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HanSan Vietnamese Restaurant

3 star rating 10 reviews

Telephone 09 379 8899

22-24 Kitchener St
Auckland Central
Auckland City

Asian, Vietnamese
Mon - Sun 11 am - 10 pm
Provided by business


The newest in a growing family-owned chain of Vietnamese restaurants across Auckland, Hansan is a great addition to the central city Arts Precinct’s already strong Asian dining line-up. The menu is comprehensive, with all of the usual suspects present – the soups are generous and tasty, the salads fresh and zingy, the spring rolls surprisingly but deliciously meaty, and everything is served promptly. They also offer a steamboat menu. Hansan is just across the road and down a bit from Auckland Art Gallery, so it’s perfectly located for a post-gallery or pre-show refuel stop.


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Price Range:
Cheap, Under $15
Dietary Restrictions:

Reviews for HanSan Vietnamese Restaurant

2 star rating
by Riz G.
10th June 2014

We love Vietnamese food but this was so not good.

There was a table of 20+ people in there who were so loud and drunk we couldn’t talk to each other.

Food had oil coming out all over the plates and it just tasted so average.

1 star rating
by Derrick S.
1st June 2014

Absolutely horrible restaurant.

1) Spring rolls at $5.70 and you get 2 chopstick sized rolls. WAY TOO overpriced for what you get. Filling seemed like it had accumulated dust over 2 weeks before wrapped into rolls.

2) Pho (Beef noodle soup) tasted like soapwater, had no flavour, god even the herbs didn’t taste like herbs. The only thing remotely resembling the dish was the meat itself, and you certainly can never get the meat wrong. NEVER TRY THIS.

3) Lemon grass chicken tasted as if it had been prepared 1/2 hour before it got out to us, as it had come out all at once. All dry, tasteless, fatty.

4) Not authentic Vietnamese food, none of the people who worked there spoke in Vietnamese. Also spoke and swore out loud in Chinese, which is extremely rude.

Would never, ever, EVER go back to this restaurant.

5 star rating
by Christopher M.
15th April 2014

Ain’t nothing like a nice soup after a big night out I must say and this is the place to be.. Staff are very friendly and the place is nice and comfortable. Food is very tasty and meal portions are good and price is affordable. Will definitely be going back.

5 star rating
by Douglas Y.
13th March 2014

Very authentic and tasty Vietnamese food.

The setting is comfortable and relaxing. Perfect spot for a bowl of hot noodles when it’s cold or when I’m gunner. Ice coffee is a must. So is the beef ho fun.

There’s this really hot waiter there called Danny. Should check him out.

4 star rating
by Kylie
7th March 2014

Big meals! Always fulfils my cravings for noodles. That spicy sauce and chilli in my soup cures my hangovers like nothing else!

5 star rating
by Gabriel G.
21st February 2014

I walk past this place all the time on the way up to uni but finally decided to check it out for lunch.

Was not disappointed ! Ordered deep fried spring rolls as entrée and chicken lemon grass vermicelli as a main.

Spring rolls was crispy! vermicelli was light and pretty filling !

Only complaint would be that the food took awhile to come out but understandable as the place was packed.

Can’t complain…nice design…good portion…well priced

100% will revisit

3 star rating
by Whitecat X.
30th March 2013

So so. What if I were a Vietnamese? Might say they have little flavor and herbs. Might say the broth has almost no taste and the lemongrass chicken so greasy.
Nice portion enough to make us full just with a little more than ten bucks. Might be great…I should not complain…
But still, I love to eat authentic Vietnamese. One I had in Takapuna Market tasted better.
So if you don’t mind it arranged for something Korean or Chinese, this could be a nice place. As many taste as people.

1 star rating
by Bayu P.
17th March 2013

Went last night for the first time in this branch, used to go to the other 3 in Glenfield, Panmure and Newmarket before and always came out full and happy. So I thought why not give this one a go since I can found a parking nearby. Had beef curry last night for my dinner. Came out as not even close as what we called curry. The soup was bland, there was no coconut cream as what I used to have in the other 3 restaurant. Genuinely got confused and checked with the menu if they mistakenly gave me another dish. Double checked with the waiter and he brings my dish back to kitchen and even checked it with the chef. And still they told me that it was the one I ordered. Very disappointing since on top of the bill still got to pay for the parking and the food is not even close with what I’m expected to come. Definitely will not coming back.

1 star rating
by Adair R.
3rd March 2013

I would not normally write a review but this was so bad i want to warn people so they don’t make the same mistake. Does not even resemble Vietnamese. The food had zero flavour, no use of herbs and vegetable few and far between. We had lemongrass chicken salad and lemongrass chicken soup. The broth was bland, the chicken was dry yet fatty and the bits of chicken floating in the soup were very suspicious looking. The salad was some old grated carrot, wilting iceberg and a heap of noodles, no flavour, no herbs nothing typically Vietnamese. Very disappointing experience since the restaurant is modern and clean. Will not be returning.

5 star rating
by Olivia
30th January 2013

Like the rest of the Hansan chains, they serve amazing rice noodles and I have never been disappointed. Their food is always good and the portions are decent, which is probably why they always have lots of customers. Hope they continue the good work

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