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Gustav’s Kitchen & Wine Bar

3 star rating 34 reviews

Telephone 03-389 5544

3 Garlands Rd
The Tannery

Mon - Sun 11am - 2am
Provided by business


Gustav’s Kitchen and Wine Bar at the Tannery in Woolston Christchurch offering vintage-inspired cooking using a restored four-oven domestic Aga cooker


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Price Range:
Moderate, $15 - $25

Reviews for Gustav’s Kitchen & Wine Bar

5 star rating
by Andrew M.
1st June 2014

This is my second visit to the Kitchen – the first was with two workmates and I enjoyed it so much I took my wife for an anniversary dinner.I requested the table next to the aga stove so we could watch the chefs prepare the meals in the open kitchen which added to our experience(table 55 if you want to reserve it)
The food is not cheap but the staff are very knowledgeable about how it has been prepared – my Venison Osso Bucco had being cooking for 17 hours and it was a pleasure to eat.The depth and variety of flavours in their food is amazing.
It is not a place for a quick meal rather a place to enjoy you food and the atmosphere.it is a classy place and certainly not suitable for children.I will be recommending this place to my friends who want a special night out

2 star rating
by Rachael P.
26th May 2014

It was my sister’s 40th birthday and we went with a group of 13 ladies for lunch. Our wines all arrived at different times and it took ages for our meals to arrive. I had ravioli and although it was nice, the portion was very small – more an entrée size. The waitress had no idea who ordered what and had to ask every time that she brought something out. The food all came at different times and some people had finished by the time others got theirs. The worst part and the bit that upsets me the most is that my sister’s friend had someone make a birthday cake and Gustovs charged us $2.50 ea person to have a piece of the cake that we supplied. So the person that had the cake made had to pay for that AND for 13 of us to have a piece. This I feel is shameful as we all ordered wine and food and embarrassed my sister on her special day. None of us will return.

4 star rating
by Deb W.
16th May 2014

Went here as part of the jazz festival, so it was a different experience, set menu etc. Very expensive at $150 a head, ( including matched wines and 4 courses) but it was a special occasion. I had never eaten there before and was a little nervous about paying this kind of money as the place has got lots of bad reviews. The food was excellent- the steak was huge and melt in your mouth. The service was fantastic. I wasn’t so sure about the lay out of the restaurant- it is so long and parts of it seem very detached form others. This was different as it was a private function but we were sitting right in front of the ‘stage’ and it was great. I would have been annoyed if I had paid all that money to go to a jazz show and not see the performers.

2 star rating
by Chris O.
9th May 2014

Very disappointing. Waitress was rather snotty, service took too long and although the venison ‘osso bucco’ was very nice the portions were miserly. The risotto was barely three to four tablespoons and the osso bucco were tiny. Not good value at all. We visit Christchurch from Kerikeri fairly frequently but will not go back to Gustav’s at any price. And they don’t cater for children, which is appalling.

3 star rating
by Annette G.
1st March 2014

Seated reasonably quickly then sat for 5 mins before being asked if we wanted the menu !!! no offer of a drink until we flagged down the waitress. Waitress was not educated in what the menu item actually was so we ordered badly .Luckily a more mature waiter was able to halt the order and so we were saved.The meal took 85 mins to come. We were then offered water !!! Hot drinks we were advised came from”down the walk way and no set time as to when we would get them
The meal itself was OK but we wolfed it down as by then we were hungry so not a pleasant experience.
Won’t be returning

2 star rating
by Christine M.
24th February 2014

Took out of town guests there early Saturday afternoon.
Our non smiling waitress originally gave us the evening menu and then replaced it with the brunch menu several minutes later. We weren’t offered a bar menu and assumed there wasn’t one, so only two of us ordered full sized meals from the brunch menu. Other parties had obviously been given the bar menu judging by the fries etc that came out from the kitchen. We would have ordered more if we had been given the bar menu also.

We had a long wait trying to place our order as staff ignored us. After finally ordering we waited and waited. Eventually I stopped our passing waitress and asked if we could have our drinks before the food arrived. We waited again and eventually the food came out. We asked for our drinks again and still they didn’t come. The two people eating had almost finished their meals when the first 3 drinks arrived. A few more minutes passed before the last two drinks arrived, including the easiest drink of all to organize – a glass of wine in a wine bar. If we had received out drinks earlier may well have ordered a second round.

Service was slow and appeared chaotic and staff were completely sullen. A waitress dropped cutlery on the floor near our table and looked at it and then just carried on leaving it lying in the middle of the floor which sums up the level of enthusiasm amongst the staff.

Great location, nice decor but terrible service. I’m not planning on returning and certainly would not recommend taking any guests there. Such a wasted opportunity.

5 star rating
by Andy E.
22nd February 2014

Service was brilliant, the waitress & maître d were a brilliant pair, funny, helpful & informative. The chefs worked away nearby on the big Aga and were also good value. The atmosphere was very good, I felt the decor a little thin, but the view to the hills, the open kitchen easily compensated. I had the beef rib roast, it was huge & magic, the horse radish (we think) was fabulous. The pop corn creme brûlée was very good. Love the beer except they were out of exactly what I wanted , the price of popularity I suppose. All up, great night, not overly expensive, excellent food, brilliant service happy man!

5 star rating
by Neville B.
5th January 2014

My wife and I plus another couple visited Gustavs Kitchen between Christmas 2013 and New Year for dinner. I was reluctant given some of the reviews I had read regarding this establishment.
All I can say is that all four of us were extremely impressed with both the service and the food. I consider myself to be a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to preparation and cooking of steak. The slow cooked aged steak I had that night was without a doubt the best I have ever experienced in my life, my wife and friends felt the same about their meals.
The service was exemplary. Our waitress, Anne Marie, could not have been more attentive, friendly, or helpful. Following our meal we moved through to the bar area and enjoyed our evening further with a couple of cocktails, ports and coffee, still experiencing the professional friendly service that we enjoyed in the restaurant.
I suggest to those who take time to read the reviews on this site prior to deciding whether or not to dine at Gustav’s, that you visit and experience the service and food for yourself. Our party will most certainly be returning to Gustav’s and we will be telling our friends of our experience and recommending that they also visit.

5 star rating
by Val S.
5th January 2014

A group of four of us went to Gustavs for an early evening meal in early Dec 2013, we arrived at 5:30pm and taken through to the restaurant almost straight away it is a very nice area where one can see the food being cooked on an agar stove and this appealed to us as we fancy ourselves as fairly good cooks.
The waiter approached us and he was accompanied by a waitress in training he made us feel very welcome and explained the menu thoroughly, the vegetables are served and priced seperately to the mains something which I am always suspicious of as it really can make the the mains very expensive but he did explain that one serving of vegetables is enough for two.
I chose the fish pie and shared a salad with a friend, the fish pie was delicious and a really hearty serving it would have been enough on its own as it did have peas in it and the topping was the fluffiest melt in your mouth mashed potato.
The fish soup/broth and the lamb that was the choice of two of the other’s was given a good review.
The other’s in the group had desserts and they looked beautiful and tasted delicious I am not a dessert person but the fish pie and gorgeous salad was more than enough to fill me up.
Gustavs is a wonderful restaurant and a lovely place to visit for a special occasion we would visit again.

4 star rating
by Kathy D.
30th December 2013

Visited the Woolston Tannery on a very wet Saturday afternoon (29th Dec) and were amazed at the number of people there. Spotted Gustav’s at the end of the venue so decided to try it out. My Husband and I were seated almost immediately. Menu’s were produced after 5 minutes and were explained in detail by the waitress when she found out it was our first visit. We ordered wine which arrived promptly and was followed by the chilli & lime lamb – while the lamb was slightly fatty it was well cooked and verrrry tasty. We followed that with the BLAT and Ravioli which were both enjoyed but thank heavens there was some chilli oil on the table as we needed the spice to add flavor after the lamb dish. I ordered a second glass of wine when our mains arrived but never received it. We were never offered a dessert menu so made our way to the till to pay. Had to wait to pay????? When I read the previous reviews I now understand the issues with the staff. It did not appear to be as bad as the reviews make out but maybe larger groups have more problems. Hope the management sorts out their staffing issues as we would like to try the venue again soon

2 star rating
by Dorothy J.
29th December 2013

As a much talked about new venue in Christchurch we were pretty excited to be going for lunch, mid December.
Arrived and waited around the end of the bar as there was a till there and seemed to also be the area where the staff were congregating.
There was 4 of us and after being passed several times by staff we wondered what we were to do as nobody acknowledged us.
There were 2 waitresses behind the bar in deep discussion and eventually we caught the eye of one of them.
She held up a finger to indicate hang on. Which we did.
Eventually they split with one going one way and the other sailed right past us without a word.
There were some random menus on the counter so we thought, what the hey, grabbed them and took a seat!
After viewing the menu we felt the choices looked good so then waited for table service. This took 12 minutes before we had the company of a waitress and this was because one Rob went to the bar to get service.
Eventually we were served our drinks but then it was another long wait – 17 minutes before our orders were taken.
After about 20 minutes a waitress came back to say they had run out of 2 of the dishes we had chosen.
By now we were wondering if we were in some kind of comedy or something!
During this time, no water was poured, or offered, and our drinks were not refreshed.
Amateur hour in abundance.
We saw some waitresses working very hard and also some spending plenty of time behind the bar ignoring customers!!
Our meals arrived after about a 50 minute wait and by this time we had finished our drinks but not asked if we wanted more.
Decided not to have dessert as just too painful to go through all that again.
Gustavs is a nice place but is strongly let down by the staff, their lack of expertise, training and attention to customer detail.
It looked to us as if they were understaffed and as previous reviewers have stated, they need a leader/front of house manager.
Overall they could have made a lot more money out of us with a little more attention to the customer and our needs.

2 star rating
by John G.
28th December 2013

Not a pleasant experience

On a wet Friday lunch time we took friends from London (UK) to show them the wonderful and exciting Tannery Shopping Centre and decided to have lunch at Gustav’s Kitchen and Wine Bar. We had to wait as it was very busy and were finally seated but we were abandoned without menus or even an enquiry if we required drinks. We gave up waiting and went to the bar to order drinks but were told we could not order at the bar and would have to wait until someone served us! Eventually a waitress arrived to take our food order and realised that we had not been given menus so left to get some. We stopped her and asked if we could place our drinks order with her as we knew what we required. Drinks arrived and she advised the lunch menu had been sold out and gave us the bar food snack menus (she could only find 4 menus – for party of 6!!).
Food arrived but minus one meal and with no explanation why all 6 snacks were not served together. Another waitress came and said they had sold out of the choice of the missing meal so that guest made a 2nd request. Sometime later a 3rd waiter came out and advised that that choice had now also sold out! Having made his 3rd choice it finally arrived but the rest of us had almost finished our food. The snacks were tasty however my choice of Pork Gordita was warm pork served on a cold stainless steel platter!
After we finished our ‘bar snacks’ we decided to leave as although the table behind us was offered the deserts menu we were not offered this service and neither were we offered coffee or even refills of our drinks.
Such a nice environment but so disappointing to have such a bad experience and embarrassing for overseas visitors.

1 star rating
by Sarah
23rd December 2013

Had a late lunch here with my mother, sister and brother today, as next door was too busy.
So disappointed. I’ve read other reviews and almost all suggest a front of house/manager – all of our issues today would have been avoided if they had one.
We found our own tables and menus, we went inside to place our order – tried 3 times with different staff until one said they would come take our orders. Her vest was obviously dirty with sauce down the front.
The food promptly arrived but was disappointing. Ribs were very fatty, cheeseboard plain and sandwiches bland. No one came to check on how our food was.
We went up to pay, waited 10 mins again. Incredibly painful and such a disappointing experience and lunch. Will not be back.

3 star rating
by Bruce
19th December 2013

Had good expectations, even though word about town seems to be divided over Gustav’s: many people very positive, but many less so, with this mainly relating to service. Our booking was for 8-30pm – as the restaurant was busy earlier in the evening. Arriving at the agreed time, our table was not immediately available for us, so we were directed to the bar. Sure – that’s fine too. No one came to tell us if our table was ready, so we eventually moved through to it anyway. We settled in, enjoyed our wine (huge range of wines available) and ordered – but by the time our mains came out an hour or so later, there was a feeling at this later stage of the evening, that the restaurant overall had started to run out of steam – service was pretty average, and several items on the menu were no longer available. Food was OK – though my choice of Kai Moana as a main was not wise, as the contents of the hotpot were pretty minimal – would have made a good entre. For some reason, the dessert options are not listed in the menu or written down anywhere else – so it requires the wait-staff to continually repeat the options as they moved around our group of diners, and for the diners to have a good memory. Then there was a pretty lengthy wait for the said desserts to actually turn up – meanwhile other staff are by now making obvious ‘cleaning up for the night’ noises around us…not very hospitable, from a restaurant whose decor and prices are positioning themselves as a ‘high end’ dining experience. Wouldn’t be rushing to go back….

3 star rating
by Michelle
18th December 2013

To be honest I was expecting better service. I cannot fault the food. Really impressed with the environment.
Alas on arrival unable to grab any staff’s attention to obtain a
drink. 10 minutes later served. Advised the restaurant staff we had arrived and were having a quick drink at the bar. Alas staff did not communicate and we were left for 15 to 20 minutes before being seated. Food was stunning. However a shame we had to ask for our sides which arrived as the mains were finished. No refreshment of water and no pouring of the wine which may have resulted in another purchase for the table. All in all a very disappointing first impression of what should be an amazing place.

1 star rating
by Chris
18th December 2013

Had Christmas catch up with a friend. Had to wait about 20mins before anyone came with menus or take drinks order. Finally got tapas menu. We weren’t told of the specials for main courses. We ordered eventually but then were told 2 tapas weren’t available. Chose again and were again told they were not available. On closer reading our menus were different.
The waitresses admitted they were new and we made allowances. We cancelled our order, finished our drinks and headed next door to a much more efficient operation.
The newbies could’ve been mentored with more experienced staff on hand especially with the run up to a very busy time.

3 star rating
by Chuckee
14th December 2013

Gustav’s definitely need to hire a dedicated front-of-house person, and have an area where people can line up in an orderly fashion before getting seated. Oh, and have appropriate menus on display around that waiting area so people can decide if they actually want to eat there. Don’t have dinner menus sitting around at lunchtime.
Currently it is rather chaotic, with waitresses dashing from A to B, and to get a table involves finding 1 of them at 1 of 2 different tills.
Have a look and see how Lone Star deals with enormous queues of people waiting – if it is busy, they can put their name down and send them off into a bar area. Surely something like that would be good for a *wine* bar?
If it is not busy, then people can line up in an orderly fashion.

The lunchtime meals taste great, but for us were at least 50% undersized. We actually had to go to another place and order another lunch as we were still hungry. Probably won’t return.

1 star rating
by Pat
5th December 2013

Perhaps the food is nice – we never got a chance to find out. We were seated with a menu, the waitress came to introduce herself and pour the water – a good start, but instead of the customary “are you ready to order?” (which we were) we got “I’ll let you look at the menu a bit longer” and she went away. And never came back. After a long time Someone Else came and apologised for the wait as the waitress was busy – 3 tables had arrived close together. Then a further very long wait. Then we caught her eye and finally she arrived to take the order. And then… yes one of the dishes we wanted was not available and no-one had bothered to take it off the menu or warn us before we ordered. At this point we walked out to seek food elsewhere. No point offering a nice handwritten menu if the customers can’t get served!
Pat McIntosh.

4 star rating
by Sonya C.
19th November 2013

Went here recently for some fairly late night tapas. It’s no easy task finding somewhere delicious in Chch that still has their kitchen open at about 10pm on a Saturday, so Gustav’s was great. The maitre de was really helpful and made great menu suggestions. He also made a great Frangelico sours! Will definitely be going back as I’m keen to try the dinner menu and see the Aga oven in action.

1 star rating
by Jess M.
13th November 2013

As a person who has worked in the hospitality industry I was appalled by the service at this restaurant. Three of us including my 86 year old grandmother walked in and waited at the bar we were walked past and ignored by a staff member 3 times. We had tried to make a booking over the phone but after 2 days of unanswered phone calls we left a message asking if we could make a booking for lunch we did not hear back. When we finally were served by a staff member we were informed by a staff member that they do not do lunchtime bookings a fact which they neglect to convey in there phone message. Needless to say we did not have lunch here instead we went to the brewery next door where despite being incredibly busy the staff were wonderful as was the food and atmosphere. I will not be returning to Gustavs.

1 star rating
by Terry S.
8th November 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!
But not if you were to dine at Gustav’s.
After my first mouthful of fish Stew had me choking on bones 5cm long x 3 The Maitre d suggested that I had been warned as he had placed the lid of the dish beside my plate for shells and bones????
Everything was so over salted I could taste little else in both the main and side dishes (chose to leave the rest of the fish).
Decades in the industry breaks my heart to see a great concept in dining destroyed by very average food and a bad attitude.
After my partner paid IN FULL for our meal I returned voice my complaint but had to wait for the Maitre d to return a text message on his cellphone before he looked up to see me waiting. During service? Come on!!
Our city deserves so much more.
P.S. have never posted a negative review prior to this (this was that bad)!

2 star rating
by Jass
27th October 2013

I had lunch at this establishment today.
In short I have worked in a few restaurants in my day and I feel this one came in well under par today.
I ordered a steak turned up after 35 minute wait on table only warm. Cooked to order but steak was presented on small plate on top of a pile of French fries.
Had to ask for a bigger plate.
In my time at table I had a drink order turn up which was not mine and one food order the same.
Much work to do here but very nice setting.

5 star rating
by Lynn R.
10th October 2013

Visited Gustav’s Kitchen for the first time today for lunch, with family. Very friendly greeting by staff. Loved the decor and lighting. Table setting was very good with an uncluttered feel. All meals were simply delicious. Loved the very extensive wine list. Wait staff were very friendly and our service was excellent. A must for our next visit to Christchurch.

5 star rating
by Cameron
21st September 2013

Heard through a friend that this place was rather good. Went with family and the settings were really quite something! The lighting is intimate and the table arrangements were good. The open kitchen added to the experience to see how everything is prepared and to even talk with the chefs was great. Now to the food we ordered a few entrees the Blue Vein Crumble was amazing and easy to share as were most of the entrees. The mains were well portioned and tasted great the lamb melted in your mouth with a real sense of top quality home cooking and a nice gravy to go with it, I would recommend a main and a dessert depending on the size of the group. Customer service spot on and they were always ready to help and give advice. Would dine here again great surrounds, great food and an all round great night

5 star rating
by Raewyn I.
18th September 2013

What a lovely surprise.
On a whim drove from Prebbleton over to the tannery. No booking. Friendly welcome by the staff, excellent service and really really good food. Leek and blue cheese entree was delicious. The lamb was divine, and the desserts were perfect. Watching the chefs work in front of us was fascinating……
The blokes said the beer was top notch.
Great night.

5 star rating
by Allan S.
5th September 2013

I have a friend that whenever he says ‘try this place’ I immediately book a table. His latest recommendation was Gustav’s. I arrived on a Sunday at 6pm, as they take bookings in two sittings. I was sat immediately by what turned out would be our waiter, he introduced himself (kiwis don’t don’t do this enough as servers). He had a big table that needed an order and apologised saying he’d return ASAP. This gave us a chance to admire our surroundings… AMAZING! Everything in oak, and the kitchen is completely open with a lovely old AGA oven. The wine list was over 200 strong at least! Our waiter (Adam) returned and apologised for the (1minute if that) wait. On finding my partner had picked a bottle of Rioja for us he immediately suggested a pastry entree saying in match the wine ‘deliciously’. So we did. I, on the Adams suggestion had the lamb and my better half had the fish stew, Adam selling a Chablis as a better match for the fish… Guess I’m driving. our pastries arrived and I have to admit, the matched the wine without fault, the food itself was delicious and full of flavour. By this stage the restaurant is pretty full but the chefs and servers seemed pretty calm and the atmosphere was very relaxed. Our mains came out and both were a presentation in themselves, old style enamel plates have a real country kitchen feel. The food was amazing, that’s the only word for it. Adam checked on us and brought the Chablis, which again was an outstanding match. Desert was not an option for either of us despite the waiters insistence it “tastes like happiness”. All in all an outstanding evening, food, service, food, wine and food all stunning. I will be back for desert.

2 star rating
by Sally R.
31st August 2013

Went for a late lunch and ordered the mushrooms off their wine bar menu. They came overly charred with burnt bread. The chevre was delicious but the mushrooms were super greasy that I couldn’t finish them. Anyway, I felt very ill later from the grease. Very underwhelming meal – won’t be going back.

1 star rating
by Suzanne C.
29th August 2013

Crapola maximus. Lousy abrupt staff, a very long wait for our meals, had to ask for both water and a drink which also took a long time to arrive, very average food including bland arancini.A most disappointing experience especially as we enjoy the brewery and were looking forward to Gustavs.

2 star rating
by Elaine D.
23rd August 2013

I came here for lunch today with my mum and sister, and I wasn’t overly impressed with the service.
Three times within 15 mins I asked for a café of water to be told it was coming eventually!
the meal was ok, mum enjoyed hers.
wine is expensive even more so if you want a glass, though they do a petite glass which is a 1/2 of a 1/2 glass!!
The service by our waitress was crap and it was though she wasn’t interested. when another group sat down they had their menu thoroughly explained – I had to ask…
No tables for three or 4 people you have to sit around a large table for six.
disappointed, and I wouldn’t go back :( the piano music was ok – bit loud though!

2 star rating
by Catherine
23rd August 2013

Food was good – although they need to learn how to cater for their customers or they won’t be in business much longer!

NO NORMAL COFFEE!!! Shock horror……The have very funky filter coffee…which they told us was so I could taste their food – hello, this is Woolston, Christchurch guys not NY (population 8mill!) I have eaten in some of the nicest restaurants in the world and have had a coffee and can taste their food FINE!

We went to visit The Brewery next door but they were overflowing with people inside and out – Gustav’s was quiet – now I know why….

While we sat and ate without a coffee and honestly that was all we wanted!
I watched staff send groups! couples! and parents with toddlers out the door (recommending they go to The Brewery for a coffee)

They must have sent 20 groups away UNBELIEVABLE!!
PS. They also told the parents they didn’t cater for children – they are a wine bar (the parents were so embarrassed they didn’t say anything, just walked out the door!!

Sorry Gustav’s but until you are able to serve normal lattes and long blacks (what my husband asked for and was turned down) we won’t be back!

Sad – because the food was good.

1 star rating
by Lucy P.
17th August 2013

Phoned on a Sat to make a booking for 3 pax & was told they don’t take bookings but if we came after 8pm we shouldn’t have a problem, we could have a drink then a table wouldn’t be too far away. Showed up at 8.15pm & the bar & restaurant was packed. Waitress said she had a table, walked us over and it had no chairs, she then disappeared & we were left stranded standing in the middle of tables full of diners. We asked another passing waitress if she could help get some chairs, there were tables around us with extra chairs. Some with coats over them but no people.

Her words were “you can ask, I’ve got more important things to do.”

I was gobsmacked and said “I’m the customer & you’re the waitress I think this is your job”. Begrudgingly she then did go & ask people at a table if their chairs were spare, they said ‘no’ – I think they thought we wanted to join them not move the spare chairs to another table.

We were mortified at all of this, still standing stranded in the middle of diners & thought this wasn’t a good omen so just left. Went next door to Cassell’s Brewery (same owners), also packed but immediately got a table, quick service & great meal & drinks served by a friendly, helpful waiter.

Can I suggest Gustav’s invest in a front of house / maitre’ d who can take care of seating guests, maintaining a wait list, seating logistics & then the surly waitresses can get on with waiting on staff & serving food to guests. Some customer service training for staff wouldn’t go amiss.

Not sure if I want to give Gustav’s another chance based on this terrible experience.

4 star rating
by Alice
15th August 2013

Came for lunch on Monday with my Mother.

We were both immediately impressed with the decor and ambiance of Gustav’s. The wooden tables, copper beer taps and slightly art deco style bar back mirror are lovely and although a large venue the feeling is relatively intimate.

We especially liked the fact that the chairs have arms on them. A small detail i know but important to comfort levels.

The wine list by the glass is extensive and it is so refreshing to go somewhere that offers a selection of different varietals and not just the standard Chardonnay, Sav Blanc and Pinot Gris! The waiter we had was knowledgeable about the list and suggested a few different options for my second glass, also happy to offer tastes.

The food was prompt and delicious. We shared a variety of tapas. The baked mushrooms with goats cheese has convinced me that i am actually a fan of mushrooms when done as well as that.
The Pork tacos were tasty, the slow cocked pork tender and succulent and the corn tortillas had a good rich flavor. The only small note was that perhaps less filling would make them slightly easier and more delicate to eat.
The chicken Karaage was juicy and flavorsome and the fries were some of the best i have had in a long time. Crisp, salty and moorish.

Service was very helpful and friendly.

All in all a great lunch time experience and a venue i recommend and shall be back to soon.

1 star rating
by Helen
12th August 2013

So annoyed !!
Well where to start. First of all my husband and I went in to the bar at 11.30am on Saturday morning to make a booking for 6 of our friends for that night. We were told they only take 1 table booking a night, but if we came back at 5.30pm we will get a table. So arranged to meet others at 6pm, Alan & I arrived at 5.35pm, were told we could not wait at the table (restaurant was empty), and we would have to vacate the table at 7.30pm as they want to get more people in. We waited at the bar had a glass of wine, friends arrived, we all had a drink, waited to called to our table, the restaurant was starting to fill up – no one came to get us . Surely a table of 6 adults spending approx. $600 for the night would be worth more courtesy. We left and had a fantastic night at another restaurant. Would not recommend Gustavs Kitchen.

4 star rating
by victoria f.
5th July 2013

Great food, wonderful extensive wine list, the only thing that lets it down is the ‘no coffee here sorry’ – they do not do coffee!!
Surroundings are fab

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