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279 Queen Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  Ice Cream, Desserts
12 Noon to 10:30 PM (Mon-Thu, Sun), 12 Noon to 11:30 PM (Fri-Sat)


Reviews for Giapo

5 star rating
by Vitale Eti
8 hours ago

What a fantastic way to end dinner, We shared 2 cups, cup 1 had Afghan cookies and Hokey Pokey and our 2nd cup had Christchurch Hazelnut and Giapo Buono. all 4 flavours were beautiful and I look forward to trying the Siamu Popo (Samoan Coconut). I'm not a big fan of cold desserts, but Giapo's gelato is believably delicious.

4 star rating
by Tash Rawlinson
15 hours ago

The gelato in Italy has nothing on Giapo! From their kiwi inspired creations to the classic Ol' hokey pokey, I have never had such an incredible ice cream experience in my life! The only downside it's a little pricey but you definitely pay for quality!

5 star rating
by Andrea Hrisenkova

Oh my god! Giapo is not only the best ice-cream in Auckland but the best ice-cream i have ever had! Get the giapo buono flavor you won't it. The ice-cream even looks awesome. They also have gluten-free cones! There are vegan and diary-free options. The staff us really nice, they let you try each flavour. If you're in Auckland this place is not to be missed. Best ice-cream shop eveer!

5 star rating
by Jess Pendergrast

I have visited Giapo quite a few times over the past few years and it’s definitely turned into another whole experience lately. As you enter the store you are greeted by the lovely staff and the incredible aromas.

They are really creative and always give away lots of samples so you know that you will be buying a flavour that you love. The gelato is really indulgent and the toppings make it that extra special.

 The prices are slightly high but if you are looking for an overall gelato experience rather than just buying an icecream from your local store then it’s worth it. It’s some of the best gelato I have ever tasted!

4 star rating
by Brenda Phu
3 days ago

Giapo has a buoyant and luxurious ambience.
The store itself engulfs you in black and gold; an the theatrics of the gelato being made at the front the shop.
I love coming here when I'm in town, just being of the atmosphere. I had a cone whilst my friends had a variety of cups. They have a great assortment of innovative flavours. 
But overall, I think that Giapo is overrated. The gelato is pretty to look at but the taste doesn't make up for the quantity or even the quality. It's definitely a high end place with average portions and excessive prices. More than not I think you pay mostly for the location and the hype of eating at "Giapo".

4 star rating
by Samanthalove
3 days ago

Good experience, had fun . Was amazing.. Will return back. Environment was very good . Love the friendly staff .. Sometimes too sweet is too good.

5 star rating
by Nicole Flores
3 days ago

A great to have gelato/ice creams that are made with details in mind. The staff are welcoming and the brownies which they give to you when u are lining up is delicious. the place seems way too small to fit those who wants to eat there but the place looks really compact but quite effective. The gelatos were quite pricey but totally worth it. They assemble it with so much care and a arge amount of attention to detail. I recommend the Tiramisu if it is available (it's amazing).

5 star rating
by Kevin Yong
11 days ago

Welcoming, wonderful and wow in flavours and presentation!  As someone remarked, "When you have a Giapo ice cream, you just won't know where to start!".

The cones can be bigger than what you normally get at most other ice cream parlours, but this rather unique place comes alive with a great selection of ice creams and gelato.  Each flavour and combination in Giapo comes with beautifully described names.  I had the Christchurch Hazelnut, my fellow gelato cult members chose two with Avocado and another one with an Italian twist.  
Still all very New Zealand.  Giapo also has flavours inspired from the South Pacific neighbours and of course, the iconic Hokey Pokey.  You can have your gelato and ice cream in cups as well but the waffle cones are such quality even if eaten   without the gelato, sorbet or ice cream.  I can still recall flavours like Yogurt with Goji Berry and the Organic Winter Sangria Sorbet - and they can change every day at this store.

Check out the Aotearoa Garden, hey are they leaves freshly plucked from a  garden on the top?  I just adored my solid chocolate cone placed solidly on my serving - and they even give you a helpful little spoon with your cone.

Giapo delights are not overly rich but full of flavour, with interesting combinations and nuances that tease the senses.  Colour, shape, how it all looks count here, as well as the inherent taste. And then wait for the toppings!  These are generous encrusted top-of-the-cake literally over the top bonuses.  Such pluses counter against the higher prices charged and I reckon you get value in return.

Service is fast and I was amazed by the efforts the staff go to decorate the tops of the already delicious offerings.  With a smile, the lovely two female staff (one from Sicily)  take us through their extensive menu.  Children and the elderly would be captivated - anyone is!  They even offer drinking water when customers sit down, watching the goings on along Queen Street.  The bus stops right infant of Giapo, go for this!  I would take ice cream in the Kiwi winter at Giapo's - don't even think of summer yet.

5 star rating
by Jacky Qiu
12 days ago

I'm a huge gelato fan - arguably, I've had some of the best in the world. For me the gelato trade comes to a point where all good gelato-masters are able to achieve the smooth, creamy and delectable texture of the desserts. What brings them to the next level however, is their creativity with new and interest flavours to keep it's patrons happy. Giapo is a gelato maker by trade, and it shows. Flavours are well pronounced, and leave you thinking you may never have it again - which is why many return to this little joint on Queen St, and why it's one of the jewels of Auckland.

5 star rating
12 days ago

This place is pretty much impossible to miss if you're a regular to Auckland CBD. One of the 'must visit' locations in Auckland and for good reasons. Although $8.5 for an ice cream cone may sound slightly expensive, Id say it's worth it. The service was actually very good aswell with the ladies offering free samples. I was also impressed by the birthday songs that were sung to celebrate customers' birthdays. I liked ALL the flavours there and with each one with different designs, its also pleasing to the eye. The only kind of let down would be the waiting time. Had to wait 15-20 minutes for the ice cream. They could improve by offering samples while waiting in line or by handing out menus while in line as this will definately save customers' time when ordering. Give this one a go!

5 star rating
by Georgia Dobbs
13 days ago

Giapo presents a unique array of delectable flavours in the form of velvety, creamy ice creams and sorbets. Each comes intricately decorated with a specialised topping including the likes of toasted italian meringue, gold dust covered hazelnuts, and chocolate ganache. Christchurch Hazelnut, Tiramisu and Chocolate Evolution are definately recommended!

5 star rating
by Billie Cole
14 days ago

Visited a week ago, was a large line at the door however my partner and I were given samples of hot chocolate to try while waiting. We were offered samples of various flavours and both ended up getting 2 scoops in a cup. I can't remember the particular flavours we had however both tasted amazing. Couldn't finish either of them. Will definitely be back, great service and food.

5 star rating
by Nk Zeng
14 days ago

I got some fabulous ice cream tonight ! Yeah :) both are common cups of Giapo buono the most delicious flavor ! They're worth to try once on my lifetime in Auckland lol although you have to stand in a lone line, HOLD ON and don't miss it !

5 star rating
by Strads
15 days ago

I've heard  a lot about how good Giapo's desserts are but never had a chance to pay a visit until today. Parking is indeed the biggest problem visiting CBD.

I was there at about 11:30 but it wasn't opened until 12:00. I strolled up and down Queen Street window-shopping and returned to Giapo which opened no earlier than 12. Each day there were about 10 different flavours available to choose from and I was offered a trial before choosing my favourite flavours. I made my choice and moved aside for avoid blocking the queue. I watched how our ice-creams were combined, which took only about a few minutes. There were stools & benches inside and outside Giapo where one can enjoy the ice-creams comfortably. I was kindly offered water by the kind lady who made my treats. Giapo is definitely worth a try.  (Food - 4.5/5; Service - 5/5)

1 star rating
by Leesa M Robinson
16 days ago

Unfortunately the awesomeness that is the ice cream is let down by the poor poor extremely poor customer service. Such a shame. The ice cream is outstanding but not good enough to make up for the Customer Service. I won't be back.

4 star rating
by Douglas Wingate
17 days ago

Sometimes you pick up your Giapo ice cream and you just don't know where to start!
There are a few things that always need to be known for all ye travellers to Central Auckland who pass by Giapo, or have heard of Giapo and are curious about it. First of all, it's the kind of place you have to visit at least once, simply for the sake of the experience, let alone the ice cream. The line is often long, and the staff, who are as jolly as the confectionary shopkeeper in the Willy Wonka film - well, not quite, but you get an idea. They are very friendly, they do their best to welcome you, they're very communicative and will provide you with plenty of information about the products. Three other things they will provide you with are cups of water; handwash and wipes, as it can be difficult to eat at Giapo without becoming thirsty and sticky fingered. Their ice creams take decadence to a whole new level. They are more like cakes than ice cream, so if it's a hot day and you just want a plain old jelly tip or vanilla to cool you down, you might as well just buy some ice cream from the dairy. Giapo is great for a night out in Auckland city, regardless of the weather. 

Remember to not be afraid to get plenty of samples before making your decision, and I'd recommend walking around town whilst eating your ice-cream, I do this to get the cool air, which prevents it melting onto my hands which they can do if you don't eat them quick enough - they are very big ice creams. If you're having it in a cup, no worries, but the cone is recommended. It's more like a chocolate biscuit than a cone! Once again, I will use the word 'decadent' to describe it - and I don't mean it in the negative context!

5 star rating
by Katharina Wulandari
17 days ago

Recommended ice cream parlour in Auckland! Do not leave Auckland before trying the ice cream here. 

I came here on my birthday and fortunately the queue was not as long as usual - do not be surprised if you find such a long queue of people buying ice cream here most of the time as Giapo is quite famous.

I tried 'Giapo Buono' and 'Hazelnut' ice cream in cone - they are to die for! Giapo buono for me is like caramel but slightly richer in sweet flavour. Both giapo buono and hazelnut were not too sweet but still yummy, such an amazing taste. My friend tried chocolate banana ice cream, it was soo good since I could taste the rich dark chocolate in it.

The price is quite high but it is worth to spend as the quality and taste of the ice cream are premium. Also, the portion is quite big, so one cone of ice cream is basically so satisfying for one person.

The staffs here are nice and friendly - and if you are lucky enough, you can get the owner to serve your order. It did not take a long time to get your order done, considering the staffs have to decorate your ice cream - the ice cream is not as 'plain' as regular gelato! 

I will always look forward to come here again to try different flavours - my target is green tea ice cream (which unfortunately was not sold when I came there). Come here and enjoy the real pleasure at eating ice cream!

5 star rating
by Florence Foobyski
17 days ago

Was slightly on the more expensive side in my opinion, but definitely worth it! Very busy when we went there in the afternoon but overall very good service! Will definitely be going again soon :)

5 star rating
by Amrita
17 days ago

Absolutely the best gelato in auckaland. I go there whenevr I see no crowd outside. Staff and service is the best. There waa one instance when there was nobody at the shop and sweet giapo girls made us try all the favours with stories and favourites. I am always happy to go here no matter which day and what time.

4 star rating
by Aisling Ní Dhochartaigh
21 days ago

Their deserts look like works of art...who thought ice cream could look so good! Taste wise very sweet and over the top. Quite pricey though for what is essentially just ice cream.

5 star rating
by Kea Helg
22 days ago

I love Gelato and now Giapo! This place lives up to its hype! We had to wait in line for about 25 minutes but it was worth the wait. If you're in the area & have time to spare definitely check this place out!

5 star rating
by Melissa Chai
25 days ago

By far my favourite ice cream place in New Zealand! It is a bit on the pricey side by completely worth it! The downside is I find myself craving giapo all the time and my bank account unfortunately is screaming no at the moment! If I ever hear one of my friends hasn't tried this place I take them immediately even if we have to wait in line for hour and be late to work! The aroma is also amazing!

4 star rating
by Lulacorn
25 days ago

I'm a huge gelato person, so when my friend said he'd take me to Giapo while I was in Auckland I was totally keen. Did not disappoint! Yes, it's a bit pricey, but frankly, I was having the time of my life eating that gelato so I'd say it was worth it. The flavours are all super unique and I'd say there's something for everyone. My chocolate explosion and Samoan caramel were to die for, and I love that they go the extra mile with amazing toppings. We must have gone at the right time because there were no lines. All in all, awesome gelato experience, will definitely go again next time I'm up north!

5 star rating
by Janice Chan
27 days ago

This gelato parlour is out of this world! Through my many travels, i have never been to an ice cream parlour this interesting. The staff are exceedingly skilled in the ways of preparing the said ice cream dish and great with people too! catered with a tiny interior mainly to showcase the likes of the dessert parlour, there are available seats outside for patrons to partake in their dessert. Delicious as it, the parlour is well known to locals and tourists alike. Take heed, with tremendous popularity comes a formidable queue, but your patience will be rewarded at Giapo.

4 star rating
by Gianina Castro
27 days ago

Worth every dollar. Well, most of the time. I have tried two flavours so far that I didn't like. This made me a bit apprehensive in trying out new flavours. However, the ones that I did like were amazing, so will most likely stick to flavours that I already like.

5 star rating
by Cindy
29 days ago

The best gelato I ever have in Auckland! Be prepared for long queue especially during evening, weekend and holiday!
I love their way of presenting the gelato in an very unique way by adding some wet and dry toppings on your gelato and make the gelato even value added to be enjoyed! Although the price per scoop of gelato is almost double the market price, it is worthwhile trying! And guess what you will sure be returned to it!

4 star rating
one month ago

Giapo is an absolute spectacle the menu reads the flavour of ice cream but while you wait you see these magical looking ice cream treats pass over the counter.

The completed ice cream almost has a willy wonkier like nature to them. It boarders on an event rather than ice cream pick up when you visit.

In rating the end product you get once all is said in done. All the extra bits end up making it hard to finish your ice cream and the amount of thick chocolate detracted from the amazing ice cream. And given the price you pay its abut gutting when it's so rich you can't finish

Go for the show must do it once, unsure if I'd hit it again

5 star rating
by Madiee141
one month ago

Loved Giapo! They really turn your ice cream into a master piece :-P Awesome flavours and so many options to choose from. Felt like an excited little kid waiting for mine to be done!

5 star rating
by Sera Seo Jin Jeong
one month ago

Offers a curated ice cream tasting experience.
The selection of ice creams are out of sight to heighten taste and olfactory senses.
The non-dairy ice creams and sorbets are delicious and gluten-free cones are also available.
Patient and well informed staff willingly offer samples, despite lines out the door.
Fresh, inventive flavours each with its own bespoke topping...worth waiting in line for!

5 star rating
by Tash
one month ago

Loved the ice cream here. Rather expensive but so beautiful the mixture of flavours is excellent. I had the dark chocolate which had gold flakes and chocolate with raspberry flavouring in it.

4 star rating
by Khoa Le
one month ago

As far as ice cream goes Giapo is pretty pricey. But if you are willing to flock out the dollars they are real worth it. They offer free samples for all of the ice cream as well.

They also offer free water and chocolate for waiting customers. Bravo for that!

5 star rating
by Ariana Omipi @ Ari Eats
one month ago

I really can't fault Giapo. I still remember the first time I visited Auckland and hunted out this store out and I wasn't in the slightest bit disappointed - it has completely changed the way I see ice cream. I tried the blue cheese and chocolate gelato because I trusted that it would taste delicious, and although not my favourite, it was a great thing to experience. I would recommend Kiss Kiss though because it's my go-to whenever I visit. I am in awe of the innovative talent that Gianpaolo embodies! Must visit again soon!

5 star rating
by Jonie Jane
2 months ago

This is an amazing place if you ever feel like ice cream! However, beware because this isn't the ordinary ice cream you'd get- it is pretty expensive.

The most exciting part is that every different flavour of ice cream is gonna be decorated differently!!

If you're a tourist, best to check this place out! (It's always busy though)

5 star rating
by Mia Zou
2 months ago

The BEST ice cream I've ever eat in Auckland! You have to meet this excellent place to take this unique ice cream with fabulous designed cone. A bit pricey but worth it.

5 star rating
by WeiTing Ashley Shyu
2 months ago

If there is ONE place you have to visit when you're in Auckland City... It's GIAPO!!!!! ONE WORD: PERFECTION! Fireworks in my mouth with each spoonful of this gelato made with love. Giapo combines food with art and science creating the most unique experience for icecream lovers all over. There is no way in hell anyone can dislike this beautiful gelato place. The cones are a work of art and each gelato is beautified with little pieces of this and that (SUCH AS BABY MACARONS OMG!!! sprinkles, chocolate, nuts YOU NAME IT)!!

If I could eat anything for the rest of my life it'd be this.

My only complaint is that there is no Giapo store down my road! Giapo.... Can you please open a store on the North Shore?!?!? I'll be forever grateful.

4 star rating
by Eva Zhu
2 months ago

Ice cream did taste pretty good but it didn't live up to the raving reviews my friends give it. The queue wasn't too long but I started to grow a little impatient simply because it was taking so long for customers to be served. Presentation and treatment of food however, was delicate and definitely professional

5 star rating
by Andi Jandal
2 months ago

My only complaint is Giapo's city location. I don't venture into the CBD very often, so I can't have the delicious treats on offer at Giapo very often. Aside from this (non) complaint, Giapo is really somewhere you need to see for yourself. There's always an air of excitement for those waiting for their creations. And yes, they are most definitely creations, works of art you are almost reluctant to devour. Despite there being no dine-in option the place is always buzzing due to its unrelenting popularity. If you haven't yet been to Giapo, I urge you to do so, you won't regret it.

4 star rating
by Lucy Martin
2 months ago

It's pricey and the portions are small however super rich and delicious. It's a shame their premises are so small as their ice cream is delicious. I wish I had kept the photo of the beautiful creation, they were to die for. If it's not too crowded then I will definitely go back when I'm next passing through!

5 star rating
by Elise Tan
2 months ago

Excellent decor and store service! I appreciate the sales assistant's detailed and patient intro! Nice gelato and fab presentation! But authentic gelato is still one step ahead:p

5 star rating
by Jeremy Koh
2 months ago

Best gelato I've had, unique flavours and artistic decoration, nothing else compares. Just a little pricey and is often quite packed as it is very small inside.

5 star rating
by Olivia Round
2 months ago

If you're looking for a decent icecream in central Auckland, look no further than Giapo. Forget your overpriced Movenpick, or hit or miss gelato places, as Giapo is consistently delicious and an experience in itself. You can't see the flavours so staff encourage you to try as many as you like (we probably tried all!) which is good because the more obscure flavours can only be imagined by taste. The menu is small, but rotates often as new flavours are created - recently they had banana and choc cake, afghan cookie (which is what I had), Giapo Bueno (my friend had this, salted caramel and praline - yum), classic takes on tiramisu and hokey pokey, vegan options such as dark chocolate peanut slab, wind & raspberry sorbet. There are a few others and all ingredients are locally sourced seasonally. As a fussy icecream critic I would give Giapo 10/10
Service: 5/5
Taste: 5/5 (although can be a tad sickly if you get too many flavours)
Value for money: 5/5 (one scoop is around $7, but it is definitely satisfying and has super cool toppings)
Instagram: @oliviaroundtown

5 star rating
by Don's Food Fiesta
2 months ago

The peanut slab flavour is my fav!! You have to wait a bit longer when ordering this flavour- this allows the outer chocolate layer to rest so they can brush over a coating of magic gold dust. The wait is definitely worth it. Tastes exactly like a Whittikers peanut slab #YAAAARM

5 star rating
by Grace Sifa
2 months ago

best icecreams in auckland!!! if your in town stop here.. park under IMAX and yes your most likely to wait in line for 20 minutes but the wait is worth it.. from about $8 an icecream the treat is well worth it.. last time I went I got the meringue icecream and triple
chocolate with the golden hazelnuts the service is super friendly and the ice cream service stations is closed so only your mouth does all the tasting

5 star rating
by Parikshit Andhare
2 months ago

The long never ending queues in front of this place should have given me a clue there was something special about their ice cream.
Not to exaggerate but it serves one of the best ice creams I have tested ever and I have my reasons for it.
Pros -
1. High quality ice cream - one bite of their ice cream and you know you are having msomething of great quality. Your taste buds realize this is pure milk and cream frozen to perfection with subtle but definitive flavors.
2. Flavors - they have unique names to all their ice creams and they keep changing it everyday. The typical vanilla/ butterscotch/chocolate are not an option but the exotic combinations can be chosen.
3. Toppings - every flavor you buy comes with own different set of Toppings and decorations.
4. Service - their staff is very friendly and would encourage you to try the various flavours before you make your choice.

Cons -
1. For $7 a cup or $9 a cone, it's a but pricey.
2. One scoop on cone is too much for normal people to finish :p suggest two people buy one scoop and share.
Overall a great experience.
Keep it up..!!

5 star rating
by Kenji
2 months ago

What amazing Ice Cream Desert place! If your looking to impress with desert this place could be it for you!

The Service:
Great Service, stood in line for about 10min as lines were outside the door and onto the street. However Staff brought us water and tasting samples as we waited in line. Inside the staff were lovely and helped chose the right type of ice cream that you want. 

The food: 
Desert was probably one of the best decorated deserts I have eaten in Auckland. The gelato is really rich so I struggled with 2 scoops, next time one scoop will be enough. 

The price:
About $7-$11 unless you go for the "roll royce" options of delux cones which can go up to $25 per person. 

Overall would recommend to others and is great if your taking someone on an ice cream date ;)

5 star rating
by Phoebe Zhao
2 months ago

One word:amazing. As a fan of mocha,the mocha cone brought a snap effect to me and absolutely satisfied my craving for mocha. The gelota makers must have put enormous time and effort into creating innovative and exciting flavours. Their toppings have always been eye-catching as well!Love this tiny macaron and the dazzling pumpkin seed!

I have been their shop three times now. mocha,kiss kiss,Christurch hazlenut…you name it,all the flavours and the combination of toppings taste incredible. Maybe only one advice is to have more choice of fruit. Why not add fresh fruit as toppings or some of the flavours?strawberry、boysenberry、cranberry、bluebery…(almost all the berry family works great with mocha).

5 star rating
by Ameri Lim
2 months ago

No doubt, this is the best ice cream shop. The handmade and well crafted ice cream tastes uniquely delicious. Every time I visit the shop, I am guarantee that I won't be disappointed by the services and products provided. I particularly enjoys the chocolate hazelnut flavour.

I highly recommend people to try it out! The ice cream totally worth the price you pay for.

5 star rating
by Foodiesfeast
2 months ago

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary for dessert this is the place to go! Ice creams are chosen by first taste testing which ensures you'll receive something you know you'll enjoy. The ice cream is then transformed into a piece of art. Depending on what icecream you choose they will decorate it with toppings designed by the chef. I ordered the giapo buono and was not dissapointed. It was rolled in fresh biscuit, topped with gold dusted hazel nuts and finished with a meringue cooked with a blow torch. This is beyond the normal ice cream experience and well worth the wait. Price is reasonable also. A must try if you are on Queen street.

5 star rating
by Rebecca MacDonald
3 months ago

Giapo is ice cream but in a way you have never seen it before. I am a massive ice cream fan and I love that each one at Giapo is a piece of art. When you get to the counter the flavours are listed but you can't see the ice cream. The staff will give you tasters until you can settle on the flavour you want. Once they start making your ice cream you soon see the end result is so much more than just the ice cream.
I chose the salted caramel flavour and it was covered in a meringue type topping which is then caramelised with hazelnuts.

I can't wait to come back and try the others!

5 star rating
by Becca Callaghan
3 months ago

Went to Giapo the first time and the staff were lovely when we were asking about the different flavours also letting us taste a few. I ended up getting the hazelnut icecream, it was so delicious and the presentation was amazing! Although it was pricey I'd highly recommended the experience of Giapo

5 star rating
by Mohit Gupta
3 months ago

One word for this ice cream outlet is more than is more than amazing.i have never eat this much tasty ice cream..i ate afghans and hokey pokey was awesome..whenever you are in city just try it at least for once n you ll gonna love it..

5 star rating
by Chris Fox
3 months ago

Is world renowned for a reason. 10/10 although on the pricier side it is most defiantly worth it. Salted caramel is the best ? would highly recommend as a cheat meal!

5 star rating
by Tanzeel
3 months ago

10/10 would go again! Their gelato and service is immaculate! My friend and I visited during the peak afternoon hours of a Saturday and as expected, we had to queue. Not to worry though, we were kindly provided with brownie testers and water during our wait. Once we got inside, since they do not display their flavours but rather have us choose by taste, we asked to taste the Buono (Giapo's take on Bueno chocolate bar) and it tasted divine! We also tried their Tiramisu and Chocolate Evolution which was also very interesting so we decided on those flavours. The ladies that were serving us were extremely sweet and even asked for our names and our day. The only issue (if any) is that it's slightly overpriced ($9 for two scoops) but I guess the experience makes up for it! The end result was a work of art. Overall a great experience and I recommend it for anyone who is craving something sweet!

5 star rating
by Vangirl
3 months ago

Had raspberry and lemon ice cream. Both taste very good and I was wondering about that black seeds around it.
I loved their service because they offered ice cream with smile and stuff offered us water or wet napkins. I will come back when there is no line up :)

5 star rating
by Tami T
3 months ago

Just as beautiful as the presentation :-) I used to be a die-hard fan of their Pistachio ice cream (however, I could probably be considered a die-hard fan of any type of pistachio ice cream) but ever since they stopped selling it, I found myself not visiting as often. Since then, I've had to explore the Giapo menu more and try more of their other flavours and now I have discovered my love for their Giapo Buono and Peanut and Banana prailene ice creams :-) Such a rich taste yet so light and easy to consume ^-^

5 star rating
by Monique Liao
3 months ago

I try that few days before with my friend, its lots people there, but the sales also patient to explain their icecream. And will be decorated as nice as you unexpected. Have to try even once...

4 star rating
by Morgan Rothwell
4 months ago

Nice ice cream and an interesting concept, but it was more a novelty for me, on account of the price, not to mention the massive queues. This place is really really popular! Definitely worth trying once, to find out what all the fuss is about.

5 star rating
by Littleshadow
4 months ago

Always excited to go to Giapo. Always interested to see the flavors they have there. And how they decorate. The interior is stunning and the staff are professional and polite.

5 star rating
by Elakiya Suresh
4 months ago

Been here twice.. worth the wait... A bit expensive but awesome service and their ice creams are just so unique.. the way they decorate the ice creams.. they are experts! 
Tourists.. Note this down on your 'must go' list..

4 star rating
by Mitali Mohan
4 months ago

Amazing ice creams!!! Never had anything like this before... the presentation ws so good that u just cant resist to eat... i had hokey pokey n chocolate evolution... they wer really good.... i hve heard that they keep changing their menu and add new ice cream every tym... must try.. worth the price

4 star rating
by Lisa
4 months ago

Giapo's ice cream won't ever really let you down. I didn't like their new layout when I went last time however where they wouldn't allow the customer to see the ice cream but only the flavour names on the blackboard. I believe in the phrase 'You eat with you eyes' so hopefully that has changed now.

5 star rating
by Maria
4 months ago

I've been longing to come here for so long and I love everything! The service, the interior, the quality of food, the aesthetics, the colours, everything is so pleasing to look at! First of all the service is brilliant. I came here and the lady was absolutely lovely. I forgot her name but she was smiling a lot and can really explain well the ingredients used in each ice cream flavour. I was amazed and so inspired to see how it was made. Food is my passion and I've heard so many good things about Giapo so it was definitely on top of my go-to bucketlist. The flavours were absolute genius and the marriage of the flavours complemented each other so well. There was different textures going on, crunchy, crumbly, creamy, and super delicious flavours all in one cup! I had a deluxe cup covered in caremalized white chocolate and other sweets. It was super yummy, a bit too bitter and really sweet. I suggest just to tone down/lessen the sweetness of the ice cream and the deluxe cones/cups so it's not overpowering and over sweetened so it doesn't disrupt the eating experience. I actually chose two flavours, the chocolate evolution and Giapo buono. As you can tell I'm very much into chocolate. When I tasted the other ice cream flavours, I thought that some were interesting and some could be improved with another complementing ingredient. I chose the Giapo buono simply because of the explosion in my mouth-it had some really creative flavours going on in there. The chocolate evolution also had some interesting flavours going on. I thought that if I combine these two flavours together, I knew it would taste like the best ice cream combination ever. And it was! (Although as I said earlier, LESSEN THE SUGAR/SWEETNESS of the ice cream because too much of it is not good) I'm not sure how you came up with the recipes for these flavours but all I can say is that it's superb! I now understand why Giapo is part of the top 50 restaurants in Auckland, it should be near or at the top because it's the bomb! I highly recommend this to chocolate/sweet lovers. The price for me is reasonable and worth it. I love the different techniques, toppings and tricks they used to make it look and taste super awesome! I love how they thought of glazing the piped pavlova on the top and the touch of golden nuts seemed like a work of art. It was stunning to look at and the food looked and tasted beautiful. The overall taste was one of a kind and I hope not to forget my experience here. Everything was just great and I just want to emphasize that fact!

Food: 5/5 -AMAZING!
Service: 10/5 -Super great!
Interior: 4.5/5 -make the shop colorful
Price: 4/5 -lower the price by $2 or $3 Experience: 5/5 -loved seeing how it was made!
Flavours: 5/5 -Fantastic!
Presentation: 1000000/5 -What more can I say? The aesthetics were totally unbelievable. I would eat food looking like that any day.

I would totally come back here again, maybe during winter as a challenge he he! I confirm the fact that it is the best dessert parlour in Auckland- possibly in New Zealand and one day hopefully it will grow all over the world! One day I hope to own a restaurant/cafe as successful as Giapo. You guys rock! :)

4 star rating
by Rachel
4 months ago

Had my first visit here with a friend. We were able to test taste all available flavours.
There were all delicious and interesting! Also we had a lovely staff member serve us. She was very experienced and knowledge able of the products.  Once we chose our flavours it was cool to see the toppings placed on our ice creams. The taste was as enjoyable as its design. While we were eating however, our ice creams started to melt over the cups and I felt I spent more time focusing on that rather than eating it. Overall felt very welcome and had a great experience.

5 star rating
by Smoothie Oeek
4 months ago

Bit pricey, but awesome, beautiful and delicious ice cream! Had matcha, pistachio and berry flavour. Absolutely delicous and a candy to the eyes as well.

5 star rating
by Muffin Mum
5 months ago

The attached photo doesn't do this place justice. Many have posted decent photos and you really need to see the creations with your own eyes.

Every time we walked past there were queues, I got a message from a twitter friend that she was going to be in town and we could meet them there. After a very fast walk from Baduzzi we made it and took our place in line.

Thanks to Wendy Wings and family we had our turn, tried many flavours and made our choices. We were told that these choices change regularly so don't go expecting to get what you may see in a review, just go, try and chose. You can not see the ice-cream so your choice is based on flavour.

I went for the dark chocolate cup with raspberries and raspberry and pavlova ice-cream . It was so good, the stuff of dreams and the decoration was excellent. Mr enjoyed his too. Do it, go in, face the queue.

4 star rating
by Tiwul
5 months ago

what a tasty gelato! unique flavour combinations. lovely little place that's mostly crowded. i tried the green tea gelato and it was superb!

5 star rating
by Rhys Armstrong
5 months ago

What could be so great about gelato you might ask? Well the quality of giapo's product is amazing, but, their presentation of each of them being served up to you are simply stunning and each one is uniquely decorated. Some might say pricy but, actually, much cheaper than that frozen yoghurt place next door and MILES better!!

5 star rating
by Corrine/Frock And Roll Blog
6 months ago

The best ice cream, gelato and sorbet you'll come across on the planet. Honestly, you haven't lived until you've dined at Giapo's! Their flavours are *spectacular* and the presentation of each offering is outstanding.

4 star rating
by Tani Saguinsin
7 months ago

Love the range of ice creams available. Very hard choices to make though. Pretty pricy for the amount of icecream given for a small tub. Very rich tasting however and will indeed come back for more

5 star rating
by Thefoodloverrr
7 months ago

Giapo is a really yummy gelato place. It definitely has improved over the 3 years since the first time I tried Giapo. The flavours are really good, and the added decoration to the gelato brings it to a whole new level of amazing. I had giapo bueno today and it was really good. The salted caramel,meringue and nuts combination was good. My friends had christchurch hazelnut, green tea, cookies and cream, and kiss kiss. They were really good as well. However, we found the green tea a little overpowering. I'll be back soon!

4 star rating
by NZSteve
7 months ago

Great ice cream, so many fantastic flavours to choose from. Many novel and new flavours appear regularly and they usually are amazing
Location is handy for before show treats or just a casual ice cream stop.
Only down side is how they introduced the ice cream glass case decals so you can no longer choose by sight. I understand the idea but many people I know have stopped going as we look to choose by looking at them. Same with the kids, they want to see it first.
Apart from that you won't find better ice cream in Auckland !

5 star rating
by Marjolein Drenth
7 months ago

Part from coffee, I spend a lot of money on Giapo ice cream and it is probably one of the best ice creams I've ever tasted. Definetly the most memorable! I've been here now a few times and what changed comparing to last year, is that you can't see the ice cream any more. Instead, they want you to go after your taste which - jippie! - includes samples.
I really have great respect for the staff who always are very patient, friendly, fast and talkative. I can imagine that it becomes very tiring to talk and explaine everything over and over.
In any case: whenever we got visitors or friends coming over: we go to Giapo. It is a feast to go there!  The flavours are exceptional strong and good. I love the fact that you can exactly TASTE the real flavour. The Blood Orange - Martini Rosso really does taste like blood orange and martini rosso. Their Lemon Sorbet is sublime!
The toppings vary per scoop; once I had pistachio and I didn't like the topping that much. Too much of little pistachio nuts. However, the ice cream itself will outrule that. It's delicious!
For Giapo, I'll queue up. I'll save my $10 for 2 scoops. I'll go again. And again. And Again. Untill I had all the flavours :-)

4 star rating
by Jenny Cao
7 months ago

Giapo may be a little bit pricey, but it's definitely worth the money, especially when they pile on toppings that always compliment the flavour of the ice cream. Their new pavlova one is to die for.

5 star rating
by Jillyb
7 months ago

Yes This will be another review raving about this place. Great tasting ice cream. So artistically present. Served with a smile. For what you get I think it's pretty well priced. My tiamasu in a pot was topped with cocoa the had a lil choc cup n saucer that was filled with mouse and topped with a gold chocolate hazel nut. The selection of special cones and pots can only be discribed as works of art. There was a cue out the door but so well waiting for. I can see we'll be making more Sunday afternoon trips to Auckland now we've found Giapo.

5 star rating
by Brandon Johnstone
7 months ago

Wonderful friendly service, and the boysenberry gelato was great. Got more than I bargained for, pavlova on the gelato and an assortment of fresh berries. Can't wait to go again when I can afford the deluxe edible cups!

5 star rating
by Charlie M.
7 months ago

I used to frequent Giapo quite a lot during my university days and recently visited them a few months ago. I love their chocolate and hazelnut flavours the best. Once tried their salted caramel flavour and loved what I tasted. I don't mind coming back for more during my next visits to come

5 star rating
by Amy Webb
8 months ago

Located on mid Queen Street, Giapo remains one of the busiest dessert places Auckland has to offer. Every night that I've been, the queues have always been long, but it's totally worth it!

I went last week and ordered a cup of the cookies & cream. For $7 it's considered expensive, but I'm more than happy to pay for the quality.

The staff at Giapo are super lovely, and I've noticed they're great at social networking, which is impressive. Giapo is awesome if you want an amazing desert without having to sit down to eat it.

4 star rating
by Miss Poppy
8 months ago

I enjoyed my pistachio gelato, but I prefer to see the flavours rather than have them written on a board.  The cups that they serve it in could also be bigger as some of my gelato was running down the side of the small cup.

4 star rating
by Linny
8 months ago

I haven't been here in god knows how long and what a change!  I don't know when they changed their signage, decor and gelato cabinets to not be able to see all the flavours.  I didn't like that I couldn't see the gelato, I like to buy with my eyes and I felt by hiding the flavours it was really not that much of an enjoyable experience since the place is packed and we had to choose based on the board which only have their names but not what some of the flavours were.  So I waited patiently while the person in front of me asked about the flavours and tried each of them until they finally settled on their choice and when it came to my turn I had to do the same thing since I couldn't hear in there it was so loud.  In the end, when I finally chose (I had a child with me so I had to be particular as some had coffee or alcohol in it), they did make it very pretty and a lot more fancier than it ever used to be so I get why they increased the price.  Also,I don't think its too overpriced in comparison to getting a dessert at a restaurant or other ice cream places.  

Giapo is always consistent with their gelato.  I have only ever had one I didn't like so that's the great thing about it, but I didn't enjoy the new set up and while I will go back one day probably not anytime soon!

3 star rating
by Bobby Anderson
8 months ago

Ice cream is delicious but I don't understand their menu! The cabinet should have a see-through glass for customers to choose from.

0 star rating
by Ane Port
9 months ago


5 star rating
by Anup Choudary
9 months ago

Creative ice-cream outlet with variety of updated flavors everyone. Liked the PB & B flavour so much. Definitely worth every penny if you are wondering of grabbing an ice-cream in the heart of the Auckland city.
I really like the extra care and creativity which every staff takes into establishing the most amazing looking Ice-Cream you would ever seen. Really friendly staff and seems like they enjoy themselves, what they do at best. I really like the Idea of high stalls, it recollects all the fantasies/joy we had in our childhood, when we used to get excited with hearing the name 'Ice-Cream'. I would say that the staff do a great job of bringing smiles to everyone's faces. Its not a 5, due to the waiting time/rush we get into for buying an ice-cream. Overall, a Fantastic place for an amazing Giapo. #AdmireIt

5 star rating
by Shharukh Issani
9 months ago

Amazing ... No above Amazing.

Those ice cream flavors , presented so perfectly even tho its not fine dining I was flattered by a small cup with two different flavors of ice cream scoops with a small garnish to make it look pretty . Loved it . Have tried all flavors and love them equally. Great customer service .

5 star rating
by Simone Cooper
9 months ago

Love this place. Tiramisu is excellent. Just annoying that you can't see the ice cream in the cabinet! We eat with our eyes first!

5 star rating
by Shirley Yu
9 months ago

The best ice-cream I've ever had! Really amazing. I am totally impressed by the figure of their ice-cream. Soooooo nice! The taste of cookies is sweeter than the others and the flavor of green tea is nice as well. I would like to try some new ones next time!!! :-D

5 star rating
by J.T547
9 months ago

I absolutely love Giapo. The best ice cream in Auckland. Each serve is topped with beautiful extras, such as macarons, candy floss and chocolate cups which puts this store above the rest. Highly recommended as a dessert spot in the CBD

4 star rating
by Ben Mitchell
10 months ago

Giapo specialises in one thing and one thing only; ice cream (well, sorbets as well). Located conveniently on Queens Street, it's a must try if you are in the city centre. Giapo's compact premises have minimal seating so be prepared to take your ice cream for a walk. This is perhaps the only mar on an otherwise fantastic experience.
There are over a dozen choices of flavour, some of which change every few weeks. Each is lovingly crafted by the staff, who decorate the ice cream with creative toppings like blow torch melted marshmallow. Prices are extremely reasonable with double scoop cones under $10. You can also try deluxe cones, with one covered in white chocolate, which are worth trying for the novelty.

I've been to Giapo a couple of times now and eaten several flavours such as avocado, tiramisu and chocolate evolution.
The chocolate evolution features three types of chocolate, all at a stunning 70% cocoa. I'm always lustful for great dark chocolate and this hit the spot perfectly. The chocolate ice cream is rich and creamy, with the chocolate fat melting in your mouth. The three types of chocolate give the ice cream diversity in texture, which only enhances the eating experience. I can only describe this as chocolate bliss, the best chocolate ice cream I've ever eaten.

I also tasted a double scoop; Giapo buono and banana, peanut and white chocolate. I ordered the special cone to go with it. The Giapo buono was a caramel focused ice cream with added goodies such as meringue and praline. I certainly enjoyed this cone but I had two major problems. The first was that the two flavours weren't that distinct and melded into each other, to the point I couldn't tell which one I was eating. The other problem was that the deluxe cone was awful. It was covered in what seemed to be crunchy, sour berry crumbs. It was so sour that I struggled to eat the cone. Both ice cream flavours were delicious, but this experience really cemented in my mind that when at Giapo, stay simple. Get one flavour only, in a regular cone or cup.

Other flavours I've tried included tiramisu and avocado, which were also fantastic. The avocado tasted fresh and the tiramisu rich. Each ice cream felt like it was made from premium ingredients only minutes ago.
Giapo is a marvel of ice cream. Each flavour is masterfully blended to maximal taste and looks beautiful. Every flavour will bring you joy. Just don’t mix the flavours, and don’t expect to have a seat at peak hours.

Read more food reviews at:

5 star rating
by Georgie @ Georgieats
10 months ago

Giapo is one of my favourite places in Auckland CBD. I have been here several times since it opened in 2008 and it has alwya been a great experience. They had a re-vamp last year, which looks great; however, you cannot see the ice cream flavours anymore!

I went two weekends ago and while I was sad about not seeing Giapo's wonderful creations, the staff still let you sample all the ice creams - as many as you want. While a visual picture is important, deciding what you will have based just on taste does make it a little more exciting!

I ordered one scoop of the Cocoa Sorbet ($6). It is my favourite flavour and the quality is amazing. It was drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with freeze dried raspberries, which made it even more delicious! My friend went with a scoop of the Cocoa Sorbet and Pistachio flavours. Hers came topped with a mini macaron - it looked like a work of art!

Highly recommend Giapo. It is in a great location, right near the movies and many restaurants, so perfect for that after-dinner treat. Staff are friendly and passionate about the ice cream, which makes the experience a whole lot better!

5 star rating
by Grace J
10 months ago

I absolutely love this place. My husband and I lived in town for two years, and this is what I miss the most about being in Auckland CBD...we were weekly (sometimes more) customers. Most delicious gelato, melt in your mouth goodness. Such interesting flavours too! My favourites were definitely the Kiss Kiss, Christchurch Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate. Can get quite busy but you know what? The wait is never long, service is great and they totally deserve it!

5 star rating
by Tanz
11 months ago

Best gelato in town! They have a range of flavours you've never tried which are all uncompromising in flavour! Especially liked the cocoa gelato! The staff are very sweet and serve fast. Price isn't the cheapest but definitely well worth the money spent!

5 star rating
by April Rose
11 months ago

Amazing gelato! And great service!!

5 star rating
by Kershia
Jul 08, 2014

Holy Smokes! Ok so I know a few people have mentioned the price of the desserts here, but so worth it. In fact, I didn't think it was too badly priced at all. That aside, I had the biggest shock when the lady at the counter explained that they didn't allow people to actually see the ice creams because people make a decision based on the look of an ice cream rather than the actual flavours/taste. Which makes a whole lot of sense seeing as how we do "eat with our eyes" as they say. I was even more taken aback when the lady preceded to start handing me little ice cream sticks with the different flavours they had available to start tasting them so I could make a decision on what ice cream flavour I wanted to buy. Seriously? Being able to "test" the desserts before buying? Already winning in my books!

The range of flavours is amazing, it's definitely going to cater for some very niche tastebuds.

I eventually, after a big dilemma on deciding what to get, settled on the pistachio and hazelnut flavoured ice creams. I was really happy with my choice. BUT, just when I thought they'd done everything they could possible do to impress me - out come the ice cream I ordered...with a nutty topping sprinkled on top and a mini macaron! Not only was the ice cream divine to say the least, they then presented this little gem with such pride and care that I could not wait to devour it! I of course took a photo before I did - because this had to be remembered in the photographic archives and shown off a bit to the work buddies too.

One of the best little dessert shops I've ever visited! So good!!

All i can say to them is keep it up - you've got it right!

0 star rating
by TopDeckTwin
Jul 06, 2014

Amazing!! Suggest you get the chefs degustation as you get 5 of the flavours which are to die for!! There deluxe ice cream wafer cones look delicious

5 star rating
by Connor Stewart
Jun 27, 2014

Giapo has the best gelato by far. Their cocoa sorbet is the best!!!

5 star rating
by Alexa
Jun 26, 2014

icecream from this place is freaking amazing! i ordered greentea the other day as seen in photo and it tasted so good! it had a mini macaroon on top along with some salted seaweed which was a really combination and it was so yummy!

for someone that doesnt like sweet stuff at all this place has changed my mind! will defo keep on coming back to this place to get my sugar boost!


5 star rating
by Angelica Wilson
Jun 17, 2014

It's pretty expensive but they re so worth it <3 I got the hazelnut chocolate but there are so many other flavours available and they always offer tasting tester spoons (with decent amount of ice cream on them). Perfect place if you want to impress a person on your first date... unless they hate ice cream and gelato ... then definitely don't go there :P The flavours are so extreme that I can only remember a few but there are ones like Potato!! AND IT'S SO GOOD!

0 star rating
by Synne Ng
Jun 16, 2014

Absolutely decadent... so good.. This handmade gelato ice cream was worth every calorie, with each flavour very rich and tasty and the staff let me sample a lot of flavours.. I had the Tiramisu and found bits of alcohol infused sponge cake in it! Also had the Matcha one, which was by far one of the best green tea ice cream I had. Go for one of their luxury cones coated with thick chocolate and nuts if you have extra space.. I did!

4 star rating
by ıllıllı Fσσ∂ρє¢кєя ıllıllı
May 31, 2014

Thank you zomato. . Am able to relive the moments of my student days few years ago. I remember going to giapo with my best buddies and the live you tube videocast. . We were awed by. The ice cream is certainly different from all the creamier, gelatos I have had till now. not sure about their quality now, this place was one of our regular celebration spots. The waffle come must have evolved now, then it wasn't much to talk about. Ice cream does carry more points and the service too.

5 star rating
by Heartshrooms
May 17, 2014

Giapo is the god of all gelatos in NZ, and dare I say, the world too? He creates the whackiest flavours such as Bacon Gelato, and Pumpkin gelato, and they work surprisingly well. My favourites are the Pistachio, the Chocolate sorbet, the Pumpkin (which was a seasonal flavour), and Chilli chocolate. This is different to your usual gelatos, not just in flavour but also in texture- it's smooth and creamy with a texture halfway between a soft serve and ice cream which is great because all the other places serve gelato that looks and tastes the same as ice cream..

Giapo also does complimentary toppings and they lovingly hand-make every single component themselves. It's more pricey than your usual ice creams but worth every dollar as they really pile it on for you and everything is made fresh daily.

4 star rating
by Vikz
May 09, 2014

What's with all the people saying its expensive!?? Have they been to Movenpick before!? Giapo is the same quality, with far more interesting flavours - and its cheaper!!
I've been going to Giapo for years. It can be hit and miss with the flavours - had a sample of a blue cheese one a while ago and I thought my mouth was going to shrivel and die! But respect for being a bit 'out there' with their experiments. I love the extravagant toppings....the service has never been awful in my experience, admittedly its probably young ish, carefree students working there for the most part....but you're only briefly standing at a counter...its not like its table service or anything!! Give it a bold with your flavour choices and enjoy Giapo for what it is....a tastebud adventure.... ps.Californian Pistachio!!! Yummo!

5 star rating
by Mrspotandmrlid
Jan 28, 2014

This is not another ice cream parlor, nor is it another gelato shop, this is a place of excitement, experimentation and exquisite textures and flavours.

Gianpaolo Grazioli, “Giapo” is a clever man. A man with a vision and a man who loves to play with his food.

An ice cream here is not just an ice cream. It is made fresh daily to assure you get the lightest, creamiest, freshest tasting product and I am sorry if all you want is a plain boring cone or cup. Every flavour comes with well thought out toppings that add texture, depth and a bit of a story.

Take the Kiwifruit sorbet for example- it comes layered with homemade raspberry jam and crisp meringue – a take on the good old kiwi favourite dessert the pavlova. Or the lemon sorbet the most safe most unassuming of all the flavours comes with a cloud of fresh candyfloss, some polyhantus flower and a mandarin pate de fruit!

There is nothing boring or expected about Giapo’s selection of the day, today there was hokey pokey.. with crisp bacon enrobed in white chocolate…. dark chocolate with blue cheese, rum- which had a real kick and was topped with its own freshly baked macaroon with rum ganache.

For the full experience visit

5 star rating
by Sweets And Brains
Jan 22, 2014

This is probably the Chanel of ice cream (both in price and quality). Unlike Karl Lagerfeld’s creations, you can actually eat and enjoy Gianpaolo Grazioli’s creations.
It's been a while since I came to Giapo and I love its new look now.
Their old look was cute actually but the shop’s look works more with the haute ice cream they’ve got going on. If you eat ice cream by the window, you can see all the people passing by-envying you hahaha.
Ice cream is awesome. They still have the classics but with a Giapo twist and it's always fun to try out the interesting flavour combinations that they come up with. Another bonus is that it's always well presented. - My green tea ice cream had a mini macaron on top!
I recently tried their deluxe cone. It's quite expensive but man it was so good - covered in white chocolate and dehydrated berries (I think). It's quite special.

more photos :

5 star rating
by Arietta @ Knot Just A Stomach
Jan 04, 2014

Giapo is a bit pricey, but worth it for excellent unique flavoured icecreams that are world renowned to be delicious. Cones are more pricey than cups, but I think look better and don't have this cardboardy taste at the end, but that's just hypersensitive me. One scoop in a cone costs the same as a double scoop in cup ($7.50) but the deluxe special cones are like twice the price (but very pretty and probably delicious too). Apart from the rising price (I miss the university student days of $4 cones), Giapo continues to have innovative flavours from local ingredients as well as classics returning again and again to the counter. The staff are extremely helpful although I myself didn't hear any testers being offered while deliberating. If you go too late though, only the less than nice flavours are left. My first experience of Giapo after an evening concert was not so good as the banana flavour was far too strong and sweet. Now I've learnt to go in afternoons or so and my favourites are the dark chocolate and the lemon. Toppings are always really great here. Lemon is topped with delicious wispy candyfloss and chocolate with chocolate discs and gold ball sprinkles. The flavours are all rich, made from local quality ingredients where possible, and are the results of Giapo's innovative creating. Make sure you try them at least once this summer!

EDIT: Giapo has since revamped so that you cannot see its flavours and you just sort of have to guess at if you'd like it. A big part of the Giapo experience in my opinion was seeing the array of creative flavours so I was a bit disappointed by the revamp personally. There were some strange flavours offered, I particularly recall a sheep yoghurt and figs flavour, but most of the flavour names aren't as descriptive anymore either. After much explanation from the girl behind the counter (who was patiently dealing with our shock at the rebranding, I'm glad their service remained as faultless as ever), I opted for Kiss Kiss which was a blend of chocolate and Christchurch White Heart hazelnut. It was a great blend that really brought out the richness of the chocolate. I also loved the topping of my one, which had a silver macaron and dark chocolate piped decorations. Unfortunately, most of the other flavours' toppings seemed less nice, with one aptly described by its owner as "a mini dried fruit kebab with chocolate dreadlocks". I'm not even kidding. I'm not sure how I feel about Giapo's revamp, but I find on the whole if you avoid the stranger-sounding flavours (unless you're super adventurous and enjoy the risk of getting something that tastes weird) then you still get that delicious gelato you're craving. There's still nobody quite like them for using ingredients in innovative ways.

4 star rating
by Nom Nom Panda
Jan 04, 2014

The prices for Giapo ice cream have gone through the roof recently, with one scoop in a normal cone costing $7.50 (you'd need to pay nearly double that for a deluxe cone), but it is also very good. Not surprisingly, a couple of frozen yoghurt stores have opened next door, trying to tempt the overflowing customers away.

The presentation of the ice creams is always delightful, and suited to the flavours you have chosen. Sometimes you get a bit of candyfloss, sometimes a piece of cake, sometimes a meringue topping, whatever Gianpaolo deems worthy of the ice cream.

A new flavour can be a bit experimental, and not work as well as an established flavour (apart from smoked salmon or bacon in the ice cream, past flavours have included things like "Unorthodox Risotto Milanese with Saffron, Onions and Parmesan"), but if you are worried about committing to a flavour you might not like, the staff are always happy to give you a small tasting first.

The shopfront was redesigned 8 months ago, so that it looks more sleek and artisanal, with gold lettering on the windows. I have to admit I preferred the old decor with purple tall chairs so you could sit at a table outside though, a bit more playful and less grown up. No matter, GIapo is still having fun with his ice creams, and I would love to see his kitchen playground.

4 star rating
by Dog Eats World
Dec 18, 2013

Giapo is one place which you kind of have to visit if you're ever in the Auckland CBD in the summer. Its the perfect treat to keep you cool and all sugared up. They have a really unique range of flavours which is what makes Giapo so fun and unique. The prices are a little steep, but honestly, its not like your going here everyday, and its always ok to spoil yourself once in a while. Woof.

5 star rating
by Auckland On My Plate
Nov 27, 2013

Yes it's expensive, but at Giapo you get your money's worth with the best ice cream in New Zealand. If you're passing through Auckland, this is one of the places you have to visit!

The flavours you find here are unique and inspired. Also, each flavour comes with its own complementary topping, ranging from a chocolate brownie to a giant lump of cotton candy! The final result is more of a well-crafted dessert rather than an ice cream. The staff is always friendly and polite.

Its hard to recommend a single flavour at Giapo. Do you want a caffeine fix? Go for the Tiramisu. Can't get over Nutella? Try the Christchurch Hazelnut. Would you like something salty to go with the sweet? Salty Caramel. I personally adore the rich taste of the California Pistachio.

1 star rating
by Stuart Bradbury
Oct 18, 2013

Talking with a colleague at work this morning and he mentioned that he and his family had been to Giapo last weekend. They had a similarly unsavoury experience. He called it unfriendly and over-priced. Not surprised at all.

3 star rating
by Lavender Van Alden
Oct 16, 2013

Yeah this place has nice ice cream but I wouldn't call it 'cheap' by any means. It's pretty damn expensive for a cone filled with ice cream LBR. Plus the place is so manic. It's small and people come in from either entrance and barge in to be seen first. The people behind the counter seem confused most of the time.

Great place if you're feeling rich hahaha.

5 star rating
by Kai Luv
Oct 14, 2013

I am working my way through the Giapo menu. Given that I live in Wellington this is a little challenging but the sublime tiramisu has me convinced it is TOTALLY worth it. The texture and the subtle flavour combinations were just incredible. I have also tried the kiss kiss which was yummo - rich and nutty, dark and unctuous. Definitely the best ice cream in Aotearoa, and in my book well up the amongst the best I have tried around the world.

5 star rating
by Shelly Manne
Oct 01, 2013

LOVE THIS PLACE......awesome place with a very friendly atmosphere. Will definitely visit again. The staff are all fantastic and very friendly – They are always smiling and ready to help. Money well spent satisfaction.

5 star rating
by Jennifer
Sep 09, 2013

I just love this place and my favourites avocado ice cream and pistachio. Its little bit disappointing the fact that they dont always have avocado flavour.

I've been bere many tirmes, and they have never disappointed me with the service and the ice cream.
But I personally think that they should give more icecream compared to the price.

2 star rating
by Leyla Johnson
Jun 23, 2013

So, everyone raves about this place, I had to check it out. BIG MISTAKE. Although they serve above average flavours, and put thought into it, the customer service from what I assume to be 15 year olds working there is absolutely atrocious! The attitude and lack of skills to handle the pressure on a Saturday night is just not on. Here is a little tip: while working in front of customers, you don't snap at your colleague, " oh my god can you guys slow down I can't work this fast". Honey if you can't work that fast, you should not be working there. Further more I had never been here before, so I did not know what to expect at all. There are no boards to indicate what you are getting as toppings. When asking the teenager serving me for a chocolate one, she had no skills to deal with the fact that the one she had already given me was the most chocolate one there was, and the attitude I got, seriously if I wanted to deal with a hormonal teenager I would have gone to McDonalds, sorry I shouldn't say that even they have better service skills. It just put a damper on the entire night, as we had the most beautiful dinner at Tasca Newmarket just before that. I will not go there ever again, nor will I recommend it to anyone. In the end, I did not like the ice cream and sorbet at all, because the toppings were not something I would normally choose, had the toppings been communicated with me, or even if I felt that the staff members were helpful enough, so that I could ask what they were, maybe I would have been able to enjoy something that cost me $5. Going in there you feel like herded sheep, moving through to be sheared. The servers make you feel like another number. What an utterly disappointing experience.

4 star rating
by Sam
Jun 08, 2013

Giapo is fantastic. It's a great place to hit for a sweet finish to a night. With their recent refit they look to have resumed being more experimental with flavours (hokey pokey with bacon, anyone?) which is great as it's an aspect I really enjoyed about Giapo... visiting and seeing what's new.

I particularly like getting the cup size and seeing what toppings appear. Sometimes the added items are a bit hit and miss, I had a puff thing once which was messy. Naturally, some flavours are better than others, it's worth sampling a few before you default to the salted caramel.

4 star rating
by Rey
Jun 04, 2013

Good one.

The flavours are what you really go for. I went to the gelato place downtown and they had some pretty standard things for a similar price. I hated their sorbets because they were just too sweet. Giapo does it better IMO.

It's a bit pricey so if your feeling on the cheap side, get a cone with two flavours and share with a friend ;)

Edit: I spend a great deal of my money and time here, and I've noticed how poor the service actually is. Really bad staff communication, curt service and no smiles. Your stuff is awesome Giapo, but I don't think a little friendliness is too much to ask for.

Edit 1/11/13: Price is just beyond what I'd consider being "worth it"

5 star rating
by Pij
Feb 28, 2013

Amazing ice-cream. The hazelnut is my personal favourite.

I love how dedicated these guys are. They go to great lengths to ensure the ice-cream is made with organic and local ingredients. They're also always experimenting with crazy, but tasty ingredents.

Over the years, service has gone up and down, but the quality makes up for it. One of my favourite places in Auckland.

5 star rating
by Jo W
Feb 25, 2013

Just another 5 star review.
Delicious Flavour.
Excellent quality.
Recommendations : Pistahio. Cons : Sticky tables and slight wait, though they do try their best(Could be a bad day)
No clarification whether or not this is gelato or ice-cream.

5 star rating
by Anna-Lisa Sviatko
Jan 22, 2013

I can't rave enough about this place!

Exciting flavours - many with a sophisticated depth of taste.

For quirky flavours this is the place to come! I especially like the Dark Chocolate sorbet - rich and indulgent - yet vegan!! - wow!

Obviously the owner is passionate about this company and it really does show. It is an exciting and fun experience to eat here, somehow the crazy graphic design in the shop and attention to details adds to the experience.

I hear Giapo is actually studying food science at AUT and the staff are no doubt students from these courses too - fantastic that their knowledge is being applied to my favourite food- Gelato!! :-)

Giapo you are a treasure of Auckland!! (And no - I have not been paid to say this!!)

5 star rating
by Tony Ma
Oct 19, 2012

Service: 4/5
Wait time: 5/5
Environment: 4/5
Food Quality and taste: 5/5
Price Range: $7pp
[Second best in Auckland in my opinion. Downtown ferry building still has the best gelato]

4 star rating
by Jane K
Oct 07, 2012

I love the selection at Giapo but I feel like lately they're just overloading everything with sugar and I hate all the extra bits and pieces they put on top of your already huge and sweet ice cream. It's sickening and what makes it worse is that the cone is coated in chocolate on the inside too!

When you ask them not to put anything on top they look at you like you're really weird. Not everyone who enjoys ice cream is a pre-teen!

4 star rating
by Hank
Sep 18, 2012

My girlfriend and I once tried to finish one of the insane $16 giant cones and failed spectacularly! Great ice cream though, the flavours are creative and the cones are always nice and crispy.

My only gripe is the pricing, which does seem a bit high but not entirely unreasonable compared to other "boutique" ice cream places like Movenpick.

4 star rating
by Yoanna Liu
Aug 09, 2012

Been there a couple of times, lovely flavors. One time I bought two scoops and was sitting in the store, trying very hard to finish them. The head chef came by and offered me another scoop in a cup for free trial. Thank you very much chef, but it was such a sweet burden and I had to throw away most of it, which made me feel very guilty....

3 star rating
by Noemi
Jul 18, 2012

Kind of gimmicky. Real gelato isn't as complicated as Giapo is. It's good for a sweet tooth but not really authentic.

5 star rating
by Harps
Jul 18, 2012

Absolutely excellent ice cream. The flavors are insane, the quality is great and the service just as good. There is a huge range of flavors which change from time to time so you can always try something new.

The only issue is the pricing, it is not the cheapest place in the world, but it is worth the money once in a while.

I highly recommend this place.

5 star rating
by Lucia Goode
Jun 03, 2012

The wildflower and guava sorbet is to die for. Great for date nights with your significant other, with friends, or family. An after dinner or movie treat in town, it's location is prime. Giapo cannot be missed, don't be afraid to try strange flavours like salty caramel, your mind will be blown! TEN STARS.

1 star rating
by Candy Boy Food Journey
May 29, 2012

1 year ago I would say top 3 best ice cream shops in Auckland, but last 4 times the ice cream was very disappointing, the flavours were really bland.

All last 4 times I said I will try it again, but I think I will stop trying and just let this one go. Sorry Giapo we will not come back to you.

5 star rating
by Joni M
May 16, 2012

They reached the pinnacle of the universe when they made a special pure buffallo milk gelato. It was one of the greatest food moments of my life. Highly recommend going on the night they put out the experimental flavours (Wednesdays I think). The only gelato in Auckland worth talking about!

4 star rating
by William
May 08, 2012

Yummy ice-cream and great for dessert after a big night out in town. Very extensive range of flavours and all very well made. Some flavours are also unique to Giapo such as "Salty Caramel". Prices are similar to what you pay for big brands like NZ Natural, and a little cheaper than the likes of Movenpick.

5 star rating
by Adeline
Apr 15, 2012

How can you not adore this wee lovely ice cream shop?

But yes, I'll be the first to admit it - you either like it (by buying into its entire philosophy and what the business stands for)... or you don't (sure, you can get equally-as-good ice cream elsewhere - it's a free country, the choice is entirely up to you). But if you're looking for authentic, fresh, and innovative surprises for an ice cream treat - Giapo is for you.

I have personally brought in visitors to Auckland to Giapo's, and everyone always tells me that it's perhaps one of the best ice creams they've ever tasted. Needless to say, I myself always come back for more. Love the Colin Mathura Jefree concoction, avocado, anything with nuts in it... and kinda miss the pumpkin meringue one as well.

5 star rating
by Luca
Apr 15, 2012

If you are visiting Auckland, i strongly recommend you try out this place. You'll find more than your staple Gelato favourites of Baci, Nutella & Straciatella here. Instead you will find Tiramisu with intricate care put into every step of the process from the lady fingers to the coffee, or with the Brownie flavour, there is top notch brownie actually inside it. The owner is a mad and passionate Italian guy who passionate about his products and constantly pushes the envelope with new flavours and combinations of ingredients.
Where possible the ingredients are organic and locally sourced. Not every one of his flavours will appeal to all, but there will be something for everyone here. When I have guests from overseas or out of town i make sure Giapo is a stop on the itinerary.

5 star rating
by Peter Czaykowski
Apr 06, 2012

Yesterday my wife and I had ice-cream at Giapo's. This was not our first time there but certainly the most interesting. When the owner explained to us how much effort goes into this many, many different and tasteful creations, the quality of the ingredients and level of detail in each creation, we realized that this man is absolutely dedicated to his profession. I mean, he is even making his own chocolate!
Before leaving, we got another taste of "Blueberry-Porcini Mushrooms". While I was quite apprehensive about ice-cream with mushroom inside I was in for a pleasant surprise. This was certainly the best "berry" ice-cream I ever had.
We'll be there again very soon!

5 star rating
by Annique Heesen
Feb 08, 2012

Ok so I'm a vegan, and it's pretty impossible to find any vegan treats !! And giapo is by far one of my fave!
There is so Much choice and sooo yummy! I have now moved to Hamilton but I make sure when ever I'm in Auckland I get giapo!!! By the way mr. giapo bring a store to Hamilton!!!

2 star rating
by Sec
Nov 10, 2011

Very strange that 26 of the five star reviews for this shop have been made by people who have only ever posted one review, and the reviews are just too over the top to all ring true.
It's good gelato but nothing that warrants such praise.

5 star rating
by Paul Harvey
Oct 25, 2011

Whenever I get a chance to walk up Queen Street I head for Giapo Gelato and Research Kitchen . The Gelatos are just the best . My favourite at the moment is a poached peach gelato which is poached in Kim Crawford Pinot Noir . so yummy !!!

5 star rating
by Gabriel Lunte
Oct 10, 2011

The five star rating is described on here as "Woohoo! As good as it gets!". This hardly does Giapo justice. It is not only as good as it gets, it's better than any gelato I have ever had anywhere ever always. Giapo is a gem, and a national treasure. I have absolutely never been disappointed with any of Giapo's range of eccentric flavours. Each seems more delicious than the last, and I am not just saying that. Simply fantastic, and great atmosphere!

1 star rating
by Taster
Oct 10, 2011

Very disappointed by the owner who ruined the customer experience.

When I was holding an Indian takeaway food while I was ordering the Gelato, the owner of the shop said is this rubbish? You can't bring in smelly food.

I then said I am just carrying it while I am ordering it. Do you want customers? I am buying your stuff.

The owner then replied, no I don't need customers.

After that I decided to walk out of the store disgusted by his rude attitude.

His presence doing nothing but touching his phone in front of his store will further ruin his store.

5 star rating
by Annet
Sep 09, 2011

Giapo has fantastic gelato ice cream. Amazing flavours to choose from. I love that you can try each flavour before you buy. The staff are all fantastic and very friendly - They are always smiling and ready to help.

Simply the best icecream I have had!!!

5 star rating
by Samuel Mathew
Aug 16, 2011

awesome place with a very friendly atmosphere... Totally trans fat free and sticks to its mission... Good quality and quantity and comes with a money well spent satisfaction... I study science and I like the experiments being done here. I also love all the chocolate flavours especially the chocolate with blue cheese and the chocolate with the red wine... Thanks Giapo....

5 star rating
by Alice Peng
Aug 15, 2011

Giapo is a one of a kind, unique gelato shop. They go beyond the meaning of an 'ice-cream shop' - their range of flavours are as dazzling and cheerful as the shop interior itself! I love how Giapo uses organic when possible, and produces sorbets for vegans and other dietary needs.
My favourite is the blueberry sorbet! However I always aim to try a more unusual flavour combination.
Today I has organic lemon sorbet and green tea matcha sorbet - the best I've tasted! No gelateria or ice cream shop I've been to manages to make their matcha flavour so close to the Japanese drink itself - I love it!
Thank you Giapo for the amazing experience every time!

5 star rating
by Lennie
Aug 09, 2011

The Matcha Green Tea is great, it is a very different taste so Haden H. your taste buds may not be refined and ready for something so 'out there'.... But Giapo is an institution! 5 stars guys, see you again soon!

5 star rating
by Laura
Aug 09, 2011

Giapo is one of the best gelato shops in Auckland! They have freshly made gelato, fairly large servings (ask for the cup ones), FREE WI-FI, flavour samples and constantly producing new flavors - the matcha green tea one is good as :)

2 star rating
by Haden Hansen
Aug 09, 2011

To be honest, I don't get the fuss? You can get equally good gelato elsewhere in Auckland and at far more reasonable costs. P.S the Matcha Gelato is awful.

5 star rating
by Liza
Aug 06, 2011

I fall in love every time I walk into Giapo.

The range of flavours to try is incredible, and there are new ones on a weekly basis.

The staff are always friendly and quick to serve you, even when they are really busy.

The free tasters mean when you finally choose you will be very happy, and the organic cones are truly delicious!

The best food experience I've ever had!

5 star rating
by Alexi Laurie
Aug 04, 2011

I love this place! Their Gelato is the best that I have tasted with interesting flavours that you may have never thought of trying before. A great thing is they let you try which ever flavour you want before you decide on your choice. Some might think that it's pricy, but when you factor in the beautiful taste and how much thought the owner has put in to making his gelatos the best there are (no Trans-Fats!) it's a pretty good deal.

5 star rating
by Kalisha Wasasala
Jul 23, 2011

Giapo is one of my favourite eateries in Auckland!
The gelato and sorbet are absolutely delicious, plus they're super healthy which is even better. There are lots of different, very creative flavours (my favourite is white chocolate and coconut), many I haven't even heard of but taste amazing. Giapo always plays great music and holds events which are always entirely fun. The design of the shop is fantastic, and it's really bright and lovely. Plus, they offer free WiFi and use of the video camera, haha.
I'm a regular at Giapo and the staff are always very friendly and helpful. The customer service is so outstanding, which is partially why I always go back. Also, they offer free tasters so you know what you're buying. The hours are very convenient as I'm always around at strange times and they always seem to be open. It's a very convenient meetup place because of the openness and where it is situated.
Every time I go is another unique experience and I love it!

5 star rating
by Jane F
Jul 22, 2011

Am a regular here and try different flavours each time - free sampling means you never disappointed with choice. Nephew opted for enormous chocolate/sugar cone which holds +-5 scoops - excellent. Gelato quality superb: difficult to decide on a favourite so keep going back. Open late: ideal.
Highly recommended

5 star rating
by Jayke D
Jul 21, 2011

I've been a regular customer of Giapo's for the last year and a half, not only for the fact that its gelato is by far the best you will ever taste, but also because it has the best customer service I have ever seen in ANY sort of shop or store, anywhere.
As soon as you enter, you are greeted by the friendliest smile. They all have a clear understanding of all the flavours that they sell and are able to give advice when wondering what would go well with a certain flavour, what the new flavours are or just what they personally recommend.

I also love the fact that they offer samples of each flavour, (sometimes without you even asking!) so you can get a preview of what each of the many unique and special flavours that Giapo offers tastes like.

Giapo is one of my few little happy places in town; if I'm bored, feeling down or just plain hungry, Giapo will never fail to make me feel better from its amazingly positive atmosphere and just the general buzz around the store.


5 star rating
by Corey
Jul 17, 2011

They have the most amazing range of freshly made organic gelato's and sorbet's. A place you have to visit more than once as they have flavours changing all the time. They also invent new flavours all the time. Latest favorite is Death By Chocolate. I loved the Chocolate and Red Wine mixes. Great to see some Kiwi favorites like Pavlova sorbet. Not to forget organic cookies and cream. Go in and check it out for yourself. Have a favorite or see out a new one.

Try a sample for the friendly staff and ask them to recommend a new flavour to go with your favorite. They are good at matching up for a taste bud experience.

Always stop at Giapo if on Auckland's Queen Street.

4 star rating
by Earl Vasquez
May 28, 2011

Very good. Fun place, seems a bit clique-y if you know what I mean. The gelato is great.

5 star rating
by DoubleDworks
May 28, 2011

Its always an experience when you arrive @giapo’s.. Making a decision is your next.. Little tasters are on offer to help you make the appropriate choice for this pleasant moment in time.. I always opt for one of their amazing hand made cones sealed inside with chocolate.. I’m not sure why.. #yeahright.. Its because they are to die for fresh..

The ultimate experience is when you have a flavour named after you and or taste some of this geniuses work made from your own fruit.. I never knew our lemons were so #nomnom until I met the #gelato king.. If you are looking for the best ice cream / sorbet treat ever made, you must check out my fratello ;)

5 star rating
by Chris Hoffmann
Apr 02, 2011

there are not words to describe the experience that is Giapo gelato. If you like ice-cream you will LOVE Giapo! Parking can be fun during the day but there are plenty of parking buildings in the area. Recommend you taste a few flavors so you find something awesome!!!

5 star rating
by Livvy James
Mar 26, 2011

The best gelato I've ever had. The flavours are so creative, and are always changing. My favourite ever is the organic cocoa sorbet, but I also LOVE peanut slab, white chocolate coconut, dazzlelicious, chocolate brownies, white chocolate macadaemia and mochacino. The portions are very generous, and the cones are delicious!

5 star rating
by Sam Sutherland
Mar 17, 2011

Ok, so GIAPO is a pretty cool place, went in for about the 4th day in a row! Tried a new flavour that someone recommended to me, it was Plum and Brandy (some Italian name i cant remember or probably spell actually!) but it was really nice, I was kind of wary getting it since I hate the taste of alcohol, like in trifle etc, but i could barely taste it, it left a little aftertaste, but nothing bad. As for the plum, (which I can't say I'm much of a fan of either! I'm amazed i was talked into it today!) that was really good! It was nice and refreshing on the hot day we had today, so quite nice, I reckoned it tasted a little bit yogurty.

Although I do have to say it's not my favourite from GIAPO, it was still really good! I usually like Chocolatey flavours but I found that the orange and strawberry sorbets were really nice and fruity, it amazed me how simple his sorbet recipes were! 3 ingredients! Wow! TBH, GIAPO Hazelnut is still my ultimate favourite, but almost all are really good. Just saw on twitter that Gianpaolo is looking for some organic Fejoas so I can't wait for that flavour.

The last thing that is a total plus us that you can ask for a taste of any of the flavours so you don't end up with something you might not like. And last note I PROMISE! Free wifi for all you techies out there!

5 star rating
by Noelia Gonzalez Quiñones
Feb 23, 2011

I have been here several times, and I've loved it every single time. There are so many flavours to choose from and they all sound so good, you just don't know which one to pick. The staff are friendly too, and they even offer us free samples sometimes. I can't wait to go back.

5 star rating
by H Weston
Jan 22, 2011

I love Giapo. It beats any other ice cream in NZ on taste! Worth the $7 for an organic taste sensation! My boyfriend and I adore these ice creams and drive into town atleast once a week to treat ourselves + taking any visiting friends there is a must!! :) We think Mission Bay needs a Giapo!!!! Peanut butter is our fave. LOVE IT. TRY IT!!!!!

5 star rating
by Melanie Bailey-Reeve
Dec 05, 2010

I LOVE Giapo!
Everytime we are in town we have to go there, I have a had time deciding what I want but can really recommend the Chocolate Sorbet in all it's rich, chocolatey goodness.
The staff are always friendly, the atmosphere is always fun and my kids love it too.

2 star rating
by Leah
Sep 09, 2010

Tried Giapo again, but as I expected, an active social media presence does not a good product make! Really quite average and I will be going to Casa Del Gelato for half the price and 10 times the quality in the future.

5 star rating
by Nathan Dunn
Jul 13, 2010

A combination of a funky interior, great social marketing and a tasty product make for an unique experience at Giapo.

The gelato and ice-cream is very tasty, the flavours diverse, and they are true to how they are described (mandarin actually tastes like mandarins!

Organic and low fat flavours, Giapo really is guilt free. I highly recommend a visit, they are central located (right next to The Civic)

5 star rating
by Serena
Jul 13, 2010

I think Giapo is brilliant :D The friendly and funny staff are a definite plus, they always make me laugh Haha, I love how when you go in there, there's always new and different flavours, ALWAYS! It makes for a different taste experience every time :p So you HAVE to try something new! I love how Giapo gets to know it's customers as well :) And the taste of the ice cream is definitely worth the price.. I haven't had better tasting Gelato before! :D

5 star rating
by Jayson Kingsbeer
Jun 10, 2010

Giapo is an amazing gelato shop next to the Civic Theatre on Queen Street.

Giapo has the BEST gelato with all my favourite flavours! The store has an awesome ambiance with great music, free WiFi and an awesome design. The owner Gianpaolo has a huge emphasis on GREAT customer service. As you enter the shop you will be greeted with smiling staff (Possibly even Gianpaolo himself!) handing you delicious samples of the many flavours that Giapo has to offer.

I am very pleased that I came across Giapo on Twitter. Giapo is ALWAYS my first and last stop when I am in Auckland City.

5 star rating
by Morgan Terrill
May 31, 2010

Giapo is awesome. It has a very friendly community atmosphere and his Gelato is to die for. Seriously, if you haven't been you should try it out. You'll love yourself for doing it.

5 star rating
by Ryan
May 31, 2010

Giapo is amazing, not just the gelato but the whole experience. It's a whole heap of fun, especially karaoke Wednesdays.

So whether you're after a gelato, sorbet, smoothie, shake or even organic almond milk! give Giapo a visit, you won't regret it!! xD

5 star rating
by Peter
May 30, 2010

Yepp, this is probably the best gelato you can get in Auckland. Just try for yourself, you won't regret it!

5 star rating
by Brad Annals
Jan 19, 2010

In all honesty this was the best gelato and sorbet that I have ever had.

The creamy texture of the chocolate fantasy is like black velvet, smooth, cool, sexy. There is no question that the chocolate used is real, unlike flavor additives used by other proprietors.

Giapo Gelato on Queen St in the city is Genuine Italian Gelato. From the flavors of the product, to the master gelato artigiano himself Gianpaolo Grazioli, who usually will be found in Giapo's Gelato kitchen perfecting his flavors, or hanging out with his customers, who one could easily confuse for family.

The store is fun, the staff are friendly and keen for you to experience these flavors for yourself, offering a 'try before you buy' sample of the product. And of course the MONSTER sized chocolate covered waffle cone, the limitations of which are only governed by the size of your stomach!!

If my life was a top 10 of things to try before you die, Giapo Gelato would definitely be in the top 5.


5 star rating
by Corey Sehnert
Sep 29, 2009

Amazing icecream. Best gelato in the world.

You MUST visit Giapo and try some Giapo Icecream. Afterall, they make the best flavors ever..

Including Coca-Cola, Beer, Popcorn, Passion Fruit, Avocado, Citrus Crush/Jaffa (My Favorite)

And most of all i am typing this review from the Giapo store. Free WIFI for everybody.

The password to get on the internet is on the wall... At the moment the password is "GIAPO"

I am here now. If you are around, come now.

5 star rating
by Xiny
Sep 14, 2009

Best gelato in Auckland!! Anyone who's in for a fun, contemporary experience that maintains Italy's high traditional culinary standards, this is the place to go. Every mouthful is luscious, rich in flavour, smooth, silky and sends you to heaven. The staff is friendly and they are always open to new ideas for flavours and desserts. Almost every week Giapo churns out a new creative flavour! They also offer the good old chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, as well as some more funky ones such as chilli chocolate, avocado, coffee and baileys, tiramisu, lavendar, etc etc.
The whole place bursts with a sense of fun, true to Giapo's motto of putting a smile on everyone's faces.
Prices are reasonable, as you pay for what you get - good quality ice cream. Seriously, every mouthful is worth it.
Giapo is a place you won't want to miss!

5 star rating
by Marie
Sep 09, 2009

Giapo leaves the rest behind! It serves creative, tasty, healthy gelatos. The service is personal and I especially love the energy and the community following Giapo creates by giving customers a great experience!

5 star rating
by Phoebe
Sep 09, 2009

Best icecream in Auckland, easily. The owner is clearly passionate about icecream and the staff are all really friendly. Try it and you'll be hooked like the rest of us giapo lovers :)

5 star rating
by Dharmesh N
Sep 09, 2009

A friend of mine introduced me to the Giapo experience.
I call it the Giapo experience because everytime you walk in there, it's just a feeling of being out of this world.

When you walk in, you're warmly greeted by the staff who then start giving you tasters of the new ice creams.
There's always something different to try, and there are different flavours to suit everyones favourite tastes.

So you get your ice-cream and then there's somewhere to sit down and enjoy it whilst just mellowing out to the Giapo experience.

It's very quickly become my favourite ice cream place and every single person I've taken there, has always walked out with a big grin and said "this is the best ice cream ever."

I know it says Genuine Italian Gelato - but even more, it's a Genuine Italian Experience right here in New Zealand.

If you haven't been to Giapo yet, I think it should be on your top 5 list of things to do in this lifetime.
If you're passing by, pop in and try it out. I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I do because it's more than just ice cream, it's a truly hospitable experience.

Thank you Gianpaolo and everyone.

5 star rating
by Courtney Sit
Sep 09, 2009

When I first discovered this store back in February, I fell in love with it straightaway!

And the proof is here - I'm there at least once a week, if not more and everyone who works there recognises me too.

What I love about Giapo isn't just the gelato - and all the flavours which change the regularly, or better still you can request a flavour which they will try to make for you if they can; but the experience you get whenever you are there - you can't help but be happy when you are in the store!

Giapo has become my all time favourite ice cream place and I look forward to enjoying it over the summer months! I will keep spreading the word about the place and how much I love it there!

Good work Gianpaulo, Annarossa and the team at Giapo! :D

5 star rating
by Wendy Lester
Sep 09, 2009

Every person I know who has visited Giapo says the same thing "the best ice cream I have ever tasted" and with good reason !
Nobody can ever visit just once and why would you,Giapo has so many flavours you can not limit yourself to just one visit.
Character filled,a visit to Giapo should be on everyones bucket list

5 star rating
by Cameo Yung
Sep 02, 2009


Truly amazing.

Why are you still here reading this review? Go and get some ice cream or gelato from giapo now!!!

5 star rating
by John Delgado
Aug 31, 2009

Since I have discovered Giapo I cannot help telling all my friends. This is the best ice cream I have eaten in a very long time. It reminds me of my childhood holidays in Italy. Here no preservatives or artificial colours. Only 100% natural ingredients no less - I loved the chili chocolate and the kiwi fruit sorbet they are simply excellent. The owner is a nice and crazy italian guy so passionate about his business it comforts my faith in small artisan businesses. Happy Giapo !

5 star rating
by John Palino
Aug 27, 2009

If ever you are in Auckland City, please take the time and give yourself a treat because you deserve it. You must go to this wonderful place that I think is much more than Gelato but an experience.
For anyone who has watched my show "The Kitchen Job" you would know that it is so important for me that a restaurant or cafe or even a Gelato shop creates a memory for you. Giapo creates a wonderful memory. Like when I was a kid going to the ice cream shop with my parents and at that young age all you needed was the ice cream to get you excited.
Here at Giapo the young Italian owner Gianpaolo Grazioli has created something from which he had dreamed. It is filled with excitement and character. It is filled with so much character starting from the ice cream to the cones, the add ons, the decor and even the furniture. Well Gianpaolo himself is the largest character, he would have to be to have created all of this.
Now as you walk on by you feel the draw of Giapo and left with no choice but to go in. Once you are in, the wonderful staff are handing you little tastes of the many different flavors he makes there daily.
I think they know once you have tried you have to have one. But now what flavor am I to pick, there are so many. Thats ok just go back again tomorrow.
Buon Appetito
John Palino