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Hog’s Breath Cafe

2_half star rating 27 reviews

Telephone 07 981 1321

29 Hood St
Hamilton Central

Mon - Sun 11:30am - Late


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Natural Prime Rib
Avocado Prime Rib
Blackened Prime Rib
Horopito Chilli Prime Rib
Cajun Salmon Caesar

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Reviews for Hog’s Breath Cafe

4 star rating
by Alyson E.
31st March 2014

Although not the best experience dining out, it was more than I expected. It’s very poorly lit and the waitress sat us at the tiniest table that was physically hard for some of our party to fit around. But they accommodated us when we asked if we could move somewhere better suited.

Overall the food was good but the best part about the entire night was their insanely giant ice cream sundae that took us forever to finish.

Mud cake, ice cream, sauce, whipped cream. It was a child’s dream. And it was pretty affordable, as it took a few of us to eat it and cost under $17.

Might not always go there for the main meal, but it’s a great place to have dessert.

4 star rating
by vaan9889
11th January 2014

I found the place a bit too dark. The little lamp didn’t provide a lot of light. Struggled to read the menu. The food was average. The curly fries was good then again, all fries taste good. The rocky road for 2 sundae was marvellous. Shared it with my girlfriend and still didn’t finish it.

5 star rating
by Manu K.
3rd September 2013

I’ve been to Hogs Breath on multiple occasions. I don’t normally like steak and would order chicken anything on dining out, but ive changed. Their 18 hour slow cooked steaks are divine! And the services is awesome. Great food , reasonable prices and discounts are avaliable on line!

3 star rating
by Jamie
28th July 2013

I went here for dinner with a group of friends last Friday night. Restaurant was full. The drinks and meals were a good price but when my meal arrived it was drenched in salad dressing. The staff did not look like they wanted to be at work and seemed miserable. Not a good look. Wont be returning in a hurry.

2 star rating
by Ashley C.
20th March 2013

Waste of time/money

Me and my partner went there for the first time waited almost an hour to be served and when our meals came the steak and chicken were over done and the salads were soppy from being drenched in too much dressing.

4 star rating
by Sally M.
13th January 2013

We went to Hog’s Breath Cafe for lunch on Saturday. We each chose one of the $9.90 lunch deals – Chicken Caesar Wrap for me and BLT burger for my man.
Staff were very friendly and helpful.
Both meals were delicious. Good sized meals, the salad was fresh, heaps of bacon on the BLT and the curly fries were cooked perfectly. Great value for money.
We are already planning our next trip back!

4 star rating
by Gillian K.
10th January 2013

My family and I have been here a couple of times and really enjoyed our experience. We returned for Mr 4′s birthday and a group of 10, the food was lovely but the staff did let us down a bit. We were appointed our own waiter, but then seemed to have at least 3 people – who mixed up orders. The drinks waitress was so nervous she made us nervous, we did speak to someone about one of the other waiters too!!! If you are reading this HB management – friendly,relaxed, efficient and CLEAN staff are really important – otherwise they are ruining the business! – (We will be back and hoping for a better experience)!

3 star rating
by Philippa
6th November 2012

Went for lunch during the week, meals were tasty and quite big for $9.90. Was nice to sit outside, pretty basic place but good for a quick lunch. Not sure id go back for dinner though.

4 star rating
by Leigh-Anne P.
26th September 2012

I can’t believe all the bad reviews. We’ve been to Hog’s Breath Cafe just about every weekend since we arrived in Hamilton. The food and servie have been great – except once and that was more due to the waitress looking like she would rather be having dental surgery than working. Food has always been lovely.

5 star rating
by Mellisa H.
24th September 2012

Went here on Saturday, was a pirate themed party, the kids really enjoyed themselves they had spread coin chocolate over our table, how nice. We saw the bad reviews on here and wanted to see for ourselves, overall we had a great night. I ordered the house specialty steaks, beautiful tender and moist, my husband and mother said they’ll come back and the children were content with their activities, our waitress nicknamed Tu was a delight, attentive, clever, efficient and babysits the children while you eat. Thanks darl for making my birthday something special, so thank you for a great night Hogs Breath and Tu, just goes to show you have to try things yourself.

1 star rating
by Vanessa N.
18th September 2012

Worst night/meal/service i have ever had.
Over priced, over cooked steaks and general disappointment.
slow to bring the meals out and the restaurant was only 1/4 full.
We told our waitress that we weren’t happy with the meal and she did nothing, no apology, no offer of a discount or voucher.
There was no concern of whether we were happy with our meals.

I would never recommend this place or visit again!

1 star rating
by Carol L.
26th August 2012

Went to Hogs Breath in Hamilton last night and wish we hadn’t bothered. We wont be going back. Arrived before 7pm – 5 adults and a child. The only happy person was the child. Her food arrived hot and very quickly. Two ordered ribs to share and three of us ordered one of the signature steaks only to be told in succession (3 trips back to our table by the waitress) that they were out of these steaks (this is their signature steaks and it was 7ish on a Saturday night!!!) Other orders made and then we sat and waited. Some time later our drinks arrived and then we waited and waited. The three steaks arrived and we were told the ribs would be a couple of minutes. The steak eaters began – the steak was great the vegetables no so. I would guess that the corn on the cob was from the freezer and been sitting in a pot or microwaved several time. The carrots and brocolli sad and only just warm. A table beside us also had steak meals being eaten and others in their group still waiting. Some 15minutes after the steaks had arrived the ribs finally made it and a couple of free drinks to try and placate us. The ribs were OK but by this time the wait had ruined the evening.
We complained about the service when we paid and were given a discount which we did appreciate but the front staff were left apologising for what can only have been a poorly run kitchen. We have been to Hogs Breath in Australia and have to say that Hamilton is letting the franchise down.

1 star rating
by Hamish R.
27th July 2012

Last night I had the pleasure of going to the Hogs Breath Café in Hamilton. We had a flyer delivered that offered “ Two Prime steaks for $44 and a 25% discount card, total value of $100”. Steaks and savings? We were there. We turned up and were duly seated at our table. I decided to go to the bar before we ordered to get two diet Cokes.. The barman duly took two glasses, removed a 600 ml plastic Diet Coke bottle from the fridge and filled both glasses. He then charged me $8. Now I buy the occasional 600 ml bottle from shops and in the supermarket they are usually under $2, in the most expensive dairies they are $4, but $8 per bottle?? That is an impressive markup. Never mind, I thought, I have the finest Prime steak coming up and a special offer. Duly we ordered our starters, Garlic Bread with Cheese and Curly fries with salsa and a hot cheese sauce. These arrived, the fries were indeed curly and tasty but came with a sweet chili and ranch sauce. As for the cheesy garlic bread it was correct on two counts, it was bread and was indeed cheesy, but after sending out a search party we could not locate the garlic anywhere. Never mind, as before we had garlic mushroom steak with salad and blackened steak with mash and vegetables coming. And it WAS prime steak on special offer.

The steaks in turn arrived and my medium to well done steak looked a little odd. It appeared to have a large fat content and was a little pale. Never mind it was prime rump steak, My mash had some half melted butter floating in it and my vegetables seemed to inspire little confidence. I cut into my prime, medium well done steak and it was rather bloody. It seemed devoid of the promised Cajun seasoning and had a high quantity of gristle. Never mind, it was on a special offer, and I was looking forward to my sweet corn. I bit into my corn expecting a crunch and sweet taste but was met with a squelch and an unpleasant taste. My sweet corn had either been microwaved to death, or had been sitting in a Bain Marie since lunchtime. At this point I gave up eating, My mash was soaked in blood from my medium to well done steak and my prime steak was more like the remains of the last heifer they sent to the knackers yard. Never mind, I thought our meal is on special and I can bring it up when we pay.

So, the time came to claim our special voucher and we approached the pay station. Apparently the voucher comes with terms and conditions. I asked the server where these terms were printed on the voucher and she said they were in store. Where in store she could not define, but in store they were. Sooo…no two steaks for $44 and no voucher with a combined value of $100. Instead she advised it was best to go for the 2 for one deal. This still cost just short of $50 and we did not get our 25% discount card. Less than impressed with this I then proceeded to tell the server about the poor quality of the meal, vegetables, incorrectly cooked and flavourless steak and incorrect starters that were delivered. She acted as if she had heard it all before and really didn’t see that concerned. In fact she proceeded to inform us that there vegetables were “blanched” and that they cooked the differently, that we didn’t know what we had ordered and that my bloody steak was indeed medium to well done. Needless to say we left feeling distinctly short changed on the deal.

Hog’s Breath? Dogs breakfast more like

1 star rating
by Melanie B.
15th July 2012

We thought we’d try the new cafe in town. My hubby and daughter 3 years old. We were really disappointed, in basically everything. The time it took for the food to arrive, the quality of food and it was extremely expensive!!

We would never go back. Sorry, credit where credit is due!

1 star rating
by Brock O.
4th July 2012

I’m not one for bagging places as thats not my nature,

But I would never recommend going here.

Decided to take my wife and son ( 4 ) there for lunch one sunday afternoon for lunch, what a mistake.

I ordered a steak burger, so did my wife, my son ordered his all time number one like most kids his age, chicken nuggets.

When my burger came out I had to LOL to myself, it had a thin meat patty in the middle, the bun was stale, and what made it the worse was the lettuce smelt like it had been sitting for a week, this was also the same for my wifes burger.

My son had a bite of one nugget and tried a curly fry, that was it!! unlike him we thought, so I tried it and was shocked at how it tasted.

Being that I am polite when the waitress asked if everything was ok I said yes, as I don’t like causing a scene even though my wife was ready to let it all out.

The decor is amazing and my little fella loved this pig cup he got to keep, pity the food was WAY BELOW STANDARD.

We will never be returning there again, make the food decent or at least get management to eat the meals they put out, if the food was good this would be a great place for a family lunch/dinner.

1 star rating
by Kylie
1st June 2012

We took the children there as a treat, it was expensive and food was poor. My partner bought a steak burger worth $21.00 and it had 2 thin meat patties on it only.

I purchased a salad and it was wilted and hardly fresh.

No presentation of the food, the food looked liked it had been thrown at the plate!

Wont go again.

1 star rating
by Kyle A.
12th April 2012

We decided to have lunch there as we were driving past.
The board outside said that kids eat free Monday’s & Tuesday’s when adults (1 kid per adult) order a main at more than $20.
We all thought the decor was really awesome and the kids got pictures to colour in which was cool.
There was only 1 other table occupied at that point & the staff member that served us was friendly enough.
We ordered 2 kids Battered Fish & Curly Fries which the kids really seemed to like & 3 chocolate shakes which were really nice and a lemonade.
We also got a Salt & Pepper Mushrooms, Finger Food Combo, & a Serious Steak Burger.
The Salt & Pepper Mushrooms while coated well did not really have much of the salt & pepper flavour. The Finger Food Combo was just ok but slightly over cooked. I got given a Steak Sandwich instead of a Serious Steak Burger as it had 2 pieces of bread on the outside and no burger buns as pictured and when I questioned the girl serving us saying that this does not look like what was pictured she said that was how it was ment to be! The steak was like two thin cuts of well overdone roast beef and was not nice at all. When I went to pay we were charged $80.20 which at the time I thought was quite expensive but later realised that they charged us for the kids fish & chips when they shouldn’t have.
We really wanted to like the place as the atmosphere is awesome but in reality the service is less than average, the food is at best bad to ok, & the price does not reflect value for money which would be ok but not with the service or the food like it is. There are far better places to spend your money and I doubt it will last long. Quite a shame really!

2 star rating
by John R.
29th March 2012

Walk by decision to enter.
Decor well decked out and interesting. Pretty full on the night.
Menu was easy to understand, pictures looked good and helped the decision process.
Drinks ordered. Did not come as described or as shown. Fruit Fizz did not have the pineapple wedge or umbrella. Instead a small strawberry which was looking rather dated.
The meal was brought to the table – but hey guys knives and forks to eat with would have been a good start. Shouldn’t have had to get up and hunt down staff to provide same. The waiter who delivered the meals too the table should have noticed that. So customer service on the night was poor. No one asked at the table if the meal was alright. Did not feel welcomed.
Couldn’t fault the steaks. The salad was limp and lettuce stalks were brown. Vegetables were warm. Quality of the fruit and vege on the night was overall not good.
Price wise – there are better establishments around.

1 star rating
by Adrian T.
3rd December 2011

Went in for a pork sandwich put were offered little choice, We settled for the Kids Burger as they were less expensive than the others. However when they came, they were worse than what one can get at MacDonalds for $2. We were charged $20.80 for 2. Back to burger fuel. Awful. Never never again.

3 star rating
by leigh b.
17th November 2011

We ate here last night, loved the relaxed atmosphere, the staff super friendly and hepful. Not a long wait for the food and when we got it we were all happy with our choices tasty and cooked well, the salad was fresh and crisp. We would all return again on our next drive through Hamilton.

1 star rating
by Grace
17th November 2011

Really disappointed with the food…veges were cold, fries were cold, no tomato sauce…no sauce at all… steak seems to be cooking in slow cooker for “18″ hrs..it’s like eating a boiled steak then chuck on the griller for 1 min on each side to get that grill stripes…and for that price! not again…

4 star rating
by Peter
5th November 2011

Third time I have been since it opened and I really enjoy the food and great service.
The Prime Rib steak was excellent and washed down with a cold beer, I couldn’t fault it. Great work

5 star rating
by Angela
11th October 2011

The staff were really friendly and our food was pretty good. My husband could see into the kitchen, and was really impressed with how often he saw the chef wash his hands. The menu was what you would expect, from a chain, but we went as a family and our children behaved and ate their food, largely due to the fact that they were given coloring in pencils etc, and they liked the food and decor. To me that is a good night out!

4 star rating
by Lisa
1st October 2011

I went to dine at Hogs Breath cafe on Thursday night and I’ve got to tell you, it was honestly the best dining experience. first of all the staff they were super amazing, i like the way they sit down at the table with us as if they were dining with us it made myself and my husband very comfortable. the kids meal come out super fast, we only waited 5minutes for our appetizers and 17 minutes for our mains. I will definitely recommend this restaurant to family and friends their 18 hour slow cooked steak is to die for !!

1 star rating
by Cjtra
31st August 2011

I would not recommend hogs breath cafe to anyone!!! Eveeeeeerrr!! The food was disgusting!! I would have enjoyed mcdonalds 10x more and it would have costed us ALOT less!! My chicken in my chicken burger was cold and I’m pregnant. Charcoal chunks were stuck to the bottom of the chicken, flavorless, next to no sauces, lettuce was limp and brown on the tips with oil seeping out of the store bought week old bun. The hogs tail fries look like they were scooped out from under the deep fryer. Hubby’s burger had cheap store bought patties with transparent cracking processed cheese slices, and a bun absolutely revolting bun oozing with oil. Over priced drinks.

Your sure to be disappointed eating here. Nothing is prepared fresh in kitchen. Thankfully I was not charged for my burger and my husband recieved 10% off his burger. Staff were helpful, and friendly fourtunatly. But we left extremely un happy and will never return to hogs breath again. They really do live up to their name.

4 star rating
by Amanda F.
21st August 2011

We had a late lunch/dinner today at the new Hog’s Breath Cafe, we are rapted that you have arrived in Hamilton, the service was great, very friendly helpful staff, the cafe was lovely and clean, hubby was rapted with his steak and I was happy with my mixed platter. Have already highly recommended it to family & friends, the price is right, just needs cheese sauce on the cauliflower, minor detail. Nice to have discount cards offered as well! There is a shortage of family child-friendly cafes and this one hits the nail on the head. Good on you!

1 star rating
by Dianne
12th August 2011

I would not recommend the hogs breath cafe at all! I went for dinner on Wednesday and within the first 5 minutes of sitting down had a four waitresses come to ask if we were ready to order. When our meals arrived they were cold and the vegetables were not cooked. We sent both meals back to the kitchen. Then the wrong drinks were served, overall the staff were not helpful. Upon leaving we explained our situation to the manager and she said oh we were busy tonight (the place was not even half full) we got 10 dollars off our bill which was not great as both mains were terrible. I would not go there again.

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