensive variety, tuna, salmon, California roll, eel and even king prawn. Each sushi roll was a substantial size cut into eight pieces, with good size fillings. Some rolls had two different fillings e.g. The eel roll has a piece of eel sitting on it and prawn inside. The salmon roll has pieces of salmon both inside and outside. The portion size for one roll of eight pieces was so big that we decided to order half rolls ( 4 pieces) so that we could sample the different varieties. The sushi is prepared by a Japanese chef behind the counter, and are fresh and tasty. Miso soup refills are readily offered by attentive staff. The restaurant was quite full and everyone appeared to be enjoying their meal (see previous review). Something must have definitely changed since the last review made in December last year.

5 star rating
by Ryoo Ochi
Jan 03, 2014

My family and I must have been very lucky on our visit to Genji's. We were close to cancelling our booking when I saw all the 1 star reviews, but decided to take the risk. I'm glad we did, as it was a great surprise. My father was over from Japan, and being Japanese, was a good enough judge. My family have eaten in countless restaurants in Japan, and in New Zealand, so we were hoping to have good luck.

Service was excellent as soon as we walked in, everything was prompt and cooked to perfection, except for one thing, the geso (slightly overcooked), but that was ok as we ordered so many dishes. I made sure to try out several sushi rolls, and they were excellent!! My favourites were the large sashimi platter, new style salmon avocado roll, beef tataki, and the beef tongue skewers.

There were 7 of us and all enjoyed the night so will be back again one day! Thanks Genji!

1 star rating
by Jack
Nov 27, 2013

I just reviewed this restaurant in the local Chinese forum about my terrible experience with Genji. I am now doing it again in English.

Same experience as other recently commented customer, we (voucher deal customers) were treated as second level customer.

1: We saw other table was offered free miso soup refill, I was just curious and politely asked them whether they can refill for us. The waitress responded " No, because you are voucher customer, only 1 miso soup"..

2: Customer service is extremely poor. The boss and waitress never smiled the whole night when we were there. You could feel that none of them are happy inside their heart. Not only that, the table next to us ordered coffee from one waitress, after 5 - 10mins, the waitress came back said "I am sorry, I don't know we don't do coffee".

Besides, on my second visit, the waitress pushed me to order when there are only 2 tables including me, I don't understand the reason behind it. And she asked me to take away all 4 dishes I ordered when I would like to have my meal there, then take away other 3 dishes. I could not understand the reason behind it.

3: The food was worthless. Sushi roll cost around $20 - $25, 80% to 90% are rice, at the end of the meal, we spend a lot of money on rice, which we could do the same with $5 dollars or less with rice cooker at home.

4: The most terrible experience I have to share with you is. We bought 2 vouchers, the second time I only brought the voucher with me forgot the wallet at home. After I had my meal I presented my voucher to them, they refused and told me that I should tell them I am voucher customer in the first place. And then I read the term and conditions carefully, apologized to them and talked to the lady boss see if there was any workaround just for this time. Finally the male boss came out scold at me, he said "Leave your watch here, and go get the money, I have seen so many terrible people like you".

I don't know whether anyone there can beat my experience with Genji. This is totally shocking to me.

1 star rating
by Sebastian
Nov 23, 2013

I bought the all you can eat voucher deal for two people a week ago and made a booking for tonight at 8pm. But this afternoon, we got a call from the restaurant saying that the restaurant was fully booked for tonight and told us to come back next week.

I decided to call again just so I could talk to a different waitress. I said that I wanted to check the reservation that I have made but my name was not in their system at all. So I wanted to make a new reservation but they said that they are fully booked.

I couldn't really believe because they open until 10pm and I can't believe the restaurant wouldn't fit two people in. So I got curious and just went there to check what is actually going on.
At 8:40pm in the restaurant, we found out that the "fully booked" restaurant is EMPTY. So we just went in and the waitress kindly offered two empty seats for us. When I presented the voucher, the waitress said I should have made a reservation. It's so weird because the "fully booked" restaurant was totally EMPTY. And at 9:40ish, the restaurant staff started to pack and seemed to be impatient to wait for us to finish our food, very rude and unprofessional. And another thing, the "fully booked" restaurant remains EMPTY all the time and the foods are not even that good, too much rice. The rice was probably a strategy to make us full so we wouldn't get to eat too much.

For the owner, if you are unhappy with this comment, please keep calm, have a meeting and improve your quality.

1 star rating
by Marianne
Nov 22, 2013

Extremely terrible and rude service. We bought the voucher for the unlimited sushi deal for 6 people. We order and finished our first round of 5 sushi rolls and was ordering a second round of 4 sushi rolls when the waitress rudely question us if we could finish what we ordered, if not, she would charge us for wastage. Such unimpressive customer service. The food was below average. The sushi rolls were stacked with loads of rice with not much fillings. We order other dishes on the menu and the chicken karaage was tasteless. Another customer lost. Will never recommend this place.

1 star rating
by Aaron
Nov 12, 2013

The food is totally bad. The waiters have very poor language understanding, very difficult to communicate. we order 2 rolls, its ridiculously huge, we cant even get a taste of other stuffs on the menu. and the roll is just a huge compressed rice, tiny topping, paper thin slice of fish. nothing like the photos. Any sushi stalls in foodcourt will easily do a better job. Just because we got a deal voucher, doesn't mean we get bad food. $36 for 2 huge tasteless rice rolls.

If you want to do discount, do it as you would serve your regular customers. The ingredients used are totally low quality, poor presentation, ridiculous size of sushi roll, we can't even finish one roll. Don't cut corners just because you sell it for a discounted price. It just makes you look bad, unprofessional. Totally amateur. Will not go back or recommend any one.

1 star rating
by Rafael Ikeda
Nov 07, 2013

Zero star for the sushi. Got a voucher for unlimited sushi but what I got was more like rice balls than sushis with some samples of fillings and thin slices of fish. I look at menu and sushi's are not the same. So why make a deal if you change product quality? No one will ever comeback and bad reputation is what you get. Sushi comes with lots of rice, so If I go and buy a sushi will be bad as those ones? Worst part is that I bought 1 more voucher and asked some friends to buy as well.
Shame on you guys. If there's someone from restaurant reading this please let me know if I can return the voucher because it's a total disrespect.

1 star rating
by Hatsuka Kudo
Oct 29, 2013

I bought a voucher which will be discounted over Sushi with my friend. Food was okay because I didn't expect it would be good. However, service was terrible; a clerk was unfriendly.... toooooo slow to make sushi( we have a limit to finish up sushi) and so on. I was so surprised this restaurant is owned by Japanese because that kind of attitude is never permitted in Japan. We were made to keep waiting 30 minutes. I brought my foreign friends there so that restaurant embarrass me....

I DON'T recommend. Even though there is voucher, you should not go; you should find another one and enjoy your eating.

1 star rating
by Bridget Chung
Oct 22, 2013

Bought a voucher on daily deal as wanted to take the in laws out for dinner, but seeing that they don't eat raw stuff, thought they can always have teppanyaki. Showed up on a Saturday evening only to be told as there is only 1 chef that can do the teppanyaki (like that's my problem?!) and as it's too busy it's not going to happen. So why advertise that voucher can be used for everything and not honour that promise? Horribly misleading and ruined what should have been a nice evening out. That aside, food was decided average and nothing to shout about. Won't have returned even without the drama.

1 star rating
by Pauline
Oct 09, 2013

Food massively overpriced, almost everything on the menu was not available and we were only told this halfway through serving time. Half our table had food, the other half had to reorder. Mind you, this was a Saturday night. Food came, definitely less than average.

Waitress was nice but that's about it. Do not recommend.

1 star rating
by Lisa
Jul 19, 2013

Very disappointed with their fake photo of the food. Thinly sliced salmon on the salmon roll was about 1inch long which was totally looked different from the menu. (I don't know maybe that 's because we used voucher? ) Medium Sashimi cost $38? Tuna wasn't that fresh and self-sevice for da separating oysters from its shell. Totally overpriced. The only Japanese waitress was very kind and friendly. Not gonna dine there again though.

3 star rating
by Amy Tanabe
Jul 11, 2013

Went with a friend and took a deal voucher. Staff were friendly and attentive. Food was fine, but nothing too exciting. My friend got a salmon and avocado roll which had minimal salmon. We shared a tataki which was pretty delicious, but we both agreed that the water tasted quite strange. Everything seemed clean despite the B grade. Not sure if we'll be back, but it certainly wasn't a horrid experience like some of the other reviews seem to have had.

1 star rating
by Amanda Choong
Jun 29, 2013

We bought a voucher. The whole experience is disappointing. We are foodie, we know what is good authentic Japanese food. We have been to Industry Zen, Nippon Sake, and the good economical Renkon.
This place is expensive! Our crumbed oyster becomes crumbed mussels. The oyster with mayo and bacon bit becomes oyster with the heaps of Chinese oyster sauce, spring onion and mayo, overly sauced !
This place is definitely owned by Chinese people and it is not authentic. Unattentive staff+ poor food+expensive = bad experience.

5 star rating
by Helen Gyde
May 18, 2013

Bought a deal voucher and booked for early Saturday night for a table of four with the husband and kids. I rang up and the lady on the phone was very helpful reminding me of the conditions of the vouchers and where to park etc.
I then read the reviews on this site and was concerned about going. That said we turned up and the parking down the back street was easy to find and there was also parking right outside the restaurant. The staff were very child friendly and we were seated quickly. drinks turned up soon after with menus and the food was superb, quick to arrive and reasonably priced as well. after reading previous reviews I looked into the kitchen and the staff were all Japanese and the food authentic. would definitely recommend to others and go back.
What's not to love: great parking, excellent food, friendly efficient staff and great prices.thanks for a great dinner

2 star rating
by Zoe Lightfoot
May 11, 2013

This restaurant used to be really good, however ownership has clearly changed in the last year and food quality was not particularly good and was fairly expensive. Wasn't up to the standard of Japanese food at other restaurants..I got a sense that this restaurant is not owned by Japanese people based on the menu and food.

1 star rating
by Nomadic
Apr 13, 2013

We booked on the telephone for a meal for two for the evening of April 5 in two weeks ago, using a voucher which was expiring on April 12.
We were told the evening was booked out and I said I do not mind to change it to lunch for the same day, but was told they are not doing Saturday lunch which was a mistake of them having it on the deal vouchers.
They admitted it was a mistake.

I asked if I could come the next Saturday evening April 13 instead, she said yes and took the booking.

When we were there this evening April 13, we were told the voucher has already expired and we could not use it.

We were demanding an explanation but police was called and later when the police arrived, said, it is a matter for police. It was a civil matter only.

We left the restaurant but later the owner of the restaurant called us using the number we used when we were booking, threatened us he will find us.

It was menacing call with the F word several times in each call.

By the way, the chef were Indian and Chinese men, the waitress were Korean and Chinese ladies, the manager was Chinese and the restaurant ONLY was JAPANESE!!!

3 star rating
by Diana Stritzel
Apr 04, 2013

We had a bad experience with the voucher, coming in for the first time, and being sent away although there were lots of empty tables because we "have to book". The next time we called and booked in, the place was completely empty but the food was fantastic. Still cost a lot extra but with the voucher it was a decent price. My husband loved the prawn - he said it was the best one he ever had. Food portions were a little small, but of good quality. I would go again, but only with a voucher, since the price is very high.

1 star rating
by Kiki Benton
Mar 28, 2013

We had terrible experience here on Saturday evening.

Our food took close to 45 mins to be served when the restaurant was very quiet.

When it was served the quality was extremely poor. It was like they had thrown together some leftovers and thrown them on a plate.

The pictures they show you in their menu didn't even remotely resemble what we were served.

To finish off the experience when i went to pay the waitress was crouched down behind the counter texting and showed no interest in serving me.

We had been here a while back and the food was very good. However I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Definitely the worst dining experience I have had in Auckland in the last 10 years.

I felt the need to create an account and let other diners know, so they don't have to experience what we did on Saturday night.

5 star rating
by Ramend Kumar
Feb 16, 2013

went here for valentines, the staff were so friendly and our tenpenyaki chef was excellent and entertaining. the food was good too. Not sure why people gave this place bad reviews i was hesitant to go after i saw the reviews but turned out to be a top restaurant. i created an account just so i can give these guys a good rating after all the bad ratings it has gotten

1 star rating
by Andrea Lewis
Jan 25, 2013

Just had lunch here today with a friend & this had to be the worst Japanese restaurant experience of my life. Even with the voucher we had, it represented shocking value with stale rice & fish and the tiniest glasses of wine we'd ever been served. Way overpriced and substandard food. The only redeeming feature was the tasty miso. A disappointing experience & I will certainly never return.

4 star rating
by Sherry W
Nov 15, 2012

Overall I found the food really good ( I actually said to my partner that I had to go back for the soft shell crabs!!). Really enjoyed the tofu salad and the broccoli salad (sounds simple, but we could tell how much effort was put into making them and the ingredients were super fresh) and the mixed tempura. Food came really fast ( however, we went on Sunday nights for both of our visits).

There were a few minor things that could have been improved; on the first night that I went with my partner, the chef mixed up the order for our skewers so the same dish came twice and a dish we ordered never came. The manager offered the same dish to us for free but tried to charge us for the dish that never came (which was more expensive!) The other table seemed to have a mixed up order too. It would have been easier to have a print out of all the dishes so can be checked off when they arrive. We ordered about 15 and it was very confusing.

The other minor thing was that the second time we went ( there were 4 of us), the waitress seated us right next to an older couple even though there were lots of other free seating elsewhere. I could tell the couple were quite uncomfortable (as the tables were really close, and we weren't the quietest group) and they eventually asked to be moved!! I felt a little bad for them.

Other than that the service wasn't too bad (the waitress can be a little more attentive), and the food was one of the best Japanese food I've had.

Price was reasonable, not the cheapest but ok for the food quality.

1 star rating
by Sarah Gardiner
Nov 14, 2012

We visited with 2 friends on the 10th. We were told we had to order by 7 because they were expecting a large number of guests in at that time. That was fine, we ordered before 7 but it didn't seem to matter because food didn't arrive until 7:40! Because the food didn't come out altogether I was only starting to eat while the rest of the table had just finished. To make matters worse the rice was luke-warm, the teppanyaki was missing things that the menu had said were included. It wasn't a teppanyaki experience, it was a stir fry served at the table with cold rice. I was very disappointed that it would take 40 minutes to make this! AND at a cost of $28!

When I said to the waitress that I was unhappy with the wait and the missing food she tried to offer free drinks (at this point we had finished our meal and wanted to leave). When I said I would rather not have the drinks no other compensation was offered and the staff just ignored us. Eventually when I asked again at the checkout they gave me 2 $10 vouchers which expired in a fortnight. I couldn't use the vouchers to pay that night, and I never want to go back! I wouldn't recommend anyone eat here, the food was below average and the service was extremely poor.

1 star rating
by Morgan Walker
Nov 11, 2012

We went as a group of 13 last night (booked a week in advance) and the evening was farcical at best.

As soon as we had arrived we had a very rude waitress asking us what we were ordering (literally after sitting down). We asked if we could have more time and she said there was another big group coming so we had to hurry. We then asked if we could get more menus considering there were only 3 on the table and she said they couldn't!

We went to order and we ordered four things off the menu that were unavailable! They forget several things that were ordered and some at our table went a while without eating. As they served they bumped a plate into by friends eye.

When we went to pay they tried to charge the whole table corkage even though only 4 people were drinking. When my friend questioned this the manager told her to 'Hurry up and pay, there were others waiting to pay'.

This was a real shame because the food was ok, but we felt like an inconvenience to them and they were very rude all night.

Would never go back and I strongly suggest you don't!

5 star rating
by Chris C
Oct 29, 2012

We visited this lovely Japanese restaurant on Saturday night for the first time. Upon entering, the staff were quick to attend, and very friendly. We sat with friends at the Tepanyaki table. The pre dinner nibbles were lovely, especially the deep friend lotus flower chips. The new chef was absolutely fantastic, showing off his skills with his tools of trade. He also got everyone at the table involved in what he called, games. The food was out of this world. Once we had finished we moved to another table for dessert.Tempura small pieces of banana, served with a violet ice cream, a green tea ice cream and chocolate sauce, the other desert we had was a cream brule with a difference, this had mixed wild berries in the middle and was wonderful, in fact another was ordered. We would highly recommend this newly renovated friendly restaurant, with fantastic food. Well done to the owners and their team of great staff. We will certainly be telling our friends about Genji, and we will return.

3 star rating
by Lisa
Sep 28, 2012

Was a bit hesitant about coming here due to reviews but had a voucher. Ended up having a very pleasant evening. Food generally very good, tempura and takoyaki were standouts, and desserts also surprisingly good. Service was below average though. Waitress was polite but not very attentive, it was an effort to get her attention and she forgot our drinks order. Overall though not bad.

4 star rating
by Rebecca Reid
Sep 27, 2012

I actually don't know what others are talking about. I eat here regularly and like it. The food is yummy and the menu is huge so has something for everyone. I found the staff nice and good service.

1 star rating
by Cam W
Sep 25, 2012

Same story, different day. Went there with a group and found right from the beginning that it was going to be a disappointment.
For starters the head waiter was rude and completely unapproachable, then we were seated in the "Karaoke Room" which was extremely dirty and looking up at the tiles on the ceiling clearly has a water leak problem. Food was very slow to come and when it did was the worst Japanese food I have ever experienced. Poorly presented, lacking flavour and seemed to be several days old.
Will never be back.

2 star rating
by Leanne Taylor
Sep 16, 2012

Having dinner at Genji's I now understand why they have extreme reviews. We certainly experienced the good and the bad. We started with the Nigiri and Sashimi platter which was good, but price a bit on the high side. Then ordered four plates to share. The Mixed Tempura @ $18 was good and so was the Chicken Katsu Fillet @ $12, but the Shishamo Yakitori (Sardine Skewers) were absolutely dreadful - tasted like reconstituted cardboard - I was expecting fresh sardines and think these ones must have been the dried variety (possibly pre-historic) and then even worse was the Soft Shell Crab @ $16 - on the plate were 2 crabs, so probably a fair price, but they were swimming in oil - we ate one and both felt sick, so left the other and that was the end of our evening - didn't feel like sampling anything else or the dessert after that. Also disappointing that the seating is so close together, making it impossible to have a private conversation - we now know everything about the people beside us, as I'm sure they do about us! The staff were very friendly and efficient though. I would rate this restaurant 2.5. In saying all this, the food the people next to us ordered looked good and they seemed happy with everything, so maybe worth another go as the banquet for 4 sounded like good value and I think that was probably what they had.

3 star rating
by Lou
Sep 07, 2012

Went for dinner a couple of nights ago and enjoyed our meal. We weren't expecting much after seeing some of the views but had a nice experience. The place was quite empty so a little lacking in atmosphere but was made up for by fast service. We had a voucher and probably would have thought it quite highly priced for two people for the food we actually ordered. The set menu for 4 or more looked like a good selection and price though. Our sashimi was nice and fresh, mushroom skewers and broccoli salad delicious. Ordered a salmon and chicken dish too and both were good but nothing too special. No complaints about service. Would go back but probably only with a group or voucher.

1 star rating
by John Huang
Aug 22, 2012

I went there for my 21st birthday. I booked two weeks in advance and asked the waitress if they have a set menu for vegetarian and she said yes. I confimed again after a week but when I arrived there the manager told me that they don't serve vegetarian, I kept telling him that I've booked for it but he just keep telling me the same thing. The food were really average, small portion and very pricy.
Bear in mind that the set menu is shared by 4 people don't be fooled by the picture on the set menu.
I will never return again very disappointed.

1 star rating
by Sharon
Aug 20, 2012

I dined at Genji's in a group for a special celebration, and it was one of the most unpleasant dining experiences I've ever had.
We booked in advance on the phone, but when we got there they had changed some of our arrangements without notifying us. The host was extremely rude when we asked about this, and obviously did not care that we were unhappy. The food was very average; we ordered the set menu, which was severely overpriced, and most of the people in our group were still hungry afterwards.
Dining at Genji's absolutely ruined the celebration for us, and we regretted not choosing a different restaurant to celebrate at. Definitely will not be back, and will not recommend others to go.

1 star rating
by Kurt
Aug 08, 2012

I have never been so disappointed

Genji is usually one of my fave places to eat lunch cheap quality fresh sushi and the most delicious chicken nabe udon.

They have changed their menu and it is now bad. The staff gawk at you as you walk in and it is just a really foul atmosphere they have also yanked the price up for bad food and bad service. I don't get it.

Very disappointed

1 star rating
by Jo Cleland
Apr 21, 2012

Probably the worst Japanese food experience we have ever had.
The food was just plain awful... Would not recommend to anyone. In fact don't waste your money. Service was pretty bad also.
Won't be going back ever....

2 star rating
by Ben Sheehan
Aug 22, 2011

Went for a work lunch on a Monday. The place was empty which isn't a problem but the atmosphere felt weird. Our waiter didn't really seem to enjoy what he was doing and some odd metal was playing on the radio.

The food was quite uninspired - the tempura more doughy than crispy, sashimi wasn't particularly fresh. I guess the upside to the meal is the miso was quite tasty and the food came fast. Probably wouldn't visit again though.

5 star rating
by Daniel
Aug 13, 2011

An excellent place to eat. The food is always of a consistently high standard. We have been dining there regularly for few years now and the staff are always friendly and attentive. We recommend it to anyone who asks as to a good restaurant to dine at.

4 star rating
by Mya Kim
Jun 13, 2011

I took my mum out for dinner last week to Genji for the first time and it was great. We had sashimi that time and it was very nice, the staff were very friendly and had very good service. Also parking problem was not a hassle as there were parking slots at the back.

1 star rating
by Rebecca
Jun 13, 2011

About 15 of us went to Genji's on Saturday night for a birthday dinner. Pretty much everything about the restaurant was well below par. It took about half an hour for any of the staff to acknowledge that we were there. We had to ask the staff for wine glasses and menus. We were given three menus to share between 15 people. We were also given about 5 wine glasses and the rest were small cups.
About an hour after we got there, we had to start asking the staff to take our orders as it was 9pm and we were starving! After much complaining, our food began to arrive at about 10pm. Most of us were ready to walk out at this stage and just go straight to the nearest kebab shop.

The food came out at different times, the rice that i got was inedible as it was extremely undercooked (how does a Japanese restaurant not know how to cook rice?), one friend got a different meal served to her than what she ordered. When she asked for an explanation she was told 'oh well, its the same thing anyway'. We had all basically finished our meals and some people hadn't had any food brought out at all!

I happened to bump into another friend in the restaurant and (surprise surprise) she was also about to complain about the ridiculous service she had also received.

Our complaints were met with little apology and no explanation.

I definitely would NOT recommend this restaurant to anyone. One of the worst dining experiences i have had.

1 star rating
by KatSeba
Jun 12, 2011

We ate at this restaurant last night for a surprise 30th of my sister in law. The service and food was horrible. Karaoke & food for $30.00, for 5 small pieces of Salmon and 1 spoon of rice, i was not impressed at all!. They didn't even come and clear up the soup bowls before serving the main food. Actually they didn't even clear our table at all, we left with our "boxes" still on the table. There was at least 35 of us at this dinner and you would think considering the amount of money that was being spent on this night that they would pay some attention to detail. The karaoke room was at the back of the restaurant in which was their other exit/entry, we had people walking through our "private function" all night. The only other time a waiter came in (aside from when we got our food) was to take the bottle of water as they needed it for other diners (and we only had 3 bottles in the whole room) and to take chairs also for other diners. I wouldn't recommend this restaurant at all. Had to stop in at Mcdonalds on the way home. I will never step foot in this restaurant again!. Service crap, food crap!. Not Happy!.

1 star rating
by Keith Wilson
Jan 15, 2011

I ate at this restaurant for a few years about ten years ago when it was under Korean management and the chef was called Alex it was great then Alex trained in japan and the waitress's were Japanese and Korean the boss loved Elvis Presley and the atmosphere was great.
I read the reviews before going back there this week -- only one bad review -- so I took the chance and sadly the bad review was right. The miso soup was burnt , the nigiri was assembled with stale rice the teriaki chicken tasted not nice.
The sahimi was average, when they asked me what i thought I said politely the above and that I would not come back again and that they needed some work to get the place back.
Rikka, an excellent restaurant was fully booked that night so I went back to try this one again and it was empty go figure.
For their sake I hope they get a decent chef and manager and bring the place back I don't think they give a toss because they are only interested in birthday functions or karaoke when all are pissed and don't know what they are eating I suspect the management are Chinese but are not sure.

5 star rating
by Roanne Parker
Dec 03, 2010

I love Genji, we have been eating here for years and its great, takeaway, work lunch or with friends, easy, local, delicious.

1 star rating
by Ben T
Sep 25, 2010

One of the worst restaurant experiences I have ever had. It took nearly an hour for someone to bring us menus, then another hour and a half for any food to arrive! When it eventually arrived the food was average at best (at least it was cheap). Urinal in men's toilet dripping all over the floor so that it was covered in a huge puddle of urine. We will never go back

3 star rating
by Amba
Oct 07, 2009

Genji is one of my fav Japanese restaurants, its clean, its economical, its very efficient, maybe almost too much so, on our last visit the food was superb, as usual, however we felt rushed through our meal as we arrived at 7.30pm on a Saturday night and was out the door by 8.10pm!!! We had a shared entree, 2 drinks each, and a main meal, all in 40mins! You cant beat the friendly service, good food at a good price, but not the place to go to if you want to relax over a long romantic meal!

3 star rating
by Janey
Apr 27, 2009

Great Place for a function. We had a private hens do here and hired out back room. very friendly staff, very helpful. Reasonably priced. Fun with Kakoke. Food is ok, pretty nice for price. Overall a good night.

4 star rating
by Brian
Apr 11, 2009

I usually get takeaway lunches but have also eaten in a few times. Friendly staff, good service, very nice food. I believe the takeaway lunches are very good value for money. Parking available Ponsonby Road or Maidstone Street with shop entrances off both streets.