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Hector's Restaurant - Heritage Auckland

4 star rating 21 reviews

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09 9797434

Heritage Auckland, 35 Hobson Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland

  European, Continental
6 AM to 10:30 AM, 12 Noon to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM (Mon-Fri), 06:30 AM to 11 AM, 12 Noon to 3 PM, 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Hector's Restaurant - Heritage Auckland

5 star rating
by Natalie Williams
3 months ago

There was a huge group of us for my sisters Birthday, 18 of us. She is Vegan and this restaurant offers meat grills options aswell as about 4 vegan mains. Its great to see a restaurant that shows on the menu if an it is Vegan and not necessarily just vegetarian. I started with the chicken liver mousse pate, this dish was really tasty and I felt was a good ways to start the meal. The portion of the pate was huge, better than there not being enough! Most people went for the simple Vegan garlic bread, which had glowing reviews around the table. My partner had pork belly for his main, the crackling on top was huge and crackled to perfection! (GRANGERS TAKE NOTE, THIS IS HOW YOU COOK PORK BELLY). I had duck, the potato gratin had lots of flavour, a mild tasting pumpkin puree was a good accompaniment to the duck. I wasnt a fan of the walnut pesto that came with it, but I can see why some would like this. The duck was beautifully tender and juicy. My only complaint about the duck was that my piece was very gristley and there wasnt much of it. At one point I had to spit a mouthful out as I couldn't chew through the fat.
Our waiter, I think his name is Gurjeet, he was splendid, when we cam to spilt the bill we didnt have to say what we ordered he knew exactly what 18 people each ordered!! He was great and very attentive. Overall was a great night and the fantastic waiter really made the night enjoyable.

3 star rating
by Marina Harding
3 months ago

Me and my partner went here because we stayed at the Heritage and got a feee buffet breakfast with our room. I didnt expect much because its pretty hard having high quality foods in a buffet set BUT the breakfast was exceptional. Heaps of different varieties of bread, cereal, juice, fruits EVERYTHING! I am a huge fan of eggs benedict and have a high standard of it where ever I go and it was delicious. The whole breakfast was set up perfectly and a huge variety of foods. I will deffs go there again(:

4 star rating
by Rachael Claudette
Jun 23, 2014

A little while ago, my other half and I went for a date at Hectors restaurant at The Heritage hotel in Auckland city. Since discovering Hectors, it's become a huge favourite for dinner dates.

As much as I love quirky vegan restaurants, sometimes you just want an excuse to dress up and feel sophisticated.

The restaurant itself is situated in The Heritage Hotel, under a canopy of palm trees and a 7 story atrium.

Not only does Hectors serve vegan food, but they are also doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. With most of its produce coming from within a 50km radius.

Vegan and vegetarian food served here is made in a separate part of the kitchen, to ensure no cross contamination. Which gives me even more reason to love Hectors.

After doing what I know all vegans do when faced with a menu that has more than one option, (starring at it for a lengthy period in awe, excitement, and a childlike want for everything), I made my choice.

Spinach and vegan cheese arancini's. I had never even heard of arancini until I went to Hectors, but I've fallen in love. They are on my list of things to learn how to make.

I really like how, not only do they signify what food is vegan, but also which wines are safe!!

As great as the arancini's are, there really isn't much to them and I'm a girl that eats a lot. Oh well.... more room for pud!!!!

I am sorry but it was a while ago that we went, and Hectors have since changed their menu. Meaning I can't tell you what exactly this scrummy dessert was, but I can tell you it was OH MY GOSH YUM.

Now let’s talk money. Hectors isn't the $5 for a meal that you can get at some vegan places, but it's not going to break the bank either. You can see from the menu how much my main cost, and the dessert was about $15.

If you ever find yourself in Auckland, please give Hectors a try, it's honestly great.

If you're interested in vegan recipes and lifestyle tips, head over to rachaelclaudette.blogspot.com

5 star rating
by Komato
Jun 15, 2014

Excellent soup, steak & vegan options. Large range of wine. My steak was cooked to perfection and a vegan friend was thrilled with the choices on offer. Courteous staff, great service. Loved it!

5 star rating
by Rolf Attinger
May 07, 2014

Went for great dinner here with my wife while back in Auckland.The welcome by the staff just perfect , great starters and the mains and desserts were fantastic, all tasted excellent and looked stunning. The service was professional and the dining area again was well designed and very cosy!
All in all PERFECT. Thanks Guys

2 star rating
by Daffy
Apr 04, 2014

High tea was overpriced, sandwiches were so dry and in odd number, 9 small sandwiches for 2 people. Used tea bags not leaf tea. You can't find waitresses when you want them. Would not return again.

4 star rating
by Teresamisu
Mar 08, 2014

Our weekend is the time we get to try different cafe’s and markets. This time we decided to go to a hotel for breakfast and try out Heritage Hotels Raw Breakfast menu. Now even hotels are joining the raw diet hype and of course I was curious!
The Raw Breakfast Bar is $19.00 per person which is quite a reasonable price, having in mind that you can have as much as you can handle...
The raw buffet included a savoury and sweet section. There was a salad bar with homemade raw dressings, raw granola with coconut yoghurt, raw sliced linseed and cabbage bread and best of all cold brew coffee. I loved the raw granola and coconut yoghurt, the bread was also quite unique. The salad bar was just an ordinary salad bar with almond “cheese” which looked more like a almond crumble. I loved the option of activated nuts and seeds, which you could add to your fresh fruit salad or granola.
Maybe I’m becoming a perfectionist when it comes to raw food, but I expected much more from this raw breakfast buffet.

More on www.teresamisu.com

5 star rating
by Holly Hopkinson
Sep 23, 2013

Dinner at Hectors was to die for!

The restaurant had a very warm atmosphere and the staff were all very attentive.

Our meals were amazing, full of flavour, good portions and visually appealing. My partner was put of the restaurant by the price of the meals, but after being served he realised they were well worth the cost.

2 star rating
by Lucia Goode
Jun 18, 2013

High Tea here is boring and overpriced. It is very old fashioned and traditional, the scones were dry and overall just lacked the feeling that it was special. Would not return again.

5 star rating
by Liz Winstone
Apr 23, 2013

I absolutely loved coming here to Hector's on Sunday evening, for a meal with Mum & Dad, plus hubby, plus daughter. I chose the "Organic tofu & peas stuffed potato, with Smoked tomato & onions, karengo, caper & golden raisin sauce". It's quite amazing that this is a vegan dish! The caper & golden raisin sauce was the highlight of the dish for me. It was really nice and salty/tangy.

Hubby had the free-range Waiheke Chicken and really loved it. He wasn't as keen on his choc-cheesecake, as he found it a little salty for his liking. However that would be the only critique of the night, really.

I really loved my dessert - I had the "Red summer fruits with Blackcurrent sorbet, macadamia caramel". Really refreshing and with beautiful rich, sharp berry flavours.

The venue is a nicely kept, 5-star hotel-style restaurant, with well-trained international staff.

I was really appreciative of the colouring pens & activity sheet for my preschooler too! She was more than happy with her chicken nuggets & wedges, while everyone else was able to indulge in other spectacular culinary creations.

Defintely a fantastic place for dinner conversation and a relaxed high-class meal.

3 star rating
by Lynette Edmonds
Feb 06, 2013

Bought a deal voucher for High Tea for 2 to treat my sister who is from a small farming community. Can only describe as average. We waited at the counter for 5mins before anyone saw us, the restaurant was empty.

The High T started by choosing our tea and there certainly was a great range to choose from. The food arrived on a three tier plate as you would expect. Sadly the bread used for the sandwiches was dry. It seemed that they had been made earlier and left to dry out. It doesn't take much to put a damp teatowel over them . We all know that trick. The fillings though were lovely.
The scones clearly were pulled from the freezer and microwaved. How do we know this....one was icy cold in the middle....they were also rock hard.
the sweet stuff.....two of the things ( sponge roll and mini choc eclair ) I can buy at my local supermarket . The citrus tart was lovely.

Nobody returned to us for the whole time we were there after the tea and food was delivered. Just reflected how we felt,....nobody really cared.

Such a disappointment and I know that without too much more effort this could have been so much better. We won't be going back. There was really nothing remarkable about this experience.

5 star rating
by Fiona Quinn
Jan 27, 2013

Delicious! this is like comfort food for vegetarians and vegans there are so many vegan choices and has equally delicious meals for meat eaters. The servings are generous and the deserts are creative and yummy. Great service and a quiet relaxed atmosphere - an excellent place to take a group of people as you know everyone will find something they will really enjoy on the menu. Just make sure you are hungry before you go there!

4 star rating
by Baz Cleverley
Nov 30, 2012

We dined here late November 2012, to celebrate our 43rd Wedding anniversary. It was the Vegitarian menu that drew us as it seems that even in 2012, Vegitarianism and Vegans are a rare breed easily dismissed as nuisance value only. It's about time this attidude changed and HECTORS most certainly seem to be heading the charge in that direction. An EXCELLENT menu with plenty of variety and 'tastes' that I had never experienced before. We will have to go back a few more times. Cannot fault the service or the meals or the wonderful Plant based environment but if I had to mention a tiny suggestion that would improve night-time visits, it would be that it is TOO LIGHT and almost like eating out during a daytime. A MUCH darker restaurant with perhaps individual table lighting would really set the mood and really MAKE this place. Enjoyed the night though with the soft music that allowed easy conversation and also liked the fact that we could 'add' to our account in favour of Charitable causes they support. All round GOOD GUYS (n Gals of course). Going to try their daytime high teas before Christmas too.

5 star rating
by Sylvia Philcox
Nov 07, 2012

Visited this place for the first time and will definitely come back. Had the 3 course vegan menu- which is an absolute pleasure to see since NZ definitely lacks vegan food- and it was absolutely worth every dollar.

Everything was delicious and nutritious. You have got to try the seaweed caviar! Cute little red balls that have a big kick.

Service was really good and everything exceeded expectations.

5 star rating
by Ann Allen
Oct 31, 2012

The menu at Hectors seems to appeal to everyone - fish, meat, vegan alike. As vegetarians it is a welcome surprise to find such a very vegan friendly menu. Four of the starters (one of which is a signature dish) and five of the mains (three of which are signature dishes) were vegan. The food was comparable to the very best vegan restaurants in San Francisco (The Millenium) and New York (Candle 79). I can recommend the Curried Laksa Bowl and the Macadamia & Herb Roasted Eggplant filo - which had wakame tea powder, a most unusual and delicious addition. Being thorough, the restaurant also offered vegetarian wines to match the food. This was the first time in a good restaurant that when I declined the bread I was asked if I would prefer a gluten free option - wonderful! Everything was impressive, friendly, and I will certainly be going there again. Congratulations to Hectors on the excellence of all they offer.

4 star rating
by Charissa
Aug 12, 2012

Had a pre show dinner here last night and it was a very nice experience.Efficient staff and although we had limited time and had to do the set menu it was still lovely.Will definitely be back to try the ala carte menu next time.

5 star rating
by Tabe-Aruki
May 12, 2012

I love this restaurant! Their $20 lunch special is wonderful, and you are guaranteed to get good service every time. Beautiful atmosphere as well. I am a big tiramisu fan and I order it whenever I can, and I think Hectors has one of the best tiramisu in town! Hectors is really a hidden gem...

5 star rating
by Food Voyeur
Mar 26, 2012

The flavours of the exquisite mushroom dish I had were just gorgeous. I was in seventh heaven eating that meal... Especially accompanied with the best wine I've tasted this year: Te Whare Ra gewürztraminer.

I found the service was very good, and we enjoyed the relaxed setting. Soft accoustics meant it was really easy to enjoy conversation, and the tables are very spaced apart from each other - it was a great set up.

There was so much more on the menu that I wanted to try. I'll definitely be coming back here.

4 star rating
by Leyla Johnson
Nov 24, 2011

Great restaurant! Cool surroundings, and waterfall! It has a fantastic range of food, especially for vegan or dairy free individuals (even desserts!). I absolutely loved the food, the presentation and taste was superb, although I did think that the service did not live up to the high standard of food. Not bad service, just little things, like not removing bread plates which cluttered the table. Other than that, WOW, what an experience!

5 star rating
by A Bromide
Jan 18, 2011

This is a really lovely restaurant with excellent food. My husband eats anything/everything while I am vegan - Hector's had plenty of choice for both of us. Both our meals were delicious. I would highly recommend it.

5 star rating
by Ben Fowler
Sep 22, 2009

Came for dinner here last week and i have to say it was busy but the service excellent, the food great and the restaurant just stunning in the atrium. It feels like you sit under the stars. Very good place, value for money or even more i would say. Small but good menu selection. Will come again.