Hell Pizza

3 star rating 6 reviews

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0800 666111, 09 6258666

Royal Oak Mall, 691 Manukau Road, Royal Oak, Auckland

11:30 AM to 10 PM (Mon-Thu, Sun), 11:30 AM to 11 PM (Fri-Sat)


Reviews for Hell Pizza

4 star rating
by NZSteve
6 months ago

Great pizza. The best commercial pizza company hands down.
My fav is the Thin crust Lust with BBQ sauce and wedges! Order before you leave home and it fresh !

4 star rating
by Tony Ma
7 months ago

There pizza specials aren't a bad deal, I would order it every tuesday if I wouldn't get fat :P

I enjoy their sides more than their pizza, chicken tenders and cajun wedges are delicious, salads are quite average.

Great for parties for the loved ones, friends can just stick with pizza hutt $5pizzas.

Wait time: 3/5

Environment: 3/5

Food Quality: 3/5

Food Quantity: 4/5

Price range: $20+ pp

4 star rating
by Eat Pray Love
7 months ago

I didn't think writing a review for a chain would matter as everyone already has an idea of what's good and what's not. But since the reviews for Hell's Royal Oak are not that positive, I had to write one.

Okay so Hell's is a gourmet and standard pizza chain but it's better than the standard Pizza Hut and Domino's. Their ingredients are just more fresh and it tastes less processed than the pizza places mentioned above. The best pizza is Brimstone of course. Avocado and sour cream on a pizza - you cannot go wrong!

Royal Oak Hell's is the branch closest to me and I've ordered from here a lot of times. The delivery times are on point and they say 30 minutes but it's usually here in 15. The delivery guys and girls are always friendly and even the staff at the branch are nice. The pizza's are always hot and up to standard.

Yay Hell's for delivering delicious gourmet pizza' at a good price and yay for the Royal Oak branch for keeping the service up.

1 star rating
by Angelique
9 months ago

Disappointed asked for chilli, blue cheese on pizza got charged, didn't receive

1 star rating
by Jackie Bridges
Feb 27, 2013

On Sunday night I ordered 8 large Pizzas on thin bases from Royal Oak branch. They delivered them to my home and added 3 packets of wedges which was nice. But I was very disappointed with the amount of covering that each Pizza had. The total cost was over $150.00 and I was very embarrassed as one of my guests has a Pizza Restaurant in Sydney and he could not believe what we got. We do not have takeaways often so were not able to offer a preference and went on Hells Pizza past history. Will not order again, sorry.

4 star rating
by Glenn Folau
Dec 05, 2012

Hell Pizza Royal Oak has changed management and a new franchisee has bought the shop. It is running a lot more efficiently and the seafood pizza is quite delectable.