Hickory Cafe

3 star rating 8 reviews

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09 5257889

Astor Motor Inn, 45-47 Main Highway, Ellerslie, Auckland

7 AM to 3 PM (Mon-Fri), 8 AM to 2 PM (Sat-Sun)


Reviews for Hickory Cafe

5 star rating
by Mei
Aug 04, 2014

Very great experience! Will be going there again ~ This is new owner they just took over not more than Three Month, very friendly and good service, their Food, coffee, special flower Tea, I Just Love it. Thank you~

4 star rating
by Sonia Rasmussen
Mar 31, 2014

My husband I purchased a deal voucher for Hickory Cafe. Upon reading the reviews we were extremely sceptical and had even thought of not using the voucher. However, fortunately we did go along last Saturday and everything was perfect. Served straight away, water available, in lovely red bottle with red glasses, good coffee arrived within 5 minutes of being there and breakfast approx 10 minutes after our arrival. We thought it was an excellent experience and would certainly recommend. All staff very polite and pleasant a four star rating from us!!!

1 star rating
by Ashleigh
Mar 04, 2014

Horrible experience!! Will NOT be going here again!
Yes we were told at the start that it will be a slight wait for our food as there was a big group at the restaurant, about 10 people then another family of 4 waiting for their food. There were people who ordered about 5 minutes after us and got their coffee's straight away when we had been there for 20 minutes and hadn't received anything- finally did and they were warm. We waited over an HOUR for our food! Only to be disappointed. The 'big breakfast' that we ordered, our 'poached eggs' looked like a mixture between fried and scrambled, not only that but the sausages looked like they were from a $5 pack of pre-cooked sausages you buy from the supermarket!.. So once we had finally received our food- not even hot might I add, my partner asked if we could please have a couple of waters- their reply was "oh it's just inside, you help yourself, we're busy" I could not believe it! I wish I had seen these reviews before wasting my time and money!

1 star rating
by Daniela Rocha
Mar 02, 2014

Horrible experience!! Over 45 minutes of wait and there were only 15 people in the restaurant. After asking about how long more it would take we were told they did know because it was too busy. When we finally got the meal half of the chips were cold, probably leftover from another plate, we wouldn't be surprised!!!

3 star rating
by Sam
Sep 01, 2013

Staff are very friendly, food is good and $3 for a large coffee that taste decent I can't complain.

3 star rating
by Liz
Aug 24, 2013

We've eaten here twice and are looking forward to the third time next week. First time end of Feb 2013 through voucher deal 5 of us dined here for brunch 2 ordered the fruit pancakes, 2 big brekkies with everything hash-browns bacon etc and 1 had bacon & banana pancakes. Yes agreed the waiting time wasn't ideal and 2 of us had to start before our meals got cold - the other 3 came within 5 mins of us starting so Hickory definitely need to step up with that so we could all enjoy our meals together. However we all declared our meals delicious and the coffees $3 each for any size from ord to huge bowl size and were equally fab!! Second time early June 2013 2 coffees and scones - yes service still a little on the slow side but yum. Both times less than half the tables had diners. Hickory need to deliver the food & drinks much much faster than is currently but still maintain the delicious standard of both. Off-road Parking is great as it is shared with the Astor Motel and maybe a little more detail with the food cabinet to make it more appealing.

1 star rating
by Debbie
Jul 06, 2013

Plenty of parking. That's just about the only thing I agree with the one previous review here. The food is ordinary. The staff are NOT friendly. I ordered a pancake. After waiting for a 1/2 hr (the place was empty besides us), when questioned about my food, the staff responded with "It's coming, we making it fresh for you". I suppose everyone else gets non-fresh pancakes. And after waiting all that time, I had the most horrible pancakes.

P/S The previous review seems like it was posted by someone affiliated with this outfit. The place is nothing like what they described.

4 star rating
by Pauline Bennett
Feb 26, 2013

The coffee here is very good and the hollandaise sauce is excellent ! Staff are efficient and friendly and the food is good. It has a nice indoor/outdoor setting and we found parking easily.