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Harbourside Ocean Bar Grill Restaurant

4 star rating 19 reviews

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09 3070486

Ferry Building, 1st Floor, 99 Quay Street West, Auckland CBD, Auckland

11 AM to 11:30 PM


Reviews for Harbourside Ocean Bar Grill Restaurant

4 star rating
by MA
8 days ago

The place has a nice view, especially when the weather is good. The service is good. The food is nice and the presentation is excellent. Worth trying

5 star rating
by Natalie Ler (d'liteful Cravings)
2 months ago

Beautiful beautiful restaurant, atmosphere and great helpful staff. We had a big group so we were served very intently. Our food was great with super top quality freshness and flavours. Specific dietary requests were adhered to and we really enjoyed ourselves. One thing that really bugged us was the server who was a different person who had no clue what he was serving us with. A couple of trips back and forth were required and wasted some time. Food were getting swung about and got cold! Quite irritating but we got there eventually. The seafood was one of the best we've had and would definitely go back again.

4 star rating
by Feisy Seaver
2 months ago

Awesome location just above the harbour overviewing the boats and the ocean, great food, super great service!
Various range of alcohol and wines. I've tried some from the menus. So far have tried the classic white fish pie (yumm), king salmon fillet with saffron risotto (yumm yumm), and the grilled market fish is divine.
Beautiful dressing on the green salad.
For dessert I've tried the must try chocolate fondant and also the dark chocolate cream which is very pretty and tasty!

5 star rating
by Andre Dez Toparea
3 months ago

This was one of my favourite restaurants
In terms of great service and atmosphere food taste amazing broad range of food to order with gives you more options best fine dining experience for me

3 star rating
by LucyGoosey
3 months ago

My, my, how looks can be deceiving! Where to start with this place! I had had my eye on this place for a while and decided it was time to splurge and give it a go. This place is what I like to call an optical illusion. It's beautiful looking; crisp white table clothes, lavish bar, fancy décor. but the food is... bland, over-priced and over-cooked and I am beyond disappointed. I go to restaurants a lot, and when I splurge out like this, which isn't often, I really expect something amazing. I feel robbed. My friend and I ordered a bunch of things as we wanted to try a few things on the menu instead of getting a main each. So, we ordered the tuna sushi roll, squid, mussels, beetroot and goats cheese salad and fries. First on the stand: tuna sushi roll. This was actually not bad. It was fresh and had a nice subtle flavor. The tuna didn't look like tuna (see where I am going with the optical illusion thing?), it was orange and had a fluffy sort of texture. I'm not quite sure what sort of procedure had been done on it but it was quite good. Next the mussels. Personally, I am not a fan of mussels but my friend has a mild addiction to them so gobbled them up. The sauce they came in was as bland as can be. My calamari was awful. It was so doughey, I felt like I might as well have eaten a cup of flour. It lacked seasoning as well. The chips were burnt and from a packet. They should have either been shoestring and come with truffle or home-made aioli or they should have hand-cut them. Honestly, it's not rocket science. The beetroot and goats cheese salad was the best thing we had and I enjoyed it. But let's remember, it's not hard to cut up tinned beetroot and sprinkle it with cheese. Goat's cheese is one of my most favorite foods, so trying to bribe me with it will work - hence me not giving this place a two. The service was pretty good but nowhere near how it should be in a place like this. My wine glass was dirty! A place that charges through the roof like this for below average food needs to be hated on no holds barred. When I first looked at the menu when we sat down, I was quite keen to try the salmon on a return visit.  Whilst I enjoyed the sushi and salad, and of course the view and the décor of this restaurant, I am afraid to say I won't be returning. When thinking about dining here please remember; remove the kaleidoscope from your eyes and see this place for what it really is.

4 star rating
by Mindy Shaw
4 months ago

Excellent food.  We ordered the hot pot and really enjoyed it.  The staff was more than attentive and the food exceeded our expectations.  We would highly recommend this restaurant.

5 star rating
by Jean HH
7 months ago

We go to Harbourside on a regular basis because it is our favourite restaurant.  I wish they were taking part in Auckland Restaurant month.

3 star rating
by Shadrach Tata
9 months ago

Such a great location, however, the food was somewhat average...Entree garlic bread dried and crunchy similar to toast. Main double lamb shanks with mash was overly-cooked becoming chewy with enough mash for one shank. Lastly, presenting salt and pepper sachets in drinking glasses on the table did not look appealing at all.

3 star rating
by Denise Mueller
9 months ago

The food was excellent but the service in the restaurant was not the greatest. For both our entrees and mains the serving person did not know who ordered what - there were only two of us! I expect for those prices that the staff knows whose meal it is. The restaurant also had only 20 guests for staff to look after, so not a busy night.

The seats were terribly uncomfortable. What friends in the hospitality industry call "1 hour seats". The front of the seat cuts up into the back of your thigh. Maybe ok if you are tall. A restaurant like this should have "3 hour chairs".

The best service (and most comfortable seats!) was in the bar. We were celebrating a special wedding anniversary and were given a complimentary glass of champagne by the barman. Very much appreciated - however we will not be recommending the restaurant to friends or returning. Bring back the old Harbourside!

2 star rating
by Craig O'Brien
11 months ago

I had a meal and bottle of wine at Harbourside last night. The waiting staff were friendly and helpful. The meal both starter and main average didn't have desert as I was not prepared to waist any more money on bad food.

4 star rating
by Campbell McGill
11 months ago

I visited with a group from overseas on ANZAC day. The food was very nice and appreciated by everyone. The wait staff were extremely tolerant of the foreigners' language challenges and their impertentent questions, mostly about the provenance of the oysters. The 20% surcharge was a bit on the nose, but we were advised of its existence before we ordered, so cannot complain too much.

4 star rating
by Trina
Mar 03, 2014

had drinks and dinner at Harbourside..
Food excellent and menu top notch but...Waiting staff left a lot to be desired even though there were plenty.
Continually had to find staff to order food and drinks and get the bill!!
Shocking service

5 star rating
by Rrstables
Feb 02, 2014

Went to Harbourside on the recommendation of a friend and restaurant owner last week (he had seen a reviewer write a not so good comment about their renovations and was keen to go) I took a party of 7 one of which was a client from Hong Kong so wanted to dine them well.
The place is beautiful, the staff wonderful and the food was extremely good, every meal was stunning, all of us had a great dinner and we went right through the menu. We sat out on the deck and couldn't think of a better restaurant we'd been too, congratulations on a fine place

2 star rating
by Paul Skilton
Jan 30, 2014

We went before xmas and had a Seafood platter for two very pricey and the seafood tasted like it had been frozen. Crayfish was tasteless and stringy. would not recommend .The location and views are just lovely and i would have expected the food to be outstanding at the prices.

5 star rating
by Maggie G
Dec 21, 2013

When you're looking for fine dining that you can rely on to be consistently great, Harbourside always delivers. First impressions of the revamp- sophisticated,classy,modern, spacious
Starting with a cocktail at the glitzy bar is a good choice and the bar staff are professional and friendly. Our table by a window afforded great views - of the harbour, of the open plan kitchen and of the teppanyake area next to it. The food was outstanding. Between four of us we tried roasted snapper, prawn cocktail,sashimi,flounder, bouillabaisse Moreton Bay bugs and pork belly. The only mild complaint was that the pork crackling wasn't crunchy. All else was tasty tender juicy and superbly presented. The service is excellent without being intrusive and the wine list extensive.
Harbourside is pricey to be sure but great value for a special occasion or yto take someone you want to impress with NZ cuisine.

2 star rating
by Rebecca
Dec 19, 2013

We had dinner tonight at Harbourside and would have not called it an unpleasant experience but it was not up to our expectations. Lovely view but the service was average and one of the meals cost $42 which was a spaghetti carbonara with one prawn on the top. We ordered champagne to celebrate but the waitress did not bring out champagne glasses and said ' you will be fine with these glasses won't you?"' Referring to our wine glasses on the table. Overall a disappointing night.

5 star rating
by Vanessa Green
Dec 10, 2013

What an awesome restaurant Harbourside Ocean Grill is! The presentation, the exciting menu options and the intelligent staff! Well done! We loved every minute of it! The fresh Vanuatu prawns are simply beautiful and the sushi is the best I have ever had!!! The Moet deck with the loungers and the view is to die for! You must go and try this amazing Auckland icon!

2 star rating
by Paul Duncan
Nov 29, 2013

Location, decor and staff greeting upon arrival were excellent.
Extensive menu and wine list giving plenty to choose from. Decided on a seafood platter for two and we were most disappointed as the seafood was mainly imported frozen from Australia and tasted bland as well as being watery with no texture. Lovely condiments but could have done with something other than McDonald's fries to go with it. Sashimi fish was lovely but condiments did not match flavours of fish at all and had to ask for some soy sauce to accompany it. Would liked to have dined on good quality local produce to reflect what NZ seafood is all about.

4 star rating
by David Boshier
Dec 02, 2012

For us a forgotten place as I would not have been to Harbourside for 10 years.

You can not beat the location and as we had the private room for a function there was a few beers on the deck before dinner. Very much an old style restaurant and due for a re-fit, but still has some class.

Everybody in our group enjoyed their meals and my John Dory main was perfect.

Worth visiting old memories if you have done the other viaduct restaurants to death.