Giapo Ice Cream

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Telephone 09 550 3677

279-281 Queen St
Next to the Civic Theater
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Ice Cream / Gelato
Mon - Thur 12:30 noon - 10.30 pm
Fri - Sun 12:30 noon - 11.30 pm
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New Zealand Ice Cream.


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Reviews for Giapo Ice Cream

4 star rating
by Vikz
9th May 2014

What’s with all the people saying its expensive!?? Have they been to Movenpick before!? Giapo is the same quality, with far more interesting flavours – and its cheaper!!
I’ve been going to Giapo for years. It can be hit and miss with the flavours – had a sample of a blue cheese one a while ago and I thought my mouth was going to shrivel and die! But respect for being a bit ‘out there’ with their experiments. I love the extravagant toppings….the service has never been awful in my experience, admittedly its probably young ish, carefree students working there for the most part….but you’re only briefly standing at a counter…its not like its table service or anything!! Give it a go….be bold with your flavour choices and enjoy Giapo for what it is….a tastebud adventure…. ps.Californian Pistachio!!! Yummo!

1 star rating
by Stuart B.
19th October 2013

Talking with a colleague at work this morning and he mentioned that he and his family had been to Giapo last weekend. They had a similarly unsavoury experience. He called it unfriendly and over-priced. Not surprised at all.

3 star rating
by Lavender V.
16th October 2013

Yeah this place has nice ice cream but I wouldn’t call it ‘cheap’ by any means. It’s pretty damn expensive for a cone filled with ice cream LBR. Plus the place is so manic. It’s small and people come in from either entrance and barge in to be seen first. The people behind the counter seem confused most of the time.

Great place if you’re feeling rich hahaha.

5 star rating
by Shelly
1st October 2013

LOVE THIS PLACE……awesome place with a very friendly atmosphere. Will definitely visit again. The staff are all fantastic and very friendly – They are always smiling and ready to help. Money well spent satisfaction.

5 star rating
by Jennifer
9th September 2013

I just love this place and my favourites avocado ice cream and pistachio. Its little bit disappointing the fact that they dont always have avocado flavour.

I’ve been bere many tirmes, and they have never disappointed me with the service and the ice cream.
But I personally think that they should give more icecream compared to the price.

2 star rating
by Leyla J.
23rd June 2013

So, everyone raves about this place, I had to check it out. BIG MISTAKE. Although they serve above average flavours, and put thought into it, the customer service from what I assume to be 15 year olds working there is absolutely atrocious! The attitude and lack of skills to handle the pressure on a Saturday night is just not on. Here is a little tip: while working in front of customers, you don’t snap at your colleague, ” oh my god can you guys slow down I can’t work this fast”. Honey if you can’t work that fast, you should not be working there. Further more I had never been here before, so I did not know what to expect at all. There are no boards to indicate what you are getting as toppings. When asking the teenager serving me for a chocolate one, she had no skills to deal with the fact that the one she had already given me was the most chocolate one there was, and the attitude I got, seriously if I wanted to deal with a hormonal teenager I would have gone to McDonalds, sorry I shouldn’t say that even they have better service skills. It just put a damper on the entire night, as we had the most beautiful dinner at Tasca Newmarket just before that. I will not go there ever again, nor will I recommend it to anyone. In the end, I did not like the ice cream and sorbet at all, because the toppings were not something I would normally choose, had the toppings been communicated with me, or even if I felt that the staff members were helpful enough, so that I could ask what they were, maybe I would have been able to enjoy something that cost me $5. Going in there you feel like herded sheep, moving through to be sheared. The servers make you feel like another number. What an utterly disappointing experience.

4 star rating
by Sam
8th June 2013

Giapo is fantastic. It’s a great place to hit for a sweet finish to a night. With their recent refit they look to have resumed being more experimental with flavours (hokey pokey with bacon, anyone?) which is great as it’s an aspect I really enjoyed about Giapo… visiting and seeing what’s new.

I particularly like getting the cup size and seeing what toppings appear. Sometimes the added items are a bit hit and miss, I had a puff thing once which was messy. Naturally, some flavours are better than others, it’s worth sampling a few before you default to the salted caramel.

4 star rating
by Rey
4th June 2013

Good one.

The flavours are what you really go for. I went to the gelato place downtown and they had some pretty standard things for a similar price. I hated their sorbets because they were just too sweet. Giapo does it better IMO.

It’s a bit pricey so if your feeling on the cheap side, get a cone with two flavours and share with a friend ;)

Edit: I spend a great deal of my money and time here, and I’ve noticed how poor the service actually is. Really bad staff communication, curt service and no smiles. Your stuff is awesome Giapo, but I don’t think a little friendliness is too much to ask for.

Edit 1/11/13: Price is just beyond what I’d consider being “worth it”

4 star rating
by Layla
19th April 2013

Love the place! Quite pricy though, and they don’t have my favorite green tea flavor :(

5 star rating
by Pij
28th February 2013

Amazing ice-cream. The hazelnut is my personal favourite.

I love how dedicated these guys are. They go to great lengths to ensure the ice-cream is made with organic and local ingredients. They’re also always experimenting with crazy, but tasty ingredents.

Over the years, service has gone up and down, but the quality makes up for it. One of my favourite places in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Jo W.
25th February 2013

Just another 5 star review.
Delicious Flavour.
Excellent quality.
Recommendations : Pistahio. Cons : Sticky tables and slight wait, though they do try their best(Could be a bad day)
No clarification whether or not this is gelato or ice-cream.

5 star rating
by Anna S.
22nd January 2013

I can’t rave enough about this place!

Exciting flavours – many with a sophisticated depth of taste.

For quirky flavours this is the place to come! I especially like the Dark Chocolate sorbet – rich and indulgent – yet vegan!! – wow!

Obviously the owner is passionate about this company and it really does show. It is an exciting and fun experience to eat here, somehow the crazy graphic design in the shop and attention to details adds to the experience.

I hear Giapo is actually studying food science at AUT and the staff are no doubt students from these courses too – fantastic that their knowledge is being applied to my favourite food- Gelato!! :-)

Giapo you are a treasure of Auckland!! (And no – I have not been paid to say this!!)

5 star rating
by Tony M.
19th October 2012

Service: 4/5
Wait time: 5/5
Environment: 4/5
Food Quality and taste: 5/5
Price Range: $7pp
[Second best in Auckland in my opinion. Downtown ferry building still has the best gelato]

4 star rating
by Jane K.
7th October 2012

I love the selection at Giapo but I feel like lately they’re just overloading everything with sugar and I hate all the extra bits and pieces they put on top of your already huge and sweet ice cream. It’s sickening and what makes it worse is that the cone is coated in chocolate on the inside too!

When you ask them not to put anything on top they look at you like you’re really weird. Not everyone who enjoys ice cream is a pre-teen!

4 star rating
by Hank
18th September 2012

My girlfriend and I once tried to finish one of the insane $16 giant cones and failed spectacularly! Great ice cream though, the flavours are creative and the cones are always nice and crispy.

My only gripe is the pricing, which does seem a bit high but not entirely unreasonable compared to other “boutique” ice cream places like Movenpick.

4 star rating
by Yoanna L.
9th August 2012

Been there a couple of times, lovely flavors. One time I bought two scoops and was sitting in the store, trying very hard to finish them. The head chef came by and offered me another scoop in a cup for free trial. Thank you very much chef, but it was such a sweet burden and I had to throw away most of it, which made me feel very guilty….

3 star rating
by Noemi
19th July 2012

Kind of gimmicky. Real gelato isn’t as complicated as Giapo is. It’s good for a sweet tooth but not really authentic.

5 star rating
by Harps
18th July 2012

Absolutely excellent ice cream. The flavors are insane, the quality is great and the service just as good. There is a huge range of flavors which change from time to time so you can always try something new.

The only issue is the pricing, it is not the cheapest place in the world, but it is worth the money once in a while.

I highly recommend this place.

5 star rating
by Lucia G.
3rd June 2012

The wildflower and guava sorbet is to die for. Great for date nights with your significant other, with friends, or family. An after dinner or movie treat in town, it’s location is prime. Giapo cannot be missed, don’t be afraid to try strange flavours like salty caramel, your mind will be blown! TEN STARS.

1 star rating
by Peter
29th May 2012

1 year ago I would say top 3 best ice cream shops in Auckland, but last 4 times the ice cream was very disappointing, the flavours were really bland.

All last 4 times I said I will try it again, but I think I will stop trying and just let this one go. Sorry Giapo we will not come back to you.

5 star rating
by Joni M.
16th May 2012

They reached the pinnacle of the universe when they made a special pure buffallo milk gelato. It was one of the greatest food moments of my life. Highly recommend going on the night they put out the experimental flavours (Wednesdays I think). The only gelato in Auckland worth talking about!

4 star rating
by William
8th May 2012

Yummy ice-cream and great for dessert after a big night out in town. Very extensive range of flavours and all very well made. Some flavours are also unique to Giapo such as “Salty Caramel”. Prices are similar to what you pay for big brands like NZ Natural, and a little cheaper than the likes of Movenpick.

5 star rating
by Adeline
15th April 2012

How can you not adore this wee lovely ice cream shop?

But yes, I’ll be the first to admit it – you either like it (by buying into its entire philosophy and what the business stands for)… or you don’t (sure, you can get equally-as-good ice cream elsewhere – it’s a free country, the choice is entirely up to you). But if you’re looking for authentic, fresh, and innovative surprises for an ice cream treat – Giapo is for you.

I have personally brought in visitors to Auckland to Giapo’s, and everyone always tells me that it’s perhaps one of the best ice creams they’ve ever tasted. Needless to say, I myself always come back for more. Love the Colin Mathura Jefree concoction, avocado, anything with nuts in it… and kinda miss the pumpkin meringue one as well.

5 star rating
by Luca
15th April 2012

If you are visiting Auckland, i strongly recommend you try out this place. You’ll find more than your staple Gelato favourites of Baci, Nutella & Straciatella here. Instead you will find Tiramisu with intricate care put into every step of the process from the lady fingers to the coffee, or with the Brownie flavour, there is top notch brownie actually inside it. The owner is a mad and passionate Italian guy who passionate about his products and constantly pushes the envelope with new flavours and combinations of ingredients.
Where possible the ingredients are organic and locally sourced. Not every one of his flavours will appeal to all, but there will be something for everyone here. When I have guests from overseas or out of town i make sure Giapo is a stop on the itinerary.

5 star rating
by Peter C.
6th April 2012

Yesterday my wife and I had ice-cream at Giapo’s. This was not our first time there but certainly the most interesting. When the owner explained to us how much effort goes into this many, many different and tasteful creations, the quality of the ingredients and level of detail in each creation, we realized that this man is absolutely dedicated to his profession. I mean, he is even making his own chocolate!
Before leaving, we got another taste of “Blueberry-Porcini Mushrooms”. While I was quite apprehensive about ice-cream with mushroom inside I was in for a pleasant surprise. This was certainly the best “berry” ice-cream I ever had.
We’ll be there again very soon!

5 star rating
by Annique H.
9th February 2012

Ok so I’m a vegan, and it’s pretty impossible to find any vegan treats !! And giapo is by far one of my fave!
There is so Much choice and sooo yummy! I have now moved to Hamilton but I make sure when ever I’m in Auckland I get giapo!!! By the way mr. giapo bring a store to Hamilton!!!

2 star rating
by Sec
11th November 2011

Very strange that 26 of the five star reviews for this shop have been made by people who have only ever posted one review, and the reviews are just too over the top to all ring true.
It’s good gelato but nothing that warrants such praise.

5 star rating
by Paul H.
25th October 2011

Whenever I get a chance to walk up Queen Street I head for Giapo Gelato and Research Kitchen . The Gelatos are just the best . My favourite at the moment is a poached peach gelato which is poached in Kim Crawford Pinot Noir . so yummy !!!

5 star rating
by Gabriel L.
10th October 2011

The five star rating is described on here as “Woohoo! As good as it gets!”. This hardly does Giapo justice. It is not only as good as it gets, it’s better than any gelato I have ever had anywhere ever always. Giapo is a gem, and a national treasure. I have absolutely never been disappointed with any of Giapo’s range of eccentric flavours. Each seems more delicious than the last, and I am not just saying that. Simply fantastic, and great atmosphere!

1 star rating
by Taster
10th October 2011

Very disappointed by the owner who ruined the customer experience.

When I was holding an Indian takeaway food while I was ordering the Gelato, the owner of the shop said is this rubbish? You can’t bring in smelly food.

I then said I am just carrying it while I am ordering it. Do you want customers? I am buying your stuff.

The owner then replied, no I don’t need customers.

After that I decided to walk out of the store disgusted by his rude attitude.

His presence doing nothing but touching his phone in front of his store will further ruin his store.

Comment from Giapo G. of Giapo Ice Cream 10/10/2011   
Dear Taster, thank you very much for your message. I am sorry we…    More »
5 star rating
by Annet
9th September 2011

Giapo has fantastic gelato ice cream. Amazing flavours to choose from. I love that you can try each flavour before you buy. The staff are all fantastic and very friendly – They are always smiling and ready to help.

Simply the best icecream I have had!!!

5 star rating
by Samuel M.
16th August 2011

awesome place with a very friendly atmosphere… Totally trans fat free and sticks to its mission… Good quality and quantity and comes with a money well spent satisfaction… I study science and I like the experiments being done here. I also love all the chocolate flavours especially the chocolate with blue cheese and the chocolate with the red wine… Thanks Giapo….

5 star rating
by Alice P.
15th August 2011

Giapo is a one of a kind, unique gelato shop. They go beyond the meaning of an ‘ice-cream shop’ – their range of flavours are as dazzling and cheerful as the shop interior itself! I love how Giapo uses organic when possible, and produces sorbets for vegans and other dietary needs.
My favourite is the blueberry sorbet! However I always aim to try a more unusual flavour combination.
Today I has organic lemon sorbet and green tea matcha sorbet – the best I’ve tasted! No gelateria or ice cream shop I’ve been to manages to make their matcha flavour so close to the Japanese drink itself – I love it!
Thank you Giapo for the amazing experience every time!

5 star rating
by Mira
9th August 2011

I absolutely LOVE going to Giapo!

It really is as good as it gets and everything about the place screams awesome. The staff are incredibly friendly and patient, and they give MASSIVE servings! All the flavours are absolutely delicious and original – you can’t get them anywhere else! Even my mum, who isn’t much of a fan of ice-cream, loves Giapo… especially the Green Tea one!

Yum… high recommended!

5 star rating
by Lennie
9th August 2011

The Matcha Green Tea is great, it is a very different taste so Haden H. your taste buds may not be refined and ready for something so ‘out there’…. But Giapo is an institution! 5 stars guys, see you again soon!

5 star rating
by Laura
9th August 2011

Giapo is one of the best gelato shops in Auckland! They have freshly made gelato, fairly large servings (ask for the cup ones), FREE WI-FI, flavour samples and constantly producing new flavors – the matcha green tea one is good as :)

2 star rating
by Haden H.
9th August 2011

To be honest, I don’t get the fuss? You can get equally good gelato elsewhere in Auckland and at far more reasonable costs. P.S the Matcha Gelato is awful.

5 star rating
by Liza
6th August 2011

I fall in love every time I walk into Giapo.

The range of flavours to try is incredible, and there are new ones on a weekly basis.

The staff are always friendly and quick to serve you, even when they are really busy.

The free tasters mean when you finally choose you will be very happy, and the organic cones are truly delicious!

The best food experience I’ve ever had!

5 star rating
by Alexi L.
4th August 2011

I love this place! Their Gelato is the best that I have tasted with interesting flavours that you may have never thought of trying before. A great thing is they let you try which ever flavour you want before you decide on your choice. Some might think that it’s pricy, but when you factor in the beautiful taste and how much thought the owner has put in to making his gelatos the best there are (no Trans-Fats!) it’s a pretty good deal.

5 star rating
by Kalisha W.
23rd July 2011

Giapo is one of my favourite eateries in Auckland!
The gelato and sorbet are absolutely delicious, plus they’re super healthy which is even better. There are lots of different, very creative flavours (my favourite is white chocolate and coconut), many I haven’t even heard of but taste amazing. Giapo always plays great music and holds events which are always entirely fun. The design of the shop is fantastic, and it’s really bright and lovely. Plus, they offer free WiFi and use of the video camera, haha.
I’m a regular at Giapo and the staff are always very friendly and helpful. The customer service is so outstanding, which is partially why I always go back. Also, they offer free tasters so you know what you’re buying. The hours are very convenient as I’m always around at strange times and they always seem to be open. It’s a very convenient meetup place because of the openness and where it is situated.
Every time I go is another unique experience and I love it!

5 star rating
by jane f.
22nd July 2011

Am a regular here and try different flavours each time – free sampling means you never disappointed with choice. Nephew opted for enormous chocolate/sugar cone which holds +-5 scoops – excellent. Gelato quality superb: difficult to decide on a favourite so keep going back. Open late: ideal.
Highly recommended

5 star rating
by Zakk d.
21st July 2011

I’ve been a regular customer of Giapo’s for the last year and a half, not only for the fact that its gelato is by far the best you will ever taste, but also because it has the best customer service I have ever seen in ANY sort of shop or store, anywhere.
As soon as you enter, you are greeted by the friendliest smile. They all have a clear understanding of all the flavours that they sell and are able to give advice when wondering what would go well with a certain flavour, what the new flavours are or just what they personally recommend.

I also love the fact that they offer samples of each flavour, (sometimes without you even asking!) so you can get a preview of what each of the many unique and special flavours that Giapo offers tastes like.

Giapo is one of my few little happy places in town; if I’m bored, feeling down or just plain hungry, Giapo will never fail to make me feel better from its amazingly positive atmosphere and just the general buzz around the store.


5 star rating
by Corey
17th July 2011

They have the most amazing range of freshly made organic gelato’s and sorbet’s. A place you have to visit more than once as they have flavours changing all the time. They also invent new flavours all the time. Latest favorite is Death By Chocolate. I loved the Chocolate and Red Wine mixes. Great to see some Kiwi favorites like Pavlova sorbet. Not to forget organic cookies and cream. Go in and check it out for yourself. Have a favorite or see out a new one.

Try a sample for the friendly staff and ask them to recommend a new flavour to go with your favorite. They are good at matching up for a taste bud experience.

Always stop at Giapo if on Auckland’s Queen Street.

4 star rating
by Earl V.
28th May 2011

Very good. Fun place, seems a bit clique-y if you know what I mean. The gelato is great.

5 star rating
by DoubleDworks
28th May 2011

Its always an experience when you arrive @giapo’s.. Making a decision is your next.. Little tasters are on offer to help you make the appropriate choice for this pleasant moment in time.. I always opt for one of their amazing hand made cones sealed inside with chocolate.. I’m not sure why.. #yeahright.. Its because they are to die for fresh..

The ultimate experience is when you have a flavour named after you and or taste some of this geniuses work made from your own fruit.. I never knew our lemons were so #nomnom until I met the #gelato king.. If you are looking for the best ice cream / sorbet treat ever made, you must check out my fratello ;)

5 star rating
by Chris H.
2nd April 2011

there are not words to describe the experience that is Giapo gelato. If you like ice-cream you will LOVE Giapo! Parking can be fun during the day but there are plenty of parking buildings in the area. Recommend you taste a few flavors so you find something awesome!!!

5 star rating
by Lemon
26th March 2011

The best gelato I’ve ever had. The flavours are so creative, and are always changing. My favourite ever is the organic cocoa sorbet, but I also LOVE peanut slab, white chocolate coconut, dazzlelicious, chocolate brownies, white chocolate macadaemia and mochacino. The portions are very generous, and the cones are delicious!

5 star rating
by Sam S.
17th March 2011

Ok, so GIAPO is a pretty cool place, went in for about the 4th day in a row! Tried a new flavour that someone recommended to me, it was Plum and Brandy (some Italian name i cant remember or probably spell actually!) but it was really nice, I was kind of wary getting it since I hate the taste of alcohol, like in trifle etc, but i could barely taste it, it left a little aftertaste, but nothing bad. As for the plum, (which I can’t say I’m much of a fan of either! I’m amazed i was talked into it today!) that was really good! It was nice and refreshing on the hot day we had today, so quite nice, I reckoned it tasted a little bit yogurty.

Although I do have to say it’s not my favourite from GIAPO, it was still really good! I usually like Chocolatey flavours but I found that the orange and strawberry sorbets were really nice and fruity, it amazed me how simple his sorbet recipes were! 3 ingredients! Wow! TBH, GIAPO Hazelnut is still my ultimate favourite, but almost all are really good. Just saw on twitter that Gianpaolo is looking for some organic Fejoas so I can’t wait for that flavour.

The last thing that is a total plus us that you can ask for a taste of any of the flavours so you don’t end up with something you might not like. And last note I PROMISE! Free wifi for all you techies out there!

5 star rating
by Noe
23rd February 2011

I have been here several times, and I’ve loved it every single time. There are so many flavours to choose from and they all sound so good, you just don’t know which one to pick. The staff are friendly too, and they even offer us free samples sometimes. I can’t wait to go back.

5 star rating
by H W.
22nd January 2011

I love Giapo. It beats any other ice cream in NZ on taste! Worth the $7 for an organic taste sensation! My boyfriend and I adore these ice creams and drive into town atleast once a week to treat ourselves + taking any visiting friends there is a must!! :) We think Mission Bay needs a Giapo!!!! Peanut butter is our fave. LOVE IT. TRY IT!!!!!

5 star rating
by Melanie B.
5th December 2010

I LOVE Giapo!
Everytime we are in town we have to go there, I have a had time deciding what I want but can really recommend the Chocolate Sorbet in all it’s rich, chocolatey goodness.
The staff are always friendly, the atmosphere is always fun and my kids love it too.

2 star rating
by Leah
9th September 2010

Tried Giapo again, but as I expected, an active social media presence does not a good product make! Really quite average and I will be going to Casa Del Gelato for half the price and 10 times the quality in the future.

5 star rating
by Nate D.
13th July 2010

A combination of a funky interior, great social marketing and a tasty product make for an unique experience at Giapo.

The gelato and ice-cream is very tasty, the flavours diverse, and they are true to how they are described (mandarin actually tastes like mandarins!

Organic and low fat flavours, Giapo really is guilt free. I highly recommend a visit, they are central located (right next to The Civic)

5 star rating
by Serena
13th July 2010

I think Giapo is brilliant :D The friendly and funny staff are a definite plus, they always make me laugh Haha, I love how when you go in there, there’s always new and different flavours, ALWAYS! It makes for a different taste experience every time :p So you HAVE to try something new! I love how Giapo gets to know it’s customers as well :) And the taste of the ice cream is definitely worth the price.. I haven’t had better tasting Gelato before! :D

5 star rating
by Jayson K.
10th June 2010

Giapo is an amazing gelato shop next to the Civic Theatre on Queen Street.

Giapo has the BEST gelato with all my favourite flavours! The store has an awesome ambiance with great music, free WiFi and an awesome design. The owner Gianpaolo has a huge emphasis on GREAT customer service. As you enter the shop you will be greeted with smiling staff (Possibly even Gianpaolo himself!) handing you delicious samples of the many flavours that Giapo has to offer.

I am very pleased that I came across Giapo on Twitter. Giapo is ALWAYS my first and last stop when I am in Auckland City.

5 star rating
by Morgan T.
31st May 2010

Giapo is awesome. It has a very friendly community atmosphere and his Gelato is to die for. Seriously, if you haven’t been you should try it out. You’ll love yourself for doing it.

5 star rating
by Ryan
31st May 2010

Giapo is amazing, not just the gelato but the whole experience. It’s a whole heap of fun, especially karaoke Wednesdays.

So whether you’re after a gelato, sorbet, smoothie, shake or even organic almond milk! give Giapo a visit, you won’t regret it!! xD

5 star rating
by Peter
30th May 2010

Yepp, this is probably the best gelato you can get in Auckland. Just try for yourself, you won’t regret it!

4 star rating
by Tyler H.
21st February 2010

Giapo may have great Gelato and Ice cream.
However the environment is cold, the seating is uncomfortable, and the prices are far too expensive still.

For the price you pay, I would rather go and spend some money in Kapiti ice cream and get a much better quantity for the price you pay.

However I will admit happily that it very much has a strong appeal to other people in Auckland, and visitors to the country.

The owner spends a little too much time on site if you ask me, however that’s going beyond opinion.

Overall, 3 out of 5.

5 star rating
by Brad A.
19th January 2010

In all honesty this was the best gelato and sorbet that I have ever had.

The creamy texture of the chocolate fantasy is like black velvet, smooth, cool, sexy. There is no question that the chocolate used is real, unlike flavor additives used by other proprietors.

Giapo Gelato on Queen St in the city is Genuine Italian Gelato. From the flavors of the product, to the master gelato artigiano himself Gianpaolo Grazioli, who usually will be found in Giapo’s Gelato kitchen perfecting his flavors, or hanging out with his customers, who one could easily confuse for family.

The store is fun, the staff are friendly and keen for you to experience these flavors for yourself, offering a ‘try before you buy’ sample of the product. And of course the MONSTER sized chocolate covered waffle cone, the limitations of which are only governed by the size of your stomach!!

If my life was a top 10 of things to try before you die, Giapo Gelato would definitely be in the top 5.


5 star rating
by Corey Sehnert
29th September 2009

Amazing icecream. Best gelato in the world.

You MUST visit Giapo and try some Giapo Icecream. Afterall, they make the best flavors ever..

Including Coca-Cola, Beer, Popcorn, Passion Fruit, Avocado, Citrus Crush/Jaffa (My Favorite)

And most of all i am typing this review from the Giapo store. Free WIFI for everybody.

The password to get on the internet is on the wall… At the moment the password is “GIAPO”

I am here now. If you are around, come now.

5 star rating
by Xiny
14th September 2009

Best gelato in Auckland!! Anyone who’s in for a fun, contemporary experience that maintains Italy’s high traditional culinary standards, this is the place to go. Every mouthful is luscious, rich in flavour, smooth, silky and sends you to heaven. The staff is friendly and they are always open to new ideas for flavours and desserts. Almost every week Giapo churns out a new creative flavour! They also offer the good old chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, as well as some more funky ones such as chilli chocolate, avocado, coffee and baileys, tiramisu, lavendar, etc etc.
The whole place bursts with a sense of fun, true to Giapo’s motto of putting a smile on everyone’s faces.
Prices are reasonable, as you pay for what you get – good quality ice cream. Seriously, every mouthful is worth it.
Giapo is a place you won’t want to miss!

5 star rating
by Marie
9th September 2009

Giapo leaves the rest behind! It serves creative, tasty, healthy gelatos. The service is personal and I especially love the energy and the community following Giapo creates by giving customers a great experience!

5 star rating
by Phoebe
9th September 2009

Best icecream in Auckland, easily. The owner is clearly passionate about icecream and the staff are all really friendly. Try it and you’ll be hooked like the rest of us giapo lovers :)

5 star rating
by Dharmesh N
9th September 2009

A friend of mine introduced me to the Giapo experience.
I call it the Giapo experience because everytime you walk in there, it’s just a feeling of being out of this world.

When you walk in, you’re warmly greeted by the staff who then start giving you tasters of the new ice creams.
There’s always something different to try, and there are different flavours to suit everyones favourite tastes.

So you get your ice-cream and then there’s somewhere to sit down and enjoy it whilst just mellowing out to the Giapo experience.

It’s very quickly become my favourite ice cream place and every single person I’ve taken there, has always walked out with a big grin and said “this is the best ice cream ever.”

I know it says Genuine Italian Gelato – but even more, it’s a Genuine Italian Experience right here in New Zealand.

If you haven’t been to Giapo yet, I think it should be on your top 5 list of things to do in this lifetime.
If you’re passing by, pop in and try it out. I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do because it’s more than just ice cream, it’s a truly hospitable experience.

Thank you Gianpaolo and everyone.

5 star rating
by Courtney Sit
9th September 2009

When I first discovered this store back in February, I fell in love with it straightaway!

And the proof is here – I’m there at least once a week, if not more and everyone who works there recognises me too.

What I love about Giapo isn’t just the gelato – and all the flavours which change the regularly, or better still you can request a flavour which they will try to make for you if they can; but the experience you get whenever you are there – you can’t help but be happy when you are in the store!

Giapo has become my all time favourite ice cream place and I look forward to enjoying it over the summer months! I will keep spreading the word about the place and how much I love it there!

Good work Gianpaulo, Annarossa and the team at Giapo! :D

5 star rating
by Wendy
9th September 2009

Every person I know who has visited Giapo says the same thing “the best ice cream I have ever tasted” and with good reason !
Nobody can ever visit just once and why would you,Giapo has so many flavours you can not limit yourself to just one visit.
Character filled,a visit to Giapo should be on everyones bucket list

5 star rating
by Cameo
2nd September 2009


Truly amazing.

Why are you still here reading this review? Go and get some ice cream or gelato from giapo now!!!

5 star rating
by John Delgado
31st August 2009

Since I have discovered Giapo I cannot help telling all my friends. This is the best ice cream I have eaten in a very long time. It reminds me of my childhood holidays in Italy. Here no preservatives or artificial colours. Only 100% natural ingredients no less – I loved the chili chocolate and the kiwi fruit sorbet they are simply excellent. The owner is a nice and crazy italian guy so passionate about his business it comforts my faith in small artisan businesses. Happy Giapo !

5 star rating
by John Palino
27th August 2009

If ever you are in Auckland City, please take the time and give yourself a treat because you deserve it. You must go to this wonderful place that I think is much more than Gelato but an experience.
For anyone who has watched my show “The Kitchen Job” you would know that it is so important for me that a restaurant or cafe or even a Gelato shop creates a memory for you. Giapo creates a wonderful memory. Like when I was a kid going to the ice cream shop with my parents and at that young age all you needed was the ice cream to get you excited.
Here at Giapo the young Italian owner Gianpaolo Grazioli has created something from which he had dreamed. It is filled with excitement and character. It is filled with so much character starting from the ice cream to the cones, the add ons, the decor and even the furniture. Well Gianpaolo himself is the largest character, he would have to be to have created all of this.
Now as you walk on by you feel the draw of Giapo and left with no choice but to go in. Once you are in, the wonderful staff are handing you little tastes of the many different flavors he makes there daily.
I think they know once you have tried you have to have one. But now what flavor am I to pick, there are so many. Thats ok just go back again tomorrow.
Buon Appetito
John Palino

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