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Grasshopper - Stamford Hotel

4 star rating 36 reviews

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09 3089211

Stamford Hotel, 22-26 Albert Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

12 Noon to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM (Mon-Fri), 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Grasshopper - Stamford Hotel

5 star rating
by Subodhmehta
2 months ago

Good food bit expensive though
I must say curry puffs are great a guy told me they are serving this from last 10 years .
Nice crispy pastry and curried vegetables inside .

5 star rating
by Ekta Sharma
5 months ago

Grasshopper is a classic, amazing Thai place! 

The ambiance is amazing, so amazing that a few of my friends have planned events here, and the Grasshopper team has delivered. 
The service is so amazing, it seems like a traditional Thai venue, but thats just my opinion. 

They're dishes are amazing! I haven't tried too many different dishes, and I've been here on numerous occasions, but will only write about my most recent experience. 

My friend, and her family went out for dinner, with another. 

We all got different dishes. I got a thai green curry, and I love the way they cut they're veges. 

It's amazing, I highly recommend this venue! 
Good classy place, for a never-failing-to-satisfy meal, in an amazing environment, in the heart of the city,

3 star rating
by Hiral Patel
6 months ago

I think this place is overrated. Food is alright, but compared to the over restaurants I have been to, it is not outstanding. I think the price of the dish is more to do with the atmosphere in this restaurant. Amazing feel when you walk in to the place, feels lively and warm. Great for big groups or even a Date.

4 star rating
by Heidi Mcholm
6 months ago

I ordered takeaways the sliced beef with mushrooms, ginger and capsicum and fish cakes
and mixed berry cheesecake. The beef dish was a decent 8/10, the fish cakes a 6.7/10 and
as for the cheesecake i left it in the car for 10 mins in summer and it has turned too liquid,
very rapidly.

0 star rating
by Hsjdieu
6 months ago

Food at grasshopper thai restaurant. Your food are very bad and testless

5 star rating
by LucyGoosey
10 months ago

Man, i love this place! The food is delicious and fresh! I have been twice now and enjoyed myself immensely! The dishes are a fair price and the portions are a decent size. The roti and satay sauce are AMAZING! I am a big fan of Thai food and this place just leaves me wanting to go back again and again. The staff are very friendly and there has been live music both times we have been there. Delicious mocktails and great atmosphere. We only waited a couple of minutes to be seated both times. This place has had some not so good reviews but I highly recommend you give it a try. The owner came over to chat to us the second time we were there and told us about her other restaurants . I am looking forward to trying them soon.

4 star rating
by Riddhi
10 months ago

If you check out my other reviews you know that I eat a lot of thai food. I had gone to grasshopper last night for a friends birthday (large group) and found it to be a good place. The decor and attention to detail visually was exceptional, the waitresses were all very friendly and helpful. I ordered pad thai with chicken and prawns which was delicious and filling and at a decent price for $20.5. Overall a good place, slightly expensive for some dishes but the service and food delivery time made the price worthwhile. Unfortunately eating a lot of thai there was nothing that 'new' or different to other thai eateries , but this does not reflect on my overall rating.

4 star rating
by Heartshrooms
10 months ago

Gasshopper describes itself as Modern Thai cuisine, and boy does it prove that right. The restaurant itself is vast and spacious that has an open kitchen, and well laid out dining arrangements. It's very stylish and sophisticated. We celebrated a friend's birthday here and the staff were fantastic and friendly, they consistently make sure your glasses are filled with water and the food came out promptly. Best service for a large dining function so far! The food was great as well. My advice is: order the coconut rice! Rice cooked in coconut milk makes normal jasmine rice seem boring in comparison. Not healthy for you of course, but it’s a treat once in a while :) Overall, I don’t think this was the most authentic per se, but still definitely Thai food, and it was delightful all the same. It’s a great venue for big celebrations.

For more on this review, please visit my blog: http://heartshrooms.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/grasshopper-thai/

4 star rating
by Fleur Peps
11 months ago

Seeing some of the bas reviews below I was a bit confused as to why I had not experienced anything like this.

Went for lunch with work collegues and clients, service was fast and polite, food was fresh and tasty. Definately value for money here too. I like this place, will be coming back for sure.

1 star rating
by Maddy Ruawhare
Feb 22, 2014

Where to start! We had received deal vouchers for this restaurant (dinner for two). We had trouble booking a reservation for four and were told we could dine in at 7:30pm for two otherwise we would have to wait till 8:30pm to seat four. We arrive 8:30pm and were asked to wait at the bar for a free table, finally get to our table and the rest of the night went downhill from there. We asked for chicken sewers and our waiter had told us they were no longer serving them as they have run out, every entree we had requested they were out of stock and we only had four options left which were horrible. What really upset myself and the rest of the table was seeing diners who had arrived 20minutes after us order and receive the chicken sewers we had been told had run out and the waitresses excuse (the kitchen had made a mistake and has since resolved it), how pathetic. The mains weren't that great either, waitresses running around like headless chicken. Biggest let down was the service which took away from the lovely venue and average food. Would not be returning or recommend to anybody. Thought about making a complaint to the manager for such bad service but I was so over the place and was happy to be running out of there.

4 star rating
by Philip
Jan 25, 2014

Excellent food, authentic Thai food and high quality.
Prices to match. Expect to pay more than you would elsewhere, but you do get higher quality.
The environment is very classy. It is part of the hotel so it is all very luxurious.
I was most impressed with the totally open kitchen. You can watch the chefs (all Thai men) cooking which is fascinating.
The only bad thing is that upon arrival with our voucher we were told we had to finish after half an hour. How ridiculous!!, especially after we had booked. We ignored this request and stayed for well over 1 hour.

3 star rating
by Gemma
Jan 18, 2014

Went here on a Saturday evening for an 8pm reservation with my partner. We had a deal voucher and could see lots of others did too. The restaurant was not very busy but it still took a good 20 minutes for our drinks to arrive. Then after waiting 45minutes for our starters to arrive, we decided to say something, afraid that we had been forgotten about. We were then told they were coming and 5minutes later a waitress quickly dropped 2 plates in front of us and scurried off. My partner had to chase after her as she had given us someone else's main course! After another 10 minute wait ours finally arrived. Mains arrived a lot quicker, thankfully. The food was lovely but unfortunately the service was not up to scratch and we didn't even receive an apology for the delay/ mix-up. Good food but service on the poor side.

4 star rating
by Mahi
Jan 01, 2014

My friend brought me here for dinner to celebrate my graduation in dec. What a wonderful restaurant! Wonderful service and very yummy food! The staff were so polite and helping!! I loved the experience I had here. Will definitely recommend this place to others and will be coming back here again with my family now.

4 star rating
by Brent King
Dec 23, 2013

The restaurant has great. You get what you expect .
I use it a lot for business lunches fast good quality , good atmosphere . Staff friendly , central location . Always busy

I find it very good on all occasions
Visited maybe 50 plus times BK

4 star rating
by Hilary Alcorn
Dec 10, 2013

Very friendly service and good food at reasonable prices. I eat here at least once a month and quality is always consistent. Definitely recommend.

3 star rating
by Diora Bashota
Dec 05, 2013

Very average food and service.

Some meals were too sweet, while other meals just not the right balance of flavours chicken satay was horrible ... the duck curry was ok.

Service was average seemed like they just didn't want to be there.
We had to call the waitresses numerous times to fill up our water glasses and call them to get our plates ready for dessert.

Not a high quality Thai restaurant if that is what you are looking for.

4 star rating
by Vienna Domingo
Sep 14, 2013

good service, good food, beautiful ambience

4 star rating
by Xay Khamwanthong
Aug 30, 2013

I like the simplicity of this place even if it is in CBD.

Not over the top authentic like some Thai places try to be. I've been to Thailand and I like the real Thailand not the over hyped show some places put on.

This place is not OTT.

3 star rating
by Whitecat X
Mar 30, 2013

Sugar addict taste. Both Pad Thai and Green Curry too sweet . The majority of Kiwi may like the taste but it's not at all authentic Thai. It should be more delicate and full of exotic flavor. I felt a little sad. Then Tom Yum Goong had almost no broth in the soup. Maybe forgot something to put in.
However, I liked their chicken satay. It wasn't too oily and the peanuts source acceptable. We expected higher quality of food since situated in the Stamford Hotel. With its some sophisticated interior, we hope a better chef will come.

5 star rating
by Ken C
Mar 12, 2013

Frequent customers, and fan of the owner - Bow; we were there again this week; my partner and I had a wonderful experience with food & service; good prices and good portion, we were stuffed!

thanks Grasshopper! - Ken

1 star rating
by Reg Chand
Oct 15, 2012

Our Reservation was for 7.30. The entree came out after 1 hour. Our drinks were served after half an hour. Alot of the staff were walking around grumpy, as if not happy to see us.

We ordered our main and had to wait for another hour, before served. The serving were small and the food tasted blended.

the desert was ordered which took another 40-45 mins before being served. The Caramel Chocolate cake was hard and took effort to dig through.

I Highly recommend not going. There are way better Thai places out there, which is not pricy and you get value for your money.

3 star rating
by Tom Ou
Aug 07, 2012

Went there for a friend's birthday, service was friendly, setting was slightly fancy.
Food was really average, feels like noodle canteen on a plate to be honest. The oyster entree was fresh and nicely set up but quite boring.
Maybe it's just the nature of thai food, stir fried veges with bits of meat with a side of rice...

3 star rating
by Tom Sapienza
Aug 04, 2012

Well it's a good location. And service wasn't bad. The food is reasonably priced, and the cocktail list is good.

The food is very average. I love Thai, and have eaten some of the best Thai around (in Thailand for instance). The food was very bland. Lots of carrot to bulk things up. Watery curries, lacking in flavour. We went for the set menu, and it just all seemed very boring. The soup was pathetic, I make a better one myself.

It wasn't awful, I just wouldn't go expecting the best meal of your life. In fact, I wouldn't go at all.

3 star rating
by Helen Thornley
Jul 04, 2012

Another delicious meal at Grasshopper Thai. When I went for the first time a year ago, I would have given 5 stars. It's an absolutely lovely place but this time round I left feeling a little ripped off. I was especially disappointed with my entree - $13.50 for the thai green curry scallops. They were absolutely delicious, but there was only TWO of them! Two?! Any my companion was quite miffed at only receiving 3 moneybags. Don't get me wrong, everything was scrumptious, but heck! The mains were a little on the high side for thai food (avg around $24/dish plus $3 if you'd like rice with that) but once again, really really delish. Unfortunately I couldn't make this place a regular favourite (for that try Jungle Thai in balmoral), but will save it for a once in a while special occasion.

4 star rating
by Kai -
Nov 27, 2011

I have fond memories of the ambience, the service and the food. The service person for our table was very patient in explaining and recommending dishes which we were pleasantly delighted with. The portion size was decent and variety on the menu was good too.

My brother went there on the RWC 2011 opening night and even though the restaurant was packed to the brim he had only compliments for the restaurant's service and food quality.

4 star rating
by Catherine Carran
Sep 16, 2011

An impromptu decision to dine at Grasshopper Restaurant last night proved to be a good choice. On arrival we explained that we were on a tight time frame, this was taken on board and our Prawns with Cashew Nuts and the Sweet & Sour Pork, Chicken and Prawns arrived very promptly. The Jasmine Rice has to be mentioned, beautifully moulded on our plate, and possibly the best Jasmine Rice I have ever eaten. Service was attentive and prompt. Love the decor, and the open kitchen. We will return, well done Grasshopper!

3 star rating
by R K Ariff
Jul 15, 2011

yes - agree with other reviews that the service needs attention. Was there at least three times with my family and friends - food was good everytime but the service definitely needs brushing up. Go learn about service from Zap2 in Balmoral or Monsoon Poon downtown!
Overall - ok

2 star rating
by Colin
Jun 17, 2011

Pretty av thai food. the food court across the rd does way better. The wait wasnt too long for order / food to be served. Open kitchen pretty cool. Atmosphere is unique.

2 star rating
by Ryan Ashton
Apr 24, 2011

We've been there a number of times and service has been laxidasical every time and the meals haven't always been consistent. In fact one time a meal came with both battered and unbattered chicken pieces in a meal that normally only has non-battered pieces... did we get leftovers?

All the same it was good Thai flavours and friendly, but please change your chairs over... so uncomfortable to sit it, it's like being locked in to one way of seating!

5 star rating
by Jenna Beaumont
Aug 21, 2010

Went to Grasshopper on a Tuesday evening in August 2010 for a 25th birthday celebration. Wonderful restaurant, gorgeous decor, and the food was absolutely amazing - the most tender and delicious sirloin steak I've ever eaten, and the wild rice was lovely. Did not have to wait long for our food, and the staff were very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be going back to Grasshopper!

3 star rating
by Lauren Simpson
Aug 17, 2010

Nice location and restaurant setting, we went on a Saturday night and it had a good atmosphere - not too busy, not quiet. I had the Bangkok style blue cod which overall had lovely flavours, but I couldn't help but notice a 'fishy' smell and taste which really shouldn't have been there if the fish was super fresh. Others at my table had green curry which was fantastic, and the crab - at $30 I thought it was overpriced for the few pieces you got (you don't get a whole crab). The caramel sago dessert with water chestnuts is worth trying and yum. Friendly service and they didn't have any issues with each person paying separately.

4 star rating
by Tanya Yau
Aug 16, 2010

I love Thai and Indian food. This restaurant is one of the biggest and most modern Thai restaurants in Auckland. The food is delicious, the environment is nice, but the price is a bit expensive for me.

5 star rating
by Sarina Eaton
Jun 17, 2009

Our friend recommend us to try out their business lunch. It was so great we had lamb shank in mussamun curry. It's so yummy and such a great value. The next day we went back to try their quick lunch vow!! even better only $15.00 such a bargain with great food. It make me feel like I'm in Bangkok again.

4 star rating
by Jo
May 27, 2009

We regularly go to Grasshopper for lunch, with clients or for inpromptu work lunches. The food is consistently good, well priced and FAST!

2 star rating
by MH
Jan 05, 2009

Having eaten there once before and had a great meal we tried it on New Years Eve. Big mistake - 40 minutes for a cocktail to be made and they arrived after our entree had been delivered (a bottle of wine that was ordered 10 minutes after the cocktails were ordered came before the cocktails!)
There was then a wait of about an hour before anybody came to clear our entree plates and for the main to be served. Beef dish - meat was was tough and very average.

3 star rating
by Chantelle Bailey
Sep 28, 2008

Husband and I went for lunch. Had the express set menu. Quick and easy. Was enough in the serving for lunch.

1 star rating
by Sarinah
Sep 13, 2008

VERY BAD SERVICE! The waitress spilt an entire glass of wine over my suit & didn't even give me a free glass of wine because "she didn't do it intentionally" (really?!) & my friend ordered the $30 set lunch menu that included a free glass of wine. The lady said that came free with the set lunch wasn't available and to pick one from the wine list. And when we went to pay they said that she had to pay for the other wine as it wasn't from the set menu! & all they offered me for my suit was to dry clean it IF I walked all the way back there (they refused to accept me sending them the dry cleaning bill) DISGUSTING